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The Advent Fair’s was rich with exhibitors arriving to Budapest from the region of Lake Balaton!

The event organizers at the Capital welcomed with a special surprise for the invited guests by a technology giant 10 meter length ice frozen Lake Balaton silhouette at the City Park – Ice Rink. Here this day, you could skate around the lake as a Olympics champ within minutes. (By-the-way, the original size of the Lake Balaton is impressive … 78 km long in length, widest point in the north and the south coast 14 kilometers apart, and in total of 592 square kilometers. So in Hungary stands Europe’s largest freshwater lake. Locals referred to it as the “Hungarian Sea”,  no wonder because centuries-and-centuries ago this area actually was covered with water of the sea.)

The Lake Balaton circle’s wineries brought their particularly fine unique wines to Budapest to build a spectacular Xmas tree in the middle of the ice rink, whereas the skaters were addressed through the loudspeaker to skate to the Xmas tree and have a taste of the wines from the area of the Hungarian Sea.  Dr. Ádám Ruszinkó, Assistant Secretary of State for Tourism opened the event by saying this is the first Lake-Saloon and Wine Xmas tree that reminds us of the beauty  full year around of Lake Balaton and especially  drawing attention to the coming season’s holiday, as the “Best gift for Xmas is the Lake Balaton”.  In other words, the organizers aim was to offer for the Lake Balaton lovers the experience to spend time in the shortly coming season holiday, having a wellness week-end during the New Year’s Eve by the lakeside and/or take a wine tour, pick up some gifts, or craft at one of the fine winemaker’s winery introduced at this event.  Also said, of course, the list is long of those wineries from the  Region of Lake Balaton whom were not present at the  set up of the Wine Xmas tree  and to have had the possibility to taste their superb wines. Anyway, in the meantime, indeed worthwhile to learn about the opportunities  here on the spot offered by the region’s producers and find that special taste you are looking for. At the event all the products were available to purchase.

Exhibitors. Wine makers: Bezerics, Bújdosó, Istvándy, Konyari; Laposa, Légli, Palffy, St. Donát, Szeremley, VáliBor, Villa Tolnay.  No surprize when talking about wine regions in Hungary to have our eyes  at the same time  their  local gastronomy, special delights. Here the Balatonízlelő craft delicatessen, Bergmann Confectionery, delicatessen Gurman, Gabor Pach fruit pálinka, Kistücsök Restaurant delicatessen products, Balaton Uplands National Park craft products were on the spot to taste and purchase some goodies to serve at the coming event. That evening the Hungarian National Tourist Office represented  one of the most cosy hotel’s at the northern area of Lake Balaton, the Bonvino Badacsony Hotel.

The event’s guest of honor was by the presence of  Kreinbacher  and Tornai from the Somlói wine region.

This fall, have launched the Lake Balaton wines quality assurance system.  The best lakeside producers were here from the wine region. The tender was out in designing the unified label. In addition, been initiated  to introduction the trademark of  quality wines from Lake Balaton and to ensure to be more successful in the communication area.

Gábor Kardos – president of the Lake Circle, the idea to host the event said … Quote: „”The regional branding is globally a successful model and we also see it here in our Homeland the importance to show, offer and introduce to Europe’s  major cities the Lake Balaton region’s wine makers presenting “Best of Lake Balaton” as well. „

The Vocational Service of Hungary Water Rescue supported the event by joining the event with a mascot dressed in red . The bearded, wearing cool sunglasses “hipster” was an image of a loose, casually youthful Santa Claus around the Lake Balaton.

Added to the advent wreath, the lifeguards brought rescue rings and wine bottles with candles placed inside highlighted the magical mood on Advent’s Silver Sunday.

In addition to the wines Xmas tree, the wine makers lit along with the other exhibitors the advent wreath candles placed on a ship’s rescue belt. What an  awesome  way to celebrate  an  Advent Fair venue,  bringing, showing wine makers to the Capital at City Park’s  Ice Rink.

After having fun out on the ice rink, inside the assembly hall the tasting-party continued with the delicious wines and having typically Hungarian Xmas sweets, cakes and all that sweet tooth lovers eyes and senses can imagen. Just whispering … I got madly in love with the heavenly taste of the 100% of white grape juice from the Istvándy winery.

Update and snaps by Aggie Reiter


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Oxigén Hotel & Zen Spa  on the  Szomolya Road  at Noszvaj!

Noszvaj’s logo … „The best fresh air settlement in Hungary”

Just a short drive away from the nosy Capital, the press individuals were previously invited to participate to-day at the presentation held in the light of introducing the 4star Oxygen ZEN Hotel & Spa, at the settlement at Noszvaj. The hotel opened its door in August, 2012. In deed, we are talking about a hotel, very young at age, yet already have had recently received 3 professional awards. The press members were welcomed by: Dr. Zsolt Nyitrai, parliamentarian, describing within figures of the tourist developments in the region, adding the development of the hotel was built from apart of EU funds. Also the Assistant Secretary of State for Tourism talked about the increasing figures showed by the visitors to have had come to the Oxygen ZEN Hotel & Spa, underlining the increasing number of visitors of domestics, foreigners staying, working in Hungary. Tamás Farkas, managing director of Oxygen & Zen Spa Hotel introduced the professional awards and the Interior designer, Zoltán Varró talked about how an 100 years old cottage was formed into a comfy British style cottage. The company was honored to have the two mayors Péter Fodor of Nostvaj and from the neighbouring settlement István Guczi of Szomolya being present at the event. Within the presentation we were told about the original building, which was built by the Gallassy family in the nineteenhundreds. We learnt the building stood for some time as an empty place, but seeing the green woods around the territory with the gorgeous nature life, the dream for the family owned hotel came true in creating by converting the “haunted” cottage into a family friendly hotel. It was spiced up in-and-out, keeping the outer original walls, building an additional storey, and having the far-east unique Spa touch of ZEN bringing a spiritual world to Noszvaj. Yes, here we are speaking about a very young at age hotel, yet already have had received 3 awards “The Best New Small Hotel Construction & Design” – International Hotel Award. The country’s most popular hotels in competition which is annually held in Hungary, finished in the third place and received the Real Estate Development Excellence Award. The third award was received as the Best Accommodation of the Year. The English style, designs, furnitures and facilities on the spot testified the planning, design and implementation were in good hands, kept the British elegance. The hotel’s owner also have kept in mind of having to have built accessibility facilities for Disabled Guests. Some figures of the Oxygen ZEN Spa Hotel, as we were told: The hotel has 50 English country-style rooms. Most of them are standard double rooms that can be interconnected, if necessary making it comfy for families arriving with babies and/or children. The hotel has 12 suites. Later built on the top an extra floor having 9 special rooms. These have tubs for two beside the wide windowsill, having a secular view of the landscape, rich in woods, that lays just in front of the guests having reserved at these rooms. In deed, wandering around the premises, corridors, spa center, cosy small chatty premises was as being at one of the cottages in Great Britain. Seen it wasn’t a secret from where the inside design idea came from. The owner of the hotel was as to bring a little British feeling for the locals and of course the foreigners rolling over from UK to feel a bit like being at home, but at the same time enjoying the Hungarian hospitality, food delights and to get to know the regions special wines, which are already pretty known around the world: the Bull’s Blood from Eger. Something new to learn about Noszvaj beside the Oxigen Zen Spa Hotel is the De la Motte castle, the outbuildings of Louis XVI. style, built by John Povolny in 1774 and 1778. Also for many yet unknown is the jummiest „Noszvaj’s purpil plums”, producing pálinka and thick plum jams are from the Fruitville of Noszvaj. As mentioned the hotel stand on the Szomolya Road and regarding to Szomolya, it is a place worthwhile to visit while staying at the hotel. Just a short drive from Noszvaj. The why and what this settlement is famous of can be read at a previous update:

So we heard, the Oxygen Hotel & Zen Spa filled with pleasure and leisure. unfortunately, the lack of time made our visit short, so we couldn’t see all the goodies hotel holds, but were told about its services during the presentation, as the hotel’s main goal was to form a baby and children-friendly hotel. To-day’s hotel visitors are much looking forward to splash into a pool, therefore, the wellness and cure center was an important fact in developing the hotel. Visited the ZEN Spa, a real spiritual place, has what it takes for mind, body and soul! It is tailored in a spirit of oriental atmosphere, low authentic meditation music, enlightening the atmosphere by bringing over the feeling from Japan with the original Japanese style spa and steam room.

At the ZEN Spa the guest can get acquainted with the Japanese Tea Ceremony which has centuries-old tradition in the Japanese custom. A special way of expressing togetherness. Based on an old tradition, a certain Dzsuko Murata (1423-1502) has drawn up the rules for a tea ceremony, which today is known as “csanoju”.The csanoju played a major role in the cultural and artistic life of the Japanese people. Within keeping this tradition, cleans the soul and show guidance to live together with the nature. The tea ceremony purpose is to have peace in ourselves, to clean the soul and a guidance to live together with the nature.

Many sporty activities in-and-outside just lays in front of the guests. The wintertime holds back a bit being outside the surrounding premises, rolling on a Fairy Tale Road, that can easily be reached by bike, hiking and visiting the cave dwellings as an optional program offered by the hotel’s staff. The staff thought of having two separate Restaurants, one for the couples of all age, the other for families arriving with babies not to disturb the hubby couples. Whether coming from the UK, or any other part of the World, there are rascalities that will definitely catch the eye: darts, sitting in the “dock” of the sauna, relaxing and meditating, dipping the body in the Turkish steam bath, outside with tennis rackets and balls on the tennis ground. Before and after the presentation we were invited to taste the region’s famous, high quality wines, brought by the winemaker from the Cellar Thummerer and the Archbishop Almagyar Vineyards.  The organizers made sure the press individuals not leaving the venue starving, and were welcomed to taste their unique lunch served everyday at the hotel. The chief was marvelous with the delicacies, hardly having words, indescribable the rich in flavors, just like granny’s home-made cooking.

Was a bit envy for those guest who were staying there and while we were present saw, foreigners coming from Slovakian, Germany and of course Hungarian guests upon arrival couples and families with kids as to spend their week-end here at the Oxygen Hotel & Zen Spa … Jolly-Good for them!

Update, snaps by Aggie Reiter