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A dash of pálinka is like medicine and good to spice up your life!


Kristof Nobilis opened the press meeting by saying, Quote: “The joy of life depends on very little things. The pálinka is a little thing that make the moment memorable. Therefore, I decided to create a pálinka, where I also welcome spices to spice up my daily life. Also what I can by heart recommend to my dearest friends. Probably for many might be strange the name ’Nobilis” of the pálinka brand. It is no else than also my family name. Indeed, everyone in a second may recognize both a family name and also the name of the pálinka. In the brand’s name ”Nobilis” stands by itself for “Nomen est omen” … the best quality pálinka.”  He also spoke of their philosophy of the spirits, Quote: „How we cook our pálinka? We begin in our cooking by going out to the orchards. Examining the growth of the fruit in their early age. Keeping our fingers cross not to have the icy cool nights to avoid freezing of the buds during the springtime. Only the most healthy, ripe and nectar-rich fruits are gathered and off they go to the distillery.  I am convinced the best fruity taste of a pálinka starts from out on the fruit plantations and not at the distillery … We are incredibly proud of the results that earned gold and silver medals for the Nobilis Pálinka Farm which was at one of the best and most competitive in the world, the  World Spirits Award. The contest this year stated with the participants of 30 countries and 400 Klagenfurt distillations. This was 11th edition of the competition, whereas the Nobilis: Irsai Oliver Grape and the Plum Pálinka both took the gold medals, while the Nobilis: Pear, Quince, Cherry and Apricot was awarded with a silver medal.”

A shower of shinning medal awards fell into the Hungarian Nobilis pálinka distillates. More than 1,400 distillate were present competing with their spirits recently arranged in San Francisco  at the World Spirits Competition. In the year of the Olympic Games in 2012., beside the Hungarian athletics who also won awards … the Nobilis blackcurrant pálinka won the Gold medal of 2012 at the World Spirit Award competition. Nobilis latest Premium Dark Beer Pálinka has the ingredients of Dark Beer Budweiser … it has a reminder to the Whisky but having a richer flavor distillate

The year 2014 already started well for the Nobillis pálinka. the most respected profession the „Destillata” another world of spirits is shortly reaching its 25 years in holding competitions. This year a record number of entrants  were received  to participate int he competition of pálinka at the 2014 Salzburg Destillata. Participants of 183 distillery and 1700 submitted items were involved. The „Nobilis Pálinka” was among the record number to be the winner of their pálinka. Seven Silver and Seven Bronze medal, which took in Podiums, by being number one beside the other 29 Hungarian competitors.

Awards have become an increasingly popular and important in the international spirits competition. Although hundreds of brands enter the competition, naturally only brands with the highest scores receive honors. Recently, the Nobilis pálinka bottles flew over to San Francisco and took part in the competition of the world’s top Distillates duel with each other within the framework at the World Spirits Award 2014 – Master Class Distillery and won the golden medal.

Over the past 20 years distilleries have had been growing like the grass after rain in Hungary. Small companies spirits are not yet available on a global distributorship‐level, but are worthy of recognition and hopefully the Nobilis will be beside some European liquor stores on the shelves and more to it, over the Ocean to be on an international scale for the consumers who are most concerned with the good and excellent taste of pálinka. Did not mention yet … not a shocking news, but all the Nobilis pálinka has the alcohol of 40% … so to keep in mind „no drink when drive”

Not sure whether it is a Hungarian saying or not but it goes like this … There is no better group of advisors for a product than real consumers … cheers

Update and snaps by Aggie Reiter

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