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“NOT AN ORDINARY LIFE” – Les Hody – European basketball champion and Olympian!

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NOT AN ORDINARY LIFE  – László Hódy  (Les Hody) a compelling and adventurous autobiography of a European basketball champion and Olympian for both Hungary and Australia.

This remarkable life story unfolds in Hungary, a country caught up in frightening political and social issues throughout the 1940’s and 50’s. During the 1956 revolution against the communist dictatorship, at age 22, Les escaped and became a refugee to Australia.

A couple of days ago on the occasion of his book release at the press gathering the „Gold Team” players and family members of some former players and elder fans who cheered at his  goals had a chance to breathe the same air with him at the Lake Városliget Café in Budapest. He was touched by the high number of audience to have had arrived.

Spoke about getting down to write his lifeline book. As said, the memories just sparked as he has touched his pen alike he use to play on the basketball track to punch the net. László (Les) added Q.:  „It has taken me the good part of six months to rewrite my biography in Hungarian. But finally, I can say I put a full stop at the end and I passed the manuscript over to Dezső Dobor in Hungary, who was editing it for the publisher. The Hungarian Basketball Federation offered to sponsor the publication of Les’s autobiography, “Not an Ordinary Life”

From class enemy to the Hall of Fame and a lifetime in between, in Hungarian.

As he was speaking we could hear a man talking how his life was shaped by courage, goodwill, diligence, most of all love. What was really heartwarming to be present together with  László (Les) Hódy,  to see the presence of some Hungarian basketball champs and former players family members and of course seeing those individuals who brought old pictures to sign + autographs, era’s basketball sporty yearbooks, and a bunch of media and press representatives.

The sparkles lightened the long gone era and he relived step-by-step his chapters of life. His book also covers stories about his family. As Hódy told me Q.:„This book is not a textbook, nor a juicy celeb, neither a novel, it is an autobiography book. Basically, unfolds a lot ups-and-downs experiences, how to deal with success and loss and for the future basketball generation there are lessons to be heard and to be kept in mind, these a  marvellous stories along the way, that can not be shut out from them. As he said: Q.:”This is what life taught me about and never too old to pass on good advice.”

The launch of Les’s book in Hungarian was published with the support by the Hungarian Basketball Association. At first, the launch was held at Szeged and then after in Budapest late May.

The intended publication date was to be said out in Hungary during May 2017 and so it happened. To add some more good news to the autobiography book „Not an Ordinary Life” is now available in Hungary, title: “Osztályidegenből Halhatatlan” in Hungarian language  and also can be purchased on Kindle from Amazon in English edition. Download the free Kindle app and get a „slice” of the electronic version of the book. But, no worries the book is available by ordering through Amazon and not just on a „Lazy Sunday” it could be read on the porch.

The official book launch was held in Melbourne last November. Dr Endre Domaniczky – Consul of Hungary officiated with Lindsay Gaze OAM who represented the Australian basketball fraternity.

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Cultural market 2017 on its way!

Ivan Fischer Photo: Marco Borggreve

Ivan Fischer
Photo: Marco Borggreve

The BFO’s Music Director – Iván Fischer will be conducting Ravel, Debussy, Dutilleux, Bartók, Schubert, Beethoven, Mendelssohn, Mahler, Liszt and Strauss, and also launching a new series called Rising Stars, in which he provides an opportunity for young conductors to introduce themselves.
Being curious how the 73-year-old world-class pianist Richard Goode plays Beethoven? Would like to listen to a real Russian program conducted by Dmitri Kitayenko?Interested in what the Estonian genius, Paavo Järvi does on the stage? Would rather spend an evening with the legendary Greek violinist Leonidas Kavakos? All possible in the new 2016/17 season of the Budapest Festival Orchestra.

In the season of 2017 there will be many artistic highlights to suit a wide scale of musical interests from orchestral concerts to Baroque, Rising Stars, and Back to Nature – chamber music series.

The upcoming season will once again include a busy touring schedule, which will see the BFO taking up residency at the San Sebastian Festival, a Far East tour with performances in China and Korea, and a major US tour with concerts in New York, Chicago and Boston.

In brief about the new series…

The BFO will be launching two new series in the upcoming season. The concert series Rising Stars gives three young and talented conductors, each of them special to the orchestra, the opportunity to introduce themselves to audiences. As Iván Fischer put it when describing the series, Quote: “We want to develop the next generation of performers, and naturally that includes conductors at the beginning of their careers. I vividly remember what it was like when I was similarly thrown in at the deep end a few decades ago. It was so helpful to see so many pairs of friendly, supportive eyes in the concert hall. Please give these new youngsters a smile.”

The three conductors making their stage debuts will be Gergely Dubóczky and the Australian Vladimir Fanshil, both of whom have spent years working alongside Iván Fischer as assistant conductors, and Victor Aviat of France, who may be familiar to BFO audiences primarily in his role as an oboist.

The other new programme, Back to Nature, is a series of chamber music concerts performed in the orchestra’s rehearsal hall, where our musicians will play pieces by Bach, Vivaldi, Telemann, Brahms and Mozart on period instruments. Among the rare instruments on stage will be a Graf piano.

The Festival Orchestra’s Baroque Ensemble will be performing several concerts during the season: a real luminary of old music, Japanese-Bavarian violinist Midori Seiler will visit twice, performing an Italian and a German concert, while Hervé Niquet will join local musicians as artistic director and concert master for a performance of French baroque music.

First concert – January, 27. – 7.45 p.m. 

Béla Bartók National Concert Hall –  District, IX., 1.Komor Marcell street.

Ludwig van Beethoven: Symphony No. 1 in C major
Ludwig van Beethoven: Piano Concerto No. 4 in G major
Ludwig van Beethoven. Symphony No. 5 in C minor

Conductor:Iván Fischer
Soloist: Richard Goode – piano

Online access: Tickets can be purchased at and/or

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World famous Scott Bradlee’s Post Modern Jukebox back in Budapest!


Scott Bradlee’s Post Modern Jukebox 

Budapest, March, 27. 2017.

Papp László Budapest Sports Arena

Those folks who would like to enjoy a night out,  take a ride on an unforgettable and impressive musical adventure need not have to think twice!

The magic music of the 20th century is arriving back to Budapest after 2016 having a successful and fantastic performances. Enjoy the new vision, a new framework giving new life to the songs.

The presentation will provide a unique, not only in music, but also practical experience. Scott Bradlee’s Post Modern Jukebox in talented musicians and singers playing their songs are performed redesigned, brilliant musical remakes in a unique style.

The PMJ’s 2017 European tour will begin on February, 27., in the UK and thereon to 75 European cities, keep your eyes open cause most of their concerts are already sold-out.

In the near future Aussie get ready, look out because they could be coming to your town and/or your City also to New Zealand, and an additional 45 locations in North America as well.

Scott Bradlee’s creativity has no limit, he is the one who guessed all, he is the one who has made such a success of this musical trend, songs, concerts, videos.

The Postmodern Jukebox music blurs the boundaries between the generations. The postmodern style stop up all gaps, and live show of incomparable can be a delicacy for fans.

The  PMJ  is not a band, rather a lifestyle and is going to bring the Budapest’s audience quite a unique breathtaking show.

Tickets for Budapest can be purchased at local ticket office.

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The 4th “Vitéz” Chimney Cake .. a.k.a. Sekler Cake Festival – Budapest – 2016.

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October, 7 – 9. 2016.

Vajdahunyad Vár – Castle of Vajdahunyad – Budapest

To visit the festival is free of charge.

Hungary is heading to the Fall’s Season of Festivals and beside many events the gastronomy plays a huge part  in moving around the country. How time goes by and the Vitéz Chimney Cake Festival   a.k.a. Sekler Cake. is no longer a newcomer anymore, cause it will be holding its 4th Festival. So we were told at the Budapest Zoo terrace where the media was invited. The press gathering was held at the Budapest Zoo,  were the organizers announced their upcoming plans for the festival.  Owner – marketing manager  – Ms. Tünde András said, Q.  “First of all wish to introduce … if for anyone  has to be introduced … this year the visitors may join at dueling hosted by  chef Lázár. Added: Q.”There is so many festivals in Budapest, but the Fall is significant time to be inviting new and former visitors to the Chimney Cake Festival. Not only the wide variety regular, but new flavors of chimney cakes will be around.  throughout Hungary as well. The visitors who join the 3 days event may also learn how to prepare the traditional  chimney cake.  During the festival celebrities will be present baking and having competition with the visitors to bake chimney cakes.  Bálint Gáspár- owner – managing director just added, they have also invented the Bake-and-Roll Kit in preparing at home parties. Already had shipping orders to Japan and Australia.

Keeping up their tradition, this year they will  revenues in supporting the Disability Foundation.

Since the chimney cake made its way to be one of the favorite from Transylvanian in Hungary many tourist visiting the country are getting familiar with the taste these delights. They have launched a few new tasty products such as the gluten and lactose free chimney cake, the whole-wheat, durum wheat and the glucose made fitness chimney cakes, as well as a newcomer  the bearing Kürtős, Creamy Kürtös and the Kürtöske – mini chimney cake.

At the 1st year’s chimney festival they introduced the „Kürtőskalács” Chimney Cake …  Sekler Cake song written by the Indygo  group, and when you hear the notes of the song you’re gonna be rolling to the right place.

Here are two video taken just at the start, pre-press gathering to the 1st chimney cake arrival to Budapest by the Vitéz Kürtöskalacs .

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EDEN Days – “Best ecotourism destination” – Styrian houses – 2016.

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Need not have to get too far from the highway, when driving from North-West Europe i.e. Austria to Budapest or  heading to other cities in Hungary to visit Kőszeg and its surroundings. Indeed, should not to be missed by foreigners to take a break, stop, visit the historical sites, stay for a couple of days, taste the local gastronomic delights.

The European Commission in 2006 launched the project title: Great European Destinations, which stands for the European continent’s natural, cultural and heritage diversity intending to introduce for the tourists. EDEN is an English acronym (European Destinations of Excellence), but also a welcoming, friendly expression … state of harmony and inviting destination.

Visit to Írottkő Park … In May, 2009, the Írottkő Park won the tender by the European Commission’s EDEN competition titled: “Best ecotourism destination”. In connection with the award of obtaining anniversary Írottkő Nature Park Association this year also organized EDEN days, in the name of the fascinating spectacle Styrian houses which we also visited. The nature park is an awesome experience to see, learn at the open-air museum how the tiddy styrian house look like in the old days.

Hungary specifically target a lot to choose from among the green economy: 21% of the area of our woodland, close to a quarter of that number is high global level, and 10% of the country is under nature protection.

Visit to Őrség seen the village deservedly won a European rating agency, destinations, EDEN Award. Protect and discover the wonders of nature, get to know the local customs and clear-eyed hospitable folks. An exciting and unusual itineraries in the green economy  talking a walk in their footsteps. Őrség offers a thousand pure springs, dark giant pines, bell-feet villages which preserved its natural, cultural and rich in sacred values. Tradition gastronomic event held yearly in several local village in autumn during the Pumpkin Festival  at: Őriszentpéter, Szalafő, Pityerszer, Magyarszombatfa. It is worth to taste the local dishes of pumpkin seed oil, the “dödölle” – potato dumpling  and watch the world go by with a sip of wine and relax. During the Pumpkin Festival  chartered bus runs between Kőszeg and the Styrian houses on the spot buffet and wine tasting available.

Living in a crowed city with all the rush and noise around a perfect place to get loose by visiting, spending a couple of nights at Őrség where many neat  family houses are out for rent, where visitors can get close to nature, and for the active sports travelers  hiking, cycling take them around the different faces of the landscape. Those who want to learn about the typical local atmosphere may roam between the villages of romantic times.

Visiting the City of Kőszeg myriad of historical, natural and cultural treasures. Once the visitors are at Kőszeg, worthwhile to visit the tourist destinations which were featured in the internationally prized „EDEN program”. Worthwhile to stay several days because it is a city with buildings that has its own story. Kőszeg and the surrounding neighbourhood is unique by itself as the locals place in front of their gates a pot for the price to leave  buying their homemade products as jams, season’s fruits from their garden and collected local honey  therefore the city is basically called the “Honor Pot City”.  Also the relationship between Kőszeg and wine history has a centuries-old relationship. The history sources are from the past centuries about the vineyard and its role of the city. Recently established the Kőszeg Wines worthy guardian of the wine culture featuring the grape and wine history, the wine making traditions. wine. The Kőszeg winemakers community preserved in caring the history of the local wine shoots in the “Book of Grapes” from 1740.

Visit to the Jurisics Castle … After enjoying the picturesque small villages providing the peaceful atmosphere and harmony, we visited the main square, the Jurisics castle, which is now a museum and cultural centers.

Mentioning a couple of the so many programs that awaits tourist to enjoy whilst visiting Kőszeg and its surroundings: Museums, World Heritage Site, active recreation, mineral spa, Wine Tour and Wine – Wine House, Museum of grape and wine processing local history collection, ski jumping, Sport Fishing, boating on the Lake and so forth.

In August –  Turkish siege of days, and at the Castle Theater will hold several performances.

On the  last week-end in September each year on the main square is held the harvest festival. In the evening a parade from local and international brass bands … even arriving from Australia will entertain the visitors.

Nature and wildlife is definitely recommended for those interested families to visit the István Bechtold Nature Conservation Visitor Center, which presents the area’s wildlife, bird life and especially unique for children to take the adventure trail, also gain the experience in store for European Crested Tit.

Stayed at the Gotthard Thermal Hotel & Conference****, which is situated in Szentgotthárd at the most western  town in  Hungary and just a short distance from the Hungarian-Austrian-Slovenian borders.  The hotel got all what it takes to recharge yourself , enjoy the mediterranean feeling with its sunbathing terrace, thermal spas, roman baths, wellness treatments, outdoor sport facilities, good cuisine and for the  tourists to explore the surrounding area can take an easy excursion to Őrség.

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New trams on the horizon for Budapest – Hungary

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In the coming months in Budapest can be seen the old tram not running anymore, because a significant number of trams will be replaced by  the Spanish made – type CAF Urbos3 trams.

This year and in 2016, the total number 47, CAF Urbos3 type of trams  fully air-conditioned depending on the season’s need, also having low-floor assessable tram will arrive for the Budapest’s travelers said István Tarlós – Mayor of Budapest on the opening at the official ceremony. So, in the future the locals may see and have the experience rolling on the tracks in Budapest on the first CAF trams on several routes.

Also learn from the Mayor about the  number and size of the CAF fleet. A total of 47 trams will be  available to the travelers. These will be two types of trams in size. Thirty-five short and twelve in length  long trams.

There will be 35 short in length trams, allowing 200 people in use on the 34-meter long tram having 46 seats. The long tram in length can carry 345 individuals and having 81 seats. A longer version of this type barely beats the Combino trams, because of the length of 56 meters and within this figure it is the longest and highest capacity tram in the world.

The replacing CAF Urbos3 in Budapest belong to the same in type of family. These rolling trams are in use at many cities in Europe,  like in Debrecen, Freiburg, Zaragoza, Malaga, Besançon, Belgrade, Nantes and far away in Australia as well.

At the official ceremony was present the Ambassador of France to Budapest,Dr. Kálmán Dabóczi – Director of BKK and others representatives. After the ceremony boarded the CAF Urbos3 brand new tram and took a short ride.

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3D Printing … Showcasing the Future of the Future – Budapest – 2015.


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The 3D exhibition  will only be displayed until  8 p.m. on Saturday, May, 15. … So for those individuals who are interested in the future’s technology roll over to see at the …

District, V.,  Akvárium Club – Elizabeth Square.

Entry free of charge.

Many exhibitors will be pleased to share their experiences … here is a couple, beside others to be worthwhile to stop by and see:

At the Dental Reality 3D System  was  shown, introduced the high level of professional experience in the field of digital dental technology. It is a unique opportunity to manufacture medical implants, primarily bone and dental implant using products like cobalt chrome, titanium or metal systems, Also use the 3D at body and face scanning, digitization. A new age for not only keeping   „flat” photos or saved shots. Deals with 3D body and face digitization and on request for  loved pets, digital image and print can be made for eternal memory. During the exhibition the visitors may stop for a free face scanning.

The Magma Sys offers a wide selection products , as for creative artist,  dental technician, orthopaedic prosthesis makers interior designers, graphic animators designers jewellers, as well as for moulding solutions and creative purposes  with  the new solution in the use of the 3D.

A must see stand and should not to be missed is „Enabling the Future”

The revolution devices are introduced in the 21st. century in healthcare which is access to life changing worldwide.

The team members are a Global Network of Passionate Volunteers … artists, designers, engineers, educators, students, therapists, world-wide community of creative people who are using the 3D printing technology. These volunteers are from Australia, Botswana, Europe, India, Japan, New Zealand, North and South America making the world a place for many different enable individuals by using 3D Printing

E-Nable’s – volunteer, device and designer  Peregrine says .. “When you think about updating part of yourself, you start to look at your entire self as something that is worthy of being upgraded and you see yourself as a work in progress. Anything you can’t do to-day is not because you cannot do it, it is because you cannot do it … YET! A future version of you could do that … if you work at upgrading and improving yourself.”

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