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“HAVE MOXIE” was the title of the competition, whereas the finalist’s in the contest   prepared their out most  recipes to be judged and awarded  at the of the Essencia Cooking School – Budapest on November, 21. 2013. The finalist had a chance in preparing their fantasy dishes with the use of the pálinka product “895 Hunnium” (The name of the product “895 Hunnium” is the date when the Hungarians conquested of the homeland. The “895 Hunnium” is a distillate selection from prime fruits.)

Already well-known six gastro-bloggers came along to present their skills in composing their fantasy dishes with the use of the white label “895 Hunnium Pálinka” which spirits were selected as the World Cup Winner distillery. The speciality of these pálinkas were aged before the bottling on dried – bedded – or in oak barrels.

While the six finalists : Sándor Csíki (Food & Wine Magazine), Gabojsza Gyepes (Gabojsza konyhája), Eszter Hessky (Elle Magazin), András Jókuti (Világevő), David Kárai (NoSalty), Annamária  Riedl (Rozmaring és Csokoládé) were busy in the kitchen, the invited press individuals were to enjoy the lovely  atmosphere in the house with an experience in tasting the new distillates:  Bedded Apricot, Bedded William Peach, Bedded Cherry and  Ripened Plum by Imre Csatai, master of pálinka.

The tournament best tastes were judged by the grand jury, composed of Sophie Mautner, author of the Chili & Vanilla blog, Balázs Csapody, owner of the  “Little Crickets Restaurant”, Imre Csatai, pálinka master  and Csaba Harmath, gastronomic critic, restaurant and wine expert.

At the final countdown, Dávid Kara … (alias „cavalryman of flavors”) one of the author’s of the NoSalty was the winner and received the „wanderer award” with his composition of  the lamb scoop  a’la spicy chestnut, apricot pálinka sauce.

The three winners of the contest got richer by receiving an invitation to spend an adventure week-end, with  Imre Csatai, master of pálinka, to learn more of the Subotica pálinka, the  world’s top award-winning distillery of Laszló Boni.

Update and snaps by Aggie Reiter

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