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Circus artists can obtain their college degree in 2023.


Upon the latest news … The National Circus Arts Center Nonprofit Ltd., creates training courses which has launched a gap-filling initiative for circus artists. Until now, circus art was the only branch of the arts that did not offer a college-level diploma to young people interested in the branch. In 2023, the centuries-old dream of circus artists will come true,. The circus art lovers will also have the opportunity in starting their studies for a college degree. creates training courses

In the World of Circus many countries already offers a college-level degree to artists who have completed their careers in the arts. This year in Hungary, the trainings will start in September.

With the support of the Metropolitan Grand Circus, artists who wish to continue their education can start their studies in three majors. In the equestrian acrobat training, secondary school students can learn the master tricks of equestrianism, equestrian acrobatics, jigging and equestrian archery. For 3 years, they can ride the Capital City Circus’ own horses, in the circus stables. Applicants who are close to acting can master the genre of master clowns in the clown artist major. Those interested in movement can use their skills in the circus dance course.

During the training, the Metropolitan Grand Circus also provides the students with the opportunity to practice and perform, allowing them to get to know the international circus community.

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East Meets West … “Spy/Master” … HBO Max

unnamed spy master

Offers for May 2023

The captivating spy drama … mostly filmed in Hungary … premiere on HBO Max on May 19.2023.

Created by Adina Sădeanu and Kirsten Peters, Spy/Master is set at the height of the Cold War and follows a week in the life of fictional character Victor Godeanu, played by Alec Secăreanu (God’s Country, Ammonita, Merryland). Godeanu is the right-hand man and closest adviser of the Romanian dictator Nicolae Ceaușescu, and at the same time a secret agent of the KGB. The man is forced to flee Romania and Ceaușescu before he is exposed. He has only one chance to survive: he uses a diplomatic route in Germany as a springboard to get to the United States. With the help of his former love, an embedded Stasi agent (Svenja Jung, Once upon a time, two Germanys – 89) and an up-and-coming CIA agent (Parker Sawyers, Southside with You), Godeanu helps the KGB and his own country’s spies (Ana Ularu and Laurențiu Bănescu) he also has to play it out, while he is aware that his defection will put his family members at home in mortal danger.

The six-part drama series is the winner of HBO Romania’s national screenwriting contest called “Write a screenplay…”. The series was produced by Proton Cinema and Mobra Films on behalf of HBO Max.

The world premiere of the first two episodes took place in February in the Berlinale Series section of the Berlin Film Festival. The two episodes will be available worldwide on May 19 on HBO Max. The remaining four episodes will then debut weekly on the streaming service’s platform, and will also air in Germany on Warner TV series. during the summer.

“Spy/Master” is directed by Christopher Smith (“Temple,” “Alex Rider”), with cinematography by Ben Wheeler BSC (“The Tourist,” “The Baby”) and Ádám Fillenz HCA (“Hier,” “Battle: Freestyle”). Antony Root and Johnathan Young are executive producers for HBO Max. Ioanina Pavel is the creative producer for HBO Max. Viktória Petrányi and Judit Sós are producers for Proton Cinema and Tudor Reu is the producer for Mobra Films

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Zsolnay Picnic – Zsolnay Quarter Park @ City of Pécs 2023.


Enjoy the cultural treats outdoors @ the City of Pécs during the first true spring festival out on a blanket in the Zsolnay Quarter Park.  At the Zsolnay Picnic visitors can enjoy cultural and gastronomic delicacies during the week-end on 20-21. May, 2023.  Don’t worry, will not be out of short of programs, cause nearly 40 of them awaits those interested to enjoy being out in the Springtime and having fun.
For music lovers … Múviláv – concert theater | Kollár-Klemencz Chamber Orchestra | Veronika Harcsa – Bálint Gyémánt | Chanson Elysée – French Sanzonest with Boglárka Csemer and Eszter Kárász | Madras Special | I Am Soyuz | Ripoff Raskolnikov Band | aZorka | Kozma Orsi Quartet | Concerts of the Institute of Music.
For Children … Contemporary Junior programs | Performances by Bóbita Puppet Theater Planetarium programs. | Nevetnikék Foundation’s children’s program | Lego-Duplo playhouse | Baby-Mama Yoga | Concert by Eszter Kárász and the Eszter-lánc fairy-tale orchestra | Magic Hour | Bubble Magic Workshop | Sample Pinty Orchestra | Fairytale peephole.
For Culture … Showcase exhibition of ceramic students of the Faculty of Arts Design Department | Exhibitions of the 1st Pécs Photo Spring: János Szász memorial exhibition, The best press photos of the past 40 years – 41st Hungarian Press Photo Exhibition | Exhibition of the Almond Tree Waldorf Elementary School of Art.
For Hungry and Thirsty Folks … Mecseki Snack Box Workshop with Bálint the Potter and the La Fonte Breakfast Set.
Getting into the Mood … Nicola Faller’s Land Art performance | Guided tours in the m21 Gallery | Unusual drama class at the exhibition of János Szász | Go to Steve’s stand up show | Factory visit at the Amalgam Collection location in Pécs | Unusual exhibition management: the adventurous life of Miklós Zsolnay | Blood donation.

All visitors have to do is to bring along their picnic blankets the rest is up to them.

The Picnic Days are organized by the Zsolnay Heritage Management Nonprofit Ltd.

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Grand Tasting Unique Kéknyelű Magical Wine from Badacsony @ New York Palace – Budapest.

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The twelfth grand tasting Badacsony Wines where wine lovers place to be!

Lake Balaton cannot be brought to Budapest, but the wine producers from that region could come to Budapest the Capital of Hungary to introduce their latest and well known wines to the visitors coming to get to know by tastings.

Lake Balaton Regional TDM Association hand-in-hand with the Badacsony regional winemakers and cellars organizined the annual wine tasting festival this year as well at the New York Cafe. The Badacsony wine-makers and tourism providers from the region have had been boosting again the fiesta atmosphere in Budapest.

The Kéknyelű Magic Wines from the Vulcan’s landscapes this year played a major role … A little bit about the Badacsony Region … Badacsony wine region, stands on volcano that has been extinct for 2.5 million years, whose soil is a mixture of clay, lime and sand found at the bottom of the Pannonian Sea with different versions of volcanic basalt, its micro climate is a mixture of cool continental and hot Mediterranean climates, in short, an ideal paradise environment for grapes.

The first two hours of the tasting were for journalists and invited guests, so it was still easy to get to everyone, but at 4 in the afternoon the gates were opened to the public and fans of Badacsony wines stormed the counters. It’s true that I didn’t stay until the end of the meeting, but while I was present, the event took place in a civilized manner, and the majority of the guests really came to the venue due to genuine interest and not “I could have a drink”. Several came with a specific goal and proceeded according to a pre-drawn plan, others targeted familiar wineries, and still others specifically hunted for new faces. It was refreshing to see people sharing their tasting experiences and already going to places recommended by others.

Let’s see a couple of wineries that hit the road definitely to mention:

Istvándy Estate and Winery Badacsonytomaj … Keeping their Family tradition more than 200 years. As said they believe in the Kéknyelű wine. For them not in the volume is in their task, but in quality. They are convinced that creating something valuable and unique can only be done based on well-founded, in-depth expertise, with openness and creativity. They found the right raw material for this in the noble and special Kéknyelű. Their mission is to discover the secrets of Kéknyelű, which will open up new horizons for the wine region. For tasting was brought these wines: Italian Riesling 2021, Drágakő – Kéknyelű-Rhine Riesling 2021, Laza cuvée 2021, Kékderű-Kéknyelű 2021, Rhine Riesling 2021. Last but not least … the Istvándy Wines not only the taste, but also the smell of the wine were deeply impressive. To see/taste the wines there just drop by 127 Római Rd. – Badacsonytomaj. A few years ago had a chance in being present visited with a media group and I can tell, the reception and hospitality was much too higher than expected. His love for the guests, the beauty of the landscape the organic lunch prepared by his sister from their local veggie field was unbelievably tasty. Gergő Istványi presented fantastic wines to suit our occasional meal. Tasted their local pure grape juice and since then remember every drop it. When we left within his Good-bye very single word was true … “You come to us as a guest and leave as a friend”Highly recommend to visit his plantation!

Also heard about the next occasion … directly to Istvándy Estate and Winery to participate at the “Kéknyelű Picnic” (Ticket price: 18900HUF) will be on May, 13. 2023., from 1 p.m.- 8 p.m. The ticket includes: 3-course BBQ meal from the Tütü gastrobus … Tasting 30 types of Kéknyelű wine from more than 10 wineries in-and-around Badacsony and much more… AND last but not least on the spot also to watch the “Amazing” Sun Go Down! … Which is free of charge 🙂

Another fascinating wine in the flavor was the Ambrosia – late vintage 2022 of Németh Cellar. The sun-baked autumn scent was in every drop, the structure was perfect. Beside their other wines out to be tasted were: Jazzi Pearl Wine 2022, Italian Riesling – selected vintage 2022, Sürkebarat – new wood barrel 2022, Kéknyelű – selected vintage 2022, Rhine Riesling 2022. The Németh Cellar is a small family cellar in the heart of Badacsony, which can be found at 135, Római Rd. – Badacsonytomaj, Three generations work together, from grandfather to grandchildren, everyone is at the service of the wine for part of the year, the wisdom of the elders is combined with the vigor of the youth. They believe that wines made with old traditional technology bring back the flavors of the landscape and the past, so they combine well-proven technology and modern tools in their professional work. The wine tastings of their small family winery also take place in a family atmosphere, the guests are warmly welcomed by the family members! In addition their carefully prepared wines, they also offer delicious wine skates and mouthwatering self-made sourdough bread!

Edegger Winery is a family business. The family comes from Austria – Styria – and operates the winery in Badacsony.
They cultivate vineyards according to biological guidelines and have abandoned the use of synthetic sprays and artificial wine treatment materials. The applied biodynamic viticulture makes their wines unique in that the characteristics of the different areas are also recognizable. We have 60% white grapes: Premier Italian Riesling and Rhine Riesling 2021, Jakob – Chardonnay 2018, Szürkebarát. The remaining 40% are red grapes: Pinot Noir – 2018, George -Cabernet Sauvignon 2015, Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot selection-Merlot 2018.
Jakob and George names cover my two sons. They can be found 235 Romai Rd.- Badacsony.

Borbély Winery … Family owned winery in Badacsonytomaj showing consistent quality over the years. Some of their wines receive high national recognition, often in the top 10 of wine competitions. They started with their own vineyards 1981 (received as honeymoon gift) but worked already in the wine business for the state-owned winery at Badacsony. it is no longer easy to get to his stand. It seemed that as hours have passed, the crowd in the hall was thickening up to their stand. On the spot was to be tasted: Bóbita delightful wine 2022, Tomaj – Rózsakő -Olaszrysling -Kéknyelű 2022, Badacsonyi Kéknyelű selection 2020, GYULA PAPA Badacsonyi Rajni Riesling 2019, KARÓS Badacsonyi Italian Riesling limited selection. They can be found at 19. Káptalantóti Rd. – Badacsonytomaj.

Büttner Winery as told their vineyards using the most modern mechanical methods and the harvest done by hand. They pay a lot of attention to the optimal time of the harvest and the carefully picked fruit is processed as quickly and gently as possible. Their winemaker Attila Csillag comes from a multi-generational family of winegrowers, who harmoniously combines his traditional wine-making experience with the innovative knowledge he spent at the Winery and Research Institute. With their wines can familiarize yourself with their entire wine offer. At the venue tasted the Late Harvest, Olaszrizling – 2018. The sweetness was assured by the 44gr. sugar and 18% Alcohol. Very smooth and tasteful. The winery is at topography number 1267 Szőlőhegy – Káptalantóti Bodok.

Fata – Badacsony a significant part of the area has white grapes, which are mainly cultivated by hand. Their production areas are made up of several small plantations. In terms of varietal composition, deal with the main Badacsony grapes. Such varieties was to be tasted: the Balatonbor Olaszrizling 2022, Badacsonyi Szürkebarát 2022, Badacsonyi Ottonel Muskotály 2022. Honestly the Badacsonyi Rózsakő 2021 wine was not just mouthwatering but the smell of the wine surely captured.  Venue: 88. Római Rd. – Badacsonytomaj.

Laposa Estate … Family owned estate at Badacsonytomaj, having a wide range of native varieties such as Riesling focusing exclusively on white varieties. The family motto is to respect the traditions with young dynamism. Brought to the New York Palace tasting: Vitorlás Rhine Riesling 2022, Kéknyelű 2021, Apukám Vilaga 3021, Vitorlás Italian Riesling 2022, Balatonbor 2022, Vitorlás Zenit 2022 for tasting. Venue: 1. Lajos Rd. – Badacsonytomaj, Bogyay

Brown Wine Bar is a handcrafted, self-bottled producers and may visit their family winery. The Brown Wine Bar is located 8 km from Badacsony, at 10. Honvéd str. Ábrahámhegy. At the tasting show these wines were available for the wine lovers: Irsai Oliver Pearl Wine 2022, Italian Riesling 2017, Budai Zöld 2021, Zeus 2021, Kéknyelű 2016, Kékfrankos 2019.

My philosophy is … “Experience is the best way to recommend others”

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World Sensation – Thirty Meters High Above the River Danube!


The “Átmentem” … “I Crossed” production organized by the Capital City Circus was the highlight of the opening day. The breathtaking production of László Simet Jr high up 30 meters, the audience see live from the quay between the Elizabeth and Freedom bridges. He undertook the uninsured crossing between Buda and Pest on a rope stretched over the River Danube in his hometown of Budapest. (Photos by  Ádám Urbán)

The performance is to start at 4.30 p.m. starts, but on the Belgrade quay next to the 18-19 point exit, the event begins  at  3.30 p.m. with the Danubia Orchestra’s program. The Orchesra played throughout the circus art production.  The audience not only saw high above the unbelievable production, but at the same time also to heard some of the works of the greatest Hungarian composers, such as Erkel, Kodály and Bartók.

The artist László Simet Jr., who was awarded the title of meritorious artist, testified to the miracle of human ability. What a superb production to the opening program of the 10th Theater Olympiad. undertook the uninsured crossing between Buda and Pest on a rope stretched over the Danube in his hometown of Budapest.


 Despite … come rain … come shine … upon the perfect moment László Simet Jr.  successfully achieved his mission.


László Simet Jr.  Is A Hero Not For Just One Day.

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Herald News … The Power of Sport – Eurosport


As an eventful summer approaches in the world of sports, Warner Bros. Discovery‘s weekly thematic magazine show The Power of Sport returns on Wednesdays, which sheds an exciting light on current events in the world of sports through human stories and issues.

The document series “The Power of Sport” started recently on the Eurosport channel, in which viewers can watch interviews with the world’s top athletes. The 30-minute, 15-minute series starts with exclusive interviews: among others, the Polish soccer player with an amputated leg, Marcin Oleksy, and Gabriela Andersen-Schiess, a former Swiss long-distance runner, who took part in the first Olympic women’s marathon at the 1984 Summer Olympic Games. The episode can be seen today from 18:38 on the Eurosport channel, but it will be shown several times in the coming weeks.

Fanny Szalai 3

The episode that will be broadcast today (April 12) will also have quite a few Hungarian aspects! An exclusive interview will be shown with one of the youngest and at the same time most talented competitors in the domestic triathlon sport, Fanni Szalai, about whom Eurosport also wrote that “a 15-year-old Hungarian super talent kicked in the triathlon sport with two feet.” In the video, in addition to Fanni, another well-known representative of the sport, Csaba Kuttor, with more than 30 years of experience as a triathlete, also speaks, who is also Fanni Szalai’s coach.

eurosport 2

The channel will also show the Paris-Roubaix cycling race and the Rolex Monte-Carlo Masters tennis tournament. Further episodes will also deal with Pride month, World Refugee Day, and the Ocean Race.

The final episode will be broadcasted on July 26, when the one-year countdown to the 2024 Paris Summer Olympics begins.

Scott Young, Vice President of Content and Production, Warner Bros. Discovery Sports Europe, said: “The power of sport lies in its ability to unite people around the world through diversity, competition and, above all, the sacrifices made by athletes who inspire fans to achieve outstanding performances. As we prepare for what promises to be a particularly exciting summer in the world of sports, our goal is to get to know the athletes on a deeper level with the fans and tell their stories, with which we go far beyond content limited to live broadcasts.”

The first season of The Power of Sport was launched spring 2022 and featured more than 60 reports, including interviews with Janja Garnbret (Olympic sport climbing champion), Susie Wolff (CEO of ROKiT Venturi Racing), Tim Gajser (three-time motocross world champion) and with Bartosz Zmarzlik (two-time slag engine world champion). He recounted the journey of iconic athletes to success and presented initiatives by which participants in the sports world support the communities they come from.

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Global Metallica Concert Premier @ Hungary’s Movie Theaters

Metallic movie premier - Hungary 2023

Before the world premiere of 72 Seasons,  no need to wonder … simply wander to your local movie to be present @ Metallica’s Fab concert.

On Screen For One Time Only!

The Pannónia Entertainment Ltd. will bring the worldwide cinema event to Hungary, which will be held around Metallica’s upcoming new album.  The 72 Seasons will be released to the general public on April 14, and the camp of Metallica huge fans will now have the opportunity to see … listen to the tracks in the movie theaters before the world premiere!

The roughly two-hour session will begin on Thursday, April 13  7 p.m. at selected locations throughout the country, in the original language.

The long-awaited 12th studio album in the history of the metallic icons can be heard in its entirety at the event, perhaps the closest to the concert sound with a cinema Dolby Atmos 5.1 sound system, and roughly 24 hours before the actual released.  Well, apart of the deep truth, they have five tracks which already been released as singles since the end of last November, but this is only half of the entire soundtrack, so there is still plenty more to discover.

The most die-hard fans will definitely not want to miss this. For those interested grab your ticket which are already on sale …  should hurry-up to get your seat!

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Herald News: Value and Quality Grand Prix 2023 Budapest

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Value and Quality Grand Prix – The best competition policy is the pursuit of excellent quality! Quality approach In 2023, it is possible to apply for international recognition in 45 main categories until May 31, was announced at the press conference in Benczúr House – Budapest

The Value and Quality Grand Prize Contest, the competition for the best products and services in the entire area of the Carpathian region, was announced in more than 100 topics of 45 main groups covering almost the entire palette of the economy. You can apply for the use of the Value and Quality Grand Prize Certification Trademark until May 31, announced the Tender Board of the Value and Quality Grand Prize Tender. The competition offers a very wide range of opportunities for businesses whose products are recognized both domestically and internationally. The awards of the Value and Quality Grand Prize Contest, the certified “symbol of quality”, will be presented on September 7, 2023, in the parliamentary session hall.

One of the headlines was expressed by Ildikó Kiss KárolynéFounder of the Value and Quality Grand Prize Contest said „Q”.: “It is common knowledge that businesses do not only create financial value. Their development and innovation potential can therefore not only be evaluated from an economic point of view, but we must also recognize their social and community role. The Quality Certification with Trademarks goes back more than a quarter of a century. The predecessor of the Value and Quality Grand Prix Certification Trademark, the Hungarian Product Grand Prix Certification Trademark, was launched in the spring of 1998. In 2018, this trademark was extended to the entire Carpathian region, followed by the modern Value and Quality Grand Prix Certification Trademark, which can also be introduced internationally.”

The founder of the Value and Quality Grand Prize Competition continued: „Q.”: “It is common knowledge that businesses do not only create financial value. Their development and innovation potential can therefore not only be evaluated from an economic point of view, but we must also recognize their social and community role. Quality certification with trademarks goes back more than a quarter of a century. The predecessor of the Value and Quality Grand Prix Certification Trademark, the Hungarian Product Grand Prix Certification Trademark, was launched in the spring of 1998. In 2018 trademark was extended to the entire Carpathian region, followed by the modern Value and Quality Grand Prix Certification Trademark, which can also be introduced internationally.

Dr. János Latorcai – Vice-president of the Parliament and the main patron of the event – said „Q”.: „We all experience and feel that something is changing in our world. More and more people believe that regardless of the outcome of the war, fundamental changes will occur in the international economic and political system, many are already talking about the reversal of globalization. It is difficult to predict how profound all these changes will be, but it is certain that the capacity for self-sufficiency will be appreciated, and this is impossible without innovative domestic enterprises. Successful support programs must therefore be continued. The purpose of the Value and Quality Grand Prize Tender System is to recognize the high quality level of goods and services that qualify for the tender, to promote the production of goods of outstanding quality and high added intellectual value that are competitive on the international market, and to encourage the development of services. Its important task is to help consumers make quality-conscious choices, to contribute to the development and distribution of health-conscious, energy-efficient products and services with its tool system. It supports the emergence of knowledge-based products and the establishment of enterprises operating in intellectual property-intensive industries, and serves the development of active quality policy of manufacturers, distributors and service providers.”

János Árpád Potápi – State Secretary responsible for national policy at the Prime Minister’s Office, said „Q”.: „We have been working for the thirteenth year now on the creation of a unified Carpathian basin – and within that a unified economic space. Thus, it gives me great pleasure that since 2016, the products of several foreign Hungarian entrepreneurs have also been among the award winners. This is a great example of the quality and togetherness that Hungarians represent with their work in the Carpathian Basin, and even worldwide. I am confident that in the spirit of our national unity and the cross-border cooperation of Hungarian entrepreneurs, this year we will once again be able to welcome Hungarian applicants from abroad, with whom we can raise our region together as one nation.”

Sándor Farkas– Deputy Minister of the Ministry of Agriculture put it following regarding the application. “Q”.: “During the pandemic, we experienced how vulnerable nations are to each other in today’s globalized world, and within them, we humans. The war further increased this and at the same time proved that the complete abandonment of self-determination and self-sufficiency of nations means a vulnerability that no responsible leadership of any country can afford.”

At the press conference also were present the representatives whom will offer various special prizes for the bidders of the Value and Quality Grand Prize Contest at the forthcoming GP … The DIMOND – Organizer office, ExVA – Investigation and Witness,Hajnal Meat CombineCo., LEGRAND – Hungarian Electricity Authority Co., Saint-Gobain Hungary Ltd., and the SZÁM-PONT Computer Service and Training Center Co.

Based on the decision of the Council of Tenderers, the tenders deemed to be the most outstanding deserve the use of the Value and Quality Grand Prize Certification Trademark, along with the use of the Value and Quality Grand Prize Award for the duration of the use of the trademark. The use of the trademark is certified by a Certificate of Merit in Hungarian and English, designed by graphic artist Károly Balázs, and the unique industrial art trophy decorated with the emblem of the Value and Quality Grand Prix, designed by industrial artist Dr. Andrea Szőcs.

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“Buy the Homeland Products” Campaign – Hungary 2023

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Hungarian Product Nonprofit Ltd. – Auchan Hungary Ltd. and the Maszály – milk-processing trade held a joint press gathering namely “Buy the Homeland Products” campaign @ the Auchan French multinational retail store @ Budaörs.

This year, the two companies’ first joint action is the 2-week Hungarian product campaign beginning in March. As part of it, newspaper, leaf promotions on the spot, unique shops bringing communication indicating to customers the location of domestic products and the discounts associated with them.

Overfall, 230 manufacturers and more than 5000 goods are entitled to use one of the emblems of the Hungarian Product TM system.

Their economic importance swelled enormously by the end of last year, as their total annual sales exceeded 2650HUF billion by December last year, their manufacturers employees were a total of 50,455,000.  All-in-all, closed a record year, in terms of the number of campaigns and the expansion of companies using the trademark also reflected in the fact that, compared to the results of 2020. The number of trademark users increased by nearly 30% by the end of last year. The Hungarian products are important in the current price competition. The aim is to take another step forward this year, and to improve the total turnover of the manufacturers to approach or even reach 3000HUF billion. According to this would indicate not only growth, but also the increasing financial stability of the members who exploiting the advantages inherent in the use of trademarks, can become increasingly integrated players in the Hungarian economy. About a 100 companies joined the first wave of the campaign, which ran during the coronavirus epidemic. To-day’s main goal is to improve the situation of domestic manufacturers, as was the case for the first time since in 2020 during the pandemic. The economic situation has perhaps become even more complex to-day. It was also said having carried out an online survey which had the results of 16000 individuals who participated. Finally the last year the results showed of the price is even more important for customers than before, but at the same time, for almost all consumers (96%) was important that on the shelves of retail chains having of much more option to choose from several Hungarian products. Was also highlighted that more than 230 manufacturers and more than 5000 goods are entitled to use one of the emblems of the Hungarian Product trademark system.

The economic situation has perhaps become even more complex to-day than earlier years, therefore, the Hungarian products even more important in the current price competition. The goal is to take another step forward this year, and the total turnover of our manufacturers to approach or even reach 3000HUF billion. This would indicate not only growth, but also the increasing financial stability of the members, who, exploiting the advantages inherent in the use of trademarks, can become increasingly integrated players in the Hungarian economy … emphasized Eszter Benedek – managing drector of Hungaruan Non-profit Ltd.

As a trademark user the Naszály milk production jointed stock company, with a Hungarian ownership background, has been strengthening the range of products with Hungarian trademarks for years. In order to convey the strong message of the campaign in 2023, the company is using on its brand  show to the consumers on a wider scale with its slogan “Buy the native products! Protect your homeland. Is now available in the Auchan network as an “in-out” sale”.  As one of the stages of the campaign, Naszály – milk-processing joint stock company appearing on the shelves of Auchan Hungary’s stores with new packaging conveying the message of the campaign … stated Attila Sallai – CEO of Naszály milk- process – joint stock company.

For almost ten years the Auchan with the non-profit organizations have been working to promote products with trademarks by highlighting their own brand range. The domestic market has always been important to them, and there is no better proof of than the high proportion of domestic products on shelves in their stores, and are still open to anyone who meets the quality requirements becoming their supplier” … told  by Attila Nagy – Auchan Hungary Ltd  Selection and Procurement Director.

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Herald News … Zsolnay “Light Painters” – Light Art Competition at the City of Pécs – 2023.


Last year, with the exception of Africa and Antarctica, entries came from all continents to Pécs. For this year’s round of the now world-famous competition individuals can apply from February,24. As in the previous years, the best light painters are to be at the Zsolnay Light Festival presenting dressing the facade of the Cathedral in bright robes.

The Zsolnay Light Festival between July 6-9. awaits lovers of light experiences at Pécs.

During the 3 Days festival the monumental facade of the Cathedral is brought to life by the world’s best lighting artists with three-dimensional, moving light works. The theme of this year’s competition is coexistence. Coexistence is a system in which completely different elements exist in the same space and time … “to live and let live” … Acceptance and understanding are important elements in interactions based on the logic of “leave”. All of this leads to various interactions and finally a complex, long-term sustainable system results in these phenomenon can basically be seen in action in all areas of life, be it individuals or relations between social groups, culture, the built and natural about our environment, or even about machines and neural networks.

The deadline date April 3, 2023 for submission of applications. Thereafter, goes the pre-selection. The 5 best who reached the final work can be presented at the festival. The curatorial staff of Zsolnay Light Art considers the public art nature of building mapping to be important in strengthening, the conscious application of its potential. During the evaluation of the tenders a in addition to visuality, the artistically demanding, cliché-free, original plays a particularly important role display of content to be said. The competition takes place in one category, and the jury is again this year overseen by a five-member of international professional committee away. In addition to the main prize of 5,000 euros awarded by the jury, there will also be an audience prize this year. Zsolnay Light Art professional partner and host of the competition is to be Kiégő Izzók.

In addition to the call for Zsolnay Light Art, another tender is also in the active stage, namely Fény(Light). The organizers are also waiting for applications for the creations of this journey. The city center is surrounded by various applications for the realization of light works and installations are expected until March 10.

Photo: 13-theater square – Pécs by kovacs-monika

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