Herald News … Still 108 days to come! II.BikeRunFest – International bicycle tour and Ultramarathon!

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II.BikeRunFest –  International bicycle tour and Ultramarathon!

Distance 188 km from Sopron – Hungary to Puchberg am Schneeberg  – Austria and back!

September, 19  – 20. 2015.

Yes, we still going to enjoy the summertime in the coming days, but never to early to spread the news for those folks who would like to register, attend at the BikeRunTour or  joining  the run at the Ultramarathon.

Upon a call to the  press conference held by Attila Vozár –  RunBikeFest – chief organizer and invited guests as: Márton Gyulai – HAA General Secretary, Krisztián Berki – TV presenter and Dezső Dobor – press officer of the competition,  heard by the organizer, when planning this  bike tour  popped through his mind to give a twist in this race as„cracking a hard nut”.  This will be a new performance tour at this year’s amateur cyclists race. For those individuals who wish to enter the competition, no need to have professional skills or expensive accessories bicycle to participate in this race.  Completely is enough the daily in use bicycle and the helmet.

Day1. To enter the bike tour anyone can be appointed, who has willingness and strength to paddle on their bike making the journey of 75.4 kms to reach from Sopron – Hungary to Scheeber – Austria.

Day2. Then comes  surmounting 112.6 kms. through the neat villages, small towns and of course as much as the rolling bikers can  have a wink at the wonderful landscape of Austria  whilst  back to the start point at Sopron – Hungary.

Several refreshment stalls and stations … well-reserved rest points… first aid will be present throughout the whole route.

Promising a superb great program and a real challenge for devoted folks, families, companies and to be not forgotten, the wonderful opportunity to overcome the impossible … in between having fun to hit the high mountains and deep valleys.

The RunBikeFest is just a perfect opportunity in opening to companies to hold team building gatherings.

Many starters such as famous persons will be on the way to exercise together, as: Márton Gyulai – HAA General Secretary and his family, Krisztián Berki – TV presenter, The Color Run team just to mention a couple to be rolling on the routes.

Ultramarathon will also take place on the same days simultaneously at both the event:

Day1. 8 a.m. MKB Aréna Hall – Sopron … Day2 .7 a.m. Sport Hall – Puchberg am Schneeberg

The length of the course: Day1. 75 km – Day2. 110 km … Global Length: 185 km

Bikers  and Ultramarathon folks save the data, place, time … worthwhile not to miss, to leave out this awesome tour!

Application, Price and other important information in English and German language switch to:


Getting closer to the day further information of interest will come through.

Update and snaps by Aggie Reiter


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