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Do You Wanna Dance With Somebody!?! … Playing @ Budapest’s Cinemas.

whitney ... dance with somebody

From the writer of Bohemian Rhapsody – Naomi Achie is Whitney Houston.

Director: Kasi Lemmons –  Running time: 144 mins.

Manufacturer: USA – 2022.

Does it ring the bell?  … I wanna dance with somebody … Do you wanna feel the heat with somebody? Well, hear is the good news: Whitney Houston biopic “I Wanna Dance with Somebody” is on screen @ Budapest’s movies from the end of  December, 2022.

What to expect from the upcoming biopic!?! … This features an honorable insight to Houston’s story, tracking her journey from obscurity to musical super stardom. Her legacy is being celebrated on screen with a lavish and poignant new biopic Whitney Houston: I Wanna Dance With Somebody.

Judging by the statistics, it seems pretty obvious that Whitney Houston is the greatest singer of all time. The Guinness World Record holder for most-awarded female artist of all time, she racked up more than 400 career awards, sold more physical singles than any other female solo artist ever, broke Elvis and The Beatles’ records for consecutive number-one singles with a whopping seven, and to top it all off, she was the first artist to perform in post-apartheid South Africa.

Naomi Achie stars as the greatest black artist of all time in this Whitney Houston biopic and really sinks into the role of Whitney to the core. No surprise at all …  Houston’s voice, with Ackie confirming that she lip-synched to the late diva’s songs, with Houston’s actual vocals added in post.

Houston’s voice, with Ackie confirming that she lip-synched to the late diva’s songs, with Houston’s actual vocals added in post. she added that  “97 percent of it is Whitney singing, and it shouldn’t be any other way.”

I Wanna Dance with Somebody features moments that will make the hairs on the back of your neck stand up.

Starring: Naomi Ackie, Ashton Sanders, Stanley Tucci, Nafessa Williams, Lance A. Williams, Tamara Tunie, Clarke Peters, Daniel Washington, JaQuan Malik Jones, Kris Sidberry, Tanner Beard, Bailee Lopes, Jennifer Ellis, Bria Danielle Singleton, Adrian M .Mompoint, Coffey, Stew Replogle, Chanel Rose Connor, Sean Amos, Jon F. Merz.

Age limit above 12 years old.

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The 13th Hungarian Theater Awards

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The Hungarian Theater Awards, which recognize those working in the background and service professions in the theater, were presented. Major Attila, production manager of the Karinthy Theater, received recognition; Nándor Eötvös is the tent master of the National Circus Arts Center; Zsolt Boldizsár, stage manager of the Móricz Zsigmond Theater in Nyíregyháza; Orsolya Kenyeri, head of the costume store of the Thália Theater; István Szelba is the technical manager and manager of the Gödöllő House of Arts. Bránimír Gyorgyev, artistic secretary of the Hungarian Serbian Theater, received a special national award. In the evening, the Hungarian Theater Lifetime Achievement Awards, recognizing exceptional acting careers, were presented, which were accepted by Jolán Török, dance teacher, dance artist, art consultant and Imre Katona, director.

The founder and originator of the Hungarian Theater Award, Péter Fekete, director of the National Circus Arts Center, highlighted: “It’s good to  stop for a minute …  look back and thank our successes to those behind us, without whose daily work theater performances would not be possible”.

Every year, the Hungarian Theater Award is given to those who work invisibly, behind the limelight, in the machinery that operates successful stage productions. In 2022, it was held for the 13th time and 9 awardees received recognition.

Nominations for the Hungarian Theater Award, founded in 2010, require the joint proposal of two state award-winning actors and the director of the nominating theater.

At the Awards Gala, the artists of the Nyíregyházi Móricz Zsigmond Theater, the Karinthy Theater, the Hungarian Serbian Theater, the Gödöllő House of Arts, the Thália Theater, the artists, jugglers and orchestra of the Capital City Grand Circus and the dancers of the Hungarian National Dance Ensemble performed.

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Budavári Palace District – Open-Air Exhibition – Traditional Advent 2022

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On the Nicholas Day at the renovated Halászó (Fishing) children’s terrace, was hosted within the National Hauszmann Program the traditional Advent fair and open-air exhibition for visitors at the Budavári Palace District.

The exhibition presents one of the most archaic Hungarian customs. Visitors to the exhibition can learn about this tradition, its origins and its various versions, among other things. The exhibition, which has now become traditional, strives every year to present the winter holidays from a new approach, this year was realized within close cooperation with the Museum of Ethnography. The purpose of the photo exhibition presented by Hanga Gebauer – curator of the exhibition, is to show the diversity of the folk customs of our region: visitors can meet the traditions of several ethnic groups and religious denominations, they can see, for example, how the Szeklers, Slovaks, Romanians, Matyos and Roma from Bukovina Moldavian Csangos, Swabians or the Bunyevacs celebrated and held prepared for the coming new year. It is also interesting that among the exhibited pictures there are also those taken from the turn of the century, from 1899 to 1968, which show the various customs from Nicholas Day to Epiphany.

… For centuries, December has heralded the end of the current and the beginning of the upcoming year. Popular rituals relating to this festive winter period in the Carpathian Basin have been shaped by both religious belief and folklore, based on the conviction that the rituals performed at the end of the year lead to good fortune in the year to come. Apart from the carnival period leading to the Great Lent, this part of the year claims the highest number of varied from dramatic rituals across Europe, including Hungary. These include visiting homes with Nativity scene while singing Xmas Carols … in Hungary as Bethlehem wassailing … which is still extremely popular.

… There are many traditions and beliefs associated with the ritual preparation to the Xmas table. According to popular belief, objects placed on the Xmas table or under the table are given magical powers. For example, the bread placed on the table … in some regions brioche (light sweet bread), helps the family to have something to put on the table all year around. When the holiday end, only then was allowed to take off the items.

The entire exhibition can be viewed at two locations in the Palace Quarter: on the terrace of the Halászó (Fishing) children, the customs closely related to the Xmas Holidays. Also on the terrace of the Southern Panorama of the Várkert Bazaar the traditions associated with Advent and the New Year can be viewed. The Ethnography Museum’s application, helps family preparation and pedagogical work, available online with additional photos, films, game and craft ideas:

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The 11th Budapest Jewish & Israeli Film Festival – “America”

Romantic Drama – Life, Death, Love and everything in between.
Showtime – December, 1. 2022. – 7.30 p.m. – Pushkin Cinema
Length: 127 minutes

The Jewish Film Festival concludes with AMERICA (released 2022) with the latest tour de force from director Ofir Raul Graizer (THE CAKEMAKER). This richly layered melodrama follows an Israeli swimming coach living in Chicago returns home to Israel after 10 years after his distant father passes away. Arriving he reconnects with his childhood friend and his bride, both of whom run a successful flower shop downtown. Suddenly, in the blink of an eye, a tragedy sets off a chain of motion for these three individuals,. The drama and romantic tension kicks-off between the three of them, which unlocks hidden desires, secrets, and torment that have afflicted these characters.
Film Awards: Jerusalem Film Festival 2022, Best Actress, Winner
After a day of hustle and bustle everyone is welcomed to engage with Jewish culture and values through its entertaining programs.

Movie in Hebrew with Hungarian and English subtitles.

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Magical Xmas Tale @ the Capital Circus of Budapest 2022


Circus Xmas Show is based on a tale of the great Hungarian writer Mór Jókai’s (1825-1904)  

The show title goes on as  … “Which One Of The Nine?” ( “Melyiket A Kilenc Közül?” )

Within the show featuring the Circus and Theater Arts with music, singing and dancing all together in joyous harmony. “Which One of the Nine?” tells a story of seduction and decency, the happiness that can be acquired through humility and diligence, and the convergence that conquers all despite enormous setbacks.  The audience will be heading into the magical world where the most important values come to life through the art of circus and entertainment. It tells that our inner values are worth more than money, power and a deal with the devil under any circumstances.

Synopsis … Once upon a time in the big city of Pest there was a poor man who raised his nine children alone. All of them were talented and clever but they were merely children. The poor man took all the jobs he could in order to provide them with a beautiful and carefree childhood, and so that he could dress them, school them and raise them to be nice and good people.

Then around came a wealthy man who wanted to make a deal with the poor man: if he gave away one of his children, he would pamper the child, provide expensive clothes and even more expensive toys, foreign studies, cool sports cars and the thousands of treasures found on Earth. The poor man had no other option but to choose one of his beloved nine children that the wealthy man would take forever.

The original story even more universal by not only moving into the spectacular milieu of the circus, summon protective angels and machinating devils as well, the cosmic battle takes place for the soul of a man and his children. What is worth more: honor or a sack filled with gold? Fairness with a troubled fate or giving up for an easy deal? Inner values or glittery sparkles? Family or career?

The circus show is directed by Peter Fekete winner of the Jászai Mari Award and with costumes from famous designer Erzsébet Rátkai.

In less than 6 weeks the Xmas Show at the Capital Circus of Budapest is forthcoming for the whole family and also circus lovers who should like to have a break from the rushy hustle-bustle everyday life and may get into the Xmas mood in advance. Get your seat and enjoy the wonders of life at the Grand Circus Budapest.

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On Screen from Delacroix to Gauguin Documentary


From November in Hungary at the art movie theaters will be screened within the series of exhibition “From Delacroix to Gauguin” by Danish art collector.

Given the nature of the subject matter and its delivery, The Danish Collector will not be to everyone’s taste. However, for those with a raging thirst for Impressionism and/or without the means to fly to England, France or Denmark, this film is the next best thing.
It’s strange to think of Impressionists, such as Monet and Renoir, being vilified. It almost feels like a cliché, but it was the case for part of the 1800s. Then men like Hansen came along and a whole new generation of collectors was born. Somewhat dry in its presentation of Hansen’s life and influence, the real stars of the documentary are of course, the artworks themselves can be seen both Hansen’s summer home, which has almost been turned into a museum in the suburbs of Copenhagen, Ordrupgaard and its garden.  The audience may drop by places to see the best of 19th century French impressionist works and also at the London’s Royal Academy. The Danish Collector offers up a closer than close look at art by the likes of Gauguin and Delacroix.

The Danish collection is a repository of the finest impressionist works ever painted. The path leads from the romantic paintings of Delacroix, the realistic paintings of Corot and Courbet to the impressionist landscapes of Monet, Pissarro, Cézanne and Sisley, and even the impressionist portraits of Degas, Manet, Morisot and Gonzalès in his collection.

Distributed in Hungary by Pannonia Entertainment Ltd.

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Be in Japan! Japanese Garden @ 14th District Budapest – Hungary

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Now a little trip to Japan, without flying around 11 hours within the distance of 8923kms/5544MI to gain an insight into the nature fields of Japan … i.e. the Japanese Garden in Budapest/Hungary … To Be In Japan.

Upon invitation from the Cardex Ltd Hungary held a press conference. Their aim is to supports an even greener environment within their green bag campaign. Cardex officially presented its new product, its environmentally friendly gift bags and wrapping paper made of grass paper. As was told: “Every third tree can be saved by using grass paper!” The meeting point to the media representatives and interested parties was at the Japanese Garden – District XIV. Angol Street at the Márton Varga Horticultural and Land Surveying Technical School. The press meeting was held open-air in the superb environment having the lush vegetation which are already leaning towards the Fall. We toured the garden with horticultural engineer Dóra Leber-Mogyorósi. At first passing through the typical torii gate at the most famous corner of the Japanese garden. The Japanese Garden is an oasis where you can right away relaxed and recharged. Green nature is still carrying on in the mid-fall seen around the inner courtyard, where still growing Mediterranean plants.

The Japanese garden is full of symbols … water-permeable gravel pavements create a natural effect that may easily cross from one side to the other by the visitors just like any other solid road surface. The perfect harmony of the huge rocks and the beautifully designed water architectures presented the sight pleasuring for the eyes/ears. Can roll along the paths and feel the peace vibes around to the visitor. The garden built form is type of an archaic lowland tea garden formed the Muromachi period. It lays on architectural tradition the penultimate period of the millennia-long Japanese garden. These gardens are built around the tea ceremony which were meant to be in use for relaxation. The lake system built in the garden helps to slow down, turn inside/onwards.

The garden plants and trees are completely adapted to Hungary’s climatic conditions. Among the plants could see really only native to Japan, may see an ancient rosemary bush, also two beautiful ferns (Gingko biloba), a boy and a girl. In this case, the name really holds its place, because Gingko is dioecious, that is, the stamens and fertile flowers are on separate plants. In April during its season with cherry blossom are dressed in pink offering a beautiful sight and charming fragrant shrub blooms with its pleasant scent reminiscent of jasmine fill the air. Was brought to our attention among many others, the collection of peonies, which gives an amazing sight when in bloom and was told that at the same time 33 different varieties blooming. Most probably rolling along the “Bridge of Sighs” can make a wish … according to legends, their wish will come true. On the spot one of the symbols of the country the Fugi , here a mini construction surrounding rocks, pines to represent by ferns and vegetation. (Fugi is the highest mountain in the archipelago … more commonly known as Fujisan in Japan). The garden plants and trees are completely adapted to Hungary’s climatic conditions. During the tour was also told, in the garden, can see one of the oldest Sichuan mammoth pines in the country. The species was thought to be extinct for a long time, but in 1944 a small herd was found in a secluded valley in China. The school also received two seedlings from successful domestic propagation in the 1950s, one of which survived and has now grown into a huge tree. The oldest tree in the garden is an early maple native, which can be much older than 100 years, next to it stands the Japanese acacia with special shapes, the purple acacia collection includes a variety flowers around in a one-meter cluster of hanging branches.

Was mentioned during the tour, that in the 1930s, at the time being even the Japanese royal couple paid their respects here at a tea ceremony, and were so pleased that they sent plants from the Imperial Palace to the horticulture in return.

At the end of the tour, the participants were treated with vegan dishes from a food truck on the spot.

Worthwhile to pay a visit for those interested in Japanese nature and wish to find a peaceful place outside the hustle and bustle from the Capital of Hungary.

Tickets can be purchased at the school’s entrance on the Kövér Lajos street, where can also get a map to help the navigate in the garden. The garden can be visited by anyone or a group of pupils with their teachers seven days a week from Monday to Sunday from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. May also request professional guidance, but this must be arranged in advance. Garden management is open for events, fees for weddings and film shoots by special agreement. Further information … Japanese Garden/District XIV. Budapest

See the snaps through the slideshow taken on the media tour at Japanese Garden.

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Today the SPAR Budapest Marathon 2-day festival all about running has come to the end

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At least for another year to wait for this fantastic SPAR Marathon event to be able to run here  @ Budapest again.

The 37th SPAR Budapest Marathon Festival took place with the participation of more than 17,000 participants. On the second day of the event, 3,750 marathoners tackled the spectacular capital route, which also offers a view of the world heritage sites. Along with the individual runners, hundreds of couples and four-person teams completed the 42-kilometer king’s distance. The participants of the 30-kilometer distance, referred to as the anteroom of the marathon, ran together with the marathon field. In the new third marathon (14 km), even those who are not yet ready for the classic distance could experience the marathon atmosphere.
The 37th SPAR Budapest Marathon is an international event, this year it took place with the participation of athletes from 89 countries, in addition to 830 domestic municipalities. The marathon race was organized by the (BSI) Budapest Sport Office (BSI) on a course certified by AIMS.
In the 37th SPAR Budapest Marathon – fastest man was Levente Szemerei – an athlete from the Szekszárd Sports Center, with a time of 2:21:44 – fastest woman was Eszter Csillag – known as a cross-country runner, finished first with a time of 2:59:16.
After the first arrivals at the finish line, the members of the marathon field continued to arrive to the finish line for more than 3 hours. The finish time of 5 hours and 30 minutes also gave the opportunity to those who run at a slower pace or were taking on the challenge of their boot-list to complete the classic king’s distance. This year’s field included 870 runners who completed their first marathon.
An excellent atmosphere awaited the runners on the marathon route with 36 music points and individuals at numerous fan points ensured & cheers went out for runners.

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Hello Europe – Hello Marathon Runners of the World – Join SPAR Budapest Marathon® Festival 2022.

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The 37th SPAR Budapest Marathon® Festival to this year the press conference took place at the Hall of the National Dance Theater on September 27, 2022.

Still 8 DAYS to come … hurry-up … catch-up … sign-up … to be at the start-off … to participate Hungary’s best-known running event.

SPAR Marathon® Hungary’s largest recreational sports event is running your way!

At the SPAR Budapest Marathon® press conference were present Budapest’s Deputy Mayor Dr Anett Bősz responsible for human areas – marathon runner – spoke about her own experiences, saying that the marathon does not begin with the start, nor does it end at the finish line. The person who crosses the finish line is not the same person who warmed up in the starting zone in the morning. Running a marathon is a way of life, when we experience that we ourselves are our own chance and opportunity.

Árpád Kocsis – executive competition director – Budapest Sports Office (BSI) said: “Q” : “The running fever is rising higher-and-higher in getting closer to the forthcoming SPAR Marathon® Hungary! Entries are pouring in from all corners of the country. Almost eighteen thousand Hungarians from 800 domestic settlements and more than two thousand foreign runners from 83 countries are to be enjoying their enter to Budapest’s world heritage panorama on October, 8-9.” Also added „Q”:The event is held each year over a weekend in the season of Fall. The „Marathon” begins with several shorter races for runners of all ages and abilities. Expecting more than 30000 individuals to put on their running shoes to start at one of the distances, “e.g”. 600-meter family run, and 5, 10, 30 kms. and/or the marathon relay, up to the classic marathon distance.

Almost everything is the same as what was interrupted two-an-half years ago, participants can get ready for a frenetic atmosphere having Music Marathon, Professional championships, Diplomat Cup, Charities participants, Exhibitors. There is great interest as was in the previous years by the actors to Run for the Theater competition, which is unique in Europe and announced as part of the Tolle Marathon Relay, and a list of other runners including the members of the Hungarian State Opera House, Comedy Theater, the Playhouse Theater, the Örkény Theater, the National Dance Theater, the Városmajor Outdoor Theater, the Pesti Hungarian Theater, the Jurányi Community Incubator House, the Újszínház, and the Ördögkatlan.

Máriusz Révész – State Secretary responsible for Active Hungary, emphasized: „Q”: “The Eurobarometer research was published recently, in which it was found that 71% of people in Hungary do not exercise at all or just very rarely. This figure puts us far behind the EU average. Because of our health and mental state, we definitely have to change this percentage! A well-organized event change the minds of people in having enormous power to start a heathier sporty life and many people start running, swimming, and/or cycling because they realize how good they feel after their activity.”

One of the special features of Saturday, October 8. is the jubilant 10th FODISZ Equality Run. László Szabó president of the National Association of Students, Competitions and Leisure Sports of the Disabled said the following: ”Q”: “The event invites young people living with disabilities, people with limited mobility, and those who want to express their solidarity to run a symbolic 500-meter distance. The aim of the program is to enable those children with disabilities to experience the joy and excitement of racing, for whom active sports are not necessarily part of everyday life. We also specifically welcome participants who want to express their sympathy to their fellow human beings with special needs. This also promotes social integration in the field of Hungarian sports. In light of this, outstanding athletes and para-athletes will also visit the movement, who will run together with the applicants. The race creates an excellent opportunity for community building and networking.”

The 37th SPAR Budapest Marathon® starts on Saturday morning October, 8. at 9 a.m. from the Pázmány Péter promenade. The 42,195-meter distance can be completed individually, in pairs, and/or in a four-person relay within the framework of the Tolle Marathon Relay. This year’s novelty, the SPAR 14 kms, also starts with this field. In addition to this large field, the participants of the Regnum 30 kilometer run will also join.

The organizer of the Budapest Sportiroda (Sport Office Budapest) members will be on the spot to support the runners with more than 80,000 liters of water, 32,000 liters of Gatorade, 1000 liters of Pepsi Cola, 280 kilograms of grape sugar and 13000 bananas. Around 1200 organizers and directors work on the safe conduct of the event during the two days.

Márk Maczelka – Head of Communications SPAR Hungary said:„Q”: “Since 2008, our company has been the title sponsor and main supporter of the SPAR Budapest Marathon® Festival. It is one of the largest recreational sports events in Hungary and Europe, which is also the featured running race of the year and a social event at the same time. Its primary goal is to make as many people as possible fall in love with running and to draw attention to the importance of a health-conscious, sporty lifestyle. We provide free entry for our own community and colleagues, thereby motivating them to participate and exercise regularly. The health-conscious lifestyle – to which we are committed not only with our products, but also with our social responsibility activities – is also promoted at this event.” He added „Q”: The course is a mix of gravel and pavement to ease the knees with some rolling hills to keep the legs awake on the entire route. The SPAR Marathon course opens the eyes especially to the foreigners participating in the run and will guarantee to make them fall in love with all its beauty of Budapest as racing to cross the finish line.”

Charity activities are traditionally associated with the two-day running festival. Thanks to the event’s 9 charitable partner organizations and the approximately 800 fund-collecting or donating participants, the “charity yield” of the two days can reach 10 million HUF.

At the end of the press conference, a one million HUF grant was symbolically handed over. The “Aktív Magyarországért” (Active for Hungary) award, established in 2021. It was one of the first to receive the Budapest Sport Office last November in recognition of its decades of activity in the field of promoting an active lifestyle. The two executives decided not to keep the one million HUF associated with the award, but to be in use to support the work of the “Sarolta Monspart Healthy Lifestyle Foundation”, which takes care of the spiritual and material legacy of Sarolta Monspart, who died last year. Botond Feledy, son of Sarolta Monspart and Péter Feledy, received the plaque representing this support from István Máth, a member of the Board of Trustees of the Foundation, and also managing director of BSI.

The Marathon runners can enjoy the world heritage panorama of Hungary’s capital during running along designated sites. The competitors rolling over the River Danube bridges, three of which glinting the sights of Budapest and also enjoying their en route through Margitsziget (Margaret Island). Along the marathon route, 36 musical stations add strength to continue the runners passing by. Expecting a large number of audience en route to vision the runners and to cheer them on their way. Not only foreigners but local may relax after the run and rest their bodies, legs in the thermal pools at the unique 16th and 17th century Turkish baths or at the popular neo-baroque Széchenyi bath.

In the group photo, from left to right: Péter Ertl, director of the National Dance Theater, László Szabó, president of the National Association of Students, Competitions and Leisure Sports of the Disabled, Árpád Kocsis, executive competition director of the Budapest Sports Office, dr. Anett Bősz, Budapest’s deputy mayor responsible for human areas, Márk Maczelka, communications manager of SPAR Hungary, and Máriusz Révész, state secretary responsible for Active Hungary.

Registration/prices: (

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Džiugas Cheese from Lithuania @ Buda Castle Wine Festival – Budapest 2022.

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This years the 4 days Wine Festival on the hilly side Budapest upon the Buda Castle area a fine time to enjoy the mouthwatering Hungarian and American wines.  As entering to the venue had a glance at the stand of the Džiugas cheese and was invited to taste samples of their 12 months – mild, piquant – 18 months, delicante – 24 months, gourmet – 36 months organic cheeses. Was told that the cheeses are from the best orgnic farms and valuable summer milk! They do not use preservatives, are lactose-free, and can be consumed by vegetarians. It is extremely rich in calcium. The cows at the organic farms freely graze the pastures surrounding by the stream and hills of Samogitia. The cheeses aging of the presses takes place alongside classical music, and  by the vibration of the music enhance the maturation the world of rich taste even more. Was also told the 12 and the 18th months aged cheese can be purchased at several food stored in Hungary.
The origin of the name of cheese is in the Samogitian legend that says … The Džiugas was a giant and a strong warrior, who lived in Samogitia in the old days and protected it against invaders. This could have been the end of the story, but once, he met Austelė – a farmer’s beautiful daughter – fell in love with her and married her. According to Samogitian traditions, after the wedding night the newly-weds must show the guests the cheese that they’ve made. The giant Džiugas and his wife Austelė showed their guests a strong, large and delicious cheese and all guests loved them.
Absolutely not to missed to taste these very delicious cheeses at the Buda Castle Wine Festival- Budapest.
The visitors to the wine festival are welcomed with tastings and sales.

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