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THE QUARRYMEN – John Lennon’s first band @ Eger – 2019

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The Quarrymen band arrived to Hungary to attend at the 4th year anniversary of the Beatles Museum on the Egri Road in the City of Eger – Hungary. In the Middle East European region at Eger stands the one-and-only Beatles museum.

John Lennon’s first band “The Quarrymen” with Colin Hanton, Len Garry, Rod Davis, Ches Newby gave their first concert in Hungary on the 12th of May at the Gárdonyi Géza Theater in Eger.

Previously to the concert, a press conference was held in the Hotel Korona Eger assembly hall, members went back in time and spoke about their own and common memories  rolling back to the first days before the birth of the Beatles.

At the beginning the memories were dripping, but in a wink time came upon surface to eachother and spoke about those joint memories when playing music together and how they spent their free-time in the old days. Gábor Peterdi showed the members the leaflet published for this occasion: “THE QUARRYMEN … on the Road to Egri Road”. The musicians with much surprise eagerly were looking at the leafing shown at the press conference. It was prepared by graphic comic Csaba Mester  for hosting the band on this occasion.  The text was by Gábor Peterdi within Hungarian and English version. The leaflet is numbered and available at the Beatles museum.  The leaflet is only a one time occasionally published.

After the Quarrymen storytellers, Gábor Peterdi – owner of the Beatles Museum escorted the Lads around the Museum where they admired and were deeply impressed by the huge collection and a bunch of rare relics. They also recognized …  enjoyed seeing some items they were also familiar from way back  and brought  memos of those happy days, also not to mention the quantity of all sort of items gathered by the museum. Thereafter, jointly unveiled the newest relics … a portrait of John Lennon with his original signature brought by the members of the Quarrymen to enrich museum collections.  Pardon for the poor recording … too many folks were around, but the gist is there : See:

During Lads two-day stay at Eger, visited deputy major – Botond Rázsó at the City Hall, thereafter came a tour to the minaret, the Basilica and on their way met with fans and signed countless autographs and posed for photos as well. Was a  day to remember for Beatles fans meeting the pre-Beatles members.

On Sunday, May, 12 the Liverpool Quartet visited the Szépasszony Valley, where they tasted the well-known Egri Bikavér and the other Eger wine specialties. The Hungarian lunch was very tasty for each of them, especially that the real Gulyás – “Gulash” had never been tasted by them.

Reaching the afternoon, at four o’clock, after a short soundcheck, the program continued with a one-hour concert. Almost every song filled the theater that John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison played in those early. Durinbg the afternoon, Part2 The BlackBirds, an internationally acclaimed Hungarian ensemble played Beatles tunes and continued ended up by the two bands singing together “Twenty Flight Rock” the song of Paul McCartney. With this song Len Garry proposed to enter John Lennon’s band .

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“Fare Cinema” – Italian Film Review 2019 @ Budapest

Fare Cinema  – “The Profession of the Photographers” Italian Film Review

 May, 20 – 28. 2019.

For the second time this year the “Fare Cinema”  the Italian Film Institute, organizes the Italian Film Festival with the Uránia National Film Theater.   The event was initiated by the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation launched last year with the aim that foreign institutions for diplomatic and cultural networks for promoting Italian cinema.

This year between May, 20 to 28, some of the famous representatives of the Italian film industry will visit the Hungarian capital again, the film director – Pippo Mezzapesa and director and film critic – Mario Sesti will join the “Fare Cinema.  For  overview see Uránia National Theater’s site:

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Herald News! Pre-Beatles “The Quarrymen” @ Eger/ Hungary.

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The Quarrymen, an early incarnation of The Beatles, playing for the first time in Hungary.

This coming week-end!

Sunday May, 12, 2019. 

4 p.m. @ Gardonyi Géza Theater – Eger/Hungary.

7 August 1957 is commonly believed to be the first date The Quarrymen played at the soon-to-be-legendary venue. At the time being was the breeding ground for them. Colin Hanta, Len Garry and Rod Davis in the late fifties formed the band with John Lennon’s idea of what a noble simplicity as Quarrymen band name after the Quarry Bank High School.

And the Quarrymen eventually evolved into the Beatles. In the begining they began to play skiffle, the ragtag mix of American blues and early rock ‘n’ roll that captivated English youth in the mid-50’s. In 1997 the reunited Quarrymen released a CD, “Get Back … Together” featuring “Blue Moon of Kentucky” … “Whole Lotta Shakin”‘ and other songs from the band’s skiffle origins … And the rest is HISTORY!

To hear and be a part of the legendary pre-Beatles the Quarrymen ain’t possible “all you have to do” be present at the Gardonyi Géza Theater at Eger where the original lads from the Beatles will give a concert and share stories from their first steps as they came together.

The Hungarian BlackBirds! will also play Beatles hits at the concert.

Time is running, in less than 4 days the concert is on! Choose your seat before the tickets will be sold out:

… Looking back to the previous update:

P.S. All European countries Beatles Fans are more than welcomed to this one time concert and visiting The Beatles Museum on the Egri Road at Eger!

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Herald News: Keep Floyding … Pink Floyd tribute ensemble @ Budapest

Keep Floyding the Hungarian group are following the footsteps of the great predecessor for over  20 years.

The Pink Floyd tribute ensemble on  Friday, May 10, 2019.Budapest – Hungary, but perhaps the entire Central European region, recently appeared at the Polus Cinema Rock Club before the screening of the Live at Pompeii concert film.

On Friday, May 10, 2019. they will play the full program of Live at Pompeii in the Aquincum Amphitheater in a truly authentic environment. Of course, not only in the sound, but in the spectacular world, as they try to follow the footsteps of the great predecessor. Along the concert a complete orchestra, saxophone and vocals will accompanied the group . Within their repertoire includes rarely heard music and naturally will not miss Pink Floyd’s greatest hits covering songs such as: the Dark Side of the Moon and The Wall . The group will perform in front of nearly one thousand Pink Floyd music fans upon the sun setting venue and later by the illuminated lights at the amphitheater which is a sophisticated place that existed from way back in the Roman age. The concert will take place at the open circular with a central space surrounded by tiers of seats.

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Herald News: Premiere Clip – EROX Martini „Cos’è l’amore” @ Budapest

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Strengthening the relationship between EROX Martini and Rosario Neri, Lorabea Film Production.

A press gathering was held at the O.K. Italia Restaurant at the Arena Shopping Mall – Budapest, were known musicians were also invited beside the media representatives. For almost thirty years, the singer-songwriter has considered Hungary as his home. He was deeply fond of music already as a child, worked as a singer-pianist in Italy and released 13 albums, including some gold and platinum. Although his calendar has been full of performances in recent years, therefore, or so EROX hasn’t released a new album for 10 years, but now come along a sweat up to blood with a real Latino dancing song, that was introduced on video ont he spot. It was shot in Slovenia close to the Italian border down by the Seaside. He added modestly, that many foreign music station editors now adore this new song.

The song’s lyrics is sending a message to the couples, to listen to each other, to appreciate the special bond that keeps them together. The Latin rhythm and the message hits like a stone and surely will target many hearts.

EROX Sicilian-born Hungarian singer-songwriter, a.k.a. the Hungarian Eros Ramazotti, last album was released in 2009, and for six years was in the drawer, but now out, title: „Cos’è l’amore” and refers what love really is about. Sending a message to the couples, to listen to each other, to appreciate the special bond that keeps them together.

An old acquaintance, Rosario Neri, owner of Lorabea Film Production, the well-known Italian film producer straight from Italy arrived to the premiere clip in Budapest – Hungary. EROX mentioned, the filmmaker called him after 30 years with a plan to make a film about him.

Many people are even able to write songs when they are not completely well i.e. when they are down-and-out, but for EROX only goes when feeling good and the surrounding is cool and fine.

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Eurovision Song Contest – 2019 …  Here I Come … Joci Pápai – “My Father”

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The fever is on all the competitors, not otherwise like Joci Pápai who is representing Hungary to join at the 64th Eurovision Song Contest – Tel-Aviv –  2019.

He sang the acoustic version of the song. at the press conference held at the Restaurant KIOSK before preparing to depart to Tel Aviv – Israel in representing Hungary at the Eurovision Song Contest – 2019.

He expressed his thanks in reaching this stand to the Country, Caramel, his co-song writer and his Father who is the greatest man he knows.

As he said, the song is about one of the deepest emotions. The message of the song is to “LOVE” in Capital Letters, because what we can lose in our present, will never come back. I hope that when I will sing this song, everyone may feel what I feel.

Joci Pápai was the winner on the live broadcast of “Dal” = “Song” contest on the Danube and Duna World TV channel with his song “My Father”. This will be the song sung by him at the 64th Eurovision Song Contest during May 14-18, 2019.

The representative of the Eurovision Song Contest in May will attend 42  countries, and Joci Pápai – the Hungarian competitor will perform on the 14th of May in the first semi-final, where and when the audience can take flow on a spiritual journey!


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TOTO “40 Trips Around The Sun” Tour @ Budapest – 2019

TOTO music never grows old, it just gets better!

In the history of recorded music TOTO made a large imprint in the pop culture than any other band in the world. With over 40 years together TOTO remains one of the top-selling touring and recording acts around the globe. TOTO’s own worldwide sales now surpass 40 million albums sold. They are pop culture, and are one of the few 70’s bands that have endured the changing trends and styles to a career enjoy a multi-generational worldwide fan base.

The classic TOTO hits “Rosanna” and “Africa” have attracted TOTOLOVERS for decades and  around the world fans still eager in going to their concert.  Not otherwise in Hungary!

TOTO will bring on stage an unforgettable, marvelous show …

Thursday – 8. 30 p.m.  – June, 27, 2019  – Budapest Sport Arena!

The show will have a theatrical layout in Arena, and fans already should keep in mind to purchase their tickets ASAP, if they do not wish to miss one of this year’s awesome rockyshow.

It’s without question, that TOTO are currently in the middle of a major resurgence rolling around the world. The band’s brand new Greatest Hits package titled 40 Trips Around The Sun hit-off this year from the 1st of January and will end on the last day of the year 2019. December, 31.

TOTO’s 40 Trips Around The Sun Tour rolls over in Europe,  and already made its way to the Top 40 in eight different countries this past March.

North America fans already this year have seen them performing to packed houses every night including sold out stops at the Ziggo Dome – Amsterdam, Royal Albert Hall – London and The Ryman Auditorium – Nashville. The tour is the band’s most extensive run in years and is now extending deep into 2019 around the globe.

The show will have a theatrical layout at the Budapest and fans who don’t want to miss the night should make sure they have their tickets ASAP … There is only less than 70 days to meet the sound, music and of course to see the TOTO gang on stage!

Tickets can be purchased at the ticket box on the spot of the Budapest Sport Arena.

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