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Opened it doors at the 6th District, 26 Andrássy Boulevard, Budapest

A place where everything about skin care to fragrance a woman and a man would need to enjoy by

 body – heart  – soul!


Now in 2012 opened the MADISON Store in Budapest, Hungary.

On the day of the opening I had the opportunity to talk with the Ms. Paola Gugliotta, co-founder and Mr. José Caldera, rep. Beauty Technology – SEPAI, who arrived to the opening and at the same day gave training to the store’s staff. Ms. Gugliotta first words were: “Our treatment doesn’t perform miracles, but ensures the optimum preservation of the skin – FOR A LIFETIME.” Now you don’t hear that often…insteed the opposite is told … right!?!  She  was pleased to say she met already and will be giving training for a dozen skin care experienced staff. Also happy to say they all are experts in high level of preparedness. The Madison store,it is the Island of beauty care. Whether outside it rains or shine you enter into the world of a century that still carries the light and flirty charming atmosphere. Ms. Judit Tőke,  the manager of the Madison store welcomes each-and-everyone entering the store with a broad smile and her engaging personality and last but not least you can depend on her professional knowledge. What more do you need, now it is just on you!

See further information: www.madisonperfumery.com

Once upon a time a place at the 6th District, 26, Andrássy Blvd. was the premises of the famous „Opera Patika”, former Opera Medicine Store, that led by a couple of  steps to the Opera House. This grand Patika in Budapest, with its interior was just like love at first sight for Madeleine, the owner of the shop. It has been unaltered since 1888. In the spring of 2008 it closed. The beautiful heritage of the Opera Medicine Store’s furniture still in the premises, that gives an extra touch, more sophisticated to its products. The owner of the premises, and in close contact with the National Office of Cultural Heritage, MADISON has found a way to both embrace the beautiful heritage of the “Opera Patika” Opera  Medicine Store. Budapest has a total of only ten stores which have protected interior designs and the „Opera Patika” the former Opera Medicine Store is unique even among them. 

MADISON, gave a try to break into the Hungarian market since 2009, but to find the perfect location, that would comply with the MADISON lifestyle wasn’t  just outside the corner. The perfect environment for the exclusive products needs much time to look around.  Budapest’s oldest and widest lane, the Andrássy Blvd. was not only the perfect fit, a suitable location, but along the Boulevard, the beauty also lies in the monuments and architectural buildings just like the beating heart in the Capital.

The building’s original facade, with its original wooden interior has already undergone a renovation and the products for health and cared skin and body, the „SEPAI” moved to the shelves of the former Opera Medicine Store just like in the old days the medicines were kept, right up on the wooden shelves in their rightful places.

Now going back to the interview with Ms. Paola Gugliotta, the owner of the SAPEI –  Skin Care Technology, as she told me: „Sepai is a variety of treatments for each-and-every type of skin, that works on maintaining the optimum conditions of the skin.”  During our talk was present Mr. José Caldera, representative of SEPAI.

For further information roll over to: www.sepai.eu

Briefly, how the concept started, Ms. Paola Gugliotta born in Spain later her family moved to Venezuela. Entering into the Beauty Business, as she told me, it started nothing like a great tail. One day, Ms. Gugliotta decided with her sister-in-law that there are so many products out in the world, yet many woman of all age cannot have, see positive results. Why??? Because the facial cares have very low amount of „real healing” substances that would „med” the exact problem of the skin. Many products promise more than they really can approve.  Their Lab professionals with their own chemists  are testing each-and-every product at the Barcelona firm. Main focus, create  allergy-free products and serums.  As Ms. Gugliotta expressed: “If you wear a good perfume, then you should use good body-care products. The „Tuneit” products are the sophisticated „inputs” to any cream and intensify, enhance the different activities.”

Ms. Gugliotta, just wished to mention the following: „There are many women whose hands by age looks elder than their real age. The skin become very thin, that just covers the bones. For these types of skin care the „Booster” serum does really the job, shows the fight against these effects. Also nothing new in by saying, the weight and variation in the volume of the breasts throughout life affect this area faster than the rest of the skin. Experimental studies have shown the capacity of oestrogens to activate the production of hyaluronic acid, water, collagen and fibronectin in the skin. In consequence, the skin structure is regenerated and its appearance rejuvenated with the use of the Booster serum, that  is formulated with a Kigelia Africana (Sausage Tree) Extract.”

A little peck into the background of the owner of the MADISON Store: Ms. Madeleine Florescu, grew up in New York City. Working with luxury cosmetic products since 1993 (Christian Dior, Clinique, etc), she rapidly climbed the career ladder: educated at New York University and Fashion Institute of Technology in New York, she started as a beauty consultant and grew as far as National Sales Director North America for the Japanese luxury brand, Kanebo International, working with retailers like Bergdorf Goodman, Barneys New York, and Saks Fifth Avenue.

In her own words, she lived the „American Dream” for 15 years, but has been growing more and more nostalgic towards her home and the European lifestyle in general; in 2004 she moved back to Europe.

Based on her experience and to the developing economic situation in the area, she managed to consecutively open two luxury perfume stores in Bucharest, Romania in 2007 and 2008.

Finally, Ms. Paola Gugliotta told with pleasure that the SEPAI brand is already out on the market at stores in the following countries: Switzerland, Russia, Italy, Norway, Austria, United Kingdom,Sweden, Spain, Germany, New-York and during the fall there will be a store opening in Texas and New-Orleans. The figures to the highest sales of the SEPAI products have shown, they are  very popular in Germany. Shortly in Bucharest, Romania they will merge the two stores.

Remember: perfume is the first layer you are always wearing.

Now check it out Good Luck!

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