The 3rd Déryné Theater’s Festival – Sátoraljaújhely


Five days, eleven locations, more than seventy free programs in between July 19 – 23, organizing the Déryné Festival for the 3rd time. Fond of culture programs are welcome in and around Sátoraljaújhely with free theater performances, family programs and concerts.

An overview of some programs:

Concerts: Ungvári Borterasz: July, 20. Csík orchestra – Tárkány Művek – Kaláka – July, 21. Budapest Jazz Orchestra – Swing Girls – DÁNIELFY – July, 22. Besh o droM – Aurevoir – Keleti Brass Band – July, 23. Bohemian Betyars – Balkan Fanatik – Hutchky & Stars.

Theater performances: July, 19. Déryné Company – Lajos Kossuth Cultural Center
Valley Theater: July, 20. 8.30 p.m. Forrás Folk Dance Ensemble: Masterwork
TheaterWagen moving stage – Mancsi Puppet Theater – July, 20. Hollózáza – 6 p.m. For the little foolishness.

Family programs: July, 22. Széphalom
10 a.m. – 6 p.m. Kenderkóc Folk Playhouse, 11 a.m. – 11.45 a.m. – Creative music playshop – 4 p.m. – 4.30 p.m. Naninski and Figaro: Flying acrobats. – 5 p.m. – 5.50 p.m. Concert by Eszter Kárász and the fairy-tale band Eszter-lánc

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Monyo Brewery Created Completely Two New Flavors!

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In America the Soda v/s Pop most common terms for soft drinks.

Here in Hungary the “Soda” as a term, is in use for decades.

Recently, MONYO Brewery released its two newest product Craft Hop Soda and Cascara Cola!

Both are soft drinks that is produced in small quantities from natural ingredients. It is gluten-free, low in carbohydrates, sugar-free, and calorie-free! Thanks to the hops in use, it also has a gently calming, stress-relieving effect. Whether or not addicted to soda, it has became in Hungary as a lifestyle habit that leads to drink instead of plain water or having enough of juicy beverages. This coming heatwave to cool down will surely quench the thirst by the new fizzy Hop Soda delight. It is made with popular Citra and Centennial hops, offering the tropical fruity and citrusy notes characteristic of an IPA, with minimal bitterness from the Monyo brewery.The MONYO HOP SODA 0% Alcohol – 0.33L. They are easy to find at the local Monyo Tap House located at District, IX. 7. Kálvin Square a few steps rolling down from the Freedom Bridge, or visit their Tap Room next door of their Factory. Also may catch-up with other Monyo brands around their website: The MONYO HOP SODA 0% Alcohol – 0.33L

The other new Hop Soda coming your way this summer is also packed in Al cans and it brings to your tasting buds the exotic fruit of coffee known as Cascara Cola. MONYO craft sodas are made using real fruits. Ain’t secret anymore … Absolutely, just as having a sip of coffee fruit with its fig and date-like aroma, which comes from the Bányai Coffee’s plantation in Costa Rica. It boasts an exceptionally high antioxidant content and energizing effects, making it one of the most unique refreshments to cool down this summer! The MONYO CASCARA COLA 0% alcohol – 0.33L.

The four pack of can from the MONYO Brewery … Hop Soda and Cascara Cola in the picture received as a taster. Really pleasant flavor, the chilled taste simply eases the thirst and I couldn’t stop sipping the wonderful flavor.

With both of these Craft products … Hop Soda & Cascara Cola you can Drink and Drive!

HopOver to taste both Monyo’s Brewery latest canned “Craft Hop Soda and the Cascara Cola”  definitely expect the trigger to work. Let It Be Your Habit Soda this Summertime!

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The golden saber from the 10th century sparkles in its old light @ the Hungarian National Museum.


The reconstruction of the Gesteréd golden saber was presented last Thursday during the media gathering@ the National Museum.  A real curiosity was introduced  after the authentic reconstruction of the Geszteréd golden saber.

The press conference stated with a question “Should we insist on fragmentation when presenting artefacts?” – asked and gave the answer at the same time by László L. Simon – the director general of the Hungarian National Museum … “Indeed worth showing what the fragmentary find was like in its original state. Moreover, the authentic reconstruction becomes an art object in itself.”

Then after, just as in a fairy tale, János Rácz – chairman of the board of trustees of the Geszteréd Golden Sable Society, brought the tale come alive… “Balázs János Kondas was guarding livestock at the border of the Nyírség settlement in May 1927, when he suddenly noticed that the pigs were gnawing on some shiny, shiny object. They dug the saber out of the sandy ground, chewed up bones and tarsal plates, and if that wasn’t enough, the people from the surrounding farms flocked to the place when they heard about the treasure and fell on it with hoes and spades, destroying the grave.”

It is a great loss that no archaeologist excavated the site said Péter Németh – titular museum director of the Józsa András Museum, said so “Landowner László Goldstein went to the site to investigate the 10th century jewels and found: buckles, belt ends, belt buckles and also for horse tools. It is thanks to Goldstein’s presence of mind that the badly damaged golden saber, together with more than a hundred gold, silver, bronze and iron objects, was finally put in the András Jósa Museum in Nyíregyháza.”

Who could have owned the golden saber from Geszteréd? This is a question which most probably never have the answer. Many questions came upon surface … Who the golden saber from Geszteréd belong to? Who was buried in the grave? The unknown person has already been called a noble warrior, a clan head, a relative of the prince, a tribal chief. Who knows!?! but one thing is for sure … the person buried was not an ordinary individual, he was a high-ranking person and an excellent warrior, the latter of which can also be seen in his use of the saber. According to László Révész, the saber could certainly have been worn by a high-ranking man who was part of the conquest.

Beginning in 2019, titular museum director Péter Németh, László Révész, associate professor of the University of Szeged, and István Fodor, former director general of the Hungarian National Museum, who passed away two years ago, subjected the find to archaeological investigation. At the same time, the Geszteréd Golden Saber Society contacted the traditional gunsmith István Szabó and the goldsmith and chiseler Ádám Strohmayer, who prepared a reconstruction of the ornate saber based on the research results. The work of the past years is summarized in the study volume Reconstruction of the Geszteréd Golden Saber 2019–2023.

Based on the archaeologists’ description, the NGO asked István Szabó, a traditionalist gunsmith and folk craftsman, to make the blade of the saber, and goldsmith Ádám Strohmayer to decorate it. As János Rácz pointed out, in order for this golden saber to be completed, the support of many companies, institutions and private individuals was necessary, to whom he thanked for their contribution. Was also told,  that thorough preparatory work preceded the forging of the weapon, which required the knowledge and experience of archaeologists to make the reconstruction as authentic as possible.

The Gesteréd golden saber with its decorated golden verets can be seen by the public for a month in the museum’s Kandálló Hall.

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Circus artists can obtain their college degree in 2023.


Upon the latest news … The National Circus Arts Center Nonprofit Ltd., creates training courses which has launched a gap-filling initiative for circus artists. Until now, circus art was the only branch of the arts that did not offer a college-level diploma to young people interested in the branch. In 2023, the centuries-old dream of circus artists will come true,. The circus art lovers will also have the opportunity in starting their studies for a college degree. creates training courses

In the World of Circus many countries already offers a college-level degree to artists who have completed their careers in the arts. This year in Hungary, the trainings will start in September.

With the support of the Metropolitan Grand Circus, artists who wish to continue their education can start their studies in three majors. In the equestrian acrobat training, secondary school students can learn the master tricks of equestrianism, equestrian acrobatics, jigging and equestrian archery. For 3 years, they can ride the Capital City Circus’ own horses, in the circus stables. Applicants who are close to acting can master the genre of master clowns in the clown artist major. Those interested in movement can use their skills in the circus dance course.

During the training, the Metropolitan Grand Circus also provides the students with the opportunity to practice and perform, allowing them to get to know the international circus community.

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The slogan of the evening … “Have a barrel of fun!”

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Saturday Night Live wasn’t a live broadcast … but indeed was Live Barrel Pig exclusive VIP beer night!

 As the night slowly appeared, the guests arrived for an exclusive beer tasting to the new series of HopTop unique beers. It was held in the tasting room of the wonderful wine shop of WineHub. Were able to taste continuously  6+1  beers, but may also tasted 3 special IPA beers as to warm-up ourselves.  The premium beers selection were terrific: Surprise beer – Rudeboy – Sex on the barrel – Fear of the dark II. – Canadian Lover – Fear of the dark I. – Mental trainer.

Unfortunately, Ali Rawech Szami – owner of the HopTop brewery had to leave earlier. We, the audience heard interesting facts about the Barrel Pig beer from László Szilágyi – head of marketingÁdám  – brewing masters. Talked about the special flavors given from the wooden barrels.  During the ongoing tasting were initiated about the Barrel Pig project and overall made the audience spice up a bit with the features of the new series as introducing the 6 items for tasting. As it turned out, they had been at the brewery continuously tasting  from the start of the first barrel-aged beer and its flavors for a year.

Each of the HopTop beers are matured in a special barrel. The whiskey barrels bought from abroad gave the taste to these special new beers. Indeed … no wonder the resulted superb beers. For each batch, the Barrel Pig is aged from the aroma and flavor gained from the previous life of the wooden barrel.  There are rum, bourbon, whiskey and even maple syrup barrels. Within these the aromas extracted from different barrels that can be tasted the characteristics of dark chocolate combined with soft-creamy and vanilla notes.

What really dominates are Imperial Milk Stouts and Multigrain Barley casks. Imperial stouts with the unicorn pig barrel logo and a barley wine rested primarily in the Kentucky Bourbon barrels, maple syrup barrels and a Barbadian rum barrel. The beer called Sex on the Barrel kept various periods of time and bottled when deemed appropriate. There is no addition to the beers. The outwardly look shows something different by the color of the cap draining wax.  Stands as a crown making it truly special and elegant.   Mouthwatering were the sublime fruity and spicy flavors.  These HopTop beers really deserve to be served outstandingly and now reached their best form.

Going to another level and watching with high eyebrows  – shining eyes came to be really in the mood to the mental training taste. Indeed looked as all liked what tasted. Was told next we are tasting the Milk Imperial Stout (11.8%), which was aged for 1 year in a Kentucky Bourbon barrel to extract all the aromas from it. The end result was a real, creamy Mental Trainer! The reason why the “Milk” stand on some of the beer label is a reminder for those to know it is not lactose free!

At the Winehub which gave the platform to the exclusive beer tasting is an awesome wine shop which is usually operating as a bistro.

Entering their store sight catching venue welcome the visitors. The guests were perfectly cared and led to the tasting tables by  Péter Lakatos – experienced Sommelier with a demonstrated history of working in the wine and spirits industry. Heard about the enormous  “plant” one the spot where more than 500 wines from nearly 60 Hungarian and foreign wineries were out on display. The wine center is also unique on an international level.  May connect all players of wine making and the wine world without restrictions. They provide countless services that are not too much different on the Hungarian wine market. They are wholesale partners, but in their wine center they also offer tasting rooms, meeting rooms and special sales points. They pay attention to the wine-drinking community. They offer much more than an online and offline wine space. In addition to their wine shop and web shop, they welcome guests with continuous training, courses, tasting events, tasting rooms. Not to mention, a well arranged comfy community space, where grooving on the 60’s-’70s music with friends along a smooth wine. They have a bistro and a fine dining restaurant for those who want to immerse themselves also in the world of gastronomy.

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The 10th V4 Atmosphere To Come @ Nagymaros 2023.

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Found out updates within the press conference at the Uránia National Film Theater, whereas a couple of highlights and details were spread about the coming V4 events to take place @ Nagymaros.

Within the framework of Hungary’s Theater Olympia, do not have to wait long for to the V/4 Theater Festival celebrating its 10th anniversary. The V4 (i.e. Visegrád Four) – (VéNégy) Festival is celebrating with an estimated 100 programs and well know stars.

Nagymaros, just on the opposite side of Visegrád, which is splited by the River Danube. Every theatrical and musical attraction show at the V4 festival is to be seen at the historical and sightful background of the Visegrad Castle where the historical Visegrad co-operation all began in 1335.

The event is actually a theatrical collaboration that brings together artists from 4 countries: Hungary, Poland, Slovakia and the Czech Republic. Main goal is to continuously strengthening and passing on of traditions of the festival to the audience/visitors. At the gathering all sorts of different program will be presented each and every day. Starting on June 22, the 10th V/4 Festival and Theater will be opening by the Metropolitan Great Circus with a spectacular rope dance with a lightning performance prepare. An artist will walk across the wire rope stretched over the festival, symbolizing the bridge between different art forms and the past and the future.

Also as part of the Theater Olympiad, grandiose street theater productions dazzle the audience in the evenings. The KTO Theater – Krakow takes you on an imaginary journey into the magical world of childhood. In addition to stilt walkers, giant fantasy images and spectacular pyrotechnic elements, an original 1926 Benz convertible will also roll into Nagymaros as a real curiosity. The Czech V.O.S.A Theater comes with a gigantic metal lion, 5 meters high, 8 meters long and weighing 350 kg. They guide you to the secret garden of dreams, where you can discover the realm of giant puppets, luminous flowers, jellyfish and live fire accompanied by live music. Slovakia‘s first contemporary circus formation, Younák Circus, brings the legend of the best-known Slovak hero, the outlaw Juraj Jánošík, as a unique combination of theater, circus and folklore. The V4 in addition to productions, the Lviv Voskresenny Academic Theater Ukraine, which tells about the history of Ukraine through the fate of the writer, poet, spiritual leader of the Ukrainian nation, Taras Shevchenko. The spectacular yet poetic vision, which uses moving machinery, burning set elements and pyrotechnic effects, presents the eternal struggle of the Ukrainian people for independence.

“The events of the Theater Olympiad are in full swing across the country, and one of the most exciting programs at the V/4 Festival is the fulfillment of a long-standing desire.” – highlighted Attila Vidnyánszky at the festival’s press conference.

Every day between 2 p.m. to 6 p.m., the VR theater tempts you on a virtual journey beyond your imagination.
Thanks to films that offer a unique virtual reality experience, the viewer can visit the abandoned High School of gymnasium Tadeusz Kantor‘s film, who immerse himself in the underwater world of the legendary “Polish Titanic”, in the wake of the sunken wreckage of the MS Piłsudski, may perform with the world-famous Cirque de Soleil troupe, or you can go to the International Space Station as a participant of the Space Explorers.

The festival is preceded by an international workshop with the participation of theater artists from V4 countries which is led by actor and director Zoltán Balázs. Participants in the creative training can learn about the Golden Beetle method between June, 18. and 21. 2023. The name of the method was inspired by Edgar Allan Poe, whose protagonists reach their goal based on their knowledge-based analysis and evaluation skills. The V/4 Festival itself is a kaleidoscope, with its numerous programs and community-creating power, it mobilizes and gives energies that will have an impact in the long term, a cure for loneliness. The MOTTO by Zoltán Balázs goes “We are living in a new era of human civilization, where mediatization and the Internet force people to think and learn differently. In this culture-changing, visual age, the emphasis shifts from linguistic and conceptual thinking to creative thinking. Creativity and everything that machines cannot or are only capable of to a limited extent are valued. These skills can be acquired most effectively with the help of various arts, including theater. It is not enough to simply use up the traditions and the knowledge already acquired, but it is advisable to reconsider them and record our new insights in a new notebook. This requires new paper, new colors, new pencils and new thoughts.”

Beside the theatrical productions there will be a very strong musical lineup with the most famous festival groups from Hungary and within the V4 countries, such as: Kraak & Smaak – Cari Cari – Analog Balaton – Bagossy Brothers Company – Belga – Beton.Hofi – Blahalouisiana – Carson Coma – Csannekedkislány – Dzúdló – Halott Pénz – Elefánt – The Black Circle Orchestra. In addition to concerts by popular Hungarian bands, theater performances, sports opportunities, community programs and the gastronomic offers on the spot make the gathering special.

During the day, V4 Kindergarten, playhouse and children’s performances are waiting for families, and this year there will also be the opportunity to take part in guided canoe tours and admire the deservedly famous Danube Bend. There will also be Daily Yoga exercise for participants to experience how to relax after a heavy day and to welcome the new productions and performances with new energy.

Last but not least … The festival will be giving an overall insight to and the togetherness at the programs and the importance of the continuous strengthening and passing on of these traditions to the young adults is one of the goals of the festival and worthwhile to be present by the coming visitors.

It is worth entering the exact date in the calendar as soon as possible, because getting your tickets like in previous years, they will probably sell out quickly.

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Martin Scorsese’s concert film “The Band” on cinemas end of May – Hungary


This time, Pannónia Entertainment brings the 1978 film The Last Waltz to selected cinemas nationwide, 43 years after its original Hungarian premiere.

The Last Waltz concert film by Scorsese of the Canadian-American rock group The Band.

As the director was one of Woodstock’s editors, he already had some experience in the genre when he took on the filming of The Band’s farewell performance in San Francisco’s Winterland Ballroom on November, 25, 1976 on Thanksgiving 1976. Many songs  in those days had political message as the change came in-and-around the world.

The director even shot some additions to the work in the studio, they added a theme song, but the post-production took a year and a half due to another doc and the completion of New York. Robert De Niro‘s musical stood out with its sets, but the visual designer of the concert was not just anyone: the veteran Boris Leven (West Side Story, The Voice of Music) was responsible for it.

Hungarians were able to see the film with subtitles in cinema theaters in August 1979, and although it was later dubbed, it will be shown with subtitles faithful to the original presentation from May 25. In 2002. The DVD was made, in 2006, a Blu-Ray remaster was among the first to be made for the disc editions, but last year, with Scorsese’s approval, a full-scale restoration of the original negatives was presented at the Cannes Film Festival, in which the aspect ratio was restored and the correct color correction can also be found, while the source of the audio material is the 2001 remix, which was released as a music album at the time. We owe the negatives to 7 cameramen, including Vilmos Zsigmond, who won an Oscar with Encounters of the Third Kind, and László Kovács, who photographed the Easy Riders, among others, who was not affected by a technical stop during the concert, so he was the only one able to record everything from the stage.

The Band’s farewell was on a grand scale and although they opened and closed the evening, many other people performed besides them, so it was an approx. It swelled into a 5 and a half hour “mini-festival”. Scorsese began the dramaturgical after the applause, in order to take the viewer first to the post-production studio and then to the beginning of the ice rink party. In addition to The Band, Ronnie Hawkins, Michael McClure, Dr. John, Neil Young, Neil Diamond, Joni Mitchell, Paul Butterfield, Muddy Waters, Eric Clapton, Van Morrison, in the studio The Staple Singers and Emmylou Harris, and after some legal drag Bob Dylan also appears, while Ronnie Wood from The Rolling Stones and Ringo Starr from The Beatles also pay their respects in the final chord. Of course, there are still those left out who could no longer fit into the approx. 2 hours of playing time, but it is supplemented by interviews and behind-the-scenes recordings made by Scorsese, where the heavy use of cocaine, although not sonically, was visually retouched with rotoscoping techniques.

Gosh the Band’s drummer – Levon Helm (R.I.P.) …  from my impression … his looks are very much close as twin brother to Prince Harry Duke of Sussex … It is a fantastic to discover. 

The Last Waltz, is generally considered one of the best concert films ever made. You will be able to see for yourself if this is the case, following the suggestion that flashes in the opening, according to which: “This film must be played loudly!”.

Mark date into your calendar in advance for May, 25.2023.  and look for one of cinemas nationwide near by you. 

Last but not least The Band’s movie brings back the atmosphere of those ’60s and ’70s music/life style for many how they grew up in those days, and perhaps for young adult of to-day listen/ hear something before there age.

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Celebrating the 50th Anniversary of Diplomatic Relations between Royal Thailand and Hungary @ Budapest


Thai Festival

Embassy of the Royal Thailand – Garden of the National Museum – Sunday, May 14, 2023- Budapest

Seeking for an exceptional cultural experience in Budapest … need no look further! This coming week-end the Thai Festival is a must-attend event.

This year’s festival in co-operation with the Royal Thai Embassy in Budapest is organizing the 2023 Thai Festival to commemorates the golden jubilee, friendly and diplomatic relations between Thailand and Hungary.

The festival is an all-day gastro-cultural affair that brings Thailand’s culture, food and trade possibilities. The Thai Festival, is a one-day extravaganza featuring the best of Thai culture. 

In addition to Thai cultural programs, performers, and cooking show, authentic Thai restaurants will provide culinary delights.  Can also give it a try to the original Thai massages and also the beneficial and relaxing effects of traditional Thai massage. At this year’s festival,  there will be an opportunity to witness traditional Thai cultural shows, dance performances, and even Muay Thai demonstrations. No shortage of entertainment of the vibrant cultural experience.

The Thai festival is for visitors of all ages – The program is free of charge.

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Maserati’s Latest Model – Most Powerful GT – 550 Horsepower – Arrived to Hungary!

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The GranTurismo Trofeo and Modena are available for the domestic public with a delivery time of up to 3-4 months – we found out and could see them on the morning press presentation terrace at the Babel Restaurant in Budapest.

At the exclusive presentation event, in addition to the GranTurismo Trofeo, which is now debuting in our country, the MC20, chosen as the most beautiful supercar of 2021 at the Paris International Automobile Festival, and a truly rare 1975 Maserati Merak, offered by the Kaáli Auto-Motor Museum, were also been on the spot. At the event, after the greeting of the managing director of Sándor Mátrabérci – Wallis Motor, Béla F. Nagy, the business manager of Maserati, presented the most important parameters of the GranTourismo and the future ideas of the Stellantis automotive concern regarding the model. The new Maserati GranTurismo is a big shot with both gasoline and electricity 550 horsepower from gasoline, or 760 horsepower from electricity can be measured at the wheels. The specialist emphasized that the new GT combines the high performance typical of sports cars with comfort suitable for long journeys, with both in the versions equipped with a powerful internal combustion engine and in the most innovative model version equipped with 100% electric solutions.

The series of sporty touring coupes began 75 years ago with the Maserati A6, whose worthy successor, the GranTurismo, was presented by the Italian luxury car brand last October. Wallis Motor, the exclusive domestic distributor of the harpoon brand, brought one of Maserati’s newest models to Hungary just a few months after the world premiere.

Wallis Motor, the exclusive domestic distributor of the Maserati brand, presented the GranTurismo, which has been renewed in-and-out. The new touring coupe is equipped with the revolutionary V6 Nettuno engine and is currently available in two versions: the 490 hp Modena and the most powerful model variation ever, the 550 hp GT Trofeo. According to the promise of Wallis Motor, Maserati’s first 100% electric model, the 760 hp GT Folgore, will soon be available in Hungary.

At the press conference, we learned that four new GranTurismos have already been sold in Hungary. Two Trofeo top models and two Modenas also with the V6, only in a weaker form and with fewer carbon fiber elements. The electric Folgore, on the other hand, cannot be ordered for the time being, even though the price has been lowered to 93.5 million HUF (calculated with 380HUF/Euro) With 760 horsepower, this is the fastest version with a top speed of 325 km/h, and it is also the most unique in terms of technology. The Maserati promises delivery of the Modena and Trofeo within 3-4 months from the order.

Regarding the Hungarian prices, delivery times and order expectations, the Hungarian distributor Wallis Motor revealed that two Modena and two Trofeo have already found owners, the former starting at a gross starting price of 74,485,0000HUF, and the latter starting at 92,833,000HUF

The new coupe is equipped with the revolutionary V6 Nettuno engine, which is available in two versions: the Modena model version is equipped with the 490 hp, 3-liter V6 Nettuno Twin Turbo; and the top version Trofeo is equipped with 550 horsepower and an 8-speed automatic transmission. These two model versions are already available to fans here, and according to Wallis Maserati’s business manager, they have already ordered several copies of them, which will soon be handed over to their new owners.

It’s no secret that Maserati started the full development program with the MC20 so that the brand could gain new momentum now independent of Ferrari, exploiting its own considerable engineering capacity as the flagship of the Stellantis group. An MC20 and a Merak were also present at the premiere in Budapest, and the sight of both of them next to the blue GranTurismo Trofeo was truly overwhelming.

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Thirsty Beer Lovers Hop Over to HopTop Tasting!

HopTop Craft Beer – at Winehub – Old Buda
Date: May ,13. – 6 p.m. – 8 p.m.
District III., 41-43 Pacirtamező Street – Óbuda (OldBuda)

It’s gonna be “Barrel Pig” beer tasting this coming week-end!

Craft beers aged in Kentucky bourbon barrels, i.e. what is Hoptop Brewery’s unicorn pig looking for in a beer barrel?!
If you like strong, characterful craft beers, you will definitely like this event. The Hoptop brewery presents six different barrel-aged beers, which are guaranteed to provide a unique taste experience.
“Each of their beers is matured in a special barrel. There are rums, bourbons, whiskeys, and even maple syrup,” says Szami Ali Rawech – founder of the Budapest small-scale brewery.
“These beers have a deep black color and are often sweet, and their bitterness keeps the flavors in a nice balance. In the taste of barrel-aged beers, you can find the characteristics of dark chocolate, which are combined with soft, creamy and vanilla notes, which are made perfect by the aromas extracted from different barrels!”
Hoptop has a separate brand family of barrel-aged beers, launched under the name Barrel Pig. The appearance of the 0.33ml bottles is both elegant and clownish, which is further enhanced by the colorful wax closure, the appearance of each item is adorable!
These beers are guaranteed to enchant the hearts of beer lovers and those who want special taste experiences. Don’t miss this event to experience the unique taste of imperial stout and barley wine beers!
The tasting will be held by  Szami Ali Rawech – barrel-aged beers creator.

Premium beers of the tasting: Surprise beer, Rudeboy, Sex on the barrel, Fear of the dark II., Canadian Lover, Fear of the dark I., Mentaltrainer. The price of the tasting ticket:6990HUF.
Ticket purchase:

On the same day between 6 p.m. -8 p.m. it is also possible to try the presented beers and other specialties by purchasing tasting ticket on the spot for 1500HUF. These are to be Core beers: Green Zone, Ceylon Buddy, Tropical Swinger Club.

Premium beers: Rudeboy, Sex on the barrel, Fear of the dark II., Canadian Lover, Fear of the dark I., Mentaltrainer. Also ticket on the spot: 2500HUF

Beer Lovers mark the date in your calender and don’t miss a thing!

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