The history of the brewery of Sopron

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The history book of the Sopron Brewery  by Róbert Horváth  was introduced at the  Liebling Bar  (3in1 …  lounge – bar  – club) at one of the entertainment district in Budapest.

At the event, Dr. Tamás Fodor Mayor of Sopron, said Quote: “Sopron located in the food processing centuries-old history. Upon the grape disease at the Sopron vineyards and corresponding decrease in Common wine the consumption of wine the beer then began to fulfil the industry deployment at the brewery of Sopron and put its footsteps to be really valued by the locals to ease their thirst. The industry deployment is ongoing at the brewery of Sopron which is a value plant beside the landscsape and its historical venues.”

José Matthijssen, the Sopron Brewery operating HEINEKEN Hungaria CEO said quote: “The results of the manufacturing history dedicated and thorough research which is not only the history and secrets of brewing beer for those interested in useful, but it helps to understand special relationship between the town of Sopron in Sopron and the presence of the beer.” Also added quote: “The company has been continuing business as Heineken Hungária from June 2007, expressing more strongly its international nature, its skills and quality with reference to the Heineken brand. Since 2016, we only use Hungarian Hungary favorite beer barley for the production. We offer the highest quality beers our consumers.  Maybe less known the fact that Sopron city still did not have electric lighting when the brewery has installed its electric lights at the plant. The traditions are very important to us, at the same time ensuring that the Sopron continue to be the usual quality in the glasses using the latest technologies.”  Hungary belongs to the portfolio, including the country’s most popular beer, the Sopron and Heineken, the world’s most international beer, as sold in nearly 200 countries, as well as such popular products as the Gösser and Strongbow.

Róbert Horváth  author of book titled: “The history of the brewery of Sopron” presents industry history, and the history of technology which also show a superb overview for those interested. The author is one of the employee at the factory, who had his parents and grandfather also worked at the brewery of Sopron. In connection with the book, he said Quote: “I am a lucky man, I am a fan in brewing beer, amateur historian, and also my workplace is also a brewery. The publication is in Hungarian language.

The exclusive commercially publication is available at the Geopen bookstore (District, III.,  65. Bécsi Road) or the company’s web of prescription ( The web-based customers a 20 percent discount off the retail price.

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