VI. Pécs Chocolate Carnival – 2018.

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Zsolnay Quarter  – E78 building

10 a.m.  – 8 p.m. Február, 3. 2018.

10 a.m. –  6 p.m.  February, 4. 2018.

 For two days the City of Pécs will be all about the chocolate!

 “Sweet Family  Carnival” not only for sweet tooth folks.  The families with children are more than welcomed!

A huge selection of accompanying programs to choose on the spot as visiting: Fair of craft chocolates, performances, children’s programs. Interesting countdown about Chocolates … Exhibition of all times chocolates …  Chocolate makers of Hungarian craft manufactures … a fountain of pouring Chocolate … Chocolate Wrapping Exhibition … Chocolate Image Painting … Demonstration of how to make, prepare chocolates. These are a couple of venues to visit whilst rolling along by locals and foreigners  not to be left out. The Choco-Lada Ltd. introduces their new Pécs chocolate. Ákos Lokodi creative chef prepares special dishes of chocolate four times dishes of chocolate before visitors. to the visitors.

Sásdi Catering Secondary School students prepare bonbons, which the visitors may taste and enjoy themselves. 3D shows the University of Pécs Project 3D exhibition art technology implementation and operation of the 3D printer.

At the Chocolate Carnival 25 chocolate related programs … 18 exhibitors. Traditionally as a surprise chocolate tile painting will be held on the spot.

During visiting the City of Pécs, worthwhile to spend some time visiting the Kodály Center, the World Heritage Center, the House of Arts and Literature and/or the World famous Zsolnay factory within the family history exhibition.

Entrance is free of charge, only fee is when joining the professional programs which in advance is subject to registration  and there will be toll-free accompanying programs.

Every visitor gets a raffle ticket at the entrance.  The drawings will be on Saturday at 6 p.m. and Sunday at 5 p.m.

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The winter season continues rolling along the wine-growing areas of Badacsony

Lake Balaton is the largest Sweetwater and shallowest lake in Central Europe.  Approximately two-hour drive from Budapest. Balaton wine region is one of the seven larger wine regions of Hungary.

Lake Balaton besides being an attractive holiday resort, also a wine region of ten thousand hectares.  Before wine became a tourist attraction in its own right, Lake Balaton … the Hungarian Sea was the holiday location in Hungary… it serves every possible recreational for the need, sailing, bathing, horse-riding, walking, cycling, sightseeing around castles and nature reserves. Highlights offering private Wine Day Tours and Balaton Wine and Sailing Tours.

As for the latest newsflash, starting on January, 20.

Hit the road … rolling along to the Wine Routing event organized by the Badacsony Céh Tourism Association that will resume by means of an exemplary combination of wine growing, restaurants and accommodation in the wine region, where, from January, 20.  – June, 15 wine tasting and dining opportunities will be offered by other wine-growers and/or restaurants from week-to-week.

Hit the road … rolling along to Wine Routing. The Badacsony Wine Exploring Tour A Good Adventure in the Valley of the Vulcans“, organized this year for the 12th occasion. From year-to-year became more popular since from the beginning participating 10 cellars, this year 21
cellars participation have joined the program and most guests arriving to the region connecting their stay with other adventures on the spot. Badacsony and its surroundings are an attractive destination for wintering and spring.

The Badacsony Guild Association has nearly 200 members, including wine-growers, wine cellars, restaurants, entrepreneurs and other tour operators, as well as the local governments of the destination as: Badacsonytomaj, Badacsonytördemic, Szigliget, Ábrahámhegy who have realized that they can be more efficient by joining forces. The “tangible”results of more than 10 years of contemplation and collaboration include the Badacsony’s exclusive wine tasting arriving to the New York Café – Budapest on April 14. The three main wine-growing regions of the wine region, hitting the routes on the „Bortriatlon” Wine Triatlon, the playful race  featuring: the „Szürkebarát” Tour on May, 12-13, the Blooming „Kéknyelű” on June, 2-3 and the Riesling Vacations on October, 13-14. On May, 20, Pentecost Sunday awaiting the love couples to the “Rózsakő” Rosewood again for the traditional Pentecost engagement, which is an unforgettable experience not only for couples. Wine prepared named from this region may sound for foreigners like the home planets of superheroes, but that is the unique of the Hungarian language.

The most brilliant example of co-reflection and co-operation is serving the comfy way to visit by the visitors  touring by the use of  the hop-on hop-off  Badacsony Regional Bus operated by the Association, will be running again from spring, with an expanding schedule to serve guests reaching the wine cellars and so forth. The Association has been working on providing guided tours for several years, this tour starts on the 1st of April this year with a „Moonlight Tour” and a special tour for almost every week-end until December, 1.2018.

The Balaton area produces mostly crisp and aromatic white wines, though the southern shore is producing an increasing amount of reds. Badacsony is just about the only place in the country that grows „Kéknyelű”… an indigenous grape which is difficult to grow and  slightly disappeared … which is being resurrected by a few dedicated wine makers. The  wine advantures shoots off with Istvády Workshop on 6 p.m. on January, 20. (well recomended to be on the spot).

Detailed info.:

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Capa Center – When the Earth Seems to Be Light (2015)

Within the series of the Golden Boundaries exhibition the coming week-end screening will take place at the Capa Center.

Address: District, VI., 8. Nagymező Street – Budapest.

The film is in Georgian, English subtitles.

Saturday, 5.30 p.m.  – January, 20. 2018.

The documentary “When the Earth Seems To Be Light” is about the story of Georgia’s youngsters – sketches and artists. The film follows a team of planks on the streets of Tbilisi, where, although the sun shines as brightly as California, the political situation is much more problematic – from the troubled state of the country to modernity and post-Soviet ruins a close-up of the rich world of dreams and feelings of teenagers , who are searching for non-existent places of freedom.

Directed by: David Meskhi, Tamuna Karumidze, Salome Machaidze. Producer: GOSLAB, Zazarfilm

One of the filmmakers : David Meskhin  is also shown at the Golden Boundaries exhibition.

The film is cast by Kata Oltai curator.

The screening can be attended within the admission ticket to the exhibition.

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Body Exhibition – KOMPLEX -Budapest

Recommended for strong nerves folks.

The Titanic exhibition has finally ended her journey and sunken at the KOMPLEX on 22 hundred square meters area at District, VI., 26 Király Street – Budapest.

Never-the-less the huge building is holding another show with the BODY exhibition starting from January, 15. until July, 2018. 

The exhibition has never been to any city on this continent with such a rich exhibition material.

At the BODY show, those who are interested can discover what processes are going on under our skin, make visible and tangible the functioning of the human body. Also digs deeper into the beauty of the body, mind, and soul than any other exhibition of its kind, and the visitors will explore the entire human experience from the first breath to the last is screened through 3D animated images moving on screens and show other exciting documents in understanding better what happens inside the body during physical activity, work or relaxation.

This powerful exhibition explores life by displaying real and perfectly preserved human bodies and more over 200 anatomical specimens.

A separate exhibition presents the development of the human fetus, and the “Hungarians in the world of medical Science” is paying tribute to the greatest Hungarian scholars.

In every room, qualified medical students are answering the questions that arise, try to resuscitate the resuscitation, and expert groups hold guided tours for school groups.

The professional co-operating partner of the exhibition is the Hungarian Red Cross.

Please keep in mind that, the exhibition pushes boundaries while seamlessly blending art, science, emotion and although this might be for some visitors an uncomfortable and disturbing experience, since they can encounter directly with how the liver of a person suffering from cancer or the blackened lungs of a smoker looks like.

The tickets can be reserve through:

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“Bejgli” … Preparing for the season’s feast has started!

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In Budapest, at the Egyetem Square, the Lipót Bakery and Coffee Shop held a super press meeting, whereas the bakery invited the media representatives to taste he Bejgli with countless fillings already being underway, preparing the housewives to celebrate the season’s festive preparation!

As the holiday season approach, new products will be placed on the shelves of the Lipót Bakeries. As Antalicz Miklós – owner of Dia-Wellness Ltd. expressed, thanks to joint developments with Dia-Wellness, health-conscious consumers with diabetic and dieting foods with food allergies also found the right kind of sweetness for them. Although the joint venture of the two companies looks back on about a decade and a half, Dia-Wellness has provided the raw material for a number of Lipót products during this time, but the starting point for the new partnership was the introduction of AppleSugar. Sweetened with the use of apple-sugar, so gluten-free, milk-free, carbohydrate-reduced. Also added, after several years of development, Dia-Wellness had introduced a world-novel product for a few months, the AppleSugar, which can be perfectly integrated with refined white sugar in a healthy lifestyle, as its glycemic index is low and its production is not chemically similar to that of many other fructose, but are extracted from natural raw materials and apples. This is what Lipót observed, so they started to develop jointly, because in recent years the demand for products that can be eaten by individuals suffering from food allergies, diabetics and dietitians is growing rapidly.

Dia-Wellness –  Bejgli tasting products was simply sublime. There were with fillings that even imaginative people raised their eyebrows. The baking Bejgli itself is a routine task, and in the old days was mainly baked with traditional walnuts and poppy seeds, but  beside the traditional flavorings the 21st century  shriveled with new and new countless fillings  such as: Eszterházy slices, poppy-orange roses, rhino-chocolate cube, coconut, marzipan, chestnut, poppy-seedlings, dried plum bedded on rum, just mentioning a few. The bakery has more fillings for those interested in unique flavors. The Bejgli sweetened with AppleSugar is gluten-free, milk-free, carbohydrate-reduced.

The Bejgli originally originated from the region of Silesia and this Silesian cake has been known in Europe since the 14th century. The name of the unforgettable Xmas cake was the name of German origin, transmitted to Austria and spread in the second half of the 19th century. In Hungary, they started to celebrate Xmas by German fashion. Also known as Walnut or poppy varieties. It was initially a family holiday cake, and gradually replaced the traditional Xmas cake from the reform ages.

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Hungarian Lodge of Masters International Cheese Guild!

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Hungarian cheeses among the world’s great Cheeselands…

365 specialty cheeses for every day of the year from all over the world welcomed the cheese-loving visitors at the Hilton Hotel’s Ballroom in Budapest. This year for the first time was the most significant cheese festival organised in Hungary on October, 28. 2017.

Ádám Gábossy director of the 1st National Festival of Cheese Festival at SZEGA Camembert Ltd. said at the opening ceremony: Q.:”Years ago we set our goal to shape people’s taste in cheese. As to our recent survey, the Trappiste cheese is close to the entire market by covering half of it, but there are many finer and finer cheeses. We would like to offer not just here at the festival to taste the most special foreign cheeses with the audience, but also to highlight the Hungarian products that represent high quality. That is why we are setting up the Hungarian Chef of the Chefs of Cheese Masters, which aims to provide professional support to the cheese makers and to introduce more and more domestic and foreign products to consumers”. Also said, 21 European countries, America and Hungary also are present with their specialty cheeses. The winners of the Super Gold – Festival Mondial du Fromage participating with more than 100 kinds of products from France.

In addition to the cheese tasting exhibition this year of sizing cheese for the second time at home with the finest cheeses in the Cheese Competition in Hungary. One of the highlights of the evening was the ceremony of the Hungarian Lodge of Masters International Cheese Guild, led by the world’s most famous cheese master.

The event is a major milestone, joining the International Guild of Cheese Masters, which has 6000 members from about 40 countries and  now founded by the Hungarian Palla. Beside the mouth-watering flavors of cheese the match wines were not missing. The heavenly wine from Tokaj, named “Angel” and the mystified  top wine from the Eger winery. Beyond the tasting presentations by László Fekete powerlifter, had set up powerlifting “cheese record”. László Jámbor – chef gave a lecture on the role of cheeses in gastronomy. Zoltán Waller – sommelier spoke about the relationship between cheese and wines were highly appreciated by the audience

It was beyond expectations, and the biggest festival of festivals in Hungary, the 1st SZEGA Fairies Cheese Festival, was completed with great success.

“365 specialty cheeses from all over the world welcomed the cheese-loving visitors at the Hilton Hotel’s Ballroom in Budapest this year for the first time to the most significant cheese festival in Budapest/Hungary on October 28th.

The Hungarian Cheese Competition Winners of 2017. were:

1st. Cheese workshop – Baracskai semi-hard cheese

2nd. Tekeresvölgyi Manufactory – Matuzsálem-14

3rd. Bükk Cheese Manufactory – Charcoal Cow Cheese

… and the Audience Award was presented to: Tekeresvölgyi Manufactory – Matuzsálem-14.

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Halloween Garden Party – Gundel Restaurant – Budapest

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Special delicacies in the Gundel Garden – Budapest

On the last weekend of October, at the end of an unusual gourmet weekend, the best food makers in the country will move into the fabulous garden of the country’s oldest restaurant. At one of the craziest celebrations of the rolling gastronomy home, during Halloween, besides the special delicacies, there are plenty of children’s and family programs!

Food Trucks:
Gundel Crêperie • Gundel Bar • Blue Bird Café • Picnic Utcard • Dropper • Borkas • Beef Bill • Sweeper • Waffel Land • Paneer • Che Che Nemburger • Mexkitchen

For each ticket, a complimentary cup is given served with mulled wine or tea.

On Friday, Saturday and Sunday in the evening, when the last glimmer of light the sun colors the sky with the shade  of darkening in colors,   “Spooky” lovers are invited a cozy common lamp ignition! The carved pumpkins, candles given, on the spot …only the need of you! ”

Admission: 500HUF – whilst under age 14 is free!

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