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Boost Your Mood … Tune in to your health!

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Immune Booster cocktail party with the Herbalife Nutrition was held at the Hilton Garden Inn Rooftop Budapest. The sight of the St. Stephen’s Basilica formed a beautiful view in the background to the speakers. A great autumn day with the ray of the sun was a perfect chose to the day.

Exercise, healthy diet, vitamins? How do you strengthen your immune system at the turn of the season? A cocktail party was held with the participation of experts and known influenza agents, where the results of the Herbalife Immune Booster 2021 survey were presented and participants had the opportunity to jointly prepare some healthy cocktails in a cocktail competition with Robert Ollári star mixer!

The results of the Herbalife Immune Booster 2021 survey were presented as part of a round table discussion. The conversation was moderated by Barbara Russian – television presenter. Other participants: Annamária Porkoláb-Minarik – psychologist, Reni Tolvai – singer, Jucus Szabó – gastroblogger, Dávid Baranya – dancer of “Dancing With the Stars”.

A thoughts or two from from the round table discussion … “Long-term results require hard work. So we do not promise you a quick victory. What we promise, however, is a strong support system, honest guidance and advice as needed. So you can say yes to doing what you can and getting the best out of yourself!” These were the opening words.

Continued the presentation saying, their products have been developed to support in achieving the person goal … be they simple goals or even very complex. Whether wish to reach the personal ideal weight and/or want to increase performance or for those going to the gym regularly, there are guidance and advice for each individuals. Their products included protein shakes, dietary supplements, moisturizing products, sports nutrition solutions. The first step is several times the hardest towards a better and healthier path! May start anytime, any day the journey to a healthier life today!

At the end there was a Herbalife Cocktail Competition – made with healthy ingredients along with invited guest and speakers.

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Official Opening B&B Hotel Budapest – Hungary 2021.


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Venue: District, IX., 1-3 Angel Street

On Tuesday, September 28, the building of the former Angel office building overlooking the Danube with excellent visibility was official open by Valerio Duchini South-Europe CEO  B&B Hotel. During the opening celebration of the B&B Hotel Budapest City, the CEO talked about the history in time of the B&B birth up till this latest new opening, starting with the birth of the B&B saying, was established in the hotel chain founded in 1989 by François Branellec of Galaxie SA. The first hotels opened simultaneously in Brest and Saint-Malo 1907 in  Brittany, France. In 1988 Germany … 2007 Italy … 2011 Poland … 2014 in Europe already a total of 300 B&B  hotels … 2018 2 B&B  in Brasil … 2021 Hungary and The Netherlands.

Overall the economy hotel chain, operates  at more than 580 hotels in 14 different countries.

As he said the 214-room ultramodern hotel belongs to the third largest economy hotel chain in Europe. The panoramic rooftop terrace can enjoy the break of the day or just simple see the sun go down behind the Gellert Hill.

The company’s first Hungarian unit and only to the nearest airport is Budapest Liszt Ferenc International Airport is just 15 km from the property and nearest to the Highway connection in visiting other regions in the country.

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Western Classics on Cinema in Memory of Ennio Morricone @ Budapest

Images Engraved in the memory of many…

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The sad news has come in recent days that has shaken both the film industry and cinema fans: the late Oscar-, Grammy- and Golden Globe-winning Italian composer Ennio Morricone, the best-known and most influential figure in the history of film music.

In honor of Ennio Morricone, the Former Once Upon a Time in the Wild Westwill be shown at the Polus Cinema, featuring “Good, The Bad and The Ugly” for two weeks from July 16. The western classics, with a digitally restored image and remixed sound, will be subtitled screenbed @ Corvin Cinema.

During Morricone’s career, he composed music for more than half a thousand films, including countless cult works. The best known of these are his music for western films, including For a Handful of Dollars (1964), A Few Dollars for More (1965), The Evergreen, The Bad and the Ugly (1966), The Ever-Green Melodies of the Once Upon a Wild West (1968). Sergio Leone‘s western classics with the unforgettable soundtrack of Morricone and the brilliant playing of Clint Eastwood, Lee Van Cleef and Claudia Cardinale, Charles Bronson, Henry Fonda, the beautifully photographed extra-widescreen visuals and the long atmosphere for generations of movie fans, it embodies the uppercase cinema experience.

“Its the only scene I can’t imagine ever being able to soar beyond,” Quentin Tarantino said of the finale of Good, Bad and Ugly. In addition to the main drive before the master of film music, it is no secret that today’s film fans can see the evergreen works of cinema history where their creators originally intended them: on the cinema screen.

In the “Classic” film club of the Polus Cinema, more films will be returning to the big screen for one night in the next few days, including The Thing (1982) from John Carpenter, whose creepy music is also named Morricone. James Cameron’s 1991 classic, Terminator 2 – Day of Judgment, The Apocalypse Now – The Final Cut (1979) and The Godfather 2 (1974) by Francis Ford Coppola, and Robert Zemeckis ’cult trilogy, Back to the Future 2. ( 1989) and 3 (1990).

There are roughly 4 parts of the films … Acting … Writing … Music … Cinematography. The movies tick all the 4 boxes.

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Part2 – Celebrating International Day of Yoga … Facts on Yoga.

H.E. Kumar Tuhin (in Utthit Padmasana)

The International Day of Yoga is celebrated by huge gatherings around the world, but this year by “stay home” the celebration is difference when the world is locked in with the corona virus but it can’t stop from celebrating, do Yoga within our home, or in a park keeping in mind the social distance. Two billion people, nearly 1/3 of our population on this planet taking interest in Yoga, many of them are doing Yoga.

Some thoughts not in a nutshell on Yoga by – Kumar Tuhin Ambassador of India to Hungary.

We have celebrated the 6th International Day of Yoga on June 21.  As the world is still grappling with the corona pandemic, this year’s Yoga Day will be very different. Instead of gathering outside in parks or public places, we will all be doing Yoga from home to honor this timeless practice, in keeping with the requirement of social distancing. And, when we practice Yoga from home and with  our family members this Sunday, it will be important to remind ourselves once again of the  universal message of Yoga, which is  as much about realizing our inner self and our place in the nature as it is about keeping ourselves physically healthy.

The word ‘Yoga’ comes from Sanskrit root word ‘Yuj’, meaning ‘to join’.  So, the question naturally is, ‘to join’ with what?  About 2500 years ago, Maharishi (Sage) Patanjali compiled his famous book ‘Yoga Sutra’, putting together the principles of Yoga which had already been in practice in India for a few millennia. In this book, Maharishi Patanjali has explained the different tools and paths for ‘Yoga’ and not surprisingly, many of these have not much to do with physical exercises but with achieving mental and emotional harmony with the nature around us, and realizing our oneness with the universal consciousness.   

The fact that matter (and therefore we) are one and the same as universal consciousness is quite a strong philosophical tradition in India, known as ‘Adwaita (a-duality)’.  This has also been realized by modern science now. The quantum field theory is currently an active area of research.  Discovery of fundamental particles has always been an area of great interest for modern physics, and some time ago we thought we would soon find all those fundamental particles that form the basic building blocks of matter in the universe.  But many decades later, a realization has dawned that this search would never end. Or, to put it differently, we may be searching in the wrong direction.  During my school days, we studied Schrödinger’s wave equation that told us we could only find the probability density associated with a particle because the exact location of the particle was not possible to be determined.    Now, we learn that matter may not actually be made out of matter. Hans Peter Durr, former director of the Max Planck Institute for Physics in Munich had stated that after decades of painstaking research his most important discovery was that matter just did not exist as we know.  What we see as matter is actually fluctuations (waves) in quantum field, and the fundamental reality of universe is not matter but fields which are constantly moving and changing. 

It is indeed fascinating to imagine matter just popping out of these quantum field fluctuations and then also disappearing in these.  Like waves originating in the ocean and disappearing.  But waves are not distinct from the ocean, they are the ocean. We too may be like these waves formed out of this ocean of universal consciousness (or the ocean of quantum field fluctuations) and dissolving back in the same.   Now, in the backdrop of this interesting scientific explanation, the Sanksrit root word ‘Yuj’ for Yoga, which means ‘to join’ starts to make sense.   A guru once told me that when you sit in a yogic posture, close your eyes and practice ‘Pranayam’ (breathing exercise) your skin should just “melt away” and your inside should become a part of what is around you.Fortunately, the awareness about Yoga and its scientific and philosophical basis is now extensive across the world.  Nobody will ask you if you would be able to walk on fire or be able to eat glasses after practicing Yoga.  The positive impact of Yoga on our holistic health is well acknowledged and admired. There are numerous diseases, especially those that are caused due to our modern lifestyle and stresses that can be effectively tackled with Yoga.

This is a true story of a person I know. We were together in school but later could keep in touch only occasionally.  So, when I was posted in India the last time, I learnt that he had not been keeping well. I called him to enquire about his well being. “I have just been reborn after facing a frightening experience on health front”, he told me on phone.  “Everything was going well, till I developed severe pain in my leg muscles, which slowly started decaying. Doctors described it as one of the auto-immune diseases and prescribed me different categories of medicines one after another, but nothing worked”, he told me with a tinge of pain in his voice.  “When nothing worked,  and I had resigned myself to the fate, someone pointed me to an Ayurveda and Yoga research centre, which thankfully admitted me and systematically went about removing the toxins from my body through a scientific system of food, massages, exercises and brought me back from the brink”,  he added, “You should also go there for one or two weeks every year just for getting the toxins out from your body.”  

There would be numerous such instances.  And, there is a huge body of literature on Yoga, including by well known experts and gurus.

H.E. Kumar Tuhin  ending this chapter said: “Yoga is not an esoteric philosophical doctrine. It is for everyone, for people of all ages, and people with different physical capacities and conditions.  We need to experiment with it and tailor it to our needs. Even when we have information about other people’s experiences, sometimes we still need to experience it ourselves to make it our own.”

Philosopher Sri Aurobindo Q.: “When mind is still, then truth gets her chance to be heard in the purity of the silence”. 

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International Day of Yoga … Yoga @ Home … Yoga with Family … Yoga @ Amrita Sher-Gil Cultural Center @ Budapest

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Everyone has a sake in International Joga Day

Yoga … implies perfect harmony of body and mind. It implies the harmonious integration of personality. The most common benefit of Yoga practice is the sense of well being at all levels of our existence

The Embassy of India in Hungary was celebrating this year’s  6th International Day Of Yoga –  21st June, 2020

This year the theme for the International Day of Yoga is “Yoga From Home’”. Keeping the theme in mind, Embassy of India is to organize a series of events that will not just follow “social distancing” but would also connect with as many people of Hungary as possible.

It is specially designed to be easily adoptable by majority of the people irrespective of age and gender, and can be learnt through simple training sessions, even through online classes (individuals facing health issues are advised to consult a physician before taking up Yoga practice).

To celebrate the International Yoga Day, Embassy of India has collaborated with eminent Yoga teachers from major cities in Hungary included Budapest, Szeged, Debrecen and  Pecs to participate in „Live Streaming” of Common Yoga Protocol from their studios,  led was by Ms. Ankita Sood, Yoga teacher of Amrita Sher-Gil Cultural Centre @ Budapest from the iconic Hero’s Square in ’Live Streaming’ method.

Highlighting the importance of this occasion, Ambassador of India in Hungary, Mr. Kumar Tuhin has said, „This year, the whole world has faced  unprecedented challenges. The global pandemic has severely impacted the world economy, our health –  physical and emotional,   and  our well being.  The positive role that Yoga plays in teaching us the path from illness to wellness and in connecting our body, mind and soul  so as to bring holistic health, is well recognized. As the theme itself beautifully conveys, Yoga is able to meet diverse needs and is adaptable in different situations,  it gives the maximum health assurance at  individual, family, society, and global levels.”

Also H.E. has several initiatives been taken up under his stewardship to propagate and promote Yoga across the country and abroad. Through various digital activities, Embassy of India in Hungary is hoping to further expand the outreach of Yoga this year and involve as many persons as possible on the digital domain paving way for a unique experience for the yoga enthusiasts and also contributing to the success of this significant international event.

The a/m upon previous News Conference

Snaps are shared by India Embassy Budapest

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Wine Barrels Matured Beers – Monyo

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The venue was were the presentation and tasting took place at the  Monyo Tap HouseDistrict, IX, 7.Kálvin Square – Budapest. The Monyo brewery showed off again with their latest premium-quality craft beer.  The representatives of the latest 2 new beers were introduced, marked as within the series of the „Hungarian Terroir” and as it was underlined, their goal is to offer each beer matured in wine barrels at an optimal quality.

These were the latest: Hungarian Terroir: Villány – Spontan Syrah 2017. Syrah grape marc spontaneously fermented unfiltered beer, aged in Syrah wine barrel in Hungarian, The Syrah red wine barrels maturing with the Heumann Winery collaboration, 8.1% ABV.)  Mouth filling, perfect likability. Villány is one of the flagship winegrowing region in Hungary.

And the Hungarian Terroir: Sopron – Blafränkisch (in Hungarian: Kékfrankos) – Russian Imperial Stout 2018. The Russian Imperial Stout aged in Hungarian Kékfrankos red wine barrels from Sopron, the superb red wine region for over two months,  in co-operation with Pfneiszl Winery, 10.5%  ABV). Unfiltered high-quality beer. Feel within the sence of the nose and taste the sour cherries, red fruit and pepper … yet …  smooth beer.

At the demonstrations were present: Antal Németh Monyo Brewing Co.  – created in 2014 – brewery master – owner, Gergő Somfalvy Heumann Winery ex-brand manager, Bigit Pfneiszl – master brewer – owner of Pfneilsz Cellar.

These beers are offered tap on the spot or bottled.

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Official Opening – 5th Indian Film Festival – Puskin Cinema

A week at the Puskin Cinema to lose time with enjoying Indian Films.

The event was open by H.E. Rahul Chhabra – Ambassador of India to Hungary along with the
Curator Indian Film Festivals Worldwide – Captain Rahul Bali – Indian Film Festival Hungary and other VIP representatives.

Captain Rahul Bali took on a difficult task because he wanted to compile a film selection that faithfully reflects the typical atmosphere of Indian films and best describes a wide range of human emotions and virtues, such as love, attachment, loyalty. The film festival gives you the opportunity to experience these feelings on real movie screen with Indian songs, dances and music. Man watching Indian movies experiences the most subtle and striking feelings; Perhaps this also explains why India is so popular all over the world.
Jab Harry Met Sejal – 2017 – 144 minutes full of entertainment, screened around prominent capitals.

Last night officially screened Jab Harry Met Sejal (English: When Harry Met Sejal).

An Indian romantic comedy film written and directed by Imtiaz Ali. It features Anushka Sharma and Shah Rukh Khan in the lead roles. Pre-production of the film begun in April 2015 and principal photography commenced in August 2016 in Prague, Amsterdam, Vienna, Lisbon and Budapest.

Directed by Imtiaz Ali, Produced by Gauri Khan
Starring Anushka Sharma and Shah Rukh Khan
Production company – Red Chillies Entertainment
The films are in Hindi language with Hungarian subtitle.

Updates of screenings:

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The 5th Womanity Festival – Budapest

Saturday, 29. September, 2018.

Europa Congress Center 10 a.m. 6 p.m.

District, II., 5-7. Hárshegyi Rd. Budapest

Take part of  the country’s dominant female event. The main topics of the event this time have taken the courage ambitions, self-realization and redesign.

At the  Full-Day Women’s  Conference the visitors can meet at the Women Stage leaders of major companies such as  Microsoft, Mercedes-Benz, Gedeon Richter Plc., MagNet Bank, T-Systems and many others as they share their experiences. Also hear their own stories of remarkable leaders, athletes, artists, entrepreneurs who are not afraid to target their greatest dreams. Did they …? In any case, they did something very well, because today they are among the most successful ones.

In the exceptionally spectacular, interactive women’s experience area, visitors may experience the products and services of 40 exciting brands with just a single entry ticket.

The entrance ticket cover participation at the stage and adventure programs.

Until September, 28.: Adult Ticket: 6490HUF.  On the spot: 9900HUF

Student and pensioner ticket is free of charge.

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Red Bull Kayak Paddling Sprint @ Budapest – 2018.

On Saturday, September, 1, between 2.15 p.m. till 7 p.m. worth visiting the world’s best kayak kennels at the City Park Lake (Lake Városliget), watching a guaranteed, lasting experience of what they are capable to do through paddling 100 meters.

The Red Bull Kayak Paddling Sprint calling the fans and audience to watch and cheer to the multiple domestic competitors. Within the show including Sándor Tótka and Anna Karász will prove their speed is unmatchable with their kayak in the water at the Budapest’s pond. At the event will  pay honor of many Hungarian legends of the sport, including Botond Storcz and Zoltán Kammerer three-time Olympic champion kayaks.

Of course, there will be not missing the excitement on the mainland as well, including an extreme trials show. The bravest ones can also give it a try of the water sports equipments.

Participation is free, but the number of seats is limited and they are occupied first in order of arrival.

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Cohenville in Budapest

11th World Leonard Cohen Festival

For the first time to be hosted in Budapest!

Budapest Jazz Club (BJC)

Through August 3 –  5. 2018.

District, XIII. 7. Hollán Ernõ Street – Budapest

On the first weekend of August, from Australia to Canada, 150 Leonard Cohen fans from over 20 countries come to Hungary to pay tribute to the Canadian poet-writer-singer-songwriter during a three-day festival.  From the Hungarian side Hungarian performers will include Mariann Falusi, Sárik Péter Trió and Budapest Klezmer Band. The fans on every even year, held annually important event, which is always held in different parts of the world.

The Leonard Cohen fans worldwide have been meeting for more than two decades, an important event in the 2016 deceased Canadian singer-songwriter lovers among life’s work, in fact, Cohen himself is often referred to these events and sent a message to the participants. Budapest Special Event station of the biennial meeting will be the 11th and the first since the legendary singer-poet-writer’s death. Most probably there are hardly folks who have not heard one of his most favorite songs … Hallelujah which will be also heard during the festival.

Pre-registration is needed in advance follow the site:

The Budapest Jazz Club is the House of the Jazz Life … hosts professional events of local jazz not to mention if the audience are looking for quality entertainment they found just the right place.

Previously enjoy this superb song “The Gypsy’s Wife ”  … two of my favorite persons Leonard Cohen and Natalie Wood in one video.

On the bottom line all the Lenoard Cohen songs summarizes life!

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