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Retrospection to the Online Japanese Film Festival (JFF) – Hungary – 2021


Japan brought their latest trends in Japanese cinemafor movie lovers to watch in their armchair free online films within the Japanese Film Festival (JFF).

The Japanese Film Festival (JFF) is a project held by the Japan Foundation to promote Japanese film around the world. With a slogan of „Japanese Film Anytime, Anywhere.” The program was launched in 2016 for 10 ASEAN countries and Australia. Since then holding the Festivals with the latest Japanese films and expanding their network in including countries such as: China, Russia, and India. In the 2019-20 year was held festivals in 56 cities in 12 countries, whilst watched by more than 170000 viewers.
This year, in addition to the conventional in-person Japanese Film Festival (JFF) events, held a “JFF Plus Online Festival for online viewers in the 20 countries. These were: Cambodia, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, Thailand, South Korea, Vietnam,  Australia, New Zealand, USA, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Egypt, Germany, Italy, Spain, Hungary.

The JFF is under the umbrella of the Japan Foundation which is Japan’s only institution dedicated to carrying out comprehensive international cultural exchange programs throughout the world. With the objective of deepening mutual understanding between the people of Japan and other countries/regions, our various activities and information services create opportunities for people-to-people interactions. Online Festival took place from November2020 up to March 2021 in 20 countries around the world bringing 30 Japanese films ranging from the latest hits to always popular anime and the classics.

All the JFF screened films had subtitles in Arabic, Burmese, Central Khmer, English, Hungarian, Indonesian, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, Vietnamese language.

Tsukiji Wonderland 2016 – Documentary – length time 1h 50min. Director: Naotaro Endo
Synopsis JFF „Through the lives of professionals working at Tsukiji Fish Market in Tokyo, the film portrays how Tsukiji has been the center of fish culinary culture and helped Japanese food culture to flourish as we know it today.”

Adding to the documentary … overall: Tokyo – Edo in 1923 was a grand earthquake and whilst rebuilding the venue over the decades Tsukiji became over the decades one of the biggest World Fish Market providing huge service to the world fish food by hard working people. They have daily wholesales fish auction and was clear to learn “most important is the “jouhou” (the information) without the info the fish would just sit there.

Tsukiji is One of the Seven Food Wonders of the World.

Tsukiji has its artisan culture. Was said, there are 10 days in a year when fish taste its best, but each season has its own variety in fish … Spring: brings shellfish … March: is the icefish season … Tune in the Spring are the best in taste. Tuna is all around the season, but during the summer they aren’t so fatty. Tuna live deep in the sea they do not have to struggle on the hook, they aren’t vital because of the food they eat. Summer: Sweetfish started to fish in june and they are caught in the river. Autumm: Typhoon at its best. Scallops arrive at ESqUISSE alive. Winter: more variety in fish and they get more fatter pufferfish – mackerel.

During the JFF was not all drama, documentary, musical but were animated features, films, cartoons for kids and interviews with Japanese directors.

Thanks to the JFF to watch through free online movies during in the festival!

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World famous Scott Bradlee’s Post Modern Jukebox back in Budapest!


Scott Bradlee’s Post Modern Jukebox 

Budapest, March, 27. 2017.

Papp László Budapest Sports Arena

Those folks who would like to enjoy a night out,  take a ride on an unforgettable and impressive musical adventure need not have to think twice!

The magic music of the 20th century is arriving back to Budapest after 2016 having a successful and fantastic performances. Enjoy the new vision, a new framework giving new life to the songs.

The presentation will provide a unique, not only in music, but also practical experience. Scott Bradlee’s Post Modern Jukebox in talented musicians and singers playing their songs are performed redesigned, brilliant musical remakes in a unique style.

The PMJ’s 2017 European tour will begin on February, 27., in the UK and thereon to 75 European cities, keep your eyes open cause most of their concerts are already sold-out.

In the near future Aussie get ready, look out because they could be coming to your town and/or your City also to New Zealand, and an additional 45 locations in North America as well.

Scott Bradlee’s creativity has no limit, he is the one who guessed all, he is the one who has made such a success of this musical trend, songs, concerts, videos.

The Postmodern Jukebox music blurs the boundaries between the generations. The postmodern style stop up all gaps, and live show of incomparable can be a delicacy for fans.

The  PMJ  is not a band, rather a lifestyle and is going to bring the Budapest’s audience quite a unique breathtaking show.

Tickets for Budapest can be purchased at local ticket office.

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3D Printing … Showcasing the Future of the Future – Budapest – 2015.


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The 3D exhibition  will only be displayed until  8 p.m. on Saturday, May, 15. … So for those individuals who are interested in the future’s technology roll over to see at the …

District, V.,  Akvárium Club – Elizabeth Square.

Entry free of charge.

Many exhibitors will be pleased to share their experiences … here is a couple, beside others to be worthwhile to stop by and see:

At the Dental Reality 3D System  was  shown, introduced the high level of professional experience in the field of digital dental technology. It is a unique opportunity to manufacture medical implants, primarily bone and dental implant using products like cobalt chrome, titanium or metal systems, Also use the 3D at body and face scanning, digitization. A new age for not only keeping   „flat” photos or saved shots. Deals with 3D body and face digitization and on request for  loved pets, digital image and print can be made for eternal memory. During the exhibition the visitors may stop for a free face scanning.

The Magma Sys offers a wide selection products , as for creative artist,  dental technician, orthopaedic prosthesis makers interior designers, graphic animators designers jewellers, as well as for moulding solutions and creative purposes  with  the new solution in the use of the 3D.

A must see stand and should not to be missed is „Enabling the Future”

The revolution devices are introduced in the 21st. century in healthcare which is access to life changing worldwide.

The team members are a Global Network of Passionate Volunteers … artists, designers, engineers, educators, students, therapists, world-wide community of creative people who are using the 3D printing technology. These volunteers are from Australia, Botswana, Europe, India, Japan, New Zealand, North and South America making the world a place for many different enable individuals by using 3D Printing

E-Nable’s – volunteer, device and designer  Peregrine says .. “When you think about updating part of yourself, you start to look at your entire self as something that is worthy of being upgraded and you see yourself as a work in progress. Anything you can’t do to-day is not because you cannot do it, it is because you cannot do it … YET! A future version of you could do that … if you work at upgrading and improving yourself.”

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odd pám


After the Moscow gig members of the ensemble had the opportunity to get acquainted with Russia. Only got in trouble once with and about a local food specialty.

Dance for the four members returned from Moscow a few days ago, which occurred within the context of a local cultural program, and represented Hungary. The members of the ensemble also made a special show  in which the Hungarian folk dance steps with modern rhythms and virtuoso playing was unique. Their program was a joint event with one of the student of the world-famous Mojszejev, but that was not only one of the reason why it was an interesting adventure for them.

Dániel Illés, Péter Enyedi, Kristóf Bárány and Sándor Gál had dinner in at a restaurant  so-called “Zsiguli” … (the writer’s own comment: … The famous USSR made LADA vehicle most prolific Communist car between 1980 and 2012. Sold very well in the UK in places like New Zealand, where it was distributed by the New Zealand Dairy Board, which had previously received it in lieu of cash payments for deliveries of mutton and butter) and where Putin himself is not uncommon for guest stopping by. They discovered the main attractions of the Russian capital, including the snow is beautiful mysterious on the Red Square and the KGB HQ’s. Visited Nizhny Novgorod, a place where even manufacture in the present day the Volga made vehicles. Also traveled on rail tracks rolling to Trans-Siberian as well. “This is the world’s longest railway line, 9288 kilometers transporting hundreds-and-hundreds of passengers.

„The route takes more than a week, but we were just on route the for seven-hour and had the chance to stretch and have a wink in the sleeper car. All-after-all it was a great experience. Most of the passengers looked like the zombies due to their one week-long journey. For us it was fulfilled with fun”- told Peter Enyedi.

“The local  borscht soup was delicious, but the local meat Vareniks  and the Pelmeni caught us up. Anyway,  we were tough and  heroically ate no matter how  it was not in our use to taste. Cannot say it will be in our list of favorite food. Likewise, the vodka. We all had a sip,  but now we understand why the Russians drink so much in their cold weather.

The boys are back in town and ongoing with rehearsals to their 4 for Dance  to the 10th anniversary , to  welcome their fans here in Hungary.

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The Grand Market Hall began its series of Nation Days in 2005 upon the joint agreement between the Metropolitan Municipality Directorate and the Grand Market Hall. The event brought alive was to target,  introduce to the Hungarians different nations gastronomy, culture,  products and tour information from the four corners of the Earth.

This year was the second year, whereas Downunder was on the spot for a week-end with products brought to the venue by Hungarian dealers distributing Aussie authentic musical instruments – didgeridoo, toys, boomerang, a kinda geological fair was present with wonderful small pieces of rocks and semi precious stones … not only from Australia, but from the surrounding countries …, treasures beyond the Great Barrier Reef and the Coral Sea, diverse homeland plants e.g. the tinny eucalypt tree, interesting geological formations and last but not least shark were present, NO real bites only their  different size of tooth from their jaws  formed into medals and bracelets,  which were for many a  feast for the eyes. A travel agency brought leaflets, gave practical advice to visitors planning to go Downunder and New Zealand to celebrate the New Year event beside the Harbour Bridge.

One of the highlights at the event was not only viewing the products, items at an exhibition, but were also available at the booth. The target dry Sheila’s and Mate’s Outback full length coats and hats brought to the venue by Ilona and Tamás were very famous. They both started their business in 2005 by importing a range of original Aussie country-style Outback Features. They surely were eye-catching pieces and showed much interest to the strolling by tourist  to stop and shop around. These bit-and-pieces targeted my heartbeat as well, especially the “Southern Cros” Kangaroo leather, suede exterior, light rumpled outback hat.  They have a website at where anybody can find outfits for their own taste.

Indeed was good to be present and see a slice of Australia, whereas not only the Hungarians, but  a crowed of tourist on their sightseeing tour entered the market hall and many foreigners picked some goods and items beside the Hungarian flavors on this very special shopping day at the Nation  Day of Australia”  in Budapest.

Unfortunately, one twist was at the Aussie National Day … The cakes had nothing to do with the original cakes and cookies available Downunder. The man on the stand said the pastries are made by an Australian bloke who lives in Austria and has a bakery in Budapest and he made these cakes and cookies  for the Aussie  days according to the original real flavors. Sorry to say, wasn’t even close to what the Australians actually have. The “apple with ginger” …. the ginger was  probably on holiday. The Limonite … was simply a sponge cake covered with chocolate – sprinkled with coconut. The cookies with carrot were simply just a sweet cookie  …  probably the bloke was out of carrots. Oh well hope nobody who tasted these will think this is what the Aussie tummies adore! They were very much alike as the Hungarian pastries. –

The event was under the patronage of the “Stake of Being” preventive Foundation.

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