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Overview – School Time Began Around the World

Exploring educations at some of the schools Worldwide!

Do you still remember the nervous, yet awaiting feeling that has come to you during the first weeks of schooling? In most parts of the world, there is still a lot of excitement, as there are many places in the school now. However, there are huge differences in how they are preparing for this time in different countries around the world. Let’s look at some surprising educational features that seem to us most unusual for most of us!

Hungary – In Hungary there are many possibilities: our children can go to private or public institutions, but we can also choose teachers from traditional or alternative education. However, few people know that the digitization of education has already come in Hungary: the Samsung Smart School’s classrooms at Miskolc and Jászfényszaru provide the most up-to-date information and communication tools for students who can acquire knowledge in an innovative and interactive way

Australia – The Aussie students will be having shortly School-Out summer vacation, but their school days will be back! In the meantime updating Downunder how the education is going.

The major part of Australia, which stretches from 7,692,000 square kilometers, consists of a desert country, which seems to be uninhabited. However, even in these abandoned areas there are families and small communities where children can attend state education even if there is no school nearby. But how? The solution is the Australian government’s School of the Air program, originally by radio, and nowadays, with the help of the Internet, they give individual or group lessons to children, who in the afternoon will solve their tasks with their family members.

Finland – We have often heard about Finnish education being one of the world’s best teaching systems. There, students tend to feel as if they are going to a playhouse instead of a strict school, and this encourages them to learn. In the informal education, the teacher and his personality also play an important role: for example, many have not participated in teacher training, in order not to teach them later on in accordance with predetermined rules. From then on, a variety of methods and aids come int he class hour: board games, tales or even role-playing games are part of everyday education as textbooks.

South Korea – While the Finns are trying to ban technology from education, in South Korea, the main elements of school hours are digital devices. For example, the touchscreen Samsung TS-3 smart card used in the Korean Gyeseong Primary School is used not only for simple portrayal of teachers, but also distributes information and tasks to students’ tablets, who can instantly solve them or ask questions. The results of the innovative method they speak for themselves: research shows that students have been able to concentrate more on the subject for a longer period of time and have been more enthusiastic about the classroom communication. Their thinking was also gained by the digital knowledge that has become unavoidable today.

Iceland – In Icelandic culture and traditions, the acquisition of special binding techniques plays an important role, which also means that all real Icelanders have at least one hand-knit sweater. The bonds are so seriously taken by the locals that they have made compulsory allergy in primary schools for boys and girls alike. While in the morning in Hungary the calculator, the booklets and the textbooks are placed in the schoolbag, for the Icelandic students the knitting needles should not be forgotten at home.

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The Grand Market Hall began its series of Nation Days in 2005 upon the joint agreement between the Metropolitan Municipality Directorate and the Grand Market Hall. The event brought alive was to target,  introduce to the Hungarians different nations gastronomy, culture,  products and tour information from the four corners of the Earth.

This year was the second year, whereas Downunder was on the spot for a week-end with products brought to the venue by Hungarian dealers distributing Aussie authentic musical instruments – didgeridoo, toys, boomerang, a kinda geological fair was present with wonderful small pieces of rocks and semi precious stones … not only from Australia, but from the surrounding countries …, treasures beyond the Great Barrier Reef and the Coral Sea, diverse homeland plants e.g. the tinny eucalypt tree, interesting geological formations and last but not least shark were present, NO real bites only their  different size of tooth from their jaws  formed into medals and bracelets,  which were for many a  feast for the eyes. A travel agency brought leaflets, gave practical advice to visitors planning to go Downunder and New Zealand to celebrate the New Year event beside the Harbour Bridge.

One of the highlights at the event was not only viewing the products, items at an exhibition, but were also available at the booth. The target dry Sheila’s and Mate’s Outback full length coats and hats brought to the venue by Ilona and Tamás were very famous. They both started their business in 2005 by importing a range of original Aussie country-style Outback Features. They surely were eye-catching pieces and showed much interest to the strolling by tourist  to stop and shop around. These bit-and-pieces targeted my heartbeat as well, especially the “Southern Cros” Kangaroo leather, suede exterior, light rumpled outback hat.  They have a website at where anybody can find outfits for their own taste.

Indeed was good to be present and see a slice of Australia, whereas not only the Hungarians, but  a crowed of tourist on their sightseeing tour entered the market hall and many foreigners picked some goods and items beside the Hungarian flavors on this very special shopping day at the Nation  Day of Australia”  in Budapest.

Unfortunately, one twist was at the Aussie National Day … The cakes had nothing to do with the original cakes and cookies available Downunder. The man on the stand said the pastries are made by an Australian bloke who lives in Austria and has a bakery in Budapest and he made these cakes and cookies  for the Aussie  days according to the original real flavors. Sorry to say, wasn’t even close to what the Australians actually have. The “apple with ginger” …. the ginger was  probably on holiday. The Limonite … was simply a sponge cake covered with chocolate – sprinkled with coconut. The cookies with carrot were simply just a sweet cookie  …  probably the bloke was out of carrots. Oh well hope nobody who tasted these will think this is what the Aussie tummies adore! They were very much alike as the Hungarian pastries. –

The event was under the patronage of the “Stake of Being” preventive Foundation.

Update and snaps by Aggie Reiter