Celts of Csepel Island – Aquincum Museum @ Budapest

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People of Dragons and Birds – Celts of Csepel Island

Temporary exhibition – Until October, 31.2019.

9 a.m. – 6 p.m.

 Budapest History Museum’s Aquincum Museum

District, III. 139 Szentendrei Road – Budapest

The Ancient and Folk Migration Department of the Budapest History Museum conducted excavations on the northern tip of Csepel Island in the Central Wastewater Treatment Plant of Budapest, between 2004 and 2008, where alongside important prehistoric and early medieval (8th-13th century) finds, and a cemetery was discovered.

Of the 900 archaeological sites, more than a hundred belonged to the Celtic cemetery, whose graves can be divided into skeletal and cremation burials, but within the two large groups there were very diverse burial practices.

However, not only diversity but also chronological differences can be discovered in the diversity of the graves and graves.

According to Celtic beliefs, these burnt, deformed, often purposefully ruined remains would be revived in the afterlife, along with the ashes of the deceased.

What to see: the cemetery divided into three  locations,  finds of the early period, finds of the transition period and beside many items discovering the late period of the cemetery.

Local and foreigners are welcome to this journey to visit back in time the exhibition, to see the prehistoric and early medieval finds left for the visitors of today to stroll along at the archaeological sites.

It is the Season of Fall and not the usual weather that stands for it … still shares its pleasant warmth to visit the Aquincum Museum.

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Japanese Three Days – Daily Event – Grand Market @ Budapest 2019

Interested in staying up to date with the “National Days” that is celebrated in Budapest? Then look no further because the Grand Market (District, IX. 1-3. Vámház Blvd.)  year around organize these daily national events. On a specific day of the year, the Grand Market presents certain types of foods, dishes,  draw  attention to  tourist attractions to be discovered, the life and gifts of countries from all over the word. This year having the 9th year and 15th time in organizing the Japanese Days with the support of the Hungarian-Japanese Friendship Society.

The Grand Market promotes a wonderful sense of community and is great for a slow wander through the ground-floor walkway coming soon to see a slice of Japan. Local and foreign visitors are welcome!

November, 12 -14. 2019.

Tuesday/Thursday: 9 a.m. – 6 p.m.

During the Japanese National Days introducing the Japanese culture with workshops, lectures, Japanese recipes, handcrafted items, traditional drinks and fresh authentic cuisine, clothing, traditional kimonos and fans, sensational already cooked food and spices to buy for your lunch or even breakfast if you desire. The Japanese Tourist booth surely will satisfy some visitors in getting a hint about whereabouts in visiting Japan.  Even wish to see what your name looks like in Japanes and kanji symbols no problem, there will be a desk to find out.

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Varga Winery – Badacsonyörs – Northern Lake Balaton – Hungary 2019

 At the Varga Winery ended with the harvest, and a lot less than expected this year in Hungary and grapes grown in several European countries. The winery this year worked up “only” 18.5 million kilos of grapes, similar to last year’s 14.5 million, it is expected to throw bottles of wine market. Due to crop failures in Europe and the export volume will grow at least 50 per cent burns.

A beautiful autumn day in fantastic quality vintage matured, some of the early varieties already in the bottle, including a special flavor Irsai Oliver.

The experts were wrong, there was no crisis of overproduction of grapes, fewer than expected grapes were grown in Hungary and in other European countries, so the export of wine also helps to draw off the domestic wine stocks accumulated in the last two years. the National Council of Mountains decided on the so-called “green harvest” support. The point is that the farmers harvest an average of the previous two years approximately. receive against the value calculated at 52HUF compensation if the beginning of July to the ground unripe “harvested” the bunches. The farmers had more wisdom than the managers. We farmers in Badacsony protested against the green harvest in a letter. One of our reasons was that beside many questions in saying, the situation can always be answered only at the end of the harvest Not only in Hungary but also in international markets.

In addition to the drought and over-fatigue plantations decreased, but unexpectedly increased interest from abroad as well. What we didn’t have storage capacity for was the must and our wine exports increase by at least 50 percent said Péter Varga winemaker.

“Year by year, we see the importance of science-based engineering in viticulture,” says Managing Director Péter Varga Máté. “The relationship between plantation condition and quality has been well known for some time. This year has also shown that high-quality, high-quality produce can only be produced on plantations that are in excellent condition. This requires qualified, experienced professionals. In the case of medium ripening and especially late grapes the drought also shades the picture. Early varieties, however, were not affected by drought, where the difference in yield between the individual plantations was created by professional competence. The early varieties are ready, some already in bottles, such as Irsai Oliver with a special flavor, and the middle-aged ones are gone, we can say that all varieties will be better than last year, I hope that in a few weeks I can say the same for all our wines.

Varga Winery Ltd. was founded in 1993 and has 200 hectares of vineyards nationwide.  By measure: 125 hectares are located in Badacsony, 20 hectares in Balatonaliga and 55 hectares in the Eger wine region. The processing plants are located in the Badacsony and Eger wine regions. The winery’s sales in 2018 were close to 5 billion HUF with 186 employees. For more than a decade, Varga Winery sells the most bottled wines in Hungary, which in 2014 was 14 million. Their wines can be purchased in almost all of the chain stores.

Awards, honors: Since its establishment, Varga Winery has achieved its greatest success this year in prestigious foreign competitions; 6 gold medals for the Berlin Wine Trophy, 3 gold for the Vinalies Internationales in Paris, 2 gold for the Monde Selection and 1 gold for the Monde Selection in Brussels.

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The 26th Titanic International Film Festival kicks off: Amazing Aretha – Amazing Grace @ Budapest 2019.

This year showing at two venues will be presented for one week 12 new productions, at the Uránia National Film Theater and the French Institution – Budapest.

The Uránia Cinema is one, if not the only eye-catching place hall in Budapest where you can have a comfy seat and watch the variety of movies with international star parade each-and-every day of the week.

The 26th Titanic International Film Festival  begins highlighting the concert film with Aretha Franklin, which will be screened on the first day of the festival, October, 20. – sharp 6 p.m. For  many being fond of the Queen of Soul Ms Aretha Frankin  may watch the Amazing Aretha – Amazing Grace  – The Voice of Love – the american concert  from 2018,  It will be screened in English with Hungarian subtitles (age above 12). Made album in 1973 shows the concert footage from 1972 of Aretha Franklin performing songs from the best-selling gospel album at the New Temple Missionary Baptist Church in Los Angeles. Director: Alan Elliott, Sydney Pollack – Cast: Aretha Franklin, James Cleveland. Be aware to see well known faces in the audience… such as Mike Jagger, John Lennon, Marvin Gay all enjoying the lady of soul at the New Temple Missionary Baptist Church in L.A.

During the Titanic International Film Festival 12 new productions for cinema enthusiasts!  These screened  films have had already been proven on international screenings and have earned their reputation.

Dates – Screening of films at the Uránia National Film Theater – Budapest:

Monday, October, 21.

6 p.m. – Amazing Grace (above age 12) – american concert movie, 89 min, 2018 in English with Hungarian subtitles – Director: Alan Elliott, Sydney Pollack

8 p.m. – The Dead Don’t Die – OPENING GALA – american horror comedy, 104 min, 2019 in English with Hungarian subtitles – Director: Jim Jarmusch

Tuesday, October, 22.

4.15 p.m. And Your Bird Can Sing – japán feature film, 106 min, 2018 in Japanese language with Hungarian subtitles – Director: Shó Miyake

6.15 p.m. – Ghost Master – Japanese romantic horror, 88 min, 2019 in Japanese language with Hungarian subtitles – Director: Paul Young

8 p.m. Deva – GALA SCREENING (Premier) – hungarian-italian drama, 80  – Director: Szőcs Petra

Wednesday, October, 23.

5 p.m. – A Dog Called Money – Irish-English documentary, 94 min, 2019 in English language with Hungarian subtitles – Director: Seamus Murphy

7 p.m. – ECHO – Icelandic comedy, 79 min, 2019 in Icelandic language with Hungarian subtitles – Director: Rúnar Rúnarsson

8.30 p.m. – The Wind – feminist Gothic-horror western, 86 min, 2018 in English language with Hungarian subtitles – Director: Emma Tammi

Thursday,  October,24.

4.30 p.m. – Becoming Animal – Swiss-English-Canadian documentary, 78 min, 2018 in English language with Hungarian subtitles – Director: Emma Davie, Peter Mettler

6 p.m. – The Most Beautiful Couple – German drama, 97 min, 2018 in German language with Hungarian subtitles – Director: Sven Taddicken

8 p.m. – Who You Think I Am? (16) – GALA SCREENING – French romantic drama, 101 min, 2019 in French with Hungarian subtitles Director: Safy Nebbou – Special Guest: the Director

Friday, October, 25.

5 p.m. School’s Out  French drama, 104 min, 2018. in French language with Hungarian subtitles – Director: Sébastien Marnier.

7 p.m. The Wind –  Feminist Gothic-horror western, 86 min, 2018 in English language with Hungarian subtitles – Director: Emma Tammi.

9 p.m. Dogs Don’t Wear Pants – Finnish-Letvian feature film, 105 min, 2019 in Finnish language with Hungarian subtitles – Director: J.-P. Valkeapaa.

Saturday, October,  26.

4 p.m. Aurora –  Finnish feature film, 106 min, 2019 in Finnish language with Hungarian subtitles – Director: Mila Tervo.

October, Sunday, 27.

8 p.m. – Motherless Brooklyn (above age12) – CLOSING GALA – american crime, drama, 144 min, 2019 in English with Hungarian subtitles – Director: Edward Norton.

See the program screened at the French Institution Budapest –  https://www.franciaintezet.hu/

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Make your Day – Make Bolyhos your Pálinka Day

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But before jumping into world of the Bolyhos Pálinka here is a little knot to keep in mind …Y our going to be dealing with “WHOA” … „Fire Water” as Americans call it. The Hungarians like to say and believe that it is good to have a shot pálinka in small amounts cause it is medicine, in large amounts a remedy, but maybe after the first sip might think otherwise.

László Bolyhos owner of the distillery spoke about the past/present at this year’s OMÉK – Hungexpo Fair. By the following: Going back in time by saying, the first records of pálinka date back to the 14th century. It was referred to as “Aqua vitae reginae Hungaria” or in English as “the aqua vitae of  King Charles of Hungary”. This spirit was most likely a pálinka already, blended with rosemary, and was used as a medicine for the king and the queen, both of whom suffered from arthritis. For centuries it was a drink that peasants made in their backyard, however in the 17th century an official act put an end to all that.  In 2002 pálinka was recognized by the EU as a Hungaricum – an alcoholic drink, distilled from fruits, with an alcohol content a minimum of 37.5%.

Bolyhos Pálinka Distillery – Then after talked about the Bolyhos family run distillery, As he said, it was as to follow the ideas of the founder László Bolyhos, who has dealt with pálinka distillation since 1994 in their factory at Újszilvási.  Continued, thanks to the development, in accordance of the requirements of the European Union, they have conducted since 2003 commercial distillation as well. Their aim is, that pálinka should become once again an appreciated, regularly and responsibly consumed national drink. Beside the traditional small pot distillation, they also distill with aroma column equipment, later it is used mainly for their 40 and 50 proof bedded pálinka. Pálinka has a long time history, and the major of the Hungarians have at least once have had the experience to taste one or two of the fruity pálinka, but as for the growing up new generation, reaching the adult age to drink alcohol, it is their time to get to know the idea and taste the different kind of fruits in bottles of pálinka. Now a word or two about the Bolyhos Pálinka itself and the Distilling Pálinka and Bedded Pálinka.

Bolyhos Bedded Pálinka – The creation of the Bolyhos „Bedded Pálinka” took them years of experimenting, it is made of 100% culinary quality. Contains well grown, healthy fruits which have high sugar and aroma. What does the Bedded Pálinka stand for?  … The bedded pálinka is aged on a dried fruit bed with a fine fruit aroma, bedded pálinka’s alcohol content is 50% (V/V). The simple (not fruit infused) pálinka are made with 40% alcohol content. During the bottling process they put the home-made dried fruits into the bottle and pour on the pálinka … of the same fruit … on it to start the three-month aging procedure. Through this time the dried fruits regain their original size and give a nice natural color to the pálinka. The „fruit bed” makes the pálinka richer in taste and visibly appetizing. They believe that only the highest quality of the pálinka is worthy to be aged on fruits, that is why they put a lot of effort to provide the best materials for the constantly supervised distilling process.

As to promote the quality bedded (ágyas) pálinka, they created the Újszilvási Ágyaspálinka Festival and was a grand gathering visited by several ten thousands of people. Thanks to the continuous expansion they await the customers with a sample shop and a pálinka tasting house, which satisfy all demands. These days they produce 11 types of pálinka and lavender spirit on a commercial volume. These are Quince, Sour Cherry, Black Cherry, Golden and Jonathan Apples, Irsai Olivér and other fruits i.e.: grape, apricot, plum, mixed fruits and Williams pear pálinka.

The Bolyhos pálinka regularly receives awards, lately at the Quintessence Pálinka Competition organized by the Cultural Association of Onga. The Bolyhos Ágyas plum pálinka was named as the best pálinka with a distribution of more than 10,000 bottles and won the title for the most successful pálinka distillery. The committee also handed out lifetime achievement award to distiller László Bolyhos who have contributed to the emergence of the pálinka industry and received the following awards Bed Irsai Oliver Grape – Gold, Irsai Oliver Grape – Gold, Bed Quince – Bronze,  Bed Plum – Bronze,  Gypsy Cherry – Bronze, Bed Cherry – Silver, Bed Apricot- Silver, Quince – Silver.

Bolyhos Pálinka packages are everywhere recognizable not just in Budapest’s liquor stores and supermarkets and because of its unique package and bottle designs easy to spot it out. Having second thoughts to the forthcoming Xmas holidays, so if wish to take back home as a gift of your tasted and found delicious pálinka and share it with friends … as the song  says “don’t worry be happy”  still there is an option to buy at the Budapest Airport Duty Shop.

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Recalling – The First Beatles Weekend Festival @ Budapest – 2019.

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It is not typical to report here on a past event, cause what’s gone is gone, but this is an exceptional case and should note a few words about the splendid two-day’s connected to The 1st Beatles Weekend Festival held Budapest – Hungary.

October, 5. – DayOneAnalog Music Hall – Budapest – Who else than Hungary’s best interpreted Beatles songs, rolling on stage the Beatles Tribute band, namely The Blackbirds!

They are the first Hungarian band to ever have been invited to the famous Beatle Week festival in Liverpool. They became known as one of the 5 best Beatles cover bands in the world. They have returned to Liverpool 5 times since, once to take the Cavern Club’s main stage for a whole evening as a standalone act. They have performed at nearly all the European events related to The Beatles. With all that experience they believe it’s time to share it all with the audience of their home country and give them their own Beatles Festival The Beatles Weekend.
Their shows is not the “Beatles Imitators” kinda performances. They interpret the Beatles songs with an approach that puts the sound of rock in the center along with authenticity. They like to show how powerful and also dynamic The Beatle’s music is reproducing the original feel of the songs live as much as possible. It covers the whole body of work of The Beatles. They are official partners of VOX Amplification Hungary.

Ms. Helen Anderson shared many of her memories from those days and some of which has never been published before. She talked about John related unforgettable memories. By-the-way, Ms. Anderson is the creator of the iconic “Lennon cap.” She and John and Cynthia (Lennon’s first wife) went to the Liverpool College of Art. Helen became a successful fashion designer in the ’60s, and John Lennon began wearing genuine leather hats she designed in 1964,  and among others in the memorable appearances movie A Hard Day’s Night. Helen’s words were  translated by Gábor Peterdione of the creators at the Beatles Museum – Eger.

Mr. Radchenko Ambassador of The Beatles Story Museum of Liverpool gave a special lecture focusing on John Lennon at the Analog Music Hall and is patron of the first Hungarian Beatles Festival. He is the writer of the book Touching The Universe Of The Beatles.He organize and holds lecturers at many Beatles related events all around the globe.

One of the favorit Beatles albums by the FAB4 is the Abbey Road,  a live concert for the first time by the Beatles Tribute band – The Blackbirds and the full Abbey Road album was on stage with Iván Vitáris. If there is anyone who knows and loves everything about rock music, it is him, who is able to bring all the values of the past into the present, adapt it all to today’s world and trends without losing the true meaning of it. He is basically, the singer and member of the popular Hungarian band Ivan & The Parazol. Ain’t no secret he is one of the craziest Beatle maniac of Hungary. The Beatles Weekend Festival was a superb opportunity for him to take the stage to perform his favorite Beatles album Abbey Road live together with his favorite Beatles Tribute Band.

The world’s No1. John Lennon cover act. Jay Goeppner is known and has been on tour around the world for decades as one of the most authentic sources of John Lennon’s music. For this special evening The Blackbirds band back him up and together performed breathtaking-heartbeating 2 hours selection of the best Lennon songs from the early Beatle years, to the end of Lennon’s career. The house was hot full of emotions with young adults and elder folks dancing, singing the Beatles tunes … unforgettable day and the Beatles lovers surely got the long awaited treat … nothing else mattered … love was in the air!

World know VOX Amplification has played a major role in the musical instruments industry for over 63 years. In the 60’s they actually developed their amplifiers according to The Beatles’ requirements. Their amps can be heard in nearly 160 Beatles songs and were used in more than 460 Beatles concerts. Paul McCartney still uses them on stage and in studio as well. Since 2016 The Blackbirds is the official partner of VOX Amplification Hungary. On October, 5.  the VOX and Vintage ’52 Music Store jointly held an exhibition of vintage and new musical instruments and amplifiers to Analog Music Hall. There was raffle tickets along with the purchased entry tickets. The main prize was a VOX electric guitar.

October, 6. DayTwo – Hard Rock Cafe Budapest.

István Mikó, Hungary’s famous actor and singer met the audience at the Hard Rock Cafe. As said, for ages has been a great fan of the Beatles and shared stories about his serious Beatles addiction. Among his countless other great work he created two plays that are based on The Beatles songs and his characters in them and the later together with The Blackbirds. He had a lot to share about his serious Beatles addiction with the local audience and many foreigners on the spot.

Closing Accord to the 1st. FAB4 Weekend Festival held an awesome unplugged  superb concert by Jay Goeppner together with The Blackbirds on stage, having all the Lennon songs fit in show at the Hard Rock Cafe –Budapest.

DayOne and DayTwo –  First Beatles Weekend Festival  was a “Magically Tour” and should be replayed in the future experiencing that the audience were hungry for living over sings from the Beatles era again!

Hopefully next year in 2020 the announcement will be made to the Second Beatles Weekend Festival in Budapest.

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Discover Downtown – The boy king’s mummy and treasures @ Komplex – Budapest

Without flying from Budapest over to Egypt … take your time and be a time traveler to this captivating itinerary as it begins and ends in Budapest. Visit  “The Valley of the Kings” the stupendous and unrivaled collection of pharaonic priceless artifacts, including mind-boggling treasures once buried with the boy king recovered from the tomb of KING TUTANKHAMUN.

The Pharaoh ruled Egypt for approximately ten years (around 1336-1327 BC).

Commemorating the centenary of the discover that captivated the world, exhibits the largest collection of King Tutankhamun’s greatest golden treasures ever to travel out of Egypt will open at: Komplex Performance & Event Venue  – District, VI., 26.  Király Street .

 November, 8.  2019 – March, 1. 2020.

In November, 1922, from the ancient dark hole came to light during the exploration by British explorer Howard Carter and financier Lord Carnarvon in discovering Tutankhamun’s near-intact tomb in the Valley of the Kings. The king’s mummified body in his golden coffin was found surrounded by precious grave goods. To-day, Tutankhamun is known the most famous ancient Egypt’s pharaoh. In just a wink the legend of Tutankhamun captured imaginations globally and became a worldwide sensation, public fascination surrounding the boy king, the only Ancient Egyptian royal tomb ever found. Over the years the attention has not stopped, having worldwide exhibitions, drawing record crowds where ever Tutankhamun – The Golden Pharaoh – have had been laid in his coffin.

Find out how much do you really know about the boy-king? During the visit to Budapest’s exhibition there will be much to see and hear so much of the lesser-known facts about him.

Go on a fantastical voyage, a once-in-a-lifetime insight into the archaeology of ancient Egypt and experience the burial chambers and treasures of the King exactly as they were discovered in 1922 by Howard Carter. The exhibition offers the visitors a unique experience with tracks of original venues, photos of the reconstructs over 2200 m2 and the beauty of the treasures of the era.

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