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Wine Barrels Matured Beers – Monyo

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The venue was were the presentation and tasting took place at the  Monyo Tap HouseDistrict, IX, 7.Kálvin Square – Budapest. The Monyo brewery showed off again with their latest premium-quality craft beer.  The representatives of the latest 2 new beers were introduced, marked as within the series of the „Hungarian Terroir” and as it was underlined, their goal is to offer each beer matured in wine barrels at an optimal quality.

These were the latest: Hungarian Terroir: Villány – Spontan Syrah 2017. Syrah grape marc spontaneously fermented unfiltered beer, aged in Syrah wine barrel in Hungarian, The Syrah red wine barrels maturing with the Heumann Winery collaboration, 8.1% ABV.)  Mouth filling, perfect likability. Villány is one of the flagship winegrowing region in Hungary.

And the Hungarian Terroir: Sopron – Blafränkisch (in Hungarian: Kékfrankos) – Russian Imperial Stout 2018. The Russian Imperial Stout aged in Hungarian Kékfrankos red wine barrels from Sopron, the superb red wine region for over two months,  in co-operation with Pfneiszl Winery, 10.5%  ABV). Unfiltered high-quality beer. Feel within the sence of the nose and taste the sour cherries, red fruit and pepper … yet …  smooth beer.

At the demonstrations were present: Antal Németh Monyo Brewing Co.  – created in 2014 – brewery master – owner, Gergő Somfalvy Heumann Winery ex-brand manager, Bigit Pfneiszl – master brewer – owner of Pfneilsz Cellar.

These beers are offered tap on the spot or bottled.

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The 4th International Day of Yoga and 3rd Ganga-Danube: Cultural Festival of India

June, 23 till 24 2018.

The 4th International Day of Yoga & 3rd Ganga-Danube: Cultural Festival of India is coming up again thanks to the awesome support, initiative by Indian Embassy in Hungary.

On June 21, we celebrate International Yoga Day worldwide.

The following the successes of the past three years, the Hungarian Embassy in India working together with local prominent yoga schools with different programs to draw attention to the health conscious life style among the people who follow India’s traditions, all the arts, both in the field of ancient healing.

The festival will be rolling in throughout 21 cities in Hungary! It will be a Week-End full of Yoga, Indian Dance, Music, Food, Henna and much more! Do not be surprised in the cities below when hearing traditional music from India.

Here are the cities to join Enjoy – Yoga: Saturday, June, 23. at the Margaret Island Athletic Center (Margitszigeti Atlétikai Centrum) – Budapest. Outside the Capital same timing at different cities from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. may join the Yoga Festival at the following venues: Alsóörs, Balatonfüred, Békécsaba, Eger, Esztergom, Kecskemét, Miskolc, Nagykanizsa, Nagykőrös, Nyíregyháza, Somogyvámos (Krisna Valley), Sopron, Szeged, Szentendre, Veszprém and Zalakaros.

Sunday,  June, 24.,  the Yoga goes on at  the cities of: Pécs, Sárvár, Debrecen and Győr during: 10 a.m. to 8 p.m.

During this year’s holiday series, local yoga schools will showcase the ancient practice of yoga, which has a Common Protocol called Yoga. The program is jointly Ankita Sood yoga expert who worked in the local schools of yoga, who is the Embassy of India, Yoga expert delegate to Budapest.

The Indian Council for Cultural Relations (ICCR) will send two ensemble this year’s festival; 10-member Namame Gange Bharatnatyam Society and 10-member Manipuri Folk Dance Group.

NamameGange Bharatnatyam dance troupe perform a dramatic choreography of India’s holiest river, the Ganges what has been revered as sacred since ancient times and is culturally dominant for the whole of India. The topic of the lecture India and Hungary symbolic cultural integration via the two rivers, the Danube and the historic holy Ganges.

Manipuri folk dance group – Cholet Pung, which is a big artistic rarities and specially choreographed stage show. This is the first time that North East India folk dance group coming to Hungary.

Music and dance programs, public yoga classes will be organized by the Indian Embassy of the aforementioned cities across the country. There will be Bollywood film screenings as well. Indian art in high levels experienced Hungarian artists are also included in the series of programs

To participate at any of the a/m cities is free of charge. Everyone who already practise Yoga and the newcomers, interested in the India traditional culture are more than welcome.

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The history of the brewery of Sopron

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The history book of the Sopron Brewery  by Róbert Horváth  was introduced at the  Liebling Bar  (3in1 …  lounge – bar  – club) at one of the entertainment district in Budapest.

At the event, Dr. Tamás Fodor Mayor of Sopron, said Quote: “Sopron located in the food processing centuries-old history. Upon the grape disease at the Sopron vineyards and corresponding decrease in Common wine the consumption of wine the beer then began to fulfil the industry deployment at the brewery of Sopron and put its footsteps to be really valued by the locals to ease their thirst. The industry deployment is ongoing at the brewery of Sopron which is a value plant beside the landscsape and its historical venues.”

José Matthijssen, the Sopron Brewery operating HEINEKEN Hungaria CEO said quote: “The results of the manufacturing history dedicated and thorough research which is not only the history and secrets of brewing beer for those interested in useful, but it helps to understand special relationship between the town of Sopron in Sopron and the presence of the beer.” Also added quote: “The company has been continuing business as Heineken Hungária from June 2007, expressing more strongly its international nature, its skills and quality with reference to the Heineken brand. Since 2016, we only use Hungarian Hungary favorite beer barley for the production. We offer the highest quality beers our consumers.  Maybe less known the fact that Sopron city still did not have electric lighting when the brewery has installed its electric lights at the plant. The traditions are very important to us, at the same time ensuring that the Sopron continue to be the usual quality in the glasses using the latest technologies.”  Hungary belongs to the portfolio, including the country’s most popular beer, the Sopron and Heineken, the world’s most international beer, as sold in nearly 200 countries, as well as such popular products as the Gösser and Strongbow.

Róbert Horváth  author of book titled: “The history of the brewery of Sopron” presents industry history, and the history of technology which also show a superb overview for those interested. The author is one of the employee at the factory, who had his parents and grandfather also worked at the brewery of Sopron. In connection with the book, he said Quote: “I am a lucky man, I am a fan in brewing beer, amateur historian, and also my workplace is also a brewery. The publication is in Hungarian language.

The exclusive commercially publication is available at the Geopen bookstore (District, III.,  65. Bécsi Road) or the company’s web of prescription ( The web-based customers a 20 percent discount off the retail price.

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Exhibition Budapest – “Freedom Express” – European Network Remembrance and Solidarity.

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“Freedom Express”

Opening exhibition in Budapest until August, 8. 2015. 

Covering Roads to 1989. East-Central Europe 1939-1989 and is available for visitors at the open-air  park venue outside the National Museum .

Freedom Express is a social and educational campaign organised by the European Network Remembrance and Solidarity. Its first part was a study trip whereby a group of young artists, journalists and historians visited Solidarity’s Gdańsk, then Warsaw, Budapest, Sopron, Timisoara, Prague Bratislava and Berlin. The trip’s agenda of meetings, workshops and artistic activities was made possible thanks to the cooperation of a number of institutions involved with 20th century history.

The exhibition “Freedom Express was officially opened by Zoltán Balog, Hungarian Minister of Human Resources, along with dr László Csorba, director of the Hungarian National Museum, dr Iván Bába, the Hungarian coordinator of the European Network Remembrance and Solidarity, Lieselore Cyrus, Ambassador of the German Federal Republic to Hungary and Roman Kowalski, Ambassador of the Republic of Poland to Hungary. Over 100 honourable guests were present at the ceremony.

During the opening ceremony Minister Zoltán Balog said that the duty of those who survived the dictatorship is to keep the memory of the difficult past and pass it on to next generations. This is our moral obligation. He also stressed that the communication about the past only makes sense when something good comes as a result of it. That is why Minister Balog concluded with a question about the role of remembrance, which is the key issue in the work of the European Network Remembrance and Solidarity. The fundamental objective of the Freedom Express campaign, initiated by the ENRS, is to create a common narrative of European history – said Roman Kowalski, Ambassador of Poland in Hungary. He added that such projects contribute to shaping the dialogue and creating the complementary narration about the history of the 20th century, in which there is room for a multiplicity of perspectives and interpretations. This dialogue supports our identity, giving the chance to future generations to avoid the mistakes of the past – Ambassador Kowalski concluded. Dr Iván Bába stressed that today’s perception of the communist past only through the prism of humour and everyday life, can be misleading. During the communist past, the sense of humour played a crucial role and had a clearly defined therapeutic effect. With the help of Polish posters, Hungarian films and various other forms of artistic expression we tried to remain independent and defend ourselves. Today communist period returns in a specific pop version. It is becoming more and more popular amongst young people and unfortunately promotes a distorted picture of the past – explained dr Bába.

Ambassador of the German Federal Republic in Hungary, Lieselore Cyrus, observed that this exhibition is a signpost for the future, teaches us how to search for freedom. The idea of ​​freedom and democracy must remain our compass – she stated.

The exhibition, designed by historians associated with European Network Remembrance and Solidarity, documents the complicated process through which this part of Europe regained its freedom from communist dictatorship. Presented earlier in Berlin, Brussels, and Warsaw the exhibition concentrates on various ways in which civil liberties were limited in the former communist bloc and on attempts made to regain them. It focuses especially on the question of what connects and divides remembrance of the events that preceded the fall of communism in Central and Eastern.

For those who wish to go back in time to refresh a little history here is the site  to learn more:

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Herald News … Still 108 days to come! II.BikeRunFest – International bicycle tour and Ultramarathon!

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II.BikeRunFest –  International bicycle tour and Ultramarathon!

Distance 188 km from Sopron – Hungary to Puchberg am Schneeberg  – Austria and back!

September, 19  – 20. 2015.

Yes, we still going to enjoy the summertime in the coming days, but never to early to spread the news for those folks who would like to register, attend at the BikeRunTour or  joining  the run at the Ultramarathon.

Upon a call to the  press conference held by Attila Vozár –  RunBikeFest – chief organizer and invited guests as: Márton Gyulai – HAA General Secretary, Krisztián Berki – TV presenter and Dezső Dobor – press officer of the competition,  heard by the organizer, when planning this  bike tour  popped through his mind to give a twist in this race as„cracking a hard nut”.  This will be a new performance tour at this year’s amateur cyclists race. For those individuals who wish to enter the competition, no need to have professional skills or expensive accessories bicycle to participate in this race.  Completely is enough the daily in use bicycle and the helmet.

Day1. To enter the bike tour anyone can be appointed, who has willingness and strength to paddle on their bike making the journey of 75.4 kms to reach from Sopron – Hungary to Scheeber – Austria.

Day2. Then comes  surmounting 112.6 kms. through the neat villages, small towns and of course as much as the rolling bikers can  have a wink at the wonderful landscape of Austria  whilst  back to the start point at Sopron – Hungary.

Several refreshment stalls and stations … well-reserved rest points… first aid will be present throughout the whole route.

Promising a superb great program and a real challenge for devoted folks, families, companies and to be not forgotten, the wonderful opportunity to overcome the impossible … in between having fun to hit the high mountains and deep valleys.

The RunBikeFest is just a perfect opportunity in opening to companies to hold team building gatherings.

Many starters such as famous persons will be on the way to exercise together, as: Márton Gyulai – HAA General Secretary and his family, Krisztián Berki – TV presenter, The Color Run team just to mention a couple to be rolling on the routes.

Ultramarathon will also take place on the same days simultaneously at both the event:

Day1. 8 a.m. MKB Aréna Hall – Sopron … Day2 .7 a.m. Sport Hall – Puchberg am Schneeberg

The length of the course: Day1. 75 km – Day2. 110 km … Global Length: 185 km

Bikers  and Ultramarathon folks save the data, place, time … worthwhile not to miss, to leave out this awesome tour!

Application, Price and other important information in English and German language switch to:

Getting closer to the day further information of interest will come through.

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Telekom – VOLT Festival – June, 30. 2015. – Sopron


Mega Concerts celebrating Birthdays at the Telekom VOLT Festival

 Day Zero June, 30.!

This year the doors will already be open at noontime, a day earlier than int he previous years  having on five stages superb concerts and programs awaiting visitors from  North-East-South-West of Europe.  Promising a smashing time having a numbers of groups and bands to hold their Birthday concerts and farewell concerts at the City of Sopron.

Daily tickets are already available. For those individuals staying throughout the entire festival days can purchase their VOLT season ticket and within it they will have entry pass as gift to the day earlier concerts.

Arriving to Sopron many star guests are expected … the Motorhead and Slash after the opening day.

Many local star guests will be at the VOLT festival, as  Ganxsta Zolee and the Kartel celebrating its 20th birthday.. This year the H57 group will be celebrating its 20th birthday.  Visitors who already been previously at the VOLT festival known very well their name and music, cause from the early years they were regular guest. This time the audience will have their last chance to see, hear them for this will be their farewell concert. Also previously as a regular guest were the 30Y band from the City of Pécs and this year will also be present at the VOLT festival celebrating its 15 birthday. Their concert will be held at Sopron’s beautiful and famous Lővér camp. The Heaven Street Seven also 20 years old and this year – as previously announced – say goodbye to their audience within their concert. A few years younger bands, as headliners, the Irie Maffia are celebrating  its 10th, the Intimate Gymnastics Illegal will be celebrating its 5th birthday at the VOLT festival. Among the audiences many of them will be curious to be at the Animal Cannibals concert. Late last year the Animal Cannibals celebrated its 20th birthday within a mega concert in Budapest.  This year they will be celebrating its 21st birthday and their invitation to participate at the VOLT festival was passed already.

Discussions are going on with foreign performers.

It is expected to tens of thousands – among audiences – at the City of Sopron on June, 30, at this roll of Mega Birthday concerts. Those fans awaiting to be at this years VOLT concert  better mark their calendar for not to be missed.

Beside enjoying the festival sounds, worthwhile to visit sights by spending a few days in the City of Sopron.

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The Hungarian National Tourist Office and the New Western Literary Circle

… held its next upcoming presentation introducing the location of the West Transdanubian region, showing common cultural values ​​of this part of the country in the eyes of artists, through contemporary literature of Sándor Weörös, the writer (lived in the area). Held a superb slide-show along with the presentation of the Western Transdanubia connection with filmmakers by István Tama, marketing director – Hungarian National Tourist Office of the Region. His welcoming words were the region may be called  also called as a jewelry box, alike as what  is hold here at the Gold Museum. Talked, introduced within a slide-show the connect  of the International film makers who found the perfect venue sites to shot their movies. The region’s landscapes and locations caught ether attention, such as the image of Berlin, Versailles Castle, an American ski-fi and several Hungarian historical films were filmed there. The marketing director also highlighted some of the major tourist destinations and venues to note the worthwhile  places worthwhile to be  visited,  such as, the unique atmosphere of Sopron and Kőszeg, known for its Roman relics, so-called “the West Queen”, Szombathely and Győr, the cities of culture,  the World Heritage Sites:  Pannonhalma  and the Fertő landscape with the  medieval castles, baroque palaces, temples. Gain a bunch of  cultural experiences at Szigetköz, Fertő, Hanság, and also enjoy staying at the surroundings mountains at Sopron and Kőszeg. These places can be explored by walking, rolling around  by foot or biking. The “Volt” Festival (well know throughout Europa as a happening venue for pop, beat concerts)  the Savaria Carnival, the Baroque Festival, he just added a few of attractions that are connected to the region.   Also mineral baths, spa to relax welcomes the arriving tourists not only for a physical renewal, but mentally and spiritually to be recharged. During the evening Armandon Kautzky read aloud works from Sándor Weörös, the writer born in the region at Szombathely. The evening was accompanied by the guitar performance of Attila Dóka. Irsai Oliver, Rosé and red  wine  from  Sopron was also served after the presentations.

The event was hosted at the eye-catching István ZelnikSoutheast Asian Gold Museum (District VI., 110 Andrássy Blvd. Budapest). Welcoming words was by the Mr. Zelnik’s brother, saying,  quote: “It is no coincidence in having the New Western Literary Circle meeting here at the Gold Museum.  We took it as a honor to plan the upcoming event here, also in introducing the selection of the sculptures, jewelries, relics is like being in a golden caskets at Budapest, just as in  richness,  of course in other sence taking a virtual visit to the Western Transdanubia region. Before the presentation was held, we were invited to walk along the halls of the museum. Breathtaking exquisite artworks, unbelievable objects introducing art and culture of a land that many may even haven’t had heard about the existence. István Zelnik’s collection goes back to his 45 years of passion in collecting from a long gone, an unknown world of treasures and presenting the realms of culture and art of its colorful and multifaceted region. absolutely, a calm, amazing venue on the busy Andrássy Blvd., but entering into the building’s backyard area is like when the bars  are free to fall close  the outside traffic noise. Takes you to Southeast Asia to a  scene of an amazing tropical  garden filled with sculptures hiding in the „woods”. The pond is magnificent, also like a jewelry box. The wooden bridge above the cascade shows the magnificent waterfall, a touch a unique construction. Inside the „reception area” there is a wonderful Tea-and-Cake shop furnished to go with the region of the Southern Asia etc.

The  garden and the Tea House is open to the public. To visit the museum there is an admission fee.

A venue is not only rich for the eye and tastes,  but  also takes you away from a hard day to relax hard!

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