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Folk festivals of the Summer – 32rd Festival of Folk Arts!

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The Festival of the Families – Everything Revolves Around Folk Art

From 17 to 20 August, the largest folk art festival in Hungary, The Festival of Folk Arts, will be organized at the Buda Castle. The festival, which evokes the ambiance of old-time fairs, is the year’s long-expected family event where one can try folk crafts and admire the splendid artwork of craftsmen. A full-day event enriched with wonderful stage programs brings an unforgettable experience to all ages.

The Buda Castle will be transformed into a festive venue crafts and craftsmen experiencing the old-time fairs and having a feeling the visitors entered into the medieval atmosphere. Nearly 1,000 craftsmen and in nearly 100 open workshops, also hundreds of performers will take part in a full day of stage programs, exhibitions, handicraft gastronomic delights and popular activities for children. At the interactive open workshops, more than 800 Hungarian and 150 foreign masters … arriving from Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Turkmenistan, Iran, China and more countries will acquaint visitors with the secrets of their different crafts. enter a medieval atmosphere where they can admire and buy items of unique folk craft heritage, but they can also create these crafts themselves under the guidance of Hungarian masters such as  weaving and spinning which can be performed from wicker, bulrush, straw or corn husk. Wicker is used to make basket and storage containers, while straw is good for hats and bags, corn husk for chair backs and seats, and bulrush for carpets and wall decorations. visitors can also learn ribbon and carpet weaving and hair plaiting and try to spin on the spinning wheel.  Masters will wash, comb, cart and paint, raw wool in the way their predecessors did for hundreds of years.

The 32nd edition of the Festival of Folk Arts offers young artists the chance to present their finalized works with fashion shows and art exhibitions. This will be a must-see, be there family festival of the year, where children, parents and grandparents alike can find programs of their interest. This year, in honor of The Year of Families, family programs will feature traditional games and sports. The little ones in the Babies’ Playground can have a good time relaxing while those who are eager to try traditional folk logic games and sports will be delighted to discover more and more fun.

The Year of Families introduces masters who, having inherited their skills from their ancestors, are members of real handicraft dynasties. Visitors may encounter three generations of shoemakers working together in the same workshop, where footwear is strictly hand-made just as it was a century ago. A three-generation furniture painting workshop features the unique Győr blueprint dynasty, which has been operating for hundreds of years with the same technique. Throughout this four-day event, some of the best musicians, singers, storytellers and dancers in Hungary will perform, offering special cultural delights. Szalonna Band performs with the Páva winner Sarjú Band, and Mihály Dresch will perform with the strings. There also will be concerts by the Karaván Familia and the Bognár Szilvia Quartet. Starting at 7 p.m. on August, 20 Levente Szörényi will be the special guest of the Söndörgő and Vuicsics band. With hundreds of performers, there will be stage shows – a true festival atmosphere and a fairy-tale festival that await visitors in the unique atmosphere of the folk festivals of the summer: the Festival of Folk Arts!

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Cheeseville – III. Nations Cheese Competition Finalist at the Wine Festival – Buda Castle – 2015 – Hungary

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I.  “SZEGA” Cheese Celebration

Between August, 24 – September, 13. 2015. at the SZEGA MARKET – Budagönyge

Open: 10 a.m. – midnight

Attended at the III. Nations Cheese Competition press briefing. Concluded 17 countries ambassadors, and/or representatives of their Embassy were present. Each country was about to introduce their own point of view about their cheese in the forthcoming nation’s cheese competition. Ádám Gábossy – managing director of  the competition welcomed the distinguish guests at the SZEGA Market – Budagyöngye – District,I., 121 Szilágyi Erzsébet Ave. on the -1 level.

At the end of the presentation all had said they have high hopes that their national cheese will be this year’s winner.  Here is the list of cheese anybody can taste at the SZEGA Market and also purchase with a rather low discount price.

United States of America – Sartori Bella Vitano Merlot – Merlot wine dipped matured semi-solid greasy cheese.  Austria – Mölltaler Almkase – 12 months ripened Alpine-fat hard cheese. Belgium  – La Hervé Á La Biére A.O.P. – beer-washed crust, greasy, soft cheese. Czech Republic – Zlatá Prahá – semi-soft, fatty cheese fermentation with holes. Denmark – Danbo – semi-solid, greasy,  washed crust, soft cheese. United Kingdom – Red Leichester – traditional farmhouse semi-solid oily greasy cheese. Estonia – Forte Classico – aged 10 months. Lactose-free, semi-skimmed, hard cheese. France – Comté A.O.C. – Traditional farmhouse oily greasy, semi-solid cheese.  Greece – Kefaloteri – traditional, raw sheep milk, hard cheese. The Netherlands – Edam Balls – semi-solid, semi-greasy, national cheese. Ireland – Dubliner – greasy, hard, Irish cheese. Hungary – Abbey – fatty semi-hard cheese with rugged holes. Germany – Limburger – traditional, washed crust, semi-greasy, soft cheese, Italy – Provolone – traditional, greasy, semi-solid, Italian cheese. Portugal – Sao Jorge D.O.P. – Seven months of maturing, raw milk, fat, semi-hard cheese.Spain – Idizabal  D.O.P. – raw sheep milk, fat, hard cheese. Switzerland – Appenzeller Extra Noir A.O.C – Six months of maturing, fat, semi-solid cheese.

The participating countries representatives also offered their products for tasting at the briefing and could already vote in person to choose by their own taste as to be the one of 2015 year’s runner-up cheese.

At the Nations Cheese Competition 17 countries and also cheese capital representatives/producers will be on the spot for the guests to taste these mouth melting cheese. At the same time the tasters can vote on their taste to be 2015 year’s best cheese at

I had the opportunity to taste the products and talk to the dedicated …  and we did not have to travel around Europe for good cheese, at last we ate finally traditional  real yummy cheese made of cows real milk at the press meeting

Indeed the Cheese Road protagonists of artisan cheese maker produce unique and special, high-quality cheese products for their local and foreigner buyers. The tourist can expects quality. The visitors collecting experience who will therefore choose the route to  be present at the finalist of the Nations Cheese Competition  will  most probably enjoy their stay in Budapest and will not be unsatisfied.

Based on the votes, the winner country’s cheese is to receive the award at the venue of the 24th Wine Festival at the Buda Castle.

Nations Cheese Contest Award Ceremony:

 Sunday, September,13. 2015. 5.20 p.m.

Here is in brief  a peak into the presentation given by the Greek and United Kingdom part to the history, tradition kept to their cheese  … Below is a part of the Greece presentation given by Konstantinos Flouris – Economic and Commercial Office – Embassy of Greece – Budapest and it goes like this Q.: “According to the Greek mythology, the gods of Mount Olympus sent Aristaeus, son of god Apollo, to teach men the art of cheese making. It was called a “gift of everlasting value”. Greece is rich in cheese production, with a cheese loving population. For the Greeks cheese is not just an accompanying food – it is food per se. The annual per capita consumption is about 25 kilos, one of the biggest in the EU countries. Greece is classified in the 9th place based on cheese production among the 28 EU countries. There are 16 million sheep and goats in Greece, whose milk is used to produce cheese and yogurt. Following in the footsteps of tradition, Greek cheese makers managed to produce an important selection of cheeses, some of which are unique in the world.  The art of cheese made in Greece has evolved over the years. Feta cheese is made in Greece for over two centuries, and is the undisputed number one item on Greek dinner tables. It is noteworthy, that in Greece approximately 300 different types of cheese are produced, either in small or large quantities, and 21 Greek cheese varieties (among them kefalotyri, feta and graviera cheeses) have been accorded PDO status (“Protected Designation of Origin”) by the European Commission.

As for the presentation of Adam Kettle-Williams  – UK Embassy in Budapest talked about the Red Leichester cheese going for the award in the competition …  saying this is a special cheese in the UK, Also told the story of the traditional cheese rolling race which is pretty popular in the UK … Q.: „Thousands gather each year to watch Cooper’s Hill cheese rolling competition. Contestants in the men’s race chase a replica Double Gloucester Cheese down the steep gradient during the annual cheese-rolling Bank Holiday tradition in Gloucestershire, England. Contestants from around the world tumble-down the 200m slope, like a rocket to win the world-famous event and the one who first get down the hill receive the Double Gloucester Cheese as the reward. … Also a quicky history.: „Randwick, Gloucestershire, had two, probably unrelated, calendar customs of note. The cheese-rolling was described in a letter, dated April 1827, published in William Hone’s Table Book, which related that every May Day three large Gloucester cheeses were decked with flowers and carried on litters in procession through the town, and were then rolled around the church before being cut up and distributed. This custom has been revived, following closely the old description, but with only one cheese being distributed and the other two set aside for rolling at the start of Randwick Wap. The term ‘Wap’ has not been satisfactorily explained, but it is the name for the local revel or feast, which was held on the second Monday after Easter, and it perhaps pertains to the weaving trade which was the mainstay of the village economy. The celebrations included a mock mayor ceremony, first mentioned in 1703, and suppressed about 1892 because of the drunkenness it encouraged. It was revived in 1972,  along with other celebrations of the new Randwick Wap.”

The Wine Festival of 2015 will take place at the same venue within the Buda Castle beginning from

Wednesday, September, 9. until Sunday, September, 13.

These various European cheese perfectly will go along with your wine either having a sip of dry, red or sparkling wines and good to keep in mind to give it a try from afar the American cheese to be first introduced in Hungary, which was previously an award-winning cheese in the United States of America.

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OCTOBER, 3 -6.2013.

Buda Castle lays in the Castle District where  the 7th occasion the national’s annuals pálinka and sausages  October, 3-6. 2013 filled the air in this time of the season. The Festival offered close to 30 exhibitors bringing their Pálinka from more than 400 different distilleries around  the country, along with ten sausage makers, delightful wines from the four corners of Hungary and the masters of cheese makers were out throughout the 4 days to welcome  the visitors and to make sure they would not leave the surroundings being hungry and trusty. A new event at the festival,  providing an opportunity for the visitors to prepare their own pálinka by joining the blend course giving by the Rézangyal Pálinka House on the spot. Creating your own pálinka was offered with 4 different plum pálinka to configure ones own taste, flavor and the percentage of alcohol. This year the guest country was from the Caribbean territory, which brought the atmosphere, hot shots to our season of fall. No surprise for the visitors to see and have a sip of their three-letter word… RUM,  their national drink.  Also to have a wide-spread of cocktails prepared and served in the Caribbean style. The Caribbean mood was hot…hot…hot with rum all over with hot rum drinks. The evening’s filled the air with a Caribbean bands entertaining the audience. Special desserts made with rum, mentioning two awesome sweets: sweet bread cake filled with banana-rum-pudding, caramel pudding with rum whipped cream. Beside having a break at the food and drink “department”, the ongoing programs really took the visitors to the Caribbean shores. The Jamaican chicken curry and the “jerk” chicken  Ala …Costa Rica was mouthwatrering.h The hot rum drink escorted well the  evenings Caribbean bands. The festival was a perfect venue to introduce  the country’s regions,  values ​​the culninary, wines and pálinka. The highlight of the Festival of this year was and even for the first time to be out at the festival was to purchase the plum filled sausages. Within the food there was no shortage of a wide choice: mangalica meat in all style, Salami shops, Venison Sausage and Goose cracklings, “Csöppentő”. This year the organizers came out with a new venue  sweets for sweets filled with hot shots. The main outfit was the pálinka dressed in  chochos. The magic flavored macaroon was pretty popular. The “bedded raspberry pálinka in dark chocho  was heavenly as well , not to mention the pear pálinka held in white chocho. The Békési Pálinka-House for the first time brought to the Budapest’s Pálinka festival a map of their plum plantation and offered the visitors an option for adoptions of a plum-tree from the orchard and the next harvest they can have their own plum pálinka through wage distillery. If anybody missed this year’s Pálinka and Sausage Festival, on the premisses of the Buda Castle area, then have to wait for another 365 days for the 8th Annual Pálinka and Sausage Festival. Better to make a note in calender on the last days of this year,  as a reminder to mark  in the calender, the month of September in 2014 for the Pálinka and Sausage Festival in Budapest.

See you at the Buda Castle in 365 days!

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PFESZT2013osz_PRSeventh Year …  Pálinka and Sausage Festival  at he Matthias Courtyard at the Buda Castle  – Budapest.

Opens: Thursday, October, 3 . last until Sunday, October, 6 .

Opening hours: Thursday, 2 p.m. – 12 p.m., Friday, 2 p.m. – 2 a.m., Saturday, 12 p.m. – 2 a.m., Sunday, 12 p.m. – 10 p.m.

Thursday afternoon opens at the Matthias courtyard, up at the Buda Castle’s, Matthias courtyard, the pálinka and sausage festival and that’s not all!

Each-and-every year at the festival’s organizers invite a country to present its unquie drinks and foods. This year the honor guest country is coming from far… the Caribbean area. Beside rolling along, the Latin music will fill the air by two artist group concert at stage 21. The Caribbean feeling will absolutely be present bringing along the archipelagos native drink of rum, special dishes from Jamaica, Costa Rica and other countries in the area,, sweets and rum cocktails.

Also there will be world music out ont he stages throughout the four days.

Beside the wide selection of delicious food,cannot miss to have  a view of the beautiful landscape on top of the Buda hilly side, letting your sence fly away in the historical beauty as glancing across the River Danube which splits the city in two-halves, over to the Pest side of the Capital.

What to expect  this year at  the pálinka and sausage festival: a selection of home-made cheese, delicious choices of desserts also hand-made.  In brief, the size of the festival can be measured not only by the number of visitors, but by the number of the exhibitors. There will be more than 25 exhibitors and 400 superb distillates, a number of 15 well-known Hungarian sausages with some “new comers” at the „sausageland”. For the first time, a real curio will be at the festival for the visitors at the stand of the Békési family’s products …   the plum jam sausages. And as to keep in mind, the Békési Family will bring to Budapest their Plum Plantation, of course in theory, but in practice, anyone can adopt a red plum-tree and from its fruit make a pálinka, of course, not tomorrow, but the day after tomorrow at the 2014 harvest. This opportunity is not only a new „gift of adoption” aninitiative here at the festival, but absolutely a sensational flashnews for locals and more to it the for the foreigners living in Budapest, or on a trip visiting Hungary to come back to Hungary to the next harvest of the red plum at Békési.

The home-made cheese makers will have their wide range of specialities.  During the 4 days festival all these “liquid bread” (is a way of Hungarians expressing the hot shots) and „non liquid bread” mouth-watering delights will be there awaiting to be tasted by locals, and foreigners working, being on a tour in Hungary.

The place doesn’t only sounds good, but a real timeout opportunity on an autumn day to spend a splendid day or four and enjoy the wonderful tastes, sounds, sights with friends and family.

Own snaps will be coming shortly after attending the invitation on Friday.

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A short overview of the Miss Cherry Queen finalist who went on an adventure tour from September, 11 until their final day to come out on Sunday, September 23. for the final countdown. There adventures were: Day1. – chocolate by itself doesn’t grow on the tree, a presentation by Mr. Sándor Sánta, Bonbonetti group CEO. thereafter, a visit to the factory of the chocoland. Day2.Hilton Buda Castle Fashion Show – Miss Cherry Queen finalists were seen on the catwalk wearing the Fall’s collection of Ms. Márta Makány and the Envy Fashion. Day3. – Visiting, training at the “Spinning and Body Art” in the Holmes Place, Budapest. Day 4. – A visit to find out which scene goes the best for each one of Ms. Cherry Queen finalist at the shop of Le Parfum Perfume Personal Styling Croisette , by Mr. Zsolt Zólyomi. Day 5. – Gastroenterology testing, nutritional counseling and dental screening at the Telki hospital. Day 6. – Charity Day at the Bethesda Hospital. Miss Cherry Queen finalist visited the Bethesda Children’s Hospital. The aim was to bring joy to the little children in their everyday’s with some yummy chocolates. Day 7. –Visiting the Zsolnay patisserie. The 8 finalists went to learn the beauty of preparing chocolate delights in the famous Zsolnay Café at the Hotel Radisson Blue Béke. The prepared delicacies was led by Mr. György Bechmann, master confectioner.

Just mentioning the originate of this wonderful delightful mouth-watering sweet: The chocolate and alcohol associate of the French master of classical Hungarian born and became a legend Emil Gerbeaud, who in 1884 settled in Budapest, and has prospered in the pastry shop, which still bears his name.

The whole event was organized and undertaken by the Eventure Production request upon the Bonbonetti Group. The company’s representatives, as the  chief organizers: Ms. Sylvia Magony and Ms. Marianna Kosztyu, spent 25H/day (yes no mistaking) to make this countdown so brilliant and successful.

The long way to the final tour in the competition for the Miss Cherry Queen finalists at Sweet Days showed up in a fashion show.  The first tour was   “Day wear”, the selection of the Envy Fashion fabrics.
The second tour showing up in Athletic apparel,  from the Freestyler.
The third tour was wearing the casual wear  from the collection of Ms. Márta Makány, the fashion designer.

In between the fashion tours Hungarian champion dancers rocked away the evening.

Shortly after the end of the fashion show the jury formed from the individuals whom the finalists officially visited in the past weeks  announced their final votes.

 The 2012th year’s  elected Miss Cherry Queen was Ms. Nikolett Szalkai!

The second lady was Ms.Lili Viczián and the third lady was Ms. Juliet Czeisz.

The audience had also a chance to vote for their pick. The winner of the audience choice award went out to Ms. Timea Babinyecz, the former winner at Miss Universe Hungary.

The 4 days of adventure “swimming” in chocolates was  full with locals and foreigner visitors and hopefully they recharged themselves with many of the Hungarian and the sweets from the invited honored guest  country, Germany’s splendid sweets.

Mind you … the Cherry Queen gift boxes  are filled with  the sour cherry soak in cognac, coated with dark chocolate! 

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Sugar and spice and all things nice … so if you wish to flood in Chocolates here’s the place to go!

Cultural and gastronomic events are organized throughout the year. At one of the press conference I heard was within the 365 day/year Hungary has 6000 festivals. I think I am not on my own thinking for a small country like Hungary this is a huge number an orientation that reflects on the taste of one’s nation.


The Sweet Days surely are here again up at the Buda Castle’s Savoy surroundings. It was officially opened by Mr. Sándor Sánta, President of the Hungarian Confectionery Manufacturers Association.  He said a few words, strolled back in time reflecting to the Maya’s history to the gathering invited  State Secretary, VIP’s, press and media representatives by saying: „ Here in 2012 with pleasure we are grateful to the Maya’s of giving not just to us but the rest of the world to be fond of the Choco beans, i.e. the chocolates.” Continued: „Also as it was written it concluded that this year will be the end of the world, but we would rather be delighted to find that these same Mayans discovered nearly 3000 years of cocoa and chocolate. The “gift of God” . In the beginning these divine sweet were only for the senior priests, rulers and generals to consume, and then much later the people came to this heavenly flavors.” Mr. Sánta was proud to announce that the Bonbonetti Ltd. has left behind it’s teenager years and become an adult, by this year’s reaching its 20th years, as a grown up! The celebration of its 20th Birthday was  held during the opening celebration. At the same time one of its eldest workers, in recognition received a choco bean award dressed in gold, as to thank him throughout the decades his dedicated work and being as a mentor to the new generation at the factory.

The finalist ladies of Cherry Queen contest were also participanting at the event. A littlebit windy and freezing weather didn’t stop them from showing their delight to get closer to the final day, the one to be chosen to wear the crown for a year to come.

Last year’s Sweet Days was a huge success in the professional and general public, so this year the number of exhibitors were upgraded to twice the size  than last year.

The festival’s guest country this year is Germany.

Thursday, on the opening day, the German Chamber of Commerce and Industry  hosted the diplomatic and economic partners and invited guests. The German National Tourist Office from Germany, in its own booth shows everyday some whereabouts,  as a tourist destination during the Sweet Days event.

The Sweet Days is an awesome event especially a meeting place for the international chocolate producers, for the confectioners, and all sorts of  sweets, candy manufacturers.  What else could be the scene of the Sweet Days as to show up again for the 2nd time at the Buda hilly side in superb venue at  the Castle’s Savoy terrace surroundings.

The Sweet Days last till 4 days with many programs and attractions awaited to be seen.  Rolling along the paths only manufacturers and distributor of quality confectionery exhibitors products can be seen and tasted. Naturally, all the major Hungarian chocolate and confectionery manufactures and beside the well-known traders,the  international and domestic brands are out on display.

Last year, Ms. Sarah J. Evans  accepted our  invitation.This year Ms. Chloé Doutre-Roussel is the guest of  honor who is internationally recognized expert. Ms.  Chloé holds courses, participates at conferences, publish papers also has created her own brand chocolate.  She is also a  grand expert at the Fortnum & Mason’s House, one of London’s biggest trading house.

During the 4 days at the Savoy terrace, anyone can join to listen to toxicological lectures. Able to consult the present dental, diabetes and nutrition consultants. The Sweet Day aren’t  just floods chocolate all around the venue, the are elegant cocktails, champagne and wine bars served at several spots.  In the evening when sun goes down, hopefully just with the dark clouds above and not raining nights, the same as in previous year  live music will be in the air: soul, funky music, delicious Hungarian made cheese, smoked meat, sausages will be available to ease the hungry ones. 

Splendid time to spend with friends and family. For the “chocoholic” individuals not just the air is filled with chocolate, as all the sweet chocolate, white chocolate, marzipan chocolate, dark chocolate, hazelnut chocolate, pralines, chocolates scattered ith veggyies, chocolate figured with fruites and nuts, all imaginable shapes and sizes can  be tasted. 

As mention in my early update

…  The National Gallery has also made a  chocolate sculptures, which the visitors of the Sweet Days on Sunday, the last day will be out  there is certainly filled with chocolate, sweet chocolate, white chocolate, chocolate hole, marzipan chocolate, dark chocolate, hazelnut chocolate, pralines, chocolates, chocolate figured, all imaginable shapes and sizes. . The National Gallery has also made chocolate sculptures, which the visitors at the festival on the last day, which will be on Sunday can go for the tasting and  entirely eat up the whole.

… The Sweet Days thought of the little wondering kids,  have set up tables to play, drawing spot, spoiling them just like the grandparents do by with a lot of sweets to also enjoy the sweet environment.

Last but not least, beside giving goodies …  joy to your 4 senses … eyes, noise, mouth and tummy you can admire one of Europe’s most beautiful panorama of the City of Budapest.

Updates to be continued …

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