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FlashNews: Gyulai Pálinka Festival – 2018.

This coming week-end April , 27-30. Gyula becomes the capital of the Palinka!

  No not be left out  to be at one of the fun events at the Gyula Castle Garden.

The domestic guest of the event is Kisvárda … Foreign guests of the event: Palić.

The Gyula Pálinka Festival is a unique one introducing  gastronomy with the finest pálinka makers gather in time and space to show what the true pálinka of ripe fruit means from Hungary.

The visitors can taste different  types of pálinka  from major producers along with some smaller, family run distilleries showcasing their finest spirits at the festival.

Pálinka has a long history in Hungary, dating back more than 500 years and known as originally in use to be considered more as a medicine than a drink, as it was believed to be a digestive.

In addition to the huge selection of pálinka and food, each day there will be entertainment – operetta show with Marika Oszvald,  live music on the stage from the afternoon onwards by  nationally known musicians, bands  and artists, the Pálinka Knights Order procession, Announcement of the Winners of the Winners’ Cups of the International Palladium Competition, 2018 Results of the Commercial Pálinka Competition, Spectacle and performance at the castle and much more. Inspiring City of Gyula

Ticket: Day ticket: 1200HUF /person, 4-day ticket: 4190HUF /person and can be purchased on the spot at the ticket booth. Entry is free of charge under 10 years of age.

The organisers thought of  the children and young people so a range of colorful programs are awaiting them.

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John Malkovich – Homage to Photographic Masters – Art Gallery – Budapest

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Art Gallery – 28.02. – 06.03.2018.

District  XIV.,  37.  Dózsa György Rd. -Budapest

Previous visit to Budapest by John Malkovich held an enormous interest. This photo exhibition  has been extended until June, 3. 2018.  Sandro Miller: Malkovich Malkovich Malkovich | Respect for the Camera Masters, this year’s most spectacular photo exhibition in the Art Gallery, where John Malkovich becomes the main hero of photo icons. The series, completed in 2017 with 20 new photos was first seen in Budapest.

The highlight of Budapest Photo Festival 2018 – the project of the renowned American photographer Sandro Miller, and the famous actor John Malkovich is quite a venture: Malkovich Malkovich Malkovich: Homage to Photographic Masters.

If you had any doubts about John Malkovich being able to play the role of a little girl – perhaps two little girls – or impersonating Marilyn Monroe, the American sex symbol on a nude photograph, after seeing the exhibition in Art Gallery (Műcsarnok), all doubts will banish.

The unrestrained but not diffuse, the quite serious but entertaining artistic game involves two “magicians”: actor and photographer.

The fantastic photographs, that are an unusual homage to iconic masters of cinema and photography, finally arrive to Hungary as well. The photo-project is a salute to such artists as the expert of creating tension in motion picture, Alfred Hitchcock, the icon of pop art, Andy Warhol or one of the classics of portrait photography, Annie Leibovitz. Sandro Miller – “Sandro” as he is called – has been a key figure of American photography for more than three decades. He is a photographer of celebrities, whose commercial and fashion works hallmark several famous big companies and whose artistic works have been published in nine photo albums. He and Malkovich are both “colleagues” and friends – they have been working together not only on photographs but on several experimental short films as well. Curator: Klára Szarka

Opening hours: Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday 10 a.m. – 6 p.m., Thursday Noon – 8 p.m. Saturday, Sunday 10 a.m. – 6 p.m.

Guided Tours in Hungarian language: May,8., May,29., June,2. all starting at 6 p.m.

Tickets available on the spot at the ticket office.

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“They Shall Not Grow Old” – Previous ANZAC DAY in Budapest

Unfortunetely, since the Australia Embassay in Budapest was closed not too much Aussies get together which is a pitty. The Australian Ambassador to Hungary Mr. John Griffin really took care of the Aussies in Hungary with several occasions joining the “Get Together” events. Still for many living in Budapest are on their own without the support of Mr.Griffin.
Below are updates of the previous ANZAC DAY Commemorations in Budapest:

Anzac Day is celebrated on April, 25. each year, regardless of on which day it falls. The day is a public holiday Australia.

Regrettably, after the Australian Government  decided to close in  Budapest the Australia Embassy, the umbilical cord was cut off  to many Aussies in Hungary.  not too much Aussies get together which is a pitty. The Australian Ambassador to Hungary Mr. John Griffin really took care of the Aussies in Hungary with several occasions joining the “Get Together” events. Still for many living in Budapest are on their own without  Mr.Griffin and the Australia Embassy in Budapest.
Below are updates of the previous ANZAC DAY Commemorations in Budapest:

In order for the ANZAC Day to be part of the commemoration, they should have  traveled to Vienna / Austria to attend the  memorial  service.

In the „old days” the Ministry of Defense had a major role in implementing , taking part in organizing this event. Nevertheless, in Hungary the remembrance day was most probably kept by heart for many.

On April, 25. 1915., the armies of Australia and New Zealand entered into their premier battle of the First World War, at Gallipoli Peninsula in Turkey.

Briefly … „It was on 25 April 1915 that the armies of Australia and New Zealand entered into their premier battle of the First World War, at Gallipoli, Turkey. At the time, Australia had only been recognised as a federal commonwealth for thirteen years.

Many Australians were sympathetic to the United Kingdom, which they regarded as the motherland. So the volunteer armies of Australian and New Zealand, eager to fight the good fight in the war, bravely landed on the shore of the Gallipoli Peninsula with the intent to capture and secure a safe passage for Allied navies.

At Gallipoli, the Anzacs faced off with one of the fiercest armies history has ever known. Despite landing under the cover of darkness, the Anzacs were met with immediate bombardment and gunfire. On the shores of Gallipoli, the Australian and New Zealand armies fought for eight months forcing a stalemate. Eight thousand Anzac soldiers lost their lives before the Allies called for an evacuation.

While the operation itself was not a success, the valour and determination shown by Anzacs, the “Knights of Gallipoli,” were immediately commemorated in Australia, London, and even at the Allies’ camp in Egypt in 1916. Parades and ceremonies were held in their honour, and even those who were wounded in combat were a part of the parade while they were still recovering.

By the 1920s, the day had become a way to memorialize the sixty thousand Australian soldiers who died in the First World War. By the next decade, all Australian states had a form of celebration for Anzac Day, and many of the traditions we still carry out today had already taken shape. Forevermore, the 25th of April would be known as the day Australia arrived as a force in the world.”

Source from Journalist – Phillip, F. E. Schuler – “Australia in Arms”

Previous memorial service in Hungary:

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FINA Artistic Swimming World Series – Budapest – 2018.

The Hungarian Synchronised Swimming Federation has the honour to invite you to Leg 5 of the FINA Artistic Swimming World Series 2018., to be held in Budapest, Hungary.

This will be for the first time in the history of FINA Artistic Swimming World Series, Budapest as to be the host of the competition during May, 18. and May, 20. After the great success, the 17th FINA World Aquatics Championships which was held in Budapest and Balatonfured, the best athletes of artistic swimming will return to the Hungarian capital, the Danube Arena.

District XIII., 38. Népfürdő Street – Budapest

Day 1. – May, 18. 
11 a.m. -12.15 p.m. – Duet Technical Routine
5 p.m. 5.30 p.m. Free Combination

Day 2. – May, 19.
10 a.m.-10.30 a.m. – Team Technical Routine
11.30 a.m. -12.30 p.m. –  Solo Technical Routine
5 p.m. – 5.15 p.m.-  Highlight Routine
6.30 p.m. 7.45 p.m. – Duet Free Routine

Day 3. – May, 20.
10 a.m. – 11.05 a.m. – Solo Free Routine
3 p.m. – 3.35 p.m. – Team Free Routine
4.30 p.m. – 5 p.m. – Gala Exhibition

Besides the best Hungarian artistic swimmers, many world champions showed interest in competing in front of the best and loudest crown in May. The team of Ukraine, Italy and Spain are expected to come.

FINA event integrates recognised artistic swimming competitions around the globe and establishes an international ranking based on points accumulated over a ten-meet circuit.

Further info:  FINA

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A Half Day Tour – Balatonfüred – Lake Balaton 2018.

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Lake Balaton by the Hungarians is considered  as the Hungarian Sea. It’s a sweet water lake and the largest in Europe.

Lake Balaton has two sides just like the coin … in style of venue. The Northern side of the lake is a more quiet, comfy, relaxing, filling up individuals energy.  The Southern side of the lake is more of a hustle-and-bustle of life, full of life characterized by being razzmatazz.

But now on tour at the Northern side of the Lake Balaton in visiting Balatonfüred. First stop payed a visit and received high welcoming at the Bistro garden – Vino Terazza. A real Italian foody and moody restaurant. Upon the visit had the real experience to dive into the pampering hospitality and with their own imaginative delicacies. Besides the non everyday delights was extremely delicious. The peaceful panorama was amazing. Wine lovers can also get to know the local wines, and enjoy, ease the guest hungry here. Within the half day program was organized for the participants to see more of the region by rolling around on the Segway. Thereafter, was taken on a walking tour around the Balatonfüred. We also visited venue of the annual Anna Ball site. Each year one of the participants of the Ball is elected to be the queen, crowned as Miss Balaton.

Within the tour headed to the port and strolled along the well-known inhabitants once lived at this area. Beside watching the world go by on the port and cultural sites, Balatonfüred is worth the time to visit the gastronomic delights. Its elegance and style is unbeatable, it preserves the traditions of the past, but it is one of the most dynamically developing cities in the Balaton part is Balatonfüred, which will never let the visitors to be bored and dazzle the most demanding guests. At Balatonfüred right from the first minute can feel the visitors arrived to the right place to spend their holiday and relaxation.  The region goes back to a long tradition. It was already inhabited in Roman times, thanks to its beneficial Mediterranean climate and its carbonated springs it has long been a renowned spa town. In 1926, the renowned Nobel Prize-winning poet Rabindranath Tagore was reappeared in the renowned Heart Hospital of Balatonfüred, where he was planting wood on the picturesque promenade of the city, which still preserves his name. The memories of the past can be seen in a beautiful state: the magnificent XVIII. and XIX. century buildings define the city’s mood. Due to Sándor Kisfaludy, Balatonfüred can tell the first stone theater of Transdanubia, which opened in 1831. In the last century, the city has served as a relaxing place for many renowned artists and celebrities. Blaha Lujza Villa is today an elegant restaurant and hotel, the Vaszary Villa is a prestigious gallery, as well as a café and a private cinema.

In the early afternoon participating on the EXTREM BALATON sailboat from the harbor out to the smooth water with comfy breeze and the peaceful silence just blew our mind away. From the waterfront also could admire the site of the Tihany panorama … The jewel of the North Port.  Also the sight of sailboats in the harbor was awesome.

Before leaving Balatonfüred had a peak at the Koczor Winery. Have to go back there one day to gain experiences.

Balatonfüred with its sights-and-sounds … surroundings boast from spring to autumn with colorful programs  is always something for folks to visit.  The coastal part of the city center, right next to the Tagore Promenade and the port, as well as the reform era neighborhood, the waterfront provides services for all needs for active recreation and vacation travelers and sailing enthusiasts.

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Aquatic Circus show – Circus Trip on Large Atlantic Flight,

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Capital Circus of Budapest

District XIV., 12/a Állatkert Blvd. – Budapest

The genre of circus knows no boundaries, this has been seen from the smallest to the grandmothers. Today, April 21st, this year’s Circus Day is celebrated on every third week of April. There was one-hour event before the show starting at 10 a.m.,  2 p.m, and 6 p.m.  by the students of Baross Imre Institute of Artist Education as the talented young artist from the institution held juggling, balancing, ball and drum balancing shows. The artists called the young kids from the audience to try out some of the tools with the help from the acrobat forming pupils. Some tools could be tried by those present, the youngest of them being the most interested. As dexterous and enthusiastic about the equipment, it would no surprising if we saw many of them small kids again ten years later in the maneuvers.

Thereafter, was the performance of the Aquatic Circus show – Circus Trip on Large Atlantic Flight, which is on repertoire whereas the water becomes an integral part of the spectacle elements.

The Show can be visited through April, 7. up to September, 9. 2018.

This can be seen by the line up of fantastic local and international artists, and the audience nonstop held their breath during stunts. The miraculous choreography is worthy  moe than a note, cause it stands out as a world-wide classy show.

Within the Atlantic Flight – Aquatic Circus Journey, you can travel, fly without leaving Budapest as within the Atlantic Flight to you need not have to broad by seeing Steven and Angela Pedersen – two male seals – Denmark, Laura Urunova’s charming dog family and parrots. Artist working with animals have perfectly visualized the harmonic between man and animal, and love-based relationships.  Chinese bar number – Russia, Serebrennikov Iurii – Juggler – Russia, Illusionist Production – Russia, Kudzina Kristina – hula-hoop ring number – Russia,  Axt Elizabeth and Bakalkina Mariia – handstand-tissue – Hungary-Russia, Polunchukov Aleksandr, Lazarev Vitalii, SheinMikhail -Tram Table – Russia. Air Number – Russia, Duo Funcoholics.

For child under age 4 years old, sitting on the lap of family the ticket is free of charge. Children’s ticket between 4-18 years is available.

Tickets can be purchased personally on the spot at the ticket office and/or through on-line:

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Badacsony Wine Region – New York Palace Hall of Rome – Budapest 2018.

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On Saturday, April, 14. 2018. the Badacsony Wine Region wines arrived to Budapest.

This time, with more than 150 kinds of wines from 35 wineries, 15 touristic service’s operators in the Hall of Rome, were waiting for visitors.Thanks to the popularity of the event in recent years, the number of visitors has increased remarkably, thus exiting the beautiful cafe venue, so this year the 400 square meter Rome Room and its hall hosted the program. Was an excellent choice to change the venue, cause it was so cosy and friendly to chat with the wine makers at such an environment. A real pearl scenery. The visitors were received by organisers attentive. The smiling wine lover guests met each other of who had not met over a year at the Badacsony Wine Region gathering at the New York Palace in Budapest and learn the new wines, and became some of their new their favorites. No wonder … In the most popular wine region of the Lake Balaton Uplands, the soil and the sun, the lake water and the Mediterranean climate, the love and expertise of the people living here makes it wonderfully harmonious, fiery and characteristic wines.

In addition to the excellent wines of the region offered unforgettable experiences to the visitors with all year round better-and-better programs, culinary wonders and cozy apartments and hotels.

This diverse supply this year for the first time to recognize visitors to the event, there was among the exhibitors of the most famous hotels mentioning the Hotel Bonvino Badacsony, really remarkable program booklets ideas for visitors were on the spot with experts to give ideas where to spend the long or short holidays, handicraft producers, restaurants make sure are delicate to match the wines and delicacies. The Lábdi Piac – Market – Badacsony presents home-made syrup, jams, noodles, chruchy-munchies, pastes made of herbs, home-made bread.

For real gourmets, the organizers recommend the two masterclasses accompanying the event with renowned performers, interesting themes and exciting items.

Zoltán Sánta WSET CE, Dip WSET (AIWS), Weinakademiker took over the Wine and Spirit Education Trus degree (Level 4) in 2013, with the associated DipWSET title. He is the owner of the Weinakademie Österreich “Weinakademiker” in Rust. He has been teaching since 2011 at the „Borkollégium” … the country’s oldest wine school. In 2016, he also acquired the WSET Certified Instructor Certificate (WSET CE).

“Uri Muri” – presents the diversity of the Kéknyelű of Badacsony through the following excellent and exciting items: Sabar Wine House – Kéknyelű 2017, Málik Cellar – Kéknyelű 2016, Valibor – Kéknyelű – 2016, Borbély Family Winery in  – Kéknyelű 2015, First Hungarian Wine House – Szeremley Estate – Kéknyelű 2006, The Quiet Dividing Vineyard  – Kéknyelű 2013, Summer Cellar – Kéknyelű 2013, Németh Pince – late harvest  Kéknyelű 2005

András Wolf – the executive cafeteria of the Salon Restaurant and the New York Café, member of the Bocuse d’Or Academy, and the jury of the Chef’s Chef  showed wine and food pairs as “Wines for meals or dishes for wines. In addition to the selected wines of Badacsony, the participants can taste the mushrooms they create with the following high quality items: Laposa Estate – Fresh Italian Reisling  2017, Folly Arboretum and Winery  – Cedar 2016, Szászi Pince – Szürkebarát 2017, Weller Winery –  Zeus 2016, Villa Sandahl – Count down 2013, Varga Winery Balaton – Rosé 2017, a’Capella Vineyard – Kékfrankos 2016, Istvándy-  Estate Golgotha ​​2017.


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