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Thirsty Beer Lovers Hop Over to HopTop Tasting!

HopTop Craft Beer – at Winehub – Old Buda
Date: May ,13. – 6 p.m. – 8 p.m.
District III., 41-43 Pacirtamező Street – Óbuda (OldBuda)

It’s gonna be “Barrel Pig” beer tasting this coming week-end!

Craft beers aged in Kentucky bourbon barrels, i.e. what is Hoptop Brewery’s unicorn pig looking for in a beer barrel?!
If you like strong, characterful craft beers, you will definitely like this event. The Hoptop brewery presents six different barrel-aged beers, which are guaranteed to provide a unique taste experience.
“Each of their beers is matured in a special barrel. There are rums, bourbons, whiskeys, and even maple syrup,” says Szami Ali Rawech – founder of the Budapest small-scale brewery.
“These beers have a deep black color and are often sweet, and their bitterness keeps the flavors in a nice balance. In the taste of barrel-aged beers, you can find the characteristics of dark chocolate, which are combined with soft, creamy and vanilla notes, which are made perfect by the aromas extracted from different barrels!”
Hoptop has a separate brand family of barrel-aged beers, launched under the name Barrel Pig. The appearance of the 0.33ml bottles is both elegant and clownish, which is further enhanced by the colorful wax closure, the appearance of each item is adorable!
These beers are guaranteed to enchant the hearts of beer lovers and those who want special taste experiences. Don’t miss this event to experience the unique taste of imperial stout and barley wine beers!
The tasting will be held by  Szami Ali Rawech – barrel-aged beers creator.

Premium beers of the tasting: Surprise beer, Rudeboy, Sex on the barrel, Fear of the dark II., Canadian Lover, Fear of the dark I., Mentaltrainer. The price of the tasting ticket:6990HUF.
Ticket purchase:

On the same day between 6 p.m. -8 p.m. it is also possible to try the presented beers and other specialties by purchasing tasting ticket on the spot for 1500HUF. These are to be Core beers: Green Zone, Ceylon Buddy, Tropical Swinger Club.

Premium beers: Rudeboy, Sex on the barrel, Fear of the dark II., Canadian Lover, Fear of the dark I., Mentaltrainer. Also ticket on the spot: 2500HUF

Beer Lovers mark the date in your calender and don’t miss a thing!

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“PARDES” – National Dance Theater – Budapest


Last night was present at the National Theater at a full house presentation. No wonder many awaited to see the Pardes by Noa Wertheim, artistic director and co-founder of Vertigo Dance Company performance here in Budapest. I spent a pleasant evening at a stunning … breath-taking production and during their performance I melted into the world of the Vertigo Dance Company. Absolutely amazing performance by 8 artistic dancers: Etai Peri, Sian Olles, Daniel Costa, Eden Ben Shimol, Yarden Oz, Micah Aimos, Ilan Golubovich, Ruth Ben David.

The music of PARDES was composed by internationally renowned percussionist Itamar Doari. The sound material was woven into the process of creating the choreography, the music was created and recorded in real time in the studio – which offered the ensemble a brilliant opportunity to work with one of the most important and outstanding percussion artists in Israel and the world.

The dance’s language took the audience into the work of art in which the body connects with the spiritual layers of the interior. The interior of each person/dancer as it was woven into a common tapestry. The company has received more than a dozen awards  Worldwide since their establishment.

In Jewish mysticism, PARDES stands for the initials of four Hebrew words that refer to approaches to the interpretation of religious texts: Pshat (literal meaning); Remez (target meaning); Drash (interpretive meaning) and Sod (secret meaning).

The performance was presented as part of the 10th Theater Olympiad. 

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LUX Film Days – May, 9. – 12. – Budapest 2023.

The celebration of the diverse European film is coming again with free screenings between May, 9. – 12. 2023. with cinema screening series starting on May, 9. – Europe Day. Venue: Urania National Film Theater – Budapest.

The LUX Audience Award, which celebrates the diversity of European cinema, is a joint film award of the European Parliament and the European Film Academy, which is presented in Hungary as part of the LUX FILM DAYS.

Four of the nominated films can be seen at Uránia National Film Theater and one of them will be screened online at a later date.

The aim of the program, realized in cooperation with the European Commission and the international cinema network Europa Cinemas, is to make the European co-productions nominated for the LUX Audience Award available to the widest possible audience within the framework of a series of cross-border screenings. , a sensitive and authentic representation of cultural issues.

An important change compared to the past year, that there are already five nominated films competing for the award. The selection thus offers a wider selection of topics, approaches and visual solutions. The evaluation period is also longer, ending just two days before the award ceremony – June 12. Also the identity of the winner can change even at the last moment.

Below see the LUX Film Days 2023 … day-by-day screenings at the Uránia National Film Theater:

May, 9, 7 p.m., opening, followed by Ruben Östlund: The Triangle of Sadness.
May, 10, 7 p.m. Lukas Dhont: Close
May, 11 at 7 p.m. Carla Simón: Alcarras
May, 12, 7 p.m. Emin Alper: Burning Days

Available to view online (details coming soon) – WILL-O’-THE-WISP (Feu Follet/ Fogo-Fátuo)

Public to vote: last year the audience voting has played a particularly important role in awarding the prize. Now again comes the opportunity for the public to rate and vote… here it goes: (the rates are between 1 and 5 stars). The winner is chosen jointly by the public and the MEPs, with both groups giving 50% of the votes.

The online public vote closes two days before the award ceremony, on June 12. 2023.

The winning work will be announced on June 14 at the plenary session of the European Parliament in Strasbourg. Ten winners will be drawn from among the voters, who will be able to participate in the award ceremony to be held on June, 14 . 2023. in Strasbourg.

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Not An Ordinary Midsummer Night @ Bethlen Square – Central European Dance Theater- Budapest

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Bethlen Theater – (District, VII., 3. Bethlen Square)

This evening before tomorrow’s premiere was at the media presentation @ the Bethlen Theater.  The Theater in short is the Central European Dance Theater – progressive – stylish – contemporary. One of the most innovative dance companies in Hungary. The pieces of their unique repertoire strive for actuality and reflectivity.

The theater brought on stage one of Shakespeare’s best-known the bittersweet drama about the nature of love, whereas different couples get lost in an enchanted world,  one love gives way to another. The emotions and desires, suppressed in the daylight and hidden in elegant poses, show themselves in dark but attractive torsos on St. John’s night, and we cannot escape them. However, the dawn is approaching, and upon waking up, everyone has to decide for themselves whether their daytime or nighttime reflection is truer or more attractive … just like in a dream anything can happen in the mist summer night.

About the show: Shakespeare’s emblematic work forces us to confront our basic human emotions that we would prefer to keep quiet out of shame. The author does all of this with incredible love and playfulness, we are almost forced to accept our love desire, fears and power games.

The Midsummer Night dance performance will give a new idea to the teenagers and young adult audience, presenting the exciting world of contemporary dance. The showtime is 50 minutes.

Its Director-choreographer Krisztián Gergye –  already a recurring creator – who worked together with co-choreographer László Mádi on the reimagining of the legendary English author’s classic.

Dancers: Krisztián Barna – Dávid Dabóczi – Réka Gyevnár – Léna Horváth – Gábor Kindl – Edmond Kisbakonyi – Cintia Mohai – Lidia Sinka. Music composer: György Philipp – Costume: Móni Béres – Light: Mercédesz Selmeczi.

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The 30th Celebration of ESSCA @ Budapest.

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Since 1993 – ESSCA has a campus in Budapest.

Upon invitation on October, 6. at District, IX.  6. Czuczor Street – took part at the event whereas Andrienne Terdik – PResston PR gave an introduction to the day’s event and Dr.  Zsuzsa Deli-Graydirector  ESSCA held a presentation connected to the French higher education institution celebrating 2 days within a series of the 30th anniversary existence in Budapest.

On April, 6. was the ESSA second day, in cooperation with the International Women’s Club (IWC), organized a lifestyle day on the school campus. The International Women’s Club is the only registered international women’s club operating in Budapest, which was founded in 1981. The organization plays a decisive role in the capital in helping intercultural communication, coordinating community activities and implementing charity programs.

Dr. Zsuzsa Deli-Gray – Head of ESSCA’s Hungarian office presentation namely was about the ESSCA history rolling up to to-day’s activities at the ESSCA School of Management – Budapest Campus. The university is considered one of the best business schools in the world by the Financial Times. It welcomes “students” (no age limit) from all over the world in Budapest.

History in a nutshell … The ESSCA School of Management, founded in 1909 with outstanding quality of the courses offering certified four international accreditations (EQUIS, EPAS, AACSB, AMBA).

Dr. Zsuzsa Deli-Gray gave an update of to-day’s campus activities. In summary … the ESSCA a high-school diploma and confident English language skills are needed for successful admission … as education is held in English. They monitor not only the points brought from the high-school, of course that is also important. Experts also will scrutinized applicant to see as the future manager. They look at the student’s personality and motivation, and in order to assess whether the offered training fits the student’s attitude and professional goals and adding, the leadership skills are partly innate and partly learnable. That is why the management attitude, competences and skills of the applicants are also measured during the admissions interview tied to the graduation.

About the “students” –  an adult tutor supporter is there from their admission to the school until the end of their studies. They not only helps the student in their professional progress, but to correct study method, in choosing the most suitable professional practice and their mandatory semester abroad, but also supports them in personal matters if in need. The instructors of the ESSCA School of Management are recognized researchers and practitioners of the profession, who impart the knowledge to the students in the framework of both classroom lessons and education based on company visits and business projects.

The management of the school pays high attention to the fact that the students acquire relevant practical knowledge in addition to serious theoretical knowledge in an educational environment that combines the most modern teaching-methodological solutions with in-depth academic and complementary current practical knowledge, as well as a humane approach. During the hiring interview, they are also curious about the applicant’s personality, what motivations drive him or her, and how much the future manager can be discovered in him or her. On the occasion of examination, if the student is not quite sharp on the awaited answer the tutor offers to gather with another student who better in that skill and learn together to catch up and if otherwise thee student is offered to carry on at some other domestic and international companies where his or her knowledge is more comfortable. The campus director highlighted that the leadership skills are partly innate and partly learnable. That is why the management attitude, competences and skills of the applicants are also measured during the admissions interview tied to the graduation. They take care to create a calm atmosphere during the interview and help the applicants to give their maximum performance. The instructors teach the students in world-class, modern rooms equipped with innovative technology, now covering 1370 square meters environment. In addition to the classrooms and study rooms and a well-equipped student kitchen suitable for studying and socializing outside of class.

The three-year undergraduate course is conducted in English language and upon completion the students receive the Bachelor in International Management with a French diploma and the degree is recognized by the French state of ESSCA, which is highly valued among multinational companies. ESSCA graduates sign a work contract even before filling out  their studies with domestic and/or  an international company.

The institution campuses located in France (Angers, Paris, Bordeaux, Lyon, Aix-en-Provence, Cholet), in Budapest – Hungary and in Shanghai – China .

After the greeting words and presentation, there was a time for a little relax held under the guidance of Mónika Vadai (Mother and Child), who said that our everyday life is full of good and bad influence and the stress leaves a mark on our body  …  many sit in front the computer with a bad pose which also may cause headaches or other pains, so need to  loosens up some muscles to ease our day and within that thought were shown a couple of yoga exercises.

Before the main presentation started, a professional make-up presentation with products were introduced by Marionnaud perfumery, and the ladies on the spot could try some of  the cosmetics.

Around noontime the representatives of the  PResston PR,  ZEMA jewelry and Hyson tea carried out a raffle and most of the attendees received gift packages.

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Within the 10th International Theater Olympiad – the Budapest Dance Festival is Coming Soon


Between April, 27 to May, 6. National Dance Theater

The 2023 Budapest Dance Festival offers unmissable programs for those who are not only looking for the best performers of contemporary dance, but also the most exciting novelties.

Awaiting the dance-loving audience with ballet, modern and contemporary dance as well as folk dance productions whereas dancers from 58 countries, 400 troupes, introducing 7500 wonderful dancers taking part in the dance festival. All come to show their own culture on domestic stages and get to know the Hungarian Hungarian premieres and world classics process.

Shadow play and string quartet, Jim Morrison songs, Shakespeare, Bizet and Mozart opera adaptations

These are just a few of the interesting performances of the dance festival celebrating its 23rd anniversary, in which the most famous dance groups from Italy and Israel and performances from the biggest Hungarian troupes are waiting for you between April, 27 and May, 6. at the National Dance Theater for those interested.

This year’s festival on April 27 with Aterballetto, a defining figure of the Italian dance scene, which has been operating for more than 40 years. The dance group comes to Budapest with the performance YELED / SHOOT ME written by the choreographers Eyal Dadon and Diego Tortelli. The invitation goes out to take a special journey into the world of childhood exoticism in the interpretation of their sixteen wonderful dancers.

On May 1 and 2, are on stage the renowned international ensemble at the Dance Theater. The ambassador of Israeli dance art – Vertigo Dance Company Noa Wertheim comes with a new, spiritual work called Pardes, which was brought to life by the confinement caused by the pandemic. The music for the performance was composed by Itamar Doari, the world-famous percussionist.

These two exciting performances are also part of the program of the 10th International Theater Olympiad, a world theater meeting from Easter to St. Midsummer’s Eve. Of course, there is no festival without the excellence of Hungarian dance life and the biggest celebration of dance.
On April 29, the World Dance Day, the Hungarian Dance Artists Association and the National Dance Theater are preparing for a joint gala program. In addition to the performance of the choreographer who won the “Best Artist of the Season” award, part of the program is a celebration of the entire profession: awards are given to graduating students, beginners and already recognized performers, dance teachers, renowned creators.

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Exhibition Salvador Dalí – Journey in the Imagination of a Flame Mind now @ Budapest


Salvador Domingo Felipe Jacinto Dalí i Domènech, Marquess of Dalí of Púbol (May, 11.1904 – January, 23 1989), known as Salvador Dalí. Step into the incomparable universe of Salvador Dalí, the artistic genius behind surrealist and futuristic masterpieces. The visitors will discover an immersive experience of the works and mind of the Catalon artist Salvador Dali.

Currently open to the public @ the Komplex – Budapest – Date from March, 23. 2023. 

One of the world’s most famous Dali collections is the Dali Universe in Paris, where, among other things, there are 29 sculptures in addition to Dali replicas. The Budapest exhibition includes 150 original exhibition objects, bronze sculptures and graphic artworks prints, life-size sculptures, and other specially crafted works of art. In addition to his paintings, there are also surrealist furniture, several glass objects, and bronze sculptures. A unique VR experience awaits visitors in Budapest, where they can gain an insight into the world of Dali date is from March, 23. 2023. 
Ticket price: 5000HUF which includes the VR experience as well.

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Herald News – The Wizarding World – Harry Potter films Coming Soon @ Budapest’s Cinemas.


There is not much to wait for the release of the long-awaited video game Hogwarts Legacy, but in addition to its release, the beginning of 2023 will also be the return of the entire Harry Potter film series for a limited time in the theaters of Pannónia Movie Ltd.

This time, Pannónia Entertainment is holding a two-month Harry Potter marathon from mid-January at Cinema MOM, Pólus Center Cinema and GoBuda Cinema (former Eurocenter).

The digitally restored 4K versions of the films that were completed not so long ago will be shown, this time in Cinema MOM again with subtitles, while in the other two units of the network, synchronously

And in February, it will have been almost 20 years since its filming, so by now a generation has really grown up since the early works were published, but it is almost time to watch a 12-hour program without parental supervision.

Age limit, above 12 years old.

Below dates and screening times can be viewed at each cinema’s site:

GOBUDA Cinema  – Harry Potter series – Digitally restored 4K
Pulos Center  – Harry Potter series  – Digitally restored 4K
Cinema MOM – Harry Potter series  – Digitally restored 4K

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Laurent Baffie: Case-Case … Or How The Cube Bounce?

TOK-TOK orlai production

Comedy play is on at the Belvárosi Theater from Saturday, November, 5. 2022.

A ground-breaking comedy that was a big hit both on stage and film!

Summary … Let’s take a group of unknown people, put them in a room – in our case, the hall of a world-famous psychiatrist – and close the door on them. Sooner or later it will be revealed that each of them has their own fun hep…

Our heroes stubbornly cling to their life belts, with which they can stay afloat in everyday life, and while they wait, one life belt appears after another. Real acrobatics, with which they bravely avoid each other’s life belts and try to become a real team. The stakes are not small: will they find the rules of the game, with which they can win together and separately?

Laurent Baffie’s license was mediated by SACD (France) and Hofra Ltd.

The performance is recommended for audience with Hungarian language knowledge and individuals over the age of 14.

Actors: VINCENT – taxi driver: Schruff Milán, FRED – parrot breeder: Ferenc Pataki, BLANCHE – laboratory assistant: Mónika Ullmann, LILI – fitness trainer: László Lili, MARIE – holy pot: Zsuzsa Járó, BOB – technical draftsman: Barnabás Rohonyi, ASSISTANT: Judit Cseh.

Director: Béla Paczolay … Author: Laurent Baffie … Translator: Gergely Zöldi … Set designer: Khell Csörsz … Costume designer: Györgyi Fekete … Composer: Péter Furák … The director’s collaborator: Dorka Dicő …Producer: Tibor Orlai.

Ticket can be purchased at the Theater’s ticket office.

Source: Belvárosi Theater – Budapest

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The 31st Buda Castle Wine Festival 2022.

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To-day’s press conference was held at the Bár Bistro whereas attended by: Zoltán Zilai, Managing Director of Hungarian Vine and Wine Culture Nonprofit Ltd., Márk Maczelka – Communications Manager of SPAR Hungary Commercial Ltd., Dr. Andrejszki Richárd – owner-manager of Chefmarket, Rita Oláh – Budapest Wine Festival press chief, Dr Gábor Antal – Budapest Wine Festival main organizer – wine expert. They provided information on the programs to the forthcoming 31st Budavári Wine Festival2022. The topics was the wines and winemakers appearing at the festival, and the culinary specialties to be tasted during the event.

This year’s as the foreign guest arriving from the other side of the Ocean is welcoming visitors with their wines from the United States of America. At two stands the winemakers from the Region of California, Washington D.C.and Oregon will introduce the wines by themselves to the Hungarian public. Along with the fantastic wines also the taste classic American dishes on the spot.

This year, the Budapest Wine Festival will be held September 8 and 11. since the harvest is/was also earlier this year.

SPAR – Hungary has been the main supporter of the Budapest Wine Festival since 2007, embracing the most important products of Hungarian agriculture, Hungarian wines and wineries. According to the company, wine is a unique – gastronomic and cultural – asset that must be nurtured. Was told in Hungary there are 600 SPAR Stores and at the largest stores the customers will really have to be patient if they wish to examine the 550 kinds of wines available.The Regional Treasure wines will be available, provided with a small golden label. There will also be professional programs at the Wine Festival where smaller winemakers will present their new products. At the SPAR stand there will be this year again the popular coupon sale, drink 3 get the 4th free. May taste the “Kősziklás” – Stone Rock barrel wine which rich in body as the nature of the made in New-Zealand wine… no wonder of that rich taste, the winemaker studied the production method over there.

At this year’s Wine Festival for many will be a Premier program … visitors get a chance to discover wines that will be making their debut on the market during the week of the event.

In a short time need not have to be curious about Hungarian wines cause within the 4-day will be an awesome event where the visitors can sample wines from all over the country’s superb winemakers.

Not only will the best wines from the VinAgora International Wine Competition be showcased at the festival, but also the medalists of other prestigious from foreign events.

Wine without food is as having a half glass instead of a full glass, so the elegance of the wine festival does not leave behind the presence of special gourmet snacks in addition in offering traditional festival dishes. This year, the „Chef Market Gourmet Udvar” will make its debut, where the chefs of the emblematic restaurants of the Hungarian hospitality personal presence, treat the audience of the Wine Festival with freshly prepared food specialties that also serve the wine tasting well.

Traditionally one of Europe’s most prestigious gastronomic events (maybe not a new information of the venue and wines who have once visited will surely be up the Buda hill again, right?). On the terraces of the Buda Castle with sumptuous panorama of Budapest, you can once again meet the best domestic and foreigner winemakers, as well as “only now on the spot!” with their exceptional items.

Two main stage with 30 preforming artists. “Music is in the air”… can’t miss the beat along when the stage and the venue fills with pop, jazz, blues, gospel, cumbia, funky, sanzon, latin rythm concerts. Senna – singer shows her meditative, spiritual face at the main concert on Sunday closing this year’s Wine Festival. Cultural programs accompany in rich festival mood with folk dance and cultural heritage groups in their unique folk costumes arriving from the various wine regions in Hungary.

Wine as part of the universal culture in a unique environment on a global scale, providing an unforgettable festival experience for all visitors, both Hungarian and foreigners.

Budapest Wine Festival is a great opportunity to taste award-winning Hungarian wines, local gastronomy, or just relax and admire the fantastic view form the terraces of Buda Castle.

Daily Ticket Prices and Showtime Entertainment in English:

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