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MittelCinemaFest – Hungary – 2018.

XVI. Central European Italian Fim Festival – Hungary – 2018.

Budapest – Bratislava – Prague
November, 6 – 16. 2018.

The Italian films are present at the most important international film festivals such as Cannes, Berlin, Buenos Aires, Toronto, Shanghai, Tokyo, Locarno, New York, and London.

Over the years, MittelCinemaFest has established itself as a better-awaited event, greater attention will be paid each year in the Italian film, so much so that more and more interested in spreading Hungarian distributor of Italian films.

This year, distributed by Mozinet the Cinenuovo, Cirko Film Service and ADS Italian films are in the program, which reflect well on the film festival is a major objective, that is a successful Italian films and valuable knowledge for the Hungarian audience.

Cities where the screenings will take place:
Puskin cinema in Budapest, Tabán cinema in Budapest, Downtown cinema in Szeged. This year for the first time at the Apollo cinema in Debrecen.

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The Nazaroff Brothers – Soul Exodus



Musical documentary film – Distributed by: Mozinet

The film will be out screening throughout the country from

December, 15. 2016.

The Nazaroff Brothers –  four Americans and one Russian klezmer musicians produced a musical documentary on their world tour. This will be presented nationwide from December, 15. 2016. During the 93 minutes  Michael Alpert, Dan Kahn, Psoy Korolenko, Bob Cohen, Jake Shulman-Ment will make sure to provide a one-and-a-half hour entertainment for not only individuals with the same identity. The venues and songs loosen from everyday life.

The Band decided to explore Eastern European roots. Hitting the road in order to find the origins of their music, and  to learn about themselves, the past of their parents and their Jewish grandparents. A kind of reverse exodus journey from The West to The East … from New York to Paris, then on the road to Berlin, Budapest, Oradea and onwards further ahead.

Director: Csaba Bereczki, Screenplay: Csaba Bereczki , Cinematography: Tibor Nemes.

The film is screed in original English language with Hungarian subtitles.

Here a trailer:

The tickets will be available on the spot at the cinemas cash desk.

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SOUL EXODUS – Premier Pre-screening – Budapest – 2016.



Monday, October, 10. 2016.

Uránia National Movie Theater – Ceremonial Hall

District, VIII., 21. Rákóczi Road – Budapest

8 p.m. – 10 p.m.

The Nazaroff Brothers, five American klezmer musicians produced a musical documentary on their world tour. This will be presented across the country before the mid-December. However, before  the nationwide premiere, the film will be presented for the first time at the Urania National Film Theater in Budapest!

The Band decided to explore Eastern European roots. Hitting the road in order to find the origins of their music, and  to learn about themselves, the past of their parents and their Jewish grandparents. A kind of reverse exodus journey from The West to The East … from New York to Paris, then on the road to Berlin, Budapest, Oradea and onwards further ahead.

After the screening  there will be an opportunity in a conversation with the audience by the director Csaba Bereczki. 

Prices of the movie ticket: 1400HUF adult ticket and 1000HUF  for students, pensioners and teachers. Mind you, can only get a student, pensioner or teacher discount ticket at the time of buying the ticket at the cash desk.

The tickets are available on the spot at the cash desk.

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Exhibition Budapest – “Freedom Express” – European Network Remembrance and Solidarity.

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“Freedom Express”

Opening exhibition in Budapest until August, 8. 2015. 

Covering Roads to 1989. East-Central Europe 1939-1989 and is available for visitors at the open-air  park venue outside the National Museum .

Freedom Express is a social and educational campaign organised by the European Network Remembrance and Solidarity. Its first part was a study trip whereby a group of young artists, journalists and historians visited Solidarity’s Gdańsk, then Warsaw, Budapest, Sopron, Timisoara, Prague Bratislava and Berlin. The trip’s agenda of meetings, workshops and artistic activities was made possible thanks to the cooperation of a number of institutions involved with 20th century history.

The exhibition “Freedom Express was officially opened by Zoltán Balog, Hungarian Minister of Human Resources, along with dr László Csorba, director of the Hungarian National Museum, dr Iván Bába, the Hungarian coordinator of the European Network Remembrance and Solidarity, Lieselore Cyrus, Ambassador of the German Federal Republic to Hungary and Roman Kowalski, Ambassador of the Republic of Poland to Hungary. Over 100 honourable guests were present at the ceremony.

During the opening ceremony Minister Zoltán Balog said that the duty of those who survived the dictatorship is to keep the memory of the difficult past and pass it on to next generations. This is our moral obligation. He also stressed that the communication about the past only makes sense when something good comes as a result of it. That is why Minister Balog concluded with a question about the role of remembrance, which is the key issue in the work of the European Network Remembrance and Solidarity. The fundamental objective of the Freedom Express campaign, initiated by the ENRS, is to create a common narrative of European history – said Roman Kowalski, Ambassador of Poland in Hungary. He added that such projects contribute to shaping the dialogue and creating the complementary narration about the history of the 20th century, in which there is room for a multiplicity of perspectives and interpretations. This dialogue supports our identity, giving the chance to future generations to avoid the mistakes of the past – Ambassador Kowalski concluded. Dr Iván Bába stressed that today’s perception of the communist past only through the prism of humour and everyday life, can be misleading. During the communist past, the sense of humour played a crucial role and had a clearly defined therapeutic effect. With the help of Polish posters, Hungarian films and various other forms of artistic expression we tried to remain independent and defend ourselves. Today communist period returns in a specific pop version. It is becoming more and more popular amongst young people and unfortunately promotes a distorted picture of the past – explained dr Bába.

Ambassador of the German Federal Republic in Hungary, Lieselore Cyrus, observed that this exhibition is a signpost for the future, teaches us how to search for freedom. The idea of ​​freedom and democracy must remain our compass – she stated.

The exhibition, designed by historians associated with European Network Remembrance and Solidarity, documents the complicated process through which this part of Europe regained its freedom from communist dictatorship. Presented earlier in Berlin, Brussels, and Warsaw the exhibition concentrates on various ways in which civil liberties were limited in the former communist bloc and on attempts made to regain them. It focuses especially on the question of what connects and divides remembrance of the events that preceded the fall of communism in Central and Eastern.

For those who wish to go back in time to refresh a little history here is the site  to learn more:

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Not only the beer taps will be open, but the Simple RuinPub  on the Kertész Street comes back to where it started in 2001 … being on the Beers Street again!

Saturday, January, 11. 2014.

Berlin Craft Beer Bar

District VII., 48 Kertész Street – Budapest.

The Simple Garden – Szimpla Kert ), was one of the first RuinPubs – RomKocsma to be opened at Budapest. The reason why it was named “RuinPub” in the first place, was of its building, being vacant and abandoned. The idea was to open a pub in that venue and that’s where it all started and then after named “Simple RuinPub”. Had large open-air inside garden with many rooms previously  functioned as  housings. During the weekdays worked as a Pub, but on the week-ends the garden was arranged for the thrift hunters and picnic tables for guests to loosen up. The place became pretty soon Budapest’s highlight for hundreds of people to come along, feel-good, having a beer, wine, cocktail and a bite of light food, in other words enjoying company and to dissolve of a weary day.  Was pretty popular by of  its trend-settings, a real cult place for locals and to visit by travelling youngsters to pop by for a pint of delicious home-made cool beer. Also the middle age folks frequently visited the place.

Saturday night the place will be officially re-open, whereas previously a whole generation of young adults grew up and revel in the culture blend of the pub. As time went by … on the first hand, it became one of the main tourist attractions of Budapest. On the second-hand, the place became the birth of the venue of gastronomic and beer delights.

The Simple was once again forefront with new trends and when teamed up with the members of the FőzdeFesztivál – BreweryFestival together exported the Hungarian revolution brewing to Berlin. The Hungarian home-made beer in Berlin is known as „Braufest Berlin”. In couple of days, the Braufest experience will be brought to Hungry, introducing the Hungarian and German relations by hosting beer lovers this coming Saturday, January, 11., at the Berlin Craft Beer Bar …at  the old Simple Garden venue … District VII., 48 Kertész Street- Budapest.

Upon the re-opening there is going to be a list of delicious tap and bottle beers, special beer menus. The newly reconstructed Simple RuinPub has six new original taps of which cool ongoing national and international craft beers will be served.  Also small ala carte delicacies imported from Italy will be available, but needn’t have to be disappointed from missing the Hungarian food known from the old days … Simple hadn’t forgotten them and  still can go for them.

The highlight of the evening will be unveiling the modern Hungarian painter Gáspár Gombos epoch-making work  titled: “Beer Revolution in Pest-Buda”.

The Simple RuinPub sends a call out to locals, foreigners staying in Budapest to be their guest for a glass of Hopfanatic “Campania Cervisia”  … Beer champagne on the night at the reborn Simple RuinPub!

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