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Beyn Hayamim Band – Debut Album – 2018.

Erkel Theater – 7 p.m

District, VIII. 30. János Pál Pápa Square – Budapest

World music from Beyn Hayamim Band introducing their first album to be released on November, 7. 2018 and presenting their debut album at the Erkel Theater. During the evening special songs will be presented, the ancient, traditional, biblical scenes mixed up in the symphonic-rock and even opera.

The show’s motto 4000 years in 2 hours. This is no coincidence, since the Beyn Hayamim world wants to imitate the Creator and His Tora musical diversity and complexity. It is not missionary work, but the band’s visibility goal. The ancient teachings positive, life-affirming message of the transfer and make the world a better place.

A real unique show for those who are interested in the four thousand years of Judaism history, its mystical messages, if a believer, or if simply like and respect the Bible or  interested in modern Israel’s history-shaping effect, such as the exotic, remote landscapes, secluded worlds melodies will be a fine time and place to spend two hours.

At the concert, the songs are in Hebrew language with Hungarian translation on the projector above the stage so the audience synchronizes with the music. The band consists essentially of 13 members, but some permanent guests will join the show supplemented by 17 guests.

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Andrea Bocelli Yet Again in Budapest 2019.

Saturday, November, 16. 2019. – 7 p.m.

Papp László Sport Arena Budapest

District, XIV., 2. Stefánia Road – Budapest

No … the date is not a typo, but who want to have a guaranteed seat at the concert in Budapest may already take care to get their tickets, as not to miss it, before they are sold out as might have had been at his former one in Budapest.

The unique Bocelli’s voice will not just be fill the air but the audience souls in Budapest at the Papp László Sport Arena.

In addition to the concerts he almost producing a new album every year. His latest album will be released by the end of October 2018., Title “Sí”. The album contains 16 new songs, of which the theme of love, family, faith and hope.

Most probably … ain’t telling a secret that Andrea Bocelli is the biggest Tenon of to-day, also songwriter and record producer. With his beautiful love songs is widely popular singer with a substantial fan base worldwide, and it is neither stated otherwise in Hungary to the Hungarian audience.  Bocelli is returning to give a one-night concert in Budapest – Hungary.

Bocelli  is capable, has the power of giving delight, arousing admiration at his concert to his audience within classical music and popular music. He already and still conquered millions in crossover music style.

Bocelli will be accompanied by a Hungarian Symphony Orchestra and Choir.

No attention to scare anybody, but tickets are already on sale … just a few tickets left!

Mind you … tickets available only in Hungarian language:


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Navratri Festival – Fono House of Music – Budapest

Confluence of Cultures in Hungary – organised by BSH

The Navratri Festival taking place between October,  14 – 19. 2018.

Fonó  – Buda House of Music –   District, XI., 3. Sztregova Street – Budapest.

Participation is welcomed to Navaratri, Golu and Durga Punja Celebration. Join the evening at Raas Garba Night in your vibrant and colorful outfits.  .Entry is free of charge.

Especially the Kathak Dance performance choreographed by Ms Sonali Roy on October, 16. 2018 at 8.10 p.m.

Culture programs October, 15 – 18. from 8.30 a.m. to 10 p.m.

See the full program with dates and timing: SingleSlide 

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HOMEDesign 2018 – Hungexpo Exhibition Center – Budapest

 District, X., 10.  Albertirsai Road – Budapest

HOME 2018 – Find your dream home!

October, 12-14. 2018. – 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. each day … On Sunday until 5 p.m.

HOME 2018 exhibition  …   Basically focuses on the general public. Held at the same time with this event, so visitors who are still in the dreaming and planning phase may even find their dream home in the neighbouring pavilion. And they can even furnish it from the range of products offered by OTTHONDesign Autumn, too!

Woodlike … The Hungarian Furniture Association welcomes visitors with a family workshop where they can get an insight into the intricate details of furniture production while well-skilled guests can even make their own small furniture pieces to take home afterwards. Wood Like is a well-equipped woodwork shop ont he spot where visitors can become masters of the trade for a few hours. Young experts will help guests to put together a download design item.

Design Week Budapest… The event will be focusing on the design aspect of home decoration. A token of this change is the exhibition’s entering into a strategic partnership with Design Week Budapest, which is 15 years old this season. One of the “children” of this cooperation is the Pure Design project which allows young Hungarian furniture designers, whose brand building has reached the phase when their products are ready for individual market entry and competition or being sold to a larger audience, to showcase their works. Design Week Budapest will be represented in the Pure Design island as well

Beside the high-quality exhibitor stands, another key sight of the event will be the Innovation – Home stand, where visitors are welcome to interiors, presentations and home decoration consulting, giving them ideas to create particular styles and atmospheres.

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Fény Street Market Celebrating its 20th Birthday.

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Upon invitation, joined the media to visit the Fény Street Market in Budapest. Presentation was given by Dr. Zsolt Láng – major of district II., celebrating the existence of the 20 years old Fény Street market. At present, 150 stores on nearly 20000 square meters, together with the local government, have more than 60 store owners.  Beside the wide variety offers, charity initiatives, renewed inside paths are welcoming the shoppers. The market is equipped with escalator, elevator, pharmacy, dog-cat feed, butcher, grocery store and countless small farmers who also present their grains, fruits, veggies, grocery, meat, all under one shelter, Easy and handy for elder folks to do their daily shopping.  The Fény Street Market is one of the busiest and most vibrant spots in the II. district and brings together people who have less and less spontaneous opportunities to meet.  Spoke also about the series connected to the 20 years birthday events to come forward such as kids play day, craft works etc. At the market the human connection with the stores individuals the visitors  feel as  they are almost coming home, recipes and cooking tips are exchanged and having fun joking. László Varga – President of the Fény Street Market condominium executive committee.

Two individuals were also on the spot at the 20 years  anniversary’s celebration. The real Fény Street Market shoppers. They both are regular customers at the market for over 20 years. The major handle over a bag to each of one them as to express their thanks for being loyal Fény Str. market buyers.

The media visit ended with  invitation to Betting “Market Mode” on the 1st floor at the “Vince Ételbár” – Vince Food Bar. A bunch for lunch … homemade meat products! Bet will not be on my own with the fine assortment of meats and delicacies which were simply heavenly. The told that all the dishes cooked and served here are actually her family’s favorite meals, so thought why not have them here at the Fény Street market. These home-made foodies, sweet cakes, soups … of course Gulyás soup … speak for themselves. For those who are looking for a place where they can taste the “Real Hungarian Home Made” flavors, should not miss to go for it at the market. Feel the hospitality and superb food at a neat place. The place is open from Monday to Friday from Noon till 5 p.m. Week-end closed. Lunchtime often gets really full with locals and foreigners.  Raw meat products and warm meat as sausages can be purchased on the ground. Gourmet customers will not be able to withstand from the delicious home-made food!

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Capa Grand Prize Hungary – 2019

For many who sing, write, dance, act, study, run is not just a hobby, it is a lifestyle, just like to the photographer who takes a good snapshot and keeps a moment from running away. And as George Bernard Shaw once said … “A photographer is like a cod, which produces a million eggs in order that one may reach maturity.” 

The Robert Capa Contemporary Photography Center – District VI., 8th Nagymező Street – Budapest, invites you and your friends to the opening ceremony of the three Capa Grand Prize 2018 scholarships and the Capa Grand Prix 2018 and the announcement of the three Capa Grand Prix 2019 scholarships for the next year. The guest will be welcomed by Orsolya Kőrösi, Managing Director of Capa Center and
István Virágvölgyi, secretary of the Capa Grand Prix. The Capa Grand Prix 2018 scholarships are – Máté Bartha, Adél Koleszár and Dániel Kovalovszky – their series can be viewed at the exhibitions, and the one of their snap will be awarded by the jury for the Capa Grand Prix.

The two events will take place at the Capa Center on Wednesday, October 17, 2018, on the occasion of the 105th anniversary of Robert Capa’s birth.

The Capa Grand Prize Hungary 2019 is only awarded through the contest … it is not based on nomination.  Hungarian citizens and/or foreign citizens working in Hungary are eligible to enter.

The awarded prizes are appreciated by the members of the jury:  Lars Boering, director of World Press Photo, Louise Clements, Art Director of QUAD also Director of the FORMAT International Photographic Festival, Oliva María Rubio, Curator and Artistic Director of La Fábrica and Katalin Spengler art collector, journalist, editor.

Before the awarding of the grand prize, the fellows present their finished work to the jury in person and in English, at a joint public exhibition in the Capa Center. Beyond the fellowship grant, the Capa Center provides funds for the preparation of the exhibition.

The result will be presented by the jury president: Gábor Gerhes – visual artist – university professor

The exhibition can be visited free of charge from October, 18. up to November, 05. 2018.

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Nokia Hungary turns 20 in Budapest/Hungary

Nokia Hungary is cutting-edge technology of the future developed in Budapest

 Press release
Hungarian R&D center of the Finnish company is world-leading in the field of artificial intelligence, intelligent network and 5G.

Nokia founded its Hungarian subsidiary 20 years ago. To celebrate the company is showcasing its 25 most important innovations developed in Hungary during a 3-day event. The company plays a major role in the Hungarian economy, employing more than 2,200 people Nokia’s Hungary-based R&D activity encompasses everything from artificial intelligence solutions and 5G networks gain to more traditional mobile switching centers.

A backpack which can be turned into a mobile network in emergency situations, a mobile application allowing communication between cars by sharing information real-time, Rubik’s Cube in augmented reality – just some of the visionary technological innovations that are being developed by Hungarian professionals at Nokia in Budapest. The Finnish tech giant founded its Hungarian technology center 20 years ago, and on this occasion the company showcases its 25 most important innovations developed in the country during a 3-day event.

Nokia has been present in Hungary since 1998. Nokia Skypark – the headquarters of the company located in Budapest – is home to one of the biggest information technology and telecommunication R&D centers in the country. Nokia plays a major role in the country’s economy and employs more than 2,200 people. Nokia’s Hungary-based R&D activity encompasses the company’s traditional telecommunication developments, within the frameworks of which artificial intelligence solutions and automation of fifth generation networks gain an increasing ground besides mobile switching centers. The local research center of Nokia Bell Labs performs fundamental research in the field of artificial intelligence and cognitive science, among other areas.

World-class developments by Hungarian professionals … On the occasion of the twentieth anniversary of Nokia’s presence in Hungary, the company organized a 3-day event between 8-10 October called Nokia Future X Days. With the event, Nokia opened its doors to its domestic and international ecosystem partners, industrial professionals and Hungarian university students from the field of engineering and information technology. Within the framework of the event, a high-level conference is organized, with an adjacent exhibition showcasing the 25 most important Nokia innovations developed in Hungary through live demonstrations.

Backpack turned into a cell tower, cars communicating, Rubik’s Cube in augmented reality … One of the most spectacular developments is a backpack-sized mobile network, called Nokia Ultra Compact Network. The small-sized, robust and easily transportable mobile network was specially designed for catastrophe situations, enabling participants of the rescue mission to create a 4G network in the affected area within minutes.

Within CUIC (Center for University-Industry Cooperation), research and development activity conducted together with Budapest University of Technology and Economics resulted in a conceptual demo showing the transition between the real and virtual world, demonstrating the power and almost limitless possibilities of 5G technology. Digitizing the physical world real-time, magical AR (augmented reality) glasses – connected with a few real and a virtual Rubik’s Cubes – showed how the real and the digital world will be merged in the near future. The Cube can be solved with the help of the AR glasses where users can see the movements on the real Cube in real-time. This is a significant innovation since digitizing the Cube requires huge data transmission, made possible by 5G and Nokia’s cloud-based solutions. Furthermore, the Car2X mobile application, which allows users to follow the movements of other vehicles via sensors built into drivers’ phones or smart license plates, also has been developed in Budapest. Cars communicating with each other can help drivers by sharing information real time – even in a traffic situation beyond direct visibility. By sharing relevant information that supports decision-making, transportation can be made safer while the driver experience is improved, and it can also have an impact in the field of vehicle insurance.

“Hungarian professionals at Nokia Bell Labs and Nokia Technology Center perform world-leading research and development activity in several fields of mobile technology. Future X Days provided an excellent opportunity to showcase the 25 most important technological innovations developed in Hungary. Participants could get insight into solutions based on artificial intelligence, 5G cognitive networks, V2X – communication solutions between vehicles and other devices – human and technology interfaces, DevOps development management platform, Open API, Edge cloud and other, cutting-edge technology solutions,”  said Gergely Mihálka, member of Nokia’s global Executive Management.

Besides research and development, Budapest is home to Nokia employees working in international finance, global procurement, human resources, talent acquisition and marketing.

About Nokia … We create the technology to connect the world. Powered by the research and innovation of Nokia Bell Labs, we serve communications service providers, governments, large enterprises and consumers, with the industry’s most complete, end-to-end portfolio of products, services and licensing.

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