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The DIRE STRAITS EXPERIENCE @ Budapest – 2019.

Mark Knopfler‘s amazing genius for writing eternal melodies and The Dire Straits Experience music live on stage guaranties to give goosebumps to many in the audience ranks.

The Experience Group kicked off to their European Tour in France and ends in November, 19. 2019 also in France. In between several concerts throughout  Europe countries arriving to Budapest to the Papp László Budapest Sport Arena on April, 4. 2019. Bringing back to life those superb sounds of the music from one of the most creative and unique bands in the world of rock music.

It has been more than 40 years since the “Sultans Of Swing” was the first to be broadcast around the world and surely for many at the concert will have the feeling again the music of  Dire Straits.

Over 25 years have passed since Dire Straits disbanded, leaving for their fans the finest compositions and live musical performances throughout different “channels”. No wonder to their reputation which has only grown with time. Record sales of more than one hundred and twenty million albums continue to grow as new music fans join the band’s massive show.

Spend a fabulous night with pure pleasure to hear again the Dire Straits’ unique sound and enjoy the show with fabulous musicians!

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“Buhurt” – Spectacular Fighting Sport – Budapest Historical Museum

After hundreds of years, the castle of Buda was loud again with the ring of swords and armor. In the Budapest Historical Museum, the world of knight tournaments was summoned by the Hungarian artists of the. spectacular fighting sport called Buhurt. Tradition and martial arts meet on HISTORY Channel‘s program: the MMA armor series clashes with the knights of modern age week by week. This is not a choreographed show but full contact combat sport that’s gaining popularity all over the world. In the US, fighters are members of the Armored Combat League. In Hungary, the sport is known as buhurt after the French word that meant the group combat event of medieval tournaments. Fighters in Hungary have formed clubs in several towns including Budapest, Szolnok, Szeged and Debrecen. Their umbrella organization is under the Hungarian Buhurt Association.

HISTORY is a place where history comes alive in shows where weapons of the past become instruments of drama in the hands of today’s heroes. These shows teach viewers about ancient bladesmith, knights and battlefields through gripping human interest stories.

Forged in Fire and its spin-off, Knife or Death have been among HISTORY ’s most popular shows for years. In Forged in Fire, blacksmiths compete in a three-round elimination contest to forge bladed weapons. In Knife or Death, top bladesmith and martial artists bring their historical weapons through a series of extremely gruelling challenges.

Now, a new show takes reviving history to a new level. For centuries, knights were the ultimate warriors, ruling battlefields with skill, courage, and the brute strength it takes to fight in 60 pounds of plated armor. Today, there are still men who dream of testing their worth in medieval-style warfare. In Knight Fight (MMA – in armor), each episode features six contestants willing to risk life and limb in a series of challenges to see who will reign supreme.

Tradition and martial arts will also be featured on HISTORY Channel in the MMA armor series, weekly on every Wednesday at 10 p.m.  from the Gothic Hall of the Budapest Museum. It is at the oldest parts of the Royal Castle of Buda.

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Rhoda Scott 80 … Concert @ Budapest – 2019.

After a broken leg recovery Rhoda Scott, the barefoot Queen of Hammond Organ back in concert coming to Budapest!

On April 14, 2019, Rhoda Scott, celebrating his 80th birthday, will perform at the Papp László Budapest Sport Arena. She was born in 1938 in Dorothy, New Jersey, U.S.A.,  the daughter of an itinerant minister, and grew up in the tradition of small African-American churches. Thus while accompanying the Gospels and Negro Spirituals at the age already of 8 and her exceptional musical talent was revealed and her love to the organ with her bare foot is going on since then.

Rhoda Scott originally would have had a concert in Budapest last year in November, but due to her leg fracture and having a surgery, therefore all remaining 2018 concerts have to have been postponed for the time being.

The good news is that  the organ artist has completely recovered, and on April, 14. 2019, at 6 p.m. will perform at  the László Papp Sport Arena with the Lady Quartet with three jazz talents. The concert will feature the best-known classical master of the classical masterpiece, typically in a modern, virtuoso and surprisingly harmonious performance. Andrea Zeffer will also perform at the event.

Her secret of success is as just as easily playing classical music as jazz, gospel or blues. Will score her own music and draw up the bulk of theatrical repertoire.

Her professionalism on stage will fulfill the house with charismatic and locals, tourist, foreigners staying in Budapest can experience that who participate at the concert.

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The Queen of Celtic Music is coming to Budapest 2019!

Spiritual ancient voice in our modern days!

Probably not on my own by saying Loreena McKennitt the multi-award winning Canadian singer-songwriter and musician is not only known in her homeland, but even from Pine Island – USA to Melbourne – Australia and throughout the world thousands-and-thousands enjoy her eclectic Celtic pop music. She has performed in some of the world’s most-respected and historic concert venues, from Carnegie Hall to the famous Alhambra Palace in Granada, Spain and for dignitaries including Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II and numerous Head of State.

She will be on tour in Europe with her “Lost Souls”, which is in line her 10th album and released last year in May. Within her Lost Souls tour will give 24 concerts in 8 countries, arriving on March, 29. 2019.  –  Papp László Budapest Sport Arena  from 8 p.m. Those who have already heard her music know very well that she brings lyrics into her songs of John Keats and W.B.Yeats poetries. Also a mighty influence evokes from Middle Eastern rhythms sound in her songs.

On Loreena McKennitt tour will be accompanied by Brian Hughes guitars, Arabic lute (Udon) and Celtic bouzouki, cello Caroline Lavelle, Hugh Marsh violin, double bass and Robert Dudley Philips Brian percussion.

Ms. McKennitt have had already 14 million record sales worldwide. Recordings of Gold, Platinum and multiple platinum status in 15 countries on 4 continents. She was nominated twice for Grammy and twice for the Juno Award and once for the Billboard International Award for Recognition. In 2013 was appointed „Knight of the National Order of Arts and Letters” by the Republic of France. In 2004, McKennitt was awarded the „Order of Canada”.

During the Fall the “Lost Souls” tour continues in Brazil, following in Argentina and Chile.

The organizer of the Budapest concert is the Danubius Music Production Office.

Until having your reserved seat to the Budapest’s concert, enjoy one of her previous awesome song of sweetness:


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Oaxacan Folklore Festival – Hungarian Heritage House – Atrium @ Budapest

March, 27. 2019, 5 p.m.

Hungarian Heritage House, Atrium

District, I., 8. Corvin Square -Budapest

Bringing Mexico closer than you can imagen … Time travel to Mexico through folk dancers!

For the First Time and only One Night performing in Hungary, organized by the Embassy of Mexico in Hungary, the Oaxacan Folklore Festival bringing performance of the folkloric dance group of the Blaise Pascal Institute of Oaxaca.

The presentation of the students of the Blaise Pascal Institute of Oaxaca is an event that is part of the intercultural dialogue between Hungary and Mexico with the purpose of showing Oaxaca’s popular traditions alongside with its colors, dresses and dances.

The Folkloric Group of Institute Blaise Pascale S.A. was founded in 1992 and has pursued two fundamental objectives since its initiation.

Firstly, to ensure that the new generations, the young people of to-day who live, immersed in a world of global communications, through dance enjoy a connection with their indigenous ancestry and mixed-heritage and take pride from it.

Secondly, their aim is to promote tourism (important economic source in Oaxaca) and present to both … own people and people abroad the most important folkloric festival of their State: Guelaguetza.

As the cultural ambassadors of the group has represented Oaxaca, Mexico, in as diverse and far away countries such as: Japan, Switzerland, Bulgaria, Costa Rica, Argentina, Uruguay, Brazil, The United States, and Canada. 

The program will also include an art exhibition of different traditional textiles from Mexico at the Borbély Jolán room.

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“Rings in Water” – (Vízgyűrűk) – Hungarian Folk Art Museum @ Budapest

March, 22. – May, 18. 2019.

10 a.m. – 6 p.m.

District, XI.,6. Fő Street – Budapest

The House of Traditions and the Úľuv Folk Art Center jointly welcomes local, tourists and foreigners staying in Hungary to the opening ceremony  to the “Rings in Water” exhibition.

The “Rings in Water” craft-oriented design competition was announced by the Pozsony Folk Center (ÚLUV) and the House of Traditions undertook professional coordination in Hungary. The subject of the competition is the production of craft works of art, design and art, the design and final material of which are inspired by local, regional and national traditions. This year, designers and craftsmen from the countries of the Visegrad Four have also been able to apply. The aim of the competition was to encourage the development of a craft-based design based on traditional crafts and folk art.

Exhibition will be open by: Mgr. Dana Kľučárová, Phd., CEO of Úľuv

Featuring: Mihály Dresch

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Herald News: Millennial closed culture – Treasure of the Incas @ Budapest

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The glittering gold treasures ended the legendary 1000 years of the Inca Empire!

Exhibition from March, 13. 2019.

Venue: Komplex Event Hall

District, VI. 26. Király Street – Budapest

More than 100 Inca gold items arrived to Budapest. The value of these items worth over 3 billion HUF … (11 million US$ ). The JVS director expressed gratitude to the Peruvian government for lending high-value items.

The legendary gold treasure of the Incas consists of gold jewelry, religious items, masks, and symbols of power from the collection of the Peruvian Gold Museum operated by the Mujica Gallo Foundation and enriched with special ceramics lend from the Thúry György Museum -Hungary, exhibiting Chancay culture 1100-1450 AD from Nagykanizsa and Colima culture 200BC-500BC from Science University – Szeged.

The exhibition is brought to Hungary by the Czech event organizer, the JVS Group. It is the biggest gold collection in the world. In the previous years the JVS Group held breathtaking exhibitions such as The Titanic, Body and World of the Mummies in Budapest.

Walking through the exhibition area is as walking back in BC and AC age, giving a great insight into the life of the enlisted cultures, which have flourished and present how gold became the source of so much suffering in the Peruvian highlands and during the conquest of Central and South America.

For centuries, the Incas from the Andean damp mountain ranges to the desert and the shore to the Ocean, within thousands of kilometers of power … the Sun and their Gods, as well the Warmth of Light, and Life Gold was their rulers.

The mystery of bloody rituals and the cult of gold as divine essence literally creates a mythical empire of the Incas civilization. Prior to the arrival of Europeans, artworks the flourishing cultures, the blood covered the glitter of precious metals was destroyed on the South American continent.

The Inca Gold exhibition represent an extinct civilization,  but also its predecessors, so that some artefacts age 2600 years is on show to the visitors of today, what a fascinating culture they have created and is left behind. Come and get to know this millennial closed culture!

Visit the Gold Exhibition in Budapest and find out just how rich Peruvian civilisation a thousand years ago.  Foreigners living/staying for the time  being in Budapest, locals and families are awaited with interactivity, virtual reality, VR corner and treasure hunt adventure programs.

Over 150 original exhibits … 100 gold artifacts from South America … Painted potteries from Hungary can be seen on 900-1500 m2 exhibition area.

“Originally, the Inca name was the ruler of the Quechua tribe, but today the people and culture of the whole empire he ruled are designated by this name.”

Ticket price: 3800HUF – 4400HUF

Opening hours: Daily 9 a.m. – 8 p.m.

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