Chinese Magic Lights – Budapest Zoo & Botanical Garden – 2016

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Get ready …  Awesome Art by Day  – Superb Magic by Night!

Making lanterns is considered a traditional art in China and the magical creations could be seen only on few occasions in Europe so far, but now it can be viewed for 45 days at the Budapest Zoo & Botanical Garden, between April, 8 – May, 22. 2016.

A night of adventure … entitled Chinese Magic Lights  … animals brought to life within the magnificent lighting. Cannot be left out not to visit the unique pathways at the Budapest Zoo & Botanical Garden.

The invited guests and especially the children were excited as they wandered throughout the area of the Zoo, that was transformed into an awesome wonderland of sparkling, glowing lights of  animals by the brilliant handwork of Chinese silk lantern artists brought alive several hundred creatures in the mist of the night at the Budapest Zoo.

The snaps most probably will give a hint of what to expect and see at the Zoo, just like the flamboyant dragon in size of 20 meters in length, also sparkling Chinese cheerful night butterflies, a selection of colorful tropical fish, tigers, lions, snake, swaying blooming flowers and so forth. For a couple of the resident animals it must have been odd,  seeing their venue turned into colorful lights and stood up to watch the visitors taking their tour around.

At the opening was present the Ambassador of the Republic of China to Budapest. Deputy Major of Budapest, Director of the Budapest Spring Festival, Director of the Budapest Zoo & Botanical Garden.

This brilliant exhibition is organised within the part of the program series of the  Budapest Spring Festival – 2016.

Visitors may stroll along  look at these spectacular „creatures” every evening from 7p.m. to 10p.m. Tickets are available on the spot at the ticket office.

Here’s a peek to the opening ceremony:

Update and snaps by Aggie Reiter


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