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Best Art Vinyl 2021 Award Winners

Mix Art with Music

The winners of Best Art Vinyl 2021 were announced on 27th January 2022.


The 1st  artwork by Paul Phillips at True Spilt Milk Designs. Design by Matthew Cooper, assisted by Paul J Street for Villagers. The winning design, chosen by public vote, was awarded first place this evening at a special presentation ceremony in Hari Hotel – Belgravia – London. Fending off stiff competition from a pool of 50 nominations2nd-Duran-Duran

Coming in 2nd was the artwork for Duran Duran’s 15th studio album by art direction Rory McCartneyFuture Past”. This features two black and white images from Japanese photographer Daisuke Yokota.
The pictures have been blended together and brightened for the cover, and show two ambiguously human figures – one in motion and the other standing still.


In 3rd place was design by Neel Panchal,  photographer Jason Joyce developed the artwork for hard rock band Thunder’s 13th studio album “All the Right Noises” Unique Interchangeable Dreamy Artwork Wins the Prize. The cover features an un-touched final capture of the Singing Ringing Tree Scultpture in Burnley. The image used on the cover was the result of a 24-hour photoshoot in freezing cold temp.

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Claude Monet and his lilies – Urania National Filmtheater @ Budapest

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Urania National Filmtheater

March 28. 2019.

The 90-minute film is screened in original English, French, Italian language with Hungarian subtitles. (age limit above 12 yrs.)

Director: Giovanni Troili, Main characters: Elisa Lasowski, Ross Ki

Monet – In the magic of water and light – harassing soul with peaceful landscapes.

District, VIII., 21. Rákóczi Road – Budapest. Ticket available on the spot: 11 a.m.-8.30 p.m. Price: Adult: 3600HUF, Students, Pensioners, Teachers: 3200HUF

The next episode within the artistic educational series, namely: “Temples of Art” provides insight into the world of impressionism. Claude Monet “Water Lilies” based  on best-selling novel of Ross King “Angry amazement”.   

Introducing Claude Monet the harassing soul with peaceful landscapes.

Using letters and other private writings I, Claude Monet reveals new insight into the man who not only painted the picture that gave birth to impressionism but who was perhaps the most influential and successful painter of the 19th and early 20th centuries.

Despite this, and perhaps because of it, Monet’s life is a gripping tale about a man who, behind his sun-dazzled canvases, suffered from feelings of depression, loneliness, even suicide. Then, as his art developed and his love of gardening led to the glories of his garden at Giverney, his humor, insight and love of life is revealed.

The Film shot on location in Paris, London, Normandy and Venice I, Claude Monet is a cinematic immersion into some of the most loved and iconic scenes in Western Art.

Claude Monet and his lilies is screened throughout Hungary’s cinema also from March 28. 2019. 

Source Pannonia Entertainment Ltd.

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José Carreras – Last Farewell World Tour @ Budapest

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 The concert will be on stage at  Budapest Papp László Sport Arena

 December, 19. 2018. 

Wednesday – 7.30 p.m.

José Carreras has performed several times in Budapest and with his coming extraordinary gala concert wish to say good-bye to his Hungary’s fans. Undoubtedly, one of the most famous tenors in the world. Last year the distinguished tenor announced his on the farewell touring, but not from the stage, which perhaps be the last time to see, to hear the magnificent tenor! Despite being worshiped between different styles of music, he has deep, true love of the opera. We can witness music fusion in December, where Hungarian world stars join the production such as … the  baritone – Roberto de Candia, the soprano singer – Polina Pasztircsák and children choir will accompany to tenor. The Art Anzix Syphonic Orchestra’s conductor János Ács, who has often been the conductor of the three tenors. At the Papp László Budapest Sports Arena, in the framework of an extraordinary gala concert, perhaps the last time to see José Carreras on stage.

Recently, have had been on world tour by giving his fans a farewell concert in many countries from London Albert Hall to Montevideo.

The Grammy Award-winning tenor debuted at the Teatro Liceo stage in Barcelona, at the age of 11, in the solo operetta Manuel de Falla, Spanish composer Pedro’s puppet theater. At the age of twenty-eight he had been already singing 24 different operas,

Had preformed at four of the world’s leading opera houses in Vienna, London, New York and Milan.

In 1990 the mastermind of “The Three Tenors” was José Carreras that became a true legend with Italian Luciano Pavarotti and Spanish Plácido Domingo opera singers.

The gala concert is presented by Danubius Music.

Added some snaps and more info heard and taken at the press conference held on Monday, December, 17.

José Carreras worked with the most famous conductors. He has been writing history for decades, master of the great moments of the stage, loving passionately, emotionally singing. He is the “star of the low tones”, one of the greatest don Josées of all time. Through its roles and concerts, success is crammed into success, full house is filled, and the loudspeakers are loud on the auditoriums, its tone resembles the great Carusó. His repertoire includes more than 60 operas, including the most outstanding ones: Andrea Chenier, La Boheme, Tosca, Werther, Don Carlo, Carmen, La Forza del Destino, I Pagliacci, L’Elisir d’Amore and Un Ballo in Maschera. And at the Sports Arena the audience  will recognized some of these operas.

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MittelCinemaFest – Hungary – 2018.

XVI. Central European Italian Fim Festival – Hungary – 2018.

Budapest – Bratislava – Prague
November, 6 – 16. 2018.

The Italian films are present at the most important international film festivals such as Cannes, Berlin, Buenos Aires, Toronto, Shanghai, Tokyo, Locarno, New York, and London.

Over the years, MittelCinemaFest has established itself as a better-awaited event, greater attention will be paid each year in the Italian film, so much so that more and more interested in spreading Hungarian distributor of Italian films.

This year, distributed by Mozinet the Cinenuovo, Cirko Film Service and ADS Italian films are in the program, which reflect well on the film festival is a major objective, that is a successful Italian films and valuable knowledge for the Hungarian audience.

Cities where the screenings will take place:
Puskin cinema in Budapest, Tabán cinema in Budapest, Downtown cinema in Szeged. This year for the first time at the Apollo cinema in Debrecen.

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Star Wars: New Hope in Concert @ Budapest – 2018.


Papp László Budapest Sport Arena

District, XIV., 2 Stefánia Rd. Budapest

Tuesday,  8 p.m. October 16, 2018.

 Star Wars: A New Hope Concert and Film Show

Surely for many seared into the minds of generations of wonder-struck children … and adult … the music of Star Wars and echoes the first words of the Star Wars film  … “A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away” 

To-day the grown up generation as parents probably coming with their kids to the show to relive and show their kids their favorite film from the late 70s.  An absolute treat for the Star Wars fans. Will most probably enjoy watching pictures on enormous cinema screens and spectacular laser lighting and hearing the music remembering along the way as they grew up with this spectacular film in the history of films.  Share  with your family an exciting journey, not experienced before.

Previously, the performance was held at many parts of the world e.g. London, Ontario, California and coming soon within the Central European tour to Budapest. The audience will experience a visual and acoustic blast at the same time. The film-style, digitally completely revised version of the 1977. Since the release of the first Star Wars movie nearly 40 years ago, the Star Wars saga has had a seismic impact on both cinema and culture, inspiring audiences around the world with its mythic storytelling, captivating characters, groundbreaking special effects and iconic musical scores composed by John Williams.

After the 2007 facelift of the film has undergone recently refreshing of blood to the XXI. century requirements. The Death Star and the Tatooine planet are almost in reality … bringing three truckloads of equipment … having a three-story high-rise projector pioneers the Star Wars movie as it has not been seen by the most fancied fans in the past 40 years.

The sophisticated show with powerful music production is provided by the world-famous Prague Philharmonic Orchestra with conductor – Christopher Eliot, who play Oscar®-winning composer John Williams’ everlasting melodies at the live concert from the original trilogy, running in chronological order, accompanied by clips from the films at the live concert. John Williams has become world-famous for the eight Star Wars films, and for the 1977 song “A New Hope” he also received an Oscar Award. The Empire Returns, The Jedi Returns and The Enchanting Power Music have all been nominated for the most important award in the film industry. Williams has a total of five Oscars, 4 Golden Globes, seven BAFTA and 22 Grammy Awards. With 50 Oscars, John Williams is the most nominated live person, and in the history of the prize he is the second most nominated artist after Walt Disney. John Williams joined the Hollywood Hall of Fame in 2000 and received the Kennedy Center Life Prize. Composer John Williams’ spectacular symphonic soundtrack was named the greatest film score of all time by the American Film Institute .

This is a once-in-a-lifetime  date, opportunity to experience for Star Wars fans. So off you go start to plan to be present, go back in time on the journey with the Star Wars legends. Give a treat for yourself by being at the “Star Wars in Concert” … gain an unforgettable concert experience, no matter if saw it before to re watch enjoy it again.

The tickets quickly are running out, make sure to get your seat at the Arena.

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Brazillia – National Days – Grand Market Hall – Budapest – 2016.

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2 – 4  August, 2016.

District, IX.,  1-3. Vámház Blvd. – Budapest

For those who will not make it at the Olympic Games – Rio may to stop by … still will have a chance to have a glance of the sights-and-sound  and characteristics food within the series of the National Days at the Grand Market – Budapest. This time the Hungarians and foreigners will have a kinda feeling to visit Brasilia here in Budapest –  Hungary. Fine time to buy authentic items, have a glance featuring gastronomy, guide for visiting Brasillia and cultural shows.

In between rolling along  the stalls through the brazilian delights,  locals and foreigners may become hungry for them upstairs on the 3rd floor offering plenty of splendid Hungarian gastronomy goodies. It’s a fine time to have breakfast, lunch or early supper there!

By-the-way shopping and sightseeing at the Grand Market Hall at its splendid architecture is anyway worthwhile to stroll among the stalls, taste the seasonal products, pick up  Brazillian or Hungarian a few seasonal produce or  some exotic spices .

Don’t be surprised by visiting the Grand Market Hall, that the place is pretty busy, just like in any big cities, including London, Paris or Bruxelles.

Certainly visitors can get to learn more-and-more about Brasilia for two days – Enjoy your stay!

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Mix Art and Music … Art Vinyl Exhibition – Budapest

Art Vinyl Exhibition

District V.,  12.  Kossuth Lajos Street – Budapest

The real hero of Art Vinyl is on the record sleeves itself!

After London, Ayreshire and Bologna, previously before heading to Munich, the Art Vinyl exhibition featuring the best record sleeves of 2014 is arriving to Budapest!

Each year in November the Art Vinyl launches the Best Art Vinyl, researching for the most exciting record sleeves of the year. Art Vinyl, alongside music industry design experts, selects a shortlist of 50 sleeve designs for the award that will be celebrated in exhibitions around the UK and Europe during November, December, and January and then tours throughout the year! So … the exhibition will be stopping by in Budapest.
On behalf of Vinylize by Tipton and MONO art & design, for those interested to attend at the opening of the interactive Art Vinyl exhibition are welcomed. The official opening speech will be held by Andrew Heeps, founder of Best Art Vinyl.

You can not only admire but also listen to the superb records featured in the exhibition, music at the opening will be provided by DJ BODOO!

During the exhibition, Play & Display flip frames and Vinylize by Tipton sunglasses and frames made of vinyl records will be available during the exhibition, between February 4 and 28. 2016.

You do not have to be an „oldie” to be on the spot to view the awesome items and enjoy the past century’s favorite „Vinyl”s.

Many folks int he past and still to-day are addicted to passion for collecting Vinyls and maybe visiting this forthcoming exhibition they too will realize they also have a unique vinyl home gallery of their own.

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Joining at the VIIth Tennis Classics in Budapest - 2014.

Joining at the VIIth Tennis Classics in Budapest – 2014. 


Announcement was made in Budapest, by Director of VIIth Tennis Classics – Balázs Taróczy following the latest news received a short while ago  about the change of the injured Milos Raonic  who suffered thigh injury in the second ATP World Tour Finals group, so he was forced to cancel  to participate at the appearances VIIth Tennis Classics Tournament  – Budapest. As Raonic said, “I picked up the injury in the match against Andy Murray. I thought it was just a strain or spasm, but it turned out that nasty bruising, “- said the Canadian world ranking eighth and added, “As much as I wanted to play in the final group match against Nishikori in London and  also next Tuesday at the VIIth Tennis Classics in Budapest, … I hope that next year will manage to make up from missing out at the tournament in Budapest.”

So instead of Raonic will be Philipp Kohlschreiber the German tennis player will take over. He was extremely pleased and said right away in a second yes to director Balázs Taróczy’s request, saying: “I am very happy that I was invited to the Tennis Classics Tournament. The folks visiting the Tennis Classics through the past years may not be aware, but this tournament in Budapest has reached major reputation among the tennis players, and everyone tells me how much experience, how good the atmosphere in the Arena, and what a wonderful city is Budapest. I’m in training and in good shape. I can assure  audience that I will come up with high-quality show.”

Philipp Kohlschreiber, is the 24th player in the world rankings and one of the most technical and creative tennis player, who won this year also boasts ATP tournament. No one could stop him in Düsseldorf. Throughout his career, collected five trophies and played tennis together almost 8 million dollars. He is extremely successful in doubles, already gain victory in  seven doubles ATP tournament, so that says it all.

Just a reminder and change in couples …

The Arena doors open at 3.30 p.m.

4.30  p.m. – Opening ceremony and the first semi-final matches: Ernests Gulbis – Fabio Fognini

5.45 p.m. – The second semi-final match Philipp Kohlschreiber – Dominic Thiem

6.45 p.m. –  Doubles match Mansour Bahramival and Babos Tímea

7.30 p.m. – Tennis Classics finals

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