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Sting live in Budapest – 2017.

8 p.m.  – Papp László Budapest Sport Arena

Sting live in Budapest on October 13th, 2017., after a 5-year-break. Following sold out concerts across North America, Europe, South America and Mexico …

Sting’s 57th & 9th World Tour,  taking the world by storm!

Sting is joined by a 3-piece band including his longtime guitarist, Dominic Miller, Josh Freese (drums) and Rufus Miller (guitar) with special guest Joe Sumner, as well as accordion player, Percy Cardona, who regularly performs with The Last Bandoleros.

Gordon Matthew Thomas Sumner – October, 2. 1951. – Great Britain. Born and raised in the shadow of a shipyard in a little town of North of England, but left everything behind to make music and the rest is his history in music of the 20th century. The followers of his fans he is simply Sting – singer, songwriter and actor. He already top the charts with the new wave rock band, namely “The Police” from 1977 to 1986, and also started his solo career in 1985. As a solo musician and a member of The Police has certainly received during his career a bunch of recognitions: 16 Grammy Awards, three Brit Awards, Golden Globe, an Emmy and four nominations for the Academy Award for Best Original Song. He has well deserved his place at Songwriters Hall of Fame – 2002 and the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame as a member of  The Police in 2003.
Also received CBE from Elizabeth II at Buckingham Palace “Services to Music” and the best way he have celebrated his own music was his songs addressed in such an awesome way at the Kennedy Center Honor at the White House –  2014. Sting was awarded the Polar Music Prize in 2017.

Tickets on sale via and

There are 5 different seating, Front of Stage and standing tickets.

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Brewery Park – Third Kraft Beer Festival – Budapest 2017.

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September, 7-10.2017.

 Brewery Park – (Sörfőzde Park)

District, X., 47. Maglódi Road

Here we go to the third Kraft Beer Festival!

(Direct FREE bus service departure from Blaha Lujza Square to the Punishment Park and FREE entry)

If you like special and elegant beers, then hop over to the … where during the week-end may catch up with the delicate craft beers with a twist.

There are kraft beers galore, beer premieres, professional programs, food trucked to foreign guest breweries, souvenir shop and of course the inimitable industrial site.

Some Hungarian breweries have teamed up with their flag to nail it title: “kraft beer”, which will also serve as a trademark in the future. The consumer who buys the kraft beer can be assured that he will get a high quality product for his money.

Everyone has and will have constant beers that the potential audience will be happy to enjoy year-after-year. Nonetheless, kraft brewery is trying to keep up with the production of its existing breweries, and from time-two-time they produce just  for the festival a new or limited edition products. Here at the 3rd Kraft Beer Festival the Kraft brewery is not required to produce 500 different beers.

Just alittle background to the Kraft Beers …   Brewery Park is a joint site of four kraft breweries Monyó, Horizont, Mad Scientist, HopTop and by the end of the Kraft Beer Festival  newcomers  will be greeted to join the “club”. According to the decision of the trademark, these producers are: Golem, Armando_Ochoa, Reketye Brewery, Dimbo Lab, HaraPunk, Reczer Ser, TufBuzz, White Rabbit which may receive greenlight to join the KRAFT Beer Alliance and their beers are welcoming the visitors to stop by and taste them.

More about the Kraft Beers … Many may know by now that the kraft beer will not be special or good to beat the malt with a fist or twist the mash with your bare hands. The beer quality does not depend on the size of the brewery plant. Small size is not a guarantee of quality. However, a kraft roll can not be made in big industry. Kraft beer does not have to come up with the most expensive raw materials, but it is made of quality raw materials, it is constant for taste and composition.  It has a nice and durable foam. Kraft brewery does not work with the most expensive technology available, but brewery is always hygienic and professional.

AND beside the liquid bread, cannot walk by with tasting the yummy food. On the spot delicious unique food is prepare. Worthwhile to give it a try. Just as: the first Hungarian pulled pork food truck serves, namely:“Zabáljcsak” (meaning circa – just get stuffed). These BBQ sandwiches are real meal treats.  Also the ZUZMó! BBQ, meat cocked in steam and in addtion with red beans socked in  Hop’s “Midnight Express” beer cannot be left out. The ZING Burgers are reachable throughout the city with their mobile minibus kitchen at festivals. Can not be disappointed with their fantasy flavors.

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The internationBalLET presents: “New Choreographers’ … “Nuovi Coreografi” – Budapest

The internationBalLET presents: “New Choreographers’ … “Nuovi Coreografi”

7 p.m. on April, 3. 2017.4

Italian Cultural Institute of Budapest

District, VIII. 8. Bródy Sándor Street – Budapest

The performance will be on for  this night only!

The project was founded by italian dancers Mark Biocca and Angela Mingardo last year and successfully presented the evening of dance “Passion, Love…Life” both in Budapest …

and in Italy (Padova and Rome).  Now the goup is back and has grown to include 21 dancers and a brand new set design by Józsa Anka to show the audience in the production at the Sala Verdi Hall.

The 7 international choreographers will present new modern ballets, dancing by the 21 artists from the Hungarian State Opera.

Entry is free of charge, but registration in advance is needed … Deadline date: March, 30.2017.

I N V I T O – internationBalLET presenta: “NUOVI COREOGRAFI”

Sala Giuseppe Verdi – Istituto Italiano di Cultura
ore 19.00 – 3 aprile 2017 – Partecipazione gratuita
Posti limitati Registrazione obbligatoria entro il 30 marzo 2017 –

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Indian Art of Dance by Pratibha Prahlad in Hungary



Visit India without  leaving Hungary.

No need to take a long flight to visit India to get into the mood of being at an artistic show in India, cause the Indian Embassy heartily invites all lovers of classical Indian dance of the unique Padmashree awarded dancer: Pratibha Prahlad. She has performed in prestigious platforms in over 85 countries and has given more than 3000 performances in India. She is the Founder Managing Trustee of Prasiddha Foundation & Forum for Art beyond Borders.

The artist is visiting Hungary with her 13-member group between February, 11-16. 2017.

The classical Indian dance lovers may see the group at Budapest, Debrecen and Szeged.

Entry is free of charge – Pre-registration is need at the at the below links.

On February,13. 2017.  – 6 p.m. – Budapest, Central European University, Auditorium A  at District, V., 15, Nádor  Street.

At Debrecen, February, 14. 2017. –  6 p.m.Vojtina – Puppet Theater (Bábszínház) – 13 Kálvin Square. Registration at e-mail:

Szeged welcomes the group on February, 15. 2017.  – 3 p.m.- Szent-Györgyi Albert Agóra – 23. Kálvária Blvd.  Info will be updated by locals.

„Padmashri Prathibha Prahlad is a renowned and a pre-eminent Indian classical dancer. In a career spanning 40 years, she has been a performer, choreographer, educator, author, arts administrator, and a pioneering curator of performing arts festivals.

Bharatanatyam is one of the most popular and widely practiced classical dance styles of India, with sculptural evidence dating back nearly 3000 years. A highly spiritual and dedicatory dance form, Bharatanatyam‘s roots go back to the Hindu temples of Tamil Nadu, in South India.

The dance moved from temples to theaters over time, but has retained its characteristic devotional component, expression of human emotions, and stylized storytelling. The flexibility of the Bharatanatyam framework lends itself well to both traditional themes as well as modern-day subjects.

Originally performed only by female soloists, Bharatanatyam is now performed by male and female soloists as well as ensembles all over the world. In its present form, Bharatanatyam is approximately 200 years old, and continues to evolve as a “living” performance art.

Bharatanatyam is composed of three main aspects – nritta, or technical dance, with a sophisticated base vocabulary used to build intricate combinations and rhythmic patterns that does not convey any specific meaning; nritya, or expression dance, using facial expressions, highly stylized gestures, postures and body language to convey any mood; and natya, or dramatic storytelling.

All of these aspects are codified in the Natya Shastra, the ancient Indian treatise on dance and theater arts, and are used in harmony to uplift the audience and the dancer to a higher level of contentment and spiritual consciousness.”

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The Nazaroff Brothers – Soul Exodus



Musical documentary film – Distributed by: Mozinet

The film will be out screening throughout the country from

December, 15. 2016.

The Nazaroff Brothers –  four Americans and one Russian klezmer musicians produced a musical documentary on their world tour. This will be presented nationwide from December, 15. 2016. During the 93 minutes  Michael Alpert, Dan Kahn, Psoy Korolenko, Bob Cohen, Jake Shulman-Ment will make sure to provide a one-and-a-half hour entertainment for not only individuals with the same identity. The venues and songs loosen from everyday life.

The Band decided to explore Eastern European roots. Hitting the road in order to find the origins of their music, and  to learn about themselves, the past of their parents and their Jewish grandparents. A kind of reverse exodus journey from The West to The East … from New York to Paris, then on the road to Berlin, Budapest, Oradea and onwards further ahead.

Director: Csaba Bereczki, Screenplay: Csaba Bereczki , Cinematography: Tibor Nemes.

The film is screed in original English language with Hungarian subtitles.

Here a trailer:

The tickets will be available on the spot at the cinemas cash desk.

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SOUL EXODUS – Premier Pre-screening – Budapest – 2016.



Monday, October, 10. 2016.

Uránia National Movie Theater – Ceremonial Hall

District, VIII., 21. Rákóczi Road – Budapest

8 p.m. – 10 p.m.

The Nazaroff Brothers, five American klezmer musicians produced a musical documentary on their world tour. This will be presented across the country before the mid-December. However, before  the nationwide premiere, the film will be presented for the first time at the Urania National Film Theater in Budapest!

The Band decided to explore Eastern European roots. Hitting the road in order to find the origins of their music, and  to learn about themselves, the past of their parents and their Jewish grandparents. A kind of reverse exodus journey from The West to The East … from New York to Paris, then on the road to Berlin, Budapest, Oradea and onwards further ahead.

After the screening  there will be an opportunity in a conversation with the audience by the director Csaba Bereczki. 

Prices of the movie ticket: 1400HUF adult ticket and 1000HUF  for students, pensioners and teachers. Mind you, can only get a student, pensioner or teacher discount ticket at the time of buying the ticket at the cash desk.

The tickets are available on the spot at the cash desk.

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The 4th Oktoberfest – 2016 – Budapest – Hungary

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September, 29. to 2 October, 2. 2016.

Get your tickets to Route Oktobertfest!

It’s your day … for the liquid bread lovers … as the Hungarians call the beer…   cannot complain … that’s for sure of lack of beer at the 4 days Octoberfest Festival in Budapest!

The world’s biggest beer festival this year will be rolling along to Budapest. So you can live in Hungary and be under the Big Tent and feel for the 4th time as if you were in the true land of Bavarian experience in Budapest!

The people of Europe and at several parts of the world celebrate their own way German way of celebrating the Oktoberfest beer. The more than 200-year celebration will bring together the beer lovers. The event is held in other countries as Munich, Paris, New York and Sydney and now for the 4th time the beers and delicious bowls of meals and finger food lovers on the parade ground in Budapest.

As known it is biggest brewing giants holiday! Just like around the world dancing party, Sramli mood music, official Paulaner Oktoberfest Shop and giant adventure park will be set up at the ’56’s Square in Budapest. In addition to our country’s international craft breweries and beer manufactories can be visited at the ont the spot at the „Budapest Street”.

Just as in  the previous years the locals and foreigners staying in Budapest may feel the atmosphere as just as being over in Munich.  Enjoy the „Beery Nights” programs with a bunch of  entertainments, when  the audience with over fifty artists and band, included… hosting Mr. President, Beatrice, Tibi Kasza, Gigi Radics, Gabi Tóth, Caramel, Charlie and others can feel the mood getting higher. The retro Sramli artist and band will also provide a great atmosphere. Beside the Bavaria  beer,  the best craft breweries from Hungary all on the spot and other country’s beers will be presented “tap on the spot” during the four-day event offering altogether a choice of hundreds of beers. To  higher the mood other two tents will be present the Hacker Pschorr tent and a Retro Party tent. 

Last year the tickets were sold out as a wink, therefore if your intention to be at the biggest beer festival of the year, you have to buy your ticket ASAP. Could be, that in a few days before the festival it will not be possible to get your tickets online, nor to buy tickets even on the spot!

Good Q. …What comes along with the purchased ticket … the custom-made Paulaner Oktoberfest Budapest mug as a gift only for pre-brought tickets. Anyway, if there may be some available tickets on the spot no mugs does not go with it. Food and drink coupons can be purchased online only.

These were all announced at the Paulaner Beer House – Budapest during the press gathering.

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