Premier “2.22 – Ghost Story” @ Central Theater Budapest

The “2.22 – Ghost Story” written by award-winning writer Danny Robins. The play will be on show December, 30. 2022. @ the Central Theater – Budapest.

Danny Robins won the prize for the best play at this year’s WhatsOnStageAwards in London. The production of a “haunted story” is for the audience to unlock the mystery in this brilliantly funny and intriguing chilly play. Be sure to have your safely belt locked … it’s an adrenaline-filled night where secrets emerge and ghosts to be or not to be appearing … if you do believe in them and dare to discover the truth reserve your seat on the spot at the ticket office.

Previously the director spoke about the play and told that the mystical thriller of Danny Robins, the 46-year-old renowned English author with a background in stand-up, was the sensation of the year in UK. So decided to bring the play over to Hungary for two reasons … The ghost plays follow the dramaturgy of crime fiction, only here we are not looking for the killer, but who the ghost is and why she or he is haunting. This will be revealed by the end of the performance. In the play can hear about the problems of our present times, it also talks about the indispensability of love. The world turned upside down. The wisdom of previous generations seems to be no longer needed.

The play is directed by Tamás Puskás and in the main roles are: Dorina Martinovics, Katalin Ágoston, Tamás Lengyel and András Mészáros. The play was translated by Samu Puskás, costume designer Edit Matis, set designer Levente Bagossy. The music of the performance was composed by Dávid Puskás, the lighting design was by Friedrich Gergely.

The play is in Hungarian language.

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The 11th Budapest Jewish & Israeli Film Festival – “America”

Romantic Drama – Life, Death, Love and everything in between.
Showtime – December, 1. 2022. – 7.30 p.m. – Pushkin Cinema
Length: 127 minutes

The Jewish Film Festival concludes with AMERICA (released 2022) with the latest tour de force from director Ofir Raul Graizer (THE CAKEMAKER). This richly layered melodrama follows an Israeli swimming coach living in Chicago returns home to Israel after 10 years after his distant father passes away. Arriving he reconnects with his childhood friend and his bride, both of whom run a successful flower shop downtown. Suddenly, in the blink of an eye, a tragedy sets off a chain of motion for these three individuals,. The drama and romantic tension kicks-off between the three of them, which unlocks hidden desires, secrets, and torment that have afflicted these characters.
Film Awards: Jerusalem Film Festival 2022, Best Actress, Winner
After a day of hustle and bustle everyone is welcomed to engage with Jewish culture and values through its entertaining programs.

Movie in Hebrew with Hungarian and English subtitles.

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Tribute to YOKO ONO – Exhibition titled …”THE WAR IS OVER! IF YOU WANT”!

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Sunday, November, 27. 2022 @  the Hungarian National Museum – Budapest

Exactly 52 years ago on the same date November, 27., flyers appeared in New York War is over! If you want it (The war is over, if you want it too). The project initiated by Yoko Ono was later joined by John Lennon, who were protesting against the ’Nam War at the time being. Peace is  EVER more wanted EVEN  to-day and Yoko Ono exhibition draws attention to the importance to change to come. At the previous press meeting curator of the exhibition Gábor Gulyás drew attention to the fact that this expression of peace activism has become relevant again because of the war in Ukraine. At the Yoko Ono exhibition, more than 30 important works of the artist will be on display, so many of  works have never been exhibited together in Hungary. He also added, Yoko Ono built twenty-one white chess sets, the first one is on display in New York at the MoMA (Museum of Modern Art), two chess sets will be presented at the Budapest exhibition Play with confidence! titled, one from the collection of the Ludwig Museum. 

The installation Open Your Mind 90 inspires openness, featuring a key, an important motif in Japanese and Eastern cultures.(SEE SLIDESHOW)

Yoko Ono presents works related to the theme of peace and the desire for peace from the life work of the best-known contemporary Japanese artist and musician, the wife of John Lennon. The exhibition of the world-renowned performance and contemporary artist, who turns 90 in February, will feature interactive and performative works, as well as paintings, sculptures and short films.

László L. Simon – director general connected to the forthcoming exhibition told, that there is no need for war, because there are never really winners, only serious losers, that ethnic conflicts and economic issues cannot be solved by weapons. Added that the proceeds from the Yoko Ono exhibition will be used to support the victims of the Transcarpathian War in Ukraine. He also highlighted that peace must come, because only that can lead to a solution and back to a normal life. 

The performance entitled Lezáző dárák was one of the very first well-known art actions in the history of art. Yoko Ono first presented it in 1964 at the Sogetsu Art Center in Tokyo, later in New York and quite a few major Western cities. Over the past two decades, were already several performances that did not feature the Japanese artist. In the original performance, the audience could cut off a piece of Yoko Ono’s dress. The performance will be shown nine occasion during the BudapesT’s exhibition, The first time with the participation of actor Zsolt Trill. At the last day on February, 18, Yoko Ono and John Lennon’s son, musician Sean Lennon, will be present.

The two ambassadors of the Transcarpathian support campaign, actors Nelli Szűcs and Zsolt Trill, also participated in the press conference. Nelli Szűcs asked: there should be peace, the politicians should not poison our common wells, the wells from which several nations drink at the same time. At the press conference, Zsolt Trill also called for peace.

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Coming Soon – Diplomatic Spouses (DSB) @ Budapest 2022.

DSB (2)

For the 11th occasion will be hosted again the Diplomatic Spouses Budapest (DSB) at the Hotel InterContinental.

Date to remember – Sunday November, 27. 2022.  –  10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Venue: District V. 12-14  Apaczai Csere J. Street  – Budapest.

The Charity Fun Fair is an annual one-day event, therefore worthwhile to mark in your diary not to be missed.
The Budapest’s embassies spouses will be present with their national food, soft drinks,culture and other items. During the day shows with national tradition music and dances. Parents arriving with their small children can leave them at the Children’s Corner whilst looking around that grand hall,. Children play together and cared under the supervision of adults.


 A fine time for those visiting the event interested in tasting the traditional dishes from participating members of foreigner countries. Visitors can choose decorative items, complementary jewelry and last but not least on the spot may choose gifts for the upcoming holidays.
As a tradition to the event  raffle tickets can be purchased on the spot.  Objects offered by foreign exhibitors will be drawn and with a little luck a big and small prizes goes to the winners. Adult admission fee: 1000HUF. Children under age 14 free entry.

The Diplomatic Charity Fair is organized under the patronage of Mrs. Szilvia Szijjártó-Nagy –  spouse of the Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade of the Republic of Hungary.

Adult admission fee: 1000HUF … Children free entry under the age of 14.

The Fair’s all proceeds will be donated to Hungarian Charity and Humanitarian organisations.

Two snaps from previous years

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Welcome back to the 11th Jewish and Israeli Film Festival! 


November, 17 – December, 4. 2022.

Organizers: JCC Budapest – Bálint Ház, JDC.

Herald news to film lovers … the JCC Budapest is proud to present the 11th annual Budapest Jewish and Israeli Film Festival (ZSIFI).

This year, be able to watch the best Israeli and international Jewish-themed films of the year together, in the movie theater! Laughing, crying, reflecting, remembering and feeling carefree – the ZsiFeeling have come to expect.

The past few years have been challenging as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. We stayed in and binge-watched our favorit movies and TV shows. Although watching from home had its benefits at times, we all know that it’s just simply not the same as being together and watch the film on big screens.

This year, we’ll be able to do just that by joining together to watch movies you won’t be able to watch at home. We have the best of this year’s Israeli films, and many great international films from the U.S.A, Poland, France, Germany, Austria, and around the world.

All the films are screened in the original language with subtitles, so foreign viewers in our country can also enjoy them.

Collaborating partners: Budapest Film, BZSH, Erzsébetváros, Golem Theater, French Institute, Goethe Institute, Hebrew Language Center, International Visegrad Fund, Kibic Magazine, MAZSIHISZ, Austrian Cultural Forum, Warsaw Jewish Film Festival. We are also thankful for the support of the Jewish Joint Distribution Committee (JDC), the Embassy of Israel in Budapest, and the Israeli Cultural Institute.

We are also incredibly thankful to recognize the main patron of the 11th Jewish and Israeli Film Festival: Mr. Gergely Karácsony – Mayor of Budapest.

All the films are screened in the original language with subtitles, so foreign viewers in our country can also enjoy them.

Ttickets go on sale from November, 17. on the spot at the Art cinema, Pushkin cinema, Cinego.

See dates, venues and screening time:

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Also Balaton in the Fall … Walking Wine Tasting & Master Class Event 2022

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Upon invitation headed during the Fall to Lake Balaton’s walking wine tasting in Balatonalmádi. The event was opened by Zsófia Bozzai, the editor-in-chief of Bor és Piac (Wine and Market), where she greeted the pretty high number of the wine-loving audience and invited them to go for tasting all the six wine regions on the spot. Arrived 25 Balaton wineries – producers from Badacsonyi, Nagy-Somlói, Zala, Balatonboglári, Balaton-felvidéki and Balatonfüred-Csopak Wine Regions. She drew attention to the wine makers to fill free ask questions and listen to professional presentations. Then after Tamás Tornai – the owner of the Tornai Winery, greeted the gathering and wish the wine tasters to enjoy every drop of the wineries wine and keep in mind the one that suited the favorit taste and in the future prehaps will plan to visit one or more wineries.
After the opening, with the performance of violinist Julia Rabovay the wine tasting event started with four Telemann pieces and Monti’s Csárdás. The target audience included not only lovers of the local Balaton wines, but also a large number of visitors from Budapest, as well as guests from Slovakia and even Croatia arrived and good number of professionals came to the event.
It is no secret that the aim of the event was to extend the tourist season, so the title of the event already reflects this: “Also Balaton in the Fall”.

At the walking wine tasting, the guests could not only learn about winery, but hear  from the producers comments about the effects of climate change which effected the choice of varieties and in use of yeast … how the initial sugar content of the must is adjusted so that the alcohol level is lower. Rethinking the use of high sugar-accumulating varieties, e.g. Gray friendly, also about the new trends, and we could taste, for example, natural wines and orange wines.

Exhibited wines to taste by wineries as follows: 5 Ház Borbirtok Somló – Androsics Estate – Barcza Winery – Bezerics Vineyard – Dobosi Estate – Éva Dóka Winery – Dörgicsélő – Feind és Feind Winery Ltd. – Garamvári Vineyard – Istvándy Winery-Badacsony – Balázs Káli – Károly Kolonics – Laposa Badacsony – Lázár Cellar – Mórocz Winery – Nagy & Nagy Winery – Nivegy-Völgyi Borgazdaság Ltd. – Yári Pince – Petrányi Cellar – Rádpuszta Vineyard – Tagyon 730 Bormanufaktúra Vineyard – Taverna Winery – Tornai Winery – Villa Gyetvai Winery.

A short description the region’s new winemaker Tagyon 730 wine factory, which is located above Zánka at the foot of Tagyony, Szentantalfai hill. This winemaker is a new comer with his wines from the northern region of Lake Balaton. His winnery exists on 3000 m2 since 2016. His plantation has Cab. Franc (simply loved it amazing taste), Cab.Savignon and Merlot. Brought bottles of 5 types, each named by his 5 children. After harvest, closed tank fermentation is done with circular circulation. The locals told him that this event would take place, they had not yet prepared the labels for the wines, so they were numbered with the children’s names on the tasting table without labels. Produce Olaszrizling, Kéknyelű, Furmint, Szürkebarát which were waiting to be tasted.

Another one wish to mention … Most probably needn’t have to introduce the already famous winemaker of the Istvándy Winery-Badacsony. At the wine tasting table had a glance on a bottle of wine not seen label earlier, called “Bizsergés” –  “Tingling”. It was produced from ottonel muscat/yellow muscat 2020 – AL12%. Indeed a bit surprised me of the bustling bubbles and smoky flavor and right away could imagine it goes well after a hard meal.
Last but not least … go for a wine therapy … worth to visit the Tornai Winery. At the event the “A Tornai Top Selection Grófi Hárslevelű 2019” hit the top for the wine lovers.

The theme at the master classes were wine tourism, sustainability, resistant grape varieties, and organic farming.

It was fantastic to experience at the Három Majom Bistro (Three Monkies Bistro) in tasting the delicacies of Lebanese cuisine in Balatonalmádi. The place was just at the doorstep “Balaton in the Fall” event.

The implementation of the project is supported by the Veszprém-Balaton 2023 European Capital of Culture program.

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World Italian Cuisine Festival arrives for the 7th time to Budapest 2022.

Be Italian for a Day and/or for a Week!


Heard it through the grapevine … Extraordinary Italian Taste from Trattoria Toscana for the Week of Italian cuisine in the world, will be prepared the specials of the Roman cuisine! The Roman gastronomy is woven through thousands of years of traditions, from the pastoral traditions of the surrounding countryside to the Roman Jewish community. The festival will give special attention to the Roman kitchen, noting Rome’s candidacy to host the 2030 World Expo. Master Confectioner Angelo Gala will give a workshop on Thursday and Friday. Cooking shows, master classes, film screenings (art screening documentary) Florence, Central Market, Italian Design Day 2022 and a bunch of other programs will be offered at the Italian gastronomy festival in Budapest between November, 14 to 20. 2022.

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Herrald News: “Thousandth Circus Art Book” – World Science Day 2022.

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The “Thousandth Circus Art Book” has arrived at the Hungarian Circus Art Museum – Library and Archive, which operates under the auspices of the National Circus Art Center. The ceremonial acceptance into the collection took place in connection with World Science Day. On this occasion a press conference and a ceremonial placing on the bookshelf took place within a ceremonial commemorative plaque inaugurated. Present at the ceremony were Máté Gábor Vincze – Deputy Secretary of State for Public Collections and Cultural Development of the Ministry of Culture and Innovation, dr. habile Péter Kiszl – Head of the department, associate professor, director of the ELTE BTK Library and Information Science Institute, Pál Ritoók – architectural historian, Head of the Museum Department of the Hungarian Architecture Museum and Documentation Center for Monument Protection, Emese Joó – Chief museologist head of the museum of the National Circus Arts Center and Péter Szóllás – Head of the Library and Archives Department of the State Secretariat for Culture of the Ministry of Culture and Innovation

Péter Fekete, National Circus Arts Center director general open the ceremony by saying …”Q” Back seven years ago we decided the importance to create a scientific repository in the middle of Europe, in Hungary, which serves not only Hungarian circus art and/or Central Europe, but the whole of Europe as a museum, database and library” Also told that Europe’s leading circus art institution cannot operate without a scientific background, research center, museum and library and dreamed of establishing a database scientific museum. The dream came true on October, 24, 2022., celebrating School Libraries Day, when the thousandth book arrived from France: Baron de Vaux: Ecuyers et écuyères. Histoire des cirques d’Europe (1680-1891). The rarity of the circus history book in French, decorated with 280 portraits and illustrations, was published in Paris in 1893. The book from Pascal Jacob’s circus history book collection is currently one of the most valuable 19th-century volumes in the circus library of the National Circus Arts Center.

The first book festival of the National Circus Arts Center was enriched by artistic productions. The 1000th circus art book was brought to the stage by Angelina Ádám – horse acrobat and equestrian, and young artist Dmitrii Markin placed it on the top shelf of the 6-meter circus library bookshelf with the help of a Persian pole.

The director-general said that pieces from the museum’s collection are presented in a permanent exhibition at the Capital Circus, and most of the library’s collection can be searched in the online catalog through the:

The circus director’s main motto… “It is not possible to build the future without respecting and knowing the past.”

The event ended with the inauguration of a ceremonial plaque placed on the occasion of the founding of the scientific library and the addition of the book THOUSANDTH to the library collection. Visitors to the circus can also view the plaque in the inner facade. The writer, literary historian, translator – Mihály Babits’ thought can be read on the granite plaque at the Capital Circus: “Art is a precious collection of sensations and feelings, and science is a precious collection of concepts that have settled down from them.

These booklets will certainly be an awesome guide not only for future seasoned artists, but also for interest of lovers of circus art.

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Magical Xmas Tale @ the Capital Circus of Budapest 2022


Circus Xmas Show is based on a tale of the great Hungarian writer Mór Jókai’s (1825-1904)  

The show title goes on as  … “Which One Of The Nine?” ( “Melyiket A Kilenc Közül?” )

Within the show featuring the Circus and Theater Arts with music, singing and dancing all together in joyous harmony. “Which One of the Nine?” tells a story of seduction and decency, the happiness that can be acquired through humility and diligence, and the convergence that conquers all despite enormous setbacks.  The audience will be heading into the magical world where the most important values come to life through the art of circus and entertainment. It tells that our inner values are worth more than money, power and a deal with the devil under any circumstances.

Synopsis … Once upon a time in the big city of Pest there was a poor man who raised his nine children alone. All of them were talented and clever but they were merely children. The poor man took all the jobs he could in order to provide them with a beautiful and carefree childhood, and so that he could dress them, school them and raise them to be nice and good people.

Then around came a wealthy man who wanted to make a deal with the poor man: if he gave away one of his children, he would pamper the child, provide expensive clothes and even more expensive toys, foreign studies, cool sports cars and the thousands of treasures found on Earth. The poor man had no other option but to choose one of his beloved nine children that the wealthy man would take forever.

The original story even more universal by not only moving into the spectacular milieu of the circus, summon protective angels and machinating devils as well, the cosmic battle takes place for the soul of a man and his children. What is worth more: honor or a sack filled with gold? Fairness with a troubled fate or giving up for an easy deal? Inner values or glittery sparkles? Family or career?

The circus show is directed by Peter Fekete winner of the Jászai Mari Award and with costumes from famous designer Erzsébet Rátkai.

In less than 6 weeks the Xmas Show at the Capital Circus of Budapest is forthcoming for the whole family and also circus lovers who should like to have a break from the rushy hustle-bustle everyday life and may get into the Xmas mood in advance. Get your seat and enjoy the wonders of life at the Grand Circus Budapest.

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The 18th Best Art Vinyl Nominations 2022.

Artville - Art Vinyl Awars Nominations ...

Which Artists/Designers will be honored this year? Join and see the ever-expanding archive of Best Art Vinyl Award Winners?

Knowing it’s a day that so many of the art vinyl customers and collectors of art and music look forward to this coming-of-age year for the Best Award which will be extra special. To mark the Art Vinyl anniversary, have launched an ambitious exhibition that unveils the 2022 nominees alongside their retrospective celebration of over 70 years of album cover design at “The Collection and Usher Gallery in Lincoln.”

To cast your vote your invited to go to their dedicated voting page and choose any of the 3 favor designs from this year’s 50 nominations. Hope you enjoy in discovering some fascinating album covers. Roll over and have a glance at the vinyl covers and enjoy the ride …

Important process … note must choose 3 to validate your vote and automatically have the chance of winning a “Play & Display” Flip Frame Triple packs up for grabs in a prize draw for all those that vote.

The Best Art Vinyl Award 2022 Winners will be announced in January 2023.

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