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Herald News: „World of Coffee” – Budapest – 2017.

„World of Coffee” – Budapest 2017.

June, 13-15. 2017.

HUNGEXPO – District, X., 10 Albertirsai Road

Opening hours from 10 a.m. – 5 p.m.

Join the Coffee Community in Budapest for this very special event, featuring an interactive exhibition with over 200 of the world’s most innovative coffee industry suppliers, three full days of thrilling competitions, inspiring symposium, seminars, educational workshops and a packed social programs filled with plenty of entertainment, excitement and fun fringe events.

This year’s top guest: Mexico, one of the world’s largest coffee makers. Coffee, however, is the country’s most profitable export product. You will be able to get to know more flavors with unique Mexican flavors.

Reimagining the Coffee, that goes with passion … and most of all kindly keep in mind that this event last for 3 days and the massive huge list of coffees will be a challenge if the visitors wish to taste most of them. Probably, a year would not be enough to try the taste of all them mainly arriving to Budapest.

During the 3 Days the following competitions will take place: World Brewers’ Cup, World Latte Art Championship, World Coffee in Good Spirits, World Cup Tasters Championship, The World Cezve/Ibrik Championship.

Not just for barista, roasters, coffee technicians, producers, but for locals and foreigners it is a high time to stroll along the paths where the scents of the coffee  will be taking you off your feet and floating in the air. Visiting the show floor, the cupping room, the brew bar, the shop, espresso bar, the village with one entry ticket and get into the groove with coffee addicted lovers.

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Tamás Széll won the European final at the Bocuse d’Or chef Olympics in the European final – Budapest – 2016

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This year was the first time the capital of Hungary hosted twenty top chefs to participate in the Bocuse d’Or contest on the continent of Europe.

The title of the competition came from Paul Bocuse, one of the world’s famous chefs. He was dedicated in using the high-quality of fresh ingredients. He was the father – founder of the International Bocuse d’Or cooking competition  in 1985. Since then, the Bocuse d’Or competition is considered as the world’s most prestigious culinary tournaments. It is organized every two years at the Sirha International Hotel, Catering and Food Trade Exhibition in Lyon – France.

For the past three days, the world of gastronomy most probably kept their eye on watching the superb chefs preparing their dishes at their very  best in Budapest.

The last day was having the most prestigious chef competition as part of the BOCUSE D’OR European Selection took place at the Hungexpo – Budapest Fair Center and Sirha Budapest trade show. “Sirha” – worldwide event for the food service and hotel sectors and in gastronomy particularly the Bocuse d’Or Europe and highlighted its presence in Budapest.

Representing Hungary –  chef Tamás Széll and his team … Kevin Szabo – Commis, Frigyes Vomberg – Coach  and  Szabina Szulló –  Team Captain coined the Hungarian team … won the world’s most prestigious cooking championship in the Bocuse d’Or European final – Budapest. The photo is taken by the “”. The main prize involves 12 thousand euros, and this will be divided between the team members. 

The runner-up was the Norway team, while the third was Swedish chefs.

The Bocuse d’Or world final will be held in Lyon next year with the best chefs from America, Europe and Asia.

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A little summary of the past three days adventure in the culinary world. The HUNGEXPO held the SIRHA Exhibition out on 20 thousand square meters. A total of 300 exhibitors participated and nearly sixty lectures and conferences were held. This was perfect in timing to arrange the SIRHA, previously to the forthcoming international event of the Bocuse d’Or, to be held in every two years in Lyon – France. Other parts of the world also have pre-competition for chefs, such as in Istanbul, Shanghai and Geneva as well.

The Hungarian team in terms of preparation is extremely important to have a professional partner(s) in supporting to have the training period of the European Final of fish raw materials. The METRO  Co. Ltd., supplied the Sea-Food to the Bocuse d’Or competition from  France three products, the Belon oysters. From Scotland the Bouchot shell, and from Japan’s deep Sea arrived the coal-fish in a high pressure traveling 9,000 kms. from Japan to Budapest.

Last fall, at the Tradition and Evolution  has been selected the six candidates, who on March,12., enter  the “chefs-in-kitchen-world” with the ingredient materials provided by the Metro Co. Ltd. The Hungarian Bocuse d’Or finals each year tries to surprise and cook off the jury and this time they surely did. The preparation and training have begun several months ago. The last run was at the Metro Court Academy with Serge Vieira French chef, the Bocuse d’Or winner in 2005, who  spent a couple of days training the competitors, and most probably the lads had to experience blood, sweat and tears. For the  Hungarian team in terms of preparation is extremely important to have a professional partner in supporting in also having during the  training period and at the European Final  fresh fish raw materials. The grand partner in this case was the Metro Co. Ltd.

Although the Hungarian gastronomy experienced chefs can prepare fish in many ways, but a particular challenge for them was not really Hungarian cuisine made which was  cooking ​ oysters, cod and muscles. However, seeing the eye-catching bowls, does not seem to have caught them on the job .

Bocuse d’Or chefs is an unofficial Olympics Game, but in this sence a Olympics of Chefs, whereas the same job goes for all the participants.

The winner of the Hungarian Bocuse d’Or was recognised by professional chefs received the award statue along with a cash prize given by the METRO Co. Ltd.

Many visitors made it to the Bocuse d’ Or day’s competition to be a part in  following the chef’s cooking day and  last but not least to find out who will be the winner to  represent Hungary by attending at the European Bocuse d’Or competition to be held this year in May at Stockholm.

The Bocuse d’Or is undoubtedly the world’s most prestigious chef competition. In 1987. Mr. Paul Bocuse  had a dream and when he woke-up   he turned his dream into reality by selecting 24 chefs from 24 countries to measure their imagination in creating spectacular culinary dishes. That wasn’t all, i.e.  … not enough to be the best, but must also ensure compliance with the strict rules, as preparing the dishes in the given time, with the amount of predetermined ingredients and having two dishes made: a meat and a fish, within the length of time of five and a half hours.

The competition hold his name: „Bocuse d’Or” and is arranged once every two years in Lyon – France.

The Hungarian Bocuse d’Or Academy was founded in 2009, being responsible for (in addition to domestic and international representation) the Hungarian gastronomy, also organization and management and preparation of selecting students to the Hungarian competition in Europe, Stockholm, and to the Lyon final.

The six selected young man in the finals cook  and gave the peak of the Hungarian gastronomy. Here are the first three winner chefs: Award winner Gábor Molnár’s. He is currently working in Hungary, but  is the chef at the Munich Geisel’s Vinothek.  His dish won the award as „The Best Fish” : Confit of cod, mussels tartar, fish avocado cream. Grilled oyster ravioli and jelly brown butter – sabayon. Organic field crops on the plate: yarrow, nettle, chickweed, violets, wild garlic stems, Eiskraut. Filled blood sausage, apple puree jelly. Fried bacon, herded potato cream hog. Foot-knuckle ravioli, salad seasoning. Beetroot. Other elements on the plate: pork leg chips, pickled melon, green herb oil. Rank the Second was  Daniel O’Shea, in „Best of serving” winning a special prize. He is an Irish-Hungarian man, chef at the  Alabárdos restaurant’s Budapest, Daniel’s dish looked as a still life painted on canvas. Well done! His dish was: Black cod with algae, fresh garden herbs and forest. Nettles Veloutee shell, black shell, black pudding cigar. Apple and onion in shell, oysters. Hufton pig, Mangalitsa bacon, leg, shank stuffed pasta. Blood ginger, tofu, Beetroot, cranberry, plum. Rank the Third: Árpád Győrffy, chef at the Café Pierrotin Budapest. His dish was: Black cod, oysters and zucchini. Marinated vegetables (asparagus, cucumber, shallots, carved radish) different textures. Green mussel stew with asparagus, citrus fruits, shellfish espuma. Pork Frikando bear with onion, thyme, truffle mousselinnel. Blood pudding beetroot and apple green, nail and knuckle stew. Braised cabbage apple compote. Cognac jelly.

At the Olympics of Chef’s, the Hungarian Tamás Széll achieved to finish the contest in the tenth place at the previous Bocuse d’ Or in Lyon.

Let’s have high hopes for the Hungarian Gábor Molnár to get even closer to the first place!

The chef’s dishes in the competition can be seen in the slide show.

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The annual Hungary’s largest Tourism Trade Show and Exhibition took place at the Hungexpo … letting folks to go around five continent within a week-end. Getting to know close and far countries culture, the beauty that lies in them and the trade marks in their gastronomy.

Uncountable discount offers of domestic and international travel were at the visitors fingertips.

At the Travel Exhibition was Tunisia as the guest of honor  and at their press conference reported the country’s concept of unified marketing. Tunisia’s ambassador to Hungary- Abderraouf Betbaieb said that much thanks to the our country because of the support from Hungary during the course of the transition to democracy.

Ben Zakour Leith –  Director of the Tunisian National Tourism Office, said that with pleasure by saying “Tunisia reopened tourism representation in Budapest”. This year, new approach set to develop the image of Tunisia and Promote the country, and do their best to raise awareness to Hungarians towards Tunisia as a destinations. Within the media promotion he wished to present and introduce in a creative way how anyone to visit Tunisia can relax and explore in one day traveling  from North to South… from East to West exploring different venues, for example, can bath at sunrise in the morning on the Island of Djerba …  traveling during the afternoon hours trekking riding on a camel in the Sahara -… spending time in the land of culture at ancient Carthage …  splashing into the Sea and enjoying the sandy seashore … participating at traditional folklore shows …  excluding the day having a Thalassa therapy treat. ALL IN ONE DAY! Mr. Leith also added: Quote: ” a large-scale advertising campaign will begin from May through  Hungary’s commercial televisions and online sites. Also on tram in Budapest line number 4 and 6  as well as the number 47 and 49 will advertise Tunisia’s tourist attractions. Among the agency’s medium-term plans are that by 2016 the number of Hungarian visitors  to Tunisia will reach the number of fifty thousand.”

At the Tunisia booth, fashion show of gorgeous folk art outfits, as a gift, a  Tunisians artist wrote Hungarians names in arabic language, which was a great success and having the Tunisians musicians and dancers holding a short performance to please the audience.

Last but not least, the Tunisian Ambassador to Hungary invited the media representatives to the Budapest’s  Amphitheater of the French Institute  to the Tunisian National Folklore Ensemble evening’s show combined with Tunisian snacks and indeed a very tasty fruit liquor and wine from Tunisia. This event was  an arrangement within the frameworks of the Francophone  Festival.

Video at the Hungexpo Travel Exhibition – Tunisia booth:

 National Ballet of Tunisian Popular Art at the Amphitheater of the French Institute, organised by the Ambassador of the Republic of Tunisia to Hungary disclosed on April, 7.:

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Be a travelling man, woman, enjoying the company of friends.

HUNGEXPO – Budapest Fair Center –  Entering Gates:  I. and III. –  Entry tickets on the spot.

District X., 10 Albertirsai Rd.

February, 27. – March, 2. 2014.

Opening hours throughout: Thursday – Sunday 10 a.m. – 6 p.m.  

Needn’t have to travel 80 days around the World… because at the year’s biggest tourism fair located at Hungexpo Fair Center is just about to open. Anyone visiting the fair can make it to have a peak at several country’s attractions, gastronomy or culture, then after chose which one … places they wish to explore in the forthcoming seasons.

One of the highlights for the visitors of this year beside the discount travel offers may have the luck to be rolling along as a Globe Hikers, by taking part within exciting games, whereas valuable prizes are to be won.

This year, nearly 30 exhibitors  and 500 exhibitors will be present offering their deals.

In 2014 the foreign country guest of honor will be Tunisia and the representatives will be holding plays, craft and theatrical programs, dance presentations and fashion shows to get to know more about their cultures. National honor guest from arriving from the City of Pécs.  Representing Hungary’s Culture, the guest of honor will be coming from the Matyóland (Matyóföld).

This year the fair features last year’s successful Tourism Communication Award competition, the public games, thematic islands and the online meeting calendar as well. Whilst rolling along the travel fair, can be visited the other held trade shows as: Caravan Salon, Vital Expo and Bike Expo.

Travel Tourism Communication Award competition. The TRAVEL Tourism Communication Award was granted within the aim to encourage effective communication about the domestic tourism operators and the dissemination of best marketing communication activities with the public and the profession. The goal remains the same as last year , whereas  the organizers have also created opportunities to course work. Proposals will be evaluated by a professional jury, consisting of representatives of the Hungarian National Tourist Office, Tourism Ltd, the Hungarian Marketing Association and the HUNGEXPO representatives. Participation to the daily conference is free of charge, but registration and a valid ticket to the Travel Fair is required. Mind you, these lectures are held in Hungarian language! Upon the end of the Travel Fair, on  February, 27., at the After Party the winners will be announced.

VIII. Caravan Salon … view the exhibition at the “D”  pavilion. This year’s attractions include the RV with a trunk of an electric Smart car which holds and present the (BIWA) residential  trailer.

Meanwhile, waiting for the Prize Draw on the  March, 1 and 2., don’t miss the daily belly dance show at the Majoros International (stand A 313/B) by 4 dancers performing regional folk music, named “liscio” and modern music. The modern musics are the ones in general by dance animators, usually holding at hotels entertainment night-shows for the tourists. Also the visitors will be able to create original wine labels using their own pictures by an E-infoterminal during the whole period of the exhibition.

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Mr. Béla Bizsók Vajk, the Dreamer of the Audible Furniture, Ms. Erzsébet Ács, the Decorators National President of the Association, Ms Réka Somogyi, silk painter Artist, and Dr. Antal Karolyi, Manager of the Acoustic Furniture Manufactory, welcomed  the invited representatives of the press and media  to  a breakfast with the press connected  to the press conference.

The press gathering was at the  “Open-Workshop” (Nyitott Mühely),  XIIth District,  4.  Ráth  György Str., just a couple of steps from the Southern Railway Station.

 Home design of objects ain’t an easy task when comes to keep in mind to seek for harmony. Have to vision the task with special care, because there is a wide range of items that has to be taken into consideration i.e. to choose a sofa, the carpet, the lights or chairs.

There is a philosophy behind the each-and-every products!

Dr. Antal Karolyi, Manager of the Acoustic Furniture Manufactory talked about the difficulty of their situation, whereas the quality for good speakers and let alone the certain color, form, material fits into the modern or a classic style apartment.

“Primary, our personal interest is to take into consideration that the given space is connected with style and tailored to the individual tastes, said Mr. Béla Bizsók Vajk , the managing director of the manufactory. Dreamer, yes, it was in his early teenager years when he started to get interested in taking apart objects to see what else, how can they be use in another function.  He was also very much in favor of the modern “musicland” of his age and  step-by-step began to think of the ways and work on how these items could be implementing  as speakers. “The main effort is to equally pay attention to the excellent sound quality, so each speaker one-by-one are weighed in acoustically to music to reach, to give the desired real pleasure for the ears and also for the sight. We are proud that all our hand-made products are unique”, added Mr. Béla Bizsók Vajk.

Ms. Erzsébet Ács, the Decorators National President of the Association, was pleased to inform of the recently opened a coffee-house where the music is coming out from the framed acoustic furnitures hanged on the walls.

Ms Réka Somogyi, silk painter Artists said, she is also dreaming and  looking forwards to receive request to do silk paintings on much larger materials, where she can  allow her fantasy to fly high away.

The company’s philosophy is, that an interior furnished with a selection of speakers is as important and needs the same attention as to the other home furnishing items. The speciality of the acoustic furniture lies in the combination of “fancy” shapes, in colors and the intention of the materials to be use and specifically, the philosophy behind the products. The grand team of the Acoustic Manufacture supports individuals ideas by arranging coffee shops, restaurants, hotels and other business premises where the 21st century’s designs fill the gaps or should I say often simply obstacles surround us. These acoustic furniture brings “a brand new day”  a fresh breath in our own environment.

The company is it’s own developer, designer and manufacturer of acoustic furniture. The acoustic furniture in every case is a unique project, custom designed, hand-made and the end-product is the  high quality speakers. Takes into consideration: the color, the form and always insert the given material in the certain space. To reach the furniture’s excellent acoustic sound, all products of the manufactory’s team are one-by-one controlled acoustically. The manufacture has a wide scale of sophisticated background professional artists and craftsmen involved in each projects.

Ms. Réka Somogyi, silk painter is one of the artist at the manufactory. To-day a collection of  her framed silk art speakers adorned the walls  and the object standing on the floor at the press conference.

The name “stylish furniture” comes from the speakers built into furniture and fits into the environment with or by the other furniture in a certain space.

More to it, there are a couple of acoustic furnitures, that could be in use as a furniture itself  by functioning of seating, lamps or as a butler welcoming you into the room. These items can be adjusted as to play music. The images on the surface of the speakers can be easily replaced with your favorite snaps on the front wall speaker with another image.

Their next exhibition will be this evening at the HUNGEXPO, where the Acoustic Furniture Manufactor will show up in the coming four days at the:

 “Construma” – The 31st. International Building Exhibition.

 April 18 till 22. 2012.

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