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Each year Budapest celebrates a specialty the Year’s Best Fruit Pálinka.

This year the protagonist on the stands  of  nearly 400 species of distillate luscious pear fruit pálinka will be in just an arm distance!

Don’t miss to be present at this journey to take you to heaven by the taste of the pure fruit pear pálinka !

The weekend of May, 22 up till 25 at the Downtown area at the Városháza Park reopens again the Pálinka Festival at this so-called spring event, which  cannot be called yet as the weather of springtime yet. Hopefully when the glasses will be filled with this year’s special treat the „Pear Pálinka of the Year” will be much more close to the weather for springtime. Until then here is the Herald News for the 4 days event awaiting the local and foreigners staying, working in Hungary.

After the resent year’s pálinka fruits debut as the plum, apricot and sour cherry, this year in the Capital the guest of honor will be the heavenly taste of the „Pear Pálinka”. Needn’t have to worry how it is served, ain’t no difference whether it is shaken or stirred, cause not talking about the whiskey… so it will satisfy all those visitors taste who wish to enjoy the well-known distillers, real  superior blend of fruit taste spirits. This year at the Spring Pálinka Festival the visitors will be awaited with the record number of exhibitors, with nearly 30 new and previously met distillery to offer their best-of-the-best year’s pear pálinka of the country.

Naturally, beside the awesome taste of pálinka there will be crunchy-munchies, unique gastronomic delights and sweeties. To avoid long and tiring queues, cash will be accepted everywhere instead of the previous years issued voucher on the spot and card payment systems. The entrance fee remained the same as in the past years: 2000HUF, and with the entrance ticket comes with two coupons … one for tasting the Pear Pálinka of the Year, while the other can be used at any distiller for tasting one pálinka.The daily tickets are valid for multiple entries during opening hours.  This year the finest pear  fruit Pálinka of Hungary will be in the produced in a limited edition blend with only 1500 bottles. In deed,  if anybody wish to purchase one of them,better to be a visitor on the first day at the Pálinka Festival.

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