Balaton Sound’s “Safety First” 2022



Balaton Sound’s Safety First Campaign shortly on its way. It is a volunteer program to encourage a conscious and safe festival which kicked off in 2018.

Due to its previous success, it will continue as a permanent service during the festival.
The program’s goal is to minimize health, safety, and technical issues at the festival through preliminary communication campaigns, video tutorials, on-site presence advice by recognized professionals and through the Sound Watch assistance function which will be available during the Balaton Sound Festival.

Balaton Sound’s Safety First program won The Health and Safety Innovation Award at the European Festival Awards (EFA) in 2020.

The program had grown to become international. Last year working with a team of Hungarian volunteers and international young adults took part in the program from France, Belgium and Germany with other countries.

This year as well the organizers said are expecting medical, national defense and psychology students and all young people who are receptive to the topic, both from Hungary and abroad.

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Hungarians are more-and-more tolerant of pungent flavors

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The press conference was held in Budapest by Gyula Meat Ltd. – Gyulahús Ltd., at the A38 ship on the banks of the River Danube. Presentations were held by Éva Gila – marketing manager of Gyula Meat Ltd. and hostress of the event, Zsolt Daka – managing director of Gyula Meat Ltd., Mayor Ernő Görgényi – City of Gyula, Helena Kovács – Senior Trendinternational Market Researcher, Zoltán Hajduk – Head of the dry goods plant of Gyula Meat Ltd. Brigitta Lengyel – Head of the production plant of Gyula Meat Ltd.

Éva Gila – marketing manager of Gyula Meat Ltd. highlighted according to a survey conducted by Gyula Meat Ltd., which involved 500 people at the end of May and found that nearly 2/3 of people paying attention in the food to be delicious, and 45% gave up the product after the first dislike and then continue to look for the one that suits their taste. Hungarians do not give up on delicious flavors even if they buy some special, “free” food.

The survey also found that the need in „free” food is in most cases not due to digestive problems or sensitivities, cause as twice as many people buy this type of product. Sixty-five percent of those in the latter category eat specifically for medical reasons, and 30% believe it is healthier to consume „free” products. The research also revealed that spicy foods are becoming more-and-more popular among Hungarians, 73% of respondents regularly consume such products. There is no difference according to age groups, as young and elder alike prefer spicy, but the gender gap is already striking: 80% of men say they consume spicy food, compared to 65%of women.

Among the spicy foods, the most popular is the sausage, which 8 out of 10 shoppers regularly take off the store shelves. Surprisingly, the spicy spices and flavors are far behind the previous one, but almost 2/3 of the respondents often put such products in their carts. Peppers (fresh veggies) are in third place with 62%. In addition to these, spicy pickles, sauces, dressings and sauces are also in high demand, which are bought and consumed relatively frequently by about half of the participants in the research.

It was also emphasized that even though a significant part of the buyers of specialty products are not only free of gluten and lactose, they also expect delicious flavors. The average awareness of the consumer brands won the Hungarian Brands award in 2021 was higher than 75%, and their popularity was over 85%, which shows the commitment of Hungarian consumers to Hungarian brands. Éva Gila also told, they achieved better-than-expected, significant expansion in export markets last year.Turnover increased by 6% in volume in 2021. Although the research did not cover the pandemic situation, it certainly played a role in the growing trend. It is generally believed that hot peppers have an antiseptic effect and so forth hovering in the eyes of many, and during the coronavirus epidemic, following folk wisdom, they tried to supplement their defenses with such food.

Zsolt Daka – managing director of Gyula Meat Ltd., told that one of their new liver products was created by “kneading” two leading products – Gyulai Sausage and Gyulai Liver. The end result is a characteristic taste packed in liver. The product was named Gyula Sausage Spicy Liver. This delicacy is not only recommended for gourmets. The product is a gluten and lactose free preparation. Also added, due to the production technology, the livers of Gyula Meat Ltd., have always been gluten- and lactose-free. From the first moment the product arrived in the stores they won the favor of consumers, which is the “exemption” for more and more people.

Almost half of consumers tend to buy “free” food on a more or less regular basis, however, only a small circle (10%) think that this type of diet is largely driven by fashion. A much wider stratum 64% in total believes that there is some kind of indigestion, even if not justified by a doctor, or a consumer’s intention to prevent it behind the choice of these foods.

In foreword, Mayor Ernő Görgényi remarked on what rings the bell for an average person when speaking of the City of Gyula. Of course, the Castle Bath of Gyula, the Castle of Gyula and the Sausage of – Made in Gyula, but of course not always in that order. Mayor emphasized that the City of Gyula had made a good decision when it undertook to reorganize the local meat industry almost ten years ago with the help of state support to the Gyula Meat Ltd., and now grown to a fully successful municipal company. The profits are spent on financial appreciation and improvements for their employees.

In overall was told, the Gyula’s sausage has become a concept, either a parched, spicy, paired sausage and other meat products of Gyula. Hungarian housewives like to make sandwiches, scrambled eggs with sausage, but the gourmets used to bake sausages in the casserole potatoes, bean soup, thick lentil soup and stuffed pork loin or stuffed turkey breast. The Gyula sausage preserves three centuries in today’s flavors.Added that the survey data highlights that the popularity of these products has increased in the recent period. Nearly 20% said they have become accustomed to these delicacies lately. This is also confirmed by the feedback received by Gyula Meat Ltd., and the experience of tasting at trade fairs. According to the company’s experts, there has been a significant increase in interest in hot products at these events in recent times, and they are running out of much more than before.In the spicy offer, the Gyula brand was considered by the respondents to be the most prominent producer of meat products (31%). The popularity of hot products has increased in recent times. One-fifth of Hungarian consumers have indicated that they have become accustomed to these foods in the last few years, according to a recent, representative study by Gyula Meat Ltd. Based on consumer feedback to the company, the coronavirus also played a role in the trend. The survey also pointed out that a significant proportion of buyers of specialty products are not limited to gluten- and lactose-free conditions alone. They expect delicious flavors – if they are disappointed in this, they will quickly move on.

During the event the Great Plain Quartet played fiery melodies along side in sausage tasting and were also invited to a majestic lunch presenting yummy Gyula Meat specialties after the press conference.

…. In brief a little background History of the Gyula Sausage … The base was established by a small family business at the end of the of 18th – early 19th century. In advance earned its name already in the 16th century upon the winter fair in Gyula as one of the largest fairs in Europe. These fairs made the life of the city of Gyula very bubbly, boosting the manufacturing industry.

At the end of the 19th century, Gyula Sausage was in full swing, and many butchers offered their own port. The need arose to build a public slaughterhouse in the city – in 1868.

One of them stood out József Balog, who made Gyula famous all over Europe, won a Gold Medal with his sausage at the 1910 World’s Fair in Brussels. András Stéberl worked as an assistant at Balog Jr., who, after learning the tricks of sausage production and connecting him with his experience abroad, started the production of Gyula Sausage and many other meat products. Under the leadership of András Stéberl, the meat factory in Gyula won the Golden Diploma in 1935 at the Brussels World’s Fair for the master’s “small pair of Gyula sausages”. In a number of work phases, he mechanized tasks that had been performed almost exclusively by hand until then. After a few years, he exported the meat products from Gyula to several continents. His financial situation allowed him to develop, he set up a new, state-of-the-art plant with an incense burner, a cold store and warehouses. The pigs raised on its own fattening farm have been processed by its staff since 1938 in a new, larger factory. The product range has expanded significantly, covering almost all segments of meat processing. In addition to thin and thick sausages, winter salami, paired sausages, bacon and ham products, meat and ham preparations and to-day the rest is history.

History Source: Association for the Preservation of Traditions

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Szigliget’s Castle yard festival 2022.

szigliget festival 2022

Enjoy your week-end during June, 17 – 19, 2022. @ Veszprém county.

The village can be found on the northern bank of Lake Balaton in the vicinity of Badacsony and Keszthely. The village was built between and on the volcanic hills.

Just a wink of the history about SzigligetThe settlement existed in the Neolithic and Bronze Ages. Celtic, Roman and Avar archaeological finds were discovered in the vicinity. The ruins of a parochial church, built in the 12th century, can be seen. Until 1822 the area was an island in Lake Balaton. The island was connected to the mainland in 1822 by rearrangement of the bank-dams around Balaton.

Back to the festival … At the festival in Szigliget, which lasts for several days, better and better performers step on stage. The event is mainly about music, so visitors to the event can not only get moody to tap/dance to the music but also taste delicious food specialties! The atmosphere will surely reach its peak, and this is guaranteed by local wines and craft beers, there is also an open-air theater and open-air cinema, which would be a pitty to miss.

This program is also great for groups of friends and couples to enjoy the sights-and-sounds of Szigliget so it is worth a visit.

For those who buy a ticket for the event, you will get admission to the castle of Szigliget and to the local beach of Veszprém county.

After the festival, every weekend of the summer will hold exciting musical, theatrical and gastronomic experiences.

The detailed program function is under development … check the website for further details:

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India celebrates their 75th anniversary of Independence with series of events @ Budapest

India 2022

The 8th International Yoga Day shortly coming up between 19 and 21 June, 2022., organized by the Embassy of India in Hungary.

On Sunday, June, 19. 2022, 8 a.m. – 9 a.m. at Akvárium Club – District V., 12. Erzsébet Square, as part of Yoga Fest 2022 event. H.E. Shri Partha SatpathyAmbassador of India to Hungary will open the program in details.

Tuesday, 21st June, 21. 2022, 9 a.m. – 2p.m. at Budapest’s City Park (Városliget Park) on the green field, venue between Kós Károly Ave  – Castle of Vajdahunyad –  near the bridge at the Lake Városliget.

Both programs a/m this year is also special because India celebrates the 75th anniversary of its Independence, celebrating jointly with the AKAM (“Azadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav” –  namely “Celebration of Freedom” within the series of events. The International Day of Yoga will be also part of this celebration.

Detailed program coming soon, in the mean time individuals who would like to join the International Day of Yoga already may warm up in advance for the Yoga Day.

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Head to Lake Balaton – Summerville 2022

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The MOL Very Balaton press conference was held at the Aquarium Center in Budapest, whereas this year’s program were announced.

There is always a festival somewhere in a country, but to come together it’s really during in the summertime. Part of a series of events June, 21. – September, 11. were announced. Whatever you’re into, wherever your steps lead you during the Mol Very Balaton … Mol Nagyon Balaton giant festival, visitors will find like-minded souls getting together to cheer on the good things in life.

Plan your biggest adventure yet to come beyond your imagination, goovin at Lake Balaton’s Summer Festival this summer. To ensure it, nothing to take away visitors from the Lake Balaton – the Hungarian Sea … No whalers, no seal-hunters, no sharks on the spot.

MOL Very Balaton started its journey in 2013 with the intention of showing locals and tourist what are the truly high-quality, exciting events of the Balaton Region. This year’s MOL Very Balaton is already celebrating its 10th annual event, and every year more and more world-class and Hungarian-specific events around the lake are to be taking place. These are events organized in different ways, they share the spirit of Lake Balaton ”said Norbert Lobenwein founder of MOL Very Balaton.

Dive into the spirit of Mol Very Balaton Festival. There will be music for every soul … live entertainment, enjoy the “boutique” music, such as: folk, blues, soul, rock. All manner of delights take your tastebuds on an unforgettable journey through most scenic and bountiful food and wine regions. Get into the spirit culture and entertainment, celebration of all art forms, the event calendar is brimming with festivals.

This year’s Balaton Sound is waiting for lovers of electronic music in Zamárdi from June, 29 to July, 2. Performers on the four stages will include Martin Garrix, Timmy Trumpet, Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike, Paul Kalkbrenner, Richie Hawtin and Sven Väth, among others. Within the series programs will include four street theaters and three fashion shows, said Anna Filutás – chief organizer.

World famous stars will give concerts on the main stage of VeszprémFest from July 11 to 16: Diana Krall, Jamie Cullum, Ana Moura, Gipsy Kings, ZAZ and James Blunt, led by Nicolas Reyes. Zoltán Mészárosmain organizer said, the event is the host of the Veszprém-Balaton EKF 2023 series of events. A new venue will be the History Garden, the Riesling, Rosé and Jazz Days will be in the Old Town Square, Jamie Winchester and Róbert Hrutka will perform in the Jesuit Church Garden.

The 54th Blue Ribbon sailing competition was held for the first time in 1934. This year on July, 14 at Balatonfüred. András Holczhauserfounder of the Blue Ribbon, said that more than 600 boats and more than 3000 athletes from 10 countries will fight in the 155-kilometer long distance.

The 3Days – ZamJam start on July, 28 in Zamárdi a new festival venue said Mayor – Gyula Csákovics in addition to Balaton Sound and Strand. Kata Ádám main organizer added a lineup of performers on the big stage, and also having Lookout Concerts, Fine Arts, Jazz, Theater, Film and Literature.

The Valley of Arts runs between July, 22-31., at venues: Kapolcs, Taliándörögd and Vigántpetend. Main organizerNatália Oszkó-Jakab emphasized that the all-arts event will be held for the 31st time with 2029 programs awaiting about ten thousand visitors a day.

The Best of Balaton series continues … There are 11 curators behind the initiative, they are the ones who have been recommending places, landscapes, get together affairs, suggesting sights-and-sounds worth visiting Lake Balaton since last year. Last year’s 50 offers will be supplemented by another 20 this year. The series of events will start on June 27, in the framework of which we will present a film every day about the places, people and things that make us love Lake Balaton, ”said Zoltán Fülöp – Head VOLT Production.
Take control of your summer! … It is a tradition that Balaton Magazine will be published at the beginning of the summer, which has been an important and useful read for the coming months. István Bus editor-in-chief with his team has put together a rich publication as a special issue of DRIVE Magazine.
MOL & Very Balaton have been partners over 8 years. This year, we are placing more emphasis than before on presenting the most exciting, high-quality programs in the region on even more communication platforms. This year will also be Best of Summer, a collection of the best events of the summer in the form of a program booklet.

The closing event of Very Balaton will be the Balaton Picnic on September 9-10 at the Plaza in Siófok.

The song of Lake Balaton debuted at to-day’s the press conference! … Last year, at the Balaton Festival, the award for the Song of Lake Balaton was presented to András Laár KFT: title: Summer at Lake Balaton.

This year, the Bagossy Brothers Company will record the 2022 Balaton Song. The clip was presented to the media and public on Thursday, June, 9. at the press conference.

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Modern Day Elvis … George Michael Freedom Uncut Documentary

uncut gearge Michael dumentary

Sony Music, Trafalgar Releasing and Pannonia Entertainment Ltd., will present George Michael‘s last work, Freedom Uncut, will be a one-time exceptional evening on Wednesday, June 22, 2022, to watch his 110-minute musical documentary. In English language with Hungarian subtitles.

A deeply autobiographical feature documentary narrated by the late Grammy® Award winner.
GEORGE MICHAEL FREEDOM UNCUT will be released as a global cinema event.

Throughout the documentary Michael reveals two distinct sides of his life: his very public music career and his private personal life and why he turned his back on the rivalry light, the celebrity lifestlye. The “uncut version” of George Michael Freedom’s musical documentary focuses on the defining era in the life and career of the late Grammy-winning artist, which also saw the release of the first installment of the highly successful album, Listen Without Prejudice, and the famous Supreme Court that followed. The lawsuit against the record’s publisher, as well as the death of George Michael’s first love, Anselmo Feleppa … and so in addition to the professional aspects, it is understandably throat-tight.

The film covers the turbulent period after Faith leading up to, during and after the making of his Listen Without Prejudice: Vol 1 album in 1990.

A deeply autobiographical feature documentary narrated by … who else could it be … hearing the late Grammy® Award winner the singer himself … shot before his early death, George took part in every moment of the film’s production, so the film can also be considered a swan song.

George Michael Freedom Uncut is also a brilliant reminder of Michael’s outstanding musical genius during the Wham! years and throughout his solo career.

The film features timeless duets with George’s favorite artists and explores how he influenced the cultural landscape of his generation as one of the world’s best-selling artists of all time.

Interviews with George Michael’s most famous friends – Stevie Wonder, Elton John, Ricky Gervais, Nile Rogers, Mark Ronson, Tracey Emin, Liam Gallagher, Mary J. Blige, Jean Paul Gaultier, James Corden and Tony Bennett were also conducted.

GEORGE MICHAEL FREEDOM UNCUT will be released as a global cinema event.

See the Cimemas Budapest showtime:

This will be a one-time screening exceptional evening opportunity to watch the documentary … Mark the DATE – CINEMA – GET YOUR SEAT … already out now … watch this unforgettable talent who has gone ahead … but his music will surely remain within us.

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Tesco – Hungarian Product Ltd – Signed Strategic Agreement @ Budaőrs – Hungary – 2022.

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Press gathering was based at the Tesco Store @ Budaőrs was held by Eszter Benedek – Managing Director of Magyar Products Nonprofit Ltd. and Tamás Kámán – Purchasing Director of Tesco-Global co. ltd. and Dr. Beáta Olga Felkai – Head of Department on behalf of the Ministry of Agriculture.

The Hungarian Product Trademarks at the Tesco’s Stores continues to expand … in order to emphasize the domestic origin and controlled quality. With the agreement signed now be in use certification trademarks of Magyar Product Nonprofit Ltd. on its own branded products – this is also part of the strategic agreement signed yesterday, July 7. 2022. Hungarian Product Trademarks (MAGYAR TERMÉK Nonprofit Kft.) was founded in 2006 with the aim of helping clear identification of domestic goods and increase the demand for Hungarian products with its certification mark.

Eszter Benede – Hungarian Product Nonprofit Ltd. managing director said, that Tesco currently distributes more than 600 logo products of various Hungarian manufacturers. According to the strategic agreement between Magyar Product Nonprofit Ltd. and Tesco, this number will continue to increase, as from now on Tesco will also use the trademark on its own branded products. Its success is well indicated by the fact that more than 5000 products and services of about 220 companies now bear one of the Hungarian Product trademarks. There are also plans in organizing various forums for regional suppliers, helping the smaller size farmers to bring their products to the market, as well as the small producers products available goods to the costumers at the Tesco’s stores. She continued, within their mutual agreement of to-day, the goal is to cover the promotion of domestic products in Tesco’s stores with promotional publications and webshop, as well as in organizing joint thematic marketing campaigns, adding various forums for regional suppliers and sweepstakes.

Was also emphasized how important it was to adopt into act the online shopping during the pandemic, had to think about the shoppers taste and needs. Imports were a bit cumbersome and were not always available all previous Tesco products on the selves, but Hungarian goods were available constantly at Tesco’s stores.

Tamás Kámán – Tesco’s Purchasing Director, emphasized that domestic suppliers have been so far paramount importance to the Tesco, but the agreement opens up new opportunities for co-operation between Magyar Products. Tesco will have had 27000 products in 2021 of which more than 21000 were of domestic origin, and more than 60% of its sales revenue was returned to Hungarian suppliers. “Hungarian Product trademarks” are now being affixed to hundreds of Tesco-branded products, and we wish to draw the customers  attention to the domestic products of controlled quality.

Dr. Beáta Olga Felkai – Head of the department of the Ministry of Agriculture pointed out that by choosing Hungarian products, the customers of Tesco will strengthen the Hungarian economy, help the livelihood of families living from agriculture and also contribute to climate protection. She also gave an updated in figures that 96% of Hungarian consumers are looking for Hungarian branded products. Continued … the products are made from 100% Hungarian raw materials, in Hungary. In the case of food, this means that the animal was raised in Hungary … the plant was raised at home … all the steps of processing took place at home … the raw materials used are from Hungary, with the exception of additives, spices and salt. The domestic origin and reliability of trademarked products are verified by an independent organization and the proper origin of the raw material is verified. In addition to the origin of the product, compliance with legal requirements is also checked, so anyone who buys a branded product can be sure that they are getting a reliable product that does not enjoy an undue competitive advantage, meets the product safety criteria.

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VI. Zsolnay Light Festival – Pécs – Hungary

Version 2

For four days come around … get around  to Pécs the capital of light in the world.  

July 7–10. 2022.

The country’s first and only light festival is expected to attract 100,000 visitors and the organizers are preparing about 120 programs. World-renowned light artists present the most exciting pieces of their work to visitors, who can also try curiosities such as playing tennis with light, making light graffiti and diving into the ocean of light – all for free! We won’t believe our eyes this year either! The city center of Pécs will become a world of fantasy, with dazzling sights in a total of 19 locations, which form the Way of Light:
He has toured the world’s largest light festivals in recent years, and now the huge, immersive work of the English Squidsoup team, Submergence, is arriving at the Árkád Pécs Shopping Center. The audience can walk into the work while being completely surrounded by the dynamic light installation. With more than 5,000 highlights, the work evokes a sense of immersion in the ocean.
On the 25th anniversary of Victor Vasarely death, two works will be paid tribute to his work  –  the world-famous native of Pécs. Contemplating Vasarely’s pictorial world, Janus Pannonius “weaves a carpet of light.” students of the Faculty of Arts of the University of Pécs. Another work will be Vasarely-inspired interactive woodcut opposite the Csontváry Museum. The Zsolnay family had a tennis court built in the Barbican Trench at the beginning of the 20th century, this year it was rebuilt … come to life where visitors can play tennis matches using light. Waterlight Graffiti, an interactive work by Antonin Fourneau from France, arrives in Kossuth Square. Here, on an eight-meter-wide LED wall, we can create light graffiti using water.
Light painting will shine on the iconic squares and buildings of Pécs, such as the Jami, Jókai Square or the National Theater – Pécs, but new venues such as the playground of the new Pécs Fair Hall or the Arcade Park will also receive a light robe, which will shine in UV colors.
Whether feel hungry for even more experience can look forward to Path of Light Extra, whose special venues and exclusive programs to visit.

With the armband purchased on the spot can visit the venues, price 1500HUF , available at any stops at the festival.

Detailed program description:

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Take a Visit to “Tata Patara 1597” Turkish Historial Festival

In 2022, the “Tatai Patara1597” Turkish Historical Festival will be held for the 14th time  between

June 3-4-5.

The visitors can see the age of fifteen years of war and especially the siege of Tata in 1597.

It is a real historical event, the first deployment of a military technology innovation that gained international recognition in its infancy, and last but not least, the “Hungarian invention”. It is one of the most prestigious festivals of the Turkish era, not only in Hungary, but also in Europe. The basic idea drawn from the past of Hungarian military history also motivated the selection of strategic partners, the Kuny Domokos Museum, the Tatabánya Museum and the MH 25 Klapka Rifle Brigade.

Held in an authentic historical environment, the festival offers the opportunity to organize a large-scale series of events, where, in parallel with the recollection of contemporary military art and the life of the end, exemplary cooperation and moral values ​​- such as heroism, camaraderie, patriotism, faith, friendship, perseverance – which strengthened the co-operation against the Turkish conquerors, the protection of European Christianity, and which must continue to guide us today.

The aim of the historical festival is to present the livelihood and everyday life of the 16th century, striving for historical fidelity in all its details, the way of life and struggle of Christians and Ottoman occupiers, and the after-effects of forced coexistence. All this in an interactive way, involving visitors not only as spectators but also as active participants. With the spectacular demonstrations, military camps, lifestyle demonstrations, duels, programs, exhibitions and castle tours of the camps and the Hungarian village and harem operating as a “live exhibition” with the participation of 250-300 Hungarian and foreign military traders, based on a scenario developed by a military historian. offers a comprehensive program for those interested in military history or history, but may be of interest to any age group. During the entertainment programs, the visitor acquires authentic knowledge about the history of the Turkish era almost unnoticed. The war events are presented in the original Turkish sites, in the Turkish-era defensive system of the Tata castle, in the moat. Our permanent venues are the Tata Castle and the Castle Square, as well as the lakeside part between them to the Esterházy Riding School.

The Yunus Emre Turkish Cultural Institute in Budapest will continue to support our event this year with traditional Turkish folk music, a bazaar, coffee and tea tasting, games and new exhibitions with the participation of Turkish artists. Among our cooperating partners, we can greet and get to know the Turkish Representative Office of the Turkish Council, and the Gül Baba Türbéje Heritage Protection Foundation will arrive with an independent program.

Visitors can see the age of fifteen years of war and especially the siege of Tata in 1597.

Four battles can be seen by the visitors:

Saturday morning … The presentation is in the XVI. It brings to life the moments of Turkish-Hungarian border life at the end of the 19th century. They can see the punishment of the Hajduks by the plundering of Turkish plunderers who violate the camp order, the duel from the challenge to the victory of the champion, the miserable fate of the prisoners and finally the flames of war are released and their forces are measured in a spectacular battle.

Saturday night … In the courtyard of the castle, the preservers of the tradition present the XVI. the end of the century. We can learn about the history of the construction of the castle and the events of the tragic year of 1594, when after the unsuccessful siege of Esztergom the Christians lost Tata and many other castles, which resulted in the prosecution of the captains sending the castle. The story is evoked by texts written on the basis of contemporary letters and chronicles, colored with appropriate music.

Sunday morning … The demonstration shows the cunning attack of the Turks when they want to take advantage of the turmoil caused by setting fire to the camp. However, the hearts of the Christians are in place and the disciplined soldiers will soon overcome the turmoil and disrupt the attackers with the fire of cannons and rifles.

Sunday afternoon … In the courtyard of the castle we summon the famous firecracker attack of Count Miklós Pálffy in May 1597. Based on the count’s former victory report, they can learn the story of the attack, which the traditionalists present in a spectacular siege scene. The patara pops and at the end the Hungarian flag is placed on the ridge of the castle.

Tickets are available at the spot during the festival.

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Postmodern Jukebox coming again to Budapest – 2022.


In the last third of the 20th century, the postmodern trend was born in America. There are so many other innovations in music, later the formation of “Scott Bradlee’s Postmodern Jukebox” itself during this period. The PMJ team, made up of highly talented international singers and musicians, paused their live performances during the pandemic, but the work did not stop.

Scott Bradlee’s Postmodern Jukebox is currently touring across 11 countries and has 53 upcoming concerts.This evening shoots off their concert tour at Radiant – Bellevue – Caluire et Cuire – France.
The pop-jazz phenomenon has entertained audiences all over the world with a series of live performances since 2011, and they have given concerts in Hungary several times. They have also performed in the UAE, Canada, the United Kingdom and several Europe‘s live concerts.

During their tour this year, they will visit the Hungarian capital on the evening of June 23, 2022 to visit the Papp László Budapest Sports Arena.

To get into the groove on a moody night at the PMJ concert in Budapest, the organizers are asking the audience to come to Dress in Gatsby-style.

Tickets on the spot – Papp László Budapest Sports Arena.

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