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“Round Hill” (Kerekdomb) Festival – Tállya – 2017.

September, 8 – 10. Tállya

Tállya is the geometric center of Europe and its surroundings is the jewelery box of Tokaj wine region. The venue is unique with its vine-covered hillside, small cozy wineries and the castles and courtyards.

The summer festival season is overwhelming, and the “Round Hill” (Kerekdomb) Festival in Tállya is offering music and cultural time out with pleasure for families, friends not just for locals, but foreigners to enjoy well-deserved relaxation. Wine, music, literature, theater and sports awaiting visitors in “that order”. The venue is at the picturesque settlement of Tokaj Wine Region. This year’s festival will be held with theater performances, light and classical music programs, wine picnic and running race competitions:  Half Marathon, Mád-Tállya Run and Ludas Matyi Race

With the support of the Hungarian Tourism Agency, this will be the second year all-round weekend that will not bid farewell by this festivals in September. The organizers are preparing a separate venue for those arriving for the week-end to stay in the tent.

During the autumn six locations are waiting for visitors at the Vincellér House Concert Hall’s Main Stage.  At the Wine Festival, literary and wine programs joins together.

At the creation house folk handicraft artists present their own hand works.

Tállya is the geometric center of Europe and its surroundings is the jewelery box of Tokaj wine region. The venue is unique with its vine-covered hillside with small cozy wineries and the castles and courtyards.

Compared to the summer opening festival, the organizers have created tent sites at Tallya. Tasting will be available from Thursday, September, 7. –  Sunday, 10. The tent ticket can be purchased through online or on spot by any visitors with the festival entry.

The Maillot Castle will be the venue for children’s programs awaiting for the little ones every day. There will be Esther Bíró – Esther-chain, the Holló Ensemble and the singer of the Belmondo band and many more.

The venue for classical concerts will be at the Roman Catholic church with Edina Mókus Szirtes, the man of St Ephraim, Amadinda, Musica Florens and a special trio Iván Madarász, Esther Kővári and Gergely Matuz.

During the festival, within the theater programs: the House of Arts, the RS9 Theater, Manna Production and the Momentán Society productions can be seen.

Culture and Sports are a great addition to the Round Hill, so those who would like to get into the move may attend taking part in the half-marathon (distanced 7kilometers  Mád -Tállya). 

The children may also get on the run by 1 kilometer Ludas Matyi Race, only limited on the site (9.30 a.m. – 10 a.m. on September, 9).

The organizers recommend online registration within the deadline date: September, 1. 2017.

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Herald News: „World of Coffee” – Budapest – 2017.

„World of Coffee” – Budapest 2017.

June, 13-15. 2017.

HUNGEXPO – District, X., 10 Albertirsai Road

Opening hours from 10 a.m. – 5 p.m.

Join the Coffee Community in Budapest for this very special event, featuring an interactive exhibition with over 200 of the world’s most innovative coffee industry suppliers, three full days of thrilling competitions, inspiring symposium, seminars, educational workshops and a packed social programs filled with plenty of entertainment, excitement and fun fringe events.

This year’s top guest: Mexico, one of the world’s largest coffee makers. Coffee, however, is the country’s most profitable export product. You will be able to get to know more flavors with unique Mexican flavors.

Reimagining the Coffee, that goes with passion … and most of all kindly keep in mind that this event last for 3 days and the massive huge list of coffees will be a challenge if the visitors wish to taste most of them. Probably, a year would not be enough to try the taste of all them mainly arriving to Budapest.

During the 3 Days the following competitions will take place: World Brewers’ Cup, World Latte Art Championship, World Coffee in Good Spirits, World Cup Tasters Championship, The World Cezve/Ibrik Championship.

Not just for barista, roasters, coffee technicians, producers, but for locals and foreigners it is a high time to stroll along the paths where the scents of the coffee  will be taking you off your feet and floating in the air. Visiting the show floor, the cupping room, the brew bar, the shop, espresso bar, the village with one entry ticket and get into the groove with coffee addicted lovers.

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