Kecskemét Animated Film Festival (KRAFF) – One Day – Uránia National Film Theater – Budapest

As a tradition, this year again the Kecskemét Animation Film Festival is moving to Budapest just for one day!

Saturday, September 30, the festival program will feature a selection of animated films for  children and adults.

The most popular and award-winning films … “Goodies” will be hit on the big screen.  Two Hungarian blocks will feature a selection of Australia’s excellence and the British animation feature Ethel and Ernest.

The KAFF Day begins at 3 o’clock with a selection of Hungarian fairy tales, for which the organizers are looking forward to families. This is recommended by the British family film Ethel and Ernest from 4.30 p,m.  to older kids and adults. From 6.30 p.m. onwards, KAFF’s Hungarian short film and TV series will be shown, and at 8.30  p.m. the Australian animation will close the KAFF day.

Detailed program:

3 p.m. – Hungarian fairytale selection from KAFF children’s films (56′)

The Rectangular Round Forest / No tumble – Horváth Mária (13 KAFF – of Kecskemét Media Center Special Prize), Hoppi Tales / Remembrance Day – Rófusz Ferenc (13 KAFF – The MTVA Special Prize), rose on the moon – Horváth Molnár Pann, Shipwrecked – Szeiler Péter Kaláka – Nothing about the man – Chunky year, a pile kufli / Never eat mushrooms for breakfast – Pálfi Szabolcs, Jurik Kristó, Body Hopp – Bakos Barbara, Deer Hey! – Bárczy Örs, Mutty tales / fox guy sons – Richly Zsolt king as there are so many fairy tales – Szederkényi Bella, Somhatalom – Bertóti Attila (13 KAFF – the jury praise).

4:30 p.m. – Ethel and Ernest (95′)

British full-length animated film in English, with Hungarian subtitles

Raymond Briggs’s 1998 film, a hand-drawn, full-length animated film, Raymond’s parents – Ethel and Ernest – is a true story of Raymond Briggs’s 1998 great book. We are familiar with the average London family who are experiencing special events and huge social changes.

6.30 p.m. –  Selection from KAFF Short Film and TV Film Contest (96 ‘) with English subtitles.

Kojot and the pale-face – Áron Gauder (13th KAFF – Best Screenplay Award), Gypsy Tales / The Fire Snake – László Balajthy (13th KAFF – Best 3D Movie Award), Mimik – Varga Petra (13th KAFF – Best Animated Work), Some words – László Csáki,  All My Days – Mira Zeno (13th KAFF – The Metropolitan University’s Sentiment Award), Mouse – Ervin B. Ervin (13th KAFF – The Best Picture Format Language), Home Party – Daniel’s Lamb, Second Hand – Noemi Barkóczi, Fiaskó – Szabolcs Nagy (13th KAFF – Best First Film Award), The 13th Princess – Russian Tina (13th KAFF – Best Student Film Award), Love – Réka Bucsi (13th KAFF – Best Short Film Award, National Student Jury Award), Commitment – Judit Wunder (Grandfather of the 13th KAFF), Balcon – Dell’Edera Dávid (13th KAFF – Award for Hungarian Film Critics), Honor – Árpád Koós, Béla Klingl (13th KAFF – Best Television Series Award).

8.30 p.m. –  Australian Short Film Composition (90′)

Screened in original language:Harvie Krumpet – Adam Eliot, The mother’s voice – Dennis Tupicoff, Little Treasures – Sarah Watt, Noelene Giblet kidnapping – Susan Earl, Chainsaw – Dennis Tupicoff.

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Pesti Vigadó – Historic Walk for Free!


Free-to-attend Program

Pesti Vigadó will open its gates to the general public on Saturday, September, 16. 2017., and will offer free entry to its current exhibitions (Timeline of Pesti Vigadó, The First 40 Years, Layers of Art – Le latitudinal dell’arte) and will also organise free-to-attend guided tours and other colourful events on that special day.

Treat yourself to a tour to explore the beautiful interior of Pesti Vigadó, get acquainted with the history of the building and be impressed by the staggering view from its Panoramic Terrace. With the help of Pesti Vigadó’s well-prepared tour guides, those registering for the free-to-attend guided tours will have the opportunity to explore this most beautiful architectural relic of Hungarian romanticism.

Guided tour is estimated to take 60 minutes. Participants of each tour will meet in the ground floor based Foyer at times specified as the start times of such tours. Participants will also be awaited by surprises!

Be advised that the guided tours will also take you to non visitor-accessible areas and other areas that are only partly open to the public.

The tours will accommodate a maximum of 30 people and you are asked to register in advance to secure your place. So because the limited number of participating guest is given, it is recommended to register as early as possible thereby securing yourself a place to visit the rooms, halls and exhibitions in the building at  the Pesti Vigadó’s free-to-attend guided tours, on this special day through or call (+36) 1 328-3325.

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The Royal Opera House’s 2017/18 live broadcast in Hungary

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The Royal Opera House’s 2017/18 live broadcast movie season features its 12 titles in more than 1 500 cinemas in 40 countries.

In seven cultural institutions in Hungary, Covent Garden live or slithered live broadcasts, including the Royal Opera and Royal Ballet are now popular classics with top-ranked leading dancers and opera stars, and four new ones will be shown.

The Royal Opera House is one of London’s most important opera halls, not only Royal Ballet, but also the Royal Opera and the Orchestra of the Royal Opera House, so all the genres of classical music can be found from the ballet to the opera and the orchestra concerts. The performances include artists such as young talent, Sonja Joncseva, the outstanding baritone, Thomas Hampson, or Jonas Kaufmann, best known as Carmen Don José.

The Royal Opera’s opening event is Mozart‘s unforgettable song, the Magic Flute (Wednesday, September, 20.). The first work from ROH leads the viewers into the Empire of the Night Queen. This will be followed by the heartbreaking tragedy of Puccini – Bohemian life (Tuesday, October, 3.), director – Richard Jones, and conductor of the evening with Antonio Pappano. In the middle of the 19th century, contemporary Parisian cultural life evolves.

Verdi’s Rigoletto (Tuesday, January, 16.) returns to ROH’s stage in the order of David McVicar, and this interpretation emphasizes the cruelty and ruin of the mantova court. Cruelty and destructive heart pain increase by Jonathan Kent Puccini Tosca (Wednesday, February, 7.), which draws on his actions from the dangerous riots of Rome in the 1800s.

After the noisy success of Frankfurt, Barrie Kosky Carmen was re-screened during the live broadcasts of ROH (Tuesday, March, 6.). This order is faithful to Bizet’s original operatic version, recalling the traditions of the viva, the revue and the farce that inspired the composer to compose. The closing opera of the season is Verdi Macbeth (Wednesday, April, 4). The sensuous drama, director – Antonio Pappano, and in the Covent Garden for the first time Anna Netrebko shapes the cunning and manipulative Lady Macbeth.

In the 2017/18 movie season, we also feature six productions of Royal Ballet. First was blockbuster Alice Wonderland (Monday, October, 23.), Christopher Wheeldon’s choreography. The ballet version of Lewis Carroll’s popular story is a real orgy to the eye: with projections, jazz dancing and lavish costumes. The Christmas family pet, The Nutcracker (Tuesday, December, 5.) saw 130,000 filmmakers in December 2016. This year, the glittering snowflakes, the realms of sweets and the fancied dance experience will fascinate the audience. Shakespeare’s family tragedy, the Winter Rege (Wednesday, February, 28.) inspired Christopher Wheeldon’s Olivier-winning choreography, which Joby Talbot‘s emotional music only emphasizes.

The Hungarian audience can join the live broadcasts screened at the Pest Vigadó from September, 20., and at the Puskin cinema – Budapest and in 5  countryside locations as: at theTisza cinema at Szolnok, at Kecskemét – Home Cinema, Szeged – Downtown Cinema,  at Pécs – Uránia Cinema, and at the Apollo Theater in Debrecen.

The Hungarian distributor of the Royal Opera House in London is the  Pannónia Entertainment Ltd distributor.

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Overview – School Time Began Around the World

Exploring educations at some of the schools Worldwide!

Do you still remember the nervous, yet awaiting feeling that has come to you during the first weeks of schooling? In most parts of the world, there is still a lot of excitement, as there are many places in the school now. However, there are huge differences in how they are preparing for this time in different countries around the world. Let’s look at some surprising educational features that seem to us most unusual for most of us!

Hungary – In Hungary there are many possibilities: our children can go to private or public institutions, but we can also choose teachers from traditional or alternative education. However, few people know that the digitization of education has already come in Hungary: the Samsung Smart School’s classrooms at Miskolc and Jászfényszaru provide the most up-to-date information and communication tools for students who can acquire knowledge in an innovative and interactive way

Australia – The Aussie students will be having shortly School-Out summer vacation, but their school days will be back! In the meantime updating Downunder how the education is going.

The major part of Australia, which stretches from 7,692,000 square kilometers, consists of a desert country, which seems to be uninhabited. However, even in these abandoned areas there are families and small communities where children can attend state education even if there is no school nearby. But how? The solution is the Australian government’s School of the Air program, originally by radio, and nowadays, with the help of the Internet, they give individual or group lessons to children, who in the afternoon will solve their tasks with their family members.

Finland – We have often heard about Finnish education being one of the world’s best teaching systems. There, students tend to feel as if they are going to a playhouse instead of a strict school, and this encourages them to learn. In the informal education, the teacher and his personality also play an important role: for example, many have not participated in teacher training, in order not to teach them later on in accordance with predetermined rules. From then on, a variety of methods and aids come int he class hour: board games, tales or even role-playing games are part of everyday education as textbooks.

South Korea – While the Finns are trying to ban technology from education, in South Korea, the main elements of school hours are digital devices. For example, the touchscreen Samsung TS-3 smart card used in the Korean Gyeseong Primary School is used not only for simple portrayal of teachers, but also distributes information and tasks to students’ tablets, who can instantly solve them or ask questions. The results of the innovative method they speak for themselves: research shows that students have been able to concentrate more on the subject for a longer period of time and have been more enthusiastic about the classroom communication. Their thinking was also gained by the digital knowledge that has become unavoidable today.

Iceland – In Icelandic culture and traditions, the acquisition of special binding techniques plays an important role, which also means that all real Icelanders have at least one hand-knit sweater. The bonds are so seriously taken by the locals that they have made compulsory allergy in primary schools for boys and girls alike. While in the morning in Hungary the calculator, the booklets and the textbooks are placed in the schoolbag, for the Icelandic students the knitting needles should not be forgotten at home.

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Exhibition Opening – Ari Kupsus Gallery – Art & Antique

_______Ari Kupsus Gallery______

                           Art & Antique

Gilmour “Guitarist Extraordinaire” – Pompeii concert worldwide cinemas!

What makes Gilmour more special among other famous guitar players is in the most valiantly humble way, he reduce the pain of your soul unconditionally by creating some mysterious extraordinary Evangelic sound and let it experience the beauty of the great peace in freedom!

Unforgettable 2 hours – Pink Floyd melodies from Pompeii – a concert by David Gilmour coming up in theaters across the country and world all over!

The world premiere at the same time, from September 14, is screened in the cinema … David Gilmour, a Pink Floyd guitarist, songwriter last July’s Pompey concert out now, featuring classics like Wish You Where Here, Shine On Your Crazy Diamond, Breathe or Comfortably Numb.

After the recording of legendary Pink Floyd Live concert in the ancient amphitheater at Pompeii 45 years after playing their with Pink Floyd in July 2016, David Gilmour returned to the Roman amphitheater and, in a tour promoting the solo album “Rattle That Lock”, gave two consecutive concerts for 2600 lucky fans. Gilmour has retained the audio-visual performance of the monumental Pink Floyd concerts, and during the concert, besides the lasers and the pyrotechnic tricks, a videotex featuring animations made for this performance, featuring a huge circular canvas, enhanced the selection of the selected songs.

The film directed by Gavin Elder, has been dubbed the double concert in over 2,000 film festivals and cinemas  worldwide in September 2017, mostly for only on one night.

In Hungary this spectacular concert movie will be screened  from September, 14. 2017.,  featured by the Pannonia Entertainment specializing in filming, re-screening film-strips and stage cinemas for stage productions.

Projection locations are the following: at Budapest: September, 15.  3 p.m. at the Corvin Cinema, at the Uránia National Film Theater – September, 15. 7 p.m., at the Csepel Cult Cinema and at the Pólus Cinema October, 13. 8 p.m., September, 15. at Kecskemét, September 15. at Pécs, at Eger – September, 1. and a number of other venues across the country, including Sopron – September 14., Szeged – September, 15., at Kaposvár – September,16., at Debrecen during September 19-27.,  at Szombathely – 20., September,20. and at Tapolca – September, 25.

Catch up with purchasing your ticket, soon will be missed. At the Budapest’s Corvin and Urania cinemas the first screenings are already sold out.

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Shanghai – Sanghay – Exhibition – Hopp Ferenc Asian Art Museum – 2017.


Parallel differences between East and West

Hopp Ferenc Asian Art Museum – District, VI., 103. Andrássy Road – Budapest

September, 21. 2017. – April, 8. 2018.

Opening at 3 .30 p.m.

The new exhibition of the Sanghai bar,  a symbol of the controversial East Asian image of the far-east metropolis of Shanghai and the two world wars between the two world wars, joins the East and the West. The aim of the exhibition is to allow the Hungarians living and working in Shanghai (including the Hopp Museum) to gain an insight into the world of Chinese metropolis and to present in the Art of Hungary a little areas where they were present building the culture in Sanghai.

In addition to the Hungarian colony affecting nearly eighty families, ie the residents, there was a frequent presence of tourists, Western tourists, secret agents (Trebitsch-Lincoln), as well as the performance of guest artists coming to meet the increased entertainment needs. At the exhibition – among others giving an insight to oriental women with trendy western accessories, postcards etc. Also see the documentation László Hudec –  architect, the designer of the first skyscrapers in Shanghai. Of note is the presence of another person in Shanghai was Klára Csorba her voice was heard regularly in the broadcasts of the modern sanghai radio at that time. Perhaps, thanks to her that the world-famous Distressed Sunday song has conquered China as well.

In addition to the exhibition can be seen eighty-eight digital photography, film excerpts and more two hundred works of art interactive elements also promote the acquisition of knowledge

Those who are curious  by visiting the Hopp Ferenc museum’s exhibition will face many interesting, uplifting eyesight, which shows the connection, relationship between the ancient Chinese and Hungarians living, visiting Sanghai at the time being.

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