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„Setting a Wine Xmas Tree” – Best of Lake Balaton’s Wines – Budaprest – 2015


Tuesday, December, 15. 2015.

City Park – Ice Rink – Budapest

District, XIV. 5. Olaf Palme passage

The Lake Balaton circle’s wineries decided that after having a huge success at last year’s event „Setting a Wine Xmas Tree”,  by the most famous wineries will be coming this year to Budapest again with also the lake’s most known wine makers, gastronomy and representatives from the local tourism service. The visitors may watch as the wine makers set the bottles to build the Wine Xmas Tree.

During the event the Lake Batalon’s winemakers will be bringing around 40 different labels for wine tasting. The family run wineries will be presenting here for the first time the wines which are still in barrels. These wines will only be out on the market in the coming springtime and will have a collective and unified label under the name Balaton Wines. It will be reflecting of the origin of  the location of the wine.

The event most spectacular attraction this year for the second time will be the amazing „developing statue” the formation of the Wine Xmas Tree starting at 4.30 p.m.

Subsequently, connected to the  Season of Advent, the Saloon will be opened at 5.30 p.m. where the guests will be received in the well-heated Banquet Hall. This area is open for the public, but not with the valid ice rink entrance ticket.

Entrance fee to the Banquet Hall  the ticket  price is 2000HUF.

Previously  ourchased tickets for skaters to enter to the  ice rink and skate around Wine Xmas Tree, have a taste of the delicious wines harvested from the area of  Lake Balaton  is free of charge.

Meet these Wineries to taste their wines and have a chat with them about their wines, who will be: Bezerics Winehouse, Bujdosó Vineyards and Winery, Laposa Estate,Légli Vineyards and Winery, Szent Donát Winery, Szeremley Estate. Istvándy Winery, Váli Wine and Villa Tolnay.

Gastronomy: Taste of Balaton – Bar and Delicatessen, Balaton Uplands National Park  – Handicraft products, Bergmann – Confectionery.

Representatives from the tourism: National Park – Balaton Uplands, Bonvino Hotel – Badacsony, Hungarian National Tourist Office.

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Flashnews … Saint Martin’s Day – Skanzen – Szentendre – Bujdosó winery!

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Ain’t no program yet for the coming week-end to be in a hustle and bustle … ? Why not enjoy your timeout at the

Skanzen – Open Air Museum – Szentendre

November, 7 and 8. 2015.

How about visiting an amazing venue to take part at an all-day program to an unforgettable atmosphere at Saint Martin’s Day.

On Saint Martin’s Day it is a Hungarian traditional to have goose delicacies, tasting the year’s new wines, craft fair, puppet theater, tales corner, play courtyard and of course many other recreational opportunities awaiting the local and foreigner visitors.

At the Skanzen may see a collection of Hungary’s centries way back traditional old style buildings equipped with their everyday’s enviroments.Also a grand opportunity to have a sip and taste the new wines brought to the Skanzen by the Bujdosó winery. According to the season, the traditions at the Bujdosó Vineyards and Winery will be presenting their new wines, including Mentőöv ’15  (Life Belt) , Ibituba ’12, Kapitány ’15 (Captain) and Rosé.  Orsolya Bujdosó will be awaiting for the guests.

Incase those who intended, but missed to take the road to Szentendre this week-end can make it on November 13 or 14 to visit the Bujdosó spectacle cellar at the  Southern area of Lake Balaton, at 2. Géza Gárdonyi Street – Balatonszemes, where naturally Saint Martin’s delicacies and of course Bujdosó wines await the visitors roll over for a splendid day.

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Balaton summer locked into the bottle of Bujdosó wines!


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Recent update from the Bujdosó Vineyards and Winery.

The four seasons always hold a lot of hard work to be busy at the Vineyards! Naturally, also at all the regions of Hungary the Wineries in the month of January are not getting loose and not having too much time to rest. Same goes at the Bujdosó Vineyard, where the vines began intersection of environmental development and construction of the new wines at Balatonlelle – Southern Lake Balaton.

The Bujdosó Winery had lately become more popular. At the beginning of January, the year’s grape work started to have this year’s harvest to be effective. Started pruning the vines during the work, which was gain by the support in trimming machine which is faster than expected in progress.

Besides Balatonlelle Bujdosó plant, opened in early December, the new wine shop fitting also cordoned line, where they have placed a new central heating system which is based on a solid-fuel, automatic wood chip boiler Fed operations.This investment is the branch, where the cut vine, roots or fruit trees can be recycled well. By the end of January a ready-made insulated warehouse expand their premises. During springtime the project as planned will continue, with the bound to the production of hot water solar system together, in order to provide a more environmentally conscious operating conditions.

Keeping up with the tradition, earlier this year was born as Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc and Merlot wines and the latest Bujdosó Buoy rose.

The second part of January the works will be starting of with bottling the 2014 white wines … the Knot – Sauvignon Blanc, the Captain – Irsai Oliver-  and Tower – Riesling.

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