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Maestro Gilbert Varga and Tibor Bogányi conductors with two faces at Pannon Philharmonic Orchestra – Pécs

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The Pannon Philharmonic Orchester (PFZ ) introduced  Maestro Gilbert Varga at Pécs in the Kodály Centre’s concert auditorium, whereas an open Group meeting was held on October 30, 2018, marking the beginning of a new chapter. This was the first time ever, the ensemble held an all-encompassing “Group meeting” that was open to the press as well with the orchestra members underlining the importance of the event that ushered in this new chapter.

The PFZ succeeded to sign for the forthcoming 3 years a contract with the Principal Conducter Maestro Gilbert Varga which was officially announced at the Kodály Center Music Hall. Conductor Tibor Bogányi, who has been for the past 18 years the lead conductor will share the stage with the maestro in the coming seasons. The ensemble will stronger the orchestra and bring fresh air into the music hall. For instance, said Bogányi  Q.: “Mutual conductors has become common elsewhere in Europe i.e. in Finland there are four permanent conductors at the Finnish Philharmonic Orchestra, and goes very well, each one conducting different music pieces. This joint mission is a unique new form in the Hungarian musical life with the ensemble of two equally artistic director in directing a spirit of trust in mutual co-operation. The two leader virtuoso conductors, alongside will be bringing new color into the Hungarian musical life for its artists, orchestra leadership and certainly will be a gift for the ears to the local and foreigner audience visiting the Kodály Center at Pécs.

Gilbert Varga is a Maestro of Hungarian descent, born in London, his family emigrated in the late ’40s. His father Tibor Varga was a legendary Hungarian violinist.  The maestro in the beginning made up his mind to be a violinist, but later on found himself the “worthy place” in the music hall and stepped up to the conductor’s pulpitum. The legendary conductor was the Music Director of Philharmonia Hungarica, a symphony group gathered of Hungarian musicians who emigrated in 1956.
The Pécs based orchestra have had been unsuccessfully attempted to call him home on multiple occasions, and now finally excepted to come to Hungary. Earlier, with the Basque Symphony Orchestra and Philharmonia Hungarica and  currently chief conductor of the Basque Symphony Orchestra and Philharmonia Hungarica. He worked at the Malmö Symphony Orchestra and the Stuttgart’s first permanent guest conductor and as a guest conductor also conducts the world’s finest ensembles from the United States to Taiwan.

The Maestro Varga, spoke about many instances in his career when he worked in a pair with other Principal Conductors, including Cristian Madeal and Mario Venzago. The Maestro Varga said Q.: „Together with Tibor Bogányi, we will be like a conductor with two faces. I have experience in similar paired leading conductor work, it has always been a positive experience for me and forward-thinking for the orchestra. Fulfilling this invitation by means sharing the responsibilities with Tibor Bogányi, making in use of opportunities that lie in our different age but open artistic capabilities.”

Q.: „The orchestra is constantly exploring new ways of reaching out to the audiences both young and elder folks. The idea is to activate young ones and young adults instead of passive listening, to gain experience of what the orchestra music is about. It is important to “win” the young ones… cause they are the next generation who will decided whether they will enjoy later the symphonic music or not, so our goal is that  for those coming for the first time to the music hall, to give them our best to feel, love to enjoy the symphony orchestra music” so said conductor Tibor Bogányi. The upcoming collaborative work both a test of personality and a professional challenge. Bogányi has undertaken a leadership position that supports creative expression, and he sees the older Maestro’s main role as prioritising the synthesis of professional tasks and broadening the young musicians’ professional horizons even further. Moreover, the pair’s distinctive musical interests will also enrich the orchestra’s repertoire.

The PFZ Director – Zsolt Horváth sees the aim of this new era as the lasting establishment of Hungary’s leading orchestras. Due to the group’s inner motivation and the artistic demands the orchestra, unique amongst local symphonic orchestras, has achieved a standard noted on both national and international stages. The collaboration is a high level of education that is already manifested in the orchestra’s current processes.  Q.: “The Pannon Philharmonic must get the opportunities and occasions to evolve, and we are confident in it cause we feel that we have done everything to provide them in the past 16 years.” stated the director. Added, overall the concerts conducted by Gilbert Varga and Tibor Bogányi cover about 70% of their program, but will continue to work also with well-known guest conductors in the future as in the past. Last but not least Zsolt Horváth stated, Maestro Gilbert Varga, is the band’s true national orchestra of Central Europe and the Visegrád countries. The goal is to act as cultural ambassadors as providing a guarantee that the Hungarian music represented a worthy level in the Carpathian Basin and Hungary surrounding.

Agnes Morvay – president of the Art Council of PFZ, said … This co-operation of the two directors … the experience of Gilbert Varga is clear, concrete sound design, artistic work and the talented youthful personality of Tibor Boganyi  the orchestra will surely benefit from  both sides  and the new sound  also will provide a higher love to the concert lovers.

Zsolt Pava  – Mayor of Pécs emphasized Gilbert Varga career guarantee that the PFZ new professional level step to happen; the orchestra brand strengthens the arrival of the conductor. Musicians of the company with excellent artistic and professional qualifications are “on the threshold” for wage increases, he added.

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The 25th Summerfest International Folklore Festival and Folk Art Fair

The Art of Folk Art!

Traditions that you experience, enjoy live today!

Szászhalombatta (It is about 30 kms. from Budapest)

The festival will be also held at Szigetszentmiklós and Tököl.

The Summerfest International Folklore Festival this year during August, 12-20. celebrates its 25th anniversary. The festival aims to raise awareness of the Hungarian National folklore treasure of richness. The invitation was out to 20 other nations from around and  throughout the festival 800 dancers will present their own traditional dancing with traditional songs preserving their own cultural values.

With the performance of the Hungarian dances, the main goal is the foreign groups to have an opportunity to get know about the country and its dances. The show will take place at Forrás Folkensemble on the stage of the Culture Center at  Százhalombatta.

Assemblies from around the World: United States of America, Bolivia, South Korea, Northern Cyprus, Estonia, France, Yakut, Kyrgyzstan, China, Laos, Mexico, Russia, Panama, Paraguay, Senegal, Tahiti, Taiwan, Tatarstan, Thailand, Turkey and naturally Hungary.

The dancers will be going on the stage while the announcer  telling a few background about the country and its traditional dancers performances.

Special children program for 4-6 years old children. Also World Music Tent  a program outside, in a tent around 20-25 minutes. The dancers teach dances for the audience with live music.

During the folklore festival  “Folk Art Fair”  all day long.

In the evening concerts, the audience can witness a real curiosity joy of music.

Beside other daily concerts in the program, the Essence’s concert have a special atmosphere, their music reflects, provides relaxation and liberates whilst taking on a trip  in the world of folk, jazz and classical music.

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Wine Gala – official award ceremony

VinAgora was founded in 1992 and up to present it is considered to be in the World’s ten most respective international wine  competition.  During the competition Hungary was not the only the one representing numerous domestic wines, but  a significant number of bottles arrived (unfortunately, pitty without some of their wine makers). Hearing the numbers of participants from the foreigner countries and the number of bottles of wine in the competition made me feel as floating in a huge pond filled with wines. As it was told at the award ceremony, 19 countries have participated with 579 kind of different wines and within that number also a couple of champagnes.

The award ceremony’s announcement  took place at the New York Palace in Budapest. Locals and foreigner awarded wine makers took the so-called stage and received  congratulations  to their awards  from the founder Mr. Dr. Miklós Kállay – president of the 15th VinAgora International Wine competition and Mr. Zoltán Zilai – executive director of the wine competition  – organiser of the Hungarian Grape and Wine Culture NP Inc. 

Mr. Dr. Miklós Kállay said: „Q” … „The first VinAgora competition was held in ’92. In those days there were only 119 competitors.  The competition is organized  every second year.  The development is pretty obvious because from the 74% of the wines competing were nearly one-third  from abroad. The samples: 44% of white wine, rose 7% to 32% of red wine, champagne and the so-called still wines. The competition is overseen by the members of the International Federation of Wine Competitions.”

Mr. Zoltán Zilai – executive director said: „Q” … “Was a huge task for the jury judging the high number of wines to give awards, medals of up to 30% of the wines entered in the competition.”

The VinAgora tournament welcomed wines from  Downunder (6 different Gatt wines receiving silver-and-bronz medals). Having a short chat with the representer at the Gatt table was as having a session about what is so unique of the Gatt wines. The young man told me the secret is in the Hallmark Barossa Shiraz‘s characteristic power and opulence origins from the vineyard  that grows in the heart of the Valley Sumptuous furthermore, the blackberry and Satsuma plum flavor on a long and generous palate with notes of licorice. Rodust structure and fine graphite tannins from 18 months in new American and French oak barrels.  He added saying it can be drink now or place it into a cellar for 15 yrs … oh well having to not have any cellar, so went for it on the spot and it was superb. 🙂

Not far from saying … Knowing the fact where Hungary geographically sits …  there is not any country in Europe where there is as much mineral hot water flowing under the ground … The Hungarian Gold!  Can be also be said … at the four corners of its territories has special soil which makes the vineyards  rich  and special tastes of wines, like nowhere else in Europe.   Heading back to the nineteen countries participating  at the international competition, three gold,  five silver medals and a special prizes was given this year to Uruguay’s Bodega Narbona winery Narbona Tannat Roble 2011 having the  title: “Country’s Best” … i.e.“The nation’s top wine”.  Not too much of a surprise,  the winemaker of Agrolaguna  from Croatia received three gold and three silver medals having in the competition twelve bottles of wines. In addition to the still white and red wines category, the entered bottles of champagne also received awards. Well recognised by the jury awarded with the Silver the  Aurora Brut Cardonnay – Serra Gaucha, from Brasil.

After the award ceremony …the tasting started … rolling around the long-and-wide tables, the invited media folks and shortly joining by the visitors having purchased their entry tickets, began the tasting show. The  floor was opened to the visitors from 2 p.m. till 8 p.m. where the estimated number of visitors throughout the day were around one thousand. During  the tasting at the same time with mainly the local wine makers anyone could have gone into a chat. They were curious to know by asking after tasting one-and-another wines, which one took the hook on them and then after they talked in-depth of that special year’s summer condition, the special soil of  the vineyard. Emphasizing the grapes scent and taste  dominant to the wine they are proud to present here at the VinAgora. Had to concentrate which are the wines preferring to taste, cause naturally even having a sip of couple and not all of the overall of 579 different wines which would have had been more than dangers!

Such competition is also a grand opportunity in learning the differences, whereabouts of a famous local and foreigner wine regions. They say in a competition there are always winners and losers. Here there were not any losers and most of all the visitors have had a chance to not just simply have a glass of wine but at the same time to know more about where it comes from and the manner it is produced and last but not least to meet the wine makers personally.

“VinAgora best Hungarian Type Wine” named “Olaszrizling” group by the Neszmély Szöllősi Winery. In 2011 “Melegeshegy Riesling” was awarded the prize and at the same time the winery was awarded as the “Most Successful Family Winery”  Five wines named after his family name has been awarded this year!  In 2013 “Rosé Cuvée Cabernet Sauvignon”, “Merlot” and “Gamay” blending by the Rose Mundial at Cannes – France, also deserved gold award.

Another excellent rosé wine from the Hungarian wine cellar of  Eva Gálné Dignisz has released. In the year 2013 she won the award with her Pinot Noir Rosé 2013.,  as the “Winemaker of the Year”.

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