The Future Art of Cinema – ETELE Cinema @ Budapest.

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Venue: District XI., 68. Etele Rd. Budapest

The multi-award winning Etele Plaza opened last year in September… Yesterday, the journalists were invited for an exclusive visit. Within this framework, we were able to gain a glimpse behind the scenes of ETELE Cinema. Several cinema halls were presented during the tour. Heard about the special rooms and innovative technologies of the cinema, which are uniquely equipped in Hungary, as well as its premium services. In brief some data …the floor space is 7000 square meters within 14 multiplex halls takes the cinema experience to a new level in almost everything!, ETELE Cinema can accommodate at the same time sixteen hundred people, having premium quality of Scandinavian design chairsItalian fabric frame, framed with Spanish imitation leather, as well as the “glide” mechanism, reclining backrest and sliding seats. In several rooms of ETELE Cinema, Dolby Atmos and 7.1 sound systems, 4K laser projection technology and pixel-controlled lighting technology enchant visitors.

Feel like a V.I.P.! Why Not? All the circumstances to fulfill their chosen time of pleasure are at the visitors fingertips at this superb location … In addition to the technology, they wanted to make sure the audience feel as comfortable as possible. At the touch of a button on the reclining elbow seat and footrest can be adjustable and all the muscles are completely relaxed for the eye-ear to fulfill the fantastic experience. Even before the screenings were told that the audience are welcome with special room-specific light and sound play which give that feeling that the walls are literally coming to life! The comfy cinema’s seats are noticeably, were tailored designed by personal order and easy to tilt. Nowhere in Hungary has armchairs anything close to it as at the ETELE Cinema.

Not just for those, who want to get something special, but who after a tiring day go to the ETELE Cinema can drive away the daily frills, relax and get the most comfy experience. It is also possible to even use the built-in personal mobilphone (Qi) charger on the armrest while watching the movie. Worthwhile to visit the Premium Hall and within a second feel receiving comfort, perfect visuality, the special care from head-to-toe.

Sci-fi level technology … not just only for Sci-fi fans! ETELE Cinema is a third-generation cinema in use of state-of-the-art technology and are integrated to a level that sci-fi can envy. Naturally in providing the best cinema experience!

Being there was worthwhile to take a seat at the PIXEL HALL, one of the most stunning special design hall.  The eye-catching colors inspired by the Nordic light and brought alive with scattered light shards engulfing the audience. The venue will catch attention straight away. Here a seats were also specially tailored for comfy. A little magic was brought by Centrum Production for the lighting of the PIXEL HALL and along the passing areas. With the project of “Master of Light – Master of Light 2021” received the praise of the professional jury. The unique moody lights in the domestic market help the cinemas to provide a magical experience, surprise and entertain. Unique event venue was held the BrandFestival 2021 at the ETELE Cinema last year in October, with more than a 100 international and domestic professional performers at the conference. The event reached the finals of the prestigious London Conference & Events Awards 2022, including the “Sustainable Venue” in the Best Venue categories.

When arriving with younger children, there is no better choice than taking them to the ETELE CINEMA KIDS HALL, having a unique hall ultimately designed. Beside the row of seats also double seats for parents sitting beside their kids. The designers of ETELE cinema have thought of children’s sitting watching the movie, but who haven’t heard of them saying the need to go out to the water-closet minute-by-minute. Here ain’t no problem because designed and placed for them right next to the entrance hall.

Was mentioned during the guided press tour the Life1 … ETELE FITNESS ROOM located on 2000 square meters in a unique environment, equipped with the most modern and safest strength and cardio machines, sauna and physiotherapy services and a terrace available for being in use.

The building provides fully accessible spots and use of restrooms for those in need. Wide lifts, ramps, a sidewalk from the car park and an electronic blind guide system under the corridors help the visitors with reduced mobility to navigate more easily and safely. On all levels of ETELE Cinema, a few steps from the screening hall, there are washbasins for guests, as well as restrooms for the disabled. For Men “N” Ladies rooms, needn’t have to walk for individuals (“miles”) to reach their need., there are in easy reachable distance.

About parking … can park right next to the cinema and walk right in from their car! They have something unique in store for everyone: a plethora of eye-boggling visuals awaits in all of their halls before and after watching a movie.

The movie lovers gain an awesome experience at the ETELE Cinema and they probably won’t think twice to go to another cinema by having experience on the spot feel the real difference in the sound-sight effects all around them. As for to-day, the ETELE Cinema cannot be compared to any other cinemas in Hungary.

ETELE Cinema has fundamentally rethought community movie watching. The general designer of the plaza, the leading designer of Paulinyi & Partners, István Vámossy, played a key role in the realization of this and Domenico Del Priore and Raffaele Carlani, employees of DeCa Design, Italian cinema design specialists. The best expert in the country, Zoltán Berkes, CinemaNext Hungary Cinema Integrator was responsible for the audio and projection technology.

Last but not least … this is a perfect environment to have had built the ETELE Cinema here cause enroute from downtown with the transportation of the M4 Metro easy to reach and with the housing estate nearby, adding the Kelenföld train station just steps away canno have brought to a better place. At the ETELE Mall all kind of food and other stores available just as a little village on the spot.

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Isvándy Winery – “Kéknyelű” Picnic – Káptalantót … Northern Lake Balaton 2022.


To be in the groove this coming week-end all you have to do is take a visit on May 14, 2022, to the traditional blue-tasting program of the Istvándy Winery which is located on the border of Káptalantót, in the Istvándy Grove.

Istvándy “Blue Age Era“: For more than 20 years we have been committed to the Kéknyelű variety. In 2012, for the first time in the world, we launched the unique Blue-Handled Champagne and introduced it to the general public. We want to discover the secrets of the “Kéknyelű wine”, which can open up new perspectives for the wine region.

Have lunch on the Istvándy Tóti-hegy estate from Noontime. Mind you to book a table on +36 30 361 8421.

Kéknyelű Picnic … May 14, 2022. … 3p.m. – 8 p.m.

About 10 wineries in Badacsony will brought to join the event with more than 30 Kéknyelű, and guests can take part in a Kéknyelű masterclass and taste local mangalica and gray beef. A wonderful venue and a unique walk-in tasting in the Balaton Uplands: the Kéknyelű Picnic and Walking Tasting is about meetings, tastes, and the presentation of the treasures of a special grape variety. What was the 2021 vintage like? What makes the Blue Tongue different? What common opportunities do winemakers in the wine region see in the future? – Participants are sure to get answers to these questions during the tasting. The venue is set at the Istvándy Liget, located on the green border of Káptalantót, an intimate, intimate oasis whose primary function is to provide a worthy place for larger celebrations of friends and family. It is a beautiful place close to nature for the

Istvándy Winery – Káptalantót, Istvándy “Blue Age Era”, Istvándy – Blue-Handled Champagne, Kéknyelű masterclass, Balaton Uplands,blue-skinned wines of Badacsony.

The organizers also provide a special gastronomic experience: the ticket price includes barbecue delicacies. The menu: Gray beef, appetizer, BBQ pork tenderloin, chicken legs fried on coals Blue wine vinegar, green leafy potato salad, Istvándy Kéknyelű, Bonbon. vegetarian food: Cabbage steak with sesame seeds.

The accompanying program of the event is the DJ in the Liget. Dj Ernő Piaf will mix the music for the sunset.

The evening continues with the Kéknyelű After Party from 9 p.m. at the Istvándy Wine Workshop in Badacsony.

Have lunch on the Istvándy Tóti-hegy estate from Noontime (don’t forget to book a table on +36 30 361 8421.

Tickets: The price of the walking tasting is 11,990HUF, which includes 1 BBQ bowl and a tasting of all Kéknyelű wines while stocks last.

Tickets can be purchased through system which will have an extra charge as handling fee.

Bring your comfy picnic blanket and your friends along!


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Coming up … Amazing movie for any fan of Jim Morrison/The Doors!

DOORS publicpreview

Re-discover the Myth!

Oliver Stone’s legendary biographical feature film The Doors has been digitized and refurbished and from May, 19. will be screened through domestic cinemas, distributed by Pannonia Entertainment.

Jim Morrison, one of the most sensual, most iconic front-men in all of music entertainment and certainly exciting figure in the history of rock-and-roll, explodes on the screen in this electrifying movie about a time called the sixties and a legendary outlaw who rocked america’s consciousness – forever.

This movie portrays such a vast array of his life, poetry, personality and its’ finest years! Even if you’re not entirely fixated with Morrison, the story behind the other members of The Doors takes you back in time! ‘Sex, Drugs, and Rock-N-Roll with other iconic people such as Robby Krieger, John Densmore, Ray Manzarek, Pamela Morrison, and even the fashionably unusual Andy Warhol, among others! ‘The Doors’ is an amazing movie taking the audience back-in-time when a generation started to feel the difference of their era in music. Val Kilmer is a phenomenal actor who put his all into being Jim Morrison plays an EXCELLENT performance in Oliver Stone’s – The Doors – Jim Morrison! Kilmer seems to have taken the role to another level. Perhaps, there ain’t enough of getting to know the characters in the movie. Yet to get to know the mostly bad sides of Jim Morrison is on screen.

This movie is a must-see for any fan of Morrison. Be ready for a cool concert footage which is amazingly accurate and the excellent acting performances. Great soundtrack.

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The Hungarian Motion Picture Festival @ Veszprém County 2022.

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At the History Mill Garden – Episcopal Rest, the organizers of the National Film Institute and the Veszprém-Balaton 2023 – European Capital of Culture held a press conference regarding to the forthcoming Hungarian Motion Picture Festival at Veszprém County

Between June, 9 -12, 2022 the Hungarian Motion Picture Festival will be organized jointly by the National Film Institute and the Veszprém-Balaton 2023 European Capital of Culture.

The Hungarian Motion Picture Festival films will be screened in Hungarian language with English subtitles available for selected screenings.

The audience can have a special experience and will be an awesome meeting spot for Hungarian filmmakers. During the Hungarian Film Festival, Hungarian film fans can see nearly a hundred Hungarian films at nine locations in three cities – Veszprém, Balatonfüred and Balatonalmádi.

The audience can buew twenty Hungarian premieres of the lastest Hungarian films at the open-air and international festival winners, stars at the History Mill Garden and the Playground Theater in Veszprém. Will also be added as new locations films screened at Hangvilla, the Old Town Square, the Expresso and the Agóra Cultural Center, the Tagore promenade and the Balaton Cinema in Balatonfüred. At Balatonalmádi on giant projector can be viewed on the Wesselényi beach.

There will be the opening film of the festival, by Péter Fazakas’s “The Game” … starring Zsolt Nagy, János Kulka, Gabriella Hámori and Péter Scherer.

The festival also commemorates Sándor Pécsi, who was born 100 years ago, and Pál Jávor, who was born 120 years ago.

The festival program also includes restore renovated classics, movie stars, audience meetings, children’s and youth programs, exhibitions, concerts and gastro programs that await the audience again this year at the Hungarian Motion Picture Festival in the Veszprém-Balaton region. Anna Juhász will be the hostess of the event. The multitude and diversity of the films selected for the festival also shows that the Hungarian film industry is in top shape. We are waiting for the viewers with an extremely exciting events in June in the wonderful Veszprém-Balaton region” said Csaba Káel – Hungarian Film Commissioner responsible for the development of the Hungarian motion picture industry, the National Film Institute.

Dr. Tibor Navracsics – government commissioner responsible for the implementation of the Veszprém-Balaton 2023 – EKF program, said: “We are pleased that the Hungarian film festival will be held in Veszprém for the second time. We hope that the Hungarian Motion Picture Festival and the European Capital of Culture program will prove that this region forms a unity and becomes a custom to take part in each other’s celebrations. Our long-term goal is to become a new region for the cultural and creative industries in Europe, and film is one of the most dynamically developing areas in this sector, so it is no secret that we want to become a meeting place for the film industry.”

Hard core fans can redeem an early bird pass until May 15 and there will also be student, retirement and local discounts. As the closing chord of the Hungarian Motion Picture Festival, the Hungarian Film Academy will present the Hungarian Motion Picture Awards on June 12.

From the proceeds of the festival passes, will support the education of young filmmakers.

For further information :

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“Never Rarely Sometimes Always” Drama -Hungary’s Cinemas

Never Rarely Sometimes Always (2)

This Is A Girl’s Life In A Man’s World!

Eliza Hittman, an independent American drama on the most important issues of adolescence and adulthood, will be released in domestic cinemas on May 5. 2022.

Starring: Sidney Flanigan, Talia Ryder, Théodore Pellerin, Ryan Eggold, Sharon van Etten.
Music composed by Julia Holter. Age limit film: over 16 years old.

Eliza Hittman is an independent, a filmmaker of impeccable sensitivity and grace also independent BBC producer …  everyday border crossings suggested by gender stereotypes; the responsibilities of the minor  planning; about the hypocritical or accepting reactions of society.

Synopsis … 
Written and directed by Eliza Hittman, the film is an intimate portrayal of two teenage girls in rural Pennsylvania. Faced with an unintended pregnancy and a lack of local support, Autumn (Sidney Flanigan) ad her cousin Skylar (Talia Ryder) embark across state lines to New York City on a fraught journey of friendship, bravery, compassion with empathy and outrage that cut equally deeply

The abortion debate that divides the United States is characterized by the director trying to bring his film under the roof for 6-7 years. Eventually, the support of the BBC, which rarely produces American productions, and the Oscar for Barry Jenkins, who works here as a producer, needed the film to be shot at all. Never Rarely Sometimes Always won a Silver Bear at the Berlin Film Festival and returned home from Sundance with a special prize for neorealisms.

Pannonia Entertainment, Focus Features and BBC Films

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Shirley Valentine-Bradshaw transformation @ Centrál Theater – Budapest

Centrál Theater Budapest

A story of abandoned dreams and monotonous marriage, yet full of charm and airy wit.

Mind you, only in Hungarian language, without subtitled projection.

The Liverpool housewife in the middle-age working class  life has stagnated. The story of Mrs Joe Bradshaw, before and after a transforming holiday to Greece. Yet, inside Mrs. Joe Bradshaw who is the former Shirley Valentine longing to emerge.

Her self-esteem battered by school, marriage and life in general, she finds herself talking to the wall while her husband is out working. She feels that her life is terribly mundane as she compares scenes in her current life with what she used to be like and feels Liverpudlian bored.

When her best friend invites her to an all-expenses paid vacation to Greece with her, Shirley at first is uncertain whether she will go and what will happen to those left at home, then after she convince herself and grasps the opportunity to head for the sun and leave her current drudgery behind, to follow her dreams and to get a new lease on life. She leaves a note in the kitchen that reads “Gone to Greece, back in two weeks”. Shirley breaking out of the mold in which she was cast by society.

Móni Balsai was an excellent choice of incarnation to Shirley Valentine-Bradshaw. Her superb acting represents many people in the audience who can recognize themselves and/or also have met friends or family of members of those in the theater on the same side of the road.

The play is filled with much humor, warmth, sym-pathy, human insight and a great deal of empathy for Shirley the protagonist.

Playwriter Willy Russell’s 1986  story is comic and manologue , that has received a variety of awards and was made into an Oscar nominated film which is more than 30 years old, but has not aged a day. Russell tailored his play into sensitivity, compassion, sense of humor and understanding of working class lives and their stories.

The play was translated and staged by Ujj Mészáros Károly who reflects both the English text and absolutely brings up-to-date the freshness of the Hungarian language spoken today. Set design by Anna FeketeCostume by Enikő Kárpáti.

A must see play that will be floating in your mind for sometime.

Tickets on the spot Centrál Theater – District, VI. 18, Révai Str. Budapest

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Unfortunately, years ago, the Australian Embassy closed in Budapest/Hungary. Earlier… last time the Australian Ambassador to Hungary Mr. John Griffin really took care of the Aussies in Hungary, beside the “get together” afternoons and other occasions connected to Australia. Since then for many here in Budapest there is “white sheet” sadly. On ANZAC DAY he invited international ambassadors stationed in Budapest and in addition the VIP guests participating in the Hungarian state administration. Also invited those who were once Aussies and are in some degree connected with Australia.

On ANZAC DAY just as every country has a day that commemorates those who fight and die to protect their freedom, their traditions, and their homes. For Australia and New Zealand, there’s ANZAC DAY, a moment of remembrance for all those who have served their country with distinction, especially those who never made it home. No matter where in the world we live, the fallen soldiers of nations everywhere deserve respect and admiration.

ANZAC is a unique name, an acronym for the Australia and New Zealand Army Corps who were the troops which fought in the historical Battle of Gallipoli. ANZAC DAY is observed every year on April 25 to mark the national day of remembrance in New Zealand and Australia. Anzac Day is a day to commemorate the members of the armed forces who fought on the Gallipoli Peninsula  during World War 1. 1915. The commemoration only became more important as the years wore on and World War II came to pass, leading to the death of more soldiers all over the world. These aren’t the only wars these fantastic men and women have fought, they also fight for the rights of women, gay rights, and more, initially inspired by the mistreatment of civilian women by soldiers in other cultures.

ANZAC – today marks 107 years since Australian and New Zealand troops landed on Turkish shores, and is recognized as a major national holiday in both countries. Thousands lost their lives during the 1915 Gallipoli campaign, including 44,000 men from France and the British Empire, 8,500 Australians and 2,779 New Zealand. Both New Zealand and Australia hold this day in high regard and celebrate it with all due solemnity every year.

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Hungarian Motion Picture Festival – Video Competition – 2022.

mobil_balaton_hosszu_01 (1)

Be your own filmmaker!

Shoot a movie, even with your mobile!

Win valuable prizes!

The Hungarian Motion Picture Festival, together with the Cinemira, International Children and TEEN Film Festival, is announcing a Video Competition for teenagers under the age of 20 in the framework of the Veszprém-Balaton 2023 European Capital of Culture program. You can enter films with a maximum of 1.5 minutes on the northern shore and southern shore of Lake Balaton, without any genre restrictions. The deadline for entries is May, 25. 2022.

The best 30 works will be screened at the Hungarian Motion Picture Festival in Veszprém this summer, and the best 3 films will win valuable film and Balaton awards.

Not over 20 years old, and interested in film and love the  Lake Balaton, this call is for you! Within the framework of the Veszprém-Balaton 2023 European Capital of Culture program, the Hungarian Motion Picture Festival, together with the Cinemira, International Children’s and TEEN Film Festival, is announcing a video competition with a maximum of 1.5 minutes of films on the northern shore and southern shore of Lake Balaton. There is no genre restriction! It can be an animation, a live-action short film, or even a video clip, all that matters is that it is somehow connected to Lake Balaton. An entrant can start with an unlimited number of short films.

Upload your movie to a link or drive and send it to by May 25th!

The works will be selected by a professional jury of filmmakers. The top 30 artists will receive personal feedback and evaluation from the jury, and their film will be screened on June 11 at the Hungarian Motion Picture Festival in Veszprém.

The best 3 films will win valuable film prize and Balaton awards such as: Summer film workshop with the offer of the Children’s Film Academy worth 42000HUF … Cinemira TEEN – International Film Festival in the Aquarium Club – 3 tickets worth 10000HUF …  CINEMIRA canvas bag filled with the lovable Balaton yummy slices … Adventure sailing for 4 people with the offer of Élmé in Alsóörs … Family tickets to the Bakony Sobri Adventure Park.

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Find what you are looking for @12th Kitchen Exhibition – Budapest

kitchen exhibition 2022 snap

Papp László Budapest Sports Arena
April, 22-24. 2022.

At the 12th Kitchen Show, more kitchen furniture, stunning kitchen appliance novelties, home renovation support, home furnishing advice and wonderful gastronomy moments await you than ever before!

If you are about to build or renovate, the quality of your kitchen and the time you spend in it is important to you, or you are simply a fan of gastronomy, this is your place at this year’s Kitchen Exhibition, where manufacturers and distributors present their latest furniture, small and medium to the Hungarian public for the first time. their mainframe innovations and kitchen solutions.

There will be no shortage of flavors and smells either, the outstanding Hungarian representatives of gastronomy are waiting for the all-day programs at the Miele Main Stage and at the stands.

You should register on the event website to stay up-to-date on the top news and stay tuned for prizes! In addition to the main prize, a custom-made kitchen furniture worth HUF 2 million, you will also find a steam oven, automatic coffee maker and other valuable gifts!

Come and fall in love with your new kitchen!

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Joint peformance of Ukrainian and Hungarian artist educators celebrated World Circus Day 2022.


Photo: Urbán Ádám/Metropolitan Grand Circus

The Metropolitan Grand Circus and the Imre Baross Artist Training Institute (BIAK) celebrated World Circus Day in an unusual way: Ukrainian and Hungarian artist educators are caught! They presented a joint program at the Artists’ Colony and handed over props from the proceeds of BIAK’s previous program, Midsummer Night’s Dreamers, to Ukrainian artist educators.

World Circus Day has been celebrated on the third Saturday of April every year since 2007, but this year has been postponed to April 21, as the hospitality artists of Kiev and Kharkiv performed in Monaco with the organizing committee of the Monte Carlo International Circus Festival in a series of lectures. But already it was previously decided that a joint performance with Hungarian artists would be planned on World Day.

Before the one and a half hour presentation, the director of BIAK, Dénes Gábor Kovács, greeted the audience and reminded them that the co-production of Ukrainian and Hungarian students is a message to the world: acceptance, co-creation and thinking together is created.

Secretary of State for Culture Peter Fekete always carries with him a cultural treasure, this time asking the Museum of Hospitality to borrow a balance sheet from 1910. “From time-to-time, we have to balance the things of our lives: if trouble, need are included in one pan, responsibility, opportunity, care must be immediately included in the other. How good and exemplary that there are people among us who don’t consider if it’s about help. The Recirquel company with Bence Vági at the forefront was not considered, Tünde Vincze, who helped the refugees from Ukraine with 1HUF million, and Krisztián Kristóf, who changed his life and receives the homeless refugees in his own home, was not considered, ”said the Secretary of State for Culture. Peter Fekete recalled that more than 120 students have been living with us for more than a month now, more than 20 families have come to us who have rested for a few days and then moved on to Western Europe. The Budapest Grand Circus in Budapest is a place whose gates are open to artists and they know it all over the world. “The most important message of the World Circus Day is that circus art is cohesive, no matter who it comes from and where it is, where it helps, supports and catches when someone falls,” said Péter Fekete, who wanted strength and perseverance for everyone. He thanked the helpers for their work and expressed the hope that those forced to leave their homeland would be able to return home as soon as possible.

Subsequently, the Hungarian students handed over to their Ukrainian counterparts the props purchased from the proceeds of BIAK’s all-arts and charity piece entitled Midsummer Night’s Dreamers, so that they could continue their professional studies without interruption. On behalf of all of them, the props were thanked by Momot Svitlana, artistic director and stage director of the Harkiv artist training school. “On behalf of the students, teachers and parents left behind in Ukraine, I would like to say a huge thank you for everything. They welcome us with warmth and humanity, take care of us, provide food, accommodation and equipment for everyday life, as well as provide various programs. But most importantly, our kids can keep practicing and developing their beloved profession, ”said Momot Svitlana, Catch Up! performance director. In the first half of the program celebrating World Circus Day, Kiev and Kharkiv artist educators shone their versatile knowledge. In addition to circus art productions, the art of dance and movement interwoven with pantomime elements. In the second half of the performance, the young talents of BIAK enchanted the audience with their different genre numbers. This year was a special World Circus Day in a historic position.

Overall, thanks to the unparalleled collaboration in Hungarian circus artNational Circus Arts Center, INspirál Circus Center, BIAK, Recirquel Company, Balance Acrobatics & amp; Torna Club, Vincze Tünde Production – Ukrainian artist educators can continue their studies in safety, while continue to develop together with their Hungarian peers.

Source from Metropolitan Grand Circus

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