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HopTop Brewery Ltd. 5th Birthday – VIP Opening Party @ Kőbánya/Budapest

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The founder and owner of the HopTop Brewery Ltd., Ali Rawech Szamit, invited media representatives to a presentation with a visit to the HopTop Brewery in Kőbánya, celebrating his 5th birthday. Before that, he gave a historical overview of how he got on the steps of brewing.

At first a little background to Ali Rawech Szami the owner of HopTop Brewery. Ali Rawech Szami worked as a manager for a multinational company and then switched to the craft of brewing as an unexpected turn in his career. Because of his economist past and maximalist attitude, he was able to build and unite this company as one person. The award-winning recipes are all in His name, and he must also make economic decisions.

How did he become a “brewer?

First of all why, when, how he became a “brewer” which was founded in 2015.

He saw with the aim of making high-quality and varied flavors of kraft beers for the growing fan base of craft beers. Fate has shaped  site to operate in the industrial park of the former Royal Brewery, so have been able to smuggle the tradition back to this area a bit. Coincidence brought to try what it’s like to cook at home. He fell in love with the thing into the unknown. With the exception of a smaller loan, founded the company from equity. Met many good people on the way in this profession who supported him. He said he owe a lot to Antal Németh and Ádám Pein from the neighboring Monyó brewery.

Here at Kőbánya, the outside of downtown found a free infrastructure for brewing, which of course had to do with the past of the beer industry. But more importantly was to find a place where not seen as a competitor, but as friend, a colleague him. There was not a question that he want to make beer that he would like to drink as well. His brewery was born, sparkled out of love. There were no investors behind them who are only interested in profit. The HopTop Brewery at Kőbánya has competed in several international beer competitions. Out of the 2,100 entrants, only the top three in each category was awarded a medal by a 130-member jury. After their competitive successes were noticed and approached by foreign distributors, so today may say their beer exports are off to special beer lovers taste to Canada, Denmark, Finland, Russia etc. The HopTop beers can also be found on the shelves at the shops of large Hungarian chains, in specialty beer shops, also in downtown restaurants and pubs.

All who are the founders of the Kraft Beer Association give their faces and names to their product just as the winemakers do with their wines. This makes their products authentic and Kraft a real trademark.

After the presentation of Ali Rawech Szami, escorted through the entire area of the brewery factory, showing all the equipment, special barrels, hops and malts gain from abroad and held tasting of their latest beer on tap to crown our brewery tour, which is not yet on the market. Thereafter, the birthdays party began with a load of food aside the brewery at the food truck and taps of beer, and the mood was further enhanced by foot tapping to the party time music.

(The won HotTop beer awards can be traced at the upload snaps.)

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Artistic Nail Design @ Budapest

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Artistic Nail Design and Freddy Mercury goes well together on Time Square!

Sneak Peak into the Artistic Nail Designs – Nailalliance -Innovators of Beauty press conference was held at the five-star Boscolo Hotel –Budapest formerly New York Palace – Budapest located in the city center which was built at the end of the 19th century.

There is a saying that perfume dress you up, but to be full dressed the nails at the fingertips should not be left out. Are you ready to rock or rather having glittering nails with the star-dust artistic shades. No need to travel to the western side of Europe such as: to Netherland, France, UK or to the other side of the Moon to Australia, Tasmania, Canada or Mexico where there are already Artistic nail designer artist, because in the Central Europe countries the first Artistic Nail products have arrived to three stores in Budapest – Hungary.

Christian Lacheny – Vice President of International Sales welcomed the media representatives, who describe the grounds of the Artistic Nail Design by saying Q.: „The company is 9 years old. Growing around the world. Women want to feel good-by changing the shape, the color of their nails according to their mood, time of the day, just like they do in Hollywood.”

Alisha Rimando – Head of Artistic Nail Design and Creative Director and Published Author. Over 18 years of experience and dedication to education and product development in the nail industry, she brings immense knowledge and skill to the brand and unprecedented team of Educators. As said, the education is a major priority at Artistic Nail Design cause the educators are direct representatives of the brand. The nail technician go through by the highest levels of intensive training in nail design and product application. Artistic Educators are carefully hand selected based on extensive criteria. Alisha Rimando, world champion nail art artist took the floor and talked about the company itself, be saying: Q.: „A couple of years ago, the nail art was considered to be dead.  The nail polish sales, were not too much of an interest. Particularly those of the “special effects” in variety. However in the 21 century it’s clear that nail art did not die.  Seems to be a bigger interest than ever in intricate manicure designs. The company was dreamed by 3 folks and actually all the products are made in L.A. where the warehouse is based and carrying out marketing at the same venue. The professional nail products made by world renown nail technicians. One of the great things about the brand, the company separates apart from other nail producers from around the world, having all nail technicians, who create nail products. The company produce 6 gel polish color collections annually to continuously provide the Nail Artist with a contemporary palette of shades. In addition to more than 100 gorgeous gel polish colors, the Artistic Nail Designers also produces professional nail artistry tools and implements.”

Most of the women want to have their natural nails with beautiful manicure, and with their colorful nails lasting for 21 days without chipping, breaking weak nails. Also there are available shorter period of time to last the nail color. They are paying attention to the current fashion and things that are going on in Hollywood.

Many women wish to change per day the nail colors to match their outfit. With the color revolution they may. With the Perfect Dip Powders, provide the color and strengthen to grow natural nails length, they can save the time at the manicure by having that extra strength. In the beauty sector these nail products are getting more-and-more popular.  Beside the makeup and outfit, the nails can be changed everyday, depending the time of the day or where to go to polish up for the spookiest night.

The Bohemian Rhapsody movie’s advertisement with the Artistic Nail Design was released in the States on November, 12 and became already number one movie  commercial  around the world. The opportunity to collaborate and celebrate this collection with movie industry received a huge press. Around 30 million saw the Bohemian Rhapsody commercial already. The collection on the shelves here in Hungary  and available at 3 Budapest’s Mall Center. Many know, that the flurry of the season is due to all of the running around in search of the idea gift and now that these are available in Budapest the shoppers can get a handle on the holidays with these festive packed goodies.

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First Hungarian and International Craft Breweries on the Spot – Beer Week Budapest 2018.

We are talking about one of the most popular drinks today!

Mark the date and roll over to the tasting days…

May, 25-26. 2018.

Dürer Kert (Durer Garden)

District, XIV., 19-21  Ajtósi Dürer sor (lane)

Though Hungary was/is rather a vine-producing than a beer brewer country, but for some time the growing of craft breweries open the door for  beer lovers and soon at  the 1st. International  Beer Festival with local breweries as well they personally will tap the visitors their craft beers. The craft beers are becoming more-and-more popular and  especially reaching the warmth  of the season the heights will grow and coming up somewhere and often at beer festival will be ready to ease the thirst.

On the 25th and 26th of May the atmosphere of high-edge beer festival comes to Budapest for the tasting at the BPBW Beer Week in Budapest 2018. What makes this event special is not only the rare and hard to get these beers to shop, but also a unique occasion where the brewers from all around the globe coming over on the spot to Budapest.

In the Scandinavian countries similar festivals are being held for many years now while the UK and the Baltic regions are busy to join in but in this area this will be the first of its kind. MBCC, Brewskival, Beavertown, Tallinn Craft Beer Week just to name a few of these names that say a lot for many, but nothing for most of the Budapest beer drinkers. For them it’s described an event somewhere to be in between a rock’n’roll show and a beer fest. The visitors get the chance to meet with the stars of the scene, then have a beer with them. The craft beer brewers are the new rock stars anyway as many say … “We’d like to think that the Hungarian craft beer has grown up and we would like the international spotlight to shine on it, to make sure people are not only visiting Beer Week in Budapest because the previously mentioned festivals are being almost immediately sold out, but also for the beauty of our beloved the city and also its vivid beer scene.”

BPBW Beer Week In Budapest means the largest craft beer event ever held in the region, unlimited tasting sessions for 6 hours of 160 different craft beers of more than 40 international breweries from 16 countries for 2 days at Dürer Kert (Durer Garden) in Budapest . Join personally the groove  and enjoy the Hungarian  and International line of craft beers, as the brewers tap your pint.  The so-called “liquid bread”  officially will blow after parties with 2 live music stages on both nights, plus additional events all week-long (tap takeovers, meet the brewer events, industry meetings) all across the city.

“Come for the tastings sessions, stay for the week!” – join us in Budapest with our favorite international and beloved Hungarian craft beer breweries, let’s make a hell of a party in the name of quality beers!



Press release by the BPBW

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17th Harley-Davidson Open Road Festival – Alsóőrs – Hungary – 2016.


Twenty years rolling the Harley Davidson Budapest’s chapter.

The 17th Open Road Festival  at Alsóőrs (Northern Lake Balaton) is warming up to welcome the Harley folks.

Wednesday, June 8. – Sunday, June, 12. 2016.

The past decades  Harley Davidson motorbike lovers from all over the world rolled over to Hungary to celebrate their love for their H.D. bike and as well to meet long non seen mates.

The 4Days long festival is coming up soon so fasten yourself to your motorbikes and hit the road to arrive to Alsóőrs – Hungary where Europe’s largest gathering of  motorbike  gather to enjoy in the heat of nights  filled with cool rock music and the brotherhood. When you hear the motorbike engines, ear shocking music and see happy folks with wide smiles on their face  you’re gonna be just at the right place  and time to be at the 17th Harley Davidson Festival. Each year one of the “oldie” favorite bands arrive to spoil your hearing … but that’s what it is all about, be in the in-crowd and enjoy your time here in Hungary. Other programs await for the rolling Harley  Davidson folks as the traditional motorbike parade guided  tour, visiting not just superb vineyard cellar, but taking a visit to the tiddy small villages along the Lake Balaton.

This year from the UK, the powerful glam rock band SWEET will rock the folks  and from Germany the “metal”  HALLOWEEN group will sweep the dust under the audience feet.

Naturally the tough  Hungarian rocker groups will be present, as they will not
miss out not to be at such an awesome H.D.gathering!

Each year the  Open Road Fest organisers jointly with the Hungarian Baptist support the needy. This year  welcomes the  motorbike folks  to support  with price of a tank of patrol the needy small children aged between 3-6.

The donation is held on Friday, June, 10. at 5 p.m. at the Kids Race. The small children compete with each other rolling on little plastic motorbikes. Families with their kindergarten age children are most welcomed to participate in and at the mini-bike-race.


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Newsflash … Samsung Club des Chefs Welcomes Newest Member – Michel Roux Jr.



Samsung Electronics announced that the Michelin-starred, UK’s most admired chef, Michel Roux Jr. is to become the eighth member of its esteemed Club des Chefs.

“Launched in June 2013, the Samsung Club des Chefs invites visionary chefs from around the world to contribute their unique insight and fresh ideas for creating next generation kitchen products. This spring, the Club des Chefs will be launching an app for the newly announced Family Hub connected fridge, featuring recipes, cooking advice and hands-on appliance demos from the chefs themselves.

Michel Roux Jr. of Le Gavroche and Roux is also known in the UK as a popular TV personality, appearing as a judge and presenter on the BBC’s primetime programme, Masterchef.  His entry into the Samsung Club des Chefs sees him join fellow food visionaries including Elena Arzak, fourth generation owner of the three Michelin-star Arzak; Daniel Boulud, one of the most revered French chefs in New York; and French three-star Michelin chef, Michel Troisgros.

“I think the premise of the Samsung Club des Chefs developing technology to help people increasingly experiment in their own kitchen, is really exciting. The Family Hub is a wonderful example of bringing people together in the heart of the home – in the kitchen.  I’m delighted to be joining my peers and friends to share our expertise and passion, partnered with Samsung’s innovation, to help people master their own cooking at home.” said Michel Roux Jr.

“By working with some of the world’s finest culinary talent we have been able to capture the essence of professional cooking and make it readily available via the Club des Chefs app coming to the Family Hub fridge in 2016. We are extremely privileged to welcome Michel Roux Jr to our club. The expertise and insight he has garnered over 40 years of experience, makes him the ideal addition to the Club.” said Dan Harvie – European Director Home Appliances –  Samsung Electronics Europe.”

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Jolly Good Oratory – Monty Python ‘s movie “Life of Brian” comes to life on stage in Budapest.

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Well the month May is a bit far ahead, but never-the-less to hear the good news in advance is always a thrill!

Monty Python  – Not the Messiah … then who(!?!) … well in a nutshell  –  just a very naughty boy!

The domestic premiere on May, 31 will be at the Papp László Budapest Sports Arena.

After seven years captivates concert halls around the world the show is coming in May, 2015. Eric Idle and John Du Prez. „Not the Messiah” was also the author of the award-winning musical Spamalot. The show to be presented is a veritable genuine cavalcade in its unique genre. The founder of Monty Python, Eric Idle once said this is the „Baroque ‘n’ Roll”. Been on tour with the “Not the Messiah” in Canada, UK, United States of America, Australia and so forth, the show in May makes its debut in Budapest by excellent Hungarian singers, artist.  The Life of Brian from ’79 holds classic gags to giggle about and of course the best known famous songs which will trigger loud of smiles and laughter by the audience.

On October, 2. 2009., with a smashing full house celebrated with this piece Monty Python’s 40th birthday together with still existing Monty Python members, as Eric Idle, Michael Palin, Terry Jones and Terry Gilliam. The show was held at London’s Royal Albert Hall, along with the BBC Symphony Orchestra, Chorus and with renowned opera soloists.

Eric Idle –  An Englishman in Budapest!

A comedian, actor, writer, singer, composer and songwriter and member of the Monty Python team and will be visiting Hungary for the first time and that ain’t a joke!

Definitely, the one-and-only undistinguishable guest at the premiere night.

Naturally, the well-known catchy songs, as the  “Always Look on the Bright Side of Life” and the “Lumberjack Song” will not be missing. The jolly good oratory’s domestic premier surely will warm up the hearts and souls, sing-a-ling together with the Hungarian-known opera, musical singers and actors.

Learn at the press conference of to-day, that for the time being the catchy words will be in Hungarian language with English subtitle and later on taking on the road  to countrywide cities as to: Győr, Szombathely,Veszprém, Miskolc, Debrecen, Szeged  will have the performance also in English language by the Hungarian singers and actors. This may welcome, attract more foreigners as well to see the piece.

Also highlighting with his presence, as the narrator – most probably dressed in blue, but will not be blue at all in the play – Miklós Galla without whom naturally, the show would be kinda deficient in not having him on stage. Indeed, in his vain flows the utmost Monty Python’s love and spirit from the beginning of time as a domestic follower. Actor – Péter Molnar Kálloy is not far from UK plays. He is well-known in Hungary having huge love in playing W. Shakespeare pieces.

Starring in the show: Judith: Melinda Heiter – soprano – Hungarian State Opera singer,  Mandy Cohen: Kata  Janza – mezzo-soprano  – Budapest Operetta Theater,  Brian Cohen: Zsolt Homonnay – tenor  – Budapest Operetta Theater,  Stan / Loretta / Ben: Steve  Hajdú – baritone-like  – Madách Theater, Reg Biggus Kukis: Demeter Pintér – bass.

Naturally, would be kinda of deficient without having on stage, the full spirit of Miklós Galla in the upcoming show. He is Hungary’s Monty Python’s utmost domestic follower.

The „jolly-good oratorium” having 80 members of Dohnányi Orchestra will be providing the music, conductorGábor Hollerung along with 100 members from the Budapest Academic Amateur Choral Society.

Text Book and lyrics: Eric Idle. Music: JOHN DU Prez and Eric Idle. Original screenplay by Graham Chapman, John Cleese, Terry Gilliam, Eric Idle, Terry Jones, Michael Palin. Light and lighting designer – János  Madarász (Bird), Director –  György Szomor, Producer – László Sándor.

Tickets are already available on the spot at the Arena’s ticket booth or through ordering (unfortunately, does not have an English language site.)

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odd pám


After the Moscow gig members of the ensemble had the opportunity to get acquainted with Russia. Only got in trouble once with and about a local food specialty.

Dance for the four members returned from Moscow a few days ago, which occurred within the context of a local cultural program, and represented Hungary. The members of the ensemble also made a special show  in which the Hungarian folk dance steps with modern rhythms and virtuoso playing was unique. Their program was a joint event with one of the student of the world-famous Mojszejev, but that was not only one of the reason why it was an interesting adventure for them.

Dániel Illés, Péter Enyedi, Kristóf Bárány and Sándor Gál had dinner in at a restaurant  so-called “Zsiguli” … (the writer’s own comment: … The famous USSR made LADA vehicle most prolific Communist car between 1980 and 2012. Sold very well in the UK in places like New Zealand, where it was distributed by the New Zealand Dairy Board, which had previously received it in lieu of cash payments for deliveries of mutton and butter) and where Putin himself is not uncommon for guest stopping by. They discovered the main attractions of the Russian capital, including the snow is beautiful mysterious on the Red Square and the KGB HQ’s. Visited Nizhny Novgorod, a place where even manufacture in the present day the Volga made vehicles. Also traveled on rail tracks rolling to Trans-Siberian as well. “This is the world’s longest railway line, 9288 kilometers transporting hundreds-and-hundreds of passengers.

„The route takes more than a week, but we were just on route the for seven-hour and had the chance to stretch and have a wink in the sleeper car. All-after-all it was a great experience. Most of the passengers looked like the zombies due to their one week-long journey. For us it was fulfilled with fun”- told Peter Enyedi.

“The local  borscht soup was delicious, but the local meat Vareniks  and the Pelmeni caught us up. Anyway,  we were tough and  heroically ate no matter how  it was not in our use to taste. Cannot say it will be in our list of favorite food. Likewise, the vodka. We all had a sip,  but now we understand why the Russians drink so much in their cold weather.

The boys are back in town and ongoing with rehearsals to their 4 for Dance  to the 10th anniversary , to  welcome their fans here in Hungary.

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Intercontinental Hotel – Budapest

Sunday, November, 24.

The Association of Diplomatic Spouses Budapest DSB (Diplomatic Spouses Budapest) organized for the third time this year the Diplomatic Charity Fair. The family fair was opened to  everybody who wished to join this event. The main purpose is to raise money for charities was also supported by the Hungarian DSB.

Organizations supported by the DSB: Special Educational and Development Institute (SOFI). The Brothers of the Good Shepherd (victims of violence for women and kids).  The Esztergom Our House (the community center for disadvantaged children and families in need of services). The entry ticket fee was 500HUF which as a donation also was offered  to the organizations  supporters.

The official opening and welcoming words were given by  Biljana Griovska, President of the DSB club, deputy mayor of Budapest and H.E. Mr. Alberto Bottari de Castello, Apostolic Nuncio. 

Mrs Anita Herczegh, the spouse of the President of Hungary was the guest of honor.

During the fair the national stalls of different countries presented their yummies, folk art, music and dances but souvenirs can buy small gifts for visitors. Was alike as having a trip in a wink abroad in just minutes away from one nation to the other. There was a „kids corner”, crafts, self-made silver and art jewelry, rainbow colors of pashmina stoles, hand-made painted silk exotic food/spices, gifts, cloths, home furnishing and ayurveda products from India. Thai and Indonesian food and spices, wooden gifts, exotic fresh veggie and fruit drinks, hand-made sweeties, Dolce Vita Beauty supplies, organic drinks … far from knowing the existence of these drinks by the Hungarians.

The entertainment programs of the day were awesome, having the present the preformances of the ExperiDance show, the splendid Korean and Indian dance shows, Children music group from Bosnia and Herzegovina. Music performance represented by Andre Goodfriend and Karen Posner Mullen from the U.S.A. Embassy in Budapest, brought the eye-catching Iberoamerican artists on the  stage, grand show with 16 dancers show by the Folk group from Serbia, Hungarian Opera singers, Italian musicians. Second-hand cloths … mostly brand new and various accessories all in good condition. The event was held at the Intercontinental Hotel in Budapest.

The charity fair have had become so popular compared to the previous two years, there was no question to hold again the third diplomatic charity fair this year with the participation of the representative embassies. The countries were: Belarus, Bulgaria, Estonia, Indonesia, Japan, Lebanon, UK, Belgium, Slovenia, Macedonia, Moldova, Georgia, Lithuania, Qatar, Jordan, Thailand, Italy, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Egypt,Serbia, Latvia, Angola, Philippines, China, Russia, Turkey, Switzerland, Ecuador, USA, Mexico, Pakistan, Palestine, Albania, Kosovo.

During the late afternoon hours, the giant raffle draw took place with sophisticated prizes awaiting the lucky ones … Just to mention the most wanted ones … trips offered by the participating countries to their homeland was the most popular beside the 28 prizes.

Even though the program started at 10 a.m. and officially ended at 4 p.m., seemed like nobody wished to leave the place, feeling good and enjoying the each others companies.

This international gathering absolutely proved  peace and harmony is in everyone’s heart.  This good vibration should be propagated around the world. Happy people filled with warm hearts.

Thumbs-up to the organizers …  Even though on a day called Sunday, the Sun was missing, raining throughout the day … for many it was a bright and sunny day at the Diplomatic Charity Fair!

Last but not least, here goes two videos to show the brilliant preformances:

Updated, snaps, video by Aggie Reiter