KAFF 2021 – Animation Film Festival to be held again @ Kecskemét – Hungary


Kecskemét will be again in the spotlight with the animated films organised between

August, 11 – 15. 2021.

 Venue: 21. Liszt Ferenc Street – Kecskemét – Bács-Kiskun County

KAFF is Hungary’s largest animation film festival and definitely awaiting animation film lovers!

Generations grew up on the Hungarian Folktale series, now declared Hungarian which has been seen by 134 million people, screened in 170 countries on the World Wide Web. Here was made the legendary Water Spider Wonder Spiders “Vízipók-Csodapók”, bought by 46 countries and from which generations could learn that both friendship and nature protection are important.

Three Oscars and a César Award are hallmarks of the international productions made here.

Recently, the episodes of “Toldi” have been completed and the 15th Kecskemét Animation Film Festival, which have created, is approaching. This year will also celebrate their own birthday with dignity. Their plans include the launch of a university animator training and the establishment of the

in 1993, where the production of 3D films also started after the turn of the millennium. The then-renowned studio also received a number of international commissions, three of which were Oscar-nominated feature films – the Spanish Chico and Rita, the Irish Kells Secret and the French-Japanese Red Turtle, and the French Loulou and the Amazing Secret César received an award.

The Kecskemétfilm Ltd. is celebrating its 50 years old anniversary which has been directed by Ferenc Mikulás who now is 80 years old feature films and television productions. Ferenc Mikulás decided to establish an international scholarship system. Scholars from Iceland, Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands, the United States, Canada and France came to Kecskemét from the mid-1980s, and local staff were almost the only option to travel abroad at the time.

The latest Hungarian and European animated films are screened every two years. The special feature of KAFF is that it takes stock of the results of the entire Hungarian animation profession of the last two years (Due to COVID19, the KAFF 2-year film festival was not visible). The annimation film festival can be entered by Hungarian artists living anywhere in the world. Also option to join in the European competition to showcases a rich immersion from the latest animated

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DANTE the “Supreme Poet” – 700 years anniversary to his death

Italian Cultural Institute -Federico Fellini Hall
District, VIII. 8 Bródy Sándor Str. Budapest

Dante’s Inferno (1911) – World’s Oldest Surviving Feature-Length Film – Alighieri L’inferno

images (1)images

A special production arrives on the occasion of the man whom Italians call him “Supreme Poet”, and to his 700th anniversary to his death on Tuesday, June, 15. 2021. The contemporary performances by Marco Castelli’s The Hell in the world of jazz, eclectic music and contemporary performance. The music was composed for a 1911 silent film on a saxophone accompanied by live electronic music. Castelli’s unique music show is capable of one to fly the audience into the world of sound, which is still makes the incredible images of the recording more vivid, and which at the same time lends a surprising modernity to the to the film.

Francesco Bertolini, Giuseppe de Liguoro and Adolfo Padovan their 110 years ago silent film is the feature film of the first addition to Italian film history.

The first book of Divine Drama was only available only in damaged, mutilated or censored copiesand incomplete. Inferno has been returned to its princeps edition, to the correct succession of shots, to the fullness of its light and its colors by a long restoration work curated by the Cineteca di Bologna.

It won grate recognition and thanks to the long restoration work carried out under the auspices of the Cineteca di Bologna back to the perfect series of images found in editio princeps, the fullness of colors and lights.

The Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the 2016 New York premier concert film screening and the coming years.  Following further presentations, the project was selected among the 2021 Dante commemorations.

Entry with membership card, mandatory registration: iicbudapest@esteri.it

AND also only with a valid security certificate, wearing a face mask in the building, hand sanitizer use is mandatory at the entrance.

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“SISI” Queen Elisabeth of Hungary – Operett @ Gödöllő 2021.

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Royal Castle of Gödöllő – Courtyard

Saturday, July 11 and Sunday, 12. 2021.

8 p.m.

Media representatives were invited during the afternoon hours the Gödöllő (The Royal Palace of Gödöllő or Grassalkovich Castle is an imperial and royal Hungarian palace located in the municipality of Gödöllő in Pest county, central Hungary. It is famous for being a favourite place of Queen Elisabeth of Hungary.)…  to view parts of the forthcoming operett with beautiful melodies, witty poems and well-represented characters.

The play is in Hungarian language, yet can easy follow the happenings with the brief contents below:

In brief … Jenő Huszka’s operett is a real piece, strengthening national emotions, imbued with humor and love, about Count Gyula Andrássy, the later Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy and Queen Elizabeth (Sisi) ‘s unfulfilled, historically unproven love.

Queen Elizabeth loved the Hungarians, and the people saw her savior in her as well. Zsófia Sisi’s opposition to Princess and her desire for freedom sympathized with the feelings of the Hungarians. At the same time she brought with her disapproval of the Austrian court.

Count Gyula Andrássy trying to find a way out for the Hungarians from the frustrating situation threatening an armed revolution. The man’s fierce admiration and hot love finds reciprocity on the part of the Empress, but their desires are hampered by politics, and their love cannot be fulfilled more than an intimate kiss. Their relationship, as well as Sisi’s love for Hungarians, none-the-less promotes the Compromise. In the operetta can also learn about the story of the encounter between an Austrian man who loves Hungarian culture and mentality and a Burgenland girl looking for a husband, as well as the fulfillment of Queen Elizabeth’s courtesy and the childhood love of a Hungarian revolutionary.

Cast: Sissi (Elizabeth): Victoria Denk, Count Gyula Andrássy: Dániel Árvai, Ida Latkóczy: Elvira Haraszti, Kálmán Neszmélyi: János Szabolcs Kádár, Countess Waldeck: Marika Oszvald, Stefi, his daughter: Szendy Szilvi, Flórián: Kollár Péter Erik, Count Axamethy: General Charles Peller, Ádám Latkóczy: László Egri. The Monarchy Operetta Orchester and Dance Choir. Set designer: Tamás Rákay, Costume designer: Péter Erik Kollár, Musical director: Antal Kéménczy, Choreographer: Edina Szkáli.

Director: Miklós Gábor Kerényi – Kero®

Length of performance: 2 hours 30 minutes with a break.

Ticket Price:  4500HUF  – 8000HUF

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From Leonardo to Miró – The Paper Side of Art @ Budapest

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Under the Spell of 150  years of Collection in Prints and Drawings.

 The Museum of Fine Arts  finally  reach the time to reopen its gates to the visitors to the world of Fine Art at the Michelangelo Hall.

From June, 4. – August, 15. 2021

Just a couple of minutes walk from Heroes’ Square

Around midday the Director of the Fine Art Museum Mr. László Baán opened  to the media representatives and talked about the reopening of the museum again for the public after the pending pandemic. He spoke about facing a brand new catalog and an extraordinary exhibition, whereas marking the 150th anniversary of the Collection of Prints and Drawings. With this exhibition and the catalog they are celebrating the 150th anniversary of their unique European ranking collection. Also added…“Last time the finest pieces in the Collection of Prints and Drawings were published was 22 years ago, in 1999.  Then the exhibition was entitled Dürer to Dali. Master drawings in Budapest at the Museum of Fine Arts.  The 150th anniversary is a perfect opportunity to revisit the history of the collection in  the light of new  criterion and can present the finest works of collections of the two institutions reunited in 2012, the Museum of Fine Arts and the Hungarian Gallery – Budapest. Following the museums tradition, the new richly illustrated volume “The Paper Side of Art. Eight Centuries of Drawings and Prints in the collection of the Museum of Fine Arts – Hungarian National Gallery – Budapest, containing 50 of our most excellent works on paper, is so accompanied by a cabinet exhibition. The Paper Side of Art: from Leonardo to Miró. Spellbound by 150 years of collecting Prints and Drawings. The pieces on display are among the most sensitive drawing and prints, therefore can be exhibited only rarely. Some exceptional pieces are along well-known artist such as: Leonardo Raphael,Rembrandt, Picasso,Miro, Schiele,  Mihány Munkácsy,  József Rippl Rónai, Jenő Zichy and Miklós Barabás. In the frame of the exhibition can also discover some outstanding new acquisitions as well as some hitherto  less familiar works.”

The various collections at the Museum of Fine Arts – Hungarian National Gallery hold over 10000 drawings and almost 200000 prints, dating  back from the mid 14th century to the 21st century.

The new catalog gives a comprehensive overview of the entirety of paper-based art, shining light on the parallels that appears throughout the centuries … e.g. chiaroscuro prints, creative copies, autonomous landscape drawings, the emergence of printmarking as an autonomous genre and the expanding of the boundaries of drawn and printed techniques and the distinctive artistic attitude that derives from  the use of paper.

The visitors  to the exhibition and readers of the album are likewise guided behind the scenes of the museum. In the catalog, curators write e.g. about the museum’s involvement in research and about how the collection are managed and operated. In addition contemporary artist speak for better understand of the special relationship that artists have with paper. The  album can be purchased on the spot at the “Gift Shop”

The editors of the volume and the curators of the exhibition are art historians  Ms KInga Bódi and Ms Kata Bodor. The Exhibition can be visited… Wednesday – Thursday: only the temporary exhibition entitled From Leonardo to Miró is open 10 a.m. – 6 p.m.
Friday – Sunday: temporary and permanent exhibitions are also open from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.
checkout and last entry: 5 p.m.
closing of exhibitions:, 5.30 p.m.

On Monday – Tuesday: closed,

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Herald News: “Sziget” – Island” one of Europe’s largest festivals in Budapest

With deep sorrow for many locals and foreigners having a time of their life the organizers of “Sziget” – The Island” one of Europe’s largest festivals, canceled the event for 2021, citing uncertainties linked to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Background … was taking into consideration all the uncertainty around traveling to-and-from and catering industry, furthermore the national and international role of immunity cards, the desition was made to be focused on organizing only next year the Sziget Festival.

The Sziget Festival was held last time in 2019. Then it welcomed over half-a-million individuals from more than hundred countries and also from Hungarian regions taking part at entertainment-ville over seven days.

As many who participated earlier at the Sziget Festival they were able to have the experiences about its diverse programs such as: several stages also holding workshops with performance art, comedy cabaret, gym and dancing.

This year two other music festivals in Hungary … the Sopron Volt Festival and the Balaton Sound Festival, are being also canceled.

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Bingo – Countdown – MONYO Land, Budapest’s newest summer outdoor entertainment opening – 2021

The time has finally come into opening up brand new MONYO craft beer industry.

District X., 148. Gyömrői út (Rd.) – Budapest

Take part in a free word-of-mouth advertising MONYO!

MONYO Land, Budapest’s newest summer outdoor entertainment venue for 1,500 people, in the garden of the dynamically developing MONYO Brewing Co. small-scale brewery.

One of the most modern breweries in Europe is being built there, which, in addition to multiplying MONYO’s previous cooking capacity, occasionally opens its doors to the general public. As part of the guided tours, visitors can also get to know the taste of MONYO Land, which will provide people with not only quality beers but also quality entertainment. So far, they have had a great relationship with the domestic bands, as they have already brewed beer together with Quimby or Ivan & The Parazol. These Band Beer labels are not so surprising since there are already famous bands abroad, e.g. Metalika … etc. Made beer with their band names.

In the wine industry the customer expectations in terms of flavor profiles and quality is very high, and that’s the same in the beer industry as well.

There’s a rejuvenation of beer flavours and a moving away from the standard lager-style beers and into a lot of other styles of beers. People aren’t just interested in the same old brews anymore, they’re looking for complex and unique flavors.

The real make or break of an entire tasting relies heavily on your “beertender.” You want someone knowledgeable about their beers and the industry as a whole who has a friendly and social personality. A great conversation with a beertender will create a positive experience and many lifelong customers.

The limited-edition brews having on tap will bring guests and one of the best parts of visiting a new brewery is a tasting, where they can sample everything MONYO have to offer. Thereafter, let them bring that part of the experience back to their home. On the spot special growlers or mixed-packs they can take their favorites to share with friends and family. This lets them share their tasting experience with others.

Did your friends have said it to you? Have you said it to yourself? Maybe random strangers at parties who nicked a bottle of Monyo homebrew have said it to you too? … those magic words: “MONYO beer is awesome” … Find out yourself now is the time to have that special experience at the Monyo Land brewery.

The first question you need to ask yourself is not the obvious one. If you are reading this with intent there is no need to ask yourself if you love craft beer? Of course you do and you need to ask yourself if you love the craft beer industry. Which is an entirely different kettle of hops.

MONYO Land on the venue preparing a 50-day concert program for Budapest’s entertaining audience during the summer season, focusing primarily on Friday and Saturday evenings.

In the meantime, before the concerts, the visitors can take part in an exciting main tour, and then take it to one of the most modern kraft breweries in Hungary for consumption and takeaway from the most exciting world of taste there. There are basically things in guests ’glasses that are elsewhere for fullextra: each of the draft craft beers is MONYO’s original own recipe, with the usual extravagant flavors, some of which are presented here for the first time. The gastro-bar is also high in the field of food: our co-operating partner is the team of Tuning Burger, who is like-minded and similarly maximalist with them, who not only know everything about meatballs, but also take the word hospitality seriously! Of course, all the other elements of the offer – soft drinks and other spirits – have also been selected beyond the now mandatory quality so that everyone can find something one-of-their-kind.

Hint to dates/groups forthcoming concerts @ https://www.facebook.com/MonyoBrewingCo

Please note that according to the regulations, music and dance events – regardless of age – can only be attended with a security certificate or wit.

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Judit Polgar’s Globel Chess Festival 2021 Budapest-Hungary

There are more than 600 million chess players in the World and you can be one of a kind @ Budapest.

Teljes képernyő rögzítése 2021. 05. 24. 211406

Judit Polgár’s Globel Chess Festival celebrates the artistic side of chess with an International Study Composition Tourney

 Saturday, October 9. 2021.

Judit Polgar’s Global Chess Festival is to promote the 1000 faces of chess all around the world. Aim is to share the beauty of chess with 5 million people by 2025 … to connect and enjoy chess-related activities on the day of the festival. Feel important to express the passion for chess and highlight that chess is a universal language.

About the competition –  The Chess Artistry Competition challenges study composers from all ages are to send in their best creations. Encouraging organizers to register their own online or offline program.

Registration is open: https://www.globalchessfestival.com/gcf-2021/for-organizers

All events will be added under the menu EVENTS Oct 9 on the official Global Chess Festival’s website, with a separate page for each event. (Be guarenteed  the appearance only if receiving the registrations by the deadline date. Please send your event registration no later than the 20th of September 2021.

The competition is organized by the Judit Polgár Chess Foundation in memory of Pál Benkő (1928-2019), legendary grandmaster and brilliant study composer. Study composers of all levels and ages are invited to take part. There are special prizes, such as also for under 25 yrs. of age prize. The judge is English grandmaster and three-time Problem Solving World Chap. Mr. John Nunn. The winners will be announced during the Festival. Entries should be received by July, 31- 2021.

Few snaps from around the Globe

Chess aAround the Globe (2)

 Judit Polgar’s Global Chess Festival  sponsored by Morgan Stanley will be a hybrid festival “We hope to meet you again in person at Budapest or online in a large-scale program brimming with creativity and innovation. The richness of chess is highlighted in presentations about Sport, Art, Science and Education. Chess lovers worldwide can take part within the tournaments, simuls and chess classes from beginner-level to masterclass. With the Goodwill Ambassador of Chess Awards we express our gratitude to outstanding personalities promoting our game.”

As always welcoming chess events from all over the world to join in on October 9, 2021 to celebrate the power and inspiration of chess.

Source: Global Chess Festival Team

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Herald News: Celebrating World Culture Day India – Hungary 2021


“World Day for Cultural Diversity for Dialogue and Development ”

Needn’t have to pull on your boots, just simply sit in your comfy armchair and enjoy the ride from 11 a.m. – Noontime.


Here comes the day to enjoin the sights on a virtual tour through an online program. In the event, will be taking a virtual tour of Indian and Hungarian locations that connect the two countries through their cultural heritage.

Online Webinar – Overview of locations … such as:

How does Herend porcelain end up in a small museum in Kerala?

Where did Amrita Sher-Gil, the famous Hungarian-Indian painter, spend her summers and what is the Szepessy Villa famous for today?

Where did the talented poet, Sándor Weöres, who made translations of Sanskrit poems, lived?

Also paying a visit to India, showcasing one of the most ancient cities, Benares.

Can hear about the Chola dynasty and how the Tamil language is related to Hungary.

The program will be of mixed language (Hungarian, English and Hindi) with live check-in and recorded material.

Here’s the link to the online tour programs:

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PMJ on a world tour and coming to Budapest

PMJ - Budapest 2022

After five years Postmodern Jukebox will arrive to Budapest again on their „Roaring ’20s” tour. The band became popular on YouTube, last year’s Postmodern Jukebox tour, but whilst interrupted by the Corona epidemic, the band is now one of the first to announce that it will give a concert in the Capital of Hungary rolling to reopen on tour. The theme of the long-awaited return of world-famous musicians is the celebration of the 1920s, in which modern pop hits are performed in the classic style of bygone eras – accompanied by a spectacular show.

Scott Bradlee’s pop-jazz band will perform at the László Papp Budapest Sports Arena on June 23, 2022. Tickets are now available in advance from 10 a.m. on May 19, 2021 through Tex national ticket offices and eventim.hu.

Fans cans also  choose between various VIP packages, by the favor of the production team, with which they can meet the performers from up-close. 

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Visit to the Ráth György Museum again


The Museum of Applied Arts is pleased to inform its audience that its exhibition space at the György Ráth Villa in Budapest welcome visitors again. Opening hours from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. daily, except on Mondays.

In addition to the permanent exhibition “Our Art Nouveau”, the villa will also feature a completely new temporary exhibition: this time the series “In Circulation” will feature the Dechem Studio in Prague. The exhibition can be visited until 5th of June 2021.

Dechem Studio in Prague is one of the most renowned representatives of contemporary Czech glass art. Its designers, Michaela Tomišková and Jakub Janďourek, are a party at work and in life. In 2012, Dechem Studio was founded. They have a wide range of design and manufacturing experience.

The two contemporary designers become acquainted with the museum’s internationally unparalleled rich collection, selected an objects that inspires within their own work, and created their own design that reflects upon it. The design object(s) born from the inspiration of the museum’s collection will also become a part of the collection, which will also provide the opportunity for further relations and exhibitions.

The excellence of contemporary Czech glass art reflects the 1930 volume of Madame Bovary selected from the art book collection of the Museum of Applied Arts, while at the same time unveiling the secrets of a magical raw material, lithyalin glass, reminiscent of semi-precious stones.

Due to the epidemiological situation, the area of ​​the villa can be entered after a fever measurement and hand disinfection, with a certificate of protection and a mask.
Visitors to the exhibition halls will also be asked to keep a safe distance.

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