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B&B Hotel Budapest City – Opened its Doors

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The B&B Hotel Budapest City is the first unique luxury accommodation establishment in the country.

The former Angel Office Building has been transformed into a B&B hotel with having 214-room. The hotel chain was founded in 1989. The B&B Hotels is Europe’s third largest economy hotel chain, operating around the Globe over 580 hotels in 14 different countries.

When you choose bed & breakfast stay, you may spend the night or two at a cozy accommodation along with home-breakfast table, but that’s not all … All-you-can-eat breakfast is overrated with delicious fresh pastries and savoury foods.

Offering luxury accommodations in a boutique bed & breakfast setting. The art of relaxation and hospitality is realized through the uniquely thoughtful interior design of each suite.  Here there is a twist on the traditional B&B concept … the rooms painted walls bringing attention to the high light venues of Budapest. Either stopping by business travel or a leisure trip it offers a nicely designed, comfortable single rooms, double & twin rooms, also family rooms comfy for up to four guests. Even for a short stay can enjoy the rooms equipped with  free wi-fi and Smart TV with Chromecast to watch the favorit multimedia contents. Also four electric car charging stations were also built in the garage.

Regardless of the season, may take a tour to many places of interest. The property is centrally located e.g. The Parliament Building, Saint Stephen’s Basilica, The Great Synagogue, The Royal Palace and last but not least, Hungary is not famous about its oil drilling as other countries are, but Hungary is the only country in Europe to have of its most of natural hot water, healing spas and springs.

May also explore the city’s art galleries, museum exhibitions, eateries, fine dining, cultural performances all within a short distance some by foot and/or by transportation or within  car. It is also pet friendly place/only an extra fee. 

Easy to reach the highway system and the Budapest Airport (BUD)

Up to 20 people there is a gathering room for business meeting and/or advance training course.

After rolling around the city or business engagements, visitors can relax, watching the sunset and the marvelous view onto to the River Danube and watching the busy city from a distance on the rooftop terrace really ease the end of the day. During the warms seasons to come the Bar will be open where guest can have the favorit drinks as well. For some like it hot, may visit for a gym to the fitness room.

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Juhfark Wine Holiday @ Somló

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Tornai Winery

Venue: District 8478 – 1242 Somló mountain @ Somlójenő,
Date: Saturday, October, 16. 2021.
Timing: 1 p.m. – 8 p.m.

On October 16, we will hold the unique, representative presentation of Juhfark in Somló for the sixth time, where all the outstanding batches of the breed can be tasted. The winemakers offer, answer the questions, and along with the most crumbling wines, you can also enjoy the unmistakable charm of the mountain. Programs and workshops that complement the great walking tasting make it even more special.
Participating wineries: 5 House Estate, Barcza Winery, Bogdán Estate, Csetvei Winery, Csordás-Fodor Wine House, Dobosi Winery, Black Cellar, Hegedűs-Szabó Winery, Kolonics Winery, Kőfejtő Pince, Kreinbacher Birtok, Pince Winery, Somlói Vince Tomcsányi Family Estate, Tornai Winery, Zsirai Winery

Program throughout the day… Walking tasting 1 p.m. – 8 p.m. – option in visiting 17 cellars with 28 sheep tails – Ticket price 7900HUF.

Also Workshops …

No1. Travel around Somló 2 p.m.
Bus vineyard tour on the mountain. Can also taste the favorite wines of the wineries affected by the road. Ticket price 4900HUF.

No2. Faces of Juhfark 4 p.m.
Tornai vertical Juhfark tasting with international award-winning wines. Led by Tamás Tornai. Ticket price 5900HUF.

No3. Attractions 6 p.m.
The world of cheeses and Juhfark. Interactive gastro-tasting led by Gabriella Mészáros (WSET). Ticket price 7900 HUF.

Guided museum and cellar tour – Price: 1000HUF, ticket purchase on the spot.

The walking tasting ticket entitles a person to an unlimited tasting of the wines offered by the participating winemakers throughout the event, as well as a transfer from the
accommodations listed below.

Tickets exchanged for the workshops are only valid together with a tasting ticket.

The organizers also thought of individuals who wish to join the Juhfark Holiday from Budapest transfer by a special bus transportation.

Bus departure from Budapest – October, 16. 10 a.m. – venue: BAH junction gas station
Bus return from Tornay Winery – October, 16, 2021, 8 p.m. – Ticket price round trip 4900HUF.

Source: Organizers

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Relive the 80s Era With A-ha Back-In-Time


The documentary will arrive in domestic cinemas from October, 14. 2021.

Original language, with Hungarian subtitles.

Relive the worldwide gained frame by A-ha trio, which exploded in the 80s featuring keyboardist Magne Furuholmen, vocalist Morten Harket, and guitarist Pål Waktaar-Savoy.

Their destiny was set to follow an impossible dream which led the group to become a global sensations and heartthrobs overnight.

Thomas Robsahm’s documentary is a delight for the band’s fans, and a pleasant surprise for lovers of 80s music. Thomas Robsahm accompanied the band A-ha for almost five years and tells the story of 3 teenagers living in a small town in 1970s Norway and showing their creative clashes, ambitions and stormy relationships.

Thomas Robsahm and Aslaug Holm’s film answers questions with unprecedented interviews and behind-the-scenes, and does not hide the internal conflicts caused by a sudden reputation.

No Norwegian act had broken through internationally quite like they did when they burst onto the international scene with 1985’s “Take on Me,” buoyed by an iconic sketch-animation video by Steve Barron.  The A-ha’s hit “Take On Me” is still one of the most played songs of the last millennium and even sold 50 million records.

Another superb A-ha song to their James Bond theme for „The Living Daylights” most probably a whole generation were daily humming the song and cherish the memories of A-ha back-in-time.

Distributed by Pannonia Entertainment Ltd.

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Temple of Arts series … History & Art On Screen – POMPEII – Sinful City


Throughout the Hungarian cinemas from October, 14. 2021.

Projected in the original language, with Hungarian subtitles.

Documentary – Running time: 90mins. – Rating: above 16 years of age (Strong sexualised imagery)

Director: Pappi Corsicato – Narator: Isabella Rossellini

The docufilm lays bare the myths and characters that have contributed to making this site immortal, frozen in time by the dramatic eruption of AD 79.

Still_Pompeii_Sin_City_001 copia

It will be released in Hungarian cinemas from October 14. The latest episode of the Temple of Art educational series, which examines Pompeii’s art and history from a new perspective. Coming with the subtitle Sinful City, instead of the destruction caused by a volcanic eruption, the film focuses on the everyday life of a vibrant ancient city, of which lush sensuality and enjoyment of life were an integral part of the art treasures found among the ruins … showing how its citizens lived their lives, spent their free time, experienced pleasure, passion, religion and their fate.

Synopsis … This documentary explores Pompeii, that city cloaked in mystery which, over the course of history, has influenced culture and art, from Neoclassicism to Contemporary Art, through images and words by the great artists and writers who experienced, visited and imagined it: from Pliny the Younger to Picasso, from Emily Dickinson to Jean Cocteau. The film doesn’t just deal with the volcano eruption, which has gone down in history, but with what the city of Pompeii itself was actually like.

Distributed: Pannonia Entertainment Ltd.

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Romani Design – Museum of Applied Arts’ György Ráth Villa – Budapest

romani design

The 5th of the temporary exhibition series is on view at the Museum of Applied Arts’ György Ráth Villa

Romani Design … In the framework of the In Circulation series, we invite contemporary designers, once they have become acquainted with our collections, to select an object or ensemble of objects, which inspires their work, and reflecting upon it, to create their own new design. The art object(s) that has been born this way will also become a part of our collection.

We launched the series in 2018 with the exhibition of Artista Studio, the second featured artist was Polish designer Maria Jeglińska, the third designer we invited was milliner Valéria Fazekas, the fourth of the designers were the members of DECHEM Studio from Prague.
In the story of the exhibition series, first the Romani Design designers chose a total of six art objects from the collections of the museum. These are all devotional pictures depicting either the Virgin Mary or other female saints, which provided the inspiration for the designers to create six enchantingly richly patterned women’s garments and coordinated accessories.
In the course of our collaborative work with the Romani Design designers, the accustomed working process of the In Circulation series was supplemented by a new element. As curators we were spurred to step beyond the walls of the museum, and to create something together, which would also connect us on the level of ritual. At the Roma Saint’s Day that takes place every year in Csatka, according to tradition, the Roma believers sew vestments as a benefaction to the statue of the Holy Virgin, which is then changed every hour. Commissioned by the museum, the designers also created a vestment for the Csatka Holy Virgin. While the object was not acquired by the museum in its physical form, we rather collected the process and the story connected with it. We left the vestment as part of the wardrobe for the Csatka Holy Virgin, which was created within the framework of the In Circulation series.

Romani Design … Romani Design is the world’s first Roma fashion studio. It is the mission of the sisters, Erika Varga and Helena Varga, who founded the studio in 2010, to help build the socio-cultural prestige of the Roma with the tools of fashion and applied arts. With their handmade design products, they place authentic Roma national dress into a contemporary context. In their collections, they are inclined to combine Roma and Hungarian folklore elements, as the two cultures have been integrally connected for centuries. From its beginnings, the Museum of Applied Arts has nurtured a close connection with the designers. We are proud that Romani Design held its very first fashion show in the main building of the museum (With Fashion for Acceptance, 2011). A part of the Spring/Summer 2017 collection, Wanderers of the Worlds, was acquired into the Contemporary Design Collection.
In the story of the exhibition series, first the designers chose a total of six art objects from the collections of the museum. These are all devotional pictures depicting either the Virgin Mary or other female saints, which provided the inspiration for the designers to create six enchantingly richly patterned women’s garments and coordinated accessories.
Curator: Judit Horváth, PhD, Head of the Contemporary Design Department, Museum of Applied Arts, Budapest
Co-Curators: Melinda Farkasdy and Rita Komporday, Contemporary Design Department, Museum of Applied Arts, Budapest

Source: Museum of Applied Arts’ György Ráth Villa

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Paris abstracts … Abstraction-Création … Kandinsky, Helion, Calder, Moholy-the Great…

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For the first time in almost 50 years in the world @ the MODEM!

The internationally unique exhibition Paris Abstracts of the MODEM Center for Modern & Contemporary Art opens in Debrecen on October 3, 2021.

(The activity of Abstraction-Création, dates back to the 1930 … In the 1930s, café encounters, art discourse and the operation of a gallery, magazine publishing, made it one of the most progressive art circles of the age in all of Europe. Paris then became once again the capital of the arts, which is era of the world attracted representatives of all its major abstract trends; from this international circle, a company of nearly 100 people was completed, joined by artists from more than 20 countries.)

At the MODEM Center there are 1500 square meters of exhibition which focus on the world-famous Abstraction-Création, the largest official non-figurative grouping ever. The artefacts of the exhibition, which features nearly 100 works, come from the museums of the Center Georges Pompidou in Paris, the Galerie Le Minotaure in Paris, the Viennese mummies, the Belvedere in Vienna or the Musée d’arts de Nantes in Nantes.

Abstraction-Création presents to the audience images and sculptures of world-famous artists such as Vasily Kandinsky, Jean Helion, Alexander Calder, Auguste Herbin, František Kupka, or Jean Arp, and more. The exhibition is the first in Hungary to represent the work of world-famous Hungarians, including László Moholy-Nagy, Alfred Reth or Étienne Beöthy, and well-known avant-garde artists such as Lajos Tihanyi and Ferenc Martyn in the medium of the Abstraction-Création in Paris. The curator of the exhibition is Dr. Flóra Mészáros, art historian. Abstraction-Création was a company of nearly 100 people, joined by artists from more than 20 countries, attracting major abstract figures from around the world in the 1930s. Almost 50 years after the MoMA in New York and then the Abstraction-Création exhibitions at the Musée d’Art Moderne de la Ville de Paris in Paris, this will be the first large-scale exhibition on the subject, which, incidentally, will reveal entirely new research results. Furthermore, this is the first modern exhibition held in Hungary, which is based on borrowings and several years of renowned research on an international topic by a Hungarian art historian.

The curator of the exhibition and the project manager is Dr. Flóra Mészáros, an art historian who has a doctorate on the subject at the Sorbonne in Paris. This presentation summarizes the almost one and a half decades of innovative research results of the organizer of the exhibition, a three-year joint organization with MODEM.

Two-thirds of the exhibition, which features nearly 100 works, is based on foreign collections and institutions. Our partners include the Center Georges Pompidou in Paris, the Galerie Le Minotaure in Paris, the Viennese mummies, the Belvedere in Vienna or the Musée d’arts de Nantes in Nantes … etc.

An extra sensation of the exhibition is that MODEM has undertaken the restoration and framing of the works of several famous institutions (Musée d’art moderne et contemporain de Saint-Étienne; Center Georges Pompidou). The large-scale international material is accompanied by a sophisticated catalog of studies by world-renowned art historians.

The exhibition awaits those interested between October, 3 2021 and January, 30, 2022. 

MODEM – Center for Modern and Contemporary Art @ the City of Debrecen – Hungary.

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Boost Your Mood … Tune in to your health!

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Immune Booster cocktail party with the Herbalife Nutrition was held at the Hilton Garden Inn Rooftop Budapest. The sight of the St. Stephen’s Basilica formed a beautiful view in the background to the speakers. A great autumn day with the ray of the sun was a perfect chose to the day.

Exercise, healthy diet, vitamins? How do you strengthen your immune system at the turn of the season? A cocktail party was held with the participation of experts and known influenza agents, where the results of the Herbalife Immune Booster 2021 survey were presented and participants had the opportunity to jointly prepare some healthy cocktails in a cocktail competition with Robert Ollári star mixer!

The results of the Herbalife Immune Booster 2021 survey were presented as part of a round table discussion. The conversation was moderated by Barbara Russian – television presenter. Other participants: Annamária Porkoláb-Minarik – psychologist, Reni Tolvai – singer, Jucus Szabó – gastroblogger, Dávid Baranya – dancer of “Dancing With the Stars”.

A thoughts or two from from the round table discussion … “Long-term results require hard work. So we do not promise you a quick victory. What we promise, however, is a strong support system, honest guidance and advice as needed. So you can say yes to doing what you can and getting the best out of yourself!” These were the opening words.

Continued the presentation saying, their products have been developed to support in achieving the person goal … be they simple goals or even very complex. Whether wish to reach the personal ideal weight and/or want to increase performance or for those going to the gym regularly, there are guidance and advice for each individuals. Their products included protein shakes, dietary supplements, moisturizing products, sports nutrition solutions. The first step is several times the hardest towards a better and healthier path! May start anytime, any day the journey to a healthier life today!

At the end there was a Herbalife Cocktail Competition – made with healthy ingredients along with invited guest and speakers.

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The World’s greatest violinists – Maxim Vengerov @ Pécs


Violinist Vengerov says his heart and soul belong in Israel

After 11 years, one of the world’s greatest violinists – Maxim Alexandrovich Vengerov is a Russian-born Israeli violinist, violist, and conductor. He is called “one of the greatest violinists in the world.

He will take the stage again at the Kodály Center @ the City of Pécs – Hungary – Featuring: Maxim Vengerov, Conductor: Gábor Takács-Nagy … Brahms: II. symphony …Brahms: Violin Competition

The worthy celebration of the 10th anniversary of the Kodály Center was prevented by the corona virus epidemic in 2020, so the Festive Season will take place almost a year late from the autumn of 2021.
One of the highlights of the Festive Season is Zsolnay Heritage Management NKft. and the concert planned for October 25, 2021 in collaboration with the MÁV Symphony Orchester Foundation, featuring the jubilee MÁV Symphony Orchester in Budapest, celebrating the 75th anniversary of its founding. The concert is inaugurated by the fact that after 11 years, Maxim Vengerov will take the podium again, this time as a violinist.

In December 2010, the Pannon Philharmonic Orchestra gave its first public concert under the direction of Maxim Vengerov at the newly opened Kodály Center.

Vengerov then said of the concert hall: “They say architecture is petrified music. Well, an architectural Stradivar was created here … ”. The concert hall, mentioned among the best in Europe, is anniversary this year, and one of the highlights of the Festive Season will be inaugurated by the fact that, after 11 years, one of the world’s greatest musicians, Maxim Vengerov, will take the stage again, this time as a violinist.
Maxim Vengerov is one of the world’s finest violinists, often referred to as the greatest string instrument player of our time. Born in 1974, he began playing the violin at the age of five. He was ten years old when he won first prize at the H. Wieniawsky International Competition for Young Violinists, and won the Carl Flesch International Violin Competition in London in 1990, and has been a concert violinist ever since. Already in the first years, he released several CDs, with which he won a multitude of record awards. He is also intensively involved in conducting. He teaches in many places, including the Menuhin Academy of Music in Switzerland and the Royal Academy of Music in London. Made in 1727, the “ex-Kreutzer” Stradivari plays the violin, with Jasha Heifetz’s former string.

The conductor of the concert is Gábor Takács-Nagy, who became world famous through the string quartet bearing his name. The quartet received scholarships in Colorado, USA, and its members settled there as well. Gábor Takács-Nagy left the band in 1992 and moved back to Europe, and has been living in Switzerland ever since, teaching at the Geneva Academy of Music. He has been conducting since 2002, and since 2007 he has been the music director of the Chamber Orchestra of the Verbier Festival (Switzerland), and his concerts feature world celebrities. Since 2011 he has been the lead conductor of the English band Manchester Camerata. He was the leading conductor and artistic director of the MÁV Symphony Orchestra from 2010 to 2012, and is currently the permanent guest conductor of the orchestra.

Organizers – MÁV Symphony Orchestra Foundation – Zsolnay Heritage Management Nonprofit Ltd.

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Official Opening B&B Hotel Budapest – Hungary 2021.


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Venue: District, IX., 1-3 Angel Street

On Tuesday, September 28, the building of the former Angel office building overlooking the Danube with excellent visibility was official open by Valerio Duchini South-Europe CEO  B&B Hotel. During the opening celebration of the B&B Hotel Budapest City, the CEO talked about the history in time of the B&B birth up till this latest new opening, starting with the birth of the B&B saying, was established in the hotel chain founded in 1989 by François Branellec of Galaxie SA. The first hotels opened simultaneously in Brest and Saint-Malo 1907 in  Brittany, France. In 1988 Germany … 2007 Italy … 2011 Poland … 2014 in Europe already a total of 300 B&B  hotels … 2018 2 B&B  in Brasil … 2021 Hungary and The Netherlands.

Overall the economy hotel chain, operates  at more than 580 hotels in 14 different countries.

As he said the 214-room ultramodern hotel belongs to the third largest economy hotel chain in Europe. The panoramic rooftop terrace can enjoy the break of the day or just simple see the sun go down behind the Gellert Hill.

The company’s first Hungarian unit and only to the nearest airport is Budapest Liszt Ferenc International Airport is just 15 km from the property and nearest to the Highway connection in visiting other regions in the country.

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Season-Opening Concert – Franz Liszt Academy of Music – Grand Hall – 2021

The Liszt Ferenc Academy of Music is a music university and a concert hall in Budapest was founded in Hungary, on November, 14. 1875.

Wednesday, September, 22. 2021 – 7 p.m.

District, VI., 8. Liszt Ferenc Square – Budapest

Marcell Szabó (piano) – MÁV Symphony Orchester –
Conductor: Gábor Káli

Shostakovich: Festive Overture, Op. 96
Scriabin: Piano Concerto in F minor, Op. 20
Tchaikovsky : Symphony No. 5 (E minor), Op. 64

The performances of two young musicians in their thirties, who have already recorded many successes, make the season-opening concert of the MÁV Symphony Orchester memorable. Conductor Gábor Káli finished his studies in Budapest, which began in Budapest. In 2018, he won the Hong Kong International Conducting Competition and then also won the Nestlé and Salzburg Festival Conducting Competition. An internationally renowned conductor, he has achieved tremendous success at the Salzburg Festival, France, Germany‘s most prestigious opera houses and concert halls, Poland, Singapore, Finland, Ireland and, of course, Hungary.

Pianist Marcell Szabó graduated from the Academy of Music in 2012, winner of several international competitions. The concert presents a kind of cross-section of Russian music: Tchaikovsky composed in 1888 5.his symphony evokes the heyday of great romance. Alexander Scriabin in the XX. one of the major composers of the age leading to the music of the 19th century – his only piano concerto was presented in 1898. And Shostakovich struggled in the horrific conditions of the Stalinist Soviet Union to create – the imprint of this age is the Festive Overture composed in 1954.

Tickets available on the spot at the ticket box . Ticket price: 4500, 5000, 5500HUF.

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