Herald News – The Zsolnay Light Festival – Certified European Festival.

JUNE, 30 – JULY, 2. 2017.

City of Pécs

The Zsolnay Light Festival at the City of  Pécs won the title of Qualified European Festival, the one of the most sophisticated European certification organizations  was justified by the EFFE -Europe for Festivals – Festivals for Europe.

Winning the festival certification is a huge joy for the city and gives further impetus to even continue the ongoing quality work at a higher level.

The high-quality art represents a new festival in Pécs, and have a significant impact on the local, national and international levels. Furthermore, in the future other events would be drawing attention to the city on the Hungarian map.

The Zsolnay Light Festival brings together truly a festival venue that represent their own communities and as well the European and international relations. The criteria system focuses on how much the festival focuses on the local community, develops their creative skills, engages local organizations and citizens.

The title, the Zsolnay Light Festival also received the rating logo, which indicates that the event was recognized by the profession at European level. The festival has been added via the EFFE website to an international database containing the most important European festivals. In addition, the Zsolnay Light Festival is competing for the Great European Festival Prize, which represents an even higher level on the international palette.

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Hearld News: Bridge Builders Day – Budapest

It is not an unusual news in Budapest that each week-end bringing a bunch of places to be visited by locals and tourist staying in Budapest… Therefore, here is just one of those situs to be visited if the time is right  for folks to be there.

Bridge Builders Day – next to the Chain Bridge – Budapest

The best of the Hungarian Hitchhiker’s profession are hired to build bridges from roofs, adhesive tapes and angles at Széchenyi István Square, beside the Chain Bridge. These bridges to be built are “only” 6 meters, but they need to get through the constructions built-in a few minutes, and/or even carry cca. 10-pound of weight built ont he Bridge Builders Day, May, 20, at the outskirts of the Academy Building.

On the occasion of the Bridge Builder Day traditionally held at the end of May, St. Nepomuk, is an integral part of the bridging competition, but many other programs make this day cheerful.. You can board on a special vessel and/or take a walk along the Chain of the Bridge Chain.

The day will be opened by a water parade, rowers, dragonmen, kayak canoes, AM Danube Warships of the Hungarian Defense Forces, Holy Flora Firefighters of the Disaster Guard, Mahart PassNave Tersus, KDVVIZIG and other motorboats.

From Noon to 6 p.m. there will be a guided tour of the Lajta Monitor Ship, the Kossuth Museum Boat, a visit to the Chain Bridge, story telling about István Széchenyi’s life.

In connection with the event, the “Bridge Builders Association” and the Count Széchenyi Family Foundation, on the occasion of the 150th anniversary of the 250 km long bridge of the Chain Bridge and the Széchenyi Ödön 2000 km long bridge, memory to the “Széchenyi a hídépítő” – “Széchenyi the bridge builder”

Access to the event is free of charge. Events and timing: Water parade on the River Danube – Saturday, May, 20. 2017. from 10.45 a.m. – 11.30 a.m.

Events in front of the Academy, localtion: Széchenyi István Square – Budapest – from Noontime – 6. p.m.

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Herald News: Budapest – 33rd European Rhythmic Gymnastics Championship.s

The clock is ticking fast therefore for rhythmic gymnastics sporty lovers get ready, mark the date that is just around the corner to be present  in Budapest  between May, 19-21.2017. at the European Championships  held indoors at the Papp László Sport Arena – Budapest

The Sport Arena Doors open on:

Friday, 19. – 9 a.m.,  – Program start 10 a.m., by Qualification, Junior group competition CI (1st presentation), Senior individual team competition CI (hoop & ball), Opening Ceremony

Saturday, 20. – 10 a.m., – Program starts at 11 a.m., by Qualification, Junior group competition CI (2nd presentation), Senior individual team competition CI (clubs & ribbon), Award Ceremony of Team Competition (Junior & Senior)

Sunday, 21. – 10 a.m.,Program set-out at 11 a.m., with Junior groups final, Award Ceremony of Junior groups CIII, Senior individual apparatus finals, Award Ceremony of Senior individual apparatus finals, Gala Show

Tickets are already available on the spot and/or through the internet site jegymester.hu/eng. Ticket price: 2500HUF – 4500HUF. 3-Day Pass tickets: 8000HUF – 13500HUF.

Catch up with more info at the previous update:


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Isonzó Express – The Path of Peace … from the Alps to the Adriatic

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July, 16-20, 2017.

The journey time is 5 days / 4 nights.

To-day was announced at the Western Railway Station’s Royal Waiting Hall  the coming Isonzó Express journey to take place this year between July, 16-20. The MÁV nostalgia launches a historic special trait – back in time – which is not only important for those individuals to have an opportunity to pay  commemoration to their fallen great-grandfather on the front,  but to present the patronage of to-day’s generation, to get acquainted with historic venues where Central European‘s  soldiers fought and died during the First World War.

The train runs along  the Semmering Hage through the world’s first high-mountain railway line, which was handed over in 1854. During the journey, the train pass through 14 tunnels, 16 viaducts and more than 100 stone bridges and gateways  fitting  into the mountainous landscape.

During  rolling on the tracks, photo exhibitions and traditional military demonstrations can be seen. The lectures of the historians of the First Great War are complementing the program. At the Orpheum car,  János Csík with his friend musicians will be playing  those soldiers  songs, sang during  the war.

Ticket Reservation: www.mavnosztalgia.hu

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The 33rd. European Rhythmic Gymnastics Championships – Budapest – 2017.

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May, 19. – 21. 2017. – Budapest

A new European Champion will be crowned at the László Papp Sports Aréna in the Hungarian capital, so we were told at to-day’s  press conference  held by: Dr. Judit Körmendy-Ékes – Chairman of the Hungarian Rhythmic Gymnastics Association, Sándor Altorjai – Secretary General of the Hungarian Gymnastics Association, Miklós Vaszily – CEO of the Media Service Support and Asset Management Fund (MTVA), Erika Deutsch-Lazsányi – Head of the Technical Committee of the Hungarian Rhythmic Gymnastics Association, Andrea Kovács – Competition Director.

At the press event, among other things, it was revealed who will be the members of the Hungarian national team, and who are the world stars to enter the carpet at the arena.

A new generation of stars will emerge in Budapest. In fact, only two former individual medallists are on the roster, Belarussian – Katsiaryna Halkina and Azerbaijan – Marina Durunda.

Already, 36 Federations have had confirmed their participation, with 84 individual senior gymnasts, and 150 junior gymnasts competing in the group exercise. Halkina will be joined by new colleagues Alina Harnasko and Yulia Isachanka who impressed in the junior Championships last year in Holon (ISR). From RussiaAleksandra Soldatova and the Averina twins, Dina and Arina. Viktoria Mazur and first-year senior Olena Diachenko will represent the Ukraine.

Known big name as from Kseniya Moustafaeva – France, Linoy Ashram Veinberg and Victoria Filanovsky – Israel and from Italy – new star Alexandra Agiurgiuculese will meet with Hungarian talentsAlexandra Kis, Míra Váray and Fanni Pigniczcki. In the junior team: Eszter Ákoshegyi, Korinna Borda, Cintia Földi, Dorottya Györe, Anna Juhász,, Emma Juhász, Dea Várkonyi will be on the carpet at the Arena.

Three days with the talented European Rhythmic Gymnastics  rolling the Hoop –  Ball  – Clubs –  Ribbon is a fine and pleasant time to spend the week-end experience an exciting artistic gymnastics by talented sporty girls.

Friday, May, 19. – 10 a.m. (Most wanted for the Hungarian sporty girls to have full house in cheering at the Arena!)

Juniors Group Qualification – Age 13-15 – (1st presentation)

Opening Ceremony

Seniors Individual Qualification – Age 16+ – (Hoop & Ball)

Saturday, May, 20. – 10 a.m.

Juniors Group Qualification – Age 13-15 – (2nd presentation)

Juniors Group Award Ceremony

Seniors Individual Qualification – – Age 16+  –  (Clubs & Ribbon)

Team Award Ceremony

Sunday, May, 21. – 10 a.m.

Juniors Group Final

Juniors Group Award Ceremony

Seniors Individual Apparatus Finals (Hoop & Ball & Clubs & Ribbon)

Seniors Apparatus Award Ceremony

Gala (reminder to the Gala, for those interested and wish to be present at the show must hurry up to purchase their tickets because they have already been largely sold out!)

Alexandra Kis will be competing for the first time in the senior European Championships. She is 17 years old. Started the rhythmic gymnastics  at the age of six. She is relishing the opportunity to show what she is capable of and will do she can to impress family, friends and the audience at the Laszlo Papp Arena.

Children tickets between the age 6-12 years – 50% discount.  At purchasing over 20 tickets – 20% discount from original tickets price
The discounts can not be combined. Tickets at  www.jegymester.hu


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ANZAC DAY – 2017

Ode of Remembrance

“They shall grow not old, as we that are left grow old:
Age shall not weary them, nor the years condemn.
At the going down of the sun and in the morning
We will remember them.”

Anzac Day is celebrated on April, 25. each year, regardless of on which day it falls. The day is a public holiday Dowunder.

Regrettably, after the Australian Government  decided to close in  Budapest the Australia Embassy, the umbilical cord was cut off  to many Aussies in Hungary. In order for the ANZAC Day to be part of a commemoration, they should have had  traveled to Vienna / Austria. To attend at the  memorial  serve is  regardless of nationality.

In the „old days” the Ministry of Defense had a major role in implementing , taking part in organizing this event. Nevertheless, in Hungary the remembrance day was most probably kept by heart for many.

On April, 25. 1915., the armies of Australia and New Zealand entered into their premier battle of the First World War, at Gallipoli Peninsula in Turkey.

In a nutshell … „It was on 25 April 1915 that the armies of Australia and New Zealand entered into their premier battle of the First World War, at Gallipoli, Turkey. At the time, Australia had only been recognised as a federal commonwealth for thirteen years.

Many Australians were sympathetic to the United Kingdom, which they regarded as the motherland. So the volunteer armies of Australian and New Zealand, eager to fight the good fight in the war, bravely landed on the shore of the Gallipoli Peninsula with the intent to capture and secure a safe passage for Allied navies.

At Gallipoli, the Anzacs faced off with one of the fiercest armies history has ever known. Despite landing under the cover of darkness, the Anzacs were met with immediate bombardment and gunfire. On the shores of Gallipoli, the Australian and New Zealand armies fought for eight months forcing a stalemate. Eight thousand Anzac soldiers lost their lives before the Allies called for an evacuation.

While the operation itself was not a success, the valour and determination shown by Anzacs, the “Knights of Gallipoli,” were immediately commemorated in Australia, London, and even at the Allies’ camp in Egypt in 1916. Parades and ceremonies were held in their honour, and even those who were wounded in combat were a part of the parade while they were still recovering.

By the 1920s, the day had become a way to memorialize the sixty thousand Australian soldiers who died in the First World War. By the next decade, all Australian states had a form of celebration for Anzac Day, and many of the traditions we still carry out today had already taken shape. Forevermore, the 25th of April would be known as the day Australia arrived as a force in the world.”

Source from Journalist – Phillip, F. E. Schuler – “Australia in Arms”

Previous memorial service in Hungary:





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The Best Wines of Badacsony Region in Budapest!

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The best wine producers from the North area  of Lake Balaton arrived to Budapest to the New York Palace Café to show their best wines for wine lovers. The event was organized by the organizer of  the Badacsony Guild Association for Tourism.

Badacsonytomaj, the region’s center was awarded the “Grapes and Wine International City” 30 years ago. This title has been focused to produce  since then the best of the wines.  On this occasion the old wines of the Badacsony winemaker personally filled with fresh and old vintages the great wines to the professional partners and wine-lovers glasses.

It was a fine time  for the visitors to get acquainted with the producers, wine makers  receive answers to their questions directly  from these professionals.  The scale of wine makers arrived from smaller wineries to the largest ones. Also were present from the handicraft producers up to the largest cellars. Everyone was able to taste the wines offered by them from the Badacsony wine country.  The wine tasting was pre-qualification by a committee composed of blind wine-tasting course, in order to offer and treat guests at the event.

The producers in connection with the 30-year anniversary this year the cellars brought their hidden treasures, including museum wines.

As last year, master classes enrich the event, which took place by well-known experts. Between 3 p.m. and 4 p.m. professional partners and media representatives  accepted the wineries invitation, and thereafter the door was open to all the wine lovers  with entrance tickets for an exclusive tasting.

The event was enriched by the own-produced  seasoned dried crunchy, crispy fruits and veggies in special processing by Ms. Bella (bellabadacsony.hu) These products are available at the Badacsony – Káptalantóti Market  and a local homemade cheese producer’s offers. Also the famous Renaissance mouth-watering Pálinka from Badacsony was present in tasting.

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