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Make your Day – Make Bolyhos your Pálinka Day

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But before jumping into world of the Bolyhos Pálinka here is a little knot to keep in mind …Y our going to be dealing with “WHOA” … „Fire Water” as Americans call it. The Hungarians like to say and believe that it is good to have a shot pálinka in small amounts cause it is medicine, in large amounts a remedy, but maybe after the first sip might think otherwise.

László Bolyhos owner of the distillery spoke about the past/present at this year’s OMÉK – Hungexpo Fair. By the following: Going back in time by saying, the first records of pálinka date back to the 14th century. It was referred to as “Aqua vitae reginae Hungaria” or in English as “the aqua vitae of  King Charles of Hungary”. This spirit was most likely a pálinka already, blended with rosemary, and was used as a medicine for the king and the queen, both of whom suffered from arthritis. For centuries it was a drink that peasants made in their backyard, however in the 17th century an official act put an end to all that.  In 2002 pálinka was recognized by the EU as a Hungaricum – an alcoholic drink, distilled from fruits, with an alcohol content a minimum of 37.5%.

Bolyhos Pálinka Distillery – Then after talked about the Bolyhos family run distillery, As he said, it was as to follow the ideas of the founder László Bolyhos, who has dealt with pálinka distillation since 1994 in their factory at Újszilvási.  Continued, thanks to the development, in accordance of the requirements of the European Union, they have conducted since 2003 commercial distillation as well. Their aim is, that pálinka should become once again an appreciated, regularly and responsibly consumed national drink. Beside the traditional small pot distillation, they also distill with aroma column equipment, later it is used mainly for their 40 and 50 proof bedded pálinka. Pálinka has a long time history, and the major of the Hungarians have at least once have had the experience to taste one or two of the fruity pálinka, but as for the growing up new generation, reaching the adult age to drink alcohol, it is their time to get to know the idea and taste the different kind of fruits in bottles of pálinka. Now a word or two about the Bolyhos Pálinka itself and the Distilling Pálinka and Bedded Pálinka.

Bolyhos Bedded Pálinka – The creation of the Bolyhos „Bedded Pálinka” took them years of experimenting, it is made of 100% culinary quality. Contains well grown, healthy fruits which have high sugar and aroma. What does the Bedded Pálinka stand for?  … The bedded pálinka is aged on a dried fruit bed with a fine fruit aroma, bedded pálinka’s alcohol content is 50% (V/V). The simple (not fruit infused) pálinka are made with 40% alcohol content. During the bottling process they put the home-made dried fruits into the bottle and pour on the pálinka … of the same fruit … on it to start the three-month aging procedure. Through this time the dried fruits regain their original size and give a nice natural color to the pálinka. The „fruit bed” makes the pálinka richer in taste and visibly appetizing. They believe that only the highest quality of the pálinka is worthy to be aged on fruits, that is why they put a lot of effort to provide the best materials for the constantly supervised distilling process.

As to promote the quality bedded (ágyas) pálinka, they created the Újszilvási Ágyaspálinka Festival and was a grand gathering visited by several ten thousands of people. Thanks to the continuous expansion they await the customers with a sample shop and a pálinka tasting house, which satisfy all demands. These days they produce 11 types of pálinka and lavender spirit on a commercial volume. These are Quince, Sour Cherry, Black Cherry, Golden and Jonathan Apples, Irsai Olivér and other fruits i.e.: grape, apricot, plum, mixed fruits and Williams pear pálinka.

The Bolyhos pálinka regularly receives awards, lately at the Quintessence Pálinka Competition organized by the Cultural Association of Onga. The Bolyhos Ágyas plum pálinka was named as the best pálinka with a distribution of more than 10,000 bottles and won the title for the most successful pálinka distillery. The committee also handed out lifetime achievement award to distiller László Bolyhos who have contributed to the emergence of the pálinka industry and received the following awards Bed Irsai Oliver Grape – Gold, Irsai Oliver Grape – Gold, Bed Quince – Bronze,  Bed Plum – Bronze,  Gypsy Cherry – Bronze, Bed Cherry – Silver, Bed Apricot- Silver, Quince – Silver.

Bolyhos Pálinka packages are everywhere recognizable not just in Budapest’s liquor stores and supermarkets and because of its unique package and bottle designs easy to spot it out. Having second thoughts to the forthcoming Xmas holidays, so if wish to take back home as a gift of your tasted and found delicious pálinka and share it with friends … as the song  says “don’t worry be happy”  still there is an option to buy at the Budapest Airport Duty Shop.

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Discover Downtown – The boy king’s mummy and treasures @ Komplex – Budapest

Without flying from Budapest over to Egypt … take your time and be a time traveler to this captivating itinerary as it begins and ends in Budapest. Visit  “The Valley of the Kings” the stupendous and unrivaled collection of pharaonic priceless artifacts, including mind-boggling treasures once buried with the boy king recovered from the tomb of KING TUTANKHAMUN.

The Pharaoh ruled Egypt for approximately ten years (around 1336-1327 BC).

Commemorating the centenary of the discover that captivated the world, exhibits the largest collection of King Tutankhamun’s greatest golden treasures ever to travel out of Egypt will open at: Komplex Performance & Event Venue  – District, VI., 26.  Király Street .

 November, 8.  2019 – March, 1. 2020.

In November, 1922, from the ancient dark hole came to light during the exploration by British explorer Howard Carter and financier Lord Carnarvon in discovering Tutankhamun’s near-intact tomb in the Valley of the Kings. The king’s mummified body in his golden coffin was found surrounded by precious grave goods. To-day, Tutankhamun is known the most famous ancient Egypt’s pharaoh. In just a wink the legend of Tutankhamun captured imaginations globally and became a worldwide sensation, public fascination surrounding the boy king, the only Ancient Egyptian royal tomb ever found. Over the years the attention has not stopped, having worldwide exhibitions, drawing record crowds where ever Tutankhamun – The Golden Pharaoh – have had been laid in his coffin.

Find out how much do you really know about the boy-king? During the visit to Budapest’s exhibition there will be much to see and hear so much of the lesser-known facts about him.

Go on a fantastical voyage, a once-in-a-lifetime insight into the archaeology of ancient Egypt and experience the burial chambers and treasures of the King exactly as they were discovered in 1922 by Howard Carter. The exhibition offers the visitors a unique experience with tracks of original venues, photos of the reconstructs over 2200 m2 and the beauty of the treasures of the era.

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The Museums Autumn Festival – PartOne – Székesfehérvár & Veszprém – 2019

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September 23 – November 10. 2019.

It was the most gorgeous fall day with 24C and sunshine. Drove a little less than 2 hours to get to our destination and have taken of the most beautiful  snaps from these 2 cities.  We walked on the highest points and „climbed” down to the lowest points. Cannot stay enough about these cities, so put on your walking shoes and go visit!  Our first stop, arriving to our first venue went inside the Welcome Center and then headed for our day trip.

Midway through the open-air event series of the Ethnographic Museum and the Hungarian Tourism Agency. This time we got a taste of famous museums and programs in Veszprém and Székesfehérvár. The purpose of our study visit was to get to know the sights and history presented of the Museum Autumn Festival in the countryside.


During the morning, The exhibition of the graphic artist László Réber,  prize winner of the “The Exhibition of the Year” Museum’s Pedagogical King Museum in the morning hours.  The „Hetedhét” Toy Museum in the historical center of Székesfehérvár, in the Hiemer-Font-Caraffa building block. The permanent exhibition is made in two collections. Collection One Éva Moskovszky and her mother, Erzsébet Auer, whose unique collections of civic toys are recognized throughout Europe and the graphic legacy – László Réber. CollectionTwoThe combinations of objects containing thousands of small game devices almost without exception a baby’s room, which was originally staged at the collectors themselves and equipped with some kind of story and meaning.


After that venue, we visited the “Country House of the Year” homemade pasta workshop in the Bakony House. The Bakony House, one of the first Hungarian open-air ethnographical museums. The house used to be a home for a Calvinist lower-gentry family. The three-part building thatched-roofed and soil floor represents the most advanced type of that time. Inside lifestyle typical of the region are displayed (pots, pans, bowls, dishes, ring-cake makers, cups, spoons, and forks). The potteries were made by potters of Veszprém, Szentgál, Nemesleányfalu, Sümeg, Tüskevár, and Kapolcs. Main room displayed with old-style, angular arrangement of furniture. See slideshow: To the right of the entrance there is a green tile or flap-tile stove with a crown with lace-ornaments on the top made by a Veszprém stove-setter and potter in 1854. There is a wooden arm-chair called the “chair of sorrow”, a seat for the oldest man of the family neoclassic chairs from the 19th century with carved back with empire-style ornaments. Also two chairs with Baroque-style carved backs dating from 1704.

A few steps further is the 1925 built, 100 year-old county museum the “Palace of Culture,” built to the public interested in historical treasures the Dezső Laczkó Museum, that show lives from the past, the present, and the future. The first finds of the oldest and most significant collection of 330000 items in the county from 1903 which deals with ethnography, archaeology, history, fine and applied arts, literary history of Veszprém and Veszprém county, and there is a remarkable collection of numismatic  collection as well. Int he museum the „Spirits” remained in the objects. It makes visitors travel in time and space everywhere in the county during the ancient times to the modern age, from the Avars to our grandparents. The oldest archaeological findings date back to 5th century B.C.  At the Library and Treasury of Knowledge is a home for ancient prints, antiques shows several hundreds of years old, first editions of Hungarian fiction and non-fiction books from the 17-19th centuries. In addition visitors can watch archive and contemporary films on about Veszprém county itself. The Treasury of Knowledge a superb and unique education program in the heart of museum.

Before  heading to our next venue had lunch at the Gusto13 – Székesfehérvár … Bouillon, veggies, noodles …Wild boar, green pea puree with grilled vegetables …  also for vegetarians – steamed vegetables … dessert – Thai pannacotta. Excellent food and service – Highly recommend this place.

In the afternoon went down to reach the deepest point of the city -3 floor of the renowned Prison. This program, namely: “Up in the Sky, Down in the Deep” showed the dark shadow of the past, we got a picture of the lives of convicted ex-prisoners, mainly because of their political views in the jail. Had a look at the memory cell of the Hungarian Prince Cardinal József Mindszenty.  Was the bishop of Veszprém and imprisoned in the castle prison between November, 27.  – December, 22. 1944. The Mindszenty Memorial Room commemorates the activities and imprisonment detailing the arrest and detention. He was jailed on Xmas in 1948., charged , sentenced to life imprisonment in 1949. He was liberated during the 1956 Revolution and fled to the US Embassy – Budapest after the suppression of the War of Independence. He stayed at the embassy until 1971, when he left the country and moved to Vienna. According to his will he was buried in 1975 in Mariazell – Austria.

There were also left hand marks of the Bakony outlaws who were imprisoned here also on the -3 floor. Were told a brief history of some of major Bakony outlaws. The rumor of the outlaws survived of which the door of their cell where taken away and exhibited as a memento in the new prison at the Veszprém County Prison.  Born in a shepherd’s family  (real name Jóska Papp)  Jóska Sobri the high-profile robberies were associated with his name. He had several robberies on his account, mentioning here the Hunkár castle’s robbery  at Szolgagyőr, gained booty and was  finally captured in 1836 sentenced  and hanged.

To be continued … PartTwo

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Hearld News: Temples of Art Series – The Prado Museum – Film Premiere @ Budapest

Temples of Art: The Prado Museum – Collection of Miracles
color subtitled Italian educational film, 90 minutes, 2019
Director: Valeria Parisi

Premiere – Tuesday, October, 8. 2019. – 8 p.m. – Uránia National Film Theater – Budapest

The entire history of art are all in one extremely amazing Halls at the PRADA Museum in Madrid. Many may have been to the PRADA Museum in Madrid or perhaps many may have not. This film surely will take the audience right into  PRADA without taking a step out from their seats, instead stepping into the Halls at the breathtaking PRADA Museum.

On the 200th anniversary of its existence, one of the most visited museums in the world  now comes to Budapest to take a special tour through the halls of the eminent institution, presenting their history and secrets in the frame of the Temple of Art series. Journey through the history of beauty and art with Oscar-winning actor Jeremy Irons guides viewers through.

At the premiere the guest of honor, Dr. Joan Molina Figueres (University of Girona, Department of Art History), curator of the premiere screening of the film in collaboration with the Embassy of Spain and the Cervantes Institute.

The film is screened in original (English, Spanish) with Hungarian subtitles. and out at major cinemas throughout the country’s regions from October, 10. 2019. Tickets on the spot at the ticket booth.

Upon Pannonia Entertainment Ltd.

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First International Beatles Festival @ Budapest 2019!

Just in case if it slipped out of mind!

Are you extremely fond of the Beatles? Wish to purchase a couple of Beatles relic? If you say yes to at least one out of two then your place is nowhere better place to be on the first weekend of October at Analog Music Hall and Hard Rock Cafe in Budapest! Organizers will bring a huge slice recalling the Lads from Liverpool to Budapest as part of the first Hungarian Beatles Festival!

Previous Herald News:



Here are the planned programs and the performances:



2 p.m. – Doors open

2.30 p.m. -Official Opening – The BlackBirds, Sergey Radchenko, Egri Road Beatles Múzeum, VOX

3 p.m. – Sergey Radchenko (UA) – storyteller – Ambassador of The Beatles Story Museum, Liverpool). Where does genius come from and how young John Lennon found the key to his success, s

4 p.m. – Petruska – Acoustic concert with Petruska. Little known songs by The Beatles.

5 p.m. – Helen Anderson (UK) – designer from Liverpool, creator of the iconic Lennon hat talks about John Lennon’s school years and the times they spent together.

6 p.m. – Intermission

6.30 p.m. – Raffle (FREE raffle with entrance tickets.) Prizes include VOX harmonica with Beatles sheet music, radio, promotional gifts, Hard Rock Cafe gifts, official APPLE and Beatles Museum Merchandise sponsored by Egri Road Beatles Museum.

7 p.m. – The BlackBirds (Hungarian Beatles & Solo Years Tribute Band) feat. Vitáris Iván (Ivan & The Parazol) – Abbey Road full album LIVE – celebrating the 50th anniversary of the release of the Abbey Road album with The BlackBirds, feat. Vitáris Iván (Ivan & The Parazol).

8 p.m. – Jay Goeppner (USA) – (top John Lennon tribute act from Chicago) From Please Please Me to Double Fantasy – John Lennon songs from the first Beatles LP to the last John Lennon solo album.


3 p.m. – The winner of the Beatles Weekend’s Talent Contest.

4 p.m. – Márton András (drummer of KFT) talks about his book Yesterday, his translation of Beatles lyrics.

5 p.m. – Zoltán Czutor (Belmondo, Nyers) talks about his love of The Beatles and plays his favourite songs.

Other events all day long:

Sgt. Pepper’s Cafe & Bar – hot and cold  yummies.

RomKafé  – exclusíve Beatles Specials – hot chocolate in 3 different flavors: Honey Pie, Savoy Truffle, Strawberry Fields Forever.

VOX exhibition – vintage and new amplifiers, guitars, pianos, harmonicas.

Official APPLE Beatles merchandise and CD’s available in Egri Road Beatles Museum’s shop.

Beatles Fair – vintage record (vinyl) market – Official Beatles Weekend Shop

Alcoholic & soft drinks at Analog Music Hall’s bars.

DAY 2 – SUNDAY, OCTOBER, 6. 2019.

Hard Rock Cafe is exclusive to Beatles Weekend all Sunday afternoon.

Extra day for the biggest Beatles fans. Special event with original Hard Rock Cafe Beatles relics.


2.30 p.m. – Doors Open

3 p.m. – István Mikó actor talks about the Beatles and the legendary Beatles Forever stage play.

4 p.m. – Intermission

4.30 p.m. – Jay Goeppner (USA) & The Blackbirds: Unplugged. Best Lennon ballads and rare Beatles songs.

6 p.m.  Oh Boy … Now you missed the Beatles Week-end Budapest 2019 – THE END

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Design Week – Designs Wanted – Trade Show @ Budapest – 2019.

Friday, October, 4. 2019 – Sunday, October, 13, 2019.

This year, the Baltic countries – Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania – will be honored guests of the festival.


For the sixteenth time now, Budapest Design Week festival awaits visitors with 250 programs at 150 design locations during the period of October, 4 – 13., similarly to previous years in its structure but with many new features a number added to the content.  The aim of the biggest design event in Hungary is to encourage cooperation between designers and companies beyond the formation of attitudes, thus strengthening the economic role of during the period of  the Hungarian design ecosystem.

The organizers will be waiting for the participants with several programs aimed at economic recovery. In a series of lectures tailored to the needs of small and medium-sized creative industries, experts will answer the most common strategic, financing, commercial, copyright and communication issues.

The program series includes events for the general public … exhibition openings, children’s programs, thematic tours, workshop visits, professional events, round-tables, professional presentations, conferences, awards gala and many more activities.

The Service Design Day program … a series of lectures and workshops illustrating the relationship between strategic planning and design, will be held this year, as well as the Design Management Awards, which recognizes successful practices of design management-oriented corporate governance by the Hungarian Design Council.

Constant programs, rural events … the permanent program elements: insight allowing designers Open Studios, guided tours of the city’s interesting sites Design, founded forty years ago this year, the Hungarian Design Award and the transfer of the Design Management Award.

The number of partner cities in the countryside is also expanding this year: besides the already successful cities of Debrecen, Győr, Pécs and Sopron, the city of Eger will be added as a new entrant, so in 2019 there will definitely be local designers, institutions and businesses Relationship Design Week.

The patron of Design Week Budapest is sponsored by the Hungarian Intellectual Property Office, organized by the Hungarian Design Council.

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Part2 – OMÉK – 1 Drop Pálinka (1 Csepp Pálinka) – Hungexpo

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At the OMÉK on the campaign rumbled at the Pálinka National Committee Booth, whereas Béla Géza Master of Pálinka – Member of the National Pálinka Council gave a lecture and tasting of “1 Drop Pálinka” (1 Csepp Pálinka) made from different plums grown in Hungary.

The “1 Drop Pálinka” received the most prestigious achievement the “Best Hungarian Pálinka” in 2015 and the “Most Successful Pálinka Distillery of Hungary” in 2018 and had also received awarded medal rating of 9 gold 5 silver 5 bronze. The pálinka distillery was founded in 2013 and housed in the 105-year-old “Machine House” which was renovated at Hegykő in the area of ​​Fertő-Hanság National Park. Familiar environment has the tradition of making pálinka with the most modern technology.

Upon the tasting time by Béla Géza Master of Pálinka – Member of the National Pálinka Council were served ten Pálinka all made from plums growing in Hungary.  A couple in nutshell: The Besztercei  Plum Palinka made from best type sweet plum. This old traditional Hungarian pálinka is most people favorite strong spirit. It appeared in Hungary at the end of the Middle Ages. Presumably of Syrian origin. The Stanley plum Pálinka produced from quality plums. Origin 30 km in the Körös valley. It has a slightly yellowish color, a pleasant taste and smell. It was told, “It brings love out of the heart!” It featured high quality and it faithfully reflected the fragrance and flavor of the fruit. The Nepocita plum origin from Kisvárda with the fruity typicality, with a strong presence of chocolate, spicy notes, discreet but warm fruit sweetness and a mild background seed flavor characteristic of stone nuts.

It is an old Hungarian and especially true saying … “That what can be used to make jam is also good to make Pálinka.”  Of course there is a long way to go for real delicious Pálinka. Excellent Pálinka can only be made from first-rate mash, and the base of the mash bringing excellent fruity taste Pálinka.

Overall …  Pálinka is part of cultivated alcohol consumption and is a complement to gastronomic delights.

Pálinka is part of Hungarian culture, Hungaricum!

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