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ITTF Table Tennis World Championships @ HUNGEXPO – Budapest – 2019.

Between April, 21-28. 2019.- Hungexpo Budapest Fair Center will host after 58 years again the largest table tennis event the 2019 WTTC, the ITTF Table Tennis World Championships. Budapest in the past has had hosted three world championships: in 1929, 1931, and recently in 1950.

The World Cup is organized by the Hungarian Table Tennis Association (MOATSZ).

The competition will be carried out in four halls: the finals will be held in the latest Hall G: at nearly 10000 square meters, which will be able to set-up seating up to 5000 people. The main sponsors supporting this event will also be accommodated in this hall with having their own booths. In Hall F: VIP entrance hall, court and play rest, press center and the conference room are formed. In the Hall A:  players may practice, and in while others can see the qualifiers from the 2000-seat spectators area.

At the Hall D: Food service area with contestant food service. At rest of the Hall will be a fan zone where fans can try their table tennis skills as well as shop various sports equipment, sports clothing and memorabilia related to the TWP competition.

Table tennis was  way back and still is one of the popular sports in Hungary. Among the world championships, table tennis is the 6th biggest event of the year. Hopefully, many of fans will be arriving from Europe, but needn’t to say from Asia a mass of fans will also be on the spot to cheer their loved sporty ones. It is also expected to increase the nights at the Budapest’s hotels during the period of the Tennis World Championship.

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SIRHA –  HUNGEXPO Budapest Fair Center – 2018.

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 HUNGEXPO Budapest Fair Center.

February, 7 – 9. 2018.

From Wednesday to Friday: 10 a.m. – 6 p.m.

District, X. 10 Albertirsai Road – Budapest

SIRHA Budapest’s ambition is to feature a comprehensive offering for the professionals of the food, baking and confectionery, hotel, hospitality and packaging industry and gastronomy.

Quoting: Zoltán Hamvas – president of SIRHA Budapest – president of the Hungarian Bocuse d’Or Academy – co-president of the Hungarian Hotel & Restaurant Association„For the experts of the region working in the food and catering industry, the SIRHA Budapest trade fair is an unmissable event where the professional audience meets the best and latest features of the sector. Covering gastronomy, the hotel sector, catering, food retail, the bakery and pastry industry and many other related services, SIRHA Budapest is an event which unites all branches of food industry services and gastronomy, providing an opportunity for the representatives of the various sectors to share their experiences with each other and make deals. Beyond the products on offer, the colourful range of events play a key role in this, from professional lectures and demonstrations to the competitions of chefs working in mass catering, confectioners and baristas. I must admit that I’m somewhat biased from all the events, the Bocuse d’Or competition is the dearest for me since the latest SIRHA Budapest hosted that wonderful event where the Hungarian team took first place as the best of Europe at the award ceremony, making it to the top of the podium. This year’s SIRHA Budapest will host the selection of the next Hungarian team. I wish them similar success, along with all the other visitors and exhibitors of the event!”

For visitors to keep in mind, the SIRHA Budapest – Pavillion A and G is strictly reserved for professionals. Proof of business may be requested at the entrance.

BOCUSE D’OR HUNGARIAN SELECTION – February, 8 – pavilon „A”

The Bocuse d’Or Hungarian Selection will take place on the second day of the exhibition. The gastronomic show provides opportunity to the professionals to meet the best chefs of the country. On the prestigious competition the best six chefs of the pre-selection will be competing each other. Competitors will be preparing a vegetarian and a meat dishes with a sauce and two garnishes each. The dishes will be presented in 10+4 portions. The mandatory vegetarian materials are risotto rice, quail and Gorgonzola. Also a vegetable and a spice is required for this dish, that will be drawn by the Hungarian Bocuse d’Or Academy. Obligatory materials of the meat dish are veal tenderloin, veal knuckle and the marrow. The winner of the competition will have the opportunity to represent Hungary at the European Selection in Piémonte-Turino, after the amazing success of Tamás SZÉLL at the last competition! Ingredients prepared in the competition are provided by the METRO Commercial Ltd. Competitors:Richárd ELEK, Ádám GARAI, Zsolt HARASZTI, Ádám POHNER, István VERES, István VOLENTER.

At the pavilion „A” unique opportunity to meet the elite in national and international gastronomy. The programs are packed with trade conferences, exhibitions and contests with worldwide famous chefs.

Sirha Budapest is  also one of the most important meeting point of the trade in the CEE region, where during three days, beside the exhibitors’ introduction, several institutions are organizing conference at the exhibition.

In the meantime: Tickets are available for SIRHA Budapest through online and on the spot as well. The purchased ticket is valid for a single entry/one person. On-line ticket purchasing (until February, 7.) 4750HUF (+250HUF service fee).   At the Hungexpo ticket booth the fee is for 5000HUF.

More detailed information of where, what’s happening and timing can be read:

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Travel Fair 2017 – HUNGEXPO – Budapest

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HUNGEXPO – Budapest Fair Center

March, 2 – 5. 2017

District, X., 10. Albertirsai Road – Budapest

Open daily: 10 a.m. – 6 p.m.

Today’s press announcement was held by Gábor Ganczer –  Director  of HUNGEXPO, Igor Szevasztyanov – Russian Federation Embassy – Counselor, Teodóra Bán – Budapest Festival and Tourism Center (BFTK) – Managing Director, Dr Tivadar Somogyi – Győr City Deputy Mayor, Dr  Ester Domanyik – Győr City Marketing and Head Program Organization Department and János Raffay – Exhibition Director Hungexpo Ltd.  at the Matrjoska Bistro – Budapesta venue for splendid Russian food and vodka. There we learn  HUNGEXPO Budapest Fair Festival this year is celebrating its 40 anniversary and about the forthcoming annual Travel Fair 2017. Each year around according to the calendar the coming of Spring at the HUNGEXPO Budapest Fair Center  thousands of visitors arrive to get into the mood in planning their next  destination. There will be something for everyone!

This event is considered one of the most popular Travel and Tourism exhibition in Eastern and Central Europe. This year the Domestic Guest of Honor will be the City of Győr – The Foreign Guest of Honor is Russia.

A wide range namely 23 international stands with 300 exhibitors and their tourist offices, travel agencies presents huge offers, by giving a peak at several country’s attractions, gastronomy, culture, then after chosing their destination will receive extensive information on hotels they wish to explore in the forthcoming seasons and many other topics.

Some real discount offers will be available on the spot only during the Fair where visitors may plan domestic and foreign countries to their dream holiday.

 The City of Győr representatives in tourism will be at hand with presenting programs of the city’s rich spectacular tourist attraction to offer. One of the highlights to take place in the city will be the European Youth Olympic Festival, see detail:

As for the foreign  Guest of Honor Russia,  will have a prominent role in the program. They will open the window to the wide variety of programs, sights and noteworthy tourist destinations and to get loose, spend relaxing time, cultural excursion, participating at entertainment show.

Each day during the festival visitors may choose to visit the booth among several local and foreign countries exhibitors.  The HUNGEXPO organisers thought of programs for small and younger children if they become tired hanging around with their parents. There will be care givers where to leave their children spending time with arts and crafts at the playground and still go around the booths.

Also during the Travel Expo the Bringaexpo will take place at the HUNGEXPO. This is the largest bicycle trade fair in Hungary, and at the time being this year the visitors beside viewing, testing bicycles on the spot they may purchase special bikes  on the spot during the Travel Fair.

As to the previous years, the first day is the professional day and further days are for the public visitors. For further information roll over to:

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Herald News – HUNGEXPO – Viticulture and Viniculture – 2017


District, X. 10. Albertisai Road – Budapest

January, 25 – 27. – 9 a.m. – 6 p.m.
January, 28.  – 9 a.m. – 5 p.m.

From the vineyard plantation to the production of wine!

The only hungarian trade exhibition of technology in viticulture and winery offers yet another opportunity for introducing market operators in the sector at the end of January in 2017. Bring along your new offers and launch the new year with a number of good deals!

The associated co-exhibitions of Viticulture and Viniculture in the HUNGEXPO Budapest Fair Center shall be the same this year as well: the most important domestically organised agrarian exhibition, AGROmashEXPO, AgrargepShow and Hungarian Garden, an event of gardening and park management.

The bunch of exhibition attracted 45.000 visitors in 2016, 11% of which was primarily interested in the Viticulture and Vineculture trade exhibition, while 18% of all visitors indicated that they are interested in vine growing and wine making.

The thematic covers the entire supply chain of wine making. Any product, technology and service associated with wines can be presented at the exhibition and from the past few years on wineries are also offered the opportunity to introduce themselves.

Distillation of Spirits – Enviroment Protection – Information Technology!

In 2017  would like to provide emphatically an opportunity to present equipment and devices used for distillation of spirits  i.e. Pálinka, complementing the topics related to wineries.
Thus reckon with the presence of all who deal with the manufacture and distribution or marketing of equipment and tools used for making Pálinka.
An additional new feature is the appearance of sector related environmental and hygienic equipment, machinery or tools, and the introduction of the more and more widely spread information technology solutions.

Daily ticket:3900HUF

Two-day ticket (for optional 2 days):5800HUF

Daily ticket – online paid, with registration:1900HUF

Two-day ticket (for optional 2 days) online paid, by registration:2250HUF

Discounted ticket (for pensioners and students):1900HUF

Discounted two-day ticket (for pensioners and students):3000HUF

Student group ticket/person (over 10 students):500HUF

The tickets are valid for all the simultaneous exhibitions AGROmashEXPO and Hungarian Garden

Entrance: Gate I., II. and III.

Source: Hungexpo Budapest Fair Center

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Tamás Széll won the European final at the Bocuse d’Or chef Olympics in the European final – Budapest – 2016

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This year was the first time the capital of Hungary hosted twenty top chefs to participate in the Bocuse d’Or contest on the continent of Europe.

The title of the competition came from Paul Bocuse, one of the world’s famous chefs. He was dedicated in using the high-quality of fresh ingredients. He was the father – founder of the International Bocuse d’Or cooking competition  in 1985. Since then, the Bocuse d’Or competition is considered as the world’s most prestigious culinary tournaments. It is organized every two years at the Sirha International Hotel, Catering and Food Trade Exhibition in Lyon – France.

For the past three days, the world of gastronomy most probably kept their eye on watching the superb chefs preparing their dishes at their very  best in Budapest.

The last day was having the most prestigious chef competition as part of the BOCUSE D’OR European Selection took place at the Hungexpo – Budapest Fair Center and Sirha Budapest trade show. “Sirha” – worldwide event for the food service and hotel sectors and in gastronomy particularly the Bocuse d’Or Europe and highlighted its presence in Budapest.

Representing Hungary –  chef Tamás Széll and his team … Kevin Szabo – Commis, Frigyes Vomberg – Coach  and  Szabina Szulló –  Team Captain coined the Hungarian team … won the world’s most prestigious cooking championship in the Bocuse d’Or European final – Budapest. The photo is taken by the “”. The main prize involves 12 thousand euros, and this will be divided between the team members. 

The runner-up was the Norway team, while the third was Swedish chefs.

The Bocuse d’Or world final will be held in Lyon next year with the best chefs from America, Europe and Asia.

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Co-events at Travel 2016 – Hungexpo Budapest Fair Center!

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Hungexpo Budapest Fair Center

 District, X., 10, Albertirsai Road – Budapest

Open daily throughout the Travel 2016 exhibition.

10 a.m. – 6 p.m.

The 2016  year beside many other facts  the eyes will be focusing on Rio de Janeiro whereas will be ho the Olympic Games, and at the Travel Fair Brazil is  the Guest the Culture. The visitors may spend a full day to watch hot rhythm dancers, shows, taste the real Brazil coffee and some special snacks  during the exhibition.

Africa Expo and Fair

At the Africa-focused exhibition visitors can learn about Africa’s cultural and gastronomic traditions and values.

Caravan Salon

Presenting a widest range of caravans and trailers available in Hungary.  Besides the caravans, all camping equipment , items and related accessories are awaiting the visitors The visitors may get to know, learn about all sorts camping accessories beside the caravans.


This is the largest bicycle trade fair in Hungary, and at the same time the visitors may view, test bicycles and purchase these special bikes at the Bringaexpo 2016. Indeed, the mood is hilarious.


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Travel Fair – Hungary and International Tourism Exhibition – 2015.

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Venue: HUNGEXPO Budapest Fair Center

Date: February, 26 – March, 1. 2015.

This year the domestic guest of honor city is Székesfehérvár.

 The foreign guest of honor country is Romania.

The annual fair is organised each Spring at the HUNGEXPO Budapest Fair Center. This is considered one of the most popular Travel and Tourism exhibition in Eastern and Central Europe. A wide range of international stands or their tourist offices and travel agencies presents huge offers, some during the exhibition presenting real discount offers.

More than 70 exhibitors at 30000 square meters arrive to take part in inviting visitors to their dream holiday and venue.  As usually, the first day is the professional day and rest are the public days. At the fair, the exhibitors make sure to present give extensive information on destinations, hotels and many other topics to the future tourists.

Another highlight to the Travel Fair 2015 is truly fun for kids and adults as visiting the LEGO® program. It will certainly show of superb attraction by a 180  square meters of a map of Hungary, which will be prepared by 1000 LEGO® bricks. Is not far to say, that such a big map was never made before from LEGO like this, until now to be seen at the Travel Fair. On the map eye catching of a total of 10 emblematic buildings and symbol of Hungary in 3D cannot be missed to visited to see. A lot of LEGO pieces will await for the  adventurous visitors having 15 tables around the map in helping to build the map with the pictures of the country.

Mentioning a couple of Hungarian exhibitors worthwhile to keep in mind to plan for the next visit for a traditional holiday and share family programmes in the coming seasons: The Coronation festival coming up in August at Székesfehérvár. Fresh Fruit Beers from Szent András Brewery. Found out it was prepared for about sixteen months, but it paid the time spent, as it turned into a great success by the beer lovers and on the market.Their strongest light beer was obsessed with experimentation and the challenge was to find out what is the highest rate of ABV to reach in a light lager style using domestic technology reaching 11.7%. This became the strongest one running called Pöröly (the sledgehammer).

The city of Szolnok presented with rich with spectacular tourist attraction and the latest is shortly to be open called  “Sörárium” (Foaming gastronomic cult) to the public with a unique beer interactive museum and cultural space, which not only enriches the city’s tourism offering high standard of attractions dormant for many years Szolnok’s beer gastronomy. The Sörárium itself will have a unique museum that processes associated with beer gastronomic cultural themes, using innovative technology elements. At the exhibition the spectacular brewery the visitors can take part in the brewing process. Also as an integral part of the Art Museum and pub with wax figures of the contemporary gastronomic choices  can be tasted the locally made handicrafts beers.

The Kumánia Hotel … can be found between Szolnok and Debrecen in Jász-Nagykun-Szolnok county, nearly 50 kilometres from Szolnok. Guests keen on cultural and outdoor programs can go for horse-riding, carriage rides, archery, ethnographic exhibitions and the Straw World.The thermal water at Kisújszállás date back to the early 1930s. The spa at its present was open in 1960 and since then is available all year round. It has become a real attraction. Beside the numerous wellness services, tennis, beach football is at the fingertips for the healing individuals. Been there for a couple of days and definitely worthwhile in having to shoot, relax some days.

Another reminder heard at the Travel Exhibition was for April  when the XVIth International „Kisüsti” Pálinka Festival and Fair will take place between April, 17-19.2015. at the City of Gyula. So again at Gyula, the Pálinka will stand as the capital of Hungarian.

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Be a travelling man, woman, enjoying the company of friends.

HUNGEXPO – Budapest Fair Center –  Entering Gates:  I. and III. –  Entry tickets on the spot.

District X., 10 Albertirsai Rd.

February, 27. – March, 2. 2014.

Opening hours throughout: Thursday – Sunday 10 a.m. – 6 p.m.  

Needn’t have to travel 80 days around the World… because at the year’s biggest tourism fair located at Hungexpo Fair Center is just about to open. Anyone visiting the fair can make it to have a peak at several country’s attractions, gastronomy or culture, then after chose which one … places they wish to explore in the forthcoming seasons.

One of the highlights for the visitors of this year beside the discount travel offers may have the luck to be rolling along as a Globe Hikers, by taking part within exciting games, whereas valuable prizes are to be won.

This year, nearly 30 exhibitors  and 500 exhibitors will be present offering their deals.

In 2014 the foreign country guest of honor will be Tunisia and the representatives will be holding plays, craft and theatrical programs, dance presentations and fashion shows to get to know more about their cultures. National honor guest from arriving from the City of Pécs.  Representing Hungary’s Culture, the guest of honor will be coming from the Matyóland (Matyóföld).

This year the fair features last year’s successful Tourism Communication Award competition, the public games, thematic islands and the online meeting calendar as well. Whilst rolling along the travel fair, can be visited the other held trade shows as: Caravan Salon, Vital Expo and Bike Expo.

Travel Tourism Communication Award competition. The TRAVEL Tourism Communication Award was granted within the aim to encourage effective communication about the domestic tourism operators and the dissemination of best marketing communication activities with the public and the profession. The goal remains the same as last year , whereas  the organizers have also created opportunities to course work. Proposals will be evaluated by a professional jury, consisting of representatives of the Hungarian National Tourist Office, Tourism Ltd, the Hungarian Marketing Association and the HUNGEXPO representatives. Participation to the daily conference is free of charge, but registration and a valid ticket to the Travel Fair is required. Mind you, these lectures are held in Hungarian language! Upon the end of the Travel Fair, on  February, 27., at the After Party the winners will be announced.

VIII. Caravan Salon … view the exhibition at the “D”  pavilion. This year’s attractions include the RV with a trunk of an electric Smart car which holds and present the (BIWA) residential  trailer.

Meanwhile, waiting for the Prize Draw on the  March, 1 and 2., don’t miss the daily belly dance show at the Majoros International (stand A 313/B) by 4 dancers performing regional folk music, named “liscio” and modern music. The modern musics are the ones in general by dance animators, usually holding at hotels entertainment night-shows for the tourists. Also the visitors will be able to create original wine labels using their own pictures by an E-infoterminal during the whole period of the exhibition.

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