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Luxury Silks and Velvets from the Esterházy Treasury  – Exhibition at the City Hangzhou – Chinese State Silk Museum.


Silk fabrics and velvets 16th and 17th-century aristocratic textiles from the collection of the Museum of Applied Arts – Budapest will be shipped and opens at an exhibition at the City of Hangzhou in the Chinese State Silk Museum.

The most important raw material of textile art is silk, which, due to its value, also played a significant role in the history of Hungarian textile art. Since there was no independent silk industry, since the 11th century, in Hungary, expensive foreign silk fabrics were used for decorative clothing and church regalia that corresponded to the taste of the time. Byzantine from the 11th century, from the 12th to the 15th From the 19th century, we preserve Hungarian church vestments and mass vestments (casula) made of Italian silk fabrics, secular vestments from this period have not survived. In the 16th century, as a result of the Ottoman-Turkish conquest, Hungary was divided into three parts, the Kingdom of Hungary, the Principality of Transylvania and the conquered territory in the middle.

When selecting the material for the treasury focused on artefacts made from the most valuable silk fabrics of the period in such a way that the 16th-17th century by exhibiting objects representing the lifestyle of Hungarian aristocrats in the 19th century, we will also provide an insight into the history of the Hungarian holidays, fashion, housing culture and warfare of the time. In addition to the costumes worn by the male members of the Esterházy family and preserved as relics, tapestries also made of special silk fabric, as well as ceremonial costumes and decorative weapons used on festive occasions – accompanied by decorative weapons – will be presented.

In the eastern part of the country, in the territory of the Principality of Transylvania, which was a vassal state of the Ottoman Empire, many valuable Turkish silk fabrics and silk kaftans (hil’at) were brought to the territory of the Principality of Transylvania in the 16th and 17th centuries through its trade and diplomatic relations. during the century. The western, north-western part of the country under the authority of the Habsburg Empire and at war with the Ottoman Empire, the Kingdom of Hungary, was ruled by palatines (palatinus) elected by the Hungarian orders. Palatines and other lords of the Kingdom of Hungary bought silk primarily in Vienna or Italy in the 16th and 17th centuries. century and their costumes were made from Italian, less often Spanish or French silk fabrics, but Ottoman-Turkish and Persian Safavid fabrics were also highly valued. The written sources of the period, dowry registers and inheritance inventories list many women’s and men’s costumes made of valuable silk fabric from this period, but only a few of them have survived in Hungary, which was hit by wars over the centuries. These include the textile ensemble of the treasury of the Palatines of Hungary, Count Miklós Esterházy (1583-1645) and his son Prince-Nádor Pál Esterházy (1635-1713), on the basis of which we can learn about the 16th-17th centuries. the magnificence of the luxurious costumes, tapestries, tablecloths, horse equipment and gun holsters of the 19th century Hungarian nobility. The textile relics of the treasury are kept by the Budapest Museum of Applied Arts, and although the II. The collection suffered severe damage during the Second

World War, and thanks to the careful restoration work of the past decades, they once again represent the wealth of the former Hungarian nobility’s collections in a dignified manner.

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Monyo Brewery Created Completely Two New Flavors!

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In America the Soda v/s Pop most common terms for soft drinks.

Here in Hungary the “Soda” as a term, is in use for decades.

Recently, MONYO Brewery released its two newest product Craft Hop Soda and Cascara Cola!

Both are soft drinks that is produced in small quantities from natural ingredients. It is gluten-free, low in carbohydrates, sugar-free, and calorie-free! Thanks to the hops in use, it also has a gently calming, stress-relieving effect. Whether or not addicted to soda, it has became in Hungary as a lifestyle habit that leads to drink instead of plain water or having enough of juicy beverages. This coming heatwave to cool down will surely quench the thirst by the new fizzy Hop Soda delight. It is made with popular Citra and Centennial hops, offering the tropical fruity and citrusy notes characteristic of an IPA, with minimal bitterness from the Monyo brewery.The MONYO HOP SODA 0% Alcohol – 0.33L. They are easy to find at the local Monyo Tap House located at District, IX. 7. Kálvin Square a few steps rolling down from the Freedom Bridge, or visit their Tap Room next door of their Factory. Also may catch-up with other Monyo brands around their website: The MONYO HOP SODA 0% Alcohol – 0.33L

The other new Hop Soda coming your way this summer is also packed in Al cans and it brings to your tasting buds the exotic fruit of coffee known as Cascara Cola. MONYO craft sodas are made using real fruits. Ain’t secret anymore … Absolutely, just as having a sip of coffee fruit with its fig and date-like aroma, which comes from the Bányai Coffee’s plantation in Costa Rica. It boasts an exceptionally high antioxidant content and energizing effects, making it one of the most unique refreshments to cool down this summer! The MONYO CASCARA COLA 0% alcohol – 0.33L.

The four pack of can from the MONYO Brewery … Hop Soda and Cascara Cola in the picture received as a taster. Really pleasant flavor, the chilled taste simply eases the thirst and I couldn’t stop sipping the wonderful flavor.

With both of these Craft products … Hop Soda & Cascara Cola you can Drink and Drive!

HopOver to taste both Monyo’s Brewery latest canned “Craft Hop Soda and the Cascara Cola”  definitely expect the trigger to work. Let It Be Your Habit Soda this Summertime!

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Circus artists can obtain their college degree in 2023.


Upon the latest news … The National Circus Arts Center Nonprofit Ltd., creates training courses which has launched a gap-filling initiative for circus artists. Until now, circus art was the only branch of the arts that did not offer a college-level diploma to young people interested in the branch. In 2023, the centuries-old dream of circus artists will come true,. The circus art lovers will also have the opportunity in starting their studies for a college degree. creates training courses

In the World of Circus many countries already offers a college-level degree to artists who have completed their careers in the arts. This year in Hungary, the trainings will start in September.

With the support of the Metropolitan Grand Circus, artists who wish to continue their education can start their studies in three majors. In the equestrian acrobat training, secondary school students can learn the master tricks of equestrianism, equestrian acrobatics, jigging and equestrian archery. For 3 years, they can ride the Capital City Circus’ own horses, in the circus stables. Applicants who are close to acting can master the genre of master clowns in the clown artist major. Those interested in movement can use their skills in the circus dance course.

During the training, the Metropolitan Grand Circus also provides the students with the opportunity to practice and perform, allowing them to get to know the international circus community.

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The slogan of the evening … “Have a barrel of fun!”

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Saturday Night Live wasn’t a live broadcast … but indeed was Live Barrel Pig exclusive VIP beer night!

 As the night slowly appeared, the guests arrived for an exclusive beer tasting to the new series of HopTop unique beers. It was held in the tasting room of the wonderful wine shop of WineHub. Were able to taste continuously  6+1  beers, but may also tasted 3 special IPA beers as to warm-up ourselves.  The premium beers selection were terrific: Surprise beer – Rudeboy – Sex on the barrel – Fear of the dark II. – Canadian Lover – Fear of the dark I. – Mental trainer.

Unfortunately, Ali Rawech Szami – owner of the HopTop brewery had to leave earlier. We, the audience heard interesting facts about the Barrel Pig beer from László Szilágyi – head of marketingÁdám  – brewing masters. Talked about the special flavors given from the wooden barrels.  During the ongoing tasting were initiated about the Barrel Pig project and overall made the audience spice up a bit with the features of the new series as introducing the 6 items for tasting. As it turned out, they had been at the brewery continuously tasting  from the start of the first barrel-aged beer and its flavors for a year.

Each of the HopTop beers are matured in a special barrel. The whiskey barrels bought from abroad gave the taste to these special new beers. Indeed … no wonder the resulted superb beers. For each batch, the Barrel Pig is aged from the aroma and flavor gained from the previous life of the wooden barrel.  There are rum, bourbon, whiskey and even maple syrup barrels. Within these the aromas extracted from different barrels that can be tasted the characteristics of dark chocolate combined with soft-creamy and vanilla notes.

What really dominates are Imperial Milk Stouts and Multigrain Barley casks. Imperial stouts with the unicorn pig barrel logo and a barley wine rested primarily in the Kentucky Bourbon barrels, maple syrup barrels and a Barbadian rum barrel. The beer called Sex on the Barrel kept various periods of time and bottled when deemed appropriate. There is no addition to the beers. The outwardly look shows something different by the color of the cap draining wax.  Stands as a crown making it truly special and elegant.   Mouthwatering were the sublime fruity and spicy flavors.  These HopTop beers really deserve to be served outstandingly and now reached their best form.

Going to another level and watching with high eyebrows  – shining eyes came to be really in the mood to the mental training taste. Indeed looked as all liked what tasted. Was told next we are tasting the Milk Imperial Stout (11.8%), which was aged for 1 year in a Kentucky Bourbon barrel to extract all the aromas from it. The end result was a real, creamy Mental Trainer! The reason why the “Milk” stand on some of the beer label is a reminder for those to know it is not lactose free!

At the Winehub which gave the platform to the exclusive beer tasting is an awesome wine shop which is usually operating as a bistro.

Entering their store sight catching venue welcome the visitors. The guests were perfectly cared and led to the tasting tables by  Péter Lakatos – experienced Sommelier with a demonstrated history of working in the wine and spirits industry. Heard about the enormous  “plant” one the spot where more than 500 wines from nearly 60 Hungarian and foreign wineries were out on display. The wine center is also unique on an international level.  May connect all players of wine making and the wine world without restrictions. They provide countless services that are not too much different on the Hungarian wine market. They are wholesale partners, but in their wine center they also offer tasting rooms, meeting rooms and special sales points. They pay attention to the wine-drinking community. They offer much more than an online and offline wine space. In addition to their wine shop and web shop, they welcome guests with continuous training, courses, tasting events, tasting rooms. Not to mention, a well arranged comfy community space, where grooving on the 60’s-’70s music with friends along a smooth wine. They have a bistro and a fine dining restaurant for those who want to immerse themselves also in the world of gastronomy.

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The Danube Art Ensemble Concert – Folk Music


The folk band of the Danube Artists Ensemble, the Göncöl group, has released an independent album.  The folk music collections is of  Zoltán Kallós –  two-time Kossuth Prize-winning Hungarian ethnographer from Transylvania.”Turn, my dear horse” – title album will be released on Spotify’s music sharing channel, and their related teaser concert will be held on …

Tuesday, May, 16. 2023. – 7 p.m. @ the House of Tradtion – Theater hall (Hagyományok Háza.) Venue: District I., 8. Corvin Square – Budapest. 

Ágnes Enyedi –  Junior Prima award-winning folk singer, Balázs Mezei – dancer of the Duna Art Ensemble and the dancers of the Duna Art Ensemble will take part in the concert.

The aim of the album is to present the life and outstanding personality of Zoltán Kallós by selecting from his most important folk music collections, which will be made even more perceptive with video and audio interludes and photo projections during the concert.

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Theater Performance for the Visually Impaired


The musical Kőszívű – The Legend of Baradlay will be presented with audio narration for visually impaired people on May 21, 2023 at 7p.m. @ Erkel Theater – Budapest.

The performance is carried out in cooperation with the Hungarian Association of the Blind and Visually Impaired (MVGYOSZ), MusicalNeked Produkció (Everyone Able Association) and the Civilút Foundation – ambassador of the program is Zsófia Lengyel, visually impaired para-athlete. People with visual impairments can buy tickets for the performance at a discount, also keep in mind to help by ordering tickets for the visually impaired!

In a nurshell: The twisting, exciting and fabulous story of the three Baradlay boys, Ödön, Richárd and Jenő, and their mother in the storm of the revolution and freedom struggle of 1848/49. The musical adaptation of Mór Jókai’s novel, Kőszívű – The Baradlay legend testifies to the all-conquering brotherly and maternal love, service to the country and the power of love. The popular theater performance is now presented accessible for visually impaired people, accompanied by audio narration.

In Hungary, there are tens of thousands of visually impaired people who can only really enjoy theater performances with audio narration. At the barrier-free performance, the audio narrator “narrates” the visual messages on the stage (body language, movement), helping visually impaired spectators to have a more complete experience. Blind and visually impaired people receive the information given by the narrator through headphones or earphones, so they can enjoy the performance together with the sighted viewers. Audio narrator Cecília Szőke-Tóth ensures equal access through the Tour Guide System at the Kőszívű – A Baradlay legend performance.

“The theater experience is for everyone. That is why the invitation was in co-operation with the Hungarian National Association of the Blind and Visually Impaired and MusicalNeked Produkció. Together can make it possible for blind and partially sighted people to experience the magic of the musical was said by Réka Ruttkay – president of the Civilút Foundation. The Foundation provides the audio narrator and the Tour Guide System.

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Guide to easily prepare shape-friendly delicacies at home.

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More than 20-year career as a fitness trainer, Balázs Czanik always emphasized that doing something well is not enough for a healthy lifestyle; exercise, eating, resting, as well as pretentiousness and correct self-assessment achieve goal in joining EverDerm’s mentoring program to started the path of lifestyle is to change together.

Nowadays, many people struggle with food allergies and intolerance, perhaps they want to lose weight or just take care of themselves, so it is essential to eat with fresh ingredients, free of lactose, milk or gluten, and with few carbohydrates. Whether it’s a casual lunch or a nice festive dinner, everyone will find something suitable for the occasion and their taste in my new recipe book. Because from the special pumpkin cream soup with quince, to butter fish fried with smoked salt, to cherry panna cotta, you can prepare a divinely delicious and visually pleasing dish – in a healthy way.
The chef who contributes to the creation of the dishes says: you don’t need a huge routine to be able to prepare the dishes at home.

“It’s often said that healthy and shape-friendly foods don’t taste good, and they don’t look very good either. This is often true, but we are now refuting it. Because we have brought so many gourmet dishes, which are healthy, easy to prepare and very attractive. With a little skill, cooking and eating will be a real experience. For us, it clearly was,” adds Zoltán Oláh, chef at Hotel Castellum in Hollókő.

The dishes in the recipe book can be made even healthier, more special and tastier with MagMaxx crystals. Using German-Hungarian technology, the MagMaxx team condenses freshly picked, hand-selected fruits and vegetables into crystals, which preserve their nutritional value and thus nourish the human body in a natural way. In their mixtures, they pay attention to combining fruits and vegetables in the right proportions, so that the ingredients completely complement and support each other’s absorption. (More information here.(external link))

More than 20-year career as a fitness trainer, Balázs Czanik always emphasized that doing something well is not enough for a healthy lifestyle; exercise, eating, resting, as well as pretentiousness and correct self-assessment achieve goal in joining EverDerm’s mentoring program to started the path of lifestyle to change together.

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Results to the Telekom Vivicittá Half Marathon 2023.

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Every year, the event is surrounded by ever-increasing anticipation, which excites the running public not only in Hungary, but also from Europe. At the race 1300 foreign runners from 83 countries started.

Around the world 4 times: the finishers covered a total of more than 180000 kms during this year’s 38th Telekom Vivicitta weekend.

Exercise lovers celebrated spring in an impressive environment, beautiful sunny weather and a real running atmosphere at this year’s 38th Telekom Vivicitta. During the two days of the weekend, a total of nearly 20000 people moved and played sports on 10 distances. In addition to the community experience, the participants of the event also served a good cause: they supported the work of 11 charitable organizations with ten million Hungarian Forint.

Here are the results of the 38th Vivicittá running race festival:

Vivicittá, results – Half Marathon MEN: 1. Thomas Percy (British) 1:11:28 hours, 2. Iván Levente 1:12:43, 3. Galasiewicz Jakub (Polish) 1:13 :25

During the 2 days run race attended all together by almost 20000 people in Budapest.

According to the information of the organizer Budapest Sport Bureau, the British athlete completed the 21-kilometer distance in 1:11:28 hours.

Anissa Weibl from the City Győr was the first among the women.

The sports event was also attended by Anett Bősz, Deputy Mayor of Budapest, Máriusz Révész State Secretary responsible for Active Hungary and Balázs Németh CEO of the Budapest 2023 Athletics World Cup Organizer Ltd.

All participants received a discount coupon for the World Athletics Championships in Budapest!, entitling them to purchase tickets at a 50 percent discount for the evening programs to the World Championships.

Final Countdown Results:

Half Marathon MEN: 1. Thomas Percy (British) 1:11:28 hours, 2. Iván Levente 1:12:43, 3. Galasiewicz Jakub (Polish) 1:13 :25

Half Marathon WOMEN : 1. Anissa Weibl 1:25:03, 2. Réka Bátai 1:27:29, 3. Anna Bor 1:28:37

MEN 10 km: 1. Tamás Tóth 31:57 minutes, 2. Clément Ringard (French) 32:25, 3. Gábor Józsa 32:31
WOMEN 10 km: 1. Ohn Kinga 36:07, 2. Bukovszki Tünde 37:23, 3. Karolina Horváth 38:11.

Between August, 19 and 27, 2023, the biggest sports event in Hungary’s history, will be held the World Athletics Championships. With the Fan Club discount coupon, participants can buy tickets for the evening programs of the Athletics World Cup at a 50% price, and in the morning can admire the superheroes.

Source: Futanet

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The 10th Theater Olympiad – Two Performances Come Live @ Budapest and City of Pécs.

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World Sensation – Thirty Meters High Above the River Danube!


The “Átmentem” … “I Crossed” production organized by the Capital City Circus was the highlight of the opening day. The breathtaking production of László Simet Jr high up 30 meters, the audience see live from the quay between the Elizabeth and Freedom bridges. He undertook the uninsured crossing between Buda and Pest on a rope stretched over the River Danube in his hometown of Budapest. (Photos by  Ádám Urbán)

The performance is to start at 4.30 p.m. starts, but on the Belgrade quay next to the 18-19 point exit, the event begins  at  3.30 p.m. with the Danubia Orchestra’s program. The Orchesra played throughout the circus art production.  The audience not only saw high above the unbelievable production, but at the same time also to heard some of the works of the greatest Hungarian composers, such as Erkel, Kodály and Bartók.

The artist László Simet Jr., who was awarded the title of meritorious artist, testified to the miracle of human ability. What a superb production to the opening program of the 10th Theater Olympiad. undertook the uninsured crossing between Buda and Pest on a rope stretched over the Danube in his hometown of Budapest.


 Despite … come rain … come shine … upon the perfect moment László Simet Jr.  successfully achieved his mission.


László Simet Jr.  Is A Hero Not For Just One Day.

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