One-of-a-kind Jewish Cultural Hub Opens in Hungary

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Press Release:

Theater, artisan café, community space – the launch of Golem Center, a unique, complex cultural center in the historic Jewish district of Budapest, tells a story of community sense and determination.

Budapest’s Golem Theater – the only professional Jewish theater in Hungary – was founded in 2005 by András Borgula who has been the artistic director since then. Working on a project-based model with renowned actors and leading theater professionals from the Hungarian contemporary art scene, Golem has no permanent ensemble. Additionally, having no own playhouse, the company was forced to perform at various venues since its founding.

Q.: ”We have always planned to move to a permanent base, which is an obvious advantage when you run a theater. For that very reason, I was delighted when, in 2019, Budapest’s District VII. municipality agreed to lease us one of their derelict premises, an old bakery in the very heart of the city’s Old Jewish Quarter” – tells Borgula, adding: Q.:”Given an ever-increasing appetite for arts and culture in Budapest, we decided to widen our scope and transform our operation from purely running a theater to opening a contemporary Jewish cultural center with complete programs.”

The newly launched Golem Theater and Center of Jewish Performing Arts is located in Budapest’s District VII, one of Europe’s must-see urban destinations with an unmatched atmosphere filled with living Jewish and multicultural traditions dating back to several hundred years. Besides housing Golem Theater’s repertoire and its performing art school, Golem Center will host contemporary music, dance, circus productions, as well as serve as an educational and information hub for the local Jewish community. Additionally, guests have the chance to relax in a welcoming café that offers traditional Jewish culinary reinvented.

Realigning during the pandemic Golem Theater and Center of Jewish Performing Arts … 3 Csanyi street, Budapest, Hungary

The project is based on a public service contract where the municipality provides the venue, while Golem Theater operates the hub along with its own artistic programming and business plan. The renovation of the old building has been underway since 2019, financed by Golem resources, and with the help of private benefactors, corporate partners, crowdfunding. „In 2021, of course, the pandemic created a whole new situation. We were forced to stop playing live and adapt to the restrictions. We streamed our shows and, as a forerunner of our café, we started our home delivery service” – tells Borgula, adding: „In the end, we managed to open in autumn 2021, and we are happy to house our shows in this historic building and welcome our guests in our brand new café and community space.”

After the launch in October, a lot of works are still underway. As Borgula puts it: „It’s a neverending story for us, still we love every single moment of it. As cheesy as it sounds, it is a dream came true”.

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Coming Soon … The Goya Murders – Thriller Movie

Original title: EL ASESINO DE LOS CAPRICHOS – Directed by: Gerardo Herrero
Starring: Maribel Verdú, Aura Garrido, Ginés García Millán

Country and Release Year in Spain 2019. – Runtime: 97 mins.

The film will arrive in Hungarian cinemas on December, 9. 2021 in the original language, with Hungarian subtitles, distributed by Pannonia Entertaiment Ltd.

Synopsis … Police race to stop a mysterious serial killer targets, terrorises the wealthy class of art collectors in Madrid and poses their corpses to reproduce the scenes of the famous “Caprichos” painting by Francisco Goya. Two female police detectives Carmen – a veteran detective fed up with her life, and Eva – her young and idealistic assistant, must hunt down a meticulous assassin who has left no tracks.

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Coming Soon! Rolling Stones, The Doors, Pink Floyd evening live concert at the Pole (Pólus) Cinema – Budapest

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Pole (Pólus) Cinema – District XV., 131. Szentmihályi Road – Budapest
Tickets for the Pólus Rock Club programs are available on the spot and through the cinema website.



The next highlights of the Pole (Pólus) Cinema – Budapest to be coming up the series of Live Music Memorial Program. The Pole (Pólus) Rock Club pays homage to the legendary bands of rock history with live concerts and concert film screenings in the cinema’s main hall. The next programs in the series will evoke the evergreen melodies of the Rolling Stones, The Doors and Pink Floyd.

ROLLING STONES evening 7 p.m. (Friday, November, 26. 2021. – overall duration 3 hours 20 minutes) Stoned tribute concert + Some Girls – The Rolling Stones Live in Texas 1978 concert film…
Hungary’s only Rolling Stones tribute band, Stoned, will give a concert before the Rolling Stones evening. The concert film was recorded at the Texas station of the 1978 Rolling Stones USA tour. The Stoned tribute was founded in 2003 and currently playing in the line-up of Árpád Jókay (vocals), guitar, Gyula Bacsa (keyboards), Zoltán Bereczki (bass guitar), Csaba Zsiros (drums) at the current concert from the Rolling Stones’ 2021 “No Filter” tour eyes.
After the concert, a digitally remodeled and remixed recording of the 1978 Rolling Stones concert in Texas will be screened, which fans still consider one of the best concert films in the band’s history. The ’78 US tour was one of the highlights of the band’s career, with audiences raging at the raw and explosively energetic concert. In addition to songs from the then-released Some Girls album, the song features classic songs such as Honky Tonk Woman, Tumbling Dice, Brown Sugar, Jumpin ‘Jack Flash, Miss You and Beast of Burden. The Rolling Stones pays homage to their more than 6-decade career, while also commemorating the band’s legendary drummer, Charlie Watts, who recently passed away.

The DOORS evening  7 p.m. (Friday, December, 3. 2021.  –  overall duration 3 hours 30 minutes) The Doors Memorial Band Concert + Oliver Stone: The Doors (1991) film screening…
Before the screening of the Doors, will be featuring the Doors Memorial Band, which has been performing for nearly 30 years. Thereafter, one of the most influential California bands of the sixties. Thanks to Jim Morrison for timeless songs like Riders On The Storm, Break On Through and Light My Fire. world hits. The a digitally remodeled version of Oliver Stone’s 1991 biographical cult film presents the legend Morrison a whole generation with a wealth of music, a vibrant and unique visual world brought to life by the sensational portrayal of Val Kilmer in the film.

PINK FLOYD evening 7 p.m. (Friday, December, 17, 2021. – overall duration 3 hours) Keep Floyding tribute concert + Roger Waters The Wall (2015) concert film (unfolding on several planes, it evokes the melodies of the cult album THE WALL)…
The concert will guide the audience into the musical universe of the British progressive rock legend Pink Floyd.  In the first part of the evening, Pink Floyd tribute band, Keep Floyding, which has been giving concerts for more than twenty years, will give a live concert with a unique background projection and spectacular visual effects from the original band. The ten-piece band provides an exceptionally authentic experience for Pink Floyd fans thanks to its familiar line-up. After the live music program, the 2015 concert film The Wall will be screened once, that was recorded on Roger Waters’ monumental world tour of The Wall, which also „covers Budapest.” Among other things, well-known songs such as Another Brick in the Wall, Comfortably Numb or Run Like Hell are performed on the screen in high quality. In addition to the immersive concert experience of the classic Pink Floyd album, the film is also a personal road movie depicting reckoning with the past, embodying Waters ’anti-war philosophy on several levels
For the Led Zeppelin evening, which was originally planned for this year,  but will be held at a new date in 2022.

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Margaret Watkins’ “Black Light” Exhibition

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Gergő Borbás presents a subjective guided tour November, 18. 2021. – 6 p.m.

“Born in Hamilton, Ontario… brought up on pictures and music … “I adore cheese and do my own carpentering!” –

Margaret Watkins, 15 June 1923

In this subjective guided tour I would like to explore, together with the audience, Margaret Watkins’ interesting life through her hidden legacy. Watkins was the one who found art in advertising photography, and her work continues to influence current trends in the industry. And yet, she has remained unknown to wider audiences, until now. In my tour I would like to find new horizons and widen our perspectives to understand what influenced Watkins’ work from the world around and inside her.

Gergő Borbás is an actor, director and creative producer in Budapest. He is artistic director of the Right Here, Right Now Theater and Community Center, director-producer of Personal Histories Budapest, and program manager of JCC Budapest – Bálint Ház Jewish Community Center. Gergő also hosts a weekly YouTube series, called “I Brought Coffee,” in co-operation with the Art is Business Initiative. The series aims to connect the corporate and cultural spheres through shared values and interests, in order to create beneficial co-operations.

With Women Behind the Camera, an event series that runs until January, take a look at the creative work of women and questions related to female creativity, with the help of guest speakers.

To register for the event, post an email to, with the subject “Guided tour – 18 November.” to join the guided tour with your exhibition ticket. The usual concessions apply.

Wearing a medical mask is recommended in the exhibition halls of Mai Manó House, and it is mandatory during the guided tours, and inside the book store and the library.

Source – Mai Maó House

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Creppy’s “Palacsinta” Pancake from Miskolc to Las Vegas

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Participated upon invitation at the Creepy „Palacsinta” Pancake House at the City of Miskolc – Northern region of Hungary. Our host was the owner – brand creatorv Ms. Réka Oszlánczi who introduced us into the history of Creppy itself by adding her way by characterizing the venue as „Creppy the Pancake Disneyland.”

Just for a second let’s talk about the birth of the „Palacsinta” Pancake … Most food historians say that the earliest pancake-like dish, was made by Romans in the 1st century CE from milk, flour, egg, and spices.The Ancient Romans called their fried concoctions alia dulcia – Latin for “other sweets”. These were much different from what are known as pancakes today.

Many are aware of the widely made around the World of Pancakes, but each country has difference between pancakes-and-pancakes. In Hungary today some still continue to prepare the tradition pancakes by filling home-made plum or paricot jam or sweet cottage cheese, and you’ll usually find them served up as dessert … (just as the Gundel Palacsinta but that is another story).

Of course once the visitors experienced the Creppy „Palacsinta” Pancake they will surely taste another dimension of “Palacsinta” -Pancake!

Creepy journey on the road to fame from the City of Miskolc -Hungary to Las Vegas – USA … Why? Read onwards…

The small family business was born and leading an unique specialty gastronomy since 2006 … Just 15 years ago! Since then the flavor of a unique world. Not only has the news spread, but the sublime flavor of Creppy „Palacsinta” Pancakes itself has proven to be the Queen in the world of special flavors.

Besides the tourist attractions of Miskolc, it would be a sin to miss the Creppy „Palacsinta” Pancake House!  It ain’t easy to simply speak about the experience. The tasty delights speak for themselves and a must visit venue by everyone rolling over to Miskolc.

The word for pancake in Hungarian is “Palacsinta”. The Hungarian pancakes are thin and crepe-like. Here at the Creepy House all yummies are wrapped in pancake. Are both served sweet and salty options which makes them stand out among the rest of pancakes around the world. Besides the tourist attractions of Miskolc, it would be a sin to miss the Creppy „Palacsinta” Pancake House!  It ain’t easy to simply speak about the experience. The tasty delights speak for themselves and a must visit venue by everyone rolling over to Miskolc.

The pancakes are heavenly delicous for breakfast – appetizers – lunch – supper or simply serve your body eager for sweeties or salty pancake. Entering into the Creppy “Palacsinta” Pancake House you can get to know and taste the thousand faces of pancakes. What is really unique at the Miskolc Pancake „Palacsinta” House is that instead of of breading (flour/eggs/breadcrums) they covering pork meat, chickens, turkeys, ducks, and geese or cheese etc. the meals wrapped in pancakes. The pancake dishes base on the traditional Hungarian and also international flavors which means absolutely Made in Hungary and are absolute wildly popular, furthermore gluten-free, flour-sensitive people can also consume it.

It may happen a visitor or tourist cannot find easily the route to Creppy, because the streets have hardly no names (just as in Dublin) but ask anyone where the road leads to he Creppy „Palacsinta” Pancake House and Bingo you got it!

The restaurant’s founding owner, Réka Oszlánczi earned the Hope of the Future Special Award in the Young Entrepreneur of the Year category in 2014. She is also the creator of Creppy Pancake House, and a member of the International Franchise Association and Vice President of FIVOSZ.

The Miskolc Creppy, one of the best in Europe, represented Hungary at the world competition in Las Vegas, where it was selected as one of the 12 most promising franchise concepts in the world. Creppy’s franchise system has been named among the world’s best at the International Franchise Association (IFA) annual congress.

In 2020 Creppy’s founder, Ms Réka Oszlánczi, received the ‘Miskolc City Tourism Award’ from the city of Miskolc for her contribution to the revival and revitalisation of tourism in the city of Miskolc.

Overview of the presentation … Have won several national and international awards (see slideshow). The franchise concepts of several innovative Hungarian companies from Hungary and abroad have been recognized. Redefined the very essence of catering and proved that pancakes can satisfy any culinary need. Over the past 15 years they have cooked at least 1 million pancakes in their now high-tech equipped kitchen. She also said onwards Q.:”Thee regulars of the increasingly successful Hungarian brand consumed more than 48,370 pancakes last year, 2/3 of which were salty pancakes. The popularity of salty flavors are most liked by the Hungarians respondents within the research were 18.2% and 12.1% preferring sweet Creppy pancakes. The facts show that the work invested has paid off. Over the past 15 years, the pancake-based catering business has grown to become a major player in the region. A well-established franchise system can also bring success to business partners. There are a good number of interested parties not only from Hungary but also from abroad, as the know-how speaks for itself. The company, now known as the Creppy Center, which also has a pancake center, offers a recipe for success to like-minded partners with similar values. he pancake brand is characterized by more than 300 own recipes, unique flavors and creative uses. The 15 types of Creppy ingredients will soon be available in retail. Through the application the customers can order their meal at their table. The Creppy “Palacsinta” Pancake House opened in Debrecen in 2019, then Gyula in 2020, which were forced to close due to Covid.

Thereafter, immediately to the sudden change in circumstances switched to home delivery. On March 28, 2020 at Miskolc had to close, however managed to keep the 20 employees for external orders.
Traffic fell by 30-40% but somehow they remained to carry on. They have a good team and have ongoing training.

As Ms. Réka Oszlánczi stated This could also be a milestone for Hungarian gastronomy, as our country is not only famous for goulash and red pepper, but also for its special pancakes, thanks to the Miskolc-based company.

The Creppy Center is a multifunctional experience center in the heart of Miskolc, next to the „PalacsintaHáz” – Pancake House, which can host weddings and corporate events. Equipped with high-tech equipment, the multifunctional complex includes an event hall for up to 100 people, which can host large-scale events. The center, tastefully decorated in Creppy design, also serves as a franchise training and operating base. Creppy continues to support DVTK’s women’s basketball team.

The highly successful Creppy wine has also recently made its debut, a special wine from the emerging Bükk Wine Region.

In the past 15 years, there has been made more than 1 million crepes – „Palacsinta”, 2/3 of which were savoury crepes, so you could say that Hungarians are rather ‘salty’ in taste when it comes to “Palacsinta” – Pancake.

Mr. Zoltán Reimann – local historian, explained the recipe for success: “Réka Oszlánczi, the founder-owner of Creppy Pancake House, is one of the most talented young entrepreneurs in the country and works extremely hard for her business. She is a confident, professional businesswoman, who radiates a desire to do something and a love of the city.

Creppy’s 15th Birthday was celebrated in a great atmosphere, with Réka Oszlánczi, founder-owner, enchanting everyone with her passionate summary. We toured the Creppy Center event center, saw the Creppy’s Showed the Pancake Eater Wall of Fame and the awards the restaurant has received over the years.  Pancake Patrik is Creppy’s very own mascot character and as said is a family favorit. Patrik Pancake told a pancake story about his gastronomic travels abroad. On special events he entertains the kids, tells them about his gastronomic travels abroad.

The Creppy „Palacsinta” Pancake House invited the press representatives with a taste of three different (salty and sweet) pancake-based, mouthwatering flavours dishes. Actually, it is pretty impossible to express in words the effects that the taste buds have had the experience …. it was majestic!

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19th Mittelcinemafest @ Budapest

olasz filmfesztivál 2121

From November 6 to 16. 2021., ITALIAN Film Festival will arrive @ Budapest again. This year, the 19th Central-European Italian Film Festival – “Mittelcinemafest” will be held. The festival is a jointly event organized together with the Italian Cultural Institute – Budapest and the Istituto Luce-Cinecittà. The Hungarian audience will be able to see a dozen – the latest and greatest – Italian works, including several festival successes in the original language, with Hungarian subtitles. Screenings will be held in the Pushkin and Tabán cinemas – Budapest. Most movies are only screened overall once, so it’s worthwhile getting your tickets before they are out.

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Best Art Vinyl 2021

There are many formation of art and the charm which cannot be unseen. The level of energy oozing out a visual is simply overwhelming. One thing we know for sure is that the visuals are utter.

This time, now the 17th year The Best Art Vinyl Award compiles the global opinion on the best of contemporary art and design in music. A unique opportunity by expressing views on the best record cover designs of the year.

BEST ART VINYL 2021 VOTING NOW OPEN  and the winner will be announced in January 2022.

Most recently, below are the winners of Best Art Vinyl 2020 announced on the 3rd of January 2021.

  1. Artwork by Russell Oliver for IDLES album ‘Ultra Mono’
  2. Design Chris Peyton at VVVOID for Nick Mason’s Saucerful of Secrets album ‘Live at the Roundhouse’
  3. Photography Maria Lax and Graphic Design David Kitson for Doves album ‘The Universal Want’

The image of 2020, a striking painting by Russell Oliver to represent the ‘Positivity in Adversity’ that comes from the crashing contemporary punk rock sounds of IDLES.

In a year that presented unprecedented challenges for everyone, the year’s winning designs can be viewed alongside all 50 nominated record covers in the first-ever Virtual Vinyl Exhibition uniquely created during Lockdown2 in the south coast’s cultural hub of Folkestone for visitors to wander through online.

Since 2019 the Best Art Vinyl Award has been re-designed and manufactured by Vinylize. The Budapest based brand has been handcrafting glasses out of unwanted vinyl records since 2004 and is a design pioneer within alternative vinyl culture.

For those who wish to participate in voting hop over to cast your vote at the dedicated voting page and choose your 3 favorit designs from the 50 nominations.


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Unforgettable Showtime for Hungarians … “Tina” Movie Just Around the Corner!

American-British documentary film – 2021 –  with Hungarian   subtitles – 1h 58m

Live through your memories by attending again of the life and career of musician Tina Turner.

Oscar-winning director Daniel Lindsay and T.J. Martin’s intimate and intimate documentary of Tina Turner is about to arrive on the 4th of November to the Hungarian Cinemas. Music by: Danny Bensi; Saunder Jurriaans.

The documentary will explore the life of Tina Turner, from her abusive relationship with Ike Turner during the ’60s to her present-day retirement. The film includes new interviews with the music icon, plus recently unearthed footage from over the years.
A girl from the cotton field who pulled herself above from her rocky childhood to her divorce and the life and career of a musical icon In the movie Tina Turner charting her improbable rise to early fame, her personal and professional struggles throughout her life and her resurgence as a global phenomenon in the 1980s.

Needless to say … Tina Turner is a living icon. There’s no denying the Rock & Roll Hall of Famer has lived a legendary life, with a music career that spans over six decades. Her defining career is being explored in a new this documentary.

I had the honor being at Tina Turner  concerts three occasions at Budapest … Budapest Sport Arena – December, 1982. – Népstadion (People’s Stadium) August 1996 MTK Stadion Budapest September 1990. Tina is certainly a gift to our generation. Will always cherish those memories. I wish I could go back-in-time and truly watch her marvelous concert still today. She is truly loved by all of her fans around the Globe.

Distributor – Pannonia Entertainment Ltd.

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A Thief’s Daughter’ (‘La hija de un ladron) – National Cinema Premiere @ Budapest

Spanish Film Week – Urania National Theater
October, 28. – November, 1. 2021.
The film drama won the Goya Award for Best First Film “Spanish Oscar.”
In original language (with some Catalan), with Hungarian subtitles – projection time: 102 minutes
Casting: Greta Fernandez, Eduard Fernandez, Alex Monner, Tomas Martin, Frank Feys, Maria Rodriguez Soto
Director: Belen Funes, Screenwriters: Marcal Cebrian, Belen Funes.

Catalan writer-director Belen Funes’ debut feature ‘A Thief’s Daughter’ premiered in the main competition at the San Sebastian International Film Festival, with star Greta Fernandez sharing best actress honors.
Funes, by contrast, is near the start of what promises to be a bright career. A Thief’s Daughter breaks no new creative or thematic ground, but within its limitations works just fine as a finely etched character study that casts welcome light on tough social realities prevailing across modern-day Europe and far beyond.
Traces the relationship between a prison-wielding father and his daughter who wants to live a normal life. Interestingly, the two protagonists are also father-daughter in real life, so they provide a particularly authentic portrayal in the film.
The protagonist of the story, Sara, has been alone all her life. Now, at the age of 22, it is now a desire of a young child to form a family with his brother and his child’s father.
He knows that the main obstacle to this may be his own father, Manuel, who is being released from prison, so he decides to keep him away from them. However, he is forced to realize that he can only stand on his feet if he asks for help from his father, who is initially unable to support his daughter due to his own disillusionment with his own failures. Over time, however, they both realize that it is possible to rise above the grievances of the past, to move on.
It was screened at the Urania National Film Theater in Hungary during the 2020 Spanish Film Week.
Distributed by Pannonia Entertainment Ltd.

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B&B Hotel Budapest City – Opened its Doors

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The B&B Hotel Budapest City is the first unique luxury accommodation establishment in the country.

The former Angel Office Building has been transformed into a B&B hotel with having 214-room. The hotel chain was founded in 1989. The B&B Hotels is Europe’s third largest economy hotel chain, operating around the Globe over 580 hotels in 14 different countries.

When you choose bed & breakfast stay, you may spend the night or two at a cozy accommodation along with home-breakfast table, but that’s not all … All-you-can-eat breakfast is overrated with delicious fresh pastries and savoury foods.

Offering luxury accommodations in a boutique bed & breakfast setting. The art of relaxation and hospitality is realized through the uniquely thoughtful interior design of each suite.  Here there is a twist on the traditional B&B concept … the rooms painted walls bringing attention to the high light venues of Budapest. Either stopping by business travel or a leisure trip it offers a nicely designed, comfortable single rooms, double & twin rooms, also family rooms comfy for up to four guests. Even for a short stay can enjoy the rooms equipped with  free wi-fi and Smart TV with Chromecast to watch the favorit multimedia contents. Also four electric car charging stations were also built in the garage.

Regardless of the season, may take a tour to many places of interest. The property is centrally located e.g. The Parliament Building, Saint Stephen’s Basilica, The Great Synagogue, The Royal Palace and last but not least, Hungary is not famous about its oil drilling as other countries are, but Hungary is the only country in Europe to have of its most of natural hot water, healing spas and springs.

May also explore the city’s art galleries, museum exhibitions, eateries, fine dining, cultural performances all within a short distance some by foot and/or by transportation or within  car. It is also pet friendly place/only an extra fee. 

Easy to reach the highway system and the Budapest Airport (BUD)

Up to 20 people there is a gathering room for business meeting and/or advance training course.

After rolling around the city or business engagements, visitors can relax, watching the sunset and the marvelous view onto to the River Danube and watching the busy city from a distance on the rooftop terrace really ease the end of the day. During the warms seasons to come the Bar will be open where guest can have the favorit drinks as well. For some like it hot, may visit for a gym to the fitness room.

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