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Herald News – The Wizarding World – Harry Potter films Coming Soon @ Budapest’s Cinemas.


There is not much to wait for the release of the long-awaited video game Hogwarts Legacy, but in addition to its release, the beginning of 2023 will also be the return of the entire Harry Potter film series for a limited time in the theaters of Pannónia Movie Ltd.

This time, Pannónia Entertainment is holding a two-month Harry Potter marathon from mid-January at Cinema MOM, Pólus Center Cinema and GoBuda Cinema (former Eurocenter).

The digitally restored 4K versions of the films that were completed not so long ago will be shown, this time in Cinema MOM again with subtitles, while in the other two units of the network, synchronously

And in February, it will have been almost 20 years since its filming, so by now a generation has really grown up since the early works were published, but it is almost time to watch a 12-hour program without parental supervision.

Age limit, above 12 years old.

Below dates and screening times can be viewed at each cinema’s site:

GOBUDA Cinema  – Harry Potter series – Digitally restored 4K
Pulos Center  – Harry Potter series  – Digitally restored 4K
Cinema MOM – Harry Potter series  – Digitally restored 4K

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Laurent Baffie: Case-Case … Or How The Cube Bounce?

TOK-TOK orlai production

Comedy play is on at the Belvárosi Theater from Saturday, November, 5. 2022.

A ground-breaking comedy that was a big hit both on stage and film!

Summary … Let’s take a group of unknown people, put them in a room – in our case, the hall of a world-famous psychiatrist – and close the door on them. Sooner or later it will be revealed that each of them has their own fun hep…

Our heroes stubbornly cling to their life belts, with which they can stay afloat in everyday life, and while they wait, one life belt appears after another. Real acrobatics, with which they bravely avoid each other’s life belts and try to become a real team. The stakes are not small: will they find the rules of the game, with which they can win together and separately?

Laurent Baffie’s license was mediated by SACD (France) and Hofra Ltd.

The performance is recommended for audience with Hungarian language knowledge and individuals over the age of 14.

Actors: VINCENT – taxi driver: Schruff Milán, FRED – parrot breeder: Ferenc Pataki, BLANCHE – laboratory assistant: Mónika Ullmann, LILI – fitness trainer: László Lili, MARIE – holy pot: Zsuzsa Járó, BOB – technical draftsman: Barnabás Rohonyi, ASSISTANT: Judit Cseh.

Director: Béla Paczolay … Author: Laurent Baffie … Translator: Gergely Zöldi … Set designer: Khell Csörsz … Costume designer: Györgyi Fekete … Composer: Péter Furák … The director’s collaborator: Dorka Dicő …Producer: Tibor Orlai.

Ticket can be purchased at the Theater’s ticket office.

Source: Belvárosi Theater – Budapest

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The 31st Buda Castle Wine Festival 2022.

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To-day’s press conference was held at the Bár Bistro whereas attended by: Zoltán Zilai, Managing Director of Hungarian Vine and Wine Culture Nonprofit Ltd., Márk Maczelka – Communications Manager of SPAR Hungary Commercial Ltd., Dr. Andrejszki Richárd – owner-manager of Chefmarket, Rita Oláh – Budapest Wine Festival press chief, Dr Gábor Antal – Budapest Wine Festival main organizer – wine expert. They provided information on the programs to the forthcoming 31st Budavári Wine Festival2022. The topics was the wines and winemakers appearing at the festival, and the culinary specialties to be tasted during the event.

This year’s as the foreign guest arriving from the other side of the Ocean is welcoming visitors with their wines from the United States of America. At two stands the winemakers from the Region of California, Washington D.C.and Oregon will introduce the wines by themselves to the Hungarian public. Along with the fantastic wines also the taste classic American dishes on the spot.

This year, the Budapest Wine Festival will be held September 8 and 11. since the harvest is/was also earlier this year.

SPAR – Hungary has been the main supporter of the Budapest Wine Festival since 2007, embracing the most important products of Hungarian agriculture, Hungarian wines and wineries. According to the company, wine is a unique – gastronomic and cultural – asset that must be nurtured. Was told in Hungary there are 600 SPAR Stores and at the largest stores the customers will really have to be patient if they wish to examine the 550 kinds of wines available.The Regional Treasure wines will be available, provided with a small golden label. There will also be professional programs at the Wine Festival where smaller winemakers will present their new products. At the SPAR stand there will be this year again the popular coupon sale, drink 3 get the 4th free. May taste the “Kősziklás” – Stone Rock barrel wine which rich in body as the nature of the made in New-Zealand wine… no wonder of that rich taste, the winemaker studied the production method over there.

At this year’s Wine Festival for many will be a Premier program … visitors get a chance to discover wines that will be making their debut on the market during the week of the event.

In a short time need not have to be curious about Hungarian wines cause within the 4-day will be an awesome event where the visitors can sample wines from all over the country’s superb winemakers.

Not only will the best wines from the VinAgora International Wine Competition be showcased at the festival, but also the medalists of other prestigious from foreign events.

Wine without food is as having a half glass instead of a full glass, so the elegance of the wine festival does not leave behind the presence of special gourmet snacks in addition in offering traditional festival dishes. This year, the „Chef Market Gourmet Udvar” will make its debut, where the chefs of the emblematic restaurants of the Hungarian hospitality personal presence, treat the audience of the Wine Festival with freshly prepared food specialties that also serve the wine tasting well.

Traditionally one of Europe’s most prestigious gastronomic events (maybe not a new information of the venue and wines who have once visited will surely be up the Buda hill again, right?). On the terraces of the Buda Castle with sumptuous panorama of Budapest, you can once again meet the best domestic and foreigner winemakers, as well as “only now on the spot!” with their exceptional items.

Two main stage with 30 preforming artists. “Music is in the air”… can’t miss the beat along when the stage and the venue fills with pop, jazz, blues, gospel, cumbia, funky, sanzon, latin rythm concerts. Senna – singer shows her meditative, spiritual face at the main concert on Sunday closing this year’s Wine Festival. Cultural programs accompany in rich festival mood with folk dance and cultural heritage groups in their unique folk costumes arriving from the various wine regions in Hungary.

Wine as part of the universal culture in a unique environment on a global scale, providing an unforgettable festival experience for all visitors, both Hungarian and foreigners.

Budapest Wine Festival is a great opportunity to taste award-winning Hungarian wines, local gastronomy, or just relax and admire the fantastic view form the terraces of Buda Castle.

Daily Ticket Prices and Showtime Entertainment in English:

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Modern Day Elvis … George Michael Freedom Uncut Documentary

uncut gearge Michael dumentary

Sony Music, Trafalgar Releasing and Pannonia Entertainment Ltd., will present George Michael‘s last work, Freedom Uncut, will be a one-time exceptional evening on Wednesday, June 22, 2022, to watch his 110-minute musical documentary. In English language with Hungarian subtitles.

A deeply autobiographical feature documentary narrated by the late Grammy® Award winner.
GEORGE MICHAEL FREEDOM UNCUT will be released as a global cinema event.

Throughout the documentary Michael reveals two distinct sides of his life: his very public music career and his private personal life and why he turned his back on the rivalry light, the celebrity lifestlye. The “uncut version” of George Michael Freedom’s musical documentary focuses on the defining era in the life and career of the late Grammy-winning artist, which also saw the release of the first installment of the highly successful album, Listen Without Prejudice, and the famous Supreme Court that followed. The lawsuit against the record’s publisher, as well as the death of George Michael’s first love, Anselmo Feleppa … and so in addition to the professional aspects, it is understandably throat-tight.

The film covers the turbulent period after Faith leading up to, during and after the making of his Listen Without Prejudice: Vol 1 album in 1990.

A deeply autobiographical feature documentary narrated by … who else could it be … hearing the late Grammy® Award winner the singer himself … shot before his early death, George took part in every moment of the film’s production, so the film can also be considered a swan song.

George Michael Freedom Uncut is also a brilliant reminder of Michael’s outstanding musical genius during the Wham! years and throughout his solo career.

The film features timeless duets with George’s favorite artists and explores how he influenced the cultural landscape of his generation as one of the world’s best-selling artists of all time.

Interviews with George Michael’s most famous friends – Stevie Wonder, Elton John, Ricky Gervais, Nile Rogers, Mark Ronson, Tracey Emin, Liam Gallagher, Mary J. Blige, Jean Paul Gaultier, James Corden and Tony Bennett were also conducted.

GEORGE MICHAEL FREEDOM UNCUT will be released as a global cinema event.

See the Cimemas Budapest showtime:

This will be a one-time screening exceptional evening opportunity to watch the documentary … Mark the DATE – CINEMA – GET YOUR SEAT … already out now … watch this unforgettable talent who has gone ahead … but his music will surely remain within us.

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Tesco – Hungarian Product Ltd – Signed Strategic Agreement @ Budaőrs – Hungary – 2022.

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Press gathering was based at the Tesco Store @ Budaőrs was held by Eszter Benedek – Managing Director of Magyar Products Nonprofit Ltd. and Tamás Kámán – Purchasing Director of Tesco-Global co. ltd. and Dr. Beáta Olga Felkai – Head of Department on behalf of the Ministry of Agriculture.

The Hungarian Product Trademarks at the Tesco’s Stores continues to expand … in order to emphasize the domestic origin and controlled quality. With the agreement signed now be in use certification trademarks of Magyar Product Nonprofit Ltd. on its own branded products – this is also part of the strategic agreement signed yesterday, July 7. 2022. Hungarian Product Trademarks (MAGYAR TERMÉK Nonprofit Kft.) was founded in 2006 with the aim of helping clear identification of domestic goods and increase the demand for Hungarian products with its certification mark.

Eszter Benede – Hungarian Product Nonprofit Ltd. managing director said, that Tesco currently distributes more than 600 logo products of various Hungarian manufacturers. According to the strategic agreement between Magyar Product Nonprofit Ltd. and Tesco, this number will continue to increase, as from now on Tesco will also use the trademark on its own branded products. Its success is well indicated by the fact that more than 5000 products and services of about 220 companies now bear one of the Hungarian Product trademarks. There are also plans in organizing various forums for regional suppliers, helping the smaller size farmers to bring their products to the market, as well as the small producers products available goods to the costumers at the Tesco’s stores. She continued, within their mutual agreement of to-day, the goal is to cover the promotion of domestic products in Tesco’s stores with promotional publications and webshop, as well as in organizing joint thematic marketing campaigns, adding various forums for regional suppliers and sweepstakes.

Was also emphasized how important it was to adopt into act the online shopping during the pandemic, had to think about the shoppers taste and needs. Imports were a bit cumbersome and were not always available all previous Tesco products on the selves, but Hungarian goods were available constantly at Tesco’s stores.

Tamás Kámán – Tesco’s Purchasing Director, emphasized that domestic suppliers have been so far paramount importance to the Tesco, but the agreement opens up new opportunities for co-operation between Magyar Products. Tesco will have had 27000 products in 2021 of which more than 21000 were of domestic origin, and more than 60% of its sales revenue was returned to Hungarian suppliers. “Hungarian Product trademarks” are now being affixed to hundreds of Tesco-branded products, and we wish to draw the customers  attention to the domestic products of controlled quality.

Dr. Beáta Olga Felkai – Head of the department of the Ministry of Agriculture pointed out that by choosing Hungarian products, the customers of Tesco will strengthen the Hungarian economy, help the livelihood of families living from agriculture and also contribute to climate protection. She also gave an updated in figures that 96% of Hungarian consumers are looking for Hungarian branded products. Continued … the products are made from 100% Hungarian raw materials, in Hungary. In the case of food, this means that the animal was raised in Hungary … the plant was raised at home … all the steps of processing took place at home … the raw materials used are from Hungary, with the exception of additives, spices and salt. The domestic origin and reliability of trademarked products are verified by an independent organization and the proper origin of the raw material is verified. In addition to the origin of the product, compliance with legal requirements is also checked, so anyone who buys a branded product can be sure that they are getting a reliable product that does not enjoy an undue competitive advantage, meets the product safety criteria.

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May Days Again in the Hungarian National Museum and the Museum Garden @ Budapest 2022.

May, 21 – 22. 2022.

10 a.m. – 6 p.m.

Returning back to the May Days after two years omission.

Official opening 11 a.m. with opening ceremony by László L. Simon, Director General, Hungarian National Museum who will welcome the visitors and will hold a speech.

Spend an awesome 2 days in the Budapest’s warmth sunshine around the series of events offering an opportunity for the whole family. For the youngest children and adults can take part in children’s programs and at the Mini Museum during the day, while the older and adults can choose from a myriad of museum pedagogical guided tours and live museum programs. There will be also gastronomic specialties and concerts during the afternoon and evening hours.

Within the two-day event, the organize guided tours and the evening concerts can be visited free of charge.

Those interested in the future of museums can also listen to professionals at the round table discussions.
Following the tradition of the Museum, on Saturday will take place the Museum of the Year and Pro Museo awards.

A unique opportunity to visit for those interested to see more than 70 museums on the spot in the museum’s garden … such as: the new Museum of Transport, the Ferenc Hopp Museum of Asia, the newly renovated building and exhibition of the Göcsej Museum, and the exhibition of Esterházy Castle will be presented. With the help of the Géza Kresz Rescue Museum, visitors can see an old ambulance, the IKARUS bus 311 of the Hungarian Technical and Transport Museum, the model of the Gödöllő Royal Castle, and the giant composition of the József Kosta Museum.

The visitors can experience what the audience at Queen Elizabeth (Sissy – the Hungarian Queen) was like in the building of the Hungarian National Museum and in the blink of an eye may find themselves watching the company of the actors of the Madách Theater play from the 1848 revolution. Learn the history of the museum building from the paintings that come to life. Also view at the showroom where Herzog silver is on display. May take part in a century-long time travel from the Reformation to the outbreak of World War I.

On both days the families can view the Fate-Turning Interactive Virtual Exhibition, win a family exploration backpack, take part in a treasure hunt game at the Historical Exhibition and fly back to Roman times through VR glasses to find out what life was like in Vértesszőlős and Balác .

At the evening concerts will feature Ivan and the Parazol and Dj Bootsie, among others. The Willany Leo Company will perform a special dance performance on the steps of the museum, as well as the chamber piece by Bálint Adorjáni Capa.

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Edward Albee: “Three Tall Women” – running now @ Bethlen Square Theater – Budapest

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Premier – 7 p.m. Friday, February, 4. 2022.

District, VII., 3. Bethlen Gábor Square – Budapest

Three women in one-to-one life stages or one woman in three life stages?

The play is only in Hungarian language!

The play will be staged in Hungary through THEATRUM MUNDI Theater and Literary Agency. Director: Csaba Jantyikm, Translator: Gabriella Prekop, Costume set: Johanna Kupi, Director: Dóra Majláth, Production manager: Dávid Putz.

It’s not exactly a light play, but most people will identify with some aspect of it and it definitely provides food for thought.

Once again the Bethlen Theater has tackled a serious and demanding play, that by turns acerbic, anguished and sarcastically funny.  Barbara Hegyi as old woman known to us only as the №1 aged 92 lays bare her inner life in sometimes shocking detail to the other two  …  Virág Marjai the  52-year old caregiver identified only as №2  and Enikő Nagy a young legal professional as №3 26-year-old version.  In the play, three women of different ages talk about their lives and their relationships with their families. Gradually it emerges that they may all be the same woman. But it’s certainly an interesting play, showing how perspective changes as life goes on, and what life does to people. The drama profound meditation on aging, death and the very nature of the self as conversation becomes a sort of cat-and-mouse game involving memories and experiences. Who knew what when, or should have been? Which selves are dishonest and denying and which self-aware, and who are we really, and how do we become who we are? Barbara Hegyi – №1 gave a splendid, sustained performance, being both hilarious and tragic, capturing both the pleasures and torment of the character. Her empathy and focus were critical and absolutely will be holding the audience’s rapt attention. What a production! … The language is striking, the characters true to life, and the observation so accurate that this is truly a deeply moving piece of theater. It is not a poetic question, however … “Let’s play it so we know our fate in advance is!? When is it best when we’re past it, when we’re in the middle of it, or when it’s all still ahead of us?” The world premiere of “Three Tall Women” was at the English Theater in Vienna in June 1991, directed by producer Franz Schafranek. The creator of the first U.S. production is River Arts, Woodstock, New York, theater director: Lawrence Sacharow. The play was performed at the Vineyard Theater in New York City. The Vineyard Theater production was shown on Off-Broadway by Elizabeth I. McCann, Jeffrey Ash and Daryl Roth in collaboration with Leavitt / Fox / Mages at the Promenade Theater in New York City.

Overall, the Three Tall Women was a great production, showcasing some really wonderful performances highly recommend having a look.

Tickets available on the spot.

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Fairytale World – Vajdahunyad Castle @ Budapest


The area in front of the Vajdahunyad Castle @ Budapest is changing into a Magic Park. There are magical programs and countless Xmas delicacies for children.

 December, 10. 2021 – January 2,. 2022. – Open Daily 2 p.m. – 8 p.m.

A lively fairy world and magical children’s programs at the joint event of Tulip Fairy Production and HG Media. The Magic Park offers wonderful relaxation for young children and family. The Tulip Fairy lives in the castle of the Magic Park. The little ones can make their own fairy wings and magic wands. The magic carousel of the MagicLeaf spins every day, the MagicWall invites you to draw together, and Papito the Clown invites you to find a special chest.
Visitors to the weekends and holidays can join the Magic Dance to the songs of the Toy Maker and Dream Traveler fairy tale musicals led by Fairies and Firebirds.
Of course, there will be no shortage of delicious snacks: hot chocolate,  chimney cake, fragrant roasted chestnuts and many Xmas delicacies await visitors.

Visitors will be asked to present COVID certificates on the spot to the security service upon entry.

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Season-Opening Concert – Franz Liszt Academy of Music – Grand Hall – 2021

The Liszt Ferenc Academy of Music is a music university and a concert hall in Budapest was founded in Hungary, on November, 14. 1875.

Wednesday, September, 22. 2021 – 7 p.m.

District, VI., 8. Liszt Ferenc Square – Budapest

Marcell Szabó (piano) – MÁV Symphony Orchester –
Conductor: Gábor Káli

Shostakovich: Festive Overture, Op. 96
Scriabin: Piano Concerto in F minor, Op. 20
Tchaikovsky : Symphony No. 5 (E minor), Op. 64

The performances of two young musicians in their thirties, who have already recorded many successes, make the season-opening concert of the MÁV Symphony Orchester memorable. Conductor Gábor Káli finished his studies in Budapest, which began in Budapest. In 2018, he won the Hong Kong International Conducting Competition and then also won the Nestlé and Salzburg Festival Conducting Competition. An internationally renowned conductor, he has achieved tremendous success at the Salzburg Festival, France, Germany‘s most prestigious opera houses and concert halls, Poland, Singapore, Finland, Ireland and, of course, Hungary.

Pianist Marcell Szabó graduated from the Academy of Music in 2012, winner of several international competitions. The concert presents a kind of cross-section of Russian music: Tchaikovsky composed in 1888 5.his symphony evokes the heyday of great romance. Alexander Scriabin in the XX. one of the major composers of the age leading to the music of the 19th century – his only piano concerto was presented in 1898. And Shostakovich struggled in the horrific conditions of the Stalinist Soviet Union to create – the imprint of this age is the Festive Overture composed in 1954.

Tickets available on the spot at the ticket box . Ticket price: 4500, 5000, 5500HUF.

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11th Francophone Film Days Indoors @ the Cinemas – Budapest


September, 14. – 7 p.m. – September, 19. – 11 p.m.

Time to reconnect with the pleasure of laughing and crying collectively in front of a big screen!

The Francophone Film Days resume face-to-face from September 14 to 19 at Urania, Art + Cinema and the Institute français. Twice the fun, therefore, because none of the films that will be screened in theaters have been shown as part of the festival’s online session during April.

The guest of the 11th Francophone Film Days is Tony Gatlif, the director of the film Tom Medina, who was made famous in Hungary by the films Latcho drom or Gadji Dilo. His new work will be screened on Thursday evening at 8p.m. at the Urania National Film Theater.

On the program: hit comedies at the French box office, poignant romantic films, incredible genre films and sumptuous classics. Movie lovers will meet on screen Isabelle Huppert, Omar Sy, Monica Bellucci, Audrey Tautou, Charlotte Gainsbourg, Jean-Paul Belmondo and Gaspar Noé.

As part of the 11th Francophone Film Days  – September, 19, 2021 from 3.30 p.m.  and 5.15 p.m. at the French Institute – Budapest. Belmondo highlighting New Wave cinema in the ’60s and 70s . One of his awesome film … Man from Jean-Paul Belmondo: The Man from Rio … Director Philippe De Broca – Adventure, Comedy, 1964. Runing time: 102 mins. will be screened in the original French language with Hungarian subtitles. Staring Jean-Paul Belmondo with Françoise Dorléac.

Synopsis: Second class Adrien Dufourquet witnesses the kidnapping of his fiancée Agnès, daughter of a famous ethnologist. He goes in search of him, which leads him to Brazil, and uncovers a traffic in Indian statuettes.

Ticket price: 1600HUF (1200HUF in reduced price) at the Uránia National Movie Theater and the French Institute. At the Art + Cinema ticket price available for 1000HUF

The screenings are supported by the Hungarian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Hungarian Ministry of Human Resources, Groupama Biztosító, BNP Paribas and Cointreau.

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