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Judit Polgar’s Global Chess Festival Hungary – 2021.

Invitation celebrating the power and inspiration of chess … chess connects us!

At Saturday, October, 9. 2021 as a hybrid event the Hungarian National Gallery gives home to the local events, those interested can take part in the festival from the comfort of their homes, through Youtube Live. Furthermore, online chess enthusiasts can login to a plethora of interactive digital activities.

This year’s focus is on Education and Innovation

Major Programs: Education Chess Summit (Live and streamed from the Hungarian National Gallery).

The speakers include experts from Hungary, Sweden, USA, Spain and France.

During the Educational Chess Summit demo classes will be given based on the Judit Polgar Method.

Special guest: Ernö Rubik, the inventor of the world-famous Rubik’s Cube, will share his thoughts on modern education.

Creativity and Innovation
… Talks (Live and streamed from the Hungarian National Gallery).

Noam Manella from Israel: the author of the highly successful book “Think Like a Machine”, on how to awaken the dormant creativity inside ourselves.

Indian engineer Ashwin Subramanian on using biofeedback tools to explore what signals chess players’ bodies are sending while playing and how they can utilize these little cues in preparation.

Judit Polgar talks with the legendary Ernö Rubik, about his views and thoughts on creativity and innovation.
Judit Polgar will also share her thoughts on the role creativity played in her childhood and career. And how she implements creativity in her daily life and her various projects.

Norbert Fogarasi – Head of Morgan Stanley’s Budapest Office, speaks about the connection between chess, innovation and business.

Furthermore, there will be an unforgettable musical experience provided by Juga Di Prima – Chilean singer-songwriter performs five new “Chess Divas” songs that were composed in the spirit of gender equality and pay tribute to the best women chess players of history.

Other Programs: Interactive Chess Channel

Games, quizzes, masterclass, tournaments (Online Presentation of the Judit Polgar Method (at the National Gallery in Hungarian language).

Arts & Crafts for Children (at the National Gallery)

Winners of the Goodwill Ambassadors of Chess Awards announced (at the National Gallery) Simultaneous exhibitions with Judit Polgar and GM Zoltán Almási (Hungarian National Gallery)

For furthermore information visit the website. All programs are free!

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Bitcoin Sculpture Inauguration @ Budapest/Hungary

The world’s first Satoshi Nakamoto statue …  Inventor of Bitcoin @ Budapest

Tuesday, September, 16.

4 p.m. Graphisoft Park

District III., 7. Záhony Street Budapest

For the first time in the world, a statue is being erected to remember Satoshi Nakamoto – founder of Bitcoin and the blockchain technology.

The unique “faceless” sculpture was produced with crowd funding based on the idea of András Györfi, it will be located in the Graphisoft Park in Budapest in a green environment. The bronze bust depicts a hooded figure with stylized facial features, alluding to both Nakamoto and the “people of the internet”. The face of the sculpture is made of a bronze-aluminum alloy, which the creators polish heavily to create a reflective surface so that anyone can recognize themselves when looking at the face.

The aim of the work of sculptors Tamás Gilly and Réka Gergely is to pay tribute to the icon of reforming the world of finance and the creator of blockchain.

The statue official inauguration will take place at 7.30 p.m. and will continue with an after party from 7.30 p.m by the MADHOUSE group.

The event is also open to the public.

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HopTop Brewery Ltd. 5th Birthday – VIP Opening Party @ Kőbánya/Budapest

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The founder and owner of the HopTop Brewery Ltd., Ali Rawech Szamit, invited media representatives to a presentation with a visit to the HopTop Brewery in Kőbánya, celebrating his 5th birthday. Before that, he gave a historical overview of how he got on the steps of brewing.

At first a little background to Ali Rawech Szami the owner of HopTop Brewery. Ali Rawech Szami worked as a manager for a multinational company and then switched to the craft of brewing as an unexpected turn in his career. Because of his economist past and maximalist attitude, he was able to build and unite this company as one person. The award-winning recipes are all in His name, and he must also make economic decisions.

How did he become a “brewer?

First of all why, when, how he became a “brewer” which was founded in 2015.

He saw with the aim of making high-quality and varied flavors of kraft beers for the growing fan base of craft beers. Fate has shaped  site to operate in the industrial park of the former Royal Brewery, so have been able to smuggle the tradition back to this area a bit. Coincidence brought to try what it’s like to cook at home. He fell in love with the thing into the unknown. With the exception of a smaller loan, founded the company from equity. Met many good people on the way in this profession who supported him. He said he owe a lot to Antal Németh and Ádám Pein from the neighboring Monyó brewery.

Here at Kőbánya, the outside of downtown found a free infrastructure for brewing, which of course had to do with the past of the beer industry. But more importantly was to find a place where not seen as a competitor, but as friend, a colleague him. There was not a question that he want to make beer that he would like to drink as well. His brewery was born, sparkled out of love. There were no investors behind them who are only interested in profit. The HopTop Brewery at Kőbánya has competed in several international beer competitions. Out of the 2,100 entrants, only the top three in each category was awarded a medal by a 130-member jury. After their competitive successes were noticed and approached by foreign distributors, so today may say their beer exports are off to special beer lovers taste to Canada, Denmark, Finland, Russia etc. The HopTop beers can also be found on the shelves at the shops of large Hungarian chains, in specialty beer shops, also in downtown restaurants and pubs.

All who are the founders of the Kraft Beer Association give their faces and names to their product just as the winemakers do with their wines. This makes their products authentic and Kraft a real trademark.

After the presentation of Ali Rawech Szami, escorted through the entire area of the brewery factory, showing all the equipment, special barrels, hops and malts gain from abroad and held tasting of their latest beer on tap to crown our brewery tour, which is not yet on the market. Thereafter, the birthdays party began with a load of food aside the brewery at the food truck and taps of beer, and the mood was further enhanced by foot tapping to the party time music.

(The won HotTop beer awards can be traced at the upload snaps.)

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Dress Code: Art Nouveau – Extending its History of Fashion Exhibition


Ráth György villa – Budapest

The exhibition, which opened on June, 26, 2021 extends its fashion history exhibition Dress Code: Art Nouveau until September, 12, 2021 in view of the great interest

The exhibition provides an insight into the wardrobe and lifestyle of a woman living at the turn of the century with the help of a collection of objects selected from the Textile and Wear Collection of the Museum of Applied Arts. Presenting contemporary clothing and accessories – fans, bags and umbrellas – we recall the new, airy female ideal of Art Nouveau, for whom not only the outer rail but also the inner ring has become particularly important.

Art Nouveau simultaneously closed the gorgeous wear of the 19th century and launched the rational, functionalist fashion of the 20th century. Until the outbreak of World War I, women’s wear became more and more relaxed and comfortable, as the active lifestyle, work and sports provided by everyday life already required simpler and more comfortable clothing. The exhibition showcases casual and sporty daytime and glittery nightwear.

The Art Nouveau fashion line dates back to 1899, when a new type of corset conjured a “eel-like” S-line silhouette for the ladies. The eccentric look was completed by a whimsical shoulder-to-shoulder boa, loose, wavy hair, a Japanese neck-twisted bun, and a huge, heavy hat.

From the 1880s onwards, with the proliferation of machine products, there was a need to revive traditional handicrafts, create an imitation-free art, and recreate lace art. The Halasi sewn lace, designed by Árpád Dékáni in 1902, was the only one that used a unique, new technique and, with its treasure of motifs from folk art, was at the same time organically connected to the art of European Art Nouveau. The exhibition holds among other things, the fan designed by Árpád Dékáni, who won first prize in the 1903 Water Drop Society’s competition.

Families and ladies expressed their social status, wealth, and rank through their clothes and jewelry. And at various events and social events, special attention had to be paid to the perfect appearance. An essential accessory for women’s fashion was elbow-length gloves, jewelery made of precious stones, and a headdress adorning a gorgeous prom hairstyle. However, we must not forget about the dance orders and the fans, which could not have been missing from the props of the ballad ladies either, so also from the exhibition.

In addition to festive events, sports have also become fashionable and have become an important area of ​​social life. Ice skating, for example, was seen as a less ceremonial version of balling, as on such occasions, men and women were able to meet and talk casually. Similarly, bathing – although bathing and swimming were segregated by gender – was also defined by social life and joint activity.

In addition to the garments used in sports, more comfortable and functional wear has become widespread in everyday life, for example, the use of blouses and skirts has become decisive. The university education of women and the establishment of women’s grammar schools were proposed by Gyula Wlassics (1852-1937) in 1895 by the Minister of Religion and Public Education. The participation of women in secondary and higher education, which at first hardly affected women en masse, became possible from the autumn of 1896.

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India Embassy @ Budapest distribute food to homeless and needy people.

Aug 12

The Embassy of India, Budapest/Hungary has also lined up several activities as part of this Mahotsav. One of the initiatives is to distribute food to homeless and needy people in Budapest on August, 12, from 12 p.m.

Embassy of India has been in consultation with ISKCON which has a food distribution program and is willing to partner with the Embassy in this noble cause. Indian company SRF is also partnering with this event.

This special event is organised under the frame of the Embassy of India in Hungary.

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India’s 75th Independence Day – Hungary – 2021

Aug 15 -invite

The month of August has special significance in India’s freedom struggle. The “Non-co-operation movement” started on the 1st of August in 1920. On the 9th of August in 1940, the “Quit India Movement” began, which is known as the “August Jranti” (Revolution). India became independent on the 15th of August 1947.

Soon coming up one of the biggest ways of festival of the year with the Mahotsav (festival) being celebrated as a Jan-Utsav (people’s festival) in the spirit of Jan-Bhagidari (people’s involvement).

Prime Minister Narendra Modi launched the India@75 Azadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav on March, 12. 2021., with the series of events organised by the Government of India.

India is a Country with year-go-around of Festivals. It is in the veins of India’s population.

Namely, India’s Independence Day is entering its 75th year of independence by already started within celebrations 75 weeks before their actual 75th anniversary of Independence. It will continue until the 15th August, 2023.

During this period Indian Embassies and Consulates around the world are organizing weekly events around the theme, where the history, heritage, arts, architecture, music, languages and other aspects of the last 75 years India would be traced through different activities virtually and physically. Along with that, several activities would be woven around social development, health & wellness as well as around social and spiritual values as inherent in Indian culture.

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Estas Tonne – Essential Sounds of the Universe coming to Hungary

Estas Tonne  will be holding a concert as a stop of his  international VISION Tour

Thursday, October 21, 2021. starting 7 p.m. – MOMKult – Budapest

The concert will be held at MOMKult on behalf of the Fonó Buda Music Hall.

Due to the epidemic situation, Estas Tonne’s 2020 international autumn tour will arrive in Budapest with the theme originally planned for 2021.

Music is an intangible and elusive branch of art that can effectively influence our inner vision, which is why the tour was named VISION. “Telling a story with music that has no text is a special way of expressing it. The student can create the story that suits him or her without the narrator saying anything. Of course, I also experiment with songs, poems, and stories. Among them are things that are no longer important at all and there are some that come naturally.” so had the artist admits.
Join Tonne’s spiritual journey, pushing the boundaries of our inner into revelation.

Estas Tonne was born in Russia and started playing guitar at the age of eight. He moved to Israel with his family in the 1990s and then took his trip to New York, where he had just arrived a week after the 9/11 terrorist attacks. He met street musician Michael Shulman, with whom he later performed at the 9/11 anniversary commemoration, and also released a joint album. Tonne as a street musician.

He has turned up in many places from Mexico to India, hence the name gipsy troubadour or modern troubadour. He uses his instrument as if it were a whole band. He plays a six-string acoustic guitar without plucking, combining the solo with rhythm and walking bass. Today he is a guest of many major festivals around the world. In 2014, he joined performed at the Everness Festival in Hungary.

Tickets can be purchased to his concert  to a/m date through:

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Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds Canceled Their European/Budapest Concert

Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds would have originally performed @ Budapest this summer, but it was canceled by the band in March. Then, due to a European tour, it turned out that they would afterall arrive in Budapest on May, 13. 2021., and hold their concert, but it seems as for the time being, this date has also become questionable, after the band has now signaled that the entire European tour will be blown away concert and will also be missed. The band had made their statement, hoping they can come up with better news next year.

The tickets purchased online are automatic at ticket sellers, and the Ticketportal initiates a refund. The amount of the ticvket(s) will be refunded to the account from which the purchase was made. Holders of tickets purchased online have nothing to do. Due to the large number of tickets sold, the refunding is expected to take place by January, 31. 2021.

Tickets purchased in person can be redeemed at the point of purchase. If the given office is not open, a copy of the ticket must be sent by e-mail to, no later than January, 15. 2021.

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Enter into the fantastic music library of Hans Zimmer – Budapest – 2020

Tuesday, February, 17. 2020.

@ 7.30 p.m.

District, XIV.,  2. Stefánia Rd.

Hans Zimmer is Hollywood’s most sought-after film composer, who has written music for more than 100 movies and is now heading to a European concert tour and for Hans Zimmer music lovers it will be their place to be at the László Papp Budapest Sport Arena.  which will be an important stop in Budapest in February.

Get to hear Hans Zimmer’s greatest hits as you have never heard them before! The Sony Classical released the double-album The World of Hans Zimmer – Symphonic Celebration spring of 2019.

The album features the music from the Zimmer-curated World of Hans Zimmer international concert tour by Semmel Concerts. Regarding to the celebration „The World of Hans Zimmer” has been newly arranged his greatest hits and placed into an electrifying concert to suite for orchestra, choir and soloists. Each to the concert melodies will ring the bell right away.

From the ears … down to the soul … legendary scores as: The Dark Knight , The Da Vinci Code , Lion King , Pirates of the Caribbean and M:i-2 Mission: Impossible 2 will fill the air in the Budapest Arena.  The Orchester,  famous soloists and singers adds  to a fantastic listening experience. Amongst these accomplished musicians are several of Zimmer’s long-time musical collaborators such as Gavin Greenaway (musical director), Lisa Gerrard, multi-instrumentalist Pedro Eustache, and renowned opera singer Valentina Nafornita.

The recording took place at the famous traditional Concert Hall Wiener Konzerthaus featuring renowned ORF Vienna Radio Symphony Orchestra and the choir: Neue Wiener Stimmen – conductor Martin Gellner in the course of the Hollywood – Vienna festival.

World of Hans Zimmer – Symphonic Celebration also includes concert suites of the scores of King Arthur, Pearl Harbor , Rush , Madagascar , Spirit , Kung Fu Panda, The Holiday, Hannibal , Gladiator and Inception.

Mark the date on your bootlist and reach the ticket before they are sold, not to miss to be wondering in the world of  well-know music by Hans Zimmer.

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62nd Annual World Press Photo Exhibition @ Budapest 2019.

Hungarian National Museum, Budapest, Hungary

September, 19. –  October, 23. 2019.

District, VIII., 14-16. Múzeum Blvd. – Budapest

Connecting the world to the stories that matter … happend … stunning, impressive and shocking!

The unique photos and new perspectives playing a key role. Each year it shows a dramatic impression of the world. Aims to inform and to inspire the understanding of the world.

The global platform of visual journalism and storytelling was founded in 1955 with the aim of connecting the audience and professionals.

The travelling exhibit is presented in 114 locations worldwide of which the Budapest event is the second most visited. Last year more than 45 000 people visited the award-winning photos in the Hungarian National Museum.

In 2019 photographers from 129 countries entering 4,738 photographs, reviewed by international panel of judges #78,801 photographs and the best 143 were chosen. The 21 journalists and reporters, decided to award 43 photo reporters. One of them was Bence Máté who is a young Hungarian wildlife photographer, received a first price for the second time. His winning photo, “Harvesting Frogs’ Legs”, depicts the sad truth of frog’s legs being chopped off (and sold for gastronomy purposes) while they are still alive.

Ticket Prices: Reduced ticket: 1000HUF, Full price ticket: 2100HUF, Family ticket: 4400HUF

Open hours: Tuesday to Sunday: 10 a.m. – 6 p.m. Monday: closed.

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