“Round Hill” (Kerekdomb) Festival – Tállya – 2017.

September, 8 – 10. Tállya

Tállya is the geometric center of Europe and its surroundings is the jewelery box of Tokaj wine region. The venue is unique with its vine-covered hillside, small cozy wineries and the castles and courtyards.

The summer festival season is overwhelming, and the “Round Hill” (Kerekdomb) Festival in Tállya is offering music and cultural time out with pleasure for families, friends not just for locals, but foreigners to enjoy well-deserved relaxation. Wine, music, literature, theater and sports awaiting visitors in “that order”. The venue is at the picturesque settlement of Tokaj Wine Region. This year’s festival will be held with theater performances, light and classical music programs, wine picnic and running race competitions:  Half Marathon, Mád-Tállya Run and Ludas Matyi Race

With the support of the Hungarian Tourism Agency, this will be the second year all-round weekend that will not bid farewell by this festivals in September. The organizers are preparing a separate venue for those arriving for the week-end to stay in the tent.

During the autumn six locations are waiting for visitors at the Vincellér House Concert Hall’s Main Stage.  At the Wine Festival, literary and wine programs joins together.

At the creation house folk handicraft artists present their own hand works.

Tállya is the geometric center of Europe and its surroundings is the jewelery box of Tokaj wine region. The venue is unique with its vine-covered hillside with small cozy wineries and the castles and courtyards.

Compared to the summer opening festival, the organizers have created tent sites at Tallya. Tasting will be available from Thursday, September, 7. –  Sunday, 10. The tent ticket can be purchased through online or on spot by any visitors with the festival entry.

The Maillot Castle will be the venue for children’s programs awaiting for the little ones every day. There will be Esther Bíró – Esther-chain, the Holló Ensemble and the singer of the Belmondo band and many more.

The venue for classical concerts will be at the Roman Catholic church with Edina Mókus Szirtes, the man of St Ephraim, Amadinda, Musica Florens and a special trio Iván Madarász, Esther Kővári and Gergely Matuz.

During the festival, within the theater programs: the House of Arts, the RS9 Theater, Manna Production and the Momentán Society productions can be seen.

Culture and Sports are a great addition to the Round Hill, so those who would like to get into the move may attend taking part in the half-marathon (distanced 7kilometers  Mád -Tállya). 

The children may also get on the run by 1 kilometer Ludas Matyi Race, only limited on the site (9.30 a.m. – 10 a.m. on September, 9).

The organizers recommend online registration within the deadline date: September, 1. 2017.

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Palace of the Soul – India Magic Festival – Budapest

Kep: Kocsany Kornel

Only One Day … Unrepeatable!

Sunday, August, 13. 2017.  10 a.m. – 6 p.m

Entrance: District XIII., 15-17. Lehel Street – Budapest

Some folks have already been a trip to India, but some haven’t yet made it. For both sides a „One Day” experience is open for  locals and foreigners to peck into the enchanting oriental dances, spectacular outdoor fireworks, traditional musical instruments, henna painting, Indian wedding with fireworks and many colorful stage programs  to visit at the Soul Palace  within the India Magic Festival.

If you are curious about the fabulous India atmosphere or just want to spend a fun day it is your chose to step by step discover the ancient, secret teachings of the Vedas and also discover the magical world of ancient India through its colorful programs, whilst listening to the lectures. Original mehndi henna painted by the henna artists,  and last but not least participate at the „breathtaking” yoga and traditional music shows.

Visitors may experience how India’s knowledge comes from everyday life, from cooking and eating to dressing up to childbirth, or just to architecture and medicine. At the „Health Island” maintaining health and to create a balanced agenda. Additionally, you can enrich nutrition tips for your everyday life. So after the health tips  can visit  the „Gastro Island” can try India’s well-known flavor, while enjoying the sight of cooking on a traditional clay stove. Additionally, you can get some tips and practices out of the food preparation process.

The Special India Day is offered without limit to age, from young ones to the elder folks is recommended.

Detailed stage program:

10 a.m. Music show with traditional instruments

10.30 a.m .Opening Ceremony – Dr. Gellert Demeter, III. District municipal representative

10.40 a.m. Welcome – the hosts of the festival

10.50 a.m. Instrumental East Indian Dance Performances and Odyssey Dance – Hungarian Melinda

11.15 a.m. Taurine Circus Presentation

11.30 a.m. Presentation Tabla – Pandit Rajesh Gangani, Indian Embassy

Noontime: Stage conversation with Kristóf Steiner, a famous vegan gastro-blogger

12.40 p.m. Bollywood dance show – Anita Szegedi dancer

1 p.m. Protective wedding with firearms

2.15 p.m. Concert – Nitai Bhavana Band

2.45 p.m. Stand-up Comedy – Balázs Hajdú and Viktor Fülöp are humorous

3.15 p.m. Yoga Presentation – students of the Yoga Grammar School of the Bhaktivedanta College of Histology

3.40 p.m. Bharatnatyam dance show – Bittner Deen Meenakshi

4 p.m. Martial arts demonstration

4.30 p.m. Symbol: “The Last Bus” – AC Nātaka Dramatic Group

5 p.m. Magic show – Lajos Zsirai performer

5.30 p.m.  Govinda Dāmodara līlā – Gaura-vani Dance Group

5.40 p.m. Indian tunes

Ticket prices: Adult: 1200HUF, Seniors and students: 800HUF. Children under the age of 8 – free admission.

The organisers request is to the visitors to come to the event without their pets!

source: krisna.hu

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The Harvard Krokodikloes Concert in Budapest

Thursday, August, 10. 2017.
7 p.m.  –  CEU – Auditorium,

District, V., 15. Nádor Street

The concert is co-hosted by CEU and Harvard Club – Hungary

Now-a-days the summertime in the City Budapest ain’t easy, the temperatures  becoming to rise higher-and-higher, but to forget for a short while the heatwaves, entertainment and relaxation is a fine opt.  to hang out with friends to enjoy the choir’s emotional performance.

From Cambridge to Cape Town to Carnegie Hall, the Harvard Krokodiloes have delighted audiences worldwide with their unique blend of a cappella harmony and humor. Founded in 1946, the Kroks are Harvard University’s oldest and finest a cappella singing group. Having derived their name from the ancient Greek word for crocodile, the group of 12 tuxedo-clad male undergraduates sing music from the Great American Songbook and beyond.

The Kroks, who perform over 200 concerts every year, are in Budapest as part of an annual 10-week, 6-continent world tour.

The Kroks have recorded over 30 albums and performed at Lincoln Center, the Kennedy Center, and the Sydney Opera House.


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RMS Titanic exhibition hits higher number of visitors – Budapest

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The story of the ill-fated vessel the world had come to know simply as the Titanic within in a sophisticated exhibition since opening July, 20 has already reached 20000 local and foreigner visitors.
The artifacts presented at this exhibition shows painstaking recoveries from the field of debris surrounding in and around the wreck. The artfully conserved, the three-dimensional objects, more than words to image, and item, objects representing  the vessel’s inside rest rooms, historical records and information, a film screening sheds light on the fate of the tragic ocean liner. An audio guide is offered in  English, Hungarian, German, Czech and Slovak languages provides information on the objects on display as well as historical background of the era. The Titanic, a  ship built-in the era of the safest vessel took 2,228 souls who now journeyed into history with her.

The exhibition is housed in an independent Hungarian department, where they present the sunken Titanic Hungarian related threads.

Paying a visit to the Titanic exhibition prehaps good to keep in mind the neighbouring sights attractions to visit. Parallel with the Király street is the famous boulevard Andrássy Road where fine architecture, including the Opera House. The Synagogue at Dohány Street, one of the most beautiful synagogue in the world, is just a short walk from the Titanic Exhibition venue. Also The neighbouring streets are the heart of historic Jewish Budapest with more synagogues and a range of cultural attractions. The most famous ruin bars are in this neighbourhood. The Szimpla ruin bar is also home of the farmer’s market on Sundays.

The exhibition voyage will be open until  December, 1., then turns her “knots” to Paris’s visitors.

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Fairplay – Sports Legend – Városmajor Open-Air Theater – Budapest

A dance show about the sport!

District XII. Városmajor- Budapest

Sport and art makes our lives more colorful. These two sources are simultaneously displayed by „Fairplay”.

August 13, at 8 p.m. the Coincidance Dance Theater announces a new performance, the „Fairplay – Sports”  Legends at the Városmajor Open-Air Theater.

The performance is in honour in memory by remembering Julia Gyulai’s father István Gyulai (RIP), one of the most popular sports reporter and sports diplomat, former Secretary General of the International Athletics Association. His life was addicted to the world of sports, short-time futures won a total of 28 Hungarian championships, between 1961 and 1969. It was gold in the 1963 Universe and in 1965 it earned silver medal. He also attended  the 1964 Tokyo Olympics. Int he 70’s he  chief – editor at the Hungarian Television Sport Division. (Editor’s remark … was lucky enough to work at the time being in the mid 70s together with him.)

The troupe was founded by Júlia Gyulai, Zsófia Székács and Norbert Potornai dancers in 2008. The name Coincidance derives from the English word ‘coincidence’ which means an incidential concurrence. The name refers to the organic combination of the two dancing styles and their harmonic fusion. The style of the troupe was born from unique merging of the European contemporary dance and authentic Irish step dancing. In her creations Júlia Gyulai choreographer uses the suitability of the dance for storytelling and the abstracted dramaturgy as organising principles.

The dance ensemble, which combines Irish stupa and contemporary dance, promises a special spectacle evening for Hungarians and foreigners.

Tickets on the spot and/or  online:  http://szabadter.jegy.hu/program/coincidance-tancszinhaz-fairplay-sportoriasok-legendaja-79744/37927

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The 20th Jewish Cultural Festival coming up!


September, 3. 2017. – 14, September, 2017.


Reaching the end months of the summer is annually organized the Jewish Culture Festival in Budapest. During the period arrives more-and-more culture programs, which has traditionally portrayed the true grandeur of music and theater. A number of light and classical concerts, theater and literary programs awaiting visitors interested in the beautiful and specialty venues of the festival. Due to the Jewish Cultural Festival’s theme and the wide range of exciting programs, it is quite certain that in 2017 everyone will find those events that will suite their taste.

The organizers are also looking forward as welcoming everyone, young and elder folks, both Hungarian and foreigners staying on a visit in Budapest and/or living working in Budapest. Within the programs, International, Jewish and non-Jewish performers, musicians and artists will be to entertain. The festival aims to preserve the Jewish cultural heritage and to make it as widespread as possible and also to make it memorable for the visitors as the summer season Farewell ceremony.  The so-called farewell party will be as usually always be the best part and this year the theme is the Jewish celebration of culture and art. The audiences are awaited at seven venues.

For daily full programs see: www.zsidokulturalisfesztival.hu

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Mekonville – Post-Punk Lengends – Budapest

 Art Quarter Budapest

Saturday, 22. July, 2017.

One of music’s legendary bands plays in Budapest for the first time ever! From their proto-punk beginnings on the Fast Product label (also an early home to The Human League and Joy Division) to their modern-day incarnation as godfathers of punk, post-rock, goth and pretty much everything else, The Mekons remain, as Rolling Stone writer Lester Bangs put it “. . . the most revolutionary group in the history of rock ‘n’ roll.” Few acts have their pedigree . . . more than two dozen acclaimed albums covering everything from modern folk to dance to punk, reggae, African pop and genres for which no description exists! Original member Jon Langford is an internationally acclaimed painter, has been credited with reviving the career of Johnny Cash, a prime instigator of post-punk, a founding member of Sisters Of Mercy, producer of The Ex and many other bands. Vocalist Sally Timms has released a number of solo records, including collaborations with Pete Shelley of The Buzzcocks, Marc Almond of Soft Cell, Will Oldham (Palace Brothers) and members of The Jesus Lizard. Drummer Steve Goulding has played drums with David Bowie, The Cure, Nick Lowe, Gang of Four, Graham Parker, Elvis Costello (that’s him on “Watching The Detectives”) and others. Bassist Dave Trumfio has produced records by Wilco & Billy Bragg, My Morning Jacket, Jesus & Mary Chain and even Memphis soul legend Booker T. Multi-instrumentalist Lu Edmonds played with The Damned, Shriekback, Kirsty MacColl and is currently the guitarist for Johnny Rotten’s post-Sex Pistols combo, Public Image Ltd . . . in addition to helping bring Tuvan folk music to the west.
The band also features the mesmerizing laconic vocals and bittersweet lyrics of original member Tom Greenhalgh, violinist Susie Honeymoon’s counterpoint violin lines and Rico Bell’s penchant for falling over backwards in the middle of the show, without harming his accordion. There many fans include members of Led Zeppelin, The Faces, Paul McCartney and others. Original Rolling Stones bassist, Dick Taylor – also of The Pretty Things, joined in the mid-80’s and plays with them occasionally to this day. The Mekons now live all over the world and play only sporadically together these days. They have never ventured east of Vienna, so their Budapest show is a true rarity, unlikely to ever be repeated and coming about solely as warm-up gig for their own UK music festival.

Here’s a teaser to one of their 100% song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=raxD_J_qoGs

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