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Remembering the liberated Auschwitz camp 70 years ago at the Holocaust Memorial Center in Budapest

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 NEVER AGAIN!!! In capital letters … International Holocaust Remembrance Day.

January, 27. 2015. Budapest.

The liberation of the Auschwitz Nazi concentration camp memorial service was held on the occasion of the 70th anniversary on Sunday at the Holocaust Memorial Center in Budapest.

During the event Lieselore Cyrus, Germany Ambassador emphasized, Auschwitz was inhuman of suffers, disenfranchisement, this was absolutely nadir in the history of civilization. The liberation of the former camp fills our soul in mourning and shame and we must never forget of the Jews and other victims  who had been deprived of their rights, their lives, their human dignity. Human dignity is inviolable and the most precious treasure. The German ambassador stressed out that Europe to-day is no place for intolerance, xenophobia and racist ideologies.

Ilan Mor, Israel’s ambassador to Budapest, he said that anti-Semitism has increased over the past few years. Physical security of Jews all around the world in danger. The fight against anti-Semitism is not just a matter of the Jews, but the overall challenge. Added,  that those who value the fundamental human values, freedom, must work together to combat anti-Semitism. The diplomat pointed out that those who deny the Holocaust, Israel is considered illegitimate, and all forms of denying Holocaust is a form of anti-Semitism. European leaders have to assess what they can do against anti-Semitism, and must work together in this fight. The ambassador believes the anniversary is a good occasion to remember the past and commit ourselves in building a better future.

Roman Kowalski Polish ambassador to Budapest sent a message read by Katarzyna Sitko, director of the Polish Institute in Budapest. The diplomat noted the Holocaust is in the Polish nation’s memory. It is an  important part in the Polish history. Even though the past history can not be changed, but it can and must be done by deducting from the lessons and to learn all about what happened  … for this tragedy there is no excuse. The ambassador underlined, have to get all manifestations of hatred, and responsibility is our duty to remember what happened.

György Haraszti – the Holocaust Documentation Center and the Chairman of the Memorial Collection Foundation Board of Trustees has pointed out that to-day’s commemoration is not about our grief, the sorrow, but about our better common future which will be pledge for our survivors who are here after so many terrible horrors. He has high hopes that history taught the lesson and managed to learn something from what happened and they do not repeat it.

After the commemoration concert was given with well-known songs to the ears for the public, as the theme of the Schinlder’s List that was played by Zoltán Mága  – violinist, accompanied by the symphonic orchestra. Maga’s friends also attended the concert, as: Béla Lakatos Szakcsi – pianistMiklós Szenthelyi – violinist,  Zoltán Maga’s  11 years old son played the violin and teenage daughter sung in Hebrew language the Jerusalem of Gold – Yerushalayim shel Zahav, which she learnt in one day for especially this concert with the assistance of  Béla Lakatos Szakcsi – pianist. Following the event, light a candle for the victims took place at the memorial wall.

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“150 Years of the Vigadó” – Budapest – Hungary


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January is the Ballroom season  … The first public dance ball was held 150 years ago!

Coming up … „Back to the Future”

Just a year before the 150th anniversary of the VIGADÓ, the “Hungarian Academy of Arts” was officially opened on March, 14. 2014. with an exhibition commemorating the oeuvre of Imre Makovecz, the founder of the Hungarian Academy of Arts.

The building’s predecessor, the Redoute and Vigadó originally was intended to be a Ballroom of dance and at that time there was no such right size of place. In 1865 the Vigadó Overture solved this gap by opening the Ballroom to the first public dance.

The Vigadó operational HQ’s of the Hungarian Academy of Arts is celebrating this year its 150th anniversary of the opening and shoots off with a series of programs in the frame of: “150 Years of the Vigadó”

The Hungarian Academy of Arts is proud to contribute to the Jubilee bonded rich in past of the Vigadó, and just as in 1865 celebrated within a  series of programs for over a month …  so remembering the past, this year on its 150 anniversary, the public body also decided to round mark the anniversary by handing over many cultural programs.

One of the outstanding event in January will be on Thursday, January, 29. at 8.15 p.m. with live broadcasting from the Royal Opera House – London „Giordano: André Chénier”  in the Chamber Hall.  

Venue: District, V., –  2. Vigadó Square – Budapest.

Naturally, the multi-applicability had the advantage in the early years and in a short time the most successful international composers also were performing at the Ceremonial Hall. To-day still functioning as a „center of artistic” – Vigadó Concert Hall in Budapest and also known as a sophisticated building in Europe.

The Vigadó Hall is the only venue in Hungary to have six branch of arts showing in one day at a time. In the building around the historic spaces can be held, visited different productions and sites, as: conference, concert, exhibition, library, Chamber Hall, Vigadó Gallery, coffee-house.

If these „Walls” could speak over a handful of unique events …  ice balls, fancy-dress parties … etc.

Some backgrounds … Most luxurious ball to be hosted at the Vigadó was the one organized by the National Rowing and Sailing Association in 1870, with a rich order of dances, lavish props, a sailor-suit military band, and a goldfish pool. The most noteworthy ball was the one commemorating István Széchenyi, known in Hungary as “the greatest Hungarian”. In 1867 Emperor Franz Joseph attended the banquet hosted by the Vigadó in honour of his coronation, and it was also here that Budapest was born by the merger of the old cities of Pest, Buda and Óbuda (old Buda).

The Vigadó hosted the first all-Liszt concert in Hungary in 1869 At his celebration of his half-century artistic career, Liszt was presented with a gold laurel wreath and a number of foreign awards, including honorary membership of the St. Petersburg Academy of Music. In 1875 Liszt and Wagner co-organized a concert to raise funds for the construction of the Bayreuth Theater (Festspielhaus) – Germany.

The Vigadó also hosted performances by: Johann Strauss Jr.,Mascagni, Dvořak, Debussy, Arthur Rubinstein. Ernő Dohnányi had his first solo concert here. Béla Bartók and Annie Fischer made their debuts here in 1905 and 1932 respectively. Richard Strauss conducted from the rostrum of the Vigadó several times, and Prokofiev also appeared on its stage as a pianist.

Beside classical music, jazz had also found its way into the music ears within the Vigadó programs. Teddy Sinclair conducted the Savoy Orphée band with a flashlight as a baton in 1928. Also the outstanding twenty-four-piano jazz concert was organized  by the Saxon Concert Office during the spring of 1937.

From among the Hungarian conductor celebrities, János Ferencsik conducted the Philharmonic Orchestra for the first time here in 1938. The last foreign guest conductor to appear here before the end of the war was Herbert von Karajan in 1944.

World-famous performers who stepped on stage at the newly reconstructed Vigadó, included György Cziffra, Dénes Kovács, Eszter Perényi, Miklós Szenthelyi, and Sviatoslav Richter. Ken-Ichiro Kobayashi conducted the Hungarian State Symphony Orchestra here as well.

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Life is not a movie script, yet this love story happening, rolling on the Orient Express railway track deserves to be seen!

The time and date of arrival will be sharp at

2 p.m. on Saturday, December, 13. 2014.,,

by the artists arriving from the Jókai Theater in the  City of Békéscsaba to the Art of House at Gödöllő.

The premiere show begins at 7 p.m. Saturday, December, 13. 2014.

For the time being, the musical performance in Budapest will also be on show at

1.30 p.m. and 7 p.m. on Monday, December, 15. 2014.

As previously mentioned early this week, it is also predicted to be held a series of the Orient Express show in May, 2015.,  and will be listed in the theatrical programs of the Jókai Theater in Békéscsaba.

For further information to see what the future hold visit:

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Many have heard of the Orient Express  which made its history in the pre-war years and later was also associated in many forms around the World … Established many books, Agatha Christie’s thriller film, the adaptation of Ian Fleming’s “From Russia with Love”‘.

The MUSICAL FORMATION is to be for the FIRST TIME in HUNGARY and a WORLD PREMIERE presenting to the eyes and ears the elegance and luxury on the route of the Orient Express.

World premiere!

7 p.m. Saturday. December, 13. 2014. 

Art of House at Gödöllő!

The 4,350 mile journey in just 2 hours within an extraordinary MUSICAL SHOW rolling on the rail tracks that will take you back in time, in having a peak on the route of the world-famous Orient Express. The premiere show will be  presented by the musical troupe of the Békéscsaba Jókai Theater, director and production designer: Péter Fekete. So we heard at the press conference which was held on Tuesday, by representatives of the production at the Hungarian Railway Museum‘s inside the chocolate-and-cream colored train with Lalique glass and wood-panelled dining car. The coming up performance is connected to the 100th anniversary of the fourteen war. In 1914 at Zemun – Belgrade, the Sava bridge was exploded, whereas previously on the trails, rattling bridges, spanned over rivers and gaps connecting East and West said Péter Fekete. Also added, he had been thinking of the idea to bring on stage the history of the Orient Express in a musical formation, researching background materials to implement into the show as: … Quote: “beheaded journalists, suicide bombers equipped with explosives, chador wearing bright-eyed and bare-faced women, photocopied images hanging on the wall. Concentrated on interoperability problem between the East and West, the collision points to make the eternal story.”

Main philosophy … Quote: „We can only accept each other …  if we get to know each others culture … if we accepted each other …  then bridges will not be exploded … said Péter Fekete.

The musical production is fulfilled with elegance, adventure and the great symbol of traveling  by rolling on and on the rail tracks  from Paris and Istanbul. This is the story of a great trip, crossing boarders presenting the different cultures within each country’s arts, styles, dance, folk music.  The show will follow musical roots of Western culture, the French Impressionists Expressionists and musical ideas, Balkan folklore music, Vienna and Budapest coffee house atmosphere, and Turkish folk motifs. The show floats the audience  back to the grandiose, unique spectacle-world, in two-act theatrical piece, contemporary luxury route between East and West. Also highlighting the show with the performances of the Cimbaliband  group , „Fricska” – Flick dance group, and  the Talamba Percussion Ensemble..

The play is actually based on a simple love story … if a love story can be simple … a man play by: György Szomor/Csaba Vasvári from Paris and from Istanbul, played by Petra Gubik, a woman travelling to approach each other. While on the trip through music, dance, tell their own stories. Half way on their journey, the bridge was exploded. Soforth, this was destroying their possibility in encountering each other. The history is well-known as breaking, tearing apart men and women as the 1914 outbreak of the First World War.

György Gémesi – Mayor of Gödöllő said, the House of Arts in Gödöllő will host the Orient Express music and dance production for the first time on stage in Hungary and in the world. This will be the world premiere within a musical show of the outbreak of World War I. The major added, arriving to the premiere will be the major of Sarajevo and other honored guests. Also said, within this production will be one of the 50 memorial and cultural events to take place in Hungary in memorial to the thematic worthy end of the outbreak of the WWI. Balázs Kovács – executive director also expressed his honor to have the Orient Express world premiere production on stage at the House of Arts in the Cultural and Conference Center – Gödöllő.

 Somehow missing to be at the Saturday’s premiere,there is also a chance to see the production on  Monday, December, 15. 2014., at the Art of House in Gödöllő.

In May, 2015. at  the Békéscsaba Jókai Theater to be held 20 performance, also a station where once stopped the Orient Express.

The production director is already underway having negotiations about visiting, taking on stage the musical in those cities … from Paris to Istanbul  … where the Orient Express had stops. During the press gathering a piece of insight was shown to the media representatives.

Tickets available at and through: ticket office at Art of House in Gödöllő and

price: 4.500HUF

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“Experience the World in a Day!”

The Diplomatic Spouses Budapest is organizing  their 4th charity fair at the Intercontinental Hotel this coming up Sunday, November, 30. 2014.

The Diplomatic Fair is organized by the Diplomatic Spouses of Budapest (DSB), which is a non-political, non-religious, non-profit association, founded in 2000 by a group of spouses in the diplomatic community to bring together spouses of Heads of Missions and of other diplomats accredited to Hungary.

According to the organizers the aim of the event is to raise money for local charities. The charity work is carried out on a voluntary basis, as it was said by Frances Goodfriend – DSB vice-president at the past days press meeting, where  Natallia Khainouskaya – President, Katalin Skapér – DSB vice-president, Gábor Márton – representing „OUR HOUSE” – „A MI HAZUNK” – Esztergom, Bettina Aradi – representing the Hungarian National Federation of the Blind and Visually Impaired – Guide Dog Training School – Csepel and  delegate from SOFI – Special Education and Development Institute,  announced among other things there will be 45 embassies with national stands and 29 countries in the food corner. Visitors are also invited to shop around handicrafts, clothes, jewelry, household embroidery, pick nice clothing at the second-hand corner where all the items are donated by diplomats’ wives. Also on the spot there will be men’s corner, children’s corner, international bazaar, traditional music and dance.

Over the years the DSB has raised more than 30 million HUF all of which has been distributed amongst a number of Hungarian institutions benefiting disadvantaged groups, children with learning disabilities, the elderly, victims of domestic violence and children with cancer.

This year’s funds raised during the Diplomatic Fair will be distributed to the three organizations that DSB is supporting:

The Special Education and Development Institute SOFI … for mentally challenged children.

Hungarian National Federation of the Blind and Visually Impaired – Guide Dog Training School– Csepel

The Children`s Home  „OUR HOUSE”  – A MI HÁZUNK … Educational program for Roma children, based at the City of Esztergom.

The Patron of the Diplomatic Fair in 2014 is Mrs. Anita Herczegh, wife of the President of Hungary who was also in 2012 and 2013, but this year will not be present due to official foreign trip, but her message will be shared.

The highlight beside many other raffle prizes will be for the lucky one to make his/her day winning a 5stars/5days all-inclusive vacation for two in Jordan.

Venue: District, V., 12. Apáczai Csere János Street – Budapest

Entry ticket for adult 500.-HUF –  children free!

The fair will be open from 10 a.m. – 6 p.m.

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Grand Opening: 4.45 p.m. Thursday, November, 13. 2014.

VAM Design Center – District, VII., 26. Király utca (King Street) – Budapest

In Hungary was the first to be seen in an exhibition, and providing opportunities for kids and adults to explore the beauty of the technology exclusively in the game of building blocks and the use of interactive models. Interactive part of the exhibit, were on hand for visitors to discover the operating principles of machines and structures. 30 tablet were on the spot for handy hands to control models as to enjoy being in and back in childhood years. Watching and controlling the objects in space, aviation, cars, trains, amusement park, musical instruments, interactive games and other topics. At 40 square meters of exhibition area, visitors were able to view videos of animated well. At the Playhouse of building blocks visitors regardless of to their age could  use their own fantasy to build their models. The cinema room screened the latest and most successful animated stories. Visiting the Student Room, a 30-minute sessions led to different structures and machine to be built. This joint program is excellent opportunity for parents and children, not just to share time together with family, but  while the children will learn about the basic physical objections the parents can be a child again. Among the structures to prepare the assembly line, the carousel or just on the racing field is a building block supplied, built and mobilized by the iPads.

Also various artists from the field of entertainment visited the exhibition with her children.

Rolling around the exhibition the founder, Amir Asor of the Israeli Company – Young Engineers joined the young ones.

The exhibition  can be visited through the end of January, 2015.

Tickets are available at the exhibition  VAM Design Center and TEX.HU website too!

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7th tennis classics


4.30 p.m. – 7.30 p.m.


District XIV.  2. Stefánia  Road – Budapest


The long-awaited day is coming along this year as well, when the stars of world tennis again will holding the rackets and shooting their balls in Budapest at the 7th Tennis Classics. After 6 years in a row of the World’s Classics Tennis players fulfilling the hearts of tennis lovers in Budapest, the 7th year will be about time to show the audience the future’s next generation of high-profile young players.

Upon information at the 7th Tennis Classic 2014 games will be Fabio Fognini, Ernests Gulbis, Milos Raonic and Dominic Thiem. They are all have privileged places in the tennis world rankings, as the Young Titans – may well be Worldwide the next generation of high-profile.

The tournament participants one-by-one are known since some time. The draw of parings has happened already. On the tennis court ground on November, 18.,  the semifinals pairs will be the Canadian – Austrian, Italian – Lithuanian, from the young tennis classics generation.

This year, Budapest welcomes again the great tennis court player Mansour Bahrami and most probably if not for one reason but will be the highlight of the evening the showman of tennis Mansour Bahrami and the Hungarian women’s tennis star Timea Babos  will “battle” for the ball.

More updates soon to come … in the meantime better to purchase your tickets, if you wish to be more closer to where things really happen.

Tickets: For more information reach:


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Saturday, September, 6. 2014.

Venue:  Pozsonyi Street  is located at the 13th District (aka Lipótváros) of Budapest and  also  lies along the River Danube.

Countless programs having fun, relaxing, food in all quantities, concerts, Presentation – theatrical productions awaited for families with small children, friends to hang out still enjoying the Indian Summer in Budapest.


The Pozsonyi Picnic Association now for the 6th occasion organized at the Lipótváros (Leopold Town … a traditional neighbourhood in the city center of Budapest) the annual culture gathering previously before the coming Jewish New Year holiday. This year’s event is special for two reasons … having more-and-more theaters presentations and concert throughout the whole day and also because with the it turned out  with having the increase number of performers the venue outgrown the scene. So this year the whole route of enjoyments began from the Jászai Mari Square along the way to the St. István Park (St. Steven Park)

Just as a reminder when it began …  At the first Picnic in 2009, nearly 5000, and the last year has been more than 20000  people rolling along the venue. This year most probably doubled the number of visitors. There were countless performing artists  Szilvia Kárászy,  Tahi Tóth László ( Pokorny, Andrea Malek,, László Dés, Miklós Benedek, Kata Janza, Pál Fekete,  Bernadett Vágó,  Zsolt Homonnay,Tamás Dunai, Judit Hernádi, János Gálvölgyi, András Bálint, András Kern, the Comedy troupe and belly dancers and salsa show  surely  got much attention  … many others programs throughout the day.

As said just mentioned … Today’s picnic was primarily for the theaters. This time, two big stage and a children’s stage filled the air, entertaining the audience. This will be in addition to the usual, Picnic successful events: street children. As in the previous years again the baking time  contest took place, baking the Hungarian speciality, the Pozsonyi croissant. The charity bazaar tables were pretty much visited  with spectator and shoppers. Hand-made crafts were on sale,  chess seats for young and elder folks, assort of manual skills for kids and a  bunch of activities  to enjoy  at the late summer days before the rainy days of the Fall arrives.  Within the program the city’s best restaurants this year was selected by a team of professional  jury and was awarded the prestigious Picnic Star.

When the night fell down and  the clock struck at 10 p.m. the Pozsonyi Picnic came to the end, but before that it was announced through the loudspeaker …

Meet You … Next Year … Same Time … Same Place!

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Venue: Buda Castle courtyard and terraces

Dates: September, 10. through September, 14. 2014.


On your mark … Get set  … Go for Wines! 

There is a saying … “A taste of honey is sweeter than wine” here at the Wine festival the honey is on holiday and the saying goes like this … “The taste of wine is sweeter than honey”

… But seriously though … Taste of Hungary, brings the latest of wines at the 23rd. Wine Festival! More than 200 exhibitors from all the wine-growing areas in the country will be present in one place. This year helping the visitors on a tasting routes through the thematically designed primarily less-known domestic wines for the foreigners staying, visiting Budapest by providing a guidance wine culture program.

For those who once stepped up to the hill-side of Budapest knows by now and for those foreigners living, staying, visiting Budapest will have a chance to get into the mood at Central Europe’s largest wine trade event in the capital city of Hungary. The International Wine Festival offers the best wine makers finest wines to taste and grab as much bottles of superb wines for the rainy days. In addition to the well-known wine merchants nectar home courtesy of a number of foreign wine from around the world also will be presented.

In the frame of the University of Wines, previously to the Buda Castle Wine Exhibition and Fair will be holding lectures on the first day. The experts laity, wine lovers and even the professionals can acquire new information about a wide variety of disciplines related to wine. This year’s Wine Festival will be concentrating, giving priority attention to the healthy lifestyle and sport activities and also to keep in mind the role of wine in the modern, well-balanced lifestyle. Maybe not too many would think that in addition to the selection of wineries quite a  few wine makers are keeping up with their sport activities  which have had been intertwined in their everyday. Again this year, special attention will be carried out for the wheelchair visitors at the University of Wines.

Meet these athlete wine makers at the Budapest International Wine Festival.  The second day will bring rolling in Budapest  … Italy, the Wine Festival’s guest of honor.

During the event historic site offers thousands of different wines, rich in cultural programs and having timeout at the entertainment stage, whereas singer –  Magdi RúzsaIrie Maffia – Hungarian pop band, heir music is based on reggae and dance hall, blending with hip hop, funk and rock. the Ghymes  Orchester – Folk elements having gradually clung together with their own individual musical ideas, the  Fool Moon – advocate of pop-acappella music and the Benkó Dixieland Band.  On Sunday Folk Music and Dance Gala will close the 23rd Wine Festival.

Mankind already knew more than a thousands of years ago about the wine consumed in moderation having many beneficial effects. So here is the time to let us practise the beneficial effects!

For  further information in-depth:


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