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KAFF 2021 – Animation Film Festival to be held again @ Kecskemét – Hungary


Kecskemét will be again in the spotlight with the animated films organised between

August, 11 – 15. 2021.

 Venue: 21. Liszt Ferenc Street – Kecskemét – Bács-Kiskun County

KAFF is Hungary’s largest animation film festival and definitely awaiting animation film lovers!

Generations grew up on the Hungarian Folktale series, now declared Hungarian which has been seen by 134 million people, screened in 170 countries on the World Wide Web. Here was made the legendary Water Spider Wonder Spiders “Vízipók-Csodapók”, bought by 46 countries and from which generations could learn that both friendship and nature protection are important.

Three Oscars and a César Award are hallmarks of the international productions made here.

Recently, the episodes of “Toldi” have been completed and the 15th Kecskemét Animation Film Festival, which have created, is approaching. This year will also celebrate their own birthday with dignity. Their plans include the launch of a university animator training and the establishment of the

in 1993, where the production of 3D films also started after the turn of the millennium. The then-renowned studio also received a number of international commissions, three of which were Oscar-nominated feature films – the Spanish Chico and Rita, the Irish Kells Secret and the French-Japanese Red Turtle, and the French Loulou and the Amazing Secret César received an award.

The Kecskemétfilm Ltd. is celebrating its 50 years old anniversary which has been directed by Ferenc Mikulás who now is 80 years old feature films and television productions. Ferenc Mikulás decided to establish an international scholarship system. Scholars from Iceland, Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands, the United States, Canada and France came to Kecskemét from the mid-1980s, and local staff were almost the only option to travel abroad at the time.

The latest Hungarian and European animated films are screened every two years. The special feature of KAFF is that it takes stock of the results of the entire Hungarian animation profession of the last two years (Due to COVID19, the KAFF 2-year film festival was not visible). The annimation film festival can be entered by Hungarian artists living anywhere in the world. Also option to join in the European competition to showcases a rich immersion from the latest animated

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“SISI” Queen Elisabeth of Hungary – Operett @ Gödöllő 2021.

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Royal Castle of Gödöllő – Courtyard

Saturday, July 11 and Sunday, 12. 2021.

8 p.m.

Media representatives were invited during the afternoon hours the Gödöllő (The Royal Palace of Gödöllő or Grassalkovich Castle is an imperial and royal Hungarian palace located in the municipality of Gödöllő in Pest county, central Hungary. It is famous for being a favourite place of Queen Elisabeth of Hungary.)…  to view parts of the forthcoming operett with beautiful melodies, witty poems and well-represented characters.

The play is in Hungarian language, yet can easy follow the happenings with the brief contents below:

In brief … Jenő Huszka’s operett is a real piece, strengthening national emotions, imbued with humor and love, about Count Gyula Andrássy, the later Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy and Queen Elizabeth (Sisi) ‘s unfulfilled, historically unproven love.

Queen Elizabeth loved the Hungarians, and the people saw her savior in her as well. Zsófia Sisi’s opposition to Princess and her desire for freedom sympathized with the feelings of the Hungarians. At the same time she brought with her disapproval of the Austrian court.

Count Gyula Andrássy trying to find a way out for the Hungarians from the frustrating situation threatening an armed revolution. The man’s fierce admiration and hot love finds reciprocity on the part of the Empress, but their desires are hampered by politics, and their love cannot be fulfilled more than an intimate kiss. Their relationship, as well as Sisi’s love for Hungarians, none-the-less promotes the Compromise. In the operetta can also learn about the story of the encounter between an Austrian man who loves Hungarian culture and mentality and a Burgenland girl looking for a husband, as well as the fulfillment of Queen Elizabeth’s courtesy and the childhood love of a Hungarian revolutionary.

Cast: Sissi (Elizabeth): Victoria Denk, Count Gyula Andrássy: Dániel Árvai, Ida Latkóczy: Elvira Haraszti, Kálmán Neszmélyi: János Szabolcs Kádár, Countess Waldeck: Marika Oszvald, Stefi, his daughter: Szendy Szilvi, Flórián: Kollár Péter Erik, Count Axamethy: General Charles Peller, Ádám Latkóczy: László Egri. The Monarchy Operetta Orchester and Dance Choir. Set designer: Tamás Rákay, Costume designer: Péter Erik Kollár, Musical director: Antal Kéménczy, Choreographer: Edina Szkáli.

Director: Miklós Gábor Kerényi – Kero®

Length of performance: 2 hours 30 minutes with a break.

Ticket Price:  4500HUF  – 8000HUF

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From Leonardo to Miró – The Paper Side of Art @ Budapest

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Under the Spell of 150  years of Collection in Prints and Drawings.

 The Museum of Fine Arts  finally  reach the time to reopen its gates to the visitors to the world of Fine Art at the Michelangelo Hall.

From June, 4. – August, 15. 2021

Just a couple of minutes walk from Heroes’ Square

Around midday the Director of the Fine Art Museum Mr. László Baán opened  to the media representatives and talked about the reopening of the museum again for the public after the pending pandemic. He spoke about facing a brand new catalog and an extraordinary exhibition, whereas marking the 150th anniversary of the Collection of Prints and Drawings. With this exhibition and the catalog they are celebrating the 150th anniversary of their unique European ranking collection. Also added…“Last time the finest pieces in the Collection of Prints and Drawings were published was 22 years ago, in 1999.  Then the exhibition was entitled Dürer to Dali. Master drawings in Budapest at the Museum of Fine Arts.  The 150th anniversary is a perfect opportunity to revisit the history of the collection in  the light of new  criterion and can present the finest works of collections of the two institutions reunited in 2012, the Museum of Fine Arts and the Hungarian Gallery – Budapest. Following the museums tradition, the new richly illustrated volume “The Paper Side of Art. Eight Centuries of Drawings and Prints in the collection of the Museum of Fine Arts – Hungarian National Gallery – Budapest, containing 50 of our most excellent works on paper, is so accompanied by a cabinet exhibition. The Paper Side of Art: from Leonardo to Miró. Spellbound by 150 years of collecting Prints and Drawings. The pieces on display are among the most sensitive drawing and prints, therefore can be exhibited only rarely. Some exceptional pieces are along well-known artist such as: Leonardo Raphael,Rembrandt, Picasso,Miro, Schiele,  Mihány Munkácsy,  József Rippl Rónai, Jenő Zichy and Miklós Barabás. In the frame of the exhibition can also discover some outstanding new acquisitions as well as some hitherto  less familiar works.”

The various collections at the Museum of Fine Arts – Hungarian National Gallery hold over 10000 drawings and almost 200000 prints, dating  back from the mid 14th century to the 21st century.

The new catalog gives a comprehensive overview of the entirety of paper-based art, shining light on the parallels that appears throughout the centuries … e.g. chiaroscuro prints, creative copies, autonomous landscape drawings, the emergence of printmarking as an autonomous genre and the expanding of the boundaries of drawn and printed techniques and the distinctive artistic attitude that derives from  the use of paper.

The visitors  to the exhibition and readers of the album are likewise guided behind the scenes of the museum. In the catalog, curators write e.g. about the museum’s involvement in research and about how the collection are managed and operated. In addition contemporary artist speak for better understand of the special relationship that artists have with paper. The  album can be purchased on the spot at the “Gift Shop”

The editors of the volume and the curators of the exhibition are art historians  Ms KInga Bódi and Ms Kata Bodor. The Exhibition can be visited… Wednesday – Thursday: only the temporary exhibition entitled From Leonardo to Miró is open 10 a.m. – 6 p.m.
Friday – Sunday: temporary and permanent exhibitions are also open from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.
checkout and last entry: 5 p.m.
closing of exhibitions:, 5.30 p.m.

On Monday – Tuesday: closed,

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Herald News: “Sziget” – Island” one of Europe’s largest festivals in Budapest

With deep sorrow for many locals and foreigners having a time of their life the organizers of “Sziget” – The Island” one of Europe’s largest festivals, canceled the event for 2021, citing uncertainties linked to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Background … was taking into consideration all the uncertainty around traveling to-and-from and catering industry, furthermore the national and international role of immunity cards, the desition was made to be focused on organizing only next year the Sziget Festival.

The Sziget Festival was held last time in 2019. Then it welcomed over half-a-million individuals from more than hundred countries and also from Hungarian regions taking part at entertainment-ville over seven days.

As many who participated earlier at the Sziget Festival they were able to have the experiences about its diverse programs such as: several stages also holding workshops with performance art, comedy cabaret, gym and dancing.

This year two other music festivals in Hungary … the Sopron Volt Festival and the Balaton Sound Festival, are being also canceled.

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Estas Tonne – Essential Sounds of the Universe coming to Hungary

Estas Tonne  will be holding a concert as a stop of his  international VISION Tour

Thursday, October 21, 2021. starting 7 p.m. – MOMKult – Budapest

The concert will be held at MOMKult on behalf of the Fonó Buda Music Hall.

Due to the epidemic situation, Estas Tonne’s 2020 international autumn tour will arrive in Budapest with the theme originally planned for 2021.

Music is an intangible and elusive branch of art that can effectively influence our inner vision, which is why the tour was named VISION. “Telling a story with music that has no text is a special way of expressing it. The student can create the story that suits him or her without the narrator saying anything. Of course, I also experiment with songs, poems, and stories. Among them are things that are no longer important at all and there are some that come naturally.” so had the artist admits.
Join Tonne’s spiritual journey, pushing the boundaries of our inner into revelation.

Estas Tonne was born in Russia and started playing guitar at the age of eight. He moved to Israel with his family in the 1990s and then took his trip to New York, where he had just arrived a week after the 9/11 terrorist attacks. He met street musician Michael Shulman, with whom he later performed at the 9/11 anniversary commemoration, and also released a joint album. Tonne as a street musician.

He has turned up in many places from Mexico to India, hence the name gipsy troubadour or modern troubadour. He uses his instrument as if it were a whole band. He plays a six-string acoustic guitar without plucking, combining the solo with rhythm and walking bass. Today he is a guest of many major festivals around the world. In 2014, he joined performed at the Everness Festival in Hungary.

Tickets can be purchased to his concert  to a/m date through:

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5 Weeks – 5 Blockbusters & Pathbreaking Films of India on Channel 6 Hungarian TV

The film festivals have become very popular in today’s world. Imagine, if you had to go to someplace to get a taste of the finest of world movies and you are surrounded by breath-taking and chewing viewers to watch would be less enjoyable. 

The Indian Embassy contacted the board of the TV Channel 6 to request in hosting the Bollywood blockbusters instead at the annual screened venue the Pushkin cinema because of the epidemic, and as a result of successful negotiation fans of Indian films may watch artist, award-winning, regional films and enjoy the colorful Indian culture and themes in their comfy seat/sofa at home.

This year will be one-of-a-kind broadcasting through the “Hatoscsatorna” – Hungarian TV Channel 6  –  India Film Week during the next 5 weeks.

The virtual opening ceremony was held by the Ambassador of India to Hungary.

The five films are being telecast on the digital platform on the Hatoscsatorna TV – TV channel 6 from December, 7  until January, every Monday at 8 p.m.  Also through telecast at the Szeged TV every Wednesday at 9.30 p.m.

The screenings will be in original language, with Hungarian subtitles.

Here’s a peck into the selected IFF Trailers:

Saaho film-

Indu Sarkar

Thinking of Him-

The Silence-


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Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds Canceled Their European/Budapest Concert

Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds would have originally performed @ Budapest this summer, but it was canceled by the band in March. Then, due to a European tour, it turned out that they would afterall arrive in Budapest on May, 13. 2021., and hold their concert, but it seems as for the time being, this date has also become questionable, after the band has now signaled that the entire European tour will be blown away concert and will also be missed. The band had made their statement, hoping they can come up with better news next year.

The tickets purchased online are automatic at ticket sellers, and the Ticketportal initiates a refund. The amount of the ticvket(s) will be refunded to the account from which the purchase was made. Holders of tickets purchased online have nothing to do. Due to the large number of tickets sold, the refunding is expected to take place by January, 31. 2021.

Tickets purchased in person can be redeemed at the point of purchase. If the given office is not open, a copy of the ticket must be sent by e-mail to, no later than January, 15. 2021.

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Mario Biondi the Italian Barry White “müpa-home” Concert – Budapest

The Italian Barry White – that pretty much sums up everything about the Sicilian-born Mario Bondi.

Hopefully with this video recording will make your evening at home more pleasant and enriching with uplifting moments.

With his sensually crooning voice, he is an extremely popular interpreter of soul and R&B tunes. Born Mario Ranno, the singer probably had his fate set out for him in advance, as his father, Stefano Biondi, was himself a hit factory, while other family members – his grandmother as a singer and his great-grandfather as a painter – also enjoyed widespread acclaim in the arts. Mario launched his professional career as a teenager: he was all of 17 years old when he took the stage alongside Ray Charles, with the cream of the crop of Italian vocalists also taking up inviting him to their recording sessions and concerts. He would not deny that Isaac Hayes, Luther Vandross and Donnie Hathaway all had a major influence on the development of his own style. He exploded onto the international music scene and public consciousness in 2004 with his first real hit: This Is What You Are. This number, which he recorded with the High Five Quintet, climbed to the top of numerous charts, inspired numerous remixes and was performed at the Sanremo Music Festival. But Biondi still would not end up sticking with this style, instead going on to experiment with other musical directions ranging from jazz and funk to pop and Brazilian sounds. His popularity has continued unabated into the current decade. Outstanding proof of this fact is his 2013 album Sun, which features such guest artists as Leon Ware, Chaka Khan, Al Jarreau and James Taylor. Never waiting for the wave of success to subside, Biondi instead rode it and came out with Mario Christmas, a CD of holiday tunes that kept him in the spotlight. He performs his songs in impeccable English. Although it is rare for him to sing in his mother tongue, at the Bridging Europe festival he delivered a few songs in Italian.

This recording was made at a concert held at Müpa Budapest on September, 27. 2019.

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5th European Art Cinema Day – November, 8, 2020. @ Hungary

Celebration of European Films -along 37 countries  within 600 cinemas!

This year also features great movies such as romantic comedy thoughout provoking documentary film. Eight new European co-production and two new Hungarian films in the domestic range of award-winning Berlin, Venice film drama
on the European Art Cinema Day. The Hungarian art cinemas also joined the program. The event will take place across Europe in hundreds of movie theaters on Sunday November, 8 Sunday. The international cinema Day 26 Hungarian artists also joined the national program in eight new European co-production and two new facet Hungarian feature film. The films shown to the public several weeks or even months before the national premiere.

A tribute to the cinema this year, a hundred years ago was a master, Federico Fellini will be on display in the spirit of Fellini – portrait painter of the soul, in which he revealed the special relationship with the genius director of spirituality and supernatural. By The Sunshine (Sole), awarded in Venice Italian-Polish drama processing sensitive theme: a young pregnant girl travels to Italy to give the unborn baby for adoption money. Lighter waters in a row on Clear History, won the Silver Bear award in Berlin Franco-Belgian comedy, which is the main heroes must at all costs abolish unwanted content on the internet about themselves, so start dominating the fight against the lives of data clouds. The unconventional “natural history” by Gunda is both an intimate portrait of live pigs at a farm families everyday and striking power, no text, documentary, which makes serious moral issues.
In a different approach, but also in today’s social issues, Berlin, Alexanderplatz, which competes in five categories with the German Film Prize, is a fast-paced adaptation of Alfred Döblin’s cult novel, which has been completely updated and reinterpreted today. One of the biggest echoes of Cannes ’2020 selection, the Polish-Swedish co-production Sweat, touches on real-world and virtual world issues, providing an overwhelming, extremely honest insight into the seemingly perfect life of a fitness flu. The result of a special moving experiment is the DAU, which evokes the everyday life of a Soviet research institute in the ’60s, recognized by the Silver Bear in Berlin. Natasa, part of one of the most ambitious art projects of all time, was made from footage shot with hundreds of actors over the years in a set of entire cities. The Swedish drama The Life of a Humorist is a film adaptation of a bestselling novel, the protagonist of which is a successful comedian who is forced to face his childhood harassment again when an old schoolmate unexpectedly crashes into a stand-up night.
The program also includes two new Hungarian works. The premiere will feature Spirál, the first feature film by Cluj-Napoca director Cecília Felméri in the Hungarian-Romanian co-production, starring Alexandra Borbély (Body and Soul), Bogdan Dumitrache (Mother’s Heart) and Magdolna Kiss Diána (The Big Booklet). The psychological drama, subtly intertwined with humor and including thriller elements, is the story of a strange love triangle. The other Hungarian work is a romantic comedy by Viktor Oszkár Nagy, Sliding In Love. The main characters of the film, which presents a series of humorous situations and moral dilemmas, are played by András Ötvös, Viola Lotti Gombó, Szabolcs Thuróczy, Angéla Stefanovics and Réka Tenki.

The detailed program of the 5th European Art Cinema Day and the program of each cinema can be read at The screening series in Hungary is supported by the NKA and the MMA, organized by the Art-Cinema Association.

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“Balloon” –  Pema Tseden – Tibet –  Documentary coming to Hungary

Capture Life in Modern Tibet.

Director: Pema Tseden – Writer: Pema Tseden – Stars: Sonam Wangmo, Jinpa, Yangshik Tso.

Tibetan film “Balloon” will be screened for the first time in Hungary. Before the premiere will be screened at the Apollo cinema @ Pécs October, 15. 2020. Nationalwide premieres is to be in November, 12 .2020.

The “Ballon” film already earned 13 wins & 20 nominations.  Pema Tseden films also have been recognized internationally, but most notably for garnering top honors in China including a Golden Rooster Best Directorial Debut Award (for The Silent Holy Stones) and a Shanghai International Film Festival Jury Grand Prix (The Search).

Pema Tseden is the first director in China ever to film movies entirely in the Tibetan language. Also first-ever film made in Tibet to have been shot entirely with a Tibetan crew. The movie speaking in Mandarin language (due to the last-minute unavailability of an Amdo Tibetan translator), but in the Hungarian cinemas will be Hungarian subtitles.

On one level, the film reflects a search for Tibet’s disappearing culture.  It is a dilemma between the soul and  reality. The trick with the  “Balloon” film is that, like all the things that come from strongly traditional culture. Tibet has always been mythologized and worshipped, and People’s psychological expectations, experiences of Tibet are stuck in the past and it has to be taken as it is. The films focus on the basic condition of people in Tibet, as well as their basic emotional life. The film is quite impressive due to beautiful locations like wide open spaces and mountain landscapes, but also thanks to Lu Songye’s sure-handed camerawork.

The director Pema Tseden once said that Tibet has always been mythologized and worshipped, and made more remote. People’s psychological expectations and experiences of Tibet are stuck in the past. They don’t understand the new Tibet.

Perma Tseden – director and author – has received numerous literary awards and his works have been translated into English, French, German, Japanese and Czech.

Journey Through New Tibet – in a nutshell: A family struggles against the conflicting dictates of nature, spirituality, politics, and free will. Synopsis … Dargye and his wife, Drolkar, are involved in animal husbandry in a hidden corner of Tibet. Of their three boys, only one is a schoolboy, the other two are helped by their grandfather. However, a small misunderstanding will break the harmony of the family and they will face awkward complications. For the young couple must you decide: to continue their lives according to Buddhist teachings or the values dictated by modern society?

This is a sensitive issue, since the exiled Tibetan leader, the Dalai Lama, has accused China of “cultural genocide” since it occupied Tibet in 1951.  “The Search” – Pema Tseden’s latest film, won the Grand Jury Prize at Shanghai‘s recent International Film Festival and is slated to be shown at the upcoming Locarno film festival in Switzerland.

The film has an open ending … A  bit exotic and hard to follow for those not quite acquainted with the traditions … anyway worthwhile not to miss this movie.  

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