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Mr. Béla Bizsók Vajk, the Dreamer of the Audible Furniture, Ms. Erzsébet Ács, the Decorators National President of the Association, Ms Réka Somogyi, silk painter Artist, and Dr. Antal Karolyi, Manager of the Acoustic Furniture Manufactory, welcomed  the invited representatives of the press and media  to  a breakfast with the press connected  to the press conference.

The press gathering was at the  “Open-Workshop” (Nyitott Mühely),  XIIth District,  4.  Ráth  György Str., just a couple of steps from the Southern Railway Station.

 Home design of objects ain’t an easy task when comes to keep in mind to seek for harmony. Have to vision the task with special care, because there is a wide range of items that has to be taken into consideration i.e. to choose a sofa, the carpet, the lights or chairs.

There is a philosophy behind the each-and-every products!

Dr. Antal Karolyi, Manager of the Acoustic Furniture Manufactory talked about the difficulty of their situation, whereas the quality for good speakers and let alone the certain color, form, material fits into the modern or a classic style apartment.

“Primary, our personal interest is to take into consideration that the given space is connected with style and tailored to the individual tastes, said Mr. Béla Bizsók Vajk , the managing director of the manufactory. Dreamer, yes, it was in his early teenager years when he started to get interested in taking apart objects to see what else, how can they be use in another function.  He was also very much in favor of the modern “musicland” of his age and  step-by-step began to think of the ways and work on how these items could be implementing  as speakers. “The main effort is to equally pay attention to the excellent sound quality, so each speaker one-by-one are weighed in acoustically to music to reach, to give the desired real pleasure for the ears and also for the sight. We are proud that all our hand-made products are unique”, added Mr. Béla Bizsók Vajk.

Ms. Erzsébet Ács, the Decorators National President of the Association, was pleased to inform of the recently opened a coffee-house where the music is coming out from the framed acoustic furnitures hanged on the walls.

Ms Réka Somogyi, silk painter Artists said, she is also dreaming and  looking forwards to receive request to do silk paintings on much larger materials, where she can  allow her fantasy to fly high away.

The company’s philosophy is, that an interior furnished with a selection of speakers is as important and needs the same attention as to the other home furnishing items. The speciality of the acoustic furniture lies in the combination of “fancy” shapes, in colors and the intention of the materials to be use and specifically, the philosophy behind the products. The grand team of the Acoustic Manufacture supports individuals ideas by arranging coffee shops, restaurants, hotels and other business premises where the 21st century’s designs fill the gaps or should I say often simply obstacles surround us. These acoustic furniture brings “a brand new day”  a fresh breath in our own environment.

The company is it’s own developer, designer and manufacturer of acoustic furniture. The acoustic furniture in every case is a unique project, custom designed, hand-made and the end-product is the  high quality speakers. Takes into consideration: the color, the form and always insert the given material in the certain space. To reach the furniture’s excellent acoustic sound, all products of the manufactory’s team are one-by-one controlled acoustically. The manufacture has a wide scale of sophisticated background professional artists and craftsmen involved in each projects.

Ms. Réka Somogyi, silk painter is one of the artist at the manufactory. To-day a collection of  her framed silk art speakers adorned the walls  and the object standing on the floor at the press conference.

The name “stylish furniture” comes from the speakers built into furniture and fits into the environment with or by the other furniture in a certain space.

More to it, there are a couple of acoustic furnitures, that could be in use as a furniture itself  by functioning of seating, lamps or as a butler welcoming you into the room. These items can be adjusted as to play music. The images on the surface of the speakers can be easily replaced with your favorite snaps on the front wall speaker with another image.

Their next exhibition will be this evening at the HUNGEXPO, where the Acoustic Furniture Manufactor will show up in the coming four days at the:

 “Construma” – The 31st. International Building Exhibition.

 April 18 till 22. 2012.

Update and snaps by  Aggie Reiter

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