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Temples of Art – Master Sculptor Bernini who Breathed Life into the Marble


Bernini’s life and art – Italian educational film

Uránia National Film Theater – Budapest

Director: Francesco Invernizzi – Screenwriter: Stefano Paolo Giussani

The 90-minute film will be screened in its original language with Hungarian subtitles.

The new premiere of the Temples of Art series from February presents the work of master sculptor  Gian Lorenzo Bernini in a comprehensive way, with exclusive footage from his large-scale 2018 oeuvre exhibition in Rome, which also reveals fine details of the masterpieces.

There is no other artist who has had as much influence on 17th-century Rome as Bernini. The sculptor and architect, who also served nine popes, left his mark indelibly in the Eternal City. To admire Bernini’s talent and genius, we can’t find a more suitable venue than the Borghese Gallery in Rome, whose building was originally built by the artist’s patron, Cardinal Scipione Borghese, in the early 17th century. It was here that Bernini’s true talent came to fruition, as he was able to carve every vibration and drama of life into stone. The museum’s “Bernini – The Sculptor” exhibition of works “provides a lifelong experience for all visitors.”  riported by The New York Times.

Nearly five centuries have passed since the artist’s majestic groups of sculptures were created, which are now scattered throughout the world in the collections of the largest museums. The collection, exhibited by Villa Borghese, which features more than sixty masterpieces, is nothing more than Bernini’s return home. Stunning sculptures and groups of sculptures came to Rome for this special exhibition from renowned museums such as the Vatican MuseumCarrara Academy – Bergamo, Lourve -Paris, Metropolitan Museum of Art – New York, the National Gallery – London and  National Museum – Berlin.

The film from the exhibition presents and analyzes the masterpieces with the help of expert interviews exploring the artist’s life story and recordings of the works of art in unparalleled detail – recorded with 8K resolution cameras.

The film is directed by several successful films in the Temples of Arts series, including the Vatican Museum 3D, Florence and the Uffizi Gallery 3D, Raffaello – The Prince of Painters 3D or Caravaggio: About Blood and Soul. Producer Francesco Invernizzi.

Beside the screenings at the Capital, it is also shown in several other art cinemas across the country, including the following cities: Szeged, Pécs, Debrecen, Székesfehérvár, Szolnok, Szombathely, Kecskemét and Miskolc, with original Hungarian subtitles.

Distributor: Pannonia Entertainment Ltd.

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6th Francophone Film Days and Festival – Budapest – 2016.

Francophone days budapest 2016

From February, 26. 2016 – 6 March, 6. 2016. for the 6th occasion the Institut Français invites movie lovers to join Francophone Film Days –  2016, featuring drama, comedy, romance and thriller movies.

This year at two locations in Budapest, the Urania National Film Theater and Cirko-Geyser Cinema.  In addition to the film days, concert films, literatures and language programs, theater and dance performances, exhibitions, Q+A at lectures and social issues.

Beyond the screening in Budapest, the movies will head to be viewed at other cities in Hungary: Miskolc, Szeged, Pécs, Debrecen, Tatabanya, Székesfehérvár, Szombathely, Szolnok, Jaszbereny, Eger, Győr until the end of March, 2016.

During the FilmDays 30 movies, including 23 pre-premier will be screened.  Six movies from the Francophone countries Algeria, Belgium, France, Greece, Romania, Canada and Switzerland.

All films will in the original language, but a large number of them will be English subtitled. To gain further Francophone Film Days detailed useful information:

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Travel Fair – Hungary and International Tourism Exhibition – 2015.

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Venue: HUNGEXPO Budapest Fair Center

Date: February, 26 – March, 1. 2015.

This year the domestic guest of honor city is Székesfehérvár.

 The foreign guest of honor country is Romania.

The annual fair is organised each Spring at the HUNGEXPO Budapest Fair Center. This is considered one of the most popular Travel and Tourism exhibition in Eastern and Central Europe. A wide range of international stands or their tourist offices and travel agencies presents huge offers, some during the exhibition presenting real discount offers.

More than 70 exhibitors at 30000 square meters arrive to take part in inviting visitors to their dream holiday and venue.  As usually, the first day is the professional day and rest are the public days. At the fair, the exhibitors make sure to present give extensive information on destinations, hotels and many other topics to the future tourists.

Another highlight to the Travel Fair 2015 is truly fun for kids and adults as visiting the LEGO® program. It will certainly show of superb attraction by a 180  square meters of a map of Hungary, which will be prepared by 1000 LEGO® bricks. Is not far to say, that such a big map was never made before from LEGO like this, until now to be seen at the Travel Fair. On the map eye catching of a total of 10 emblematic buildings and symbol of Hungary in 3D cannot be missed to visited to see. A lot of LEGO pieces will await for the  adventurous visitors having 15 tables around the map in helping to build the map with the pictures of the country.

Mentioning a couple of Hungarian exhibitors worthwhile to keep in mind to plan for the next visit for a traditional holiday and share family programmes in the coming seasons: The Coronation festival coming up in August at Székesfehérvár. Fresh Fruit Beers from Szent András Brewery. Found out it was prepared for about sixteen months, but it paid the time spent, as it turned into a great success by the beer lovers and on the market.Their strongest light beer was obsessed with experimentation and the challenge was to find out what is the highest rate of ABV to reach in a light lager style using domestic technology reaching 11.7%. This became the strongest one running called Pöröly (the sledgehammer).

The city of Szolnok presented with rich with spectacular tourist attraction and the latest is shortly to be open called  “Sörárium” (Foaming gastronomic cult) to the public with a unique beer interactive museum and cultural space, which not only enriches the city’s tourism offering high standard of attractions dormant for many years Szolnok’s beer gastronomy. The Sörárium itself will have a unique museum that processes associated with beer gastronomic cultural themes, using innovative technology elements. At the exhibition the spectacular brewery the visitors can take part in the brewing process. Also as an integral part of the Art Museum and pub with wax figures of the contemporary gastronomic choices  can be tasted the locally made handicrafts beers.

The Kumánia Hotel … can be found between Szolnok and Debrecen in Jász-Nagykun-Szolnok county, nearly 50 kilometres from Szolnok. Guests keen on cultural and outdoor programs can go for horse-riding, carriage rides, archery, ethnographic exhibitions and the Straw World.The thermal water at Kisújszállás date back to the early 1930s. The spa at its present was open in 1960 and since then is available all year round. It has become a real attraction. Beside the numerous wellness services, tennis, beach football is at the fingertips for the healing individuals. Been there for a couple of days and definitely worthwhile in having to shoot, relax some days.

Another reminder heard at the Travel Exhibition was for April  when the XVIth International „Kisüsti” Pálinka Festival and Fair will take place between April, 17-19.2015. at the City of Gyula. So again at Gyula, the Pálinka will stand as the capital of Hungarian.

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