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OCTOBER, 3 -6.2013.

Buda Castle lays in the Castle District where  the 7th occasion the national’s annuals pálinka and sausages  October, 3-6. 2013 filled the air in this time of the season. The Festival offered close to 30 exhibitors bringing their Pálinka from more than 400 different distilleries around  the country, along with ten sausage makers, delightful wines from the four corners of Hungary and the masters of cheese makers were out throughout the 4 days to welcome  the visitors and to make sure they would not leave the surroundings being hungry and trusty. A new event at the festival,  providing an opportunity for the visitors to prepare their own pálinka by joining the blend course giving by the Rézangyal Pálinka House on the spot. Creating your own pálinka was offered with 4 different plum pálinka to configure ones own taste, flavor and the percentage of alcohol. This year the guest country was from the Caribbean territory, which brought the atmosphere, hot shots to our season of fall. No surprise for the visitors to see and have a sip of their three-letter word… RUM,  their national drink.  Also to have a wide-spread of cocktails prepared and served in the Caribbean style. The Caribbean mood was hot…hot…hot with rum all over with hot rum drinks. The evening’s filled the air with a Caribbean bands entertaining the audience. Special desserts made with rum, mentioning two awesome sweets: sweet bread cake filled with banana-rum-pudding, caramel pudding with rum whipped cream. Beside having a break at the food and drink “department”, the ongoing programs really took the visitors to the Caribbean shores. The Jamaican chicken curry and the “jerk” chicken  Ala …Costa Rica was mouthwatrering.h The hot rum drink escorted well the  evenings Caribbean bands. The festival was a perfect venue to introduce  the country’s regions,  values ​​the culninary, wines and pálinka. The highlight of the Festival of this year was and even for the first time to be out at the festival was to purchase the plum filled sausages. Within the food there was no shortage of a wide choice: mangalica meat in all style, Salami shops, Venison Sausage and Goose cracklings, “Csöppentő”. This year the organizers came out with a new venue  sweets for sweets filled with hot shots. The main outfit was the pálinka dressed in  chochos. The magic flavored macaroon was pretty popular. The “bedded raspberry pálinka in dark chocho  was heavenly as well , not to mention the pear pálinka held in white chocho. The Békési Pálinka-House for the first time brought to the Budapest’s Pálinka festival a map of their plum plantation and offered the visitors an option for adoptions of a plum-tree from the orchard and the next harvest they can have their own plum pálinka through wage distillery. If anybody missed this year’s Pálinka and Sausage Festival, on the premisses of the Buda Castle area, then have to wait for another 365 days for the 8th Annual Pálinka and Sausage Festival. Better to make a note in calender on the last days of this year,  as a reminder to mark  in the calender, the month of September in 2014 for the Pálinka and Sausage Festival in Budapest.

See you at the Buda Castle in 365 days!

 Update and snaps by Aggie Reiter

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