“Rings in Water” – (Vízgyűrűk) – Hungarian Folk Art Museum @ Budapest

March, 22. – May, 18. 2019.

10 a.m. – 6 p.m.

District, XI.,6. Fő Street – Budapest

The House of Traditions and the Úľuv Folk Art Center jointly welcomes local, tourists and foreigners staying in Hungary to the opening ceremony  to the “Rings in Water” exhibition.

The “Rings in Water” craft-oriented design competition was announced by the Pozsony Folk Center (ÚLUV) and the House of Traditions undertook professional coordination in Hungary. The subject of the competition is the production of craft works of art, design and art, the design and final material of which are inspired by local, regional and national traditions. This year, designers and craftsmen from the countries of the Visegrad Four have also been able to apply. The aim of the competition was to encourage the development of a craft-based design based on traditional crafts and folk art.

Exhibition will be open by: Mgr. Dana Kľučárová, Phd., CEO of Úľuv

Featuring: Mihály Dresch

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Tibor Hajas exhibition on Tibetan mysteries – Budapest

Ferenc Hopp Museum of Asiatic Art
District, VI., 103 Andrássy Road – Budapest.


For a guided tour need at least one week in advance to apply.

Opening hours 10 a.m. – 6 p.m.

For just another month – April, 14. 2019, “On the Other Side of Intermediate State”.

The exhibition attempts to present the relationships of the last period of Tibor Hajas, the young man who died in tragic circumstances. Was a kinda of a rebel and it also reflects in his Tibetan Buddhism art, and in discovering new spiritual heights through the works.

“Titled On the Other Side of the Intermediate State, the exhibition is a one-off event with a shorter timeframe than most temporary shows at the Hopp. Adding to its exclusivity, according to contractual obligations some images taken of Hajas by photographer János Vető will be destroyed after the exhibition ends. This alone should provide reason enough to go and see part of the Hajas legacy while it is still on view to the public” … adapted from Hopp Museum

The exhibition is not recommended for visitors under 18 years of age! Certain sections feature sound and visual effects that some visitors may find disturbing.

Ticket prices: adult – 1200HUF, student age 6-26 – 600HUF, pensioner’s age 62-70 – 600HUF

Special attention to the professional roundtable discussion that will take place on April, 12. 2019., at the Schickedanz Hall of the Museum of Fine Arts, including the philosopher Tillman JA, Miklós Székely art historian, curator of the Hajas Archive, and Tibor Palkovics, manager of the Hamvas legacy. as well as the Physique concert announced at the Open Workshop with the participation of Tibor Szemző, László Görös and István Kovács Tickmayer, composer-pianist living in France.

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Herald News: Millennial closed culture – Treasure of the Incas @ Budapest

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The glittering gold treasures ended the legendary 1000 years of the Inca Empire!

Exhibition from March, 13. 2019.

Venue: Komplex Event Hall

District, VI. 26. Király Street – Budapest

More than 100 Inca gold items arrived to Budapest. The value of these items worth over 3 billion HUF … (11 million US$ ). The JVS director expressed gratitude to the Peruvian government for lending high-value items.

The legendary gold treasure of the Incas consists of gold jewelry, religious items, masks, and symbols of power from the collection of the Peruvian Gold Museum operated by the Mujica Gallo Foundation and enriched with special ceramics lend from the Thúry György Museum -Hungary, exhibiting Chancay culture 1100-1450 AD from Nagykanizsa and Colima culture 200BC-500BC from Science University – Szeged.

The exhibition is brought to Hungary by the Czech event organizer, the JVS Group. It is the biggest gold collection in the world. In the previous years the JVS Group held breathtaking exhibitions such as The Titanic, Body and World of the Mummies in Budapest.

Walking through the exhibition area is as walking back in BC and AC age, giving a great insight into the life of the enlisted cultures, which have flourished and present how gold became the source of so much suffering in the Peruvian highlands and during the conquest of Central and South America.

For centuries, the Incas from the Andean damp mountain ranges to the desert and the shore to the Ocean, within thousands of kilometers of power … the Sun and their Gods, as well the Warmth of Light, and Life Gold was their rulers.

The mystery of bloody rituals and the cult of gold as divine essence literally creates a mythical empire of the Incas civilization. Prior to the arrival of Europeans, artworks the flourishing cultures, the blood covered the glitter of precious metals was destroyed on the South American continent.

The Inca Gold exhibition represent an extinct civilization,  but also its predecessors, so that some artefacts age 2600 years is on show to the visitors of today, what a fascinating culture they have created and is left behind. Come and get to know this millennial closed culture!

Visit the Gold Exhibition in Budapest and find out just how rich Peruvian civilisation a thousand years ago.  Foreigners living/staying for the time  being in Budapest, locals and families are awaited with interactivity, virtual reality, VR corner and treasure hunt adventure programs.

Over 150 original exhibits … 100 gold artifacts from South America … Painted potteries from Hungary can be seen on 900-1500 m2 exhibition area.

“Originally, the Inca name was the ruler of the Quechua tribe, but today the people and culture of the whole empire he ruled are designated by this name.”

Ticket price: 3800HUF – 4400HUF

Opening hours: Daily 9 a.m. – 8 p.m.

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St. Patrick’s Worldwide on its way – Budapest 2019!

Be Irish … Everyone is Irish To-day!

March 17th, which is about St. Patrick’s Worldwide, and about the beer we associate with  Ireland immediately.

A little background in time … St. Patrick’s Day in Ireland has been an official national holiday since 1903. Patrick lived in the fifth century, and taught the Irish to the teachings of Jesus. Already in the seventh century it was a great cult, and in the 1800s the church officially named his day 17 March.

March 17 is an important day in many countries around the world: from Dublin to Dubai, from Peru to Paris or from Sydney to Stockholm, it is originally about Irish and descendants of the country to celebrate the Island of Ireland together. And they do it so well that they are also attached to those who have no attachment to Ireland. In the latter, it is almost certain that Ireland and perhaps the most popular stout in the world, Guinness, has a huge role to play.

In Hungary … There are only a few hundred Irish people in Hungary, but mutual sympathy plays a major role in the fact, that for eight years, Budapest has been hosting the biggest Saint Patrick’s Day in Central and Eastern Europe. The procession and festival are part of the Irish National Day and are joined by the Hungarians.

On Sunday, March, 17. from Noon to 3 p.m. gathering at District V. on the Szabadság Square. And before hitting onwards a delicious choice of real Irish beef burgers on the spot to ease the hunger. Following the route from downtown at 3 p.m.  New attraction coming from Ireland … recruited staff from penitentiary institutions of Prison Service Pipe Band, of which 52 pipers blowing the Irish folk music.  The marchers are led by just as in the previous years with a huge St. Patrick’s dummy as the leader of the march. The route goes through the Andrássy Road and arriving to the “Fogasház” Instant Club (pub, party venue) at district, VII., 49-51 Akacfa Street continuing the celebration party.
From 4 p.m. a variety of programs await the participants in a real pub atmosphere for kids playing games, getting to know the Irish motif world, and of course the bands in the club will play live Irish music in a variety of styles. Most probably foreigners beside Irish folks will be swell to join the celebration.

Still in time … shop Men’s Green Shirt, Hoodies, Pants and More … but don’t be green being jealous of another. Head out to your the favorite pub and off you go to celebrate.

Cheer with a Guinness just like around the World millions do it’s

St. Patrick’s Day! – Irish National Day!

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Best of Badacsony Region Wines – Budapest @ New York Palace – Hungary 2019.

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Badacsony is one of the smallest but most exciting wine regions in the country!

Badacsony Region wines moved to Budapest for a day, annually organized by the Badacsony Tourist Guild.

The wine tasters arriving to the Budapest’s New York Palace – could hear and taste get to know local producers, get answers to their questions directly to all-the important wines told by the exhibitors from the Badacsony Wine Region on the spot. In addition to the region’s wineries  along were introduced communities, hotels, restaurants, sites and other program by the providers.

The report on the Wine – New York Palace in Budapest continues with mentioning a couple of tables on the spot:

Bence one of the brother of three spoke about the winery  Q.: „The Trio Cellar is a family winery.  Located at Diszel, on the eastern edge of the Tapolca on Mount Hajagos primarily the traditional wine-growing region of the Badacsony. Their winery produce and were award: Sürkebarát – 2016  Bronze, Zeus – 2013  Silver, Rose Rose – 2016 Gold, Vulcanus – 2016 Bronze, Pinot noir. Our goal is to familiarize consumers with the Badacsony wine region through local varieties. People interested in their wines are welcome to the local tasting cellar.” The two generations involved in the production, in cooperation, complement each other well. It is important that a family maintains the traditions and the three brothers also strive to do so. The Trio Cellar’s aim is to introduce grape and wine culture and to promote cultured wine consumption. You want to know that is true. you have to go and enjoy not only the beauty of the landscape, but also the finer-tasting wines.

In Hungary, the most common type of vine variety is at the Badacsony Wine Region. The Kéknyelű is true specialty. Was told on the spot  representing Kiss István winemaker, their late harvest Special Kéknyelű wine named “KISS”  … flavor and design goes well within bottled in blue color, catch the eye in second! It has been matured in oak barrels for a month and its specialty of a female grape, not self-pollinating, but a stammer couple fertilizing.  Other wines for tasting from the Szent György Hegy (Saint George Mount) from Kiss István wine makers received high number of visitors at the event. Some award wines were for tasting as well:  Rose Stone Silver, Olaszrizling Late, Királyleányka.  You want to know that is true about them, you have to visit and enjoy not only the beauty of the landscape, but also the finer-tasting wines. For wines  and traditional food lovers  worthwhile to pay a visit to the Kiss István winery,where guests can enjoy dinners also served at its restaurant.

Fata Cellar at  Badacsonytomaj have a 100 years of family tradition, mainly use hand-cultivation, with a large proportion of plantations with white grapes. Popular their  Rózsakő, Kéknyelű, Olaszrizling, Ürmös, Szürkebarát. István Nagy, spoke about their full range tour around the vineyards, traditional delicious restaurant and Guesthouse. Maybe Fata’s cellar doesn’t right away ring the bell, say much to wine fans, but if you have already tasted their wines, your opinion will be certainly different. As can be seen they offer 3in1!

Over the past 20 years, the Varga Cellar has the Hungarian wine professionally and technologically renewed fundamentally. The quality of the wines has become a Western European standard. Their philosophy … is not enough to produce just fine, balanced wines, you need wines that leave a mark on the consumer that you remember and you will rediscover from the thousands of items. The Badacsony Szürkebarát made from the crushed grapes is the classic of the classics, the most noble and most characteristic of the last 100 years of the most famous Badacsony species. Badacsony golden cut Szürkebarát wine was awarded with the Gold Medal 2015.

The origin of “Csobánc Taste” originates from the Csobánc Hill. In 2013, they bought a nice estate with vines and fruit trees. These fruits were only processed for our own pleasure and deliberately avoiding preservatives, additives thickeners so in the jars, besides our love and energy, only fruit and vegetables are used. As was told by Katalin that closed into every bottle is the Csobánc mountain spring scents, flavors and colors of summer to the autumn levels. All their products are homemade … vegetable creams, sugar-free jams, lavender products … all that stimulus the eye and the mouth!

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Hungary’s “Blue Blood”pure fruit wine the one-and-only in Europe!

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There are many items, things named “Blue Blood” not just in Europe, around the world, but the one-and-only “Blue Blood” fruit wine in Europe is produced  by  Csaba Sápi  at Csömör – Hungary!

Blue Blood – Timea Sápi 

The Blue Blood wine was born of a fortuitous, and later-on by repeatedly experimentation born a new additive-free blue sweet fruit wine.

The Blue Blood wine was introduced  for the media at the  Ray’s Gourmand and Bar – Budapest. Before tasting, have a look-see the Blue Blood color which carries the color of the blue sky and of the turquoise sea at the same time! It will tempt your senses first with vanilla, spicy scent and taste, then with a peachy apricot, and with the presence of cunning blueberry, and the crunch of cherry, and finally the creamy elderberry will deliver the orgasm of the flavors! Evoking aromas within its fragrance even in the coldest winter days summons the spring, even brings refreshment to the hottest summer day.

Need to know no filling machines do the bottling, nor plugging, neither capsules! They do the job with the help of human hands, as before int he old days. They love to preserve traditions and attempt to carry on! Saying more work with it, but quality product deserves attention and principle is quality, above all! Only natural ingredients … Just fruit! … without artificial flavor and fragrance materials just as within the other 25 produced kind of fruit wines, one of the more tempting fruit wines than the other, not to mention mouth-watering flavors  that are unimaginable without tasting them.

There are two types of premium groups the Hungaricum premium and the premium products. The only difference is that the premium Hungaricum, typically carrying a unique flavor, technology, which is outstanding even at international level.

The Blue Blood fruit wine is not only delicious, but healthy too and you can’t resist the look at this please product. Everyone can find their own favorit to their own taste!

They do not want mass production and serve large multi-store houses. Their goal is to introduce more fruit wines at festivals and  special events.

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XVIII. National Syngenta Wine Competition @ Siófok – Hungary

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More than ever, a new record of recordings … a total of 559 wine application arrived from the country’s several wine regions, participating in the 18th National Syngenta Wine Competition. This year the best prizes of the SynVino awards took place at Siófok – Hungary.  Prize were awarded to Bárdos and Fia Winery, the Béres Vineyards, the Koch Csaba Vine Art Winery, and the NAIK Vine and Wine Research Institute.

The past year was nothing to say it was a normal year for grape growing, due to the extreme climatic conditions and had met significant technical challenges of managing the vineyard  by the management professionals.  The last time was 100 years ago, when passed among the vines between budding and flowering just 30 days, but the results showed most of them took well over the obstacles. Last year, the amount of harvested 65 thousand hectares of grapes amounted to 500 thousand tons, of which 3.5 million hectare liter of wine produced, which is considered good not only in terms of quantity, but also in terms of quality.

The 2018 vintage wines were found neatly into the Syngenta awards. This year’s wine competition with 48 gold medals being recognized by the jury experts. The fragrant white varieties such as the Irsai Oliver, and the outstanding 2018 red wines, the Rosé highlighted the wines in the competition.

Overall a fine year for the wine producers … Twenty percent of the wines were awarded Gold and more than 50 percent received Silver medals.

Adding to the well deserved Gold awarded wine producers …  not a complete list of the  awarded wines mentioning all the 48 gold medalist … editorial comment … The Szentpéteri Wine Cellar LtdKunság: Olaszrizling selection 2018,  the Kékfrankos Rosé 2018, the Chardonnay Selection 2017 and from Balatonboglár – Bujdosó Vineyard: Merlot 2015, Brut Rosé Champagne, Cruiser 2017 …  both received GOLD AWARDS with many other wine makers.  This update is not only about to read, but have to be tasted by locals and foreigners visiting whilst staying in Hungary… most of them are available at the wine traders shops.

By-the-way …just a reminder, this week-end Fiery Wines – Volanic Flavors from the Badacsony Region of Wines coming with 38 wine makers bringing 160 wines to Budapest.

Date and Place: Saturday, March, 9. 2019. – New York Palace – Rome Hall – Budapest – District, VII., 9. Erzsébet Boulevard. Take it Easy … Enjoy your timeout … tickets available on the spot!

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