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The 11th Budapest Jewish & Israeli Film Festival – “America”

Romantic Drama – Life, Death, Love and everything in between.
Showtime – December, 1. 2022. – 7.30 p.m. – Pushkin Cinema
Length: 127 minutes

The Jewish Film Festival concludes with AMERICA (released 2022) with the latest tour de force from director Ofir Raul Graizer (THE CAKEMAKER). This richly layered melodrama follows an Israeli swimming coach living in Chicago returns home to Israel after 10 years after his distant father passes away. Arriving he reconnects with his childhood friend and his bride, both of whom run a successful flower shop downtown. Suddenly, in the blink of an eye, a tragedy sets off a chain of motion for these three individuals,. The drama and romantic tension kicks-off between the three of them, which unlocks hidden desires, secrets, and torment that have afflicted these characters.
Film Awards: Jerusalem Film Festival 2022, Best Actress, Winner
After a day of hustle and bustle everyone is welcomed to engage with Jewish culture and values through its entertaining programs.

Movie in Hebrew with Hungarian and English subtitles.

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#2 Taste of Traditional Homemade Sweeties – Sweet Cottage Cheese Balls – Túrógombóc

Sweet Cottage Cheese Balls – Túrógombóc

Home made Sweet Cottage Cheese Balls – Túrógombóc

This is One of the Best yummies for to-day … easy to prepare and in minutes they in recognition vanish away!

The Cottage Cheese = Túró is the main ingredient in many Hungarian dishes, both savory, but mainly in sweeties. Túró is often translated as cottage cheese, but it carries alittle resemblance to the watery cottage cheese a.k.a. by Americans. It a fresh, soft curd cheese, similar to farmer’s cheese, in Germany known as quark. The cottage cheese is available throughout Eastern European deli. Just a tip for those over the other side of the Ocean may try to substitue it with a coarse  type of ricotta, but if found at your neighborhood stay with the cottage cheese, it is a yummy treat.

You can eat it as a dessert, but even as a main course after a heavy Hungarian soup.

Now about the Balls – Gombóc … They are large sweet dumplings typically made with flour or can be with potato batter. The Túrógombóc is a lighter and smaller version where the cottage cheese is mixed with semolina, and topping with cinnamon sugar and served with sour cream.

One of the best yummies for to-day … served for 4 persons – Preparing time cca. 310 mins.

Ingredients: 500g cottage cheese, 2 eggs, 200g semolina, 1/2tbs salt and also vanilila sugar, 3tbs sugar, 6tbs breadcrumbs, 2tbs oil.

For the dip sauce: 6 tbs sour cream, 1 tbs caster sugar, 1/2 tbs cinnamon.

The dose may be further increased  served for 8 persons then double the a/m ingredients.

Preparing: Take a big bowl, mash the cottage cheese with a fork. Add the eggs, semolina, sugar, vanilia sugar, salt, mix well together and set aside to rest a bit. The semolina needs cca 20 mins to swell before cooking. In between can prepare the coat for the cottage cheese balls. Take a big frying pan, heat oil in it and add the breadcrumbs, roast until golden brown, stir it as rosting not to burn. As it gets ready then sweeten with sugar. Form balls size with wet hands (not to stick on the hands) a little bigger than a golf ball from the cottage cheese. Place them into a pot with boiling water. They are ready when the balls come up to the top. Filtered through a filter then roll them in the breadcrumbs. Ready to serve with sour cream/cinnamon dip sauce. This is the real traditional Hungarian homemade  Túrógombóc, May try with various fruit sauces as well.

Once you tried it you will be delighted how easy it is to prepare.

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Battle of Legends – Gyulai István Memorial Hungarian Athletics GP @ Székesfehérvár – Hungary

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The best athlete in the world will start @ Székesfehérvár – Hungary

Wednesday, August, 19. 2020. 

Take place: Bregyó-közi  – Regional Athletics Center 

During the morning hours the press conference was held at the Hidegkuti Nándor Stadium Press Center in announcing some background figures about this year’s Gyula István Memorial Games which will be from this year part of the Wold Athletics Continental Tour (WACT) Gold series. The 10-station Gold Section of the Continental Circle, will include several numbers in its program that are Diamond League-level in value and strength. There are only 24 in GYL from 2020, and those who missed out will be on the Gold competitions.

Take place Bregyó-közi  – Regional Athletics Center – Székesfehérvár … On the 19th of August. 

Press meeting was open by Márton Gyulai, the competition director, announced Olympic and world champions will undertake to compete was announced at the press call and starting off with one of the headlines … Dalilah Muhammad can also be there coming to Székesfehérvár as she indicated to compete. Added,  for this year’s competition the numbers are: for men, 100, 200, 400 meters, 110 hurdles, triple jump, discus and hammer will, while for women 200, 400, 100 hurdles, 400 hurdles, long jump, discus and hammer. Added  there will be a traditional competition, but they will be forced to impose certain restrictions, such as no more than 400 meters. The reason for this is the regulation of the International Federation (WA), as WA allows the adoption of recommendations. Taking about the athlete at previous Gyulai István Memorial  Hungarian Grand Prix … already 12 athletes who have already competed at the Gyulai István Memorial were able to take the second stage of the world championship podium, including 10 individual silver medals and 14 athletes finished in third place, including 8 individual bronze medals. In Doha, a total of 39 athletes won 46 medals (including 29 individual numbers) who have visited Hungary in the last eight years – between 2011-2019 – and started at the Gyulai István Memorial. In Doha – among the starters of the Hungarian Athletics Grand Prix preformed in 67 places …  4-8. 38th place, 1-8.
In 2019 ., 17 international issues were held at the Gyulai István Memorial at Székesfehérvár. 10 athletes competed with Hungarians that year, who later won gold medals in Doha (including 9 individual world champions). Athletes who later won the World Cup in Doha started in 14 numbers.

Chairman of the organizing committee Péter Deutsch mentioned, based on the decision of the international association, the Hungarian Grand Prix was placed in a special elite circle. From 2020, the classification of one-day athletics has changed in competitions with seven categories created. Continued, will be from 2020, the classification of one-day athletics competitions has changed, with seven categories created and will be in the second priority category after the Diamond League, competitions and have become part of the Gold series Hungarian organizers do not want to make in order to preserve the seriousness of the fight and as an example said that one of the recommendations is to start runners with a handicap, and if overtaking, athletes should wear a face mask.

Sports Director Attila Spiriev highlighted in this regard that the current classification of the competition is a huge recognition and is on a par with traditional competitions such as Tokyo the Hengelo or Kingston Athletics Army Parade. The sports director emphasized that this was not a coincidence, as the Gyula Memorial produced better results year-after-year, with 16 athletes who had previously participated in the Hungarian competition won a total of 19 gold at last year’s Doha World Championships. In 2019, ten athletes later world champions started also in Gyula. Several of them have signed for this year as well. Spiriev also emphasize that there is a lot of uncertainty about the corona virus epidemic, it is not yet known whether those who promised can come. However, according to the current position, Dalilah Muhammad – American Olympic and world champion of the women’s 400 dam, who ran two world tops last year. Also the audience will see again Christian Taylor of the United States triple jump epochal figure, unique ruler of the 2010s London and Rio Games, furthermore who won World Cup champion at four outdoor competition, also Steven Gardiner from the Bahamas who triumphed in Doha last year on 400 meter within 43.48-second parade time … just mention a few awesome athlete to be on the startshot at Székesfehérvár In addition to the three overseas stars, Polish Pawel Fajdek – four-time world champion in men’s hammer throwing, has also promised to compete in the competition, and in addition to World Cup bronze medalist Bence Halász, he will certainly have to contend with London Olympic champion Krisztián Pars hammer thrower.

Mayor of Székesfehérvár, András Cser-Palkovics was pleased to say the Gyulai István Memorial Games is a very import part of the life of the city with the International stars liven up the city. Athlete lovers from regions of Hungary and foreigners from around the world will have a chance to see these superb athletes live. The mayor also emphasized that the Athletics Games need to be kept as a traditions and carry on.

Last but not least it was underlined to the visitors who may see, bump into the athletes in the city,  still common interest from both side to keep as a precaution to the distance regarding the corona virus, so this time non taking snaps, autograph request or hugs is undesirable.

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Peter Cincotti a New Yorker in Budapest!

December. 16. 2018.  –  8 p.m.

District, XII., 14 – 16 Csörsz Street – Budapest

Peter Cincotti  – Pop, Jazz, Singer, Songwriter – 4  in 1!

Coming from California … arriving Budapest … leaving for Foggia

In the series of Get Closer Concert, Peter Cincotti pianist making his way to the MOM Sport and Entertainment Center. Learned how to play the instrument at the same age he learned how to walk and talk. Was only 7 years old, Cincotti was introduced to Harry Connick, Jr. in Atlantic City. After singing a few numbers onstage, the wee lad accompanied Connick and his big band from the piano.

It’s as integral to him as the bare essential elements of life. Fame and fortune are just around the corner. A born and bred New Yorker, Cincotti spent much of his childhood going to school during the day and playing clubs at night.  Like a pilot in a cockpit, when Cincotti sits down at a piano it’s as if the world is at his fingertips.

The pianist #1 on the Billboard jazz charts, making 18-year old Cincotti the youngest artist ever to do so. ​ Since then, Peter has performed in some of the world’s mos  prominent jazz festivals, with various artists such as Andrea Bocelli, David Guetta, Seal and Simona Molinari. Played at prestigious venues from Carnegie Hall to L’Olympia in Paris, collaborated with artists ranging from Andrea Bocelli to David Guetta, has been featured in blockbuster films such as Spiderman 2, represented the global fashion brands Ermenegildo Zegna and Tod’s, and just recently appeared as himself in Season 3 of the hit Netflix series House Of Cards.​

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Kaláka Concert ends Jubilee Year to János Arany

The concept of “Arany 200” was already within the jubilee anniversary event.  Now reaching the year-end  was invited Kaláka’s group friends, bands, poets, actors, singers, dancers and artists who have contributed significantly to Arany János, year success.

During the evening on stage: Kriszta Kováts, Gabriel Farkas, Edina Mókus Szirtes, Fool Moon, László Keönch, János Fekete Jammal, Nana Vortex, Hungarian FolkEmbassy, Péter Huzella, János Csík, Mihály Dresch, Anna Szabó, Lackfi János, Ildikó Bacsa, Géza D. Hegedűs, Márk Norbert Tóth, Kálmán Balogh, Marcell Jankovics, Ferenc Cakó and Hungarian National Dance Ensemble.

Since the formation of the Kaláka group from 1969 have transpose into music many poems.

The “Arany 200” grand gala evening will be held on March, 2. 2018, at the Pesti Vigadó – Budapest.

The Kaláka group‘s Arany János Concert Program for 200 performed in Oslo and Copenhagen, and in autumn they also performed in Tokyo, Seoul, Australia, America, Germany and India. They played in the diaspora Hungarians at local festivals and Hungarian students at the outside universities. Anna Szabó, who was in India with them, gave a lectured in English about the poet and the poems written by the Kaláka group and participated in the Hindi-language in New Delhi.

The concert will be held in Hungarian language.

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The Harvard Krokodikloes Concert in Budapest

Thursday, August, 10. 2017.
7 p.m.  –  CEU – Auditorium,

District, V., 15. Nádor Street

The concert is co-hosted by CEU and Harvard Club – Hungary

Now-a-days the summertime in the City Budapest ain’t easy, the temperatures  becoming to rise higher-and-higher, but to forget for a short while the heatwaves, entertainment and relaxation is a fine opt.  to hang out with friends to enjoy the choir’s emotional performance.

From Cambridge to Cape Town to Carnegie Hall, the Harvard Krokodiloes have delighted audiences worldwide with their unique blend of a cappella harmony and humor. Founded in 1946, the Kroks are Harvard University’s oldest and finest a cappella singing group. Having derived their name from the ancient Greek word for crocodile, the group of 12 tuxedo-clad male undergraduates sing music from the Great American Songbook and beyond.

The Kroks, who perform over 200 concerts every year, are in Budapest as part of an annual 10-week, 6-continent world tour.

The Kroks have recorded over 30 albums and performed at Lincoln Center, the Kennedy Center, and the Sydney Opera House.


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Indonesian Days – Wandering in the world of Indonesia flavors – Budapest

indonesia gastronomy 2016

Indonesian Days – Grand Market Hall – „Vásárcsanok – Nagycsarnok”

 10 a.m. – 5 p.m.

May, 17-19. – 2016.

District, IX., 1-3. Vámház Blvd. – Budapest

The award-winning market also regularly plays a role in hosting country-themed food days, celebrating food, culture from countries all over the world.

There are many events taking place in the biggest and most beautiful market hall of Budapest, at the Grand Market Hall – “Vásárcsarnok – Nagycsarnok”

The Indonesia Days  coming up at the Grand Market Hall which is jointly organized with the Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia and the Indonesian Trade Promotion Center in Budapest.

Indonesia is kinda “starlight”, faraway for many people, but for many Indonesia is known for its rich in culture, gastronomy, silver and pearl jewellery, handicrafts, clothes and accessories, home decoration, special batiste clothes.

Unfortunately, the amazing spots for sea diving, cannot be brought over to the Grand Market Hall to the visitors, but their special gastronomy, the wide variety of exotic spices will be present at the Indonesian Days.

Yet, a fine time to learn about another country’s culture. The Indonesia coffee is one of the highest quality in the world … and learn how rich  the coconut plays a part in the Indonesia gastronomy. Also learn about the numerous strengths of Indonesian chili pepper used to-day in their gastronomy, that once the Spaniards and Portuguese brought from America to Indonesia.

The Indonesia products will also be present for sale.

During the event a special stage will be set where those who are intrested can hear and see traditional Indonesian music and dance performances. The show is held by the musicians and dancers of the Indonesian Embassy daily at 11:00 a.m. and 2 p.m.

A real attraction not to be missed for locals and tourist!

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Tamás Széll won the European final at the Bocuse d’Or chef Olympics in the European final – Budapest – 2016

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This year was the first time the capital of Hungary hosted twenty top chefs to participate in the Bocuse d’Or contest on the continent of Europe.

The title of the competition came from Paul Bocuse, one of the world’s famous chefs. He was dedicated in using the high-quality of fresh ingredients. He was the father – founder of the International Bocuse d’Or cooking competition  in 1985. Since then, the Bocuse d’Or competition is considered as the world’s most prestigious culinary tournaments. It is organized every two years at the Sirha International Hotel, Catering and Food Trade Exhibition in Lyon – France.

For the past three days, the world of gastronomy most probably kept their eye on watching the superb chefs preparing their dishes at their very  best in Budapest.

The last day was having the most prestigious chef competition as part of the BOCUSE D’OR European Selection took place at the Hungexpo – Budapest Fair Center and Sirha Budapest trade show. “Sirha” – worldwide event for the food service and hotel sectors and in gastronomy particularly the Bocuse d’Or Europe and highlighted its presence in Budapest.

Representing Hungary –  chef Tamás Széll and his team … Kevin Szabo – Commis, Frigyes Vomberg – Coach  and  Szabina Szulló –  Team Captain coined the Hungarian team … won the world’s most prestigious cooking championship in the Bocuse d’Or European final – Budapest. The photo is taken by the “”. The main prize involves 12 thousand euros, and this will be divided between the team members. 

The runner-up was the Norway team, while the third was Swedish chefs.

The Bocuse d’Or world final will be held in Lyon next year with the best chefs from America, Europe and Asia.

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Visit Gyöngyös – The Capital of Mátra!

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Rolling in the culinary of Mátra –  The Year of Gastronomic Experiences.

On a rainy day headed on the road to the north-east mountainous attractive natural environment that led to the city of Gyöngyös. The city is around 80 kms. from Budapest. It is the second largest city which in the Heves province. The residents of Gyöngyös call their City “Gate to the Mátra” (Mátra is the name collective of the Northern mountains in Hungary).

Gyöngyös is truly a peaceful townscape, a.k.a. the city of grapes and wine. The first cellars already were based in the eighteenth Century these wine cellars could speak the  stories of great revelries would come alive. The memory of the usual entertainments are not forgotten and even today from year to year are held „A Day Visiting – Drinking at Cellars” visits where wine minstrels also entertain the visitors.

The city has more than a handful of attractions to look around, taste the locals wines and visit restaurants, fill their bellies with Á la Palots style of local meals. So definitely worthwhile to stop over, look around before heading to their original destination to the highest mountain in Hungary, the Kékestető.

The notes have shown the history of the city was destroyed repeatedly by fire, but always reborn,  and  luckily from almost every historical era confirm significant and beautiful memories. The inhabitants of the city ruthless flames, as a reminder placed a statue “Red Rooster” in the center on the main street.

Throwing a glance at the city center is a prominent building of the baroque parish church – St. Bartholomew. Inside representing significant value, the treasury of the Renaissance liturgical objects are kept. The valuable monuments include the Franciscan church and monastery, which was founded in the 1370. In the crypt rests the legendary general – War of Independence Rákóczi and János Vak Bottyán. The Franciscan library is the country’s only medieval monastery library monument. Here at Gyöngyös is Hungary’s book creation, copy the code and writing the first workshop, therefore the role of the national cultural history unrivaled. The diploma dated 1475 show the Franciscans already lived in Gyöngyös. The monastery library, which is constantly working and can be found between 14 and 200 thousand volumes piece of incunabula back from the Middle Ages.

At the city’s main square former Market Place for centuries now-a-days four Fountains can be seen. In each  Fountain features the city … the golden Sun, the human faced Moon and the white wolf – decorate the corners of the square. The significant motif of the fourth fountain in the south-east corner is grape referring to the Town of Grapes and Wine. These are also coat of arms motifs of Gyöngyös.

Throughout the course of the history of Jewish-Christian times they have lived peacefully side by side. What’s more, as greater evidence of the Synagogue at Gyöngyös, which is a third of the country’s largest house of worship. The large, distinctive building was built-in 1930 on the basis of Leopold Baumhorn and György Somogyi. In the center of the building is located the large dome. For a long time it has been used as a furniture store, but now going through the period of reconstruction. Upon plans it will serve as Coexistence House and will organize events of the Christian-Jewish dialogue converted into a center. Will be housing also exhibitions and will be a center for cultural programs, and as for to-day heard already it has been completed renderings of the project. At Gyöngyös the Jews decades after the Compromise (1867) settled in a large numbers in 1910, the number exceeded to the population of 2000 that was one-fifth of the population Jewish. From the Gyöngyös ghetto in the summer of 1944, more than 1800 people were driven by the authorities, most were transported to the Auschwitz death camp, a few survivors after the war returned for a short time, and many of them left abroad to Israel or America. The war and the Holocaust abolished their memories in the surroundings. It is planned that the environment Coexistence House is rebuilt, and they try to give back to the building ’30s-edge features. At the Coexistence House, Judaism will be presented in the results of their activities of the past  centuries at Gyöngyös – Hungary. To be introduced the industry installers, architects, cultural patron, pharmacistsGideon Richter who studied in the city. Also lived in the county Lajos Hatvany and Sándor Bródy. Hopefully, can be mention the rooted girls, former citizens of Gyöngyös the Chess champion Polgár Girls.

After the short sightseeing headed to the Kékes… Restaurant where Anita Molnár – Hungarian National Tourist Office – Regional Director of Marketing and Robert Nagy – President of Mátra Beaded TDM, Mayor György Hiesz and Tamás Kévés –Vice-President, Gábor Törőcsik – regional marketing manager welcomed the group. Also each one of the emphasised how worthwhile to stop and look, taste, enjoy the what Gyöngyös is all about, which is kinda skipped by drivers on the Highway to Kékes.

The group was ensured by entertainment during the supper, tasting local wines and enjoying the event of the Mátra gastronomic – Year of Gastronomic Experiences. Excellent food was served by Zoltán Nagy – master chef and Veronika Szabó – kitchener. Krisztián Kovácsik presented the wines – winemaker from Bardos and Son Winery. The background music was by Attila Szőke plays acoustic guitar and Gusztáv Mátra and last but not least an awesome Borostyán Palots Folk Dancers show highlighted the night.

Surely was a fine time even dispite the pouring rain and short stay, but  major attractions were shown and definitely a must stop for all before heading to the Kékes mountain to stop by at Gyöngyös to visit in the future … of course not only for the Hungarians, but to visit Gyöngyös for the tourist, foreigners working staying in Hungary would be a pitty to miss.

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