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VI. Pécs Chocolate Carnival – 2018.

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Zsolnay Quarter  – E78 building

10 a.m.  – 8 p.m. Február, 3. 2018.

10 a.m. –  6 p.m.  February, 4. 2018.

 For two days the City of Pécs will be all about the chocolate!

 “Sweet Family  Carnival” not only for sweet tooth folks.  The families with children are more than welcomed!

A huge selection of accompanying programs to choose on the spot as visiting: Fair of craft chocolates, performances, children’s programs. Interesting countdown about Chocolates … Exhibition of all times chocolates …  Chocolate makers of Hungarian craft manufactures … a fountain of pouring Chocolate … Chocolate Wrapping Exhibition … Chocolate Image Painting … Demonstration of how to make, prepare chocolates. These are a couple of venues to visit whilst rolling along by locals and foreigners  not to be left out. The Choco-Lada Ltd. introduces their new Pécs chocolate. Ákos Lokodi creative chef prepares special dishes of chocolate four times dishes of chocolate before visitors. to the visitors.

Sásdi Catering Secondary School students prepare bonbons, which the visitors may taste and enjoy themselves. 3D shows the University of Pécs Project 3D exhibition art technology implementation and operation of the 3D printer.

At the Chocolate Carnival 25 chocolate related programs … 18 exhibitors. Traditionally as a surprise chocolate tile painting will be held on the spot.

During visiting the City of Pécs, worthwhile to spend some time visiting the Kodály Center, the World Heritage Center, the House of Arts and Literature and/or the World famous Zsolnay factory within the family history exhibition.

Entrance is free of charge, only fee is when joining the professional programs which in advance is subject to registration  and there will be toll-free accompanying programs.

Every visitor gets a raffle ticket at the entrance.  The drawings will be on Saturday at 6 p.m. and Sunday at 5 p.m.

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Telekom – VOLT Festival – June, 30. 2015. – Sopron


Mega Concerts celebrating Birthdays at the Telekom VOLT Festival

 Day Zero June, 30.!

This year the doors will already be open at noontime, a day earlier than int he previous years  having on five stages superb concerts and programs awaiting visitors from  North-East-South-West of Europe.  Promising a smashing time having a numbers of groups and bands to hold their Birthday concerts and farewell concerts at the City of Sopron.

Daily tickets are already available. For those individuals staying throughout the entire festival days can purchase their VOLT season ticket and within it they will have entry pass as gift to the day earlier concerts.

Arriving to Sopron many star guests are expected … the Motorhead and Slash after the opening day.

Many local star guests will be at the VOLT festival, as  Ganxsta Zolee and the Kartel celebrating its 20th birthday.. This year the H57 group will be celebrating its 20th birthday.  Visitors who already been previously at the VOLT festival known very well their name and music, cause from the early years they were regular guest. This time the audience will have their last chance to see, hear them for this will be their farewell concert. Also previously as a regular guest were the 30Y band from the City of Pécs and this year will also be present at the VOLT festival celebrating its 15 birthday. Their concert will be held at Sopron’s beautiful and famous Lővér camp. The Heaven Street Seven also 20 years old and this year – as previously announced – say goodbye to their audience within their concert. A few years younger bands, as headliners, the Irie Maffia are celebrating  its 10th, the Intimate Gymnastics Illegal will be celebrating its 5th birthday at the VOLT festival. Among the audiences many of them will be curious to be at the Animal Cannibals concert. Late last year the Animal Cannibals celebrated its 20th birthday within a mega concert in Budapest.  This year they will be celebrating its 21st birthday and their invitation to participate at the VOLT festival was passed already.

Discussions are going on with foreign performers.

It is expected to tens of thousands – among audiences – at the City of Sopron on June, 30, at this roll of Mega Birthday concerts. Those fans awaiting to be at this years VOLT concert  better mark their calendar for not to be missed.

Beside enjoying the festival sounds, worthwhile to visit sights by spending a few days in the City of Sopron.

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Be a travelling man, woman, enjoying the company of friends.

HUNGEXPO – Budapest Fair Center –  Entering Gates:  I. and III. –  Entry tickets on the spot.

District X., 10 Albertirsai Rd.

February, 27. – March, 2. 2014.

Opening hours throughout: Thursday – Sunday 10 a.m. – 6 p.m.  

Needn’t have to travel 80 days around the World… because at the year’s biggest tourism fair located at Hungexpo Fair Center is just about to open. Anyone visiting the fair can make it to have a peak at several country’s attractions, gastronomy or culture, then after chose which one … places they wish to explore in the forthcoming seasons.

One of the highlights for the visitors of this year beside the discount travel offers may have the luck to be rolling along as a Globe Hikers, by taking part within exciting games, whereas valuable prizes are to be won.

This year, nearly 30 exhibitors  and 500 exhibitors will be present offering their deals.

In 2014 the foreign country guest of honor will be Tunisia and the representatives will be holding plays, craft and theatrical programs, dance presentations and fashion shows to get to know more about their cultures. National honor guest from arriving from the City of Pécs.  Representing Hungary’s Culture, the guest of honor will be coming from the Matyóland (Matyóföld).

This year the fair features last year’s successful Tourism Communication Award competition, the public games, thematic islands and the online meeting calendar as well. Whilst rolling along the travel fair, can be visited the other held trade shows as: Caravan Salon, Vital Expo and Bike Expo.

Travel Tourism Communication Award competition. The TRAVEL Tourism Communication Award was granted within the aim to encourage effective communication about the domestic tourism operators and the dissemination of best marketing communication activities with the public and the profession. The goal remains the same as last year , whereas  the organizers have also created opportunities to course work. Proposals will be evaluated by a professional jury, consisting of representatives of the Hungarian National Tourist Office, Tourism Ltd, the Hungarian Marketing Association and the HUNGEXPO representatives. Participation to the daily conference is free of charge, but registration and a valid ticket to the Travel Fair is required. Mind you, these lectures are held in Hungarian language! Upon the end of the Travel Fair, on  February, 27., at the After Party the winners will be announced.

VIII. Caravan Salon … view the exhibition at the “D”  pavilion. This year’s attractions include the RV with a trunk of an electric Smart car which holds and present the (BIWA) residential  trailer.

Meanwhile, waiting for the Prize Draw on the  March, 1 and 2., don’t miss the daily belly dance show at the Majoros International (stand A 313/B) by 4 dancers performing regional folk music, named “liscio” and modern music. The modern musics are the ones in general by dance animators, usually holding at hotels entertainment night-shows for the tourists. Also the visitors will be able to create original wine labels using their own pictures by an E-infoterminal during the whole period of the exhibition.

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A few days ago, Dezső  Takács, Rudnay-winning graphic artist,  teacher, painter, graphic artist  has stepped into his 8th decade and on this occasions the City of Pécs’s  Gallery, at the Szécsényi Square opens an exhibition of his art work.

January, 25 to be seen until February 24. 2013.

The exhibition will be opened by Kossuth Prize winning architect and professor Zoltán Bachmann.

In the beginning of his career  for  two years  worked as a teacher  at Villány. Moved to Pécs in 1961 where from then on he lived and worked.  His significant works as an art teacher, as an inspector,  as a consultant in planning  art education  at the surrounding school in Pécs.

At Leipzig was a scholarship, where he was at a local college and educated himself at lithography workshops. Between 1977-78 took part in the creating community by reorganizing art at Mako. For many years to come he taught artists from home and abroad of stone and printing preparation at the occupations Graphics and Creative Workshop for Educators Workshop. For sixteen years, founder and teacher at the Creative Arts Workshop,  Head of the Fine Arts in Mecsek Mining Circle (now Medgyessy visual artist Francis Circle).

Basically, deals with graphics. In the 60s produced mainly lino technique . In the second opart of the ’60s, he had his first solo exhibition, also in this period brought the ink drawing geometric-constructive concept.

His most characteristic works can be seen  at the city of Pécs  o the etchings depicting buildings. Dezső Takács have had already 100 solo exhibitions. Also held exhibitions in many European countries, Pretoria, South Africa.  His permanent exhibition at Pécs  can be viewed at the Aquarium and Terrarium at the English-German Language School Center.

He also has a number of different graphic communicated in the daily and weekly newspapers. His most characteristic works of the city of Pécs sights etchings depicting buildings.

Dezső Takács known series: Miner’s Life, Old Pécs, Gates at Pécs,  Monuments of Pécs,  Churches, Temples, Baranyai German’s minority villages, and Region Tettye, Reflections, Villany-Siklos Wine Route.

Awards and Honors:  National Service Medal of Merit Gold Standard.

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