Bye-Bye Retró Lángos Buffet – Bulldozer Party @ Budapest

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Farewell is to mark the closing occasion with holding a Bulldoser Party

February, 28-29. 2020.

Saying Good Bye to the venue that exited for over 10 years, whereas many locals spent their lunch break there. Also needless to say the message from tourist who once visited the Retro Langos Buffet in Budapest shared with friends planning a visit to Budapest to a must visit venue. Anytime of the day always in queues, but it was worthwhile in waiting for the good packed Hungarian and/or international mouthwatering fillings at the Retro Lángos Buffet. Many folks simply hit the road to grab their sour cream and cheese + onion lángos.

Unfortunetely,  the Retro Lángos Buffet became a victim in closing one of the prime downtown destination for fried-dough delights in Budapest and it’s still  open until the end of this February to visit … best-loved street-food spot. The Retró Lángos due to the forthcoming long-term renovation tasks of metro line M3 at Arany János Street is to close.

On Friday, February, 28.  sharp 4 p.m. – 11.30 p.m. and rolling along next day Saturday, February, 29. also from 4 p.m. until 11.30 p.m. Live music breaks  and not to be missed in style and with a fireworks display on the spot.

Better not to go with full stomach  cause the  fantastic flavors at bulldozer party will involve everything that goes with lángos … garlic-guzzling contest … frisbee-throwing … dozen-and-dozen of yummy flavors. Next day on Saturday, February, 29.  from 4 p.m. early arrival is expected by the kids to enjoy trampoline.

For further details about the whereabouts of  the Retro Lángos Buffet new venue still to come … stay tuned to

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Hans Zimmer concert was a gigantic success @ Budapest – 2020

Hans Zimmer’s Concert Show @ Budapest blew up the László Papp Sport Arena.


The concert show began with Batman Beginnings movie music and a gigantic laser show in the background. The audience began the concert with a full catharsis of spectacle and sound. By the end of the one-and-a-half-hour concert show, the full-house László Papp Sport Aréna did not want to let the artists off the stage.
Hans Zimmer is Hollywood’s most sought-after film composer, who has written music for more than 100 movies – totaling over 24 billion USD The mega-production he dreamed of, curated and directed by Hans Zimmer, set off for a European concert tour, one of the important stops of which was Budapest.
The composer provided a rich experience for concertgoers, which deservedly quickly became a must-see show all over the world, just because of the author’s many decades of stunning career.

By all means if anyone couldn’t make it to the concert, then heads up because in the spring of 2019, Sony Classical released the movie soundtrack on the double album “The World of Hans Zimmer – The Symphonic Celebration”. The album featured music from the concert tour and featured newly staged concert renditions of Hans Zimmer’s greatest hits and may enjoy the magical floating sounds in their own environment.

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Trade Fair 2020 – HUNGEXPO @ Budapest

HUNGEXPO Budapest Congress and Exhibition Center

District, X., 10. Albertirsai Rd.

Wednesday, February, 27. – Friday, March, 1. 2020.

Travel in-and-around Hungary and visit on the spot near-and-far countries abroad proposals. Spring is on its way, ready to get your bootlist in hand!

Other interesting programs to be visited … Budapest Boat Show – In the neighboring pavilion, once again, Hungary’s largest boat exhibition hosts about 100 sailboats, motor and electric boats, and countless water sports-related accessories and services. … Caravan Salon – Caravan Salon, which features the entire range of domestic caravans and camper vans, will be introduced in 2020 in a larger area than before. In addition to exploring the nearly 70 caravans, visitors can choose from a wide range of camping equipment or learn about the work of associations of the theme. … Blogger Corner – Meet your favorite Hungarian travel blogger again at the Travel exhibition and listen to their experiences and travelling advice! …Unwalkable Paths Festival –  Is Hungary’s largest event for independent and extreme travelers, is celebrating its 10th anniversary at Travel exhibition 2020. … Hungarian and foreign travelers, well-known travel bloggers from around the world gather this weekend to share their stories and experiences with the audience looking to travel. … Active island – Visitors last time had the opportunity to experience the thrill of wall climbing and the escape room, or to take a virtual tour of Hungary! The Active island awaits its visitors with renewed content in 2020! … „Momentán” – Improvisational Theater –  Last year  the theater ended with  great success  program.  Again the Momentán Improvisation Theater will be preforming on the stage! The show is created with the audience involved, based on the ideas of the audience, so in 2020 the visitors of the event can once again enjoy a unique and unrepeatable performance! … Stage programs – As visitors have become accustomed to, the Travel exhibition stage is always filled with a variety of colorful shows, performances, music and dance. It won’t be any different in 2020! … HTCC Africa Expo and Fair – In 2020, the Africa Expo and Fair, the first, thus most exclusive, four-day international thematic forum for Africa, will return to the Travel exhibition in 2020. The success of the event has been uninterrupted since 2011, with 295,000 visitors so far interested in the 158 companies and organizations from 26 African countries.

Hungarian Guest of Honor – Eger and vicinity – Thousand years of history, Baroque environment, fine wines, colorful programs; this is Eger, the city, that occupies a special place in the hearts of all Hungarian people. Hungary’s favorite city has grown remarkably in the recent years, offering something new for us every now and then. Discover these pleasurable surprises, get to know the new attractions of Eger and browse through special offers of local tour operators at the Travel exhibition!

Foreign county Guest of Honor – Italy – At the event on the spot the visitors may receive information of tourist attractions, historic towns, monuments and places of pilgrimage whereabouts to ease their forthcoming visit to Italy. Head to Italy enroute by car or choose from over a dozen of flights to Italian cities from Budapest.

Opening hours: Wednesday: 10 a.m. 6 p.m., Friday: 10 a.m. 6 p.m., Saturday: 10 a.m. 6 p.m., Sunday: 10 a.m. 5 p.m.

Calling visitors attention … because of renovation work, the main entrance has changed this years! – Enter through Entrance Gate No. III. only!

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Herald News: USA Embassy Budapest – Discover America Hungary


In collaboration with the United States of America Embassy Hungary and Discover America Hungary held with representatives of travel agents, hotels, airlines, shipping companies and journalists in notifying their support, sharing update information for travelers to the USA.

The meeting took place at the residence of Ms. Jennifer Kane – United States Embassy’s Chief Commercial Officer.

Mr. Marc Dillard – Counselor American Embassy – Budapest,  welcomed the gathering and stated with pleasure of seeing significantly the growth of the Hungarian passengers to visit the States compared  within surrounding countries.

Mr. Richard Haris – Deputy Discover America Hungary talked about of the tourist season opening when the travelers are looking for new destinations in having plans instead of going Eastwards … now-a-days … Go West to America as a good option to spend their vacation. He also added, to choose where to spend the next vacation, is almost  impossible when it comes to visit America with a large scale of venues.  Spoke of the options for the Hungarians and other foreigners living in Hungary who already had second thoughts of visiting the states in the coming season. Highlighted, the coming largest US trade show for tourists  which will be held at the end of May and those Hungarian tour operators interested in America are welcome to apply by the end of February, 2020.

Mr. Attila Tóth – Managing Director of AVIAREPS, representative of Condor German airline (founded in 1955) gave a short presentation of flights to four continents in 80 of the world’s most popular leisure destinations. Furthermore, added  many flights to American cities as well. The Condor is based at Frankfurt- Germany and may connect directly to overseas flights from Budapest. The event was sponsored by Condor German Airlines.

It would be pretty long update here to ad why visit the USA with some more information in knowing US is a country of 50 states covering a vast swath of North America, with Alaska in the northwest and Hawaii extending the nation’s presence into the Pacific Ocean. Anyway, as the time is running ahead and soon the winter is to change to the warmth season, just a doorstep away, worthwhile in planning to hit the road by vehicle, ship or fly high in every sense to a great country with great adventure.  Now-a-days really not too logical in planning to go Eastwards, but rather to Go West as Columbus did!

Major Atlantic Coast cities as New York – a global finance and culture center, the capital – Washington – DC, Midwestern metropolis Chicago known for influential architecture and on the west coast, L.A. – Hollywood famed for film industry.

To make the choice even easier, between February 27. – March 1. 2020 the annual Travel Exhibition will be held at HUNGEXPO Budapest.  Beside the presence of a wide range of international exhibitors, the USA will be back on track after many years of absence at the Budapest’s Travel Exhibition.  On the spot, the exhibitors will give extensive information based on leisure-and-pleasure, destination and soforth.

Fill your backpack, suitcase Viva Las Vegas … Spirited S.F. … Orlando – FL which is considered by many as route to mecca for tourists from all over the world.

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Royal Clinics @ Budapest

Wish to be Chick and Charming!?!

No matter your age … Give the gift to your skin … it deserves it!

Next-generation technology for ultimate skin rejuvenation held a presentation on “I SkinCare”  located in the heart of the inner city with easy access, near the Parliament – Doctor and Aesthetics Center @ Alkotmány Street – Budapest, offering tailored skincare treatments to fit individual skin care needs. by Gabriella Zeőke, skin therapist at Royal Clinics.  The topics: description of the renewed Image Skincare Ormedic product line. Introducing the new Image Skincare Ormedic treatment. Proper use of the updated Image Skincare Ormedic products

Intro: The result, by personalized treatment will gain a maximum outcome. All „I Image” Skincare products are manufactured in the USA and are unparalleled in their quality in today’s marketplace.  „I Image” Skincare is one of the first skincare companies that began to remove parabens from its products in early 2007. They put great emphasis on replacing every skin with a lack of substances. Their philosophy is to use superior ingredients to achieve outstanding results. Their latest technology and equipment, offers the best skincare results.

The dermatologists claim that so far the most effective non-invasive technology been to tighten skin, raise eyebrows, reduce wrinkles, but change has come … is at the doorstep … in lifting the pouch and neck without the knife intervention.

BUT … This is not achievable in one day, as Rome was not built in a day. Neither the blemishes, the mimic wrinkles, appear overnight on our face. Of course, you need patience and perseverance, as well as the guidance of a trained professional! Followed by a home treatment to achieve more results than a cleansing treatment at a simple cosmetic salon.

Talked about the first step when receiving the patient by own specialist who will assess the skin condition with instrumental and in filling a health questionnaire to future to compare the results. Need to know in advance whether there is any allergic problem or not, so that the care will not disturb in achieving the goals to the patient. The skin-based product line based on each other. Cleanser, Active Serum, Vitamin C Enriched and Sunscreen. What is most important to note that all “I IMAGE” Skin Care products are excluded from extract only natural herbal materials are in use from those countries where these herbals grown in their original environment and nowhere else. „I Image” Skincare utilizes the most scientifically advanced formulas available. It is Paraben Free and offers safe products without the use of chemical preservatives that are harmful to the skin. In addition replaced by all chemical preservatives, with natural and plant-derived preservatives.

After the presentation offered an appointment by invitation testing their products. Thereafter, payed my first visit to this salon. Did not know really know the outcome, what to expect, but received one-on-one relationship when visiting them. Entering the salon saw it was, bright, airy, very clean, great beautician. My therapist was the same who gave earlier the presentation. Had great knowledge in skincare and also with their skincare products. The medical background and experienced staff, using up-to-date, latest technology and equipment and the internationally known active substances represented the best treatment program in achieving the goals for the patient.

First went through to fill a questionnaire, then followed by instrumental examination of the face.  Based on the test samples were given a four step sample for home use experience. After trying the samples welcoming back to hear about their experience and to talk about further needs. Whether have not found your need for skincare solutions to improve signs of aging or brighten dull skin, it’s worth to considering to make a visit there …. it is a line worth considering. They teach their patients which suits their skin the best in simple four-step system of cleansing, boosting, hydrating and protecting fresh, healthy and radiant skin.

Benefits of  “I Image” Skincare products not tested on animals –  No petrochemicals – No chemical preservatives -Fragrance composed with 100% essential oils – Respect of the environment – No parabens. Their products are available for purchase also on the spot. Highly recommended to gain own experiences!

Needless to say, need patience and perseverance, as well as the guidance of a trained professional! Followed by a home treatment, to achieve more results than just a cleansing treatment at a simple cosmetic salon. Overall really great experience.

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Veresi Tomato Plantation @ premises of Veresegyháza – Hungary

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By invitation took a visit to the 3 acre greenhouse at Veresi Tomato Ltd. The importance of switching to digital precision farming was the main topic for the invited competent speakers.

A few words were told about the coming PREGA Conference and Exhibition on February 18-19. to be held this year. Its main theme is the transition to precision farming that is essential for competitive agriculture. Smaller businesses can also participate. It is in the interest of conversion, as precision farming promises greater crop safety while lowering costs.

Talked about the use of precision farming is “moving forward” in the world. Producers are transforming their economies to take advantage of new technologies, which are growing by 5 to 10 percent a year.

In the 21st century the digitalisation is a Globe fact in many fields. Import the Production, Processing and Distribution Chains of tomatoes will be able to follow through the QR code Where, How it was cultivate and how it reached the consumer.

The Spectral LED-based artificial lighting for horticulture, research and development on an industrial scale has not yet occurred all around the world. After the transfer of the greenhouse, Veresi Tomato Ltd. meters high tomato on straw bales are bedded.

After the presentations took place visiting the greenhouse plantation. Seeing the plantation and the optimized spectrum LED lighting was also fascinating.

My question was … Can a greenhouse tomato be healthier than an outdoor one? No matter how surprising was the answer was YES! Was told that when growing outdoors, it is not really possible to control what other substances the vegetable absorbs with water. Groundwater may contain chemicals that have been released into the soil for many-many decades. At the Veresi Tomato Plant, the tomato stems are in coconut fiber cushions. Checking the quality of the water in use to water the plant. This is what controlled cultivation means. No tomato can contain material which they do not know or they do not want them to get into. What there they the tomatoes is you to get only Nutrient. Today’s generation still remember granny’s garden int he countryside where the tomatoes tasted as tomatoes sweet in flavor. Here at the Veresi Plantation brings back that divine taste, enjoying the quality and the heavenly taste speaks for itself.

At the tomato plantation, you can get to know the different (by number) sweet tomatoes, see the pollination of the bees, and the working hands as the ripe bunches were collected and prepared in box to ship to the shopping mall.

The Grapes: Brix value is 12, which is similar to grapes. This is a premium tomato specialty with small berries, which is grown only in Hungary. There is no match for freshly picked tomatoes.

There they have an education center as well, where it is possible to get to know the advantages and disadvantages of various cultivation technologies, to spread misunderstandings about greenhouse cultivation technology and to conduct variety experiments based on the climatic conditions of the Carpathian Basin.

Need not look any further … Premium Tomatoes All Year Around can be  bought from the Veresi Tomato Green-House Plantation.

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Chocolate World … Roll over Gyula

Make your Day … Make it to Chocolate Festival

Erkel Hunguest Hotel Gyula. –  1. Várkert Street.

February 15-16, 2020

On your mark … getting started for the sweet tooth the first 200 visitors get free mouthwatering bonbon.

At Gyula visitors can meet in person the chocolate makers of the Hungarian handicraft manufactures and buy some chocolates that not only caught the eye but well fits there taste … look around carefully because there will be chocolates on the spot not seen anywhere else before.

During the 2 Days there will be children programs as well, such as full day Gingerbread Workshop, Chocolate School … shaping Chocolate Figures … and for the adults to give it a try on a real Chocolate Bull Rodeo. Those who skip the ride may go or do both at the Chili Chocolate Eating Contest.

On Saturday – Amateur Chocolate Cake competition. On Sunday – Amateur Fruit Cake Competition.

Still open to apply to the Cake Contests.

Both days are free of charge.

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