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Second Year – Wine Xmas Tree – City Park – Ice Rink – Budapest – 2015.

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An event to go on a”cellar tour” again with “Glass in Hand” at the Ice Rink in the City Park.

Exquisite guest wine makers came and brought their fantastic wines for tasting.

BUT … What makes a memorable bottle of wine?

The answer is pretty simple is a worthy representative of a particular region.

This year was the second year to have kept the Wine Xmas Tree event where a couple of well-known Lake Balaton region wine makers brought to the scene to taste their wines. These wine makers make every effort to bring fame to the their delicious wines and nectar.  They are manually harvested, crop restriction, and are prepared within the traditional and modern wine-making processes. Offering a wide range of fragrant heavy-bodied white, red wines and Rozé. These are all aged in wooden barrels.

The Bezerics Wine House, is located at Keszthely, at the west shore of Lake Balaton. Most of their wines are made from white grape varieties both Hungarian and International such as Cserszegi Fűszeres (Cserszeg Spice), Furmint, Chardonnay and a very rare Hungarian grape variety calls Pátria which is a cross between Olasz Rizling (Italian Riesling) and Tramini

Bujdosó Vineyards – located at Balatonlelle – Southern Lake Balaton. The Bujdosó wines are already popular not just at its local cellars, but the residents of Budapest prefer to have on their table the variety of the Bujdosó wines. At the tasting event many bottles were opened such as the “Matacs” – the virgin vintage of Szürkebarát. The grapes are matured in the oak barrels. It is a full-bodied wine that gives the distinctive taste.

Laposa Estate – located at Badacsonytomaj – Badacsony Region – lays at the Northern area of Lake Balaton. A long time ago used to be an active volcano, which rocked the region and today it rocks the wine lovers, but to stay to the wines, the remaining soil is still special here in growth of unique vineyards. Every year an average of 80000 bottles are prepared fine wines as the Riesling, the Rhine Riesling, the Pinot Gris, Juhfarok, Kéknyelű, Yellow Muscat, Furmint and Hárslevelű.

Légli Vineyards and Winery – located at  Balatonboglár – Southern shore of Lakre Balaton. The wines from the estate are from vineyards on terraces of volcanic origins with the best aspect in Badacsony.He is the master of light-bodied fruity white wines. Légli Blanc is a one of the important figure on the shelves at the supermarkets and also in the hands of the sommeliers.

Szent Donát Winery – located on the Csopak hillside – Northern area at Lake Balaton. All wines are made from the winery’s own grapes, and every step of the production is happening at the Csopak estate. The Csopak wine by Szent Donát  surely deserves to be kept in mind.

Szeremley Estate – located at Badacsonytomaj – Northern Lake Balaton area. Wine production began at this region in the 1st century, which dates back to The Romans. As was told, they safeguard the unique harmony of their wines in keeping with the requirements of the highest standards, which reflect all the natural beauty of the landscape, the mineral character of the basalt and the atmosphere of the sunny slopes. Typically, reflecting local characteristics known for its white wine of their own. Their most common variety are the Riesling wines that were at the wine tasting event as well.

Istvándy Winery – located at Káptalantóti – Northern Lake Balaton.Those guests who even once tasted the Istvándy Wines were to say in two-word its a proof of “quality wines” and as he said, “It has a lot to do with the land’s soil and weather … the volcanic mountains and the reflection of the water of the Lake Balaton, the microclimate provide such a special environment for the grapes grown there to produce a unique liquid  called „the wine of delight.” Have to mention the 100% heavenly grape nectar, that once you taste it you think twice whether you want to go on with wine tasting … o.k. …just kidding, but when tasting the 100% pure grape nectar you feel the warmth summer breeze with melting sweet grapes …  you will surely get addicted to it!

Váli Wine – located at Badacsonyörs – Lake Balaton.Was told, the secret of fine wine is to be manual harvesting in buckets, processing in barrels for the purpose to have the wine to be as much to it as when it was born.The perfect characterized Balaton Uplands wines are reductive and aged in oak barrels. Unforgettable the Riesling wines from the Vali Winery at the Lake Balaton.

Villa-Tolnay – located at the Csobánc hill on the Northern shore of Lake Balaton. Was told during the tasting, that after many years of experience was to learn and develop to get to this level and also the cherish the knowledge passed down through generations gives the possible to make the day for the wine lovers. He works with 6-8 varieties of grapes. The selection of Riesling also started with Rhine Riesling and the Pinot Noir are the most popular sought of wines. At this tasting event it helps in learning the process and offers an insight into “mistery of good wine”.This update naturally can not reproduce the flavor of the wonderful wines tasted at the event, but that is why it is worth a visit all the wine regions and taste the delicious wines for your own.

The presence of the Bergmann Confectionery arriving from Balatonfüred was the cream on top of the cake. Not only because  the Bergmanns due to their colourful family history, but also dispite to the coming season of holidays when at the HUngarian families are not missing the home-made Hungarian Xmas cakes (beigli), angel loaf (candied fruit – raisins – almonds and rum – covered with milk chocolate), short cakes, cake rolls containing freshly dried fruit and nuts, home-made strudel, sponge cakes drenched in chocolate, rolls with chocolate cream – brittle – sour cherry in rum, poppy-seed cake with flavoured fruits and the Bethlehem almond marzipan Xmas cake (begli), buttery sponge cake filled with apricot jam and marzipan, with white chocolate dragging and dropping … One in the list should not be left out, which was the favorite was the Stollen (kneaded yeast dough rich of candied fruit – almonds – raisins – marzipan –  the peel of lemon with rum – matured with icing sugar and butter.) No wonder the Bergmann Confectionery is so famous by the visitors spending time around the northern shores of Lake Balaton. The family run business has amassed a plethora of cake recipes in the family recipe collection for over three generations. A must stop at the Bergmann cake shop before rolling ahead to other sights around Lake Balaton.

The Northern Lake Balaton Tourist Ltd., was also present in offering sight and sound to be visited every season of the year.

The first rolling in skates could roll over to the Wine Xmas Tree to  have a taste of  the selected wines on the spot.

The lineup of the wine makers – wines and the Bergmann Confectionery snaps from the tasting can followed at the sideshows!

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Badacsony winemakers arriving to the New York Palace – Budapest

So … if Thursday … then First facilitate the Thirst!


Coming up for the fourth year  … the Badacsony wines are here again in Budapest.

Thursday, March, 26. 2015.

Location: New York Palace Budapest

District VII., 9 Elizabeth Blvd. Budapest.

The first day of spring has arrived, and now the time has come also to learn about the Badacsony wines introduced by the novelties of excellent wineries. Thirty wineries from Badacsony … ”

Here is a list of the vineyards to be visited ont he spot: “2HA Vineyard, a’Capella Vineyards, Bako Ambrose, Bencze Family Domains, Borbély Family Winery, Pacific Vineyard, Csobánc Wine Manufactory, Dobos-Stier Wine Cellar, Winery Domaine Edegger, Fata Cellar, Fischer Winehouse, Folly Arboretum and Winery, Gilvesy Winery, Basement Horvath, Istvándy Winery, Laposa Domains, Malik Cellar, Viticulture and Enology Research Naik, Badacsony, Basement Nemeth, Summer Basement, Sabar Winehouse, Skizo Bor, Gyula Magpie Cellar, Szászi Domains, St. George’s Basement, Szeremley Domains, VáliBor, Villa Sandahl, Villa Tolnay, Weller Winehouse” … offering pálinka and other crafts and cuisine can be tasted int he impressive New York Palace Budapest. The  Badacsony wineries concentrated to the high quality. The qualification was set by  a committee consisting of blind wine-tasting wine makers, in order so the guests at the event will only taste the best coming from the wine region. The wine territory will be to move as one at the impressive New York Palace – Budapest.

The Badacsony wineries concentrated to the high quality. The qualification was set by  a committee consisting of blind wine-tasting wine makers, in order so the guests at the event will only taste the best coming from the wine region. This one day event is to be on the focus of the light, fragrant white wines all brought from  Badacsony wine makers whom will be most delighted to personally fill the glasses to the their professional partners, and also to the local and foreigner wine lovers. Mr. János Békássy – president Badacsony Tourism Association will be present with other distinguished partners.

Prior to the public tastings  2 p.m. and 4 p.m professional lectures will take place on the fragrant varieties and surprise guests will be present. Thereafter, from 4 p.m. – 8.30 p.m. public tasting  opens the floor to the wine lovers to take  part in the exclusive wine tasting with a of price: 4900HUF through On the spot there will be only a limited number of tickets for the price of 5900HUF.

The carefree mood, joy is guaranteed by the organizers.

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The Advent Fair’s was rich with exhibitors arriving to Budapest from the region of Lake Balaton!

The event organizers at the Capital welcomed with a special surprise for the invited guests by a technology giant 10 meter length ice frozen Lake Balaton silhouette at the City Park – Ice Rink. Here this day, you could skate around the lake as a Olympics champ within minutes. (By-the-way, the original size of the Lake Balaton is impressive … 78 km long in length, widest point in the north and the south coast 14 kilometers apart, and in total of 592 square kilometers. So in Hungary stands Europe’s largest freshwater lake. Locals referred to it as the “Hungarian Sea”,  no wonder because centuries-and-centuries ago this area actually was covered with water of the sea.)

The Lake Balaton circle’s wineries brought their particularly fine unique wines to Budapest to build a spectacular Xmas tree in the middle of the ice rink, whereas the skaters were addressed through the loudspeaker to skate to the Xmas tree and have a taste of the wines from the area of the Hungarian Sea.  Dr. Ádám Ruszinkó, Assistant Secretary of State for Tourism opened the event by saying this is the first Lake-Saloon and Wine Xmas tree that reminds us of the beauty  full year around of Lake Balaton and especially  drawing attention to the coming season’s holiday, as the “Best gift for Xmas is the Lake Balaton”.  In other words, the organizers aim was to offer for the Lake Balaton lovers the experience to spend time in the shortly coming season holiday, having a wellness week-end during the New Year’s Eve by the lakeside and/or take a wine tour, pick up some gifts, or craft at one of the fine winemaker’s winery introduced at this event.  Also said, of course, the list is long of those wineries from the  Region of Lake Balaton whom were not present at the  set up of the Wine Xmas tree  and to have had the possibility to taste their superb wines. Anyway, in the meantime, indeed worthwhile to learn about the opportunities  here on the spot offered by the region’s producers and find that special taste you are looking for. At the event all the products were available to purchase.

Exhibitors. Wine makers: Bezerics, Bújdosó, Istvándy, Konyari; Laposa, Légli, Palffy, St. Donát, Szeremley, VáliBor, Villa Tolnay.  No surprize when talking about wine regions in Hungary to have our eyes  at the same time  their  local gastronomy, special delights. Here the Balatonízlelő craft delicatessen, Bergmann Confectionery, delicatessen Gurman, Gabor Pach fruit pálinka, Kistücsök Restaurant delicatessen products, Balaton Uplands National Park craft products were on the spot to taste and purchase some goodies to serve at the coming event. That evening the Hungarian National Tourist Office represented  one of the most cosy hotel’s at the northern area of Lake Balaton, the Bonvino Badacsony Hotel.

The event’s guest of honor was by the presence of  Kreinbacher  and Tornai from the Somlói wine region.

This fall, have launched the Lake Balaton wines quality assurance system.  The best lakeside producers were here from the wine region. The tender was out in designing the unified label. In addition, been initiated  to introduction the trademark of  quality wines from Lake Balaton and to ensure to be more successful in the communication area.

Gábor Kardos – president of the Lake Circle, the idea to host the event said … Quote: „”The regional branding is globally a successful model and we also see it here in our Homeland the importance to show, offer and introduce to Europe’s  major cities the Lake Balaton region’s wine makers presenting “Best of Lake Balaton” as well. „

The Vocational Service of Hungary Water Rescue supported the event by joining the event with a mascot dressed in red . The bearded, wearing cool sunglasses “hipster” was an image of a loose, casually youthful Santa Claus around the Lake Balaton.

Added to the advent wreath, the lifeguards brought rescue rings and wine bottles with candles placed inside highlighted the magical mood on Advent’s Silver Sunday.

In addition to the wines Xmas tree, the wine makers lit along with the other exhibitors the advent wreath candles placed on a ship’s rescue belt. What an  awesome  way to celebrate  an  Advent Fair venue,  bringing, showing wine makers to the Capital at City Park’s  Ice Rink.

After having fun out on the ice rink, inside the assembly hall the tasting-party continued with the delicious wines and having typically Hungarian Xmas sweets, cakes and all that sweet tooth lovers eyes and senses can imagen. Just whispering … I got madly in love with the heavenly taste of the 100% of white grape juice from the Istvándy winery.

Update and snaps by Aggie Reiter