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After the Moscow gig members of the ensemble had the opportunity to get acquainted with Russia. Only got in trouble once with and about a local food specialty.

Dance for the four members returned from Moscow a few days ago, which occurred within the context of a local cultural program, and represented Hungary. The members of the ensemble also made a special show  in which the Hungarian folk dance steps with modern rhythms and virtuoso playing was unique. Their program was a joint event with one of the student of the world-famous Mojszejev, but that was not only one of the reason why it was an interesting adventure for them.

Dániel Illés, Péter Enyedi, Kristóf Bárány and Sándor Gál had dinner in at a restaurant  so-called “Zsiguli” … (the writer’s own comment: … The famous USSR made LADA vehicle most prolific Communist car between 1980 and 2012. Sold very well in the UK in places like New Zealand, where it was distributed by the New Zealand Dairy Board, which had previously received it in lieu of cash payments for deliveries of mutton and butter) and where Putin himself is not uncommon for guest stopping by. They discovered the main attractions of the Russian capital, including the snow is beautiful mysterious on the Red Square and the KGB HQ’s. Visited Nizhny Novgorod, a place where even manufacture in the present day the Volga made vehicles. Also traveled on rail tracks rolling to Trans-Siberian as well. “This is the world’s longest railway line, 9288 kilometers transporting hundreds-and-hundreds of passengers.

„The route takes more than a week, but we were just on route the for seven-hour and had the chance to stretch and have a wink in the sleeper car. All-after-all it was a great experience. Most of the passengers looked like the zombies due to their one week-long journey. For us it was fulfilled with fun”- told Peter Enyedi.

“The local  borscht soup was delicious, but the local meat Vareniks  and the Pelmeni caught us up. Anyway,  we were tough and  heroically ate no matter how  it was not in our use to taste. Cannot say it will be in our list of favorite food. Likewise, the vodka. We all had a sip,  but now we understand why the Russians drink so much in their cold weather.

The boys are back in town and ongoing with rehearsals to their 4 for Dance  to the 10th anniversary , to  welcome their fans here in Hungary.

Update by Aggie Reiter