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Hungarians are more-and-more tolerant of pungent flavors

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The press conference was held in Budapest by Gyula Meat Ltd. – Gyulahús Ltd., at the A38 ship on the banks of the River Danube. Presentations were held by Éva Gila – marketing manager of Gyula Meat Ltd. and hostress of the event, Zsolt Daka – managing director of Gyula Meat Ltd., Mayor Ernő Görgényi – City of Gyula, Helena Kovács – Senior Trendinternational Market Researcher, Zoltán Hajduk – Head of the dry goods plant of Gyula Meat Ltd. Brigitta Lengyel – Head of the production plant of Gyula Meat Ltd.

Éva Gila – marketing manager of Gyula Meat Ltd. highlighted according to a survey conducted by Gyula Meat Ltd., which involved 500 people at the end of May and found that nearly 2/3 of people paying attention in the food to be delicious, and 45% gave up the product after the first dislike and then continue to look for the one that suits their taste. Hungarians do not give up on delicious flavors even if they buy some special, “free” food.

The survey also found that the need in „free” food is in most cases not due to digestive problems or sensitivities, cause as twice as many people buy this type of product. Sixty-five percent of those in the latter category eat specifically for medical reasons, and 30% believe it is healthier to consume „free” products. The research also revealed that spicy foods are becoming more-and-more popular among Hungarians, 73% of respondents regularly consume such products. There is no difference according to age groups, as young and elder alike prefer spicy, but the gender gap is already striking: 80% of men say they consume spicy food, compared to 65%of women.

Among the spicy foods, the most popular is the sausage, which 8 out of 10 shoppers regularly take off the store shelves. Surprisingly, the spicy spices and flavors are far behind the previous one, but almost 2/3 of the respondents often put such products in their carts. Peppers (fresh veggies) are in third place with 62%. In addition to these, spicy pickles, sauces, dressings and sauces are also in high demand, which are bought and consumed relatively frequently by about half of the participants in the research.

It was also emphasized that even though a significant part of the buyers of specialty products are not only free of gluten and lactose, they also expect delicious flavors. The average awareness of the consumer brands won the Hungarian Brands award in 2021 was higher than 75%, and their popularity was over 85%, which shows the commitment of Hungarian consumers to Hungarian brands. Éva Gila also told, they achieved better-than-expected, significant expansion in export markets last year.Turnover increased by 6% in volume in 2021. Although the research did not cover the pandemic situation, it certainly played a role in the growing trend. It is generally believed that hot peppers have an antiseptic effect and so forth hovering in the eyes of many, and during the coronavirus epidemic, following folk wisdom, they tried to supplement their defenses with such food.

Zsolt Daka – managing director of Gyula Meat Ltd., told that one of their new liver products was created by “kneading” two leading products – Gyulai Sausage and Gyulai Liver. The end result is a characteristic taste packed in liver. The product was named Gyula Sausage Spicy Liver. This delicacy is not only recommended for gourmets. The product is a gluten and lactose free preparation. Also added, due to the production technology, the livers of Gyula Meat Ltd., have always been gluten- and lactose-free. From the first moment the product arrived in the stores they won the favor of consumers, which is the “exemption” for more and more people.

Almost half of consumers tend to buy “free” food on a more or less regular basis, however, only a small circle (10%) think that this type of diet is largely driven by fashion. A much wider stratum 64% in total believes that there is some kind of indigestion, even if not justified by a doctor, or a consumer’s intention to prevent it behind the choice of these foods.

In foreword, Mayor Ernő Görgényi remarked on what rings the bell for an average person when speaking of the City of Gyula. Of course, the Castle Bath of Gyula, the Castle of Gyula and the Sausage of – Made in Gyula, but of course not always in that order. Mayor emphasized that the City of Gyula had made a good decision when it undertook to reorganize the local meat industry almost ten years ago with the help of state support to the Gyula Meat Ltd., and now grown to a fully successful municipal company. The profits are spent on financial appreciation and improvements for their employees.

In overall was told, the Gyula’s sausage has become a concept, either a parched, spicy, paired sausage and other meat products of Gyula. Hungarian housewives like to make sandwiches, scrambled eggs with sausage, but the gourmets used to bake sausages in the casserole potatoes, bean soup, thick lentil soup and stuffed pork loin or stuffed turkey breast. The Gyula sausage preserves three centuries in today’s flavors.Added that the survey data highlights that the popularity of these products has increased in the recent period. Nearly 20% said they have become accustomed to these delicacies lately. This is also confirmed by the feedback received by Gyula Meat Ltd., and the experience of tasting at trade fairs. According to the company’s experts, there has been a significant increase in interest in hot products at these events in recent times, and they are running out of much more than before.In the spicy offer, the Gyula brand was considered by the respondents to be the most prominent producer of meat products (31%). The popularity of hot products has increased in recent times. One-fifth of Hungarian consumers have indicated that they have become accustomed to these foods in the last few years, according to a recent, representative study by Gyula Meat Ltd. Based on consumer feedback to the company, the coronavirus also played a role in the trend. The survey also pointed out that a significant proportion of buyers of specialty products are not limited to gluten- and lactose-free conditions alone. They expect delicious flavors – if they are disappointed in this, they will quickly move on.

During the event the Great Plain Quartet played fiery melodies along side in sausage tasting and were also invited to a majestic lunch presenting yummy Gyula Meat specialties after the press conference.

…. In brief a little background History of the Gyula Sausage … The base was established by a small family business at the end of the of 18th – early 19th century. In advance earned its name already in the 16th century upon the winter fair in Gyula as one of the largest fairs in Europe. These fairs made the life of the city of Gyula very bubbly, boosting the manufacturing industry.

At the end of the 19th century, Gyula Sausage was in full swing, and many butchers offered their own port. The need arose to build a public slaughterhouse in the city – in 1868.

One of them stood out József Balog, who made Gyula famous all over Europe, won a Gold Medal with his sausage at the 1910 World’s Fair in Brussels. András Stéberl worked as an assistant at Balog Jr., who, after learning the tricks of sausage production and connecting him with his experience abroad, started the production of Gyula Sausage and many other meat products. Under the leadership of András Stéberl, the meat factory in Gyula won the Golden Diploma in 1935 at the Brussels World’s Fair for the master’s “small pair of Gyula sausages”. In a number of work phases, he mechanized tasks that had been performed almost exclusively by hand until then. After a few years, he exported the meat products from Gyula to several continents. His financial situation allowed him to develop, he set up a new, state-of-the-art plant with an incense burner, a cold store and warehouses. The pigs raised on its own fattening farm have been processed by its staff since 1938 in a new, larger factory. The product range has expanded significantly, covering almost all segments of meat processing. In addition to thin and thick sausages, winter salami, paired sausages, bacon and ham products, meat and ham preparations and to-day the rest is history.

History Source: Association for the Preservation of Traditions

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First Beer Festival Gyula – European Central Best Beer Awards

June, 7 – 10. 2018

Gyula is a lovely small City and if you are looking for a place where you can have a truly unique atmosphere, the Beer Festival your place.

In Hungary do not just like craft beers only in Budapest, but at the City of Gyula has breweries at this part of the country and they are quite popular as well. Therefore the organizers decided to popularise the Craft Beers and breweries at their venue as well within a Festival.

The goal is to organize this coming festival with high-quality programs, home and cross-breed brewery crafts, and to invite more local and foreigner visitors to Gyula.

During this four days handicraftsmen and street food will be the focus of attention. Few know, but at Gyula will be organized for the first time beer festival and would like to open up this tradition, which has for over brewing beer for three centuries.

The European Central Best Beer Awards2018 Beer Competition will be announced as an accompanying event at the festival, which will be announced for commercial and small breweries and home breweries. The aim of the competition is to promote small craft, crafts and home brewery. In the competition, small brewery brewers (commercially available products) and home breweries start in a separate category.

A national professional conference will also be held as an accompanying event of the festival, which will provide both professional and general public with handy, useful knowledge.

Of course, there are no indispensable music programs at the festivals, and there are several live music concerts every day. Further info who is on live stage visit:

Lease ticket: 4290HUF

Daily ticket: 1500HUF

The festival is free of charge on Sunday!

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Gyula Pálinka Festival Upon Us – 2017.

Excellent City offers  its Excellent Pálinka!

April, 27 – 30 . 2017.

Don’t believe it, then roll over Gyula!

Although there are many tourist destinations in Hungary which are widely welcoming visitors from near and far, it is an excellent opportunity to ahead, to spend,  to stay … Visit Gyula … even for a short time and enjoy beside the historical sights to attend at the Gyula Palinka Festival, when and where Gyula becomes the capital of the pálinka. The  finest pálinka makers gather in one place, to show what it is like the bottled ripe fruit pálinka.

The Hungarian fruit pálinka is part of the culture and is one of the main shoots in the Hungarian gastronomy –  is not a coincidence to rose to the rank hungarikum.  Visit Gyula between April, 27 – 30  and find out by yourself with friends in company the mouthwatering friuty flavors at its decorative garden at the Castle of Gyula which houses the country’s finest pálinka. In addition, of course, there will be no shortage of delicous dishes as well served by creators from among the best in the country. To have a drink of good pálinka goes absolutely with the gastronomic delights on the spot. The atmosphere on the 3 days event well-known performers and popular groups, bands will be providing cool concerts, ensuring superb entertainment. At least one good reason  beside a bunch of others to spend fine time at Gyula.

Good Pálinka – Good Food – Good Music … what else is needed  to rest awhile and enjoy by the locals, other visitors arriving from other parts of Hungary  and foreigner visitors to spend time out on a long week-end at the City of Gyula.

Day-By-Day programs:

Friday, Ápril, 28. „Gates” open at 2 p.m. – ticket validation

3 p.m. – Aranykalász Folk Dance Group show by Pécska – Minority Traditional Association.

3 p.m. – Tour from the Castle’s garden by Pálinka Knights of orders to the 100 year old confectionery.

5 p.m. – Kartago band live concert

7.30 p.m. – Official opening – Transfer of Capital Key

8 p.m. – Magna Cum Laude live concert.

11 p.m. – Feró Nagy and Beatrice concert.

Saturday, April, 29. 0.30 a.m. – Retro Disco DJ autumn

10 a.m. Gates open – ticket validation

11 a.m. – Róna Zither Orchestra, Dorobanţi

Noontime – Körös and „Erkel Ferenc” local elementary school art of dance

1 p.m. – Grofó Kis concert

1.30 p.m. – Commercial Contest – Brillante 2017 – Pálinka distillery award ceremony, Ceremonial Hall – City Hall.

2 p.m. – Körös and „Erkel Ferenc” local elementary school art of dance

3 p.m. – Jolly and Suzy concert

4.30 p.m. – International and privat mandeta distilleries contest – Brillante Pálinka – 2017 award ceremony, Ceremonial Hall – City Hall.

7 p.m. Concert – Róbert Szikora with R-GO band

9.30 p.m. Concert – Bori Péterfy & Love Band

11 p.m. – Retro Disco – DJ Józsi Kovács

Sunday, April, 30. 10 a.m. Gates open – ticket validation.

10.30 a.m. – Pálinka Cup – Regional Archery Competition

10.30 a.m. – Quiz time … sights in Gyula led by Ilona Mészáros and Éva Mikus.

11 a.m. – Kolompos joint show

1 p.m. – Children’s show with Nightingale band

2 p.m. – Laci Gáspár concert

3 p.m. – Róna Zither Orchestra, Dorobanţi

5 p.m. – Clement concert

8 p.m. – Magdi Rúzsa Concert

9.30 p.m. – Antovszki Band

Choose from the enormous variety of Pálinka

Patrons of the event:

Dr. Ernő Görgényi – Mayor of Gyula

Dr. László Kulcsár – President National Agricultural Chamber Békés County

Dr. József Kovács – Member of Parliament


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Travel Fair – Hungary and International Tourism Exhibition – 2015.

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Venue: HUNGEXPO Budapest Fair Center

Date: February, 26 – March, 1. 2015.

This year the domestic guest of honor city is Székesfehérvár.

 The foreign guest of honor country is Romania.

The annual fair is organised each Spring at the HUNGEXPO Budapest Fair Center. This is considered one of the most popular Travel and Tourism exhibition in Eastern and Central Europe. A wide range of international stands or their tourist offices and travel agencies presents huge offers, some during the exhibition presenting real discount offers.

More than 70 exhibitors at 30000 square meters arrive to take part in inviting visitors to their dream holiday and venue.  As usually, the first day is the professional day and rest are the public days. At the fair, the exhibitors make sure to present give extensive information on destinations, hotels and many other topics to the future tourists.

Another highlight to the Travel Fair 2015 is truly fun for kids and adults as visiting the LEGO® program. It will certainly show of superb attraction by a 180  square meters of a map of Hungary, which will be prepared by 1000 LEGO® bricks. Is not far to say, that such a big map was never made before from LEGO like this, until now to be seen at the Travel Fair. On the map eye catching of a total of 10 emblematic buildings and symbol of Hungary in 3D cannot be missed to visited to see. A lot of LEGO pieces will await for the  adventurous visitors having 15 tables around the map in helping to build the map with the pictures of the country.

Mentioning a couple of Hungarian exhibitors worthwhile to keep in mind to plan for the next visit for a traditional holiday and share family programmes in the coming seasons: The Coronation festival coming up in August at Székesfehérvár. Fresh Fruit Beers from Szent András Brewery. Found out it was prepared for about sixteen months, but it paid the time spent, as it turned into a great success by the beer lovers and on the market.Their strongest light beer was obsessed with experimentation and the challenge was to find out what is the highest rate of ABV to reach in a light lager style using domestic technology reaching 11.7%. This became the strongest one running called Pöröly (the sledgehammer).

The city of Szolnok presented with rich with spectacular tourist attraction and the latest is shortly to be open called  “Sörárium” (Foaming gastronomic cult) to the public with a unique beer interactive museum and cultural space, which not only enriches the city’s tourism offering high standard of attractions dormant for many years Szolnok’s beer gastronomy. The Sörárium itself will have a unique museum that processes associated with beer gastronomic cultural themes, using innovative technology elements. At the exhibition the spectacular brewery the visitors can take part in the brewing process. Also as an integral part of the Art Museum and pub with wax figures of the contemporary gastronomic choices  can be tasted the locally made handicrafts beers.

The Kumánia Hotel … can be found between Szolnok and Debrecen in Jász-Nagykun-Szolnok county, nearly 50 kilometres from Szolnok. Guests keen on cultural and outdoor programs can go for horse-riding, carriage rides, archery, ethnographic exhibitions and the Straw World.The thermal water at Kisújszállás date back to the early 1930s. The spa at its present was open in 1960 and since then is available all year round. It has become a real attraction. Beside the numerous wellness services, tennis, beach football is at the fingertips for the healing individuals. Been there for a couple of days and definitely worthwhile in having to shoot, relax some days.

Another reminder heard at the Travel Exhibition was for April  when the XVIth International „Kisüsti” Pálinka Festival and Fair will take place between April, 17-19.2015. at the City of Gyula. So again at Gyula, the Pálinka will stand as the capital of Hungarian.

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Participated by invitation for a two-day study tour during June, 22 and 23. to the City of Gyula, organized by the Gyulai Castle Theater and the Gyulai Tourism  Non-profit Ltd.,  together with other media representatives. Was  kinda  road show,  getting acquainted of  the life and culture the city which offers for the locals and the Hungarians from other parts of the country and a terrific  showcase for the foreigners boarding, living in Hungary that beside Budapest, the Capital and the Lake Balaton there are places which are  indeed worthwhile to visit. Throughout our study tour “our guardian angel” was Ms. Aliz  Komoróczki, Manager  at the Gyulai Tourism Non-profit Ltd , who made a splendid and enjoyable stay for all of us.

The drive from Budapest to Gyula took 3 hours. Upon arrival our first stop … why not … we were taken to the  famous pálinka manufacture at Gyula.  It was so refreshing after the ride. Whether arriving individually or with a bunch of people, as a group this cozy spot  surely holds an experience to see, to hear and to learn about the number 1 spirit not just  in Hungary, but for those foreigners who once tasted it will never forget their stay in Hungary. Visited the world of spirits and it took us only 5 minutes drive from the City Center.  Upon arrival a presentation took place at  factory’s distillery named after “Baron, George John Harruckern”  who established the first pálinka distillery in Gyula in 1731.  The Baron Harruckern – Gyulai Pálinka Manufactory Ltd. still continues the tradition over nearly 300 years.  Interesting part of the presentation was  to visit  the  brewery itself and a demo of the long way it takes to have a snip of the pálinka from the fruit till the fine taste of the Gyulai Pálinka already bottled. They also accept fruit cooking by wage deals. To be or not to be hungry the tasty morsels await the gourmets. After the presentation been invited for a (“light lunch!”) cooked at the house.  During the lunch we were in the company of  having 5 shots of heavenly scent of the 100% fruit pálinka which surely made its way to  the knuckle and bean stew. We were told: Quote: ” Tasting the pálinka at the ideal temperature should  20C , you will feel the velvety soul of the fruit in every drop.”  Well we went by the rules and have to admit for our first stop we were fully trained.   They also have a small store on the spot where anybody can fill their baggies with the taste of  pálinka they have fallen in love. The Gyulai Castle Theater  Director Mr. József Gedeon,  joined the “studies”  spoken about the sights-and-sound to come during the 50th anniversary of the Gyulai Castle Theater. As we were told, tIt is going to be an ongoing,  longest in days,  summer festival  of the year. The festival holds celebration shows with invited theater performances  from around the country, smooth concerts, exhibitions, blues and jazz concert with international musicians .  Mr. Gedeon outlined the wide range  of comprehensive programs such as, Quote: ” The unique and rare Shakespeare laboratory which will be bringing the mixture of performances to remember for a lifetime. Even though Shakespeare  was not born as a Hungarian, here at Gyula he has a special place in our age. The Shakespeare festival has been expanded, developing  every year within an inclusive  celebration  of  programs of performances, screenings, workshops, readings and media events all connected to William Shakespeare, the Magnificat English poet and playwriter. The City of Gyula by itself is unique in Hungary by not just celebrating Shakespeare works within programs and performances, but also holding other prominent events during the festival. On the occasion of the 50th season of all-arts festival, the City of Gyula welcomes locals and foreigner visitors to  spend  as much time as they can in enjoying the Gyulai Castle Theater’s productions. The whole venue holds a unique atmosphere whereas the visitors will get into the mood in the minute they enter the City.”

Our second stop was to the “Százéves” (Hundred Years Old) confectionery.  Guess what , did not have time to get hungry and we were welcomed with the finest, traditional hand-made chocolates, cakes and home-made ice creams. Our eyes ate more than we were able to eat. We were told the history of this sweet shop, so in a nutshell here it goes:  The  “Százéves”  (Hundred Years Old)  confectionery shop was set up in 1840 by the  owner Mr. Andrew Salis. At the corridor of the old pastry shop there is a small exhibition of tools and equipments in use from the past.  The cake recepies are preserved from the original description from the 19th century. Even though time slips by the confectionery  and the shop got older, the name remained as  “Százéves”  (The Hundred Years Old). We were told, the story of the name …  it had no name, but as years rolled by, folks simply kept saying they are going to the “Százéves” (The Hundred Years Old!). All sweet tooth knew where the road led them. To-day the place that takes you back in time to an intimate  scene with  restored original Biedermeier furniture and other facilities, open fireplace, museum, indoor and outdoor  service, of course depending of the season of the year. Later,  the owner of the confectionery was Mr. Reinhardt. Being in Gyula, worthwhile to note the address: 1, Erkel Square, Gyula.

Continuing the day’s program, out next stop was  to occupy our 2 days place of accommodation, as the guest of the local Tourinform at the 4star Hungest Hotel ERKEL – Dürer Building.  As entering  into the hotel I’d rather say it was a neat 5star hotel. A place for a pleasant holiday and recreation …  where everything is at your fingertips,  a place  after a hard week to relax hard … where you can enjoy the wide range of mouth-watering Hungarian dishes with also sweets-for-sweets.   The Hotel Erkel  had sugar and spice and all things nice … where the indoor natural hot spa is just a couple of steps from your room’s doorstep. Every window has the spectacular view to the Castle, also a fine view on the pond and around the ancient tress, hear the robin sing in the morning and can continue a list of the goodies that this hotel is up to, to make their guest their Day! The hotel was renewed two years ago, shares 177 double standard rooms, 5 suites view to the Fortress and 4 rooms for disable guests. The rooms are equiped with all the pleasures that stands for a 4star hotel. Worthwhile to note the address: 1, Várkert Street,  Gyula.  This hotel  has 3stars and 4stars accommodation for every generation: kids, teens, adults, students, pensioners.

There was  a break before supper and the evening’s official opening of the 50th anniversary at open-air theater to the Gala performance at the Castle. The press and media representatives were let to explore, go for a splash into the 4star ludo and thermal bath to pamper and relax at the Gyula Castle Spa.  So  some of the member of the group went to warm up their soul and body.  During the suppertime the representative from the Gyulai Spa joined us and talked about the gift from heaven, the hot mineral water at the Gyulai Castle Spa which has per year one million visitors, enjoying  the spa’s medical healing. Talking about  healing,  was told that the medical water wells up from the depth of 2005 meters.and the blowing temperature is up to 72C . It  contains alkali hydrogen-carbonated-chlorinated.  Was told it serves as a balm in case of locomotor disorder, rheumatic, local nervous, diathesis, gastric complaints of acidic origin  and for many other health problems to decrease the pain. The color of the water has a brownish tone owing to its high organic contents.  As we were told  quote: “May sound funny, yet true, if anybody would grab a shovel, start digging or even be in the mood to use a drill  and hit the soil would not be an oilman, but would experience the hot water eruption as the tsunamis.  Gyula lay on the soil of hot mineral water.

Gyula definitely has the most beautiful health resort in Hungary. The waterland lay on 8.5 hectere park which was 200 years ago the Almásy mension.  Everybody will find their favorite pool, cause there are 19 of them, such as  the waterfall, bubble pools with medical water and so forth. Wish to feel on the beach, no problem cause the wave machine will bring high and low waves. The new water-slide world  is a real paradise for the waterlovers.

The venue  and the atmosphere at the  evening’s opening  ceremony and the 50th  Gala performances  were  amazingly full of entertainment. Around the courtyard area at the Gyula Castle Theater  there is a stage upon the huge pond, where the plays  took place and also the stage during the lovely summer nights, with breeze sweeping through.  Not only high above will appear the twinkling stars, but the well know stars will be down here on the stage.  The croaking frogs from time-to-time kept you from not forgetting your on an outdoor theater stay, but that’s free of charge!  The Gyula Castle is the only gothic brick fortress whstormy ich has survived in whole Central-Europe. The evening’s last act was,  a play brought to Gyula by guest theater from Szigliget. „Silent Levente”, play writer: Jenő Heltai. Romantic story of King Matthias’s time. Peter Agárd Hungarian hero falls in love with a beautiful Italian widow Zilia Duca. The only virtuous lady and her friends persuaded the valiant horse is Sana Bepponak accept the stranger through the stratagem. Peter’s confession of love Agárd noble lady rejects. A reference to an old gallant at Piedmont Tradition calls for a kiss from her. Zilia one kiss from her demands him of three years of silence. The hilarious comedy is well known in Hungary  and also have had been on stage at number of countries around the world with great success.

Unforfortunetely, the stromy rian washed away the end of the play. Nature did not allow the play to come to an end, so sorry for the poor actors, who coulnd’t finish their performance.

During the opening Gedeon József, Director welcomed the gathering locals and the visitors from other regions and spoke about the Gyula Festival, Quote: Between 1st July and 15th August the guests are entertained with the best performances of historical dramas, different forms of contemporary prosaic theatre, opera, operetta, ballet, mediaeval courtyard-music,  jazz,  puppet-show, classic,
folk-music and folk-dance in the summer theatre. Not only the court of the fortress is turned into a theaterground, but
programs of great variety are available on the nearby lake-stage and on stages set up at different places in the town.

Even though “schools-out” Shakespearean performances  and workshops arranged by performing companies will be hand-picked to make the link between enjoyable and educational school’s activity on a non-school class day.

The City of Gyula by itself is unique in Hungary by not just celebrating Shakespeare works within programs and performances, but also holding concerts and other prominent events during the festival. The whole venue holds a unique atmosphere.

Between 1st July and 15th August the guests are entertained with the best performances of historical dramas, different
forms of contemporary theater, opera, operetta, ballet, mediaeval courtyard-music,  jazz,  puppet-show, classic,
folk-music and folk-dance during the festival.  Not only the court of the fortress is turned into a theaterground, but
programs alsorts of programs will be available at the nearby lake-stage and on stages set up at different places in the City.

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In the meantime, have attached some videos to see some scenes from the 50th Gyula Castle Theater opening celebration:

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