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More than 250 exhibitors from over 15 countries  at 10,000 square meters, with a variety of professional culinary programs, between March, 10-12. 2014., at the HUNGEXPO – Budapest – Hungary.

On March, 4., a  press conference was held at the Sofitel Hotel , Budapest to spread the news of one of biggest exhibition and fair to Open it’s gate at the HUNGEXPO – Budapest. The press gathering  was held by: CEO  Gábor Ganczer – HUNGEXPO Ltd.,  Imre Horvath – CEO of METRO Ltd. , dr. Peter Simon –  Deputy general manager of the Hungarian National Tourist Office , Zoltan Hamvas – President of the Hungarian Academy of Bocuse d’Or , Zsuzsanna Hermann – Editor Trade magazine, Ms. Klára Tihanyi a media partner of the exhibition, Director of the exhibition , and Zoltan Kolonics – „SIRHA”  Ambassador confectionery.  In addition to domestic firms, 20% of the exhibitors  are arriving from abroad.

Imagen „SIRHA”  as an Island of goods,  where the food, the baking and confectionery industry, the hotel and catering industry and gastronomy  comes alive at the  venue  at Hungexpo  as a new international trade fair. It is organized by GL Events , a subsidiary of the Hungexpo Ltd. After having been previously held at Lyon , Istanbul, Moscow, Geneva and Shanghai it will be the first time in our country . The exhibition to be held is worth to visit, whereas it represents the ongoing flowering and culinary excellence in our  home kitchen, these were the welcoming  words to  the invited media and professional staff by Gábor Ganczer CEO Hungexpo Ltd.

Dr. Simon Peter – deputy general manager of the Hungarian National Tourist Office highlighted the variety of offers at the AMC’s booth, whereas the Hungarian diverse range of products, including authentic „SIRHAN”  wines will be sparkling during show.

At this international forum  professional, representatives of the domestic industry will receive the utmost professional support by the key technical partner  the METRO Ltd.

The METRO Trading Co. Ltd. is looking ahead to a special and busy year  celebrating its  20th year at domestic and 50th year being available at international  venues. This  anniversary celebration will the METRO Ltd. a unique international trade exhibition , to be along at the „SIRHAN”  with the Bocuse d’Or great professionals as a partner on this Jubilee year. When the „Q” was  raised as an idea of joining the exhibition , there was no question that the METRO partner will be in the series of events , just as the Bocuse d’Or Academy, was at the Lyon World finals on along being supporting our company.  ” METRO Ltd” brings the 21st century’s culinary delights to the „SIRHAN” , where every visitor  can feel free to dip into the supply of a variety of programs , just like as a customer  at the market. Approximately  having an exhibition  and lectures, joint workshops with professional  ​​regional and national leaders, VIP lounge , barista demonstrations at an 800 square meter of booth where the guest arriving to these presentations. The international trade will play a prominent role at the “SIRHA”  in food and hospitality exhibition. said Mr. Imre Horváth, CEO – METRO Ltd.

A couple of exhibitions in brief taking place at the first time on the  international  level  of „SIRHA” : Dessert Competition … The exhibition pastry Ambassador Zoltán Kolonics, Gerbeaud creative pastry chef will be in assistance at the jury staff of experts. The project aims to uptake in our country the creative confectionery, to provide a forum for progressive, multi-cultural desserts. Innovation and competitiveness …  Will be under the organization by the Trade Magazine. The exhibitors may enter in four categories with their products and their services as: food, confectionery and bakery industry, machinery and technology. Furniture and Wood Industry … Under the leadership of the Hungarian Furniture and Wood Industry Association, a wide-spread of the latest trends, different style of furniture and wood industry products will be out on display showing the visitors many features in taste and style. Future Store Innovations … This year, for groups within 25-30 people may watch the moderator about what is to be in hand for the future, and to see on the shelves the next time they come across in the stores. Food Industry Exchange … Beside  of  having  small stalls by additional exhibitors, they  will also have the opportunity  to listen, take part at the  lectures. Bocuse d’Or Hungarian Selection … The semi-final  „SIRHA” international competition will take place at the Hungexpo. The 6 chef’s training has already started its preparing in January, and already know that the constituent elements of the menu is the Swedish pig, oysters, scallops and black cod. The Bocuse d’Or has more than two decades in history naturalized throughout the world. It is a kind of racing, where you are prepared to work in front of the jury members who are already the world’s greatest chef.  Here at this point, Mr.Zoltan Kolonics mentioned an important information by saying, the Hungarian Bocuse d’Or Academy submitted the application to the Bocuse d’Or Europe 2016. Out of four competitor two remained, one is Vienna the other is Budapest… Lets  keep our fingers crossed and hope for being having the honor to organize  the international gathering in 2016. at the Hungexpo in Budapest .

Become a visitor to this huge international trade meeting where  during the three days  all sence will be awake with having the pleasure to concentrate on the current gastronomic trends , the latest solutions for the food and …  the cream on top of the cake  … on t he final day the culinary delights  will be featuring by the World’s masterful  chefs  at the  Bocuse d’Or competition with selection of Hungarian cooks to be crowned.  See  „SIRHA” food supplies of what the organizers, the sponsors will be providing on regional levels to the outstanding professionals.

The visitor registration, the exhibitor list and more detailed program information on the website of the exhibition can find: www.sirha-budapest.hu

Update and snaps by Aggie Reiter

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