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SIRHA –  HUNGEXPO Budapest Fair Center – 2018.

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 HUNGEXPO Budapest Fair Center.

February, 7 – 9. 2018.

From Wednesday to Friday: 10 a.m. – 6 p.m.

District, X. 10 Albertirsai Road – Budapest

SIRHA Budapest’s ambition is to feature a comprehensive offering for the professionals of the food, baking and confectionery, hotel, hospitality and packaging industry and gastronomy.

Quoting: Zoltán Hamvas – president of SIRHA Budapest – president of the Hungarian Bocuse d’Or Academy – co-president of the Hungarian Hotel & Restaurant Association„For the experts of the region working in the food and catering industry, the SIRHA Budapest trade fair is an unmissable event where the professional audience meets the best and latest features of the sector. Covering gastronomy, the hotel sector, catering, food retail, the bakery and pastry industry and many other related services, SIRHA Budapest is an event which unites all branches of food industry services and gastronomy, providing an opportunity for the representatives of the various sectors to share their experiences with each other and make deals. Beyond the products on offer, the colourful range of events play a key role in this, from professional lectures and demonstrations to the competitions of chefs working in mass catering, confectioners and baristas. I must admit that I’m somewhat biased from all the events, the Bocuse d’Or competition is the dearest for me since the latest SIRHA Budapest hosted that wonderful event where the Hungarian team took first place as the best of Europe at the award ceremony, making it to the top of the podium. This year’s SIRHA Budapest will host the selection of the next Hungarian team. I wish them similar success, along with all the other visitors and exhibitors of the event!”

For visitors to keep in mind, the SIRHA Budapest – Pavillion A and G is strictly reserved for professionals. Proof of business may be requested at the entrance.

BOCUSE D’OR HUNGARIAN SELECTION – February, 8 – pavilon „A”

The Bocuse d’Or Hungarian Selection will take place on the second day of the exhibition. The gastronomic show provides opportunity to the professionals to meet the best chefs of the country. On the prestigious competition the best six chefs of the pre-selection will be competing each other. Competitors will be preparing a vegetarian and a meat dishes with a sauce and two garnishes each. The dishes will be presented in 10+4 portions. The mandatory vegetarian materials are risotto rice, quail and Gorgonzola. Also a vegetable and a spice is required for this dish, that will be drawn by the Hungarian Bocuse d’Or Academy. Obligatory materials of the meat dish are veal tenderloin, veal knuckle and the marrow. The winner of the competition will have the opportunity to represent Hungary at the European Selection in Piémonte-Turino, after the amazing success of Tamás SZÉLL at the last competition! Ingredients prepared in the competition are provided by the METRO Commercial Ltd. Competitors:Richárd ELEK, Ádám GARAI, Zsolt HARASZTI, Ádám POHNER, István VERES, István VOLENTER.

At the pavilion „A” unique opportunity to meet the elite in national and international gastronomy. The programs are packed with trade conferences, exhibitions and contests with worldwide famous chefs.

Sirha Budapest is  also one of the most important meeting point of the trade in the CEE region, where during three days, beside the exhibitors’ introduction, several institutions are organizing conference at the exhibition.

In the meantime: Tickets are available for SIRHA Budapest through online and on the spot as well. The purchased ticket is valid for a single entry/one person. On-line ticket purchasing (until February, 7.) 4750HUF (+250HUF service fee).   At the Hungexpo ticket booth the fee is for 5000HUF.

More detailed information of where, what’s happening and timing can be read:

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To-day was the Day of Chocolates, not that the day before and the following closing day the choco will be missing. The main attractions were making deserts in teeny-weeny glasses, choco decorations with presentations of invited professional presenters. Zoltán Kolonics – Pastry Ambassador of SIRHA Budapest

The international pizza baking contest took place during the late morning hours. It is a competition of who prepares the best pizza. The representatives of „Giropizza of Europe” will be the jury of who’s pizza is the best. Giropizza of Europe has established its brand and is well-known throughout Europe.

The Vador booth was elegantly organized with their products well-known in the Hungarian families. product offerings are primarily processed poultry carcasses cut-through product from the downstream products of highly processed, frozen, baked products and many others. Also their goose liver blocks are known abroad. Poultry meat, as duck, turkey are produced Allergen Free. Canned, Portóis Foie Gras Block and gift products are on the market.

In addition to the professional lectures the Metro Academy awaited the previously signed individuals to take  get ready for shopping int he late afternoon hours. Went ” to the market” with István Gálicz professional chef at the METRO Trading Ltd. At the METRO booth a modern market venue was just about a step away from the  booth where the cooking workshop was to take place. After selecting the meat and veggies Tamás  Bereznay professional chef at the METRO who also holds cooking classes at the METRO Ltd. led the candidates to let their imagination fly high in preparing a delicious lunch.

Tomorrow, at the SIRHA exhibition the day starts early. The Bocuse d’Or competition will be the highlight of the SIRHA event. The Bocuse d’Or printed its name throughout the world in history of chef’s competition more than twenty years ago. It is a contest where their works are prepared in front of the audience and no time for relaxing because the dishes have to be prepared within the given time..The jury is less non famous of the world’s greatest chef. After the success achieved by Tamás Széll in 2013. This year the SIRHA in Budapest, will bring on stage the previously selected Hungarian chefs to show their very best in their business. This year’s competition began in January when six chef preparatory training started. Be ready to keep in mind the constituent elements of the menu which will be the Swedish pig, oysters, scallops and black cod.

Time and date of this unique event: Wednesday, March, 12. from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m.  A place to be for locals and  foreigners visiting the chef’s competition, cause the Bocuse d’Or Hungarian qualifier also promises to be exciting.

The participants in the competition are: Daniel O’Shea, Árpád Györffy, Szabolcs Barhó, Gábor Molnár, Zoltán Szűcs and Gábor Galcóczi. The winner will participate  at the European finale in May – Stockholm to compete for being in 2015 at the finals in Lyon.

Finally, it is important to mention that the Hungarian Bocuse d’Or Academy submitted an application to the organize Bocuse d’Or of 2016. Final year European settlement and is included in the short list of Budapest. The chef competition venue will also be within the SIRHA exhibition at the Hungexpo in Budapest – Hungary.

Update and snaps by Aggie Reiter