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WineNet’s – Season of Carnival – City Park Café – Budapest

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On Friday, February 22, 2019 the WineNet invited guests to spend at a romantic environment, a panoramic view of Vajdahunyad Castle (District, XIV., 6. Olof Palme promenade – Budapest) in front  Budapest’s huge ice rink and gastronomic specialties at the City Park Café to enjoy the Season of Carnival along with the selected wines also available at the WineNet – Hungary.

The WineNet decided to organizing a gathering with invited guest to chase away winter connected  in the company of fine wines. Wine is one of the best expressions of the human soul. Everything is manifested in the wine itself. Wine has heart, soul, desires, but even shows how lovable it can be. Saying farewell to the season of winter is the best way to dress in the company of good wine! Taste of delicious finger food were served as well.

The noisy carnival celebrations were brought about by an ancient belief that at the end of winter, when the days are shorter and the nights are longer, the Sun loses power and evil spirits come to life. They tried to banish merriment, carnival costume parade, puppet witch burning.

Carnival time saying here I am!  Upon arrival many turned to the roulette table.  Unique wine roulette. The tasting starts with a welcome drink and a quick overview of the basic tastings. At the „ Blind Tasting” the wines were dressed in carnival costume. Participants to join the play laid their betting medals on the roulette table, of course after tasting a wine, tips could be made regarding … from which wine region or the vineyard,  the wine type, flavor characteristics, wine vintage year, which fruit flavors  dominate can be discovered. During the game, the players stood around the table. Players taste 6 items at the wine tasting.

The main protagonist of the evening were: Babarczi Vineyard and Cellar, Bogdán Estate, Dubicz Winery, Font Winery, Gróf Degenfeld Winery, Winery of Jenő Istvándy, Winery of Tamás Lelovits, Wine House of Molnár, Recas Winery, Wine Cellar of Szentpéteri.

At the wine tasting, wine makers gave in-depth, related to their experiences the background of their wines. Mentioning a couple:

Szentpéteri wine cellar.  At Municipality region defines typically the wine’s purity and freshness. In addition to a light and elegant appearance of elder and vine flowers and scent surprised when tasting like a bunch of heavenly grapes.Very harmonious acidity of the wine. Unique fragrances. Mediterranean-style rosé (Mediterranean fragrances, in addition to the Mediterranean fruit and blackberry, red currant aromas complex and unique appearance is exciting wine). During the tasting were: Kadarka 2017, Néró rosé selection 2018, Kékfrankos Rosé 2018, Olaszrizling Selection 2018. it is undeniable that there are Gold and Silver medals received at several international competitions by the wines of Szentpéteri wine cellar.

Tamás Lelovits  wine country are mainly producing dry red. Villány has created a brand with the wine region, which can only be 100% pure, premium quality Cabernet Franc. Extreme crop limitation for raw material: up to 80-90 dkg of grape per capital. It was bottled after 18 months of barrel maturation for the first time. Villányi Franc is the embodiment of elegance and harmony. The Villány Rosé Curvée 2018 was pretty popular at the wine tasting.

Dubicz Winery lays at the territory Mátra that is considered as Hungary’s second largest wine region. The Southern slopes of Mátra already existed in the Middle Ages. The Kékfrankos Rosé 2018 fragrance reminds of red fruits like raspberry, red currant. Tight structure, excellent crispy acidity, little frisky CO2, it is excellent to drink with soda water as well.

Those who wished took a funny mask. Raffle also took place offered by the wine makers of three wines on the spot.

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ITTF Table Tennis World Championships @ HUNGEXPO – Budapest – 2019.

Between April, 21-28. 2019.- Hungexpo Budapest Fair Center will host after 58 years again the largest table tennis event the 2019 WTTC, the ITTF Table Tennis World Championships. Budapest in the past has had hosted three world championships: in 1929, 1931, and recently in 1950.

The World Cup is organized by the Hungarian Table Tennis Association (MOATSZ).

The competition will be carried out in four halls: the finals will be held in the latest Hall G: at nearly 10000 square meters, which will be able to set-up seating up to 5000 people. The main sponsors supporting this event will also be accommodated in this hall with having their own booths. In Hall F: VIP entrance hall, court and play rest, press center and the conference room are formed. In the Hall A:  players may practice, and in while others can see the qualifiers from the 2000-seat spectators area.

At the Hall D: Food service area with contestant food service. At rest of the Hall will be a fan zone where fans can try their table tennis skills as well as shop various sports equipment, sports clothing and memorabilia related to the TWP competition.

Table tennis was  way back and still is one of the popular sports in Hungary. Among the world championships, table tennis is the 6th biggest event of the year. Hopefully, many of fans will be arriving from Europe, but needn’t to say from Asia a mass of fans will also be on the spot to cheer their loved sporty ones. It is also expected to increase the nights at the Budapest’s hotels during the period of the Tennis World Championship.

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Giants Invasion – Hungarian Museum of Natural History.



District, VIII., 2. Ludovika Square – Budapest

 February, 28.  – June,16. 2019.

A little tip to spend a remarkable time at one among the biggest models 7 meter “Batmobil” of 900,000 cubes, but there will be a Boeing 747  “Air Force One” aircraft built from one million cubes. The Guinness record-winning Ferris Wheel, the world’s largest cube, will be visible and for many the brilliant figures of Star Wars® zone will bring back their bright memories from the time at the movies.

Arriving from several European multiple locations to Budapest to be present at the Hungarian Museum of Natural History. Fifteen trucks rolling over loaded with the favorite small and large  builders.

Well-known figures from many areas such as: movies, culture, in sports, and fairy tales will be featured. Almost everything are in real life size.

Among the little ones and young kids will like their travel to wonderland … living together with the fairy-tale actors.

Many in the 20th century were raised with fiddling around with Lego bricks, which taught and developed imagination and still to-day do for many kids are their basic toys.

The”Brick Show” is organized by a Polish company, Wystawa Klockow.

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Jewish Heritage of Herend – Temporary Exhibition

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District, VII., 2. Dohány Street – Budapest

Just in case it was missed to visit, it is still open for the visitors the unique exhibition  which opened in October of last year and can be still visited until April, 29. 2019. The Hungarian Jewish Museum and Archives opened a joint exhibition with the Herend Porcelain Museum, featuring the story and art of the Herend Seder Plates. The exhibition is on the second floor at the Hungarian Jewish Museum – Budapest.

Herend Porcelain Manufactory operates today as the world’s largest porcelain manufactory and as a profitable enterprise. Herend achieves the balance of tradition and innovation passing on its 19th Century traditions into the 21st Century.

The Herend porcelains are one-by-one only painted by Master-Painters, so it is a Very High Standard Product. A real artwork of hand-making unique pieces.

The exhibit highlights two dozen ornate Seder plates made for wealthy Hungarian Jews by the famed Herend Porcelain Manufactory. If you view the plate’s illustrations carefully, you can trace the increasing assimilation of Jews into Hungary. The Hungarian Jewish Museum stands  jointly at the venue  to the Dohány Street Synagogue.

Admission ticket to the exhibition is 4000HUF/person which covers access to the museum and guided tour to the synagogue.  

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Sting European Tour – Budapest – 2019

Sting on the Road Again in 2019
July, 2. 2019.
Papp László  Budapest Sport Arena
District XIV., 2. Stefánia Rd.

Sting on the Road Again on his „My Songs” concert tour.

Budapest will be within one of the 25 cities String will hold a concert.

Fans will certainly be high at his dynamic show hearing his songs perfectly connected to him. Of course most of his fans followed his unique voice whilst being way back with The Police group and afterwards as a solo artist. String’s Budapest concert will be accompanied by an electric rock ensemble.

Come to Budapest from another European country where Sting will not be on stage this year and whilst here also take a look around at the cultural and entertainment venues, and in the evening experience Sting “My Songs” concert, presenting a selections from his timeless hits with The Police and illustrious solo career. Live through the moments again when the songs of these hit the charts and you! Be prepared to a Truly Amazing Evening!

  No antidote to this “Sting” but who would want to!?!

Tickets are already out to purchase on the spot at the Papp László Budapest Sport Arena’s ticket office by the price between 12900-29900HUF. Pretty high price but to get high will surely be worth the price for many fans.

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Exhibition @ Ari Kupsus Gallery


Art lovers are invited to the next Exhibition Opening of works Franciska Szabó on Thursday, February,14. 2019., starting from 6 p.m. – 8 p.m.
The exhibition will be opened by artist, painter Mr. Dániel Horváth. Music for the event will be provided by jazz musician, pianist Károly Gáspár.
The exhibition will be on view till March. 8. 2019., same place
Visitors are more than welcome! 
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Fiery Wines – Volanic Flavors – Badacsony coming to Budapest 2019

Sunday, March, 9. 2019.

New York Palace – Rome Hall – Budapest!

District, VII., 9. Erzsébet Boulevard

Spring will soon be coming, at least by introducing to keep in mind to visit Badacsony wine region!

The biggest wine tasting event of the year exhibited by the Badacsony region’s wine makers for wine lovers!

Event organised and held at the same place this year as well. The visitors may have a taste of the 38  wine makers 160 wines, and receive superb offers on the spot from 13 tourist service in visiting the Badacsony Region of Wines.

Over the years the “walking tasting pass ticket” became pretty popular, cause in the meantime can have a chat with the wine makers, receive information about their wines and the various options to visit the local cellars.

During the day may join master classes, such as with this year’s presence of Dr. Attila Fiáth, an international wine academician and an associate professor. The title of his presentation will be on “Highlanders of Badacsony”. The Badacsony Region wines are overall from the land of Badacsony, Szent György-hill, Csobánci, Lake-Liptov, Szigliget Mountain, Abraham-hegy.  Another performer will be András Wolf, an Executive Chef of Salon Restaurant and New York Cafe, Member of Bocuse d ‘Or Academy, Chef and Jury member. His presentation covers “Relationship between Badacsony Wine and Bread” and introducing his special, self-made bread.

Péter Vasti Winery, the organizer of the Badacsony Guild Tourism Association, will talk about the world of harmony between the “Wines of Badacsony Region and Gourmet food.”

Tickets to the event, special master courses and new discounted fares are available in advance at a price of 6900HUF or in limited number on the spot for the price of 8900HUF.  Also  further information to other ticket prices at

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