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The Hungarian National Tourist Office and the New Western Literary Circle

… held its next upcoming presentation introducing the location of the West Transdanubian region, showing common cultural values ​​of this part of the country in the eyes of artists, through contemporary literature of Sándor Weörös, the writer (lived in the area). Held a superb slide-show along with the presentation of the Western Transdanubia connection with filmmakers by István Tama, marketing director – Hungarian National Tourist Office of the Region. His welcoming words were the region may be called  also called as a jewelry box, alike as what  is hold here at the Gold Museum. Talked, introduced within a slide-show the connect  of the International film makers who found the perfect venue sites to shot their movies. The region’s landscapes and locations caught ether attention, such as the image of Berlin, Versailles Castle, an American ski-fi and several Hungarian historical films were filmed there. The marketing director also highlighted some of the major tourist destinations and venues to note the worthwhile  places worthwhile to be  visited,  such as, the unique atmosphere of Sopron and Kőszeg, known for its Roman relics, so-called “the West Queen”, Szombathely and Győr, the cities of culture,  the World Heritage Sites:  Pannonhalma  and the Fertő landscape with the  medieval castles, baroque palaces, temples. Gain a bunch of  cultural experiences at Szigetköz, Fertő, Hanság, and also enjoy staying at the surroundings mountains at Sopron and Kőszeg. These places can be explored by walking, rolling around  by foot or biking. The “Volt” Festival (well know throughout Europa as a happening venue for pop, beat concerts)  the Savaria Carnival, the Baroque Festival, he just added a few of attractions that are connected to the region.   Also mineral baths, spa to relax welcomes the arriving tourists not only for a physical renewal, but mentally and spiritually to be recharged. During the evening Armandon Kautzky read aloud works from Sándor Weörös, the writer born in the region at Szombathely. The evening was accompanied by the guitar performance of Attila Dóka. Irsai Oliver, Rosé and red  wine  from  Sopron was also served after the presentations.

The event was hosted at the eye-catching István ZelnikSoutheast Asian Gold Museum (District VI., 110 Andrássy Blvd. Budapest). Welcoming words was by the Mr. Zelnik’s brother, saying,  quote: “It is no coincidence in having the New Western Literary Circle meeting here at the Gold Museum.  We took it as a honor to plan the upcoming event here, also in introducing the selection of the sculptures, jewelries, relics is like being in a golden caskets at Budapest, just as in  richness,  of course in other sence taking a virtual visit to the Western Transdanubia region. Before the presentation was held, we were invited to walk along the halls of the museum. Breathtaking exquisite artworks, unbelievable objects introducing art and culture of a land that many may even haven’t had heard about the existence. István Zelnik’s collection goes back to his 45 years of passion in collecting from a long gone, an unknown world of treasures and presenting the realms of culture and art of its colorful and multifaceted region. absolutely, a calm, amazing venue on the busy Andrássy Blvd., but entering into the building’s backyard area is like when the bars  are free to fall close  the outside traffic noise. Takes you to Southeast Asia to a  scene of an amazing tropical  garden filled with sculptures hiding in the „woods”. The pond is magnificent, also like a jewelry box. The wooden bridge above the cascade shows the magnificent waterfall, a touch a unique construction. Inside the „reception area” there is a wonderful Tea-and-Cake shop furnished to go with the region of the Southern Asia etc.

The  garden and the Tea House is open to the public. To visit the museum there is an admission fee.

A venue is not only rich for the eye and tastes,  but  also takes you away from a hard day to relax hard!

 Update, snaps by Aggie Reiter