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Boots List – Sausage Taxi Tour – City of Gyula

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Campaign – In Gyula to Gyulai Sausage on 8 wheels!

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These were the welcoming words to the media, press invited persons at the Gyulai Meat Shop in the City of Gyula at the transfer of fees in connection to the performance review of the Hotels and Service Providers evaluation lodging 2017/18 year.

However, at first a bit back to have to go a year or two. The first step joint with local companies gathering goes back to the year 2014. At first the joint promotion and image campaign began with the Gyula Castle Bath, Gyulai Tourist Office Ltd. and Gyula Meat Ltd. In 2014 took the initiative from Gyula to Gyula. The goal was in the presentation to introduce more widely the Hungaricum – the Gyulai sausage. This option was and is highlighted then and even to-day by flyers placed on desks at the hotels to draw attention to the tourists visiting Gyula as an option to visit the meat shop and purchase delicacies. After all, as the saying goes … nothing is better than your own experience. The highest number of the guests from hotel’s arrived to shop showing the leaflet received at the hotel, the Gyula Meat Ltd. as a gesture rewarded the hotel for their support with a present of their products.  By the autumn of 2017, the Visit Gyula city program included as an option for tourist staying in Gyula to join the Gyula Sausage Tour.

In 2018, a joint collaboration was launched with Gyulavári Castle, Gyula Tourism Ltd. and Gyulai Meat Ltd. with the pedestrian sightseeing tour and the Gyulai Sausage Taxi on the Road. Was so successful that the opportunity to once a week  tour was upgraded to twice a week back-and-forth to the store and for the passengers on the Gyulai Sausage Taxi. Passengers could enjoy the trip while on a small sightseeing tour as well.

Highlighting some mouth-watering  appetizing flavors of the Gyulai Meat products … Dry Sausages, Salamis, the Gyulai sausages and salamis have characteristic taste, which formed by the microclimate of valley of Körös rivers, the traditional smoking technology, produced by the history of one-hundred years. The Gyulai-Royal Deer products in the line was awarded with Hungarian Quality Product Award in 2014, and was selected for New Product Expo in Amsterdam in 2015. It is a real gourmand delicacy!  The Liver Pastes is very popular among kids. Besides the classical taste there is one other flavor with a touch Marjoram. The Ham and Cold Cuts are one of the main favorites, especially the so-called Mályvádi ham, which is heavenly tasty. Once tasted it surely be favorite but can only be purchased at the  local shop or at the presence of Gyula Meat on a gastro event. Was awarded with Hungarian Quality Product Award. The name Mályvádi comes from the nearby Mályvádi forest. Cooked-Smoked Products, besides the traditional drying method, cooked and smoked sausages and cold cuts are also popular. The Hungarian „paprika potatoes” are not real without the Gyulai lecho sausage. Lacto-free meat products are also made at the Gyula Meat Factory. In 2013 the Gyulai Sausage was graded HUNGARICUM by the Technical Committee. Also in 2015 Gyulahús Ltd. was awarded by Hungarian Product Economy Grand Prix. The „Gyulai” brand also won the title of HungarianBrands, SuperBrands and Business Superbrands. The line of the Gyulai-Royal Deer products in 2014 received the Hungarian Product Grand Prix.

Sausage  goes well with beer  … they are pretty good in company! Within visiting Gyula would be a pitty to miss the Brewery – City tour – Sausages! This year at the Gyulavári Castle a range of gastronome is at their fingertips … “Alakor” organic wheat beer, the “Corner” Brewing beer for tasting by the visitors. The plant plan is to strengthen their 6 beer on the tap with bio products as well. Gastro tour every Wednesday of the week from 2 p.m. – 5.45 p.m. departing from in front of the Tourinform Office, maximum 12 persons.

Beers and a visit to the World of Tastes every Thursday of the week from 3 p.m. – 7.45 p.m. departing from the Tourinfom Office, maximum 12 persons. Beer Corner has a selection of Elixbeer craft beer: India Pale Ale, Gyulavári Stout, White Wheat beer.

Last but not least it was said beside the above heard at the press gathering the Gyulai Meat Shop’s wish is to reach at least once a week at the hotels in Gyula to introduce at the daily breakfast the wide variety of Gyulai Meat products, so for the tourists and locals arriving from other regions of Hungary would meet the flavors.

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First Beer Festival Gyula – European Central Best Beer Awards

June, 7 – 10. 2018

Gyula is a lovely small City and if you are looking for a place where you can have a truly unique atmosphere, the Beer Festival your place.

In Hungary do not just like craft beers only in Budapest, but at the City of Gyula has breweries at this part of the country and they are quite popular as well. Therefore the organizers decided to popularise the Craft Beers and breweries at their venue as well within a Festival.

The goal is to organize this coming festival with high-quality programs, home and cross-breed brewery crafts, and to invite more local and foreigner visitors to Gyula.

During this four days handicraftsmen and street food will be the focus of attention. Few know, but at Gyula will be organized for the first time beer festival and would like to open up this tradition, which has for over brewing beer for three centuries.

The European Central Best Beer Awards2018 Beer Competition will be announced as an accompanying event at the festival, which will be announced for commercial and small breweries and home breweries. The aim of the competition is to promote small craft, crafts and home brewery. In the competition, small brewery brewers (commercially available products) and home breweries start in a separate category.

A national professional conference will also be held as an accompanying event of the festival, which will provide both professional and general public with handy, useful knowledge.

Of course, there are no indispensable music programs at the festivals, and there are several live music concerts every day. Further info who is on live stage visit:

Lease ticket: 4290HUF

Daily ticket: 1500HUF

The festival is free of charge on Sunday!

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Gyula Pálinka Festival Upon Us – 2017.

Excellent City offers  its Excellent Pálinka!

April, 27 – 30 . 2017.

Don’t believe it, then roll over Gyula!

Although there are many tourist destinations in Hungary which are widely welcoming visitors from near and far, it is an excellent opportunity to ahead, to spend,  to stay … Visit Gyula … even for a short time and enjoy beside the historical sights to attend at the Gyula Palinka Festival, when and where Gyula becomes the capital of the pálinka. The  finest pálinka makers gather in one place, to show what it is like the bottled ripe fruit pálinka.

The Hungarian fruit pálinka is part of the culture and is one of the main shoots in the Hungarian gastronomy –  is not a coincidence to rose to the rank hungarikum.  Visit Gyula between April, 27 – 30  and find out by yourself with friends in company the mouthwatering friuty flavors at its decorative garden at the Castle of Gyula which houses the country’s finest pálinka. In addition, of course, there will be no shortage of delicous dishes as well served by creators from among the best in the country. To have a drink of good pálinka goes absolutely with the gastronomic delights on the spot. The atmosphere on the 3 days event well-known performers and popular groups, bands will be providing cool concerts, ensuring superb entertainment. At least one good reason  beside a bunch of others to spend fine time at Gyula.

Good Pálinka – Good Food – Good Music … what else is needed  to rest awhile and enjoy by the locals, other visitors arriving from other parts of Hungary  and foreigner visitors to spend time out on a long week-end at the City of Gyula.

Day-By-Day programs:

Friday, Ápril, 28. „Gates” open at 2 p.m. – ticket validation

3 p.m. – Aranykalász Folk Dance Group show by Pécska – Minority Traditional Association.

3 p.m. – Tour from the Castle’s garden by Pálinka Knights of orders to the 100 year old confectionery.

5 p.m. – Kartago band live concert

7.30 p.m. – Official opening – Transfer of Capital Key

8 p.m. – Magna Cum Laude live concert.

11 p.m. – Feró Nagy and Beatrice concert.

Saturday, April, 29. 0.30 a.m. – Retro Disco DJ autumn

10 a.m. Gates open – ticket validation

11 a.m. – Róna Zither Orchestra, Dorobanţi

Noontime – Körös and „Erkel Ferenc” local elementary school art of dance

1 p.m. – Grofó Kis concert

1.30 p.m. – Commercial Contest – Brillante 2017 – Pálinka distillery award ceremony, Ceremonial Hall – City Hall.

2 p.m. – Körös and „Erkel Ferenc” local elementary school art of dance

3 p.m. – Jolly and Suzy concert

4.30 p.m. – International and privat mandeta distilleries contest – Brillante Pálinka – 2017 award ceremony, Ceremonial Hall – City Hall.

7 p.m. Concert – Róbert Szikora with R-GO band

9.30 p.m. Concert – Bori Péterfy & Love Band

11 p.m. – Retro Disco – DJ Józsi Kovács

Sunday, April, 30. 10 a.m. Gates open – ticket validation.

10.30 a.m. – Pálinka Cup – Regional Archery Competition

10.30 a.m. – Quiz time … sights in Gyula led by Ilona Mészáros and Éva Mikus.

11 a.m. – Kolompos joint show

1 p.m. – Children’s show with Nightingale band

2 p.m. – Laci Gáspár concert

3 p.m. – Róna Zither Orchestra, Dorobanţi

5 p.m. – Clement concert

8 p.m. – Magdi Rúzsa Concert

9.30 p.m. – Antovszki Band

Choose from the enormous variety of Pálinka

Patrons of the event:

Dr. Ernő Görgényi – Mayor of Gyula

Dr. László Kulcsár – President National Agricultural Chamber Békés County

Dr. József Kovács – Member of Parliament


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Sodarmustra – Gyula – Championship results – 2017.

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Gyula was ready to shoot off in competition to the Pork Sódarmustra on Friday morning at the Castle Gyula Garden. The festival was officially open by Dr. Ernő Görgényi – Major of Gyula. The traditional three-day event of this year  had fewer visitors than least year, yet the sausages, smoke meat products were highly above of the this year’s sale.

At Gyula the sausages and hams were judge on Saturday morning at the VII. Gyulai Sausage and Sódarmustra. The competition began with the Gyergyószentmiklós  – Transylvanian butchers cutting the pork into pieces by the team members. The audience could watch how the handy hands were working. Their mission can to an end by filling the sausages  and preparing the other pork meat to be cooked. At the exhibition tent  the dry sausage and smoked meat products were evaluated by expert butchers within a jury team. These goods were brought by butchers from near and far from the country. The sausages were mainly been observed by the use of raw materials, spices in the process and by its properly loading, how it was smoked and preparing.

On Sunday early morning the members of the Gyula  Traditional Butcher’s Association  – Manufacture Ltd.,  also started their day by cutting the pork. Again many visitors were extremely interested how they  process.  This time as the day before the weight of the pork was 120 kilograms and from this amount of pork meat 28 kilograms of minced meat  was  filled in pig intestine and from there on the sausages were ready set to be fried sausages. For roasting sausage was good at this point the 120 kilos of pork, but for  smoked ham is used to 120-140 kilogram of pigs meat.

During the muster days the visitors could choose from the lineup of meat products by tasting then in advance at the stalls set up tents among the home-made meat products. Was the best time to shop smoked meat for the coming season of Easter and many visitors did just that beside the tastings to get familiar with different regions  special flavors. A butchers came from all over the country, and naturally the local Gyula butchers each brought their own specialities in flavors and of course  from across the borders. The Sodarmustra beside having a gastronomic tourism in favor also valued in addition to increase the number of arriving tourism to the city as well. arriving tourism as well.

At the three-day event during the evening time the musical tent were filled at the concerts where it was entirely full with young and elder folks singing, dancing along and enjoying the entertainment shows presented by groups and bands.

All things must pass, but for the butchers  made their day … with the final juries decision …

Results to 2017. competition in ham and smoked goods were:

Special Award  – The Knights of Ham –  Bábolna special prize – Pallér Sándor

Special Award – Ham categories – Domokos Géza Tar – Surroundings

Special Award –  Cut, tied ham – Oravecz Kálmán – Gyula

Special Award  – split, tied ham – Thomas Szilasi H – Orosháza

Special Award  Bacon animals – Petrina Sándor – Gyula

Special Award Bacon animals – Tóth László – Turkeve

Ham category – prize – Bálint Imre – Gyula

Cuts, ham tied Award category I –  Knyihár Michael  – Békéscsaba

Bacon Miscellaneous category – first prize – Csörnyei Ákos – Orosháza

Other categories – First Prize – Brad Mihály  – Gyula

This year was announced that the title also  to the King Ham Smoked Goods main prize of the year  – Kothencz Tibor – Algyő

Dry Sausage competition: Special Award – Lukács Sándor – Gyula – passes, Special Award – Kovács Imre – Orosháza – passes, First Prize – Adamik János – Mezőberény

Manufacturer Product category: First Prize – Lezy Ltd – Cork

Viharsarki Sausage Championship III. award – Pallér Sándor – Újkígyós Award – Molnár Imre – Orosháza

First Prize of the Year Master Sausage MakerSzilágyi Sándor

By-the-way…if missed to Visit Gyula this unique city during the Sodarmustra of this year, then absolutely worthwhile to mark the date for the 8th Sodarmustra coming up  in 2018. The festival is usually just upon the coming weeks before Easter time.

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Gyula – 7th. Sausage and Sódarmustra Festival – Part2. – 2017

It is not controversial that at the City of Gyula you must eat sausages made in Gyula .

The  first Sausage and Sódarmustra Festival was established in 2010. In the beginning there were only a few butchers but ever since then it continued to grow year-by-year. It was a milestone in development of the Sódar Competition and Festival as the boarders were open to foreigner butchers and have joined on the international stage measurment. As of to-day we can count a number of foreign butchers amongst to returning partners.

The festival’s aim is to combine qualitative culture with mouth-watering delicacies at a wonderful natural surroundings and historical attractions for hungarian and the international visitors and audience.

First Day program starts off – Friday, March 31. beginning at 1 p.m, where the visitors can view the smoked goods, specialties, including hams, sausages out on display at the Exhibition Tent brought by the members of Gyulai Traditional Butcher’s Association HQ’s.  After the official opening of the festival demonstrating the professionalism of commemoration will be introduced the famous butchers of Gyula. Followed by the a superb entertainment by the Hevesi Happy Band bringing the audience the best  rollicking songs also on stage with Josh among others, Pali Balázs, Attila Tilinger and many more.

Second Day – Saturday, April, 1. opens much earlier at 9 a.m. at the castle’s garden surrounding with delicious food shows. There will be as tradition, a live pig from Gyula and pig slaugthter followed by an insight into the culture of the Transylvanian gastronomy. Following cuisine presentation, ham sculpture, Hungaricum tour, lavish and sausage. On the spot the  ham jury at the exhibition and then after  the audience are invited to a “Good Gyula” lunch. One of the highlights of the day will be VIHARSARKI Sausage Championship with the winters of sausage makers from the last year’s tournament. In addition to  having  a feast  of hams no one will be in trouble, because after lunch there will be programs provides to great movement, as introducing the culture of dancing by Kata Vidó with the NRG. In the afternoon entertainments continue by Poldi Dream rod fitness, Over3 performances on stage. The Saturday night party takes care of the Dirty Slippers CD release concert Republic and the year’s first major two-hour concert  ever in Hungary! Anyone who does not get tired by then may spend the evening at the Karaoke on podium.

Third Day  – Sunday,  April, 2., it will be no shortage of appetizing dishes. Full day with invitations by the butchers at their stand offering wonderful sausages, smoked hams and rich flavors. Before noontime  upon tradition show introducing the Gyula method in slaughtering the pig. In the afternoon hours concert  begins by The Boys live concert and Pernahajder Campbell at four o’clock, definitely  “heat up the crowd”.  For Hungarians and the foreigners, tourists already spending time out at Gyula should not miss the excellent sights-and-sounds offered by  the City of Gyula.

The organizers pay special attention to show the culture of sausage and ham production to the smallest children, to learn about how these yummies are prepared and programs to participate in sausage-making demonstrations and thereby acquire a slice of the Hungarian gastronomy. Also  all sorts of programs just for them.

Admission: Daily ticket: 1000HUF – Three-day pass: 2500HUF

Peak into the previous heralding:

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Flashnews … Andrea Vigh on harp Concert – Gyula.

Visit Gyula and attend at the harp recital by Vigh Andrea.

Gyula Castle Theater Chamber Hall

13. Kossuth Str. – Gyula

Tuesday, March, 28. 7 p.m.

An evening in the air with the sound of the harp – exquisite eternal beauty !

Andrea Vigh  – Liszt – winning harpist will be giving a unique concert  at the Gyula Castle Theater – Chamber Hall. Vigh Andrea Liszt Prize-winning artist teaches harp at the Music Academy since 1996, November 2013 Rector of the Academy of Music. Ten solo album appeared, the majority of German Capriccio label. 1993 to 1996 contributor of the Budapest Festival Orchestra.

She has participated on an European Tour at Salzburg Festival – led by Solti György. Celebrating the anniversary of Béla Bartók gave concerts at the Carnegie Hall – New York. Since 1993, each year holds a solo concert at the Music Academy. In 1997 participated with conductor Zoltán Kocsis and the Budapest Festival Orchestra. In 2003 with the Budapest Festival Orchestra during the Budapest Spring Festival. In 2005, at the Winter Gala evening’s gave concert with Ilona Tokody and Éva Marton. Participated at many TV recordings. In 2006 her concert was recorded on  DVD – Hungaroton. Also in competition Mozart flute-harp along with Béla Drahos of the Hungarian Radio Symphony Orchestra.

Andrea Vigh had been a jury member in Welsh, in Arles, in Belgrade, in Gödöllö. She was thee founder of the Gödöllő International Harp Festival in 1999 and artistic director.

In Hungary at the International Harp Competition in Szeged also was a jury member. Been on a Japanesse tour  2010 with cellist Csaba Onczay in and also  in 2014 at the Kitara Hall at Sapporo – Japan held a concert harp on.  In 2012 Brussels gave a solo recital and master class at the Brussels Academy of Music. Vigh Andrea gained her habilitation in 2002, “Doctor of Liberal Arts” degree in science.

Tickets through:  on the spot and  through:

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Visit Gyula … Sights – Sounds – Gourmands … Just for You!

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 Chapter2. Connected update to the

Gyula is a relative small City, just about 30000 inhabitants. Yet, there are a lot of locals and tourist  visitors throughout the year and whether being a gobbler or just a modest gourmand, at Gyula will find the right place to  satisfy hunger and thirst.

Spending almost the whole day at the Sausage and Sódamustra press meeting, along with visiting the Gyula Pálinka Manufacture – tasting hall, went to the Patrióta Restaurant for supper.  It is a family business run by Katalin Nyári  and Árpád Csiszér since 2008. The professional service, is a real authentic Hungarian restaurant served real tasty good food. The chief obviously loves his profession, really nice flavours and creative compositions. His wife, being the service staff, has a diverse knowledge of wine and foodies. The interior of the restaurant is clear and simple, and very friendly, similar to the typical Hungarian small restaurants, but if you enter you feel more, because you will get a wonderful journey on enjoying the dishes. The restaurant is near of the center of Gyula, half way among the Castle and Gyula’s center. The couple pays a lot of attention to their suppliers, and to their quality, everything is made fresh. Was cared as royal feast, experienced the novelty of goulash jelly and those who prefer beef surely wish to recommend to taste the tender beef cheek with heavenly excellent homemade croquettes. Attention for the fish lovers …  the whole baked trout, fresh, tasty and juicy. Outside of Budapest’s restaurants, this restaurant is a small jewel’s of south-east Hungary. Also for the 3rd time ranked as the only restaurant in Békés county in TOP 100 of the National Dining Guide.

It would be difficult to put in words the wide range of delicacies surprised us by the restaurant, but the night was still ahead and János Kocsis – tour guide lead us through the quiet peaceful town. Closing the day turning into the night, entered the Guinness Pub – the only Irish pub in Gyula – where the welcoming happened hand-in-hand by Guinness on the tap and got loose with live blues music …

Last but not least, when thinking where to spend your week-end or holidays visit Gyula, where a handful of events, with sights and sounds to enjoy will be at your fingertips. A large number of hotels can choose by visiting the home page of  “Visit Gyula”

Chapter3  … The Castle Bath & Aqua Palace  and  the visit to Castle Almásy coming up.

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VII. Gyulai Sausage and „Sódarmustra” – 2017.

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The first whiff of spring arrives to the City of Gyula!

Chapter 1.

March, 31 – April, 2.  2017. – Mark the date at your Gastro Calendar!

Even though Gyula is worthwhile to visit anytime of the season, the coming event not in the peak season is to bring together families, friends and enjoy the delicious, mouth-watering yummies outdoor in the ray of the early spring.

This year it will be held for the seventh time the Sausage and Sódarmustra Festival. The main goal of this event is to present internationally with presentations, to popularization and to introduce experience-focused exhibition, by showing the traditional way with smoked products and sausages. One of the curiosities of the festival will be the “growers” trade competition. The Gyulai Sausage already been listed in a remarkable place of „Hungaricum”  goods and this festival is also a fine time to present by showing the traditional way smoked products and sausages are made. These were the introduction words by the Dr. Ernő Görgényi – Major of Gyula at the press gathering in the  Gyulai Pálinka House.  Also said, Q.: As part of this event will be continuing the popular series of guess the weight of the ham. He/She who guess at as closely as possible the weight of the Sódar will be the winner and to take home whole ham. A couple of highlights … Craft fair, Theme Park, participate at a professional presentation to learn about the “Gyulai Sódar”  at the HQ’s of Gyulai Traditional Butchers’ Association  guided tour to visit the Museum and tasting sausage. In addition to the 3Days event, many colorful concert program will be to entertain the visitors. On Friday, the focus will be on rollicking music, including the Republic  and the Familiar faces, Pernahajder Campbell, Over3  and the Dirty Slippers bands  step on stage. Over the years has become a prestigious cultural and gastronomic festival, which in terms of tourism is of paramount importance.” 

Aliz Komoróczki – managing director – Gyula Tourism Office,  spoke about the population of Gyula which has 30000 inhabitants. The city is offering so much to see and visit in the aspect of tourism. The city has 5000 beds at 3, 4 and 5 star hotel and a number of rent a room and apartments.  Mainly, known already by locals and foreigners who yearly came to enjoy the healing strength of the mineral spa at the Gyula Castle Bath – Aqua Palace. The opening of last year the Almásy Palace after reconstruction already well received by the locals and even visitors arriving outside of Gyula. The city’s main goal is to be at hand serving its resident all the locally prepared and produced honey, beer, pálinka, confectionery, hand-made bonbons, veggyies, food, meat and last but not least the famous Gyulai Pálinka. This is biggest sausage festival.  The guests once again are welcomed with local products which is an important fact for the city.  The city has so much to share with its visitors. Mainly, Gyula Castle Bath – Aqua Palace with its medical Spa is the highlight of the city. The opening of last year the Almásy Palace, after its reconstruction already well received by the locals and even visitors arriving outside of Gyula. And now in the south-east of the country has become as tradition the country’s biggest sausage festival and needless to say welcomes its guests once again.

The event organizer: Tibor Bórdás commemorated the tradition year-by-year as the  introducing their famous butchers of Gyula.  Added, all professional appearance emphasis on the city’s gastronomic and touristic values. ​​During the festival will be presented the city’s rich region gastronomic and opportunity in displaying local values. At the event the visitors may learn the way of the traditional meat processing and its customs.  Can taste the real Hungarian pork dishes  highlighted the main organizer. The Gyula System Ltd. has managed to win the Gyulai Butchers Association of Traditional – culinary programs related technical supervisor of the event, ensuring a high standard of professional gastronomic. This year, for the first time proclaiming the Viharsarki Sausages Championship. Beside the sausages also traditional practices: as hams and smoked products will be at the international competition. Both taking place on the opening day of the competition and applicants are more than welcome  by registration.  Last year there were 117 entries, such as from Transylvania and Highland  bringing their handicraft products. Also there has been interest to join this unique festival from Germany and Spain  highlighted the main organizer.

For the media representatives a demo was shown how  the famous home-made Gyulai sausage is produced on the spot by  Imre Dinya – small producers – owner of Gyula Sausage manufacture and served  for tasting. Also at the press gathering the representatives were taken on a Palinka route in tasting dozens of winner of the world spirits awarded  Gyulai Pálinka Manufactory Ltd., at the Tasting Hall.

The coming week-end is worthwhile not to be missed to join by Hungarians and foreigners to the well-intensity programs to the quality of meat products offering special dining experience, serving excellent,  home-made prepared offers by “craft” butchers hams, smoked meats, sausages entice guests to taste. In addition to the traditional meat-processing practices, methods, of course, the presence of the majority of the pork dishes can be tasted during the event. Also keep in mind to pay a visit downtown the superb sophisticated and cozy place the Guinness Pub.

An excellent opportunity to take a break to join Gyulai Sausage and Sódarmustra

by locals and foreigners to Visit Gyula!

Visitors will be guaranteed at the time being not to be disappointed as gaining experiences on the tasting tour. Excellent food, meat products, Hungarian pálinka  and display of crafts at hand will be filled with the cavalcade of colorful programs for adults and children.

The event ticket is required. Daily ticket: 1000HUF. The 3-day pass: 2500HUF.  Free admission under the age of 10 years.

Chapter 2. with sights and sound coming soon!

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Participated by invitation for a two-day study tour during June, 22 and 23. to the City of Gyula, organized by the Gyula Castle Theater and the Gyula Tourism  Non-profit Ltd.,  together with other media representatives. Was  kinda  road show,  getting acquainted of  the life and culture the city which offers for the locals and the Hungarians from other parts of the country and a terrific  showcase for the foreigners boarding, living in Hungary that beside Budapest, the Capital and the Lake Balaton there are places which are  indeed worthwhile to visit. Throughout our study tour “our guardian angel” was Ms. Aliz  Komoróczki, Manager  at GyulaTourism Office, who made a splendid and enjoyable stay for all of us.

The drive from Budapest to Gyula took 3 hours. Upon arrival our first stop … why not … we were taken to the  famous pálinka manufacture at Gyula.  It was so refreshing after the ride. Whether arriving individually or with a bunch of people, as a group this cozy spot  surely holds an experience to see, to hear and to learn about the number 1 spirit not just  in Hungary, but for those foreigners who once tasted it will never forget their stay in Hungary. Visited the world of spirits and it took us only 5 minutes drive from the City Center.  Upon arrival a presentation took place at  factory’s distillery named after “Baron, George John Harruckern”  who established the first pálinka distillery in Gyula in 1731.  The Baron Harruckern – Gyula Pálinka Manufactory Ltd. still continues the tradition over nearly 300 years.  Interesting part of the presentation was  to visit  the  brewery itself and a demo of the long way it takes to have a snip of the pálinka from the fruit till the fine taste of the Gyulai Pálinkai already bottled. They also accept fruit cooking by wage deals. To be or not to be hungry the tasty morsels await the gourmets. After the presentation been invited for a (“light lunch!”) cooked at the house.  During the lunch we were in the company of  having 5 shots of heavenly scent of the 100% fruit pálinka which surely made its way to  the knuckle and bean stew. We were told: Quote: ” Tasting the pálinka at the ideal temperature should  20C , you will feel the velvety soul of the fruit in every drop.”  Well we went by the rules and have to admit for our first stop we were fully trained.   They also have a small store on the spot where anybody can fill their baggies with the taste of  pálinka they have fallen in love. The Gyula Castle Theater  Director Mr. József Gedeon,  Director,  Gyula Castle Theater joined the “studies”  spoken about the sights-and-sound to come during the 50th anniversary of the Gyula Castle Theater. As we were told, tIt is going to be an ongoing,  longest in days,  summer festival  of the year. The festival holds celebration shows with invited theater performances  from around the country, smooth concerts, exhibitions, blues and jazz concert with international musicians .  Mr. Gedeon outlined the wide range  of comprehensive programs such as, Quote: ” The unique and rare Shakespeare laboratory which will be bringing the mixture of performances to remember for a lifetime. Even though Shakespeare  was not born as a Hungarian, here at Gyula he has a special place in our age. The Shakespeare festival has been expanded, developing  every year within an inclusive  celebration  of  programs of performances, screenings, workshops, readings and media events all connected to William Shakespeare, the Magnificat English poet and playwriter. The City of Gyula by itself is unique in Hungary by not just celebrating Shakespeare works within programs and performances, but also holding other prominent events during the festival. On the occasion of the 50th season of all-arts festival, the City of Gyula welcomes locals and foreigner visitors to  spend  as much time as they can in enjoying the Gyula Castle Theater’s productions . The whole venue holds a unique atmosphere whereas the visitors will get into the mood in the minute they enter the City.”

Our second stop was to the “Százéves” (Hundred Years Old) confectionery.  Guess what , did not have time to get hungry and we were welcomed with the finest, traditional hand-made chocolates, cakes and home-made ice creams. Our eyes ate more than we were able to eat. We were told the history of this sweet shop, so in a nutshell here it goes:  The  “Százéves”  (Hundred Years Old)  confectionery shop was set up in 1840 by the  owner Mr. Andrew Salis. At the corridor of the old pastry shop there is a small exhibition of tools and equipments in use from the past.  The cake recepies are preserved from the original description from the 19th century. Even though time slips by the confectionery  and the shop got older, the name remained as  “Százéves”  (The Hundred Years Old). We were told, the story of the name …  it had no name, but as years rolled by, folks simply kept saying they are going to the “Százéves” (The Hundred Years Old!). All sweet tooth knew where the road led them. To-day the place that takes you back in time to an intimate  scene with  restored original Biedermeier furniture and other facilities, open fireplace, museum, indoor and outdoor  service, of course depending of the season of the year. Later,  the owner of the confectionery was Mr. Reinhardt. Being in Gyula, worthwhile to note the address: 1, Erkel Square, Gyula.

Continuing the day’s program, out next stop was  to occupy our 2 days place of accommodation, as the guest of the local Tourinform at the 4star Hungest Hotel ERKEL – Dürer Building.  As entering  into the hotel I’d rather say it was a neat 5star hotel. A place for a pleasant holiday and recreation …  where everything is at your fingertips,  a place  after a hard week to relax hard … where you can enjoy the wide range of mouth-watering Hungarian dishes with also sweets-for-sweets.   The Hotel Erkel  had sugar and spice and all things nice … where the indoor natural hot spa is just a couple of steps from your room’s doorstep. Every window has the spectacular view to the Castle, also a fine view on the pond and around the ancient tress, hear the robin sing in the morning and can continue a list of the goodies that this hotel is up to, to make their guest their Day! The hotel was renewed two years ago, shares 177 double standard rooms, 5 suites view to the Fortress and 4 rooms for disable guests. The rooms are equiped with all the pleasures that stands for a 4star hotel. Worthwhile to note the address: 1, Várkert Street,  Gyula.  This hotel  has 3stars and 4stars accommodation for every generation: kids, teens, adults, students, pensioners.

There was  a break before supper and the evening’s official opening of the 50th anniversary at open-air theater to the Gala performance at the Castle. The press and media representatives were let to explore, go for a splash into the 4star ludo and thermal bath to pamper and relax at the Gyula Castle Spa.  So  some of the member of the group went to warm up their soul and body.  During the suppertime the representative from the Gyula Spa joined us and talked about the gift from heaven, the Gyula Castle Spa which has per year one million visitors, enjoying  the spa’s medical healing. Talking about  healing,  was told that the medical water wells up from the depth of 2005 meters.and the blowing temperature is up to 72C . It  contains alkali hydrogen-carbonated-chlorinated.  Was told it serves as a balm in case of locomotor disorder, rheumatic, local nervous, diathesis, gastric complaints of acidic origin  and for many other health problems to decrease the pain. The color of the water has a brownish tone owing to its high organic contents.  As we were told  quote: “May sound funny, yet true, if anybody would grab a shovel, start digging or even be in the mood to use a drill  and hit the soil would not be an oilman, but would experience the hot water eruption as the tsunamis.  Gyula lay on the soil of hot mineral water.

Gyula definitely has the most beautiful health resort in Hungary. The waterland lay on 8.5 hectere park which was 200 years ago the Almásy mension.  Everybody will find their favorite pool, cause there are 19 of them, such as  the waterfall, bubble pools with medical water and so forth. Wish to feel on the beach, no problem cause the wave machine will bring high and low waves. The new water-slide world  is a real paradise for the waterlovers.

The venue  and the atmosphere at the  evening’s opening  ceremony and the 50th  Gala performances  were  amazingly full of entertainment. Around the courtyard area at the Gyula Castle Theater  there is a stage upon the huge pond, where the plays  took place and also the stage during the lovely summer nights, with breeze sweeping through.  Not only high above will appear the twinkling stars, but the well know stars will be down here on the stage.  The croaking frogs from time-to-time kept you from not forgetting your on an outdoor theater stay, but that’s free of charge!  The Gyula Castle is the only gothic brick fortress whstormy ich has survived in whole Central-Europe. The evening’s last act was,  a play brought to Gyula by guest theater from Szigliget. „Silent Levente” director Jozsef Kiss, play writer: Jenő Heltai. Romantic story of King Matthias’s time. Peter Agárd Hungarian hero falls in love with a beautiful Italian widow Zilia Duca. The only virtuous lady and her friends persuaded the valiant horse is Sana Bepponak accept the stranger through the stratagem. Peter’s confession of love Agárd noble lady rejects. A reference to an old gallant at Piedmont Tradition calls for a kiss from her. Zilia one kiss from her demands him of three years of silence. The hilarious comedy is well known in Hungary  and also have had been on stage at number of countries around the world with great success.

Unforfortunetely, the stromy rian washed away the end of the play. Nature did not allow the play to come to an end, so sorry for the poor actors, who coulnd’t finish their performance.

During the opening Gedeon József, Director welcomed the gathering locals and the visitors from other regions and spoke about the Gyula Festival, Quote: Between 1st July and 15th August the guests are entertained with the best performances of historical dramas, different forms of contemporary prosaic theatre, opera, operetta, ballet, mediaeval courtyard-music,  jazz,  puppet-show, classic,
folk-music and folk-dance in the summer theatre. Not only the court of the fortress is turned into a theaterground, but
programs of great variety are available on the nearby lake-stage and on stages set up at different places in the town.

Even though “schools-out” Shakespearean performances  and workshops arranged by performing companies will be hand-picked to make the link between enjoyable and educational school’s activity on a non-school class day.

The City of Gyula by itself is unique in Hungary by not just celebrating Shakespeare works within programs and performances, but also holding concerts and other prominent events during the festival. The whole venue holds a unique atmosphere.

Between 1st July and 15th August the guests are entertained with the best performances of historical dramas, different
forms of contemporary theater, opera, operetta, ballet, mediaeval courtyard-music,  jazz,  puppet-show, classic,
folk-music and folk-dance during the festival.  Not only the court of the fortress is turned into a theaterground, but
programs alsorts of programs will be available at the nearby lake-stage and on stages set up at different places in the City.

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In the meantime, have attached some videos to see some scenes from the 50th Gyula Castle Theater opening celebration:

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