Travel Fair 2017 – HUNGEXPO – Budapest

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HUNGEXPO – Budapest Fair Center

March, 2 – 5. 2017

District, X., 10. Albertirsai Road – Budapest

Open daily: 10 a.m. – 6 p.m.

Today’s press announcement was held by Gábor Ganczer –  Director  of HUNGEXPO, Igor Szevasztyanov – Russian Federation Embassy – Counselor, Teodóra Bán – Budapest Festival and Tourism Center (BFTK) – Managing Director, Dr Tivadar Somogyi – Győr City Deputy Mayor, Dr  Ester Domanyik – Győr City Marketing and Head Program Organization Department and János Raffay – Exhibition Director Hungexpo Ltd.  at the Matrjoska Bistro – Budapesta venue for splendid Russian food and vodka. There we learn  HUNGEXPO Budapest Fair Festival this year is celebrating its 40 anniversary and about the forthcoming annual Travel Fair 2017. Each year around according to the calendar the coming of Spring at the HUNGEXPO Budapest Fair Center  thousands of visitors arrive to get into the mood in planning their next  destination. There will be something for everyone!

This event is considered one of the most popular Travel and Tourism exhibition in Eastern and Central Europe. This year the Domestic Guest of Honor will be the City of Győr – The Foreign Guest of Honor is Russia.

A wide range namely 23 international stands with 300 exhibitors and their tourist offices, travel agencies presents huge offers, by giving a peak at several country’s attractions, gastronomy, culture, then after chosing their destination will receive extensive information on hotels they wish to explore in the forthcoming seasons and many other topics.

Some real discount offers will be available on the spot only during the Fair where visitors may plan domestic and foreign countries to their dream holiday.

 The City of Győr representatives in tourism will be at hand with presenting programs of the city’s rich spectacular tourist attraction to offer. One of the highlights to take place in the city will be the European Youth Olympic Festival, see detail:

As for the foreign  Guest of Honor Russia,  will have a prominent role in the program. They will open the window to the wide variety of programs, sights and noteworthy tourist destinations and to get loose, spend relaxing time, cultural excursion, participating at entertainment show.

Each day during the festival visitors may choose to visit the booth among several local and foreign countries exhibitors.  The HUNGEXPO organisers thought of programs for small and younger children if they become tired hanging around with their parents. There will be care givers where to leave their children spending time with arts and crafts at the playground and still go around the booths.

Also during the Travel Expo the Bringaexpo will take place at the HUNGEXPO. This is the largest bicycle trade fair in Hungary, and at the time being this year the visitors beside viewing, testing bicycles on the spot they may purchase special bikes  on the spot during the Travel Fair.

As to the previous years, the first day is the professional day and further days are for the public visitors. For further information roll over to:

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