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Gyula Pálinka Festival Upon Us – 2017.

Excellent City offers  its Excellent Pálinka!

April, 27 – 30 . 2017.

Don’t believe it, then roll over Gyula!

Although there are many tourist destinations in Hungary which are widely welcoming visitors from near and far, it is an excellent opportunity to ahead, to spend,  to stay … Visit Gyula … even for a short time and enjoy beside the historical sights to attend at the Gyula Palinka Festival, when and where Gyula becomes the capital of the pálinka. The  finest pálinka makers gather in one place, to show what it is like the bottled ripe fruit pálinka.

The Hungarian fruit pálinka is part of the culture and is one of the main shoots in the Hungarian gastronomy –  is not a coincidence to rose to the rank hungarikum.  Visit Gyula between April, 27 – 30  and find out by yourself with friends in company the mouthwatering friuty flavors at its decorative garden at the Castle of Gyula which houses the country’s finest pálinka. In addition, of course, there will be no shortage of delicous dishes as well served by creators from among the best in the country. To have a drink of good pálinka goes absolutely with the gastronomic delights on the spot. The atmosphere on the 3 days event well-known performers and popular groups, bands will be providing cool concerts, ensuring superb entertainment. At least one good reason  beside a bunch of others to spend fine time at Gyula.

Good Pálinka – Good Food – Good Music … what else is needed  to rest awhile and enjoy by the locals, other visitors arriving from other parts of Hungary  and foreigner visitors to spend time out on a long week-end at the City of Gyula.

Day-By-Day programs:

Friday, Ápril, 28. „Gates” open at 2 p.m. – ticket validation

3 p.m. – Aranykalász Folk Dance Group show by Pécska – Minority Traditional Association.

3 p.m. – Tour from the Castle’s garden by Pálinka Knights of orders to the 100 year old confectionery.

5 p.m. – Kartago band live concert

7.30 p.m. – Official opening – Transfer of Capital Key

8 p.m. – Magna Cum Laude live concert.

11 p.m. – Feró Nagy and Beatrice concert.

Saturday, April, 29. 0.30 a.m. – Retro Disco DJ autumn

10 a.m. Gates open – ticket validation

11 a.m. – Róna Zither Orchestra, Dorobanţi

Noontime – Körös and „Erkel Ferenc” local elementary school art of dance

1 p.m. – Grofó Kis concert

1.30 p.m. – Commercial Contest – Brillante 2017 – Pálinka distillery award ceremony, Ceremonial Hall – City Hall.

2 p.m. – Körös and „Erkel Ferenc” local elementary school art of dance

3 p.m. – Jolly and Suzy concert

4.30 p.m. – International and privat mandeta distilleries contest – Brillante Pálinka – 2017 award ceremony, Ceremonial Hall – City Hall.

7 p.m. Concert – Róbert Szikora with R-GO band

9.30 p.m. Concert – Bori Péterfy & Love Band

11 p.m. – Retro Disco – DJ Józsi Kovács

Sunday, April, 30. 10 a.m. Gates open – ticket validation.

10.30 a.m. – Pálinka Cup – Regional Archery Competition

10.30 a.m. – Quiz time … sights in Gyula led by Ilona Mészáros and Éva Mikus.

11 a.m. – Kolompos joint show

1 p.m. – Children’s show with Nightingale band

2 p.m. – Laci Gáspár concert

3 p.m. – Róna Zither Orchestra, Dorobanţi

5 p.m. – Clement concert

8 p.m. – Magdi Rúzsa Concert

9.30 p.m. – Antovszki Band

Choose from the enormous variety of Pálinka

Patrons of the event:

Dr. Ernő Görgényi – Mayor of Gyula

Dr. László Kulcsár – President National Agricultural Chamber Békés County

Dr. József Kovács – Member of Parliament


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Herald News – HUNGEXPO – Viticulture and Viniculture – 2017


District, X. 10. Albertisai Road – Budapest

January, 25 – 27. – 9 a.m. – 6 p.m.
January, 28.  – 9 a.m. – 5 p.m.

From the vineyard plantation to the production of wine!

The only hungarian trade exhibition of technology in viticulture and winery offers yet another opportunity for introducing market operators in the sector at the end of January in 2017. Bring along your new offers and launch the new year with a number of good deals!

The associated co-exhibitions of Viticulture and Viniculture in the HUNGEXPO Budapest Fair Center shall be the same this year as well: the most important domestically organised agrarian exhibition, AGROmashEXPO, AgrargepShow and Hungarian Garden, an event of gardening and park management.

The bunch of exhibition attracted 45.000 visitors in 2016, 11% of which was primarily interested in the Viticulture and Vineculture trade exhibition, while 18% of all visitors indicated that they are interested in vine growing and wine making.

The thematic covers the entire supply chain of wine making. Any product, technology and service associated with wines can be presented at the exhibition and from the past few years on wineries are also offered the opportunity to introduce themselves.

Distillation of Spirits – Enviroment Protection – Information Technology!

In 2017  would like to provide emphatically an opportunity to present equipment and devices used for distillation of spirits  i.e. Pálinka, complementing the topics related to wineries.
Thus reckon with the presence of all who deal with the manufacture and distribution or marketing of equipment and tools used for making Pálinka.
An additional new feature is the appearance of sector related environmental and hygienic equipment, machinery or tools, and the introduction of the more and more widely spread information technology solutions.

Daily ticket:3900HUF

Two-day ticket (for optional 2 days):5800HUF

Daily ticket – online paid, with registration:1900HUF

Two-day ticket (for optional 2 days) online paid, by registration:2250HUF

Discounted ticket (for pensioners and students):1900HUF

Discounted two-day ticket (for pensioners and students):3000HUF

Student group ticket/person (over 10 students):500HUF

The tickets are valid for all the simultaneous exhibitions AGROmashEXPO and Hungarian Garden

Entrance: Gate I., II. and III.

Source: Hungexpo Budapest Fair Center

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As the rum is the medicine for the sailors out on the Sea … the pálinka for the Hungarian’s was … still is as an universal miracle medicine for external-internal pain reliever, sleep aids and in use for antiseptic.

Still more than a  half-day or so to roll down to the Pálinka Festival, if you haven’t made it yet, to taste the  PEAR  Pálinka of the Year 2014 cause will reach the end by 10 p.m. this evening.

For many foreigner visitors staying in Budapest, small group travelers may have been introduced for the first time and went on a full-day pálinka tour when joining to taste the blend of the Year which was this year the Pear Pálinka at the City Hall Square this week-end. Furthermore most probably they enjoyed the good atmosphere, tastes and the good performances all along the way. One of the best way to learn about the country’s culture and traditions is to be where things are happening, and yepp the Pálinka Festivals in Budapest always are the timing to be around.

In addition to the well-known distillers, this year the visitors have  had the opportunity to see-taste-buy several pálinkas to  enjoy and to fulfill their foregoing experience by taking a sip at home.

Pálinka is not for the faint hearted folks, but there is a so-called saying … … If the pálinka is stronger than you than you’re not a man, so test your self and see on what you have to improve.  Anyway having too much tasting, head on over to one of the food stalls offering home-cooked traditional meals which are boiling on the spot to ease the hunger.

A record number of exhibitors were busy throughout the festival explaining to their visitors, customs about their background at their domestic pálinka distillery.

The number of pálinka distilleries  present at the festival were higher than even before and these qualified pálinka makers were passionate about their work and  more to it valued their customers.

Many Qs and As filled the air and many old pálinka festival visitors and foreigners learnt a lot of why the Hungarian Pálinkas taste rich in fully fruity and delicious flavors.

Just mentioning a couple of stands beside the overall 41 of them to be worthwhile to visit and have a sip: the „BUTI” Distillery and Pálinka House is a smaller family own environment, but as small as it is the wider selection of fruit and „veggies” are the stars, as: pumpkin, rose hips, elderberry, blackthorn, hawthorn, rowan, wild plum pálinka. Tasted the pumkin and hawthorn and became speechless, not because having too much but words can hardly describe simply heavenly, rich in flavors.

This year celebrating the 30-year-old „BÉKÉSI” Pálinka House, an invitation stood on the wooden-wall at the stand to come and celebrate together this anniversary by having a shot of pálinka from the Békésiville, of course this invitation was to call all who this year celebrated their 30th birthday. is as wonderful as the owner, so friendly and full of hospitality.

Many stop by at the „ZSINDELYES” Pálinka House stall  and was curious to taste the house speciality the: walnut liqueur.  While taking a good look at the lineup of assortment, a kind couple was looking at the lovely decorated stall and were wondering which on should they taste. Having a short chat with them, Estel, the young lady came from Barcelona and her boyfriend Emre from Cyprus, a lovely pair (see slide show). What really was amazing, she told me she met already the site and has read articles and also about the Pálinka festival and so they are both here right now. Well was a coincident situation … you ain’t meeting too often folks who come upon a visit reading the herald news of events to come in Budapest.

Last but not least, indeed worthwhile to pull attention to the MÁRTON AND DAUGTHERS” Pálinka House. Having to have spoken to Mr. Márton learned something new which may pull attention for many of interest.  As he said the Marton and Daugthers wished to produce kosher pálinka, but soon learned that it has rules to be kept having to be kosher and they cannot make it at the same distillery. Therefore, bought another pálinka distillery named „MATHEUS” Pálinka House, where under the rules of producing kosher pálinka was  under the supervision of two rabbis. One Sephardi rabbi arrived from Jerusalem from the Beit (House) Yosef Badac who is present keeping the Bet Yosef’s standards and the other rabbi Michael Scharf from London who is present, observing the compliance with the rules of producing kosher pálinka.   Mr. Marton and Daugthers have surely gold fingers to produce such a velvet taste in the BARDIN aged apple brandy which can be also tasted on the spot as well.  It has an awesome VSOP quality. Received a bronze medal at the Destillata International Spirits Competition in Austria in 2007.

The highlight on the past 4 days having finally beside the warmth of the sunshine days, Márton and Daughters booth served the cool long shot , a mixture of juniper pálinka with tonic, lay on with ice.

Well „So long!” for  now till the Year the Pálinka of 2015.

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Each year Budapest celebrates a specialty the Year’s Best Fruit Pálinka.

This year the protagonist on the stands  of  nearly 400 species of distillate luscious pear fruit pálinka will be in just an arm distance!

Don’t miss to be present at this journey to take you to heaven by the taste of the pure fruit pear pálinka !

The weekend of May, 22 up till 25 at the Downtown area at the Városháza Park reopens again the Pálinka Festival at this so-called spring event, which  cannot be called yet as the weather of springtime yet. Hopefully when the glasses will be filled with this year’s special treat the „Pear Pálinka of the Year” will be much more close to the weather for springtime. Until then here is the Herald News for the 4 days event awaiting the local and foreigners staying, working in Hungary.

After the resent year’s pálinka fruits debut as the plum, apricot and sour cherry, this year in the Capital the guest of honor will be the heavenly taste of the „Pear Pálinka”. Needn’t have to worry how it is served, ain’t no difference whether it is shaken or stirred, cause not talking about the whiskey… so it will satisfy all those visitors taste who wish to enjoy the well-known distillers, real  superior blend of fruit taste spirits. This year at the Spring Pálinka Festival the visitors will be awaited with the record number of exhibitors, with nearly 30 new and previously met distillery to offer their best-of-the-best year’s pear pálinka of the country.

Naturally, beside the awesome taste of pálinka there will be crunchy-munchies, unique gastronomic delights and sweeties. To avoid long and tiring queues, cash will be accepted everywhere instead of the previous years issued voucher on the spot and card payment systems. The entrance fee remained the same as in the past years: 2000HUF, and with the entrance ticket comes with two coupons … one for tasting the Pear Pálinka of the Year, while the other can be used at any distiller for tasting one pálinka.The daily tickets are valid for multiple entries during opening hours.  This year the finest pear  fruit Pálinka of Hungary will be in the produced in a limited edition blend with only 1500 bottles. In deed,  if anybody wish to purchase one of them,better to be a visitor on the first day at the Pálinka Festival.

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A dash of pálinka is like medicine and good to spice up your life!


Kristof Nobilis opened the press meeting by saying, Quote: “The joy of life depends on very little things. The pálinka is a little thing that make the moment memorable. Therefore, I decided to create a pálinka, where I also welcome spices to spice up my daily life. Also what I can by heart recommend to my dearest friends. Probably for many might be strange the name ’Nobilis” of the pálinka brand. It is no else than also my family name. Indeed, everyone in a second may recognize both a family name and also the name of the pálinka. In the brand’s name ”Nobilis” stands by itself for “Nomen est omen” … the best quality pálinka.”  He also spoke of their philosophy of the spirits, Quote: „How we cook our pálinka? We begin in our cooking by going out to the orchards. Examining the growth of the fruit in their early age. Keeping our fingers cross not to have the icy cool nights to avoid freezing of the buds during the springtime. Only the most healthy, ripe and nectar-rich fruits are gathered and off they go to the distillery.  I am convinced the best fruity taste of a pálinka starts from out on the fruit plantations and not at the distillery … We are incredibly proud of the results that earned gold and silver medals for the Nobilis Pálinka Farm which was at one of the best and most competitive in the world, the  World Spirits Award. The contest this year stated with the participants of 30 countries and 400 Klagenfurt distillations. This was 11th edition of the competition, whereas the Nobilis: Irsai Oliver Grape and the Plum Pálinka both took the gold medals, while the Nobilis: Pear, Quince, Cherry and Apricot was awarded with a silver medal.”

A shower of shinning medal awards fell into the Hungarian Nobilis pálinka distillates. More than 1,400 distillate were present competing with their spirits recently arranged in San Francisco  at the World Spirits Competition. In the year of the Olympic Games in 2012., beside the Hungarian athletics who also won awards … the Nobilis blackcurrant pálinka won the Gold medal of 2012 at the World Spirit Award competition. Nobilis latest Premium Dark Beer Pálinka has the ingredients of Dark Beer Budweiser … it has a reminder to the Whisky but having a richer flavor distillate

The year 2014 already started well for the Nobillis pálinka. the most respected profession the „Destillata” another world of spirits is shortly reaching its 25 years in holding competitions. This year a record number of entrants  were received  to participate int he competition of pálinka at the 2014 Salzburg Destillata. Participants of 183 distillery and 1700 submitted items were involved. The „Nobilis Pálinka” was among the record number to be the winner of their pálinka. Seven Silver and Seven Bronze medal, which took in Podiums, by being number one beside the other 29 Hungarian competitors.

Awards have become an increasingly popular and important in the international spirits competition. Although hundreds of brands enter the competition, naturally only brands with the highest scores receive honors. Recently, the Nobilis pálinka bottles flew over to San Francisco and took part in the competition of the world’s top Distillates duel with each other within the framework at the World Spirits Award 2014 – Master Class Distillery and won the golden medal.

Over the past 20 years distilleries have had been growing like the grass after rain in Hungary. Small companies spirits are not yet available on a global distributorship‐level, but are worthy of recognition and hopefully the Nobilis will be beside some European liquor stores on the shelves and more to it, over the Ocean to be on an international scale for the consumers who are most concerned with the good and excellent taste of pálinka. Did not mention yet … not a shocking news, but all the Nobilis pálinka has the alcohol of 40% … so to keep in mind „no drink when drive”

Not sure whether it is a Hungarian saying or not but it goes like this … There is no better group of advisors for a product than real consumers … cheers

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“HAVE MOXIE” was the title of the competition, whereas the finalist’s in the contest   prepared their out most  recipes to be judged and awarded  at the of the Essencia Cooking School – Budapest on November, 21. 2013. The finalist had a chance in preparing their fantasy dishes with the use of the pálinka product “895 Hunnium” (The name of the product “895 Hunnium” is the date when the Hungarians conquested of the homeland. The “895 Hunnium” is a distillate selection from prime fruits.)

Already well-known six gastro-bloggers came along to present their skills in composing their fantasy dishes with the use of the white label “895 Hunnium Pálinka” which spirits were selected as the World Cup Winner distillery. The speciality of these pálinkas were aged before the bottling on dried – bedded – or in oak barrels.

While the six finalists : Sándor Csíki (Food & Wine Magazine), Gabojsza Gyepes (Gabojsza konyhája), Eszter Hessky (Elle Magazin), András Jókuti (Világevő), David Kárai (NoSalty), Annamária  Riedl (Rozmaring és Csokoládé) were busy in the kitchen, the invited press individuals were to enjoy the lovely  atmosphere in the house with an experience in tasting the new distillates:  Bedded Apricot, Bedded William Peach, Bedded Cherry and  Ripened Plum by Imre Csatai, master of pálinka.

The tournament best tastes were judged by the grand jury, composed of Sophie Mautner, author of the Chili & Vanilla blog, Balázs Csapody, owner of the  “Little Crickets Restaurant”, Imre Csatai, pálinka master  and Csaba Harmath, gastronomic critic, restaurant and wine expert.

At the final countdown, Dávid Kara … (alias „cavalryman of flavors”) one of the author’s of the NoSalty was the winner and received the „wanderer award” with his composition of  the lamb scoop  a’la spicy chestnut, apricot pálinka sauce.

The three winners of the contest got richer by receiving an invitation to spend an adventure week-end, with  Imre Csatai, master of pálinka, to learn more of the Subotica pálinka, the  world’s top award-winning distillery of Laszló Boni.

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OCTOBER, 3 -6.2013.

Buda Castle lays in the Castle District where  the 7th occasion the national’s annuals pálinka and sausages  October, 3-6. 2013 filled the air in this time of the season. The Festival offered close to 30 exhibitors bringing their Pálinka from more than 400 different distilleries around  the country, along with ten sausage makers, delightful wines from the four corners of Hungary and the masters of cheese makers were out throughout the 4 days to welcome  the visitors and to make sure they would not leave the surroundings being hungry and trusty. A new event at the festival,  providing an opportunity for the visitors to prepare their own pálinka by joining the blend course giving by the Rézangyal Pálinka House on the spot. Creating your own pálinka was offered with 4 different plum pálinka to configure ones own taste, flavor and the percentage of alcohol. This year the guest country was from the Caribbean territory, which brought the atmosphere, hot shots to our season of fall. No surprise for the visitors to see and have a sip of their three-letter word… RUM,  their national drink.  Also to have a wide-spread of cocktails prepared and served in the Caribbean style. The Caribbean mood was hot…hot…hot with rum all over with hot rum drinks. The evening’s filled the air with a Caribbean bands entertaining the audience. Special desserts made with rum, mentioning two awesome sweets: sweet bread cake filled with banana-rum-pudding, caramel pudding with rum whipped cream. Beside having a break at the food and drink “department”, the ongoing programs really took the visitors to the Caribbean shores. The Jamaican chicken curry and the “jerk” chicken  Ala …Costa Rica was mouthwatrering.h The hot rum drink escorted well the  evenings Caribbean bands. The festival was a perfect venue to introduce  the country’s regions,  values ​​the culninary, wines and pálinka. The highlight of the Festival of this year was and even for the first time to be out at the festival was to purchase the plum filled sausages. Within the food there was no shortage of a wide choice: mangalica meat in all style, Salami shops, Venison Sausage and Goose cracklings, “Csöppentő”. This year the organizers came out with a new venue  sweets for sweets filled with hot shots. The main outfit was the pálinka dressed in  chochos. The magic flavored macaroon was pretty popular. The “bedded raspberry pálinka in dark chocho  was heavenly as well , not to mention the pear pálinka held in white chocho. The Békési Pálinka-House for the first time brought to the Budapest’s Pálinka festival a map of their plum plantation and offered the visitors an option for adoptions of a plum-tree from the orchard and the next harvest they can have their own plum pálinka through wage distillery. If anybody missed this year’s Pálinka and Sausage Festival, on the premisses of the Buda Castle area, then have to wait for another 365 days for the 8th Annual Pálinka and Sausage Festival. Better to make a note in calender on the last days of this year,  as a reminder to mark  in the calender, the month of September in 2014 for the Pálinka and Sausage Festival in Budapest.

See you at the Buda Castle in 365 days!

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Q.: What could it be, that mellows your mind, luscious, juicy, intoxicating aroma, and on the bottom line, taste hell hot, sometimes stronger than a man … Giving up? See the A. below…

Scene:, 1., Ady Endre, Békés …will be organizing the 7th annual Feast of the Red Plum Pálinka!

This year the feast of the Red Plum Pálinka will fill the air all around Békés … no wonder cause the increasing success year-by-year had proved its popularity among local Hungarians and foreigners visiting and temporary staying in Hungary.

Here are some highlights of the day …  Be ready for a day of competitions:

Competition1 „Ciber-soup” (Around the different regions of Hungary this soup is prepared with different kind of fruits, taste like a sour fruity bowl and serving cool). It’s like magic,  heavenly in taste, refreshing, especially on the hell hot summer days-and-nights.

Competition2Pálinka cooking ... Make your own pálinka.  Mashed fruit trucks will be rolling on the road to its final stop at the  Békési Pálinka Distillery. The winner of the wage decoction will receive the feast’s prize, as the best Palinka in the house. The competition is unique by itself, cause right on the spot the majority of the sample site assessment will be tested by the jury immediately.  The winner will receive an attractive prize handed over by the judges who are the experts of the Hungarian Palinka Knights. 

Competition3preparing, stuffing sausages will be there for handy individuals to have the experience  of preparing the traditional Hungarian sausages.

Competition4Family bike skill competition.

Programs:  Prune skill games not just for kids, but adults can also go for it. What will be awaiting for the visitors … special feast with more-and-more colorful programs than ever before,  and fluid mouth-watering delights, as home-made food spiced up plums awaiting to welcome the visitors at Békés … but what would be a feast in Hungary without the indispensable element of a huge selection of local hand-made crafts … guess not too much, that’s for sure, so there will be for all ages, all sorts of trifles which can be obtained at the booths  and surroundings at the feast and mind you donating your hubby, friends, relatives, clients a bottle or two of the purchased Békési red plum pálinka with a unique label will be just at your fingertips. Beside the heavenly flavor red plum pálinka a bunch of surprises, high-quality shows, entertainment for young and elder folks will be throughout the day.

So be there early on the 10th of August, cause from  dawn to midnight … meaning from 7 a.m. (for some folks it may seem to be dawn) a hug truck will roll along the streets of Békés with a bang-boom alarm and music to awaken the sleepers as to come and be a part at the celebrating party of the red plum pálinka. Just a glance to the programs to be offered, starting at 10 a.m. Children’s Playhouse in Paradise – Toys and craft programs. 10 a.m. – 1 p.m. At the „cooking room” pálinka cooking competition. 10.15 a.m. the art of distillery and tasting 10.30 a.m. consume parade, kids plum costume parade11 a.m. the family bike skill competition organized by the Peaceful County Accident Prevention Committee.

Noontime … The performance of the  “Suttyomba” Underhand Band. 1 p.m. The charity sausage makers and service competition. Competing teams: Knightly Order of St. GeorgeCsaba Sausage ClubGyulai Traditional Butchers Association. 1 p.m.- 5 p.m. Brandy recognition test. 1.30 p.m. Aerobics time.  2 p.m. Belencéres Dance Ensemble. 3 p.m. Sausage competition’s awards ceremony. 3.15 p.m. Big Sausage Party, taste the County’s open fire baked sausage.

The evening’s entertainment won’t be missing, beginning at 7 p.m. – 10 p.m. with the Belencéres Dance Orchestra ensuring the moody atmosphere. After them coming  up on  stage the „Fasy Night Club”,  with Ádám Fásy  and his invited guest performers ,  LL Cool J, Zsüliett Fásy, Viktor Varga, Tibó Music, Anna Peller, Ádám and Fásy.

For those folks who survived the “tough challenging day”   filling up with yummies and tasting the unique by itself, the red plum pálinka  and still remain on one’s feet and feel like dancing may put on their dancing shoes and dance the night away from 10 p.m. until midnight along the hit tunes from way back at the Retro Disco..

Worthwhile to mark the day … Keep in mind, Saturday, August 10. 2013. … meet you at the steam mill distillery at Békés!

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