Mekonville – Post-Punk Lengends – Budapest

 Art Quarter Budapest

Saturday, 22. July, 2017.

One of music’s legendary bands plays in Budapest for the first time ever! From their proto-punk beginnings on the Fast Product label (also an early home to The Human League and Joy Division) to their modern-day incarnation as godfathers of punk, post-rock, goth and pretty much everything else, The Mekons remain, as Rolling Stone writer Lester Bangs put it “. . . the most revolutionary group in the history of rock ‘n’ roll.” Few acts have their pedigree . . . more than two dozen acclaimed albums covering everything from modern folk to dance to punk, reggae, African pop and genres for which no description exists! Original member Jon Langford is an internationally acclaimed painter, has been credited with reviving the career of Johnny Cash, a prime instigator of post-punk, a founding member of Sisters Of Mercy, producer of The Ex and many other bands. Vocalist Sally Timms has released a number of solo records, including collaborations with Pete Shelley of The Buzzcocks, Marc Almond of Soft Cell, Will Oldham (Palace Brothers) and members of The Jesus Lizard. Drummer Steve Goulding has played drums with David Bowie, The Cure, Nick Lowe, Gang of Four, Graham Parker, Elvis Costello (that’s him on “Watching The Detectives”) and others. Bassist Dave Trumfio has produced records by Wilco & Billy Bragg, My Morning Jacket, Jesus & Mary Chain and even Memphis soul legend Booker T. Multi-instrumentalist Lu Edmonds played with The Damned, Shriekback, Kirsty MacColl and is currently the guitarist for Johnny Rotten’s post-Sex Pistols combo, Public Image Ltd . . . in addition to helping bring Tuvan folk music to the west.
The band also features the mesmerizing laconic vocals and bittersweet lyrics of original member Tom Greenhalgh, violinist Susie Honeymoon’s counterpoint violin lines and Rico Bell’s penchant for falling over backwards in the middle of the show, without harming his accordion. There many fans include members of Led Zeppelin, The Faces, Paul McCartney and others. Original Rolling Stones bassist, Dick Taylor – also of The Pretty Things, joined in the mid-80’s and plays with them occasionally to this day. The Mekons now live all over the world and play only sporadically together these days. They have never ventured east of Vienna, so their Budapest show is a true rarity, unlikely to ever be repeated and coming about solely as warm-up gig for their own UK music festival.

Here’s a teaser to one of their 100% song:

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A protected Scandinavian art object became the Kånken backpack

At the end of the 1970s, reports started emerging of increasing numbers of children suffering from back pain as a result of the shoulder bags that were the fashion at the time. In order to help prevent back problems, Fjällräven’s Åke Nordin created a lightweight, basic, durable backpack with plenty of room for all the essentials for a day at school.

Kånken was launched in 1978 in collaboration with the Swedish Guide and Scout Association. More than 35 years later, Kånken has straightened out millions of backs and become one of Fjällräven’s most popular products. All that have changed are the colours, as well as releasing a few variants, such as Kånken Laptop.

The Swedish Society of Arts and Crafts, which popularize Scandinavian design, took the Fjällräven’s iconic Kånken backpack for a list of protected art items.

As a celebration, the manufacturer expanded its offer with limited edition custom bags and started the #Kankenart campaign on its social media channels. By 2015, the product line bags of 3 million units sold have been preserved since the beginning of the simple design created by the founder of the brand in 1978.

The Swedish rucksack manufacturer’s popular backpack has become an iconic piece in the fashion world over the last few years. Fjällräven’s humble little Kånken backpack as Svensk Form remarked,  Kånken is something more than just a functional object. It has a  distinct personal touch in design and a distinctive form identity and became an iconic piece of the fashion world over the last few years. In view of these circumstances has such a degree of originality that it appears as its own intellectual creation. Kånken enjoy copyright protection as an applied art  and now officially is a piece of art and it is one of the world’s best-selling rucksack.  More to it, has become a symbol of Swedish style and durable design both at home and abroad. Fjällräven’s designers put their crafty heads together to create special edition webbed straps in some of the most popular colours for both Kånken and Kånken Mini. Kånken fans will be able to choose between stripes, checks, graphic patterns and colour blocking as part of the outdoor brand’s Fjällräven Colours Fall/Winter 2017 campaign.

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17th FINA World Championship – Budapest -Hungary

Only 5 days to come!

Friday, July, 14. 2017.

Keep in mind, during the championship the traffic pattern changes in Budapest.

The biggest sport event in the history of Hungary, the 17th FINA World Championships is welcoming it’s nearly 2.500 sportsmen and 350000 visitors with its extraordinary and monumental show.
On the 14th July at the Pest bridge-end of the Széchenyi Chain Bridge 4  (80×10-meter) large barges, weighing 1600 tonnes are embodying the imposing floating monumental stageon the river. From 9 p.m. water’s entwining with life, culture, sport and future is coming to life in four thematic acts, while 510 world-famous domestic artists, including Péter Eötvös, Ágnes Herczku and Gergely Bogányi are fascinating the audience.

Nobody is going to miss the fascinating opening ceremony as spectators can follow the show live on seven giant displays around the stage and all over the city.
Beside the Buda and Pest Quay the Elizabeth Bridge is also transforming into a giant stand, since roadblocks are ensuring customers highest comfort to enjoy the show from the best places.

During the show from the launch points on the River Danube and the Chain Bridge a breathtaking light show is being drawn across the sky, which is perfectly enjoyable and visible from the designated places.

At Budapest, the Duna Aréna is going to be the main venue. The complex features two Olympic-size pool – the competition pool is 3m deep, while the depth of the warm-up pool can be set; according to the need and by involving temporary but indoor stands it can accommodate more than 15,000 spectators as well as, cater to all demands of any large-scale event.

Children under the age 5 can visit competitions free of charge, but no assigned seating is guaranteed for them,

A true paradise for open water swimmers is at Lake Balaton, and  at Balatonfüred will be held July, 15. – July, 21. 2017. The city, which is located 130 kilometres southwest from Budapest.

Dates which water event happening: n

Source FIFA

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Herald News – Rolling Mobile Barbecue for Hungry Folks!

Herald News for Festival Folks

The SPAR Mobile Barbecue is on the road, a vehicle rolling along the country offering on the spot barbecued meats for local and foreigner customs. The food truck will not only be found at popular resorts, but will also present its delicious menus offering at festivals.

SPAR Mobile Barbecue rolled out with a new menu and quality drinks from Bicske this year, with the aim of launching a national rally to promote the quality of controlled quality meats.

Barbecue is living its renaissance age in Hungary, enabling easy delicious and delicious food to be brought to the table of smaller and larger companies and families. SPAR has continually controlled quality meats that go directly to the department stores from the Bicske meat factory. SPAR sells more than 28 million kilograms of pork each year. Today, sell more than 30 kinds of grilled products, rich are highly appreciated by the customers. Unique in the market the product from domestic Angus cattle, specially processed.

Mobile Barbecue offerings can be tasted at the SPAR store at Szántód, and at the food truck at the III. International (Bear Pleasure) “Sörömet” Festival at Szeged. The special vehicle will be rolling by in July after Váci Vigalom in several Balaton towns, Balatonfüred, Fonyód and Siófok, then the hungry audience have a bite or two at FEZEN at Székesfehérvár. The Mobile Barbecue rolling along last stop in the season with be at the Budapest Wine Festival in early September.

Guests can enjoy Regnum Grill Dogs and Regnum Grilled Sprouts, as well as the great favorite of the past years, the rosted pig – pulled pork burger, featuring the two traditionally popular grilled dishes, Hungarian chives and pork chops. Along with yummy meals can enjoy delicious syrups and the excellent Hungarian wines.

Date and Venues to the Mobile Barbecue Roadshow Stations:
July, 14.-16. III. International Beer Festival at Szeged
July, 20.-23. Váci Világi Vigalom at Vác
July 27. SPAR Market at Balatonfüred, 47. Széchenyi István street
July, 28. SPAR Supermarket at Balatonfüred, 15. Arácsi út
July, 29. SPAR Partner at Fonyód, 9-11. Ady Endre Road
July, 30. SPAR Partner at Siófok, 3. Szücs Street
August, 2.-5. FEZEN Festival at Székesfehérvár
September, 7.-10. Budavári Wine Festival – Budapest

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The 33rd International Palace Games at Visegrád – 2017.

International Palace Games at Visegrád – 2017.

July, 7 – 9. 2017.

Hungary’s largest celebration event at the unique and credible historical environment indeed will be showing a slice of Hungary’s medieval history, commemorating for 33 years. Replaying the 1335 Visegrád kings meeting, when Róbert Károly called the Czech and Polish rulers to the courthouse where was held a huge celebration with medieval dances for the guests and their entourage. This was one of the most important events of medieval Europe.

Calling Hungarians and foreigners to travel back in time for almost 700 years, as around 1,000 people from almost 10 countries in Europe dressed in traditional costumes appear at Visegrád. During the three days kings, battlefields, street comedians and dancers overwhelming the streets. The event also holds three different international tournaments, which will be held 10 times during the festival’s 3 days in the original course of the Royal Palace. On horseback tournaments, Europe’s best traditions show battle scenes, horse and pedestrian battles, falconer and archery shows, dance shows, and also traditional canals such as costume archery and live racing. In addition to the knights tournaments, there are more than 100 programs in the city that await visitors during the event. On the open-air stage, era’s music concerts, medieval dance shows, comedy shows and a children’s puppet theater are waiting for the audience between 10 a.m. and 6 p.m. every day, and handicraft fair with more than 100 merchants ont he spot. Throughout the day, street enthusiasts and comedians entertain the guests all day, and as in the past, they will also be able to showcase craftsmen’s shows. On Friday and Saturday, after the evening torch tournaments, the Royal Wine Yard will host a party at 2 p.m., where concerts and dancing parties await guests. The V4 street, where the countries of the Visegrád Co-operation are presenting themselves, promise to be a specialty in the cozy piano line.

Visitors with only one ticket can enter and view the exhibitions at the Royal Palace and the Solomon’s Tower, the colorful programs taking place there, and the programs of the Wine Yard’s open-air stage, the fair and the city park. To the knights tournaments need to have a special entry ticket.

Visitors can enjoy a number of ticket discounts: ticket sales and tickets for knight tournaments as well as pre-announced group ticket purchasers are provided free of charge by day-ticket organizers. The same is true of those who wish to travel by on boat to Visegrád can take an excursion boat on the River  Danube to the International Palace Games of Visegrád (any three days). During the festival there will be free parking in the city area, but keep in mind those interested to visit the venue better to arrive early.

The International Visegrád Palace Games were held for the first time in 1985. Today, the festival has become to be a massive performance, attracting international attention to the most important historical sites of Hungarian culture and European culture. In the history of the festival, it is an important milestone that the Royal Heritage of Visegrád was awarded the European Heritage title in 2009 as one of the most important historical monuments. The prize is a priority in European history that has played a prominent role in the European dimension of buildings, memorials and cultural goods. In 2015, the International Festival of Visegráds won the EFFE (Europe for Festivals, Festivals for Europe) award for the best festivals in the European Union’s most important cultural and artistic event. Performers from Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Italy, Germany, Serbia, Slovenia, Austria, Transylvania and Russia will attend the event. According to surveys for tourism, the festival is the second best known attraction in Visegrád. The Visegrád International Fireworks is organized by Pro Visegrád Cultural Service Provider Nonprofit Ltd. The main sponsors of the event are: International Visegrad Fund, National cultural Fund, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Affairs, OTP Bank Ltd., Gambling Nonprofit Kft.

For a detailed program of Visegrád International Palace Games and ticket information,  visit

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Zsolnay Light Festival – Pécs – 2017

At least 60,000 visitors attended the Zsolnay Light Festival at Pécs between June, 30 and July, 2. 2017.

The first light festival in Hungary was once again a huge success. Indeed: the Zsolnay Light Festival has grown into the most significant festival of Pécs in just two years.

Flying airfields over 30 meters high above Széchenyi Square, impressive light works, open-air concerts and new-town performances on 26 locations attracted visitors. In the Glitter Room, 1200 visitors made glittering jewels and accessories, enjoying an active participation at the festival. The association of Sienta la Cabeza had never worked in the rainy weather but the Pécs festival was so impressed that they did not even notice the frightening showers on Friday and made a huge number of extravagant, shiny hairs that were one of the most popular elements of the festival. They admitted  their wish was to create a unique one that can not be seen anywhere in the country nor anywhere around the world.

In addition to the colorful programs, the cream on top of the cake was the international light work sparkling at Pécs and the painters high quality professional work were very much appreciated by the folks rolling by these venues.

On Saturday, the winner of the Zsolnay Light Art 3D mapping competition was announced.

The international light festivals competition was the central attraction of the Zsolnay Light Festival, during which the nine light painters presented the work at the Cathedral on the facade and the latest addition to the festival’s professional partners.

Those how missed this year’s festival of Light at Pécs, hopefully may visit these splendid colorful city of lights next year.

The jury’s and voted visitors prize were:

The first prize was won by Spanish Ricardo Cancado with his work Sacred Geometry,

The second  went to: Italian Alessio Cassaro Luminarium,

The third was received by EPER Creative Studio, Zoltán Varga’s work: Dive (Zuhanás).

The audience prize was highly awarded to the Italian Hermes Hangialardo Liquidshades.

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The 2nd. Sopron Beer Rally – In the spirit of the water

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The theme of this year was the water essential for brewing and  continued to follow the Beer’s Route departing from Budapest via Sopron. The aim of the first competition last year was to draw attention to the voluntary commitment of the Sopron manufacturer HEINEKEN Hungaria Ltd., according to which only Hungarian barley is in use for the production of Sopron beer.

So last year was driving alongside the fields of barley and this year’s rallye was about water use and water purity therefore was rolling by springs and rivers at the Beer’s Water Route. The Beer of Sopron is Hungary’s most popular beer and HEINEKEN Hungary is also the manufacturer.

Beer Rally competition took place with the media and representatives. All the ten journalists completed journey. The competition was not who reach the finish line at first, but which car rolls in with the least mileage upon arrival. The theme of this year was the water essential for brewing.

Before the start off „shot” at the Gundel’s Restaurant – Terrace, was held presentations, where Márta Pálfalvi – HEINEKEN Hungary Ltd. – Human Resources and Corporate Relations Director  said the following, Q.: „ The WATER is a very important raw material for brewing, because 95% of beer is made of water. I am confident that the great success of the Sopron Beer rally will survive and hopefully become a tradition, cause such an event is a good opportunity to bring people’s attention to the topics of sustainability. The degree of water use and water purity are not only important for beer, but also for society.” Also added: Q.: „HEINEKEN Hungária uses water as a raw material for brewing, as well as for washing lines, recyclable bottles and barrels. Also employs water-saving technologies that help make minimize specific water use by water-saving technologies. Since 2008 the company has reduced its water consumption by 13.8%. A basin water of 25,000 hl, HEINEKEN’s global level with filling 1011 Olympic swimming pools – 25.3 million hectoliters – used less in 2016 than in 2015.” Last but not least was told that Sopron and Martfű Beer plants are equipped with anaerobic water treatment unit, that generates a considerable amount of biogas, which is then captured and combusted to produce energy for the brew house.

István Nagy – Parliamentary State Secretary, Ministry of Agriculture said: Q.: „The Heineken, the global brewery industry and one of the most important companies in the domestic economy have a significant influence on the environment and society. That is why it is of great importance that it is a business strategy that is committed to sustainable development, domestic suppliers, environmental protection and responsible drinking. The company is committed to environmentally conscious thinking and keeps on paying attention to protecting the environment through state-of-the-art production methods”. After his presentation the 2nd Sopron Beer Rally was launched by him in Budapest.

Upon arrival the teams were welcomed by the Dr.Tamás Fodor – Mayor of Sopron who said that HEINEKEN Hungaria Ltd. produces its products in two breweries, this here is 120-year-old the Sopron Brewery and at Martfű (near the city of Szolnok) both plants have a sewage plant. The goal of the company is not only to reduce water consumption from year-to-year, but also to ensure that water returned to nature is clean and by this the local population is prevented to access clean water for their own use. Both plants are equipped with anaerobic water treatment unit, that generates a considerable amount of biogas, which is then captured and combusted to produce energy for the brew house.

The Sopron Beer Rally was not all about just driving and reaching the „finish spot”.  The race took cca. 300 kilometers from Budapest to Sopron.

During the Beer Rally, on the rugged path, stations by the Danube as Zebegény, Győr and Sopron were quizzes to fulfill. In between to catch a ferry was prohibited.

Our first station to complete the test was at Zebegény – Wheelbar. First, had to clean the Duna water prepared in the glasses for 7 minutes after filter, pebbles, sand and medical carbon – order is important! Then had to make a self snap on the Danube bank  and if completed received five credited kilometers. At the Achilles Park – Győr, we had to fill a ten-question test page, and a wrong answer meaning five penalty miles. Had to meet the designated distance on either side of the park on a bicycle or kayak on the lake within 3 minutes. At the final countdown reaching the Sopron Beer Manufacture, the three winners were announced who drove the route in less kms. hereafter the rally members were taken on a brewery tour in and around the factory.

As time rolled by ending the tired day with Sopron and Heineken beers the participants of the Beer Rally were taken the annual Volt Festival at Sopron, where Hungarian and British musicians rocked the muddy water road cause a huge rainstorm filled the sky, but the youngsters didn’t care at all, danced sang in the pouring rain just as the musicians.

Summing up the day, the organizers of the programs made sure to have a Perfect Day!

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