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Herald News – Part 2. – Opera and Ballet broadcast from Convert Garden @ Hungary’s Cinemas

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In less than a week an astonishing production for opera and ballet lovers will have the opportunity to watch grand performances at the Cinema MOM and other Budapest’s cinemas(see venues Part 1.) and the audience throughout the country may also enjoy these awesome presentation on screen (see the whereabouts Part1).

The 2022-23 season features international opera stars such as Juan Diego Flórez and Danielle de Niese in BOHEMIAN LIFE, Elena Stikhina and Ludovic Tézier in AIDA or Bryn Terfel in THE BARBER OF SEVILLE appearing in the main roles.

Dates & Performances 2022/2023:

The cinema’s opera season starts on September, 27, with Puccini’s thrilling opera, MISS BUTTERFLY. From October, 5, the audience can enjoy the opening night of Kenneth MacMillan’s Mayerling choreography to the music of Ferenc Liszt, whose historical background we Hungarians can understand even better than the Anglo-Saxon audience. The evergreen AIDA, conducted by Antonio Pappano, can be seen from October 12 in Robert Carsen‘s new direction. Argentine tenor star Juan Diego Flórez, who missed several seasons due to vocal cord problems, and Danielle de Niese in the lead roles in the cast of the parade presenting BOHEMIA LIFE on October, 20. From November, 16, the Royal Ballet’s celebratory evening entitled DIAMOND, composed of five separate works, one of which is Diamonds by the popular American choreographer George Balanchine, will be broadcast for the first time. The world premiere of a ballet piece will also take place, with the participation of the ÉTOILES and leading dancers of the time. From December, 8, a real family favorite, THE NUTCRACKER, will conquer the hearts of viewers – with its enchanting snow scenes, magic shows, and dances in the Kingdom of Sweets. In the new year, from January, 19, the screening series will start with an “adult” (meaning erotically charged) ballet choreographed by Christopher Wheeldon, based on the touching love story of the Mexican writer Laura Esquivel, titled: HA LÓ NILA … The ballet premiere will be followed by the opera BARBER OF SEVILLE and TURANDOT with the participation of Bryn Terfel, and then the Royal Ballet’s CINDERELLA  fairy tale ballet will be performed, by the choreography Frederick Ashton can be seen in a new arrangement. From April, 27, audiences can enjoy THE MARRIAGE OF FIGARO with the evergreen melodies of Mozart, followed by the Royal Ballet’s production of SLEEPING BEAUTY from May, 24.

The season ends with THE TROUBADOUR, which this time in a daring new direction by Olivier Award-winner Adele Thomas, starring Rachel Willis-Sørensen, Ludovic Tézier and Yusif Eyvazov, will be available to cinema audiences from June, 13.

Tickets can be purchased at the local venues box desks on the spot.

Distributed in Hungary by Pannonia Entertainment Ltd.

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Miklós Jancsó – Marathon Films @ the Cinema MOM – Budapest

In the beginning of September, at Cinema MOM (Located: MOM Park – District, XII. 53. Alkotás Street – Budapest) pays tribute to the work of Miklós Jancsó with the next series of screenings, during which one of the director’s classics will be shown on the screen every evening from 6 p.m. September, 1. until September, 7. 2022.

All the films screened in Hungarian language!

Miklós Jancsó DPOB: September.27.1921. Vác – Hungary. Hungarian film director, screenwriter, worthy and excellent artist. He was a two-time Kossuth Prize winner (The Kossuth Award is the highest Hungarian state award for recognition of the cultivation and maintenance of Hungarian culture, named after Lajos Kossuth.) and Béla Balázs Prize-winning (The Béla Balázs Award is the highest state professional honor that can be awarded to filmmakers and television producers. The award goes to those who have demonstrated outstanding creative activity in the field of motion pictures, or who have achieved outstanding artistic and scientific achievements). Jancsó works are characterized by the very unusual long cut, which means continuous recording without cutting. The movement of the characters … even for minutes … gives the cinematic feel, which requires a lot of concentration from all participants.
Since 1988, he has been a titular university professor at the University of Theater and Film. Between 1990 and 1992 he taught at Harvard.

Jancsó died in January 2014 at the age of 92, and last September he would have been 100 years old. Commemorative events were organized in connection with the anniversary. For those who might have missed last year’s screening now will have the opportunity to watch some of his works a year later.
In the 20th century, his style was way before ahead of time. A generation grew up on his movie and just as the coin has two sides … loved his films/hated his films. He was a revolutionary in his own right.

Seven days program with dates and timing:
Sept. 1. 6 p.m. – Poor Boys Hungarian drama, 90 mins. 1966
Sept. 2. 6 p.m. – My love, Elektra Hungarian drama, 76 mins. 1974
Sept. 3. 6 p.m. – Fényes selek Hungarian drama, 78 mins. 1968
Sept. 4. 6 p.m. – Heavenly Lamb Hungarian drama, 92 mins. 1970
Sept. 5. 6 p.m. – Stars, Soldiers Hungarian drama, 90 mins. 1967
Sept. 6. 6 p.m. – The people still want it, Hungarian drama, 87 mins. 1971
Sept. 7. 6 p.m. – Hungarian drama Sirokkó, 75 minutes, 1969.

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Downtown Beer Festival – 2022.

SÖÖÖRRRR -a-spar-a-belvarosi-sorfesztival-fotamogatoja-1

Before ending the steamy hot summer nights @ Budapest there are still to come a bunch of festivals to ease the visitors thirst … Here comes within a short walk from the center to target the Downtown Beer Festival (District V.), awaiting for the beer thirsty individuals. The festival main sponsored by SPAR. For many years, SPAR has been committed to the event in Budapest. Hungarian craft and small-brewery beers are gaining more-and-more space in their stores of the supermarket shelves, domestic retail chains, and many consumers are now focusing on quality instead of quantity.

What to expect within the 6 days(!?!) … More than 250 types of beers, craft specialties from the best domestic breweries and international beer offerings from the best importers. At the festival novelties of Hungarian craft breweries in addition to the well-known brands will be presented. Yet this coming 6 days needn’t have to rush away to the SPAR stores … can leave it for another day, cause at the event taste-by-taste find out which won the taste and will be purchased after the festival.

So get ready! Anyone who likes beer will find what they are looking for, and to ease their hunger with food trucks as well on the spot.

This is one of the free admission festival in Hungary a pitty to miss it.

Here’s the timetable to get ready, not to be left out in having to taste from the cool wide barrels on the tap. Join the company of beers with friends and family and find out which beer won your taste.

Stands opening hours on the spot:
Kedd: 11.30 a.m. – Midnight
Szerda: 11.30 a.m. – Midnight
Csütörtök: 11.30 a.m. – Midnight
Péntek: 11.30 a.m. – 2 a.m.
Szombat: 11.30 a.m. – 2 a.m.
Vasárnap: 11.30 a.m. – Midnight

Update to come having more information.

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The Metropolitan Grand Circus of Budapest rewards excellent students with free circus tickets.


The school holidays are still in full swing … schoolchildren head to the summer shows (RAIN – Rain Circus, MAGIC Show)

As a national performing arts institution, the Metropolitan Grand Circus pays special attention to the correct and effective education of school children, which is why they provide the opportunity to watch their summer shows (RAIN – Rain Circus, MAGIC Show) free of charge as part of their Excellent Student Program. Traveling circuses operating in the country have also joined the program, and MÁV-START Zrt. contributes to the trip with significant discounts.

Those elementary school students who finished the school year with excellent results have one more reason to be happy, because the Metropolitan Grand Circus is treating them to a special gift: it provides them with a free entrance ticket to one of its summer performances. The noble tradition of joyfully rewarding children has existed since 2016, this year again thousands of guardians received the Excellent Student Program coupon, which, according to the feedback, was a great success among families every year.

The proud parents can redeem the coupons in person at the ticket office of the Metropolitan Grand Circus or online they can redeem the coupons, the condition of which is to present the circus admission coupon, the student ID card and certificate of the outstanding student or a copy thereof upon entry.

It is also worth traveling to Budapest from the countryside, to see the show as MÁV-START Zrt. provides all excellent students with a 90% travel discount, and one companion can travel with a 50% ticket. To take advantage of the discount, they must show their circus admission coupons for the trip to Budapest. In order to be able to use the travel discount on the return trip, the circus tickets must be stamped at the information desk of the Metropolitan Grand Circus.

The discount is only valid for trips to Budapest, for the performance of the Metropolitan Circus valid. Coupons for the Excellent Student Program, which is considered unique worldwide, can be redeemed at the Metropolitan Grand Circus or in the program by September 18 at the latest.

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India celebrates their 75th anniversary of Independence with series of events @ Budapest

India 2022

The 8th International Yoga Day shortly coming up between 19 and 21 June, 2022., organized by the Embassy of India in Hungary.

On Sunday, June, 19. 2022, 8 a.m. – 9 a.m. at Akvárium Club – District V., 12. Erzsébet Square, as part of Yoga Fest 2022 event. H.E. Shri Partha SatpathyAmbassador of India to Hungary will open the program in details.

Tuesday, 21st June, 21. 2022, 9 a.m. – 2p.m. at Budapest’s City Park (Városliget Park) on the green field, venue between Kós Károly Ave  – Castle of Vajdahunyad –  near the bridge at the Lake Városliget.

Both programs a/m this year is also special because India celebrates the 75th anniversary of its Independence, celebrating jointly with the AKAM (“Azadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav” –  namely “Celebration of Freedom” within the series of events. The International Day of Yoga will be also part of this celebration.

Detailed program coming soon, in the mean time individuals who would like to join the International Day of Yoga already may warm up in advance for the Yoga Day.

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May Days Again in the Hungarian National Museum and the Museum Garden @ Budapest 2022.

May, 21 – 22. 2022.

10 a.m. – 6 p.m.

Returning back to the May Days after two years omission.

Official opening 11 a.m. with opening ceremony by László L. Simon, Director General, Hungarian National Museum who will welcome the visitors and will hold a speech.

Spend an awesome 2 days in the Budapest’s warmth sunshine around the series of events offering an opportunity for the whole family. For the youngest children and adults can take part in children’s programs and at the Mini Museum during the day, while the older and adults can choose from a myriad of museum pedagogical guided tours and live museum programs. There will be also gastronomic specialties and concerts during the afternoon and evening hours.

Within the two-day event, the organize guided tours and the evening concerts can be visited free of charge.

Those interested in the future of museums can also listen to professionals at the round table discussions.
Following the tradition of the Museum, on Saturday will take place the Museum of the Year and Pro Museo awards.

A unique opportunity to visit for those interested to see more than 70 museums on the spot in the museum’s garden … such as: the new Museum of Transport, the Ferenc Hopp Museum of Asia, the newly renovated building and exhibition of the Göcsej Museum, and the exhibition of Esterházy Castle will be presented. With the help of the Géza Kresz Rescue Museum, visitors can see an old ambulance, the IKARUS bus 311 of the Hungarian Technical and Transport Museum, the model of the Gödöllő Royal Castle, and the giant composition of the József Kosta Museum.

The visitors can experience what the audience at Queen Elizabeth (Sissy – the Hungarian Queen) was like in the building of the Hungarian National Museum and in the blink of an eye may find themselves watching the company of the actors of the Madách Theater play from the 1848 revolution. Learn the history of the museum building from the paintings that come to life. Also view at the showroom where Herzog silver is on display. May take part in a century-long time travel from the Reformation to the outbreak of World War I.

On both days the families can view the Fate-Turning Interactive Virtual Exhibition, win a family exploration backpack, take part in a treasure hunt game at the Historical Exhibition and fly back to Roman times through VR glasses to find out what life was like in Vértesszőlős and Balác .

At the evening concerts will feature Ivan and the Parazol and Dj Bootsie, among others. The Willany Leo Company will perform a special dance performance on the steps of the museum, as well as the chamber piece by Bálint Adorjáni Capa.

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Unfortunately, years ago, the Australian Embassy closed in Budapest/Hungary. Earlier… last time the Australian Ambassador to Hungary Mr. John Griffin really took care of the Aussies in Hungary, beside the “get together” afternoons and other occasions connected to Australia. Since then for many here in Budapest there is “white sheet” sadly. On ANZAC DAY he invited international ambassadors stationed in Budapest and in addition the VIP guests participating in the Hungarian state administration. Also invited those who were once Aussies and are in some degree connected with Australia.

On ANZAC DAY just as every country has a day that commemorates those who fight and die to protect their freedom, their traditions, and their homes. For Australia and New Zealand, there’s ANZAC DAY, a moment of remembrance for all those who have served their country with distinction, especially those who never made it home. No matter where in the world we live, the fallen soldiers of nations everywhere deserve respect and admiration.

ANZAC is a unique name, an acronym for the Australia and New Zealand Army Corps who were the troops which fought in the historical Battle of Gallipoli. ANZAC DAY is observed every year on April 25 to mark the national day of remembrance in New Zealand and Australia. Anzac Day is a day to commemorate the members of the armed forces who fought on the Gallipoli Peninsula  during World War 1. 1915. The commemoration only became more important as the years wore on and World War II came to pass, leading to the death of more soldiers all over the world. These aren’t the only wars these fantastic men and women have fought, they also fight for the rights of women, gay rights, and more, initially inspired by the mistreatment of civilian women by soldiers in other cultures.

ANZAC – today marks 107 years since Australian and New Zealand troops landed on Turkish shores, and is recognized as a major national holiday in both countries. Thousands lost their lives during the 1915 Gallipoli campaign, including 44,000 men from France and the British Empire, 8,500 Australians and 2,779 New Zealand. Both New Zealand and Australia hold this day in high regard and celebrate it with all due solemnity every year.

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The Danube Art Ensemble Performance Entitled “Beautiful Field” @ Budapest

The hugely successful Hungarian Folk Art Show will be shown again on the Müpa stage Saturday, February, 19. and  Wednesday, March, 30. 2022.

Szépséges Mezőség (9)

Previously, the Danube Art Ensemble presented its performance entitled Szépséges Mezőség  last year  in  October. The Danube Art Ensemble evoked the colorful music and dance culture of the Transylvanian Mezőség in its new performance presented in October, in which monumental, movable set elements and eye-catching lighting technology reminded the audience of the hills of the Mezőség. The audience celebrated the premiere with applause, praising the work of both the dancers and the director and choreographers. In preparation for the presentation, several excellent professionals helped the work of the Ensemble: the piece is based on the choreographies of Enikő Kocsis, Dezső Fitos, Tamás Farkas and Zsolt Juhász.

At the beginning of 2022, the audience will be able to see the performance twice at the Müpa, which will feature contributors such as the Andrea Navratil Liszt Prize winner, the Hanga Junior Prima Prize-winning folk singer and the actor Károly Tóth.

After the highly successful performance “Our Love, Kalotaszeg”, the Danube Art Ensemble wanted to continue the principle of editing limited to the region, in the spirit of which a presentation about the Transylvanian Field was made, for which the Ensemble could prepare in its new, renovated headquarters. The stage image basically shows the field hills. Viewers can see monumental, rollable podiums, the surfaces of which are colored by projection with a modern light painting technology.

In 2022, the Danube Art Ensemble will celebrate its 65th anniversary, with a gala show and a new performance, but their performance entitled Szépséges Mezőség will also fit into the jubilee period.
On February 19, 20, and March 30, 2022, anyone who would have missed out in October will also be able to watch the performance, as it will be on display again at Müpa.

The presentation of the performance “Beautiful Field” is organized by the Müpa as a program of the Liszt Festival International Cultural Festival.

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Second Greatest Movie In The American Cinematic History „An Offer You Can’t Refuse” @ Budapest!

The GODFATHER digitally renewed & released on its 50th ANNIVERSARY.

The offer to a classic, often cited as one of the greatest films of all time, will receive a limited screening release only for a week, in the original language, with Hungarian subtitles.

February, 10 – 16. 2022.
In Hungary, the screenings will take place in the renewed cinema with comfy armchairs at the MOM Park, Cinema MOM – Budapest

Godfather fans who have loved it for decades, younger generations who still find it relevant today, and those who will discover it for the first time. The excellent acting, the history of the Corleone clan from 1945-55 continues to captivate the viewer even after 50 years. The film depicts the machinery of an Italian-rooted mafia that has become one of the most dreaded powers in the world, interspersed with shocking scenes that were shocking at the time.

The 50 years after its original premiere, Paramount Studio Coppola, under the professional guidance of the professional director, has completely restored the film and will be screened again on a large screen and expected to roll out across the globe in other venues.

The film was based on Mario Puzo’s novel of the same title, introduced the general public to the traditions, hierarchies and activities of Italian-American crime families that has become one of the most dreaded powers in the world, interspersed with shocking scenes that were shocking at the time being. His story, centered on the Corleone family, an organized crime dynasty in postwar New York City.
The Godfather was adapted, based on Mario Puzo’s novel of the same title. Also became Puzo best-selling book, the novelist who grew up in New York City’s Hell’s Kitchen.

The Godfather created screen magic and was hailed as an instant classic from the moment it premiered on 24 March 1972, winning three Oscars including Best Picture. Far more than that, it also changed cinema.
The movie earned more money than any other film 1972, and it won Best Picture at the 1973 Academy Awards. The sequel, The Godfather: Part II, released in 1974, received comparable accolades.
Studios: Paramount Pictures and Alfran Productions, Director: Francis Ford Coppola, Writers: Mario Puzo and Francis Ford Coppola, Music: Nino Rota, Cinematographer: Gordon Willis.
Cast: Marlon Brando (Don Vito Corleone), Al Pacino (Michael Corleone), James Caan (Sonny Corleone), Robert Duvall (Tom Hagen), Diane Keaton (Kay Adams), Talia Shire (Connie), John Cazale (Fredo), Abe Vigoda (Tessio).
Academy Award nominations: Picture, Lead actor: Marlon Brando, Supporting actor: James Caan), Supporting actor: Robert Duvall,  Supporting actor: Al Pacino.
The excellent acting, the history of the Corleone clan from 1945-55 continues to captivate the viewer even after 50 years. The film depicts the machinery of an Italian-rooted mafia that has become one of the most dreaded powers in the world, interspersed with shocking scenes that were shocking at the time.

Distributor: Pannonia Entertainment Ltd.

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Neil Labute: FAT PIG – Karinthy Theater – Budapest

fat pig

Karinthy Theater – New Grand Stage
District, XI., 130 Bartók Béla Road – Budapest.

Tickets available on the spot.

The comedy of the Year … January, 28. 2022.  7 p.m. comedy 2 Part at the Karinthy Theater in collaboration with Budapest Playhouse (Budapest Playhouse is one of the newest independent production workshops in Hungary, founded by director and visual designer Árpád Iványi and actor Barnabás Réti who both dreamed up this play in the style of a modern theater of international standards.

The famous satirical comedy of the celebrated American author and screenwriter Neil LaBute will be presented to the Hungarian audience for the first time at the Karinthy Theater – Budapest. Neil LaBute’s satire revolves around the question of the beauty ideal of the modern age, in light of how important appearances are to success and recognition and how compelled one is to change oneself to succeed.

Main protagonist Andrea Balázs, who plays the title role, will appear as a real femme fatale, twisting the men’s heads. Also staring Tibor Pásztor, Szilvia Lilla Tóth, Barnabás Réti.

The famous satirical comedy of the celebrated American author and screenwriter, FAT PIG (Fat Pig), will be staged in Hungary for the first time. The performance is courtesy of the original copyright holder of the work, with the assistance of the Theatrum Mundi Theater and Literary Agency. Most recently, it was made into a contemporary opera which is now being performed in New York!

The original premier of Neil LaBute’s satire was held on Off-Broadway in 2004 and the piece was nominated for an Olivier Award in the Best Comedy category.

The FAT PIG (Fat Pig) one of the protagonists is Tom, an emerging employee of a large company who, by chance, gets to know the free-spirited and insanely funny Helen, who is very different from the current ideal of beauty due to her rather plus size figure. Still, Tom has tender feelings for him, but as their relationship deepens, the jokes and secrets at work about Helen’s make-up are increasingly repeating their lives and putting Tom’s faith and loyalty to the test. The piece is a satire of success-oriented, outward-looking society and relationships today. Raises a number of important questions such as … where is our own happiness compared to what we want to show others? How much do we embrace what our environment tells us about? Can our faith in ourselves be maintained? How does our physical appearance affect our lives? Overall …To this day, it’s a love story that is extremely provocative, thought-provoking and fun at the same time, society today is like that, we laugh, we pay off and we don’t feel how many wounds we’ve inflicted on others.

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