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„Setting a Wine Xmas Tree” – Best of Lake Balaton’s Wines – Budaprest – 2015


Tuesday, December, 15. 2015.

City Park – Ice Rink – Budapest

District, XIV. 5. Olaf Palme passage

The Lake Balaton circle’s wineries decided that after having a huge success at last year’s event „Setting a Wine Xmas Tree”,  by the most famous wineries will be coming this year to Budapest again with also the lake’s most known wine makers, gastronomy and representatives from the local tourism service. The visitors may watch as the wine makers set the bottles to build the Wine Xmas Tree.

During the event the Lake Batalon’s winemakers will be bringing around 40 different labels for wine tasting. The family run wineries will be presenting here for the first time the wines which are still in barrels. These wines will only be out on the market in the coming springtime and will have a collective and unified label under the name Balaton Wines. It will be reflecting of the origin of  the location of the wine.

The event most spectacular attraction this year for the second time will be the amazing „developing statue” the formation of the Wine Xmas Tree starting at 4.30 p.m.

Subsequently, connected to the  Season of Advent, the Saloon will be opened at 5.30 p.m. where the guests will be received in the well-heated Banquet Hall. This area is open for the public, but not with the valid ice rink entrance ticket.

Entrance fee to the Banquet Hall  the ticket  price is 2000HUF.

Previously  ourchased tickets for skaters to enter to the  ice rink and skate around Wine Xmas Tree, have a taste of the delicious wines harvested from the area of  Lake Balaton  is free of charge.

Meet these Wineries to taste their wines and have a chat with them about their wines, who will be: Bezerics Winehouse, Bujdosó Vineyards and Winery, Laposa Estate,Légli Vineyards and Winery, Szent Donát Winery, Szeremley Estate. Istvándy Winery, Váli Wine and Villa Tolnay.

Gastronomy: Taste of Balaton – Bar and Delicatessen, Balaton Uplands National Park  – Handicraft products, Bergmann – Confectionery.

Representatives from the tourism: National Park – Balaton Uplands, Bonvino Hotel – Badacsony, Hungarian National Tourist Office.

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Skiing opportunities in-and-around Hungary


The press conference was opened by Ruszinkó Adam – Deputy State Secretary for Tourism – Economy Ministry saying, the Hungarian winter sports tourism aspects, especially in the domestic field in skiing opportunities are in-and-around the country. The Tourism in the current year pointed out that the data in all respects shows for the positive expectation to Hungary to be this year’s most successful year ever in tourism. Continued by saying, in the first three-quarter of the year 2015., 8.16 million visited Hungary and within this number was 20.75 million guest overnight spent at commercial accommodations. The number of guests by the number of guest nights was higher than the previous year’s. In particular, domestic tourism for almost half of all overnight stays represented the number in increasing. The Deputy State Secretary emphasised to be looking  forward to a great season by Hungarian skiers. Taking into account the figures of the previous year’s season five hundred thousand Hungarian skier, keeping up in staying domestically even for just one night. A new turn in the traveling tourism could be by locals and foreigners. For many enjoy to spend time at 2 to 4 nights as a short relaxing trip to the wellness spa resorts. He added, this time can be spent absolutely and worthwhile to go up to the mountain side for skiing for also that period. This performance would positively contribute to further strengthening of the domestic tourism in the off-season period. The domestic enterprises really are unto do as best of everything in their power so that in Hungary the ski lovers could have the option of staying in Hungary for skiing. The domestic ski resorts are close in distance and on the one hand are more affordable than slopping down in other European country. For the foreigners, who just spend a short time with small children or want to have a bit of ski teaching in advance is the right place to come to enjoy the available pre-ski training at good conditions and need not have to spend a day abroad in learning the first technical, physical steps in skiing. The Hungarian ski pistes in wintertime also welcomes the ski lovers and with the well-equipped plastic shells is perfect to gain the acquired knowledge of skiing for domestic smaller kids, young adult and adults.

Tamás Glázer –  Tourism deputy general manager at Tourism – Hungary outlined the following …  Their project is „Enjoy skiing at home”. The beginners and pros skiers can enjoy themselves on the ski slopes in Hungary. The priority of the winter season tourism in stimulating the domestic and ski-related accommodations, most restaurants are small or medium-sized enterprises that accept currency in the domestic. The goodies of the Tourism vacation cards were also emphasized. The quality of domestic services reached the level to beginner to pros, everyone can feel well on different tracks. Then Tourism general manager also confirmed that the enquiries indicate already to a good chance that 2015-2016 can be a record year for tourism in Hungary.  This year’s winter season has launched 10 times within the Budapest Winter Invitation promotion campaign by the Hungarian National Tourist Office. The collaboration was already made by the providers in the tourism service by the Hungarian Association of Hotels and Restaurants. The campaign’s goal is to popularize Budapest within the winter services in increasing tourist traffic and extend the time of staying by local and foreigners visitors.

At the press conference István Chernel – Ski and Tourism Cluster talked about the name itself of Cluster. Staring with first the connected to István Chernelházi Chernel (1865 – 1922) – Hungarian ornithologist, who in 1893 (Norway) introduced the ski and skiing. More than 1893 promotional articles have been published and in 1896 he wrote and published his book titled “The Footsledge Manual” This was the first edition in history that a Hungarian describe the sport. Up to this day his works hung in the domestic skiing basics with technical skills. Cluster is designed for sport, physical activity and domestic promotion of the culture of snow sports and winter sports. Just a quick  overview of ski facilities and in skiing around the world … there are  80 countries, 2,119 ski lifts are operating a total of 26,934. More than 6 million hotels are available around the globe for skiers. On Earth more than 100 million people ski regularly, most of them in Germany (14.6 million), the US (13.6 million) and Japan (11.5 million), while in Hungary, 0.5 million (497 thousand). The number of skiers world is highly significant, but he was happy to say there is a slight change in growth, and hopefully by the locals and foreigners it will continue to increase. According to the figures, the dynamic growth in China and Eastern Europe is expected to target the non-skiers groups by 2020. More and more people are traveling for winter vacation to places. In recent years, the general trend of increase in demand for shorter (three days) ski programs (several times, shorter duration). These three factors significantly assist in the development of domestic skiing. Summarising the “Skilands” in Hungary there 42 ski trails, 70 lifts, 30 lit up at night. During daylight and lit up as it darken  at 27 ski schools. A total of 46 ski lifts in operation at the snowy field. The Cluster has 26 members, of which 10 pieces of snow-covered ski resort at Dobogókő, Eplény, Kékestető, Lillafüred, Mátraszentistván, Nagy Hideg Hegy – Great Cold Mountain, Normafa  -Norma Wood, Sátoraljaújhely, Pécs, Visegrád.

Furthermore  detailed information in English language concerning Cluster visit:

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The Advent Fair’s was rich with exhibitors arriving to Budapest from the region of Lake Balaton!

The event organizers at the Capital welcomed with a special surprise for the invited guests by a technology giant 10 meter length ice frozen Lake Balaton silhouette at the City Park – Ice Rink. Here this day, you could skate around the lake as a Olympics champ within minutes. (By-the-way, the original size of the Lake Balaton is impressive … 78 km long in length, widest point in the north and the south coast 14 kilometers apart, and in total of 592 square kilometers. So in Hungary stands Europe’s largest freshwater lake. Locals referred to it as the “Hungarian Sea”,  no wonder because centuries-and-centuries ago this area actually was covered with water of the sea.)

The Lake Balaton circle’s wineries brought their particularly fine unique wines to Budapest to build a spectacular Xmas tree in the middle of the ice rink, whereas the skaters were addressed through the loudspeaker to skate to the Xmas tree and have a taste of the wines from the area of the Hungarian Sea.  Dr. Ádám Ruszinkó, Assistant Secretary of State for Tourism opened the event by saying this is the first Lake-Saloon and Wine Xmas tree that reminds us of the beauty  full year around of Lake Balaton and especially  drawing attention to the coming season’s holiday, as the “Best gift for Xmas is the Lake Balaton”.  In other words, the organizers aim was to offer for the Lake Balaton lovers the experience to spend time in the shortly coming season holiday, having a wellness week-end during the New Year’s Eve by the lakeside and/or take a wine tour, pick up some gifts, or craft at one of the fine winemaker’s winery introduced at this event.  Also said, of course, the list is long of those wineries from the  Region of Lake Balaton whom were not present at the  set up of the Wine Xmas tree  and to have had the possibility to taste their superb wines. Anyway, in the meantime, indeed worthwhile to learn about the opportunities  here on the spot offered by the region’s producers and find that special taste you are looking for. At the event all the products were available to purchase.

Exhibitors. Wine makers: Bezerics, Bújdosó, Istvándy, Konyari; Laposa, Légli, Palffy, St. Donát, Szeremley, VáliBor, Villa Tolnay.  No surprize when talking about wine regions in Hungary to have our eyes  at the same time  their  local gastronomy, special delights. Here the Balatonízlelő craft delicatessen, Bergmann Confectionery, delicatessen Gurman, Gabor Pach fruit pálinka, Kistücsök Restaurant delicatessen products, Balaton Uplands National Park craft products were on the spot to taste and purchase some goodies to serve at the coming event. That evening the Hungarian National Tourist Office represented  one of the most cosy hotel’s at the northern area of Lake Balaton, the Bonvino Badacsony Hotel.

The event’s guest of honor was by the presence of  Kreinbacher  and Tornai from the Somlói wine region.

This fall, have launched the Lake Balaton wines quality assurance system.  The best lakeside producers were here from the wine region. The tender was out in designing the unified label. In addition, been initiated  to introduction the trademark of  quality wines from Lake Balaton and to ensure to be more successful in the communication area.

Gábor Kardos – president of the Lake Circle, the idea to host the event said … Quote: „”The regional branding is globally a successful model and we also see it here in our Homeland the importance to show, offer and introduce to Europe’s  major cities the Lake Balaton region’s wine makers presenting “Best of Lake Balaton” as well. „

The Vocational Service of Hungary Water Rescue supported the event by joining the event with a mascot dressed in red . The bearded, wearing cool sunglasses “hipster” was an image of a loose, casually youthful Santa Claus around the Lake Balaton.

Added to the advent wreath, the lifeguards brought rescue rings and wine bottles with candles placed inside highlighted the magical mood on Advent’s Silver Sunday.

In addition to the wines Xmas tree, the wine makers lit along with the other exhibitors the advent wreath candles placed on a ship’s rescue belt. What an  awesome  way to celebrate  an  Advent Fair venue,  bringing, showing wine makers to the Capital at City Park’s  Ice Rink.

After having fun out on the ice rink, inside the assembly hall the tasting-party continued with the delicious wines and having typically Hungarian Xmas sweets, cakes and all that sweet tooth lovers eyes and senses can imagen. Just whispering … I got madly in love with the heavenly taste of the 100% of white grape juice from the Istvándy winery.

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No ordinary happening … Lake Balaton Wine Fair Advent and Xmas tree installation!

The happening will be on Sunday, December, 14  starting at 5.30 p.m. at the City Park on the Ice-Rink.

One of the most exciting events of the year is the Advent period. Many places in Western Europe will be holding the Advent Fair, whereas an entire region introduces itself. Coming up soon will be for the first time to be organized by the Lake Balaton Wine Regional Circle and the  Hungarian National Tourist Office the Regional Advent Fair in Budapest. At Budapest hitherto was no such program. This year partners of the Lake Balaton Wine Circle promises a day of fun and laughter, bringing the wines and food from the Lake Balaton’s wine regions. Hopefully and lets see if this coming event will be creating a tradition in the future as well. The organizers will be bringing winter fun-filled programs full of new impressions and  the range of “Lake Balaton Rich Flavors”. At the Ice Rink’s special assembly hall. The wine makers from the Lake Balaton will welcome the visitors to taste nearly 40 wines.  In addition, a fine time to purchase preferential bottles of wines for the coming season holidays. Furthermore, an individual will already have his/her Xmas present at the draw, by winning a weekend stay at the lakeside. So if anyone would like to experience winter at Lake Balaton, surprise your loved ones, cause during the event can book at the tourism service a significant discount stay.

The event’s main attraction will be the Wine Xmas tree installation on the Ice Rink!

The Lake Balaton wineries will dress up, mean bottle up creating a Xmas tree and the skaters rolling  on ice will be offered a sip of wine on their way.

Admission fees: Advent Fair and Balaton lake – wine tasting: 2000HUF. (Free entry is also possible eg. by Quiz Balaton). The visitors at the Ice Rink „Dressing up” the Xmas tree and Wine Tasting is Free.

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More than 250 exhibitors from over 15 countries  at 10,000 square meters, with a variety of professional culinary programs, between March, 10-12. 2014., at the HUNGEXPO – Budapest – Hungary.

On March, 4., a  press conference was held at the Sofitel Hotel , Budapest to spread the news of one of biggest exhibition and fair to Open it’s gate at the HUNGEXPO – Budapest. The press gathering  was held by: CEO  Gábor Ganczer – HUNGEXPO Ltd.,  Imre Horvath – CEO of METRO Ltd. , dr. Peter Simon –  Deputy general manager of the Hungarian National Tourist Office , Zoltan Hamvas – President of the Hungarian Academy of Bocuse d’Or , Zsuzsanna Hermann – Editor Trade magazine, Ms. Klára Tihanyi a media partner of the exhibition, Director of the exhibition , and Zoltan Kolonics – „SIRHA”  Ambassador confectionery.  In addition to domestic firms, 20% of the exhibitors  are arriving from abroad.

Imagen „SIRHA”  as an Island of goods,  where the food, the baking and confectionery industry, the hotel and catering industry and gastronomy  comes alive at the  venue  at Hungexpo  as a new international trade fair. It is organized by GL Events , a subsidiary of the Hungexpo Ltd. After having been previously held at Lyon , Istanbul, Moscow, Geneva and Shanghai it will be the first time in our country . The exhibition to be held is worth to visit, whereas it represents the ongoing flowering and culinary excellence in our  home kitchen, these were the welcoming  words to  the invited media and professional staff by Gábor Ganczer CEO Hungexpo Ltd.

Dr. Simon Peter – deputy general manager of the Hungarian National Tourist Office highlighted the variety of offers at the AMC’s booth, whereas the Hungarian diverse range of products, including authentic „SIRHAN”  wines will be sparkling during show.

At this international forum  professional, representatives of the domestic industry will receive the utmost professional support by the key technical partner  the METRO Ltd.

The METRO Trading Co. Ltd. is looking ahead to a special and busy year  celebrating its  20th year at domestic and 50th year being available at international  venues. This  anniversary celebration will the METRO Ltd. a unique international trade exhibition , to be along at the „SIRHAN”  with the Bocuse d’Or great professionals as a partner on this Jubilee year. When the „Q” was  raised as an idea of joining the exhibition , there was no question that the METRO partner will be in the series of events , just as the Bocuse d’Or Academy, was at the Lyon World finals on along being supporting our company.  ” METRO Ltd” brings the 21st century’s culinary delights to the „SIRHAN” , where every visitor  can feel free to dip into the supply of a variety of programs , just like as a customer  at the market. Approximately  having an exhibition  and lectures, joint workshops with professional  ​​regional and national leaders, VIP lounge , barista demonstrations at an 800 square meter of booth where the guest arriving to these presentations. The international trade will play a prominent role at the “SIRHA”  in food and hospitality exhibition. said Mr. Imre Horváth, CEO – METRO Ltd.

A couple of exhibitions in brief taking place at the first time on the  international  level  of „SIRHA” : Dessert Competition … The exhibition pastry Ambassador Zoltán Kolonics, Gerbeaud creative pastry chef will be in assistance at the jury staff of experts. The project aims to uptake in our country the creative confectionery, to provide a forum for progressive, multi-cultural desserts. Innovation and competitiveness …  Will be under the organization by the Trade Magazine. The exhibitors may enter in four categories with their products and their services as: food, confectionery and bakery industry, machinery and technology. Furniture and Wood Industry … Under the leadership of the Hungarian Furniture and Wood Industry Association, a wide-spread of the latest trends, different style of furniture and wood industry products will be out on display showing the visitors many features in taste and style. Future Store Innovations … This year, for groups within 25-30 people may watch the moderator about what is to be in hand for the future, and to see on the shelves the next time they come across in the stores. Food Industry Exchange … Beside  of  having  small stalls by additional exhibitors, they  will also have the opportunity  to listen, take part at the  lectures. Bocuse d’Or Hungarian Selection … The semi-final  „SIRHA” international competition will take place at the Hungexpo. The 6 chef’s training has already started its preparing in January, and already know that the constituent elements of the menu is the Swedish pig, oysters, scallops and black cod. The Bocuse d’Or has more than two decades in history naturalized throughout the world. It is a kind of racing, where you are prepared to work in front of the jury members who are already the world’s greatest chef.  Here at this point, Mr.Zoltan Kolonics mentioned an important information by saying, the Hungarian Bocuse d’Or Academy submitted the application to the Bocuse d’Or Europe 2016. Out of four competitor two remained, one is Vienna the other is Budapest… Lets  keep our fingers crossed and hope for being having the honor to organize  the international gathering in 2016. at the Hungexpo in Budapest .

Become a visitor to this huge international trade meeting where  during the three days  all sence will be awake with having the pleasure to concentrate on the current gastronomic trends , the latest solutions for the food and …  the cream on top of the cake  … on t he final day the culinary delights  will be featuring by the World’s masterful  chefs  at the  Bocuse d’Or competition with selection of Hungarian cooks to be crowned.  See  „SIRHA” food supplies of what the organizers, the sponsors will be providing on regional levels to the outstanding professionals.

The visitor registration, the exhibitor list and more detailed program information on the website of the exhibition can find:

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Be a travelling man, woman, enjoying the company of friends.

HUNGEXPO – Budapest Fair Center –  Entering Gates:  I. and III. –  Entry tickets on the spot.

District X., 10 Albertirsai Rd.

February, 27. – March, 2. 2014.

Opening hours throughout: Thursday – Sunday 10 a.m. – 6 p.m.  

Needn’t have to travel 80 days around the World… because at the year’s biggest tourism fair located at Hungexpo Fair Center is just about to open. Anyone visiting the fair can make it to have a peak at several country’s attractions, gastronomy or culture, then after chose which one … places they wish to explore in the forthcoming seasons.

One of the highlights for the visitors of this year beside the discount travel offers may have the luck to be rolling along as a Globe Hikers, by taking part within exciting games, whereas valuable prizes are to be won.

This year, nearly 30 exhibitors  and 500 exhibitors will be present offering their deals.

In 2014 the foreign country guest of honor will be Tunisia and the representatives will be holding plays, craft and theatrical programs, dance presentations and fashion shows to get to know more about their cultures. National honor guest from arriving from the City of Pécs.  Representing Hungary’s Culture, the guest of honor will be coming from the Matyóland (Matyóföld).

This year the fair features last year’s successful Tourism Communication Award competition, the public games, thematic islands and the online meeting calendar as well. Whilst rolling along the travel fair, can be visited the other held trade shows as: Caravan Salon, Vital Expo and Bike Expo.

Travel Tourism Communication Award competition. The TRAVEL Tourism Communication Award was granted within the aim to encourage effective communication about the domestic tourism operators and the dissemination of best marketing communication activities with the public and the profession. The goal remains the same as last year , whereas  the organizers have also created opportunities to course work. Proposals will be evaluated by a professional jury, consisting of representatives of the Hungarian National Tourist Office, Tourism Ltd, the Hungarian Marketing Association and the HUNGEXPO representatives. Participation to the daily conference is free of charge, but registration and a valid ticket to the Travel Fair is required. Mind you, these lectures are held in Hungarian language! Upon the end of the Travel Fair, on  February, 27., at the After Party the winners will be announced.

VIII. Caravan Salon … view the exhibition at the “D”  pavilion. This year’s attractions include the RV with a trunk of an electric Smart car which holds and present the (BIWA) residential  trailer.

Meanwhile, waiting for the Prize Draw on the  March, 1 and 2., don’t miss the daily belly dance show at the Majoros International (stand A 313/B) by 4 dancers performing regional folk music, named “liscio” and modern music. The modern musics are the ones in general by dance animators, usually holding at hotels entertainment night-shows for the tourists. Also the visitors will be able to create original wine labels using their own pictures by an E-infoterminal during the whole period of the exhibition.

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The Hungarian National Tourist Office and the New Western Literary Circle

… held its next upcoming presentation introducing the location of the West Transdanubian region, showing common cultural values ​​of this part of the country in the eyes of artists, through contemporary literature of Sándor Weörös, the writer (lived in the area). Held a superb slide-show along with the presentation of the Western Transdanubia connection with filmmakers by István Tama, marketing director – Hungarian National Tourist Office of the Region. His welcoming words were the region may be called  also called as a jewelry box, alike as what  is hold here at the Gold Museum. Talked, introduced within a slide-show the connect  of the International film makers who found the perfect venue sites to shot their movies. The region’s landscapes and locations caught ether attention, such as the image of Berlin, Versailles Castle, an American ski-fi and several Hungarian historical films were filmed there. The marketing director also highlighted some of the major tourist destinations and venues to note the worthwhile  places worthwhile to be  visited,  such as, the unique atmosphere of Sopron and Kőszeg, known for its Roman relics, so-called “the West Queen”, Szombathely and Győr, the cities of culture,  the World Heritage Sites:  Pannonhalma  and the Fertő landscape with the  medieval castles, baroque palaces, temples. Gain a bunch of  cultural experiences at Szigetköz, Fertő, Hanság, and also enjoy staying at the surroundings mountains at Sopron and Kőszeg. These places can be explored by walking, rolling around  by foot or biking. The “Volt” Festival (well know throughout Europa as a happening venue for pop, beat concerts)  the Savaria Carnival, the Baroque Festival, he just added a few of attractions that are connected to the region.   Also mineral baths, spa to relax welcomes the arriving tourists not only for a physical renewal, but mentally and spiritually to be recharged. During the evening Armandon Kautzky read aloud works from Sándor Weörös, the writer born in the region at Szombathely. The evening was accompanied by the guitar performance of Attila Dóka. Irsai Oliver, Rosé and red  wine  from  Sopron was also served after the presentations.

The event was hosted at the eye-catching István ZelnikSoutheast Asian Gold Museum (District VI., 110 Andrássy Blvd. Budapest). Welcoming words was by the Mr. Zelnik’s brother, saying,  quote: “It is no coincidence in having the New Western Literary Circle meeting here at the Gold Museum.  We took it as a honor to plan the upcoming event here, also in introducing the selection of the sculptures, jewelries, relics is like being in a golden caskets at Budapest, just as in  richness,  of course in other sence taking a virtual visit to the Western Transdanubia region. Before the presentation was held, we were invited to walk along the halls of the museum. Breathtaking exquisite artworks, unbelievable objects introducing art and culture of a land that many may even haven’t had heard about the existence. István Zelnik’s collection goes back to his 45 years of passion in collecting from a long gone, an unknown world of treasures and presenting the realms of culture and art of its colorful and multifaceted region. absolutely, a calm, amazing venue on the busy Andrássy Blvd., but entering into the building’s backyard area is like when the bars  are free to fall close  the outside traffic noise. Takes you to Southeast Asia to a  scene of an amazing tropical  garden filled with sculptures hiding in the „woods”. The pond is magnificent, also like a jewelry box. The wooden bridge above the cascade shows the magnificent waterfall, a touch a unique construction. Inside the „reception area” there is a wonderful Tea-and-Cake shop furnished to go with the region of the Southern Asia etc.

The  garden and the Tea House is open to the public. To visit the museum there is an admission fee.

A venue is not only rich for the eye and tastes,  but  also takes you away from a hard day to relax hard!

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