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The 2nd Zsolnay Light Festival – Pécs – 2017. multi-arts festival!

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Multi-arts festival of the Year!

Venue: Pécs – Public spaces around the city center.

This year will be held from June, 30 –  July, 2. 2017., at Pécs having the enormous success within the  last year’s festival. The organizers attention is to guarantee this year as well  the cavalcade of events to the visitors by enjoying their time at the splendid 2nd Zsolnay Light Festival so these were the welcoming words by the organisers at the TEREM of Budapest’s newest event venue.

During the 3 days superb projection mappings turning the downtown into a magical “Wonderville”. The XXI century light art various branches of new circus, street arts, theater, countless concerts and street performances await visitors.

Pécs light festival wishes to welcome and provide an unforgettable experience to foreigners in Hungary and of course the Hungarian visitors. The three-day event of the XXI century … light art various branches of street arts, theater, music and new circus entertains visitors.

Last year were 50,000 visitors, many have  arrived from neighbouring countries and other countries.

Last year, North and South America have been also candidates, and this year will not be other. This year’s festival highlights the airy circus trapeze artists. The 14-member troupe consisting of trapeze artists and musicians arriving from Spain to the Széchenyi square, where there will be a 70-tonne crane showcasing their art of work. Barcelona known for hairdresser light will be present to give visitors a unique shiny hair at the scene.  Also coming from Bali with a 6-foot moving scenery.

Last Year’s atmosphere to bring  as appetizer to this year’s  supper event …

For detailed programs visit:

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3D Printing … Showcasing the Future of the Future – Budapest – 2015.


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The 3D exhibition  will only be displayed until  8 p.m. on Saturday, May, 15. … So for those individuals who are interested in the future’s technology roll over to see at the …

District, V.,  Akvárium Club – Elizabeth Square.

Entry free of charge.

Many exhibitors will be pleased to share their experiences … here is a couple, beside others to be worthwhile to stop by and see:

At the Dental Reality 3D System  was  shown, introduced the high level of professional experience in the field of digital dental technology. It is a unique opportunity to manufacture medical implants, primarily bone and dental implant using products like cobalt chrome, titanium or metal systems, Also use the 3D at body and face scanning, digitization. A new age for not only keeping   „flat” photos or saved shots. Deals with 3D body and face digitization and on request for  loved pets, digital image and print can be made for eternal memory. During the exhibition the visitors may stop for a free face scanning.

The Magma Sys offers a wide selection products , as for creative artist,  dental technician, orthopaedic prosthesis makers interior designers, graphic animators designers jewellers, as well as for moulding solutions and creative purposes  with  the new solution in the use of the 3D.

A must see stand and should not to be missed is „Enabling the Future”

The revolution devices are introduced in the 21st. century in healthcare which is access to life changing worldwide.

The team members are a Global Network of Passionate Volunteers … artists, designers, engineers, educators, students, therapists, world-wide community of creative people who are using the 3D printing technology. These volunteers are from Australia, Botswana, Europe, India, Japan, New Zealand, North and South America making the world a place for many different enable individuals by using 3D Printing

E-Nable’s – volunteer, device and designer  Peregrine says .. “When you think about updating part of yourself, you start to look at your entire self as something that is worthy of being upgraded and you see yourself as a work in progress. Anything you can’t do to-day is not because you cannot do it, it is because you cannot do it … YET! A future version of you could do that … if you work at upgrading and improving yourself.”

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