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Two point five billion HUF investment in the development of Yacht Tourism  at Lake Balaton – Hungary.

Important milestone in the tourism as a development of certain forms of active tourism, thanks to  the context of Economic Development and Innovation Operational Program (GINOP) became more widely available to active sailing tourists, created along the thematic tour options, coordinated, hiking, cycling, sailing, canoeing and equestrian network projects to be implemented from EU funds. Thanks to 2.5 billion in total value of investments in asset and service development, as well as the city of Balatonfüred in cooperation with a stop station will be  implementation of development that contributes to extend the tourist season and the number,  hopefully to the visitors grow.

The investments appling yachting motivation popularity as more and more people feel the desire to travel around the lake in their spare time,as to be more trained, healthier, and to know the historical, cultural and natural beauties of Hungary. Important principle is that through the development of stations and ports connection between the various active tourism modes (walking, cycling, canoeing, horse riding, sailing) will strengthened, increasing the number of nights spent on the ground and regions through the development  of the individual stops.

The Hungarian Sailing Association, over the past ten years achieved a significant improvement in the field of yachting. According to the development concept MVSZ special emphasis on the expansion of the sport community, a high priority to education, to win the members of the next generation. There are many leisure activities and prestigious international competition to attract the visitors and competitors to Balatonfüred. and other parts  at the Lake.  Also suitable for global and European-level sporting events, events.

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XXIII. Wine-Week Award Ceremony at Balatonlelle – 2015.

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Rolling along at South Lake Balaton  – Wine … Wine … Wine … XXIII. Wineweek  

Award Ceremony at and along the boardwalk of Balatonlelle – Hungary!

Event shoot-off daily until 11 p.m. from August, 1.throughout August, 9. 2015.

Admission free of charge, food and drinks payment cash only.

At then opening ceremony were present professionals from the tourism, wine professionals and the outstanding local representatives gastronomic … including Ramona Biró – Wine Queen 2014, István Kenéz – major of Balatonlelle, Miklós Mészaros – major of Balatonboglár, József Pócz – President of Balatonlelle hill-community.

József Pócz – President hill-community Balatonlelle said at the opening ceremony Q: „Here at Balatonlelle the wineweek is held for the 23rd. occasion. This year 18 wineries are present and offers a great selection of 151 different wines. Wines are from over 10 to 20 hectares producing 1,000 hectoliters of wine. Szőlőgyörök settlement has small and medium-sized wineries.  The year 2014 was not the pamper for the wine producers, but from the smallest wine producers – who for their own prepare wine and share with their friends and companies – up to the BB champagne wines were all present. Over a week will be not just about the wine … every night offers a color line of programs: So beside tasting the local rich fruity wines, entertainment awaits the visitors the watching local folklore style dancing, gypsy music ( visitors may step-up the stage and sing-a-ling together with the group the folk songs, there will be a bit of rock and jazz concerts, gastronomic flavors, strolling around the Handicraft Market, not to mention, relaxing … watching the world go by, sailing through the summer breeze, pop on a boat cruise around the Lake Balaton. What more is needed spending time-out at Balaton’s summer festival season!

Ferenc Bujdosó – Board Chairman of the Wine Region Balatonboglár said. Q: “We tried to create a similar objective judging method accordingly in use at the act of  internationally level,  whereas the wine judges do not sit together at a large table, but back-to-back and  are individually testing the wines. This was the first time the international method has been implemented into the competition,  which was at first was a bit strange for the judges.”

There were selected four committees said János Mayer –  Chief president  – Badacsonyi Research Institute. After the wines were judged, thenafter asked by the past three year’s “Wine of the Year” wine maker winners: Bence Gamamvári, Otto Konyári, Leigli  to selected the three best white, red, sparkling wines.

From the 131 wines  entering the competition, winning awards were given to 30 wine makers, such as: AK – AK Winery Ltd., Balla Winery, BB, Bujdosó Winery, Buzás Vineyard, Buzássy Winery, Chapell Hill, Tithe Cellar, Fáncsi Hegyi Cellar, Garamvári Vineyards (4 gold), Gutman Wine Cellar, Hujber Cellar, Icon Winery, Kalász Winery, Katona Wine-House, Kislaki-Légi Géza, Koltai Winery, Konyári Winery, Légli Vineyards, Miklós Cellar, Németh Winery, Országh Cellar, Podmaniczky Winery, Pócz Winery, Rádpuszta Winery ,St. Anne’s Winery, Szentpály Winery, St. Anne Winery, Szentpály Winery, St. Kristóf Cellars, Topos Cellar, Trunkó Cellar, Veszprém Cellar.

Two of the wine competitors wines recieved big Gold medalist, 31 Gold medal and a couple of wines received the Bronze title award. Only a 1-2 wines had to be ruled out because of error. An independent commission came over from different parts of country’s wine regions … eg. Szekszárd, Vilány and the young adult generation participated in judging as well. After the regional testing ended the local committee judging took place.

In addition to the locally made wines need not have to say too much to keep in mind, must-is-a-must not to leave before not having to taste of the delicious dishes such as the buffalo gulyás which is cooked with 35 kgs. buffalo meat boiling in 80 liters of water and of cause the additional veggies and the Hungarian noddle won’t be missing.

Being on holiday or just dropping over  for a day or two to the region of South Lake Balaton, enjoying the sights-sound-food-wines  at Balatonlelle during the wine week is worthwhile to think it over before it ends 11 p.m. on August, 9. 2015.

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Valley of Arts – Kapolcs – 2015.


July, 24. – August, 2. 2015.

The Village of Kapolcs is  situated  at the Northern part of Lake Balaton, around 140 kilometers from Budapest.

The festival team is already preparing for the next Valley of Arts, which this year is celebrating its 25th anniversary. Over the 25 years this festival has ripe to a real cult event.

The festival is organised at the Valley of Arts superb place to be at where theater performances, arts and crafts course, music programs, roast cooking, spinning folk dance concerts or stumble into a real family atmosphere, and last but not least the diversity of Hungarian culture will be spread over the surrounding villages which are by themselves showing the countryside sights of Hungary’s eyecatching landscapes.

Three villages: Kapolcs – Taliándörögd and Vigántpetend will be the main festival venues and awaiting for the visitors of interest.

The details of some program can be followed at:

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Additional report to the 93rd. Hungarian Derby and Culinary “Gastroangyal” Festival – Kincsem Park – 2015.

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A peak into the culinary side at the Hungarian Derby. Visitors having a break from the Derby strolling along and stop by the Istvándy stand were offered several wine products for tasting and to buy those bottles wines for another day. Their winery is at the northern part of Lake Balaton which is  a short drive from Badacsony just a short  drive to Káptalantóti  to the Istvándy winery. Their winery most probably will be remembered not only whilst staying in Hungary. The emotional attitude of the family toward not only a drop of their wines, but also their mouth-watering 100% grape juice with no artificial ingredient is something your sence in tasting shall never forget. Their own winery, home-made food and guesthouse is worth to visit.

Beside many wine makers on the spot, just outlining one stand stopping by was the G&D handmade pastries from Salgótarján, to see, taste the superb cakes which are masterpieces in the contemporary art work. The popular macaroons rich in tastes were over in more than a dozen flavors.

Probably ain’t on my own saying, many folks are sick and tired to been having a lot of “plastic” store cakes? Well need not have to give it up looking for delicious delights and of course, if travelling to Salgótarján probably will make it two-or three cakes.

In the meantime, the latest news heard from Gellért Szó – confectioner, they entered the competition to deliver the Hungary’s National Cake on August, 20. Hungary’s Nation Day. The G&D is one in the first three confectionery cakes competition voted in the third and fourth by the jury. Gellért Szó at the Derby and Gastronomy Festival said: Quote: „This year it was a very strong competition to be launching the title of „Hungary’s cake 2015. It was so difficult to judge, because of the strong field. In addition to the originally planned three per/cake but on a fourth vote the G&D also entered in the final.”

The G&D cakes to be in the final Gellért Szó in the run finished at third place with his: “Paloc-noble caramel cake with sour cherries and hazelnuts” … and in the fourth place: “Pannonhalma hazelnut cake with apricot pálinka.” Very strong field this year was launched  for the title of Hungary’s National Cake. Surely, the jury will have hard time to choose the best-of-the-best cake for   Hungary’s  National Day. It was so difficult to judge, in addition to the originally planned three per/cake on a fourth and beside the third cake made by Gellért Szó the fourth was also voted to be in the final.

Even having heatwaves (38C in the shade) swept through the festival, the atmosphere was high and cooling down a bit at many wine stands, farmers products, street food and restaurants were pretty crowed.

Probably, ain’t on my own by saying, many folks are sick and tired to been having a lot of “plastic” store cakes? Well, need not have to give it up, because more-and-more fantastic pastries are made throughout Hungary.

May see the previous update:

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An Adventure Day – Wine Route on the banks of South Lake Balaton – Hungary!

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The Region of  “Sunshine and Teeming Life”

Third Wine Show and Business Meeting.

On April, 9.2015., the Southern region of the Lake Balaton, the Wine Association presented a superb major wine show. Upon arrival to Rádpuszta at first sight was to see the catchy Thatched roof on the picturesque surroundings, that as a start already made the Day! This was the third occasion in a joint co-operation of the Association of South Balaton Wine Route and the Balatonföldvári Small Area Tourism Association  to the season opening with meeting the press and media representatives, combined with the business individuals introducing the region’s  fine wines by the wine makers . The gathering was welcomed by Dénes Gádor – Chairman – Association of South Balaton Wine Route, Ferenc Bújdosó – Chairman – Balatonboglári Hilly Region Municipal Council, Tamás Fekete  – Vice President – Balatonföldvári Small Area Tourism Association. The event was under the patronage of  Mihály Witzmann parliamentarian. The members of the South Lake Balaton wineries, catering and accommodation service, the region’s villages and settlements joined the association  in 1999, in the year the organization was established.

This time the venue was at the  Gastro and Entertainment Center at Rádpuszta, whereas all in one the wine makers represented themselves  with the wines from the South Lake Balaton region. The aim of the event was to bring the attention to the South Balaton gastronomy representatives to the rich and high-quality wines and wineries at this region that has to offer. The southern region of Lake Balaton known from long ago of having produced local wines from its wine-growing areas. These wines are not only popular among the locals but for many foreigners who once tasted these wines  and trying in tracing them here is the place to bottle up.

A pitty in a way … in many cases  these wines of the Southern region of Lake Balaton is missing at the  local restaurants, catering establishments. Most of them served, offered wines from Hungary’s other wines regions even though there is huge line up of possibilities to have at these places regional wines. In fact, the red wines of South Lake Balaton are recognized as prestigious prominent wines and received acknowledgments at national and international base.

Following the presentation, the representatives met in person and had ears on the wine makers whilst tasting the rich in taste wines brought to this event by more than 30 wine makers.  thereafter, followed by a short tour  around the Estate Gastro Entertainment Village.  In and around the venue unique hand-carved  sculptures and furniture were all over the place. First stop was to the wine cellar along with its eye-catching exhibition. It was very tastefully arranged with its excellent installation at the collection of the area’s wines and other prominent Hungarian wine from other regions. Also visited the stables at the equestrian center where there is available 21 horses for sporty horseback riding fans, carriage rides and horse show.  The children are not left out to have their own adventure  at the Kids Farm …visiting the poultry yard, having pony rides. Next to the playground there is the air castle the land for rampage. The smaller kids may go to the petting zoo and elder ones may have the opportunity to learn the basics of archery.

The local gastronomy not even looked good but was  yummy served at a real country-style cosy place. It was a real Hungarian dish … roast goose garnishing with braised red cabbage and fried onion mixed with potatoes … oven baked cooked under the sky on an outdoor operating furnaces.

Along the southern shores  nearly forty qualified wine route venues can be visited … wineries, restaurants, accommodations, and craft workshops – await  for interested visitors to get to know this region’s grapes and wine culture, not to mention the breathtaking landscape and meeting traditions on the spot.

These were the wine makers present, serving to taste the region’s fresh, rich in fruity taste, delicious wines: AX & Wine Ltd., BB Chapel Hill, Bujdosó Winery, Buzás Vineyards, Buzássy Winery, Rádpuszta Vineyards, Fáncsi Mountain Winery, Garamvári Vineyards, Gutman Wine Cellar, Hujber winery, AX & Wine Ltd., BB Chapel Hill, Bujdosó Winery, Buzás Vineyards, Buzássy Winery, Rádpuszta Vineyards, Fáncsi Mountain Winery, Garamvári Vineyards,  Gutman Wine Cellar, Hujber Wine Cellar, Icon Wine Cellar, Soldier Winehouse, Small Laki Wine Manufactory, Konyári  Wine Cellar, Koltai Wine Cellar, Légli Vineyard,  Országh Winery Cellar, Podmaniczky Wine Cellar, Pócz Wine Cellar, St. Kristóf (Christopher) Cellar, Topos cellar, Veszprém Cellar.

I know it would not be fair to highlight just a couple of wines, but these fresh and easily consumable wines tasted absolutely worthwhile to give it a try:  Rádpuszta Vineyards at Balatonuszta, the heavenly semi-dry Italian Riesling, Bújdosó Winery at Balatonlelle – ,  Buzás Winery Cellar at  Kötcse, BB Chapel Hill at Boglárlelle – red, white, rosé and sparkling champagne,  Gutman Wine Cellar  at Kötcse – recommended to those who fancy the artisan-organic trend, Skizo Winehouse  at Badacsonytördemic – table and quality wines, Fancsi Hegyi Cellar at Kötcse – chardonnay, Podmaniszky Vineyard and Cellar at  Balatonföldvár,  Mr. Irsai (Irsai Oliver).

Definitely a stunning experience to visit  Rádpuszta Center  where all in one can be visited: the  wine cellar – winery – museum – exhibition hall –  adventure park at your fingertips. Surely this is what is called a Leisure Center!  Also spending a day-or-two at the picked cellar at South Balaton Wine Region.

Several Balaton wineries offer experience all year round to visit their cellar, taste and purchase their wines on the spot at more than 40 wineries.

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The Advent Fair’s was rich with exhibitors arriving to Budapest from the region of Lake Balaton!

The event organizers at the Capital welcomed with a special surprise for the invited guests by a technology giant 10 meter length ice frozen Lake Balaton silhouette at the City Park – Ice Rink. Here this day, you could skate around the lake as a Olympics champ within minutes. (By-the-way, the original size of the Lake Balaton is impressive … 78 km long in length, widest point in the north and the south coast 14 kilometers apart, and in total of 592 square kilometers. So in Hungary stands Europe’s largest freshwater lake. Locals referred to it as the “Hungarian Sea”,  no wonder because centuries-and-centuries ago this area actually was covered with water of the sea.)

The Lake Balaton circle’s wineries brought their particularly fine unique wines to Budapest to build a spectacular Xmas tree in the middle of the ice rink, whereas the skaters were addressed through the loudspeaker to skate to the Xmas tree and have a taste of the wines from the area of the Hungarian Sea.  Dr. Ádám Ruszinkó, Assistant Secretary of State for Tourism opened the event by saying this is the first Lake-Saloon and Wine Xmas tree that reminds us of the beauty  full year around of Lake Balaton and especially  drawing attention to the coming season’s holiday, as the “Best gift for Xmas is the Lake Balaton”.  In other words, the organizers aim was to offer for the Lake Balaton lovers the experience to spend time in the shortly coming season holiday, having a wellness week-end during the New Year’s Eve by the lakeside and/or take a wine tour, pick up some gifts, or craft at one of the fine winemaker’s winery introduced at this event.  Also said, of course, the list is long of those wineries from the  Region of Lake Balaton whom were not present at the  set up of the Wine Xmas tree  and to have had the possibility to taste their superb wines. Anyway, in the meantime, indeed worthwhile to learn about the opportunities  here on the spot offered by the region’s producers and find that special taste you are looking for. At the event all the products were available to purchase.

Exhibitors. Wine makers: Bezerics, Bújdosó, Istvándy, Konyari; Laposa, Légli, Palffy, St. Donát, Szeremley, VáliBor, Villa Tolnay.  No surprize when talking about wine regions in Hungary to have our eyes  at the same time  their  local gastronomy, special delights. Here the Balatonízlelő craft delicatessen, Bergmann Confectionery, delicatessen Gurman, Gabor Pach fruit pálinka, Kistücsök Restaurant delicatessen products, Balaton Uplands National Park craft products were on the spot to taste and purchase some goodies to serve at the coming event. That evening the Hungarian National Tourist Office represented  one of the most cosy hotel’s at the northern area of Lake Balaton, the Bonvino Badacsony Hotel.

The event’s guest of honor was by the presence of  Kreinbacher  and Tornai from the Somlói wine region.

This fall, have launched the Lake Balaton wines quality assurance system.  The best lakeside producers were here from the wine region. The tender was out in designing the unified label. In addition, been initiated  to introduction the trademark of  quality wines from Lake Balaton and to ensure to be more successful in the communication area.

Gábor Kardos – president of the Lake Circle, the idea to host the event said … Quote: „”The regional branding is globally a successful model and we also see it here in our Homeland the importance to show, offer and introduce to Europe’s  major cities the Lake Balaton region’s wine makers presenting “Best of Lake Balaton” as well. „

The Vocational Service of Hungary Water Rescue supported the event by joining the event with a mascot dressed in red . The bearded, wearing cool sunglasses “hipster” was an image of a loose, casually youthful Santa Claus around the Lake Balaton.

Added to the advent wreath, the lifeguards brought rescue rings and wine bottles with candles placed inside highlighted the magical mood on Advent’s Silver Sunday.

In addition to the wines Xmas tree, the wine makers lit along with the other exhibitors the advent wreath candles placed on a ship’s rescue belt. What an  awesome  way to celebrate  an  Advent Fair venue,  bringing, showing wine makers to the Capital at City Park’s  Ice Rink.

After having fun out on the ice rink, inside the assembly hall the tasting-party continued with the delicious wines and having typically Hungarian Xmas sweets, cakes and all that sweet tooth lovers eyes and senses can imagen. Just whispering … I got madly in love with the heavenly taste of the 100% of white grape juice from the Istvándy winery.

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No ordinary happening … Lake Balaton Wine Fair Advent and Xmas tree installation!

The happening will be on Sunday, December, 14  starting at 5.30 p.m. at the City Park on the Ice-Rink.

One of the most exciting events of the year is the Advent period. Many places in Western Europe will be holding the Advent Fair, whereas an entire region introduces itself. Coming up soon will be for the first time to be organized by the Lake Balaton Wine Regional Circle and the  Hungarian National Tourist Office the Regional Advent Fair in Budapest. At Budapest hitherto was no such program. This year partners of the Lake Balaton Wine Circle promises a day of fun and laughter, bringing the wines and food from the Lake Balaton’s wine regions. Hopefully and lets see if this coming event will be creating a tradition in the future as well. The organizers will be bringing winter fun-filled programs full of new impressions and  the range of “Lake Balaton Rich Flavors”. At the Ice Rink’s special assembly hall. The wine makers from the Lake Balaton will welcome the visitors to taste nearly 40 wines.  In addition, a fine time to purchase preferential bottles of wines for the coming season holidays. Furthermore, an individual will already have his/her Xmas present at the draw, by winning a weekend stay at the lakeside. So if anyone would like to experience winter at Lake Balaton, surprise your loved ones, cause during the event can book at the tourism service a significant discount stay.

The event’s main attraction will be the Wine Xmas tree installation on the Ice Rink!

The Lake Balaton wineries will dress up, mean bottle up creating a Xmas tree and the skaters rolling  on ice will be offered a sip of wine on their way.

Admission fees: Advent Fair and Balaton lake – wine tasting: 2000HUF. (Free entry is also possible eg. by Quiz Balaton). The visitors at the Ice Rink „Dressing up” the Xmas tree and Wine Tasting is Free.

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Hungarians were spoiled by our superb swimmers at the European Swimming Championship in 2012 … whereas the 9 Gold, 10 Silver and 7 Bronze were in our swimmers neck before the London’s Olympic  Games. That was the BEST Hungarian performance ever said, never-the-less …

We all wished to be spoiled again in 2014!

 Where: Baltonfüred (Lake Balaton) – Hungary

When: During during September, 5 to 7. 2014.

The International Swimming Federation (FINA) unfortunately had to change venue from Eilat – Israel because of the unsteady situation at the settlements in the Israel. Balatonfüred – Hungary was awarded this year to organize the World Junior Open Water Swimming Championships. Also added it was overwhelming to hear this  result as Balatonfüred having beating behind countries as Dubai – UAE,  Setúbal – Portugal and Barcelona – Spain .

This new situation was out just 40 days  previously to the World Cup, but the organizers were optimistic that the championship will be like floating on smooth waters said Tamás Gyárfás – president of the Hungarian Swimming Federation, FINA Vice President opened words were at this morning’s press conference.  Quote: “It is heartwarming to have the waresome champions on the spot  here to-day at the press conference at  the Margaret Island – Thermal Hotel and having high hopes to have same great  swimmers in the future generations. Continued …  “It was an enormous value of having present the recently winning 3-3 European Championship gold medals in both the long László Czech and Katinka Hosszú at Debrecen.” Katinka said,  she does not wish to predict in any numerical predictions, but she will be up to do her best. László Czech treble is not basically the goal, but will do his best  to ensure to outbreaks of the series reached since 2004 receiving and continuing in having in the gold in the coming days at the German capital. With Daniel Gyurta talked through a telephone connection and   there were other excellence at the press conference. Gyárfás  added: Quote “We can be proud and show the examples to the young ones heading into the pools in having their dreams come true.”

Tamás Gyárfás emphasized that it was a huge advantage in decision in  having  the Junior international Swimming World Cup in Hungary after the awesome success at the water polo European Championship in Hungary, whereas d the FINA superiors of eight  visited  the venue a month ago and already learn the success housing the European Association’s second series of the open water swimming Europe Cup. Therefore  managed to quickly reconcile István Boka – major of the city of Balatonfüred.

According to László Kiss, the swimmers coach admitted, five gold medals is a result to be satisfied. The goal is to maintain their place in the medal table at the leading edge, after all, the Euro-ken regularly managed to close down in the top three which also was reached  recently in 2012 Debrecen … straight out of the lead in the Hungarian national team.

On the Lake Balaton will be 21 vessels, including the  water policing and rescue vessels will be  are watching  over the Lake.  Insuring the health care, the Oxyteam’s  senior doctor  Dr. Tibor Nagy  will be present throughout the swimming games,  said István Bóka – major Balatonfüred.   Impressing view will be supported by The Telekom with giant projectors placed on the coast to spot more and more what is happening at Balatonfüred at the Lake.

Gábor Gellért – open-water coach announced at the press conference junior swimmers from Australia onwards from Syria to Italy, including the Chinese,  Kazakhs and  Americans are joining the event.

The junior’s will be divided in two age groups (14-16 years and 17-18 years), boys and girls will take the plunge in races of 5km for the youngest category and 7.5km for the oldest.

Entries deadline date: August 10, 2014.

Apart from individual events, a 3km Team Event composed of three swimmers will be also organised for both age categories.

Last but not least, Gyárfás noted that the purpose of the competition is also a  kind of test to treated as if  it would be the great World Cup year of 2021. Also those who return home from leaving Hungary say: “Hungary was fantastic hosts and might want to come back more frequently to be at prestigious events!

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Badacsony is a place at the Lake Balaton, where once-upon-a-time volcanoes lava and smoke-filled the valley,  there are many faces of the  lake-side,prehaps for many still aren’t familiar with its beauty. So here goes some places, whereabouts that may be of interest:

The media representatives were invited to join a  study tour and  were taken around the Badacsony area on the regional tourist bus, organised by the Badacsonyi Guild Tourism Association. Rolling along, not just us but the visitors to may also hit the road on the tourist bus, watching this neat city in comfort, without having recourse to fatigue, see the region’s sights and learning where to stop by … to stronger your energy by a sip of local pálinka or visiting the regions wine cellars! This was a two-day study tour, but I only join them on the second day,therefore my update stands for the time being.

Visiting  the József Egry Memorial Museum

Our road led us to a villa, the former home, to-day open as a memorial museum of the famous József Egry, the painter who was obsessed by the shades of the reflections of the lake and the hazy lights, the shades of the water, the countless points of view, as the humans are changing their mood, the Lake Balaton also has its moody days. Beside the Egry images at the Memorial Museum, the world-famous Herend Porcelain Manufactory’s work of art in the same building are also out on display.

Káli Basin on the Uplands Visiting the Folly Arboretum, at Badacsonyőrs

There lays one of the world-famous botanical collection of cedars and cypresses, like the species cedar, cypress species, Syrian juniper (Juniperus drupacea), Sabine pine (Pinus sabiniana) giant pine (Pinus Coulter), coastal giant redwood (Sequoia sempervirens) all collected from their original growing land. Dr. Gyula Folly started to install the plants in the year 1900. Since then the collection had grown over the decades. The beautiful botanical garden, beauty lays in the tradition of his children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren whom also follow the founder of the garden in protecting nature and showing all these beautiful trees to the visitors who come by to see the world’s cedars and cypresses all at one plantation. Two see it by your own two eyes … 25 Chapel Valley Rd. (Kápolna-völgy út) Badacsonyőrs at Badacsony Northern territory of Lake Balaton.

Out on the Farm

Wish to bring attention to two Hungarian breed animals. One is the Hungarian Duck and here the animal species in a nutshell: this type of  ducks were probably domesticated during the Roman times, but it is also possible that the Greeks or the Chinese were already involved in domestication. The Hungarian duck is considered to be indigenous in the Carpathian basin, its ancestor must be the mallard. It’s existing in white and wild color. Resistant and has a good “seeking habit” that’s why it has juicy, delicious meet.

The other Hungarian animal species is the Mangalica pig and in a nutshell: the Mangalica swine developed in the mid 1800’s in HUngary. In lard production it was the first in. Because of the demand of the fatless pork meet the mangalica became endangered. the whole world. Three variety exists: blood, black and red mangalica.

Pálos Monastery ruin at Salföld

… Just like a fairy tale …Once upon a time a splendid edifice built-in a Gothic style in honor of Mary Magdalene for the Pálos order. The excavation work began in the 60’s, whereas the whole monastery was revealed. There is a charter from 1307 which refers to it as a monastery, at the area of “Köveskút”. The original monastery was destroyed during the invasion of the Turks. probably, the monks took possession of the existing Romanesque chapel, which was subsequently extended by building around their needs. The rebuilt church has unique architectural of the Pauline style.  The church building is orientated to the east, north to join the monastery.  The  full history of the 700 yrs. old Pailine monastery can be followed at:

Visiting the  Istvándy Family owned Winery

They organize professional winery visits for a friendly gathering, family celebrations, combined with the wine tasting. On the spot the visitors may get acquainted with the craftiness of wine making and see the grand landscape of the vineyards with the far ahead Lake Balaton. As we were told, advance booking is needed for visiting the winery and cooking for gastronomy events. All-in-all or on the bottom line the  Istvándy winery is not only engaged with their high-quality, but as the French chateaus or Australian wineries hold wine tastings at the high-level professional events, and their aim is to boost the wine tourism to prosper. Beside the smooth Istvándy wines, they thought about the kids sweet tooth, they prepaid 100% grape nectar. The home-made lunch prepared by Ms. Csilla Istvándy was more than excellent, we were all K.O. Very much enjoyed their 100% care and hospitality.  During our stay we were also told about their family backgrounds … The Istvándy family history has over 200 years history behind them. Way back in the 1800s the family lived in the rural farming area and started beginning to produce grape and wine products which mainly covered their livelihood opportunities. Their Grandpa was a winemaker, his father an agronomist, all had their place at their plantation and jointly worked together.  In the beginning the wines were not bottled with brands, only gave them as a present to  friends. The Istvándy two son and daughter  believes their family is committed to the site’s past and being worthy of its reputation. Emphasis its place on the Badacsony growing wine region, whereas  the unique Kéknyelű grape varieties and characteristics of this region the Grey’s friend and Riesling are like nowhere else in Hungary.

What a marvellous day the Badacsony Tourism had organized for the press and media representatives … Culture … Art … Breathtaking Landscape  … Wine and heavenly food … alittle Garden of Eden … famous Pálinka distillery at Badacsony. These places must be visited, of course not squashing the programs into one day…take your time and enjoy the welcome and hospitality at Badacsony, at the Northern side of Lake Balaton. The region offers locals, tourists, foreigners working, staying in Hungary who love to take a rural holiday, relax, feel the closeness of the nature can meet all these at Badacsony and its surrounding area and gain experiences to remember for a lifetime.

Reaching the final station to the day’s study tour … Renaissance Pálinka House

The Renaissance Pálinka House at Badacsonyőrs reached its success with its magnificent fruits after two years of design work. It is a small family business, by hard work of the husband Tamás and his wife Kati who both operates the manufactory. The Pálinka House construction started in August, 2011 and by March, 2012 have had prepared their own premium spirits.

Even though the Pálinka workshop is considered young in age the Renaissance is all about revival of the flavors, emotions and rebirth of perfect harmony. The magnificent beauty scenery of Badacsony captivated them during one of their holiday trip  to this area and at once they both decided to achieve their wishful dreams by creating their pálinka house. The technology they use is well-known in Hungary, but the Renaissance is about rebirth in  this sence. They use a special technique by which the fruit flavor is even more intense in One senses the spirits enthusiasts.  The grapes and its spelt origin from the vineyards around the territory of the Badacsony Mountains. The distillery procedure can be viewed by the visitors on the spot upon prior arrangement, whereas the superb distillery equipment can be seen in operation during harvesting time and at special orders of wage-cooking.

The couple also holds sales and by pre-reservations having pálinka tasting days-or-nights. They have wide selection pálinka, as fruits as pear, wild pear, apple, quince, ground elder, plums, cherries, apricots, „Irsai Oliver” grapes, these pálinkas are hitting the 40degrees, while the wine base pálinkas are 45degrees. The Badacsonyi Grey Monk Spelt is a real hot-shot with its 55%degrees.

Before we left the Pálinka house Tamás  was glad to say word about the foreigners who have had already visited his House of the Rising Pálinka. Quote:   “Two groups coming from abroad who visited the Renaissance  Pálinka Distillery at Badacsonyőrs was … a group from a Travel  Agency from London,(UK) came especially to the Renaissance Pálinka Distillery to explore and learn about this place, to advertise at the UK travel agencies our pálinka house. They sip samples of the local distillery and of course brought as gifts to take back home. The other foreigner group was from Moskau, the Moskau Gazetta. It was a study tour for the group and made the schedule in advance to stop by this place.  Even knowing their national drink is not a soft drink, but the tough Vodka, they had  made up their sleeves for the “job” in tasting through the distillery’s collection of Pálinka. They admitted  the tasted Hungarian Renaissance Pálinka has several levels that leads up to the RigorMortis, but until reaching that point  the GRAVELYill, EMBOMBed” are still levels one can reach. They seem to be satisfied and jolly well and at farewell they said they are glad they spotted this place at home to be visited and even if only for this one purpose it was really worthwhile to visit  Badacsonyőrs at Lake Balaton, Hungary.

Think, there is no more words to be said … having own experience is the best approval. Worthwhile to drop by, to soak up with the beautiful surroundings and the pleasant fruity taste of the local pálinka and last but not least enjoy, discover the flavors of the real Hungarian kitchen home-made on the spot.  Reservation  in advance is needed (at the moment no English language description can be seen on their website) … so you have to rely upon this update  🙂

Address: 3, Füredi Road, Badacsonyőrs, Lake Balaton – Hungary

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Saturday, July 13.  2013.

7  p.m.

In Budapest and three spots around the Lake Balaton …

Balatonlelle, Balatonfüred and Zamárdi.

The Metropolitan Circus  in Budapest will  highlight the mood on the night with its Circus Maximus show. A gladiator among 5 tigers,  elephants and an adorable clown trainer, beautiful rubber girls, air acrobats and the Khadgaa group will step on stage.

At 11 p.m. the Hungaricum Orpheum vaudeville comedians, dancers, music and song will entertain the audience.

Just a hint of what is to come … a bunch of world-wide enchants with a viewers: 16 meters high above the walking artist, a trainer of 10 lions in a cage, hair-raising stunts, world-renowned Italian composer clowns, hilarious horse show, lions, camels, llamas, Grey and Scottish beef. The sensation of the night will be for many grandparents seen this in the past as kids and kids of to-day an act to wider their eyes as to see  the World Number 1 attraction in the CIRCUSLAND … „THE SHAVING ELEPHANT” . This act is kept from the golden age of Circusville,  a real traditional act which is mostly missing in the Circus show of to-day. Mind you,  being a volunteer for a shave  you have to be brave person. Don’t give up the elephant won’t as well… enjoy the ride!

At Balatonfüred  (the Northern area at Lake Balaton) 35, Fürdő  Rd. (along the side of the Annagora Aquapark . The visitors may see the Eötvös Cicus show. A great timeout for the kids, face painting and riding on the pony, having fun with Duda the clown.  The Eötvös Circus singer, Fasy – Kratelly Josephine will be on stage.

At Balatonlelle (the Southern area of Lake Balaton)  at 297, Rákóczi Rd.  the ground will be enchanted into a circus field. The „Circus Night” show will be worthy to visit for those circuslovers who don’t too often travel to Budapest to see the artists of the Hungarian National Circus.  Just a hint of what will be going on. The guest artists from Spain Duo Alambria will  be  walking 16 meters  high  and on tip-toe on a connecting cable on marquee pillars.

At Zamárdi (the Southern area of Lake Balaton)  at  the St. Stephen’s Road, the Military Park,  the Florián Richter and his team of 50 artist  will entertain and provide a memorable night for the audience. Beside the high starry sky, down here at Zamárdi the stars of  highly appreciated horses will be galloping in the sand  at the Horse Show.  The Richter group  in 2004 won the award-winning artist in riders and dancers at the Monte-Carlo Circus Festival of Gold and Silver Clown.

It’s going to be the “CIRCUS NIGHT”  all  in capital letters …  with the magic in the air bringing unforgettable sights-and-sound for the audience …  so check your smarty pad, don’t miss to be there  on the night like this at one of the scenes in Hungary.

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