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This is “Not the Messiah” … just a very naughty boy – May, 31. 2015. – Budapest.


This is not to be missed!

8 p.m. Sunday, May, 31. 2015.

Papp László Budapest Sports Arena

District, XIV., 2. Stefania Rd. – Budapest

From the famous Monty Python – Mr. Eric Idle is coming for the first time to Budapest to take you away with his gags on the premiere night of the „Not the Messiah” in Budapest.  The Messiah is a baroque ‘n’ roll that captivated the world’s stages for over seven years and in a couple of days will be on stage in Budapest – Hungary.

The performance will be in Hungarian language, but never mind, because the acts will be jolly good and worthwhile to see also for the foreigners staying in Hungary.

The funniest member of the legendary group Monty Python – Eric Idle – songwriter of the melody well-known around the world … is going to be heard by Steve and Eric in Budapest.

Mr. Eric Idle is planning a kinda attack against the Hungarian actor – Steve Hajdú.  Earlier said … “My role is to sit and watch the show among the audience, but till then I hold the surprise the keep secret to myself . “The “Not the Messiah” music was co-written by Mr. Idle and John Du Prez.

According to gossip, at the comic oratorio entitled “Not the Messiah” Eric Idle will not be able to sit still and often will pop up in the auditorium to grab the microphone out of Steve’s hand. What’s more, he will pour those humorous gags on us, processing from the move Life of Brian. No way, to leave it out in Budapest! I will not be able to remain silent, when Steve Hajdú will be up on stage, singing alone the song.It is logical I am going to sing along with him at the end of the show.

Visiting Hungary and to be present at the show is really such a rare opportunity for him and of course for the Hungarian audience, but would not bet on the foreigners not to be going out to this unique show.

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Flashmobing in Budapest … First Silly Walks Day … No! Rumble-Tumble.

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Here you go … Still a couple of hours ahead to exercise!

 Miklós Galla and Steve Hajdú will be on the spot to see you gals and guys!

Flash mob culture has reached cult status all over the world and now you do not have to gape in wonderment as people around you jump into the crowd and break into some smooth moves. The First of April is known around the World … here as the Fools Day when anybody can take a fool on someone. But on the other hand this day will be the „First Silly Walks in Budapest”. What basically is it … talking about walking silly? The idea is borrowed from the comic stylings of Monty Python. The organizers are seeking volunteers and so on to hop on down on Wednesday, April, 1. 2015. at the District, V.,  Deák Square – Budapest,  sharp at 11 a.m.

What does the word/thought Flash mob actually mean. Most probably need not have to spread the meaning, but in brief … a group that convenes specifically to surprise and stun the public walking by.

Time is running, so briefly … still thunders Monty Python cult still thunders ever since the day that was established just 46 years ago. The world-renowned team shotted their first movie the Monty Python and the Holy Grail 40 years ago.  On May,10 will be the International Monty Python day and reaching the end of the month on May,31 will be introduced for the first time in Hungary a show on the Life of Brian film titled “Not the Messiah”  –  Jolly Good Oratorium.  joining this superb night will be coming to be on stage at the same time with the Hungarian team the two authors, Eric Idle and John Du Prez, who won the Tony Awards with the musical Spamalot.

By-the-way …  Produced by Government backing the Ministry of Silly Walks!

Wishing …”Happy Flashmobing!”

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Jolly Good Oratory – Monty Python ‘s movie “Life of Brian” comes to life on stage in Budapest.

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Well the month May is a bit far ahead, but never-the-less to hear the good news in advance is always a thrill!

Monty Python  – Not the Messiah … then who(!?!) … well in a nutshell  –  just a very naughty boy!

The domestic premiere on May, 31 will be at the Papp László Budapest Sports Arena.

After seven years captivates concert halls around the world the show is coming in May, 2015. Eric Idle and John Du Prez. „Not the Messiah” was also the author of the award-winning musical Spamalot. The show to be presented is a veritable genuine cavalcade in its unique genre. The founder of Monty Python, Eric Idle once said this is the „Baroque ‘n’ Roll”. Been on tour with the “Not the Messiah” in Canada, UK, United States of America, Australia and so forth, the show in May makes its debut in Budapest by excellent Hungarian singers, artist.  The Life of Brian from ’79 holds classic gags to giggle about and of course the best known famous songs which will trigger loud of smiles and laughter by the audience.

On October, 2. 2009., with a smashing full house celebrated with this piece Monty Python’s 40th birthday together with still existing Monty Python members, as Eric Idle, Michael Palin, Terry Jones and Terry Gilliam. The show was held at London’s Royal Albert Hall, along with the BBC Symphony Orchestra, Chorus and with renowned opera soloists.

Eric Idle –  An Englishman in Budapest!

A comedian, actor, writer, singer, composer and songwriter and member of the Monty Python team and will be visiting Hungary for the first time and that ain’t a joke!

Definitely, the one-and-only undistinguishable guest at the premiere night.

Naturally, the well-known catchy songs, as the  “Always Look on the Bright Side of Life” and the “Lumberjack Song” will not be missing. The jolly good oratory’s domestic premier surely will warm up the hearts and souls, sing-a-ling together with the Hungarian-known opera, musical singers and actors.

Learn at the press conference of to-day, that for the time being the catchy words will be in Hungarian language with English subtitle and later on taking on the road  to countrywide cities as to: Győr, Szombathely,Veszprém, Miskolc, Debrecen, Szeged  will have the performance also in English language by the Hungarian singers and actors. This may welcome, attract more foreigners as well to see the piece.

Also highlighting with his presence, as the narrator – most probably dressed in blue, but will not be blue at all in the play – Miklós Galla without whom naturally, the show would be kinda deficient in not having him on stage. Indeed, in his vain flows the utmost Monty Python’s love and spirit from the beginning of time as a domestic follower. Actor – Péter Molnar Kálloy is not far from UK plays. He is well-known in Hungary having huge love in playing W. Shakespeare pieces.

Starring in the show: Judith: Melinda Heiter – soprano – Hungarian State Opera singer,  Mandy Cohen: Kata  Janza – mezzo-soprano  – Budapest Operetta Theater,  Brian Cohen: Zsolt Homonnay – tenor  – Budapest Operetta Theater,  Stan / Loretta / Ben: Steve  Hajdú – baritone-like  – Madách Theater, Reg Biggus Kukis: Demeter Pintér – bass.

Naturally, would be kinda of deficient without having on stage, the full spirit of Miklós Galla in the upcoming show. He is Hungary’s Monty Python’s utmost domestic follower.

The „jolly-good oratorium” having 80 members of Dohnányi Orchestra will be providing the music, conductorGábor Hollerung along with 100 members from the Budapest Academic Amateur Choral Society.

Text Book and lyrics: Eric Idle. Music: JOHN DU Prez and Eric Idle. Original screenplay by Graham Chapman, John Cleese, Terry Gilliam, Eric Idle, Terry Jones, Michael Palin. Light and lighting designer – János  Madarász (Bird), Director –  György Szomor, Producer – László Sándor.

Tickets are already available on the spot at the Arena’s ticket booth or through ordering (unfortunately, does not have an English language site.)

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